ERM - Newsletter 10-98


by Ella Rose Mast


The Secretary of State, Madam Albright, said at the first of September, that we (I suppose she meant the administration) believe that we have the right to protect ourselves. So we are going after the seats of the Terrorists. And we believe that the struggle will last a long time.

Now, we have Clinton's war on Terrorists, and they can be expected to strike back.


Every event, that we have been expecting, seems to be ahead of time. Thus, we now have seen the stock markets all over the world falling badly. And then the U. S. market followed suit. It is in a struggle to try to pull itself together. But so far, it is down, down---lost all of the gains that this year had brought.


The White House announced that it is hiring more lawyers. And their job will be to tear to pieces if possible every item on in the Ken Starr report as it surfaces. As soon as they find out any claim against the President they will try to prove that it does not matter to the American people, so he cannot be impeached. Thus there is a bumpy road ahead as the Starr report comes out. It seems not to matter that many people are now speaking out, saying the President has sunk to a new low. Senator Henry Hyde is politically very astute. He is, in short, Clinton's worst Nightmare. He will not destroy the Law to save Bill Clinton. Nor will he allow Bill Clinton to destroy the Law, as he works to save it.

What is at stake now revolves around not whether the President is forced from office, but how will this be done, and what precedents are established in this struggle. This will be a great test for the Congress, for White house lawyers are getting ready to try to destroy the law every step of the way.

The White House is reaching out now to the Congress to try to tar and feather every Republican who they feel is against President Clinton. So get ready for some very "Dirty Pool.” Remember that the White House had over 900 F.B.I. files from which to gather ammunition if they needed it. And we are told that there is a lot of things in the F.B.I. files that may not be true, just rumors and such. Newt Gingrich is now also to be a target as well as Dick Armey. And already of course they have focused on Dan Burton, and Fred Thompson.

Now, will the press play fair in this situation, and will we see the people wake up as to what is going on? That is the outstanding question.



Wife without shame! --In her last ditch effort to keep her husband employed, Hillary Clinton has sunk to a new low. So says Andrea Peyser.


As we wait for events to come to pass here at this time then let’s do a bit of reminiscing for the new people on the mailing list. The Reverend John W. Shelton pointed out the fact that there is more to the bible than we normally hear discussed. He did this in his sermon, "How I came to believe." Thus, I would like to tell you a bit of his story.

One day as he finished his sermon, a little old lady whom be had noticed in his congregation approached him. He recalled how he had seen her sitting there as he spoke. And she would shake her head from time to time, so he wondered what she had been thinking.

She stepped up to him and said, ‘Reverend Shelton, I have noticed a tremendous lack of facts in your sermon. How about the covenants made with the fathers which are the foundation of our Christian Faith? How about the purpose of Divine activity in the world, or the subject of prophecy? The scripture clearly teaches that Jesus the Christ, our savior, came to confirm the promises made to the fathers. (Romans 15:8).

This was quite a revelation to Pastor Shelton. For here was this little old lady telling him things he had never heard before, even tho he had been thru Divinity school. Because of her age, Pastor Shelton was listening as tho this was his mother talking to him. She continued saying, 'You must study carefully the Abrahamic covenant. For whether you like it or not this is biological, racial and national. And furthermore, God promised to give to Abraham's seed the necessary territory from which they could carry out the work for HIM of blessing all the families of the earth, a truly world wide blessing work.’

Gradually the Reverend Shelton began to see the vision, the all inclusiveness of it. No race or nation was left out of God's love and care. No nation was degraded because God had chosen 'Israel' to be His servant and His instrument of blessing.

One Sunday as the little old lady left the service she gave the Reverend a parting shot. She ask him if he had ever considered the position that we Christians would be in if God had not fulfilled the promises He made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If God had not fulfilled His promise, He made to the fathers of the Israel (Adamic) race it would affect His perfect wisdom, His foreknowledge, His power, His truthfulness, His holiness, and above all His faithfulness, and His very character of God. If we cannot trust the God of the Old Testament, then how can we have confidence in HIM in the New Testament? Here---are the very foundations of the Christian belief. Here is the Solid Rock upon which we fully are to rest our Faith. This is both the Old and the New, one harmonious continuous unfolding, revelation of God's plan and purpose for world blessing, and for the coming reign of YAHSHUA in righteousness and equity, here on this earth.’

