ERM - New Religion Of The Kabbalah


Report by E.R. Mast



Mysticism of Kabbalahism


Since this so-called religion seems to be growing, thought we should take a look at it and see what now is to be taught the Christians, especially our youth.

We turn to the story carried in the Washington Times and also Time Magazine as to this new religion for the millennium, so they say.

The Director of the Karim Kabbalah Center in Atlanta, Georgia, explained this mysticism of Kabbalahism. She says that the members practice a once secret aspect of Judaism called Kabbalah. The students pray and practice mysticism as the route to understanding.

Kabbalah was popular in Europe in the Middle-Ages when it was passed on then to Jewish men over forty who were deemed to have the maturity and pristine spirituality to handle mysticisms power.

The followers of this so called new faith claim that altho studying Jewish text and achieving a more intricate relationship with God. Thru Cabalism they can understand the hidden meanings of the Torah, and can then call on God to alter himself on their behalf.

(So now then, man is greater than God? Does this not suggest that there was a people who were able to commune with God, their Father, which Jewish mysticism does not understand? For with Seth, as the Aryans came out of the Tarim Basin, they were once calling themselves the “Sons of Yahweh.” This, the old books confirm. Whereas Judaism claims to the people of the Bible only start with Abraham and then Moses.)

Today, we are told that these Kabbalah Centers are springing up everywhere thru out the U.S., teaching a hybrid version of what most Christians still call ‘Jewish mysticism,’ with the new age gender, or religion. The Orthodox Jews even call this the ‘new age religion.’

At the Atlanta Center the mostly Christians members, will celebrate Hanukkah lighting candles and saying Jewish prayers in conjunction with all regular Christian Eve services which also incorporated meditation and faith healing.

Mysticism,’ so says Mrs. Chambers, the leader of this Atlanta group, ‘transcends religion. It says---hey, whatever structure fits good for you. Great. Do it.’

The walls of this Karim Kabbalah Center housed in an office building, reflects this. And are decorated with symbols, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as Crucifixes and Jewish stars.

Now that word ‘Kabbalah’ means ‘to receive,’ and has dozens of accepted spellings. Mrs. Chambers says she uses the word to honor this culture that preserves the understanding of the phrase ‘the Jews.’

Jim Thornton, a student, who also attends a synagogue, has no dispute with mixing other religions with Jewish mysticism. He says, ‘Here, you find an incorporation of truth for Kabbalah is the blueprint for everything in the universe.’

Orthodox Jews say they have ben studying Kabbalah since God gave Moses its teachings on Mount Sinai. They think this Georgia center misses the point of complete devotion to God.

(Remember here that Adam and Eve came into the physical with this teaching and it was handed on down to Moses.)

But the above is talking about an individual who has in a sense been transformed. This is Rabbi Chain Dolfan speaking who belongs to the ‘Ultra Orthodox Lubavitch movement of Judaism, with headquarters in New York in the Burrough of Brooklyn. He says, ‘Food, materialism, sexuality, honor, play no rolls, make no difference.’

Mr. Dolfan has written several books on the Kabbalah, and has a web-site which asks the people to string the rabbi with questions. He says he is no Kabbalist. He would rather have a piece of chocolate cake. (Deep---isn’t it?)

The largest of the new Kabbalah groups is the Kabbalah learning center which claims 10,000 students in eight countries. Here students are taught that carrying around the Kabbalah’s twenty-four volumes of the primary text, the Zohar, brings good luck. (Deep spirituality, isn’t it?) Most, however, can’t read the Zohar because it has not been translated into English. (Ha.---The original Zohar contained every word Yahweh had said to his people, thus, was added to every year. But if you were not His people it was not to you. And thus, not understandable. And it started with Adam and Eve. Not Moses.)

Rabbi Irving Greenberg, a Jewish scholar and president of ‘Jewish Life Network’ in New York, said some of these centers are nothing more than ‘new age’ imitations of the Kabbalah. He says, ‘People just knock off Gucci and Armani because they think they are ‘in’.

Mysticism once dismissed by Westerners as irrational, is in ‘vogue’ again because of the interest and popularity of Kabbalah in traditional Judaism.

Now!--We are told that the Cabala is the bone and blood of Talmudic Judaism and this was pagan from the moment taken from the works of the Old Testament Adamic people. It is thus the ‘White Sepulcher’ of the Old Testament moral law. ‘It practices all the occult demonistic abominations excoriated by the Old Testament,’ says one Christian writer. Altho he still does not know who he is.

The God of the Cabala of today is the ‘En Sof’-- the unknowing and unknowable sea of matter out of which creation peaks. The start of all Cabala speculations says that God is the infinite, unlimited being to whom one neither can now may attribute any attributes whatsoever.

(What a clear understanding of our heavenly Father and His power. Ha.)

