ERM - Newsletter 11-98


by Ella Rose Mast


As we came into October, where were the results of all of this great economy that we are supposed to be having? The U.S. and it’s major economic allies were endorsing a joint effort at halting this financial crisis that is threatening to topple even more nations into recession, including the U.S. After the meeting in Washington, D.C., these men of the richest countries in the world could only issue a statement that it was most important that the nations all cooperate with each other.

Robert Rubin and Allen Greenspan represented the U.S. at this meeting, but said that all of the proposals that were put forward on how to overhaul world economies would be left for a later meeting. So we watch as the World Order take their economic knocks.


October 1, 1998:---Henry Hyde is looking for something else to go along with ‘Zipper Gate’ in the Clinton Impeachment hearings. We have said before that it is the China Card and the illegal funds and so forth that will finally bring President Clinton down. But watch for other things to be brought out now as time goes on.


The Espy corruption trial began October 1, 1998. This is Starr's work connecting Tyson Chickens of Arkansas--with Clinton's friend.


Democrat fund raiser is indicted in Miami, Florida. This is a Florida business man Mark B. Jimenez --he is charged with 17 counts of making illegal contributions to President Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign, and that of other Democrats.


Ross Perot is calling for a movement to force President Clinton to resign.


October thus started off with the stock market down around the world, and it is not showing too much promise every day since. Back in 1929, as the great crash came, you were hearing that our economy was strong and thus, 1930 would be a good year.

I remember that year, as I was teaching school. Things were sure rough out in the country side and I started out teaching for $100.00 per month--in a country school. And by the time I quit, six years later, they were paying $50.00 per month, and then could not any longer even pay that.

Here today, President Clinton is screaming for more money for the International Money Fund so as to help out our friends. He wants Japan to correct themselves and pull up the South East Asian markets. What do you suppose he thinks Japan has been trying to do for the past five years? So batten down the hatches, people, for life is an ever repeating cycle, unless we are at the end of the whole economic cycle.


The Spin doctors are saying:---"Ye, who are without sin, cast the first stone."-----O. K. you may forgive the man, but he must be held accountable for his actions. For if you accept the man and his sins without him being responsible for his actions, then you are just as bad as he is. If this be allowed to happen, then this will be setting a very bad president for this nation.



Don't be fooled. For Clinton was no King David, as he said, "I have sinned."---Rather he was more a King Saul (I Sam. 15:14-21) First Saul claimed that he had always obeyed YAHWEH, and then he blames the people. And then again tries to justify himself by blaming the people, just a true man or a worthless and hopeless leader.


In January of 1993, CBS showed the President with his mother's bible open to Galatians 6:8---one of his supposed favorite passages: "The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction. The one who sows to please the spirit, from the spirit, will reap everlasting life."

As you read the surrounding verses, it is sort of chilling that any man could be so brazen. Indeed we must pray for mercy for our nation.


A Federal Government report from Forth Worth, Texas says that the witness Mc Dougal did not have access to his heart medication, there in prison, before he died. Remember he was getting ready to testify before the Grand Jury in the Kenneth Starr investigation. Mr. Mc Dougal, a former business partner of President Clinton, one of the prison officials, who asked not to be identified, said the medication --Nitro Glycerin --could have bought Mc Dougal some time after the heart attack. But as Mc Dougal was moved from his cell the day before as a punishment for not being able to give a urine sample for a drug test, they could not find his medication. And not wanting to disturb a sleeping cell mate, they did not bother to look for it.


Mexico's Popecatepetl volcano tossed a plume of steam and ash two and one half miles into the air showering Mexico City suburbs with a dusting of gray gritty ash. Clouds blocked the view of the 18,000 foot volcano. The name of this volcano means “Smoking mountain" in the Aztec Indian language.

The National Center for Disaster Prevention reported that the Volcano had an explosive exhalation just after noon, on September 22, 1998. A yellow alert signaling caution remains in effect. People are warned not to venture within 2 1/2 miles of the crater because the ash can cause eye and respiratory irritations. Heavy rains have made it better in Mexico City, so that the ash will not spread.



Mr. Clinton feels about religion the way he feels about sex. He likes the kind that makes him feel good, but requires nothing of him. This is why some of his best friends are liberal clergy who cloak him with the mantle of respectability even while he lives and lies as he pleases. The President is employing a trinity of personal spiritual advisors, he says, who he will meet and pray with weekly. The purpose is to keep him from chasing skirts. If so, the three will need to work eight hour shifts, seven days a week.

There is another group of legal and political advisors. While one group works to save the Presidents soul, the other team will try to save his behind. Church and State never looked worse together.



House Majority Leader Dick Armey---on how his wife would react if he were caught in a sex scandal:-- "Now listen here buster, you pull a stunt like that on me, and your last experience here on earth is going to be looking up from a pool of blood and hearing me ask---"How do I reload this thing?" Ha.


Former Marine exposes Clinton's other big lie.

Scott Ritter, a marine veteran of the Persian Gulf war resigned his post as a top United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq to expose the duplication policy pursued by President Clinton.

Now we are hearing some connection with the former Iran Contra affair which was used to try to bring down President Reagan. Don't just know how Bill Clinton could be connected with that as yet, but undoubtedly, he has been a part of our unseen government long before he became President.