Thus began Reverend Shelton’s conversion to the truth of God, concerning His Israel people, and on down the line to the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people of today.

Up to this point, the limit of Reverend Shelton’s preaching was Personal Salvation. This alone to him was sufficient. This had been the theme of all of his sermons. This, he believed was the only thing which mattered unto God. At no time had he ever thought that his conception of God, his understanding of Jesus Christ was limited and his knowledge of the Word of God, thus was very fragmentary.

It then dawned upon the Reverend Shelton that the little old lady, with her wagging head as he spoke, had not as yet opened up with her heavy artillery upon him. She would listen and nod her head or twist it as she listened and he could not help himself for he would just have to find out what she was thinking, that he had said wrong. He then realized that she was determined, but also wise for her goal was to introduce him to the whole of the WORD of GOD.

Over the years, the Reverend Shelton came to the conclusion that this was the opportunity that she was patiently waiting for. Finally she spoke out and she said, 'Your knowledge of the WORD of GOD is shocking indeed. For it is very limited. While it is important to convert men to Christ, this must also be done with the understanding that it is considered to be only a beginning. You, sir, are only at the beginning. For Jesus Christ is the door of YAHWEH'S vast storehouse of the treasures of Divine Revelation, and the merciful provisions for His people, and for all Mankind.’

The Reverend Shelton was in shock, but he begged her to go on. And she continued saying, 'I have noticed that you have key words you use in your sermons, and which you often repeat. These reveal the range, or limits of your grasp of the Word of God.'

He noticed that she always called the Bible the WORD of GOD. She continued, ‘these are just a few of the words that you use:---"Come to Jesus ---be saved ----be converted --The church ---The Jews ---The Gentiles --the heavenly abode, the deepening of the spiritual life. Would it surprise you to learn that the Word of God is not really a wholly spiritual book after all? And that the true Christian Faith is actually one of the most materialistic of all the religions of the world? Only about 1/10 of the Word of God deals with what you would call spiritual things.'

The Reverend Shelton now broke in saying, ‘l do not believe that.’ She replied, ‘This is because you don't know anything about the other 9/10 of the word of God. What bothers me is that a young minister, knowing only 1/10 of the Word of God, is thus robbing God of His Glory, and the LORD Jesus Christ, whom you profess to love, of the great harvest of His suffering.’

Being just a little hurt by her words, still the young minister could not help himself but to inquire further as to what she was talking about. And she continued saying, 'The trouble is you ministers assume to be more spiritual than God Himself. You play at being God in laying down what we Church members should believe. Actually what true Christians should believe is not for you to decide. For it has already been settled in heaven, once and for all, and handed down as a sacred trust to the Saints. I now ask you to read the Epistle to Jude, the third verse: 'A Christian’s first duty is to believe all God has revealed for Faith and Conduct. There should not be any meddling with, or neglecting of, all that God has spoken or written for our learning. God's promise to bless all the families of the earth shows this. If you are speaking about all there is in the Bible, then why did God see that HIS WORD was filled with so many revelations, about so many other subjects?’

Another thing, I would ask you is this. If we are going to heaven to live, why do you open your services with this ‘That God's will be done in earth as it is in heaven?’ Why pray this prayer, if God's will, is never to be done in earth at any time?’

Still, in shock, the young minister, nevertheless, could not keep from asking for further comments on two points. ---About the Bible not being all a spiritual book and about the weighty matters he never mentioned in his sermon. The little old lady then replied, ‘I did not say that there is no spiritual teaching and guidance in the Word of God, for every Christian knows there is. What I did emphasize is that it is not all what you would call spiritual teaching. For God is interested in many things that you would not call spiritual at all. I suggest that you study John 1:1-3 and Psalms 33:6-9, Col. 1:16-17 and Hebrews 11:3, and you will find that YAHWEH who is spirit created the world thru Christ --who was YAHWEH in the flesh. And that HE, Jesus the Christ, is the sustaining and holder of this material world --all together. Thus He whom you call Jesus the Christ is not only our Spiritual Savior, but far, far more. He is the creator, and sustainer of all existence, the mighty upholder of all things. Most of these things are material things, but having created them, He also sustains them. He is interested in the proper treatment of land under cultivation. (Lev. 25:3-5) and in the Sowing of the seed (Lev. 19:19). And in the diet (Deut. 14:3-21). And in the rise and fall of great empires (Daniel 2:31-45 and 5:21). God is interested in all the kingdoms of this world and plans to bring them under the righteous rule and government of Christ. (Rev. 1:15)