The Pillars of Talmudism in the middle-ages Cabalistic doctrine of the ‘En Sof’ taught that no attributes could be ascribed to God unless it be of the Pythagorean origin. And Pythagoras was the pagan sorcerer who set up a dictatorship along Iron Curtain hills, who attributed creative powers to letters and numbers as does the Cabala.

(Of course, we learned from the ‘Old Big Book’ who Pythagoras was. One of the great minds of the Aryan race. Aristotle was another. Yet in the Talmud, he is classed also as a pagan. Telling you that only some people were able to understand early Hebrew writings.)

Aristotle is credited with intelligence to understand that the sun, moon, and stars and seven planets are each ruled by a boss spirit who dominates affairs in the universe in accordance to the complicated astrological time charts, and is paralleled by the Sephirot of the theoretical Cabal. The three triads, the male, female, spawners and their offspring, plus the ‘En Sof’ form a design representing every condition of life, every quality from soup to nuts. And sex is the glorifying king and queen of life. The soul transmigrates around the lot, back into the unknowing unknowable source--the ‘En Sof’ into a sort of Nivana know-nothingness like Hinduism. But the Cabala puts much stress on the transmigration of the soul.

(What an explanation of our Faith and the knowledge brought to earth by Adam and Eve. From the ‘Old Big Book’ we saw the transmigration of the soul---back to where it came from as soon as its work on earth is done.)

The theoretical Cabala now being pushed for students to study then declares that every attribute of intelligence, of knowing, of loving, or ruling, is STRIPPED from Yahweh, the God of the Bible and given over to pagan spirits. That is the ‘En Sof.’

Thus, God stripped of all intelligence was called ‘En Sof’ or Pantheism. This was Nature, now being God without any chief engineer. (Here thus, comes in the Environmentalist.) But Karl Marx also had the same philosophy which was dictatorial materialism. This is the concept of nature, just waiting for MAN to run it, and push it around. (But remember that the Luciferian god is always man or Adam.)

Gnosticism is Cabalistic. For the idea that they hold is that EVIL is nonexistent. This is being revised in Christian Science today. This is neither science nor Christian. But it is also attracting many Jews who now claim they can be Christian Scientist without deserting their Talmudism.

(What a mixed up world---as those who are on the outside try to control something they do not understand. And blind Christians stumble and fall off the track by not understanding who they are.)

Now, Astrology was legitimized and declared by the wise men of the ancient Hebrew- Aryan race. The Hebrew letters were understood as not being merely signs of things. But implemented by Divine Power, Astronomy became a way-mark for the Adamic man.

The Jews who could not understand then declare that all these things of knowledge can be taken over by man of earth. And thus, Nature rules. (Again, the environmentalist who are grabbing for power at this time.)

But back in the early days in Europe, ‘black magic’ was not only an art but it was practiced by some influential Christian men. They were able to call out demons to help them. Then the demons began to turn on their owners and this became not such a good thing and was stopped.

Today, we see in this rising tide of Cabalism, that there is not any type of occultism that is not included beneath the ‘whited sepulcher’ of Talmudic Judaism and all appears in the Talmud for confirmation.

This is what Christians today encounter as they wander into these rising centers of supposed knowledge---in search of something different.

Always, as we look into the present, we must also test the positive testimonies of the past. Go back and review what has gone before. Don’t discard truth as you race into the future. The unbelief of the modernists is not evidence. It is only negation assisted in all faces of ages of positive experience or testimony.

Today we believe that miraculous power was brought to be in the preparation of the Bible. We are able to verify it to demonstrate by fulfillment of prophecy and other wise as to the fulfillment of ‘Israel Prophecy.’ It is thus not surprising that great volumes of prophecy already translated into history is brought out to demonstrate super human knowledge inspiring the writers of the Book.

Today we need to recover the great organizations which our fathers built on Faith. But today those who cannot understand have captured the propaganda field with their negative beliefs that leave no part in our Faith. Thus, the true Church still faces the struggle to maintain its position as the home of Faith in our miraculous Lord and Savior. And this fabulous Book the experience of a child of the Kingdom.

Thus, today, we face a period with the kingdom rule at hand wherein the prophets, thru their inspiration of Christ’s spirit, provided direction for the guidance of our nation thru this period of blackness, trouble and turmoil, which preceded the light of the ‘new age.’

Thus we call upon our leaders to get on their knees and beg for enlightenment of their understanding of those prophets. Also, it is necessary that Christians who are so engrossed with their vision of ‘mansions’ in heaven, endeavor to practical everyday application of God’s Word. Only in that way will they be able to comprehend God’s great climax to the past 6000 plus years of history.

But first you must, with the power of His Spirit, seek first the Kingdom of God on earth and the practical righteousness of God on earth.

This is His command and also our Destiny.