So you see, there are these and hundreds of material subjects dealt within the Word of God as coming within his loving interest and care. He reveals thru His word how the material things which He has created--thru Christ, may be dedicated to their proper use, and thus bless all mankind, and bring about the Glory of God. It is the how and the why that is to be achieved that forms what we call the weighty matters of God's Word. These include the Covenants HE made with the fathers of Israel---the promises contained in them. For their working runs thru all the Word of God, thru all human history, past, present and future.

What about this Israel people, of which God says so much in almost every book in the Bible and you say so little? What about the kingdom of God on earth, organized at mount Sinai, which God never, for one moment forgot or has forsaken, nor ever will? What about Divine laws, commandments, statues, and judgments which Jesus Himself said He came---"not to destroy, but to fulfill?” What about the House of David which would never end? What about the promised restoration of the House of Israel and the house of Judah which God has most solemnly promised on oath to bring about, to restore and to bring them back again into right relationship with HIM--thru Christ, for world service? What about the statesmanship of Jesus the Christ? What about the sure and certain kingship of Jesus Christ? If these many, many truths are of no importance, why do they take up 9/10 of the Word of God?’

As the young minister listened he had to admit that what she was telling him was new to him. It was never mentioned in the circles in which he moved. If only 1/2 of what she was telling him be true then he realized that the 'word of God’ was a divine wonderland which he had never entered. Thus, he was living below his privilege as a Christian.

The little old lady then ended their interview with one parting shot. ‘What right have you to ignore, and thereby keep from the people almost 9/10 of the Word of God? In this way you rob God of His Glory, and help the scoffers who say that the Christian religion is but 'pie in the sky'. There is no question of you being sincere. That which you are preaching, salvation, is not wrong, it is however not the 'whole of the Book'. It is not all that God has promised. It is that this Good News you speak of if really--'The Gospel of the Kingdom'--as long as the true Israel people are not told of God's provisions for them as a Divinely appointed racial, instrument for world service and blessing. As long as they do not know that Jesus Christ is not only their personal savior, but also their national redeemer, and rightful governor and king, as long as they know nothing about the wonderful statesmanship of Christ as King, so will the preachers rob the Christ, of the longed for harvest of His suffering.’

In this way thru the teaching of the little old lady then Reverend Shelton said he learned of the Wonders of God's plan for all mankind. His conversion is God's truth concerning the mission and destiny of our race, thus began for Him a great study of the scriptures.


In September, there has been this sign in the heavens. Mercury (the U.S.) and Venus (the great revealer) have been side by side with Mars (war) directly above them. So what has it been like here in earth? I call this war also. As we went into the month of September, we had the beginning of the fall of the Stock Market in the U.S.A. And of course it was falling all over the world. We are assured that the economy is strong, but this is not true, my friends. For as the reports came out earlier and then were covered up, it showed that the economy was not growing at all. It was flat.

The computer shutdown is still to come. Some now say that it will be next year at Easter time. But we did have the Independent Council's report to the House of Representatives. It came on September the 9th, which is an interesting number. For nine is the number of judgment. And it thus came on the 9th and in the 9th month.

Now will the President catch the blame for some of the bad news of the Stock Market? I read that some of the ‘Soccer moms’ would like to kick him in the_______. (Rhymes with grass.)

One of the President’s greatest faults is the persistent lack of personal control and LYING. If the American people are ready to 'Move on’ and accept these character flaws in their leader, then God help us all.

Now after the Starr Report was delivered to the Congress, then at the Prayer Breakfast, the President was trying to be the modern King David--his message --was "I have sinned." --But behind his words, I could feel that he said,--'Whee! I have that over with so let’s get back to business and forget it.’ WILL AMERICA BUY THIS STAGE PERFORMANCE?

The night before, Hillary had done her part as she introduced him at a fund raiser as our great President who has done so much ---blah---and then introduced this wonderful President as her husband. As the President embraced her, I wondered, did he whisper---'Well we pulled that off.’


But to the public, he said, 'You don't know how that makes me feel'. You will have to give the Clinton's and "A" for their part in this spin-stage-show of Zippergate.


Now, I am not going to dwell too much on this Starr report, for the T.V. has covered it pretty well. Search around to different net works and see their spin on it. I have the full report that was put on the Web site, and it is a very sickening affair. How do we reconcile that to our beliefs, our moral life and so forth, by saying 'oh, this is just about the sex life of a person, so forgive and forget?'

At the forefront of our mediocrity and laziness, is this idea we once held dear---Liberty and Equality. But it seems that we have fallen for this idea that this was a society of 'men created equal', which of course, threw out the idea that men were equal UNDER THE LAW, TO RISE TO THE HEIGHT OF THEIR ABILITY.------nothing more.

Today every institution has come to reflect the desire of the people, no matter how licentious their desires turn out to be. The money interests side with the carnal impulse of men. The churches, which once helped check this carnal tendency, have been outflanked by money, radio and T.V. The social discipline of sex, marriage and child rearing has broken down. Honesty, even in small things, has lost its glamour. Cheating and petty theft has become rampant. Dirty words are spoken more frequently. Workers become sloppier in their jobs. Drug abuse and alcoholism increase. Students are no longer disciplined and leave off doing their homework. Teenage pregnancy increases. The jails are filled to overflowing, and the justice system cannot process the incoming wave of criminals. Boys are raping girls on dates. Child pornography appears in the open.

Yes, this is a pattern today. Thus has this been the best six years of your life since our president Bill came into office. Has he stopped any of this even after all this talk about 'the children'? What about the example set for the Children?

J. R. Nyquist says in his book, "Origins of the 4th World War," for the first time in history it is possible to think too much. Because thinking, if taken too far, leads to uncomfortableness, and above all we are the Comfortable Ones.

But how has the public welfare been effected? It is disintegration, but is difficult to recognize. For in fact, we are having too much fun.


Thus, here in September, we had the stock market in trouble all over the world. We have Russia in trouble as well as our President who went to Russia to console that leader, while we were having a financial disaster in this country. And along this path there is more to come. We have information that the U.S. Government is planning to default on both the interest payments and possibly even the paying back of the Corporate Bond itself. These type of bonds is what the Japanese have a lot of. This would mean that the U.S. Government is going back on its word. And this is just how bad the financial collapse of this nation will be. The U.S. economy, which they try to tell you is strong, when it is eroding hour by hour, will finally have to topple.

The sun flares have not as yet caused any great power outage or damaged any Satellites. Or we would know about that? The prediction is for this to occur about April of next year.


Sunday DENVER POST: ----98 market turmoil has elements of Deja Vu.---by Jonathan Clements.

Compared to 1974, in the Nixon era, the world economy is in crisis; stock prices are plunging and then was when Nixon resigned.

In 1998 there is, once again, a global economic turmoil and talk of impeaching the president. In that contrast --with the two times--in Nixon's times, the slump was a decline of 20, from the high.

Here in September, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which started tumbling in July, is now down to 18.4% on September 13th.

Now we have had the Starr report on the Web, and sure enough, the President's lawyers are attacking everything, saying this is not true. U.S. Representative David Skaggs then came on and said he voted against the proposal to put the Starr report on the Web, because Children would become exposed to the lurid and disgusting details of the President's behavior. Does this Congressman not know that a 10-year-old child can now watch pornographic movies on the web? That a 14-year-old girl can be solicited to meet a married man and father for a sex date and taco, all arranged in a ‘chat-room’ on the Web bottom line? He sure knows that the Starr report should not be there because the children might find out about the President.

Has he forgotten that it was this same President that worked to put computers in the schools and libraries so they could lock on to all the pornography already there? Or is he afraid that your kids and even his parents might find out what our President is accused of. I am worried that you might not.---Chuck Green--Sept 13, 1998.


Now as you watch the rest of September and its dates, then we will then move into October. And this month is always hard on the Stock Market, so will see what happens next.


There is to be a surprise meteor shower on the 8th of October. Will see if we can view it from here. This to look like a shower of stars, so they say, as thousands of meteorites fall in this heavenly show of lights. This to start on Tuesday, maybe, and end on Thursday the 8th. This has happened before in 1933 and in 1946, and was quite spectacular. In 1933 it was seen all across Europe. This year they are predicting that this meteorite shower will come streaking out of the constellation of Draco. So get this constellation spotted and see if you can see it on that date, so you will know where to look.

Jupiter is the bright planet for October. On the 3rd, Jupiter is to the left of the moon. By the 5th, it will be to the moon's upper right. Saturn is also close to the moon's upper left. Mars is north of Regulus. On the 9th, the moon occults Aldebaran.

If it materializes on the 8th, this meteorite shower will be the Glacobinid meteorite shower. And then on the 19th, there is another called the Orionid meteorite shower and it will last for about a week.

When looking for Jupiter, it is in eastern Aquarius, south of the great square of Pegasus and the circle of Pisces. Saturn is in eastern Pisces in October and follows Jupiter across the sky. Eight planets are on one side of the sun in October. But it is Jupiter and Saturn that are the easiest to see. Mars is in Leo in the east, in early morning. Mercury spends October trying to return to visibility after its own superior conjunction on September 25. But mid-northerners won't see it at all this month.


Now from Newswatch--------Laws to confiscate all Guns beginning with the State department publication #7277.

This State Department publication calls for TOTAL DISARMAMENT OF CIVILIAN POPULATION just before the United Nations comes visibly onto the soil of America to enforce their version of World Peace----thru Military Dictatorship and slavery. But laws must be passed to unconstitutionally confiscate guns from the population first.

(You don't think it will happen?)

Well this is what happened on July 13, 1998 at the Denver, Colorado City Council meeting. ---It was voted to make this bill number 474 into law. Now having any kind of gun in your vehicle becomes illegal under this ‘nuisance law'. The council says this is to keep criminals from having guns and being a threat to Denver citizens. So if you have a gun in your vehicle, then don't drive thru Denver. For if any minor traffic stop, or accident, or roadblock, or seat belt check, and so forth, could find you in trouble. Your gun must be in plain sight as you come into the city.

According to the Denver Police, hunters, target shooters, buyers, and sellers of fire arms, and people whose lives are directly threatened, will be allowed an ‘Affirmative Defense.’ But you can only get this Affirmative Defense in Court. In the meantime your car has been confiscated, and everything in it. And you are booked and will need bail to get out of it.

The city charges you a towing fee of $80.00 and $8.00 per day storage fee. The average storage fee even if found totally innocent is usually $320.00. And it is the policy of the city of Denver to never return weapons that have been seized. Your gun should have been on safety and unloaded, when it is seized, or you are in bigger trouble.

The program from Newswatch was taken off the air in Denver, when the radio station was ordered to do it, because this program was exposing the gun confiscation as the Final Step before the United Nation's hidden personnel comes into the open to rule America with a Clenched fist ----FOR PEACE.

To accomplish this goal, then the United Nations rules were set:---

A. Corrupt the young. Get them away from Religion. Get them interested in Sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.

B. Get control of all means of publicity. Get people's minds off what is happening in their Government. Divide the people into groups. Destroy the people's faith in their natural leaders. Always preach true Democracy, but seize power as fast as possible. Destroy the nations credit by overspending. Promote unnecessary strikes and break down old values.

C. Cause the restriction of all Firearms on some protest, with a view to leaving the population helpless.

(Now does not the scripture prophecy that such a system will come at the end of the age, and then Jesus comes to smash it and establish HIS Wonderful Kingdom?) (Daniel 7:9 and Revelation 19:11-21.)

(Now Dr. Swift said that in Revelation 19, after verse 10, then turn to Revelation 2:9,--it should have been here. And from verse 11 on, then this is to happen after Babylon falls. So you see HIS People still must see Babylon fall.)

According to Newswatch Magazine, the United Nations is Satan's last stand. ---I would agree with this. We are told over Radio that this last plane that went down in the ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia, that this was the plane that the U.N. people used all of the time to go to Europe. And on this plane was millions in Gold and Silver. Wonder where they got it and where it was going?


Until next time may YAHWEH Bless.