The civilization that denies God denies its own foundation. For the Glory of man is a dim reflection of the Glory of God, and when the latter is denied, the former fades.


The president’s lawyers are trying to settle the Paula Jones affair before that case is reinstated,---by October 20th.


From the Web site, October 5, 1998:

From the New Yorker Magazine.

The White House planned the bombing raids on suspected terrorists targets in Afghanistan and the Sudan without first getting the approval of four members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the FBI, or director of the F.B.I.--Louis Freeh.

The magazine also said in its edition, that Attorney Janet Reno was ignored, when she questioned whether evidence linking Islamic extremist Osama Bin Laden could be linked to the bombing of the U.S. Embassies in Africa was strong enough to justify the retaliatory attacks.

Seymour Hersh, the report's author, told NBC's Today Show on Monday, that he suspects the reason for the raids was that it served to distract public attention away from President Bill Clinton's Grand Jury testimony three days earlier.

Hersh claimed--for most, ‘it doesn't matter where he drops his pants; it’s where he drops his bombs. This is in a funny way as X-rated as anything in the Monica Lewinsky case.’

Hersh wrote that the White House consulted Joint Chief Chairman Hugh Shelton, on the raid plans, but instructed him not to brief the three Generals, and an Admiral who run the nations armed forces, not to consult with experts in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

This article said Mr. Freeh and many of his top aids believe that the agency was left out because Clinton 'questions their political loyalty.' Janet Reno did not believe that the evidence tying Ben-Laden to the embassy attacks did not meet the 'Tripoli standard,’ a gauge used to justify the 1986 bombing of Libya in retaliation for actions by Libyan leader Mohammar Gadhafi.


Another item from the Internet in the first of October, has to do with the Vince Foster so-called suicide. This was known back in June of this year, but has been covered up until now. But now we learn that Vince Foster was being investigated at the time of his 'Suicide' by the Senate Banking Committee. This then goes back to the Iran Contra affair. And now that Clinton is trying to lift the sanctions on Iraq, the cover is coming off this mess set up by Brent Scowcroft, Lawrence Eagleberger, and the Kissinger Law Firm. This funding was a back door into the world financial system.

Many of the weapons that Iraq is now billed for are 'heat-seeking’ sidewinders. These are air to air missiles. If they had possessed those missiles during the Gulf War, then Iraq would probably have used them. So who did those weapons go to?

The Senate Banking Committee testimony was classified after the sidewinder purchase is mentioned so the cover up.

Maybe McVeigh was brainwashed, as he claimed?


October 5:

Quick question---USA today poll----Clinton impeachment.

Do you think the House Judiciary Committee should recommend the impeachment of President Clinton?

Yes--they should -------59.2 %

No-- they should not -----38.5 %

I'm not sure -------2.2%.


October 9, 1998:

It has been voted by the committee to go ahead with the Impeachment proceedings so as they are arguing this, then let’s turn our attention to another item:----A Question for our people.

THE CONNECTING ROD ------the soul. ---What is it and who has one? For not all people have this vital function.

We are going to need this vital tool before we get all of this crookedness figured out. Perhaps we should once more go back to the beginning for our understanding which starts once more from events in the heavens.

YAHWEH, who is said to be Spirit, soul, and body, as HE came embodied as YAHSHUA. Then you are told that you children of His kingdom are also spirit, soul and body. Thus, the soul is the messenger or the connector rod between the Holy Spirit and the consciousness of the physical body.

Eons ago in the heavens, as the children of spirit were presented to the then known heavenly world, one of the great Archangels by the name of Lucifer, who ruled under YAHWEH'S command over 1/4 of the Universe, demanded to know who these spirit children were. And being told, then he demanded to know if they would be greater than he was. And being told that they were being prepared for the world which would come, as the servants of YAHWEH, these begotten spirt children would then in time be a equal as the Father Himself.

Thus Lucifer, this great Archangel, who up to now had been so obedient and had taught in his part of the Universe the wonders of YAHWEH, and HIS power, now said, “I will not reflect that." You see Jealousy had come into the picture.

Lucifer stormed out of this meeting, saying he would not inform that part of the Universe that YAHWEH had begotten children of His spirit who would in time be with HIM as rulers of His Universe.

Now, how many today understand this when they run around thinking they are doing God's work saying, "Brother are you saved? Why not save your soul?" Altho they cannot tell you, when asked, just what a soul is.

Before we go any further then, we better answer the question you always get if you suggest that YAHWEH, God has a people who are spirit of HIS spirit, and these people are not the people who you have been told are the people of the Bible, but the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Caucasian brethren.

In time there is this plan of our Heavenly Father for the Restitution of all things. He will finally bring all people back under his program for His Universe which has been upset by the work of this fallen Archangel who was driven out of the heavens so long ago, and then confined to earth where he will finally be reigned in and confined, to bother people of the earth no more.

In the meantime, then there has been this people begotten of the Spirit who were sent into earth to do their Father's work. Then to remain in communication with His family here in earth then YAHWEH gave them this connecting point by which he could reach them. Thus, thru the spirit to the soul to the consciousness of the physical body.

And these Children of Spirit are the only people who have this begotten spirit, soul and body. The other people of earth have the created necessary things for life on earth. In time as God's children do their work in earth, that they will finally do correctly and completely, these created people will also bow the knee and be back under the mantle of the Kingship of our Heavenly Father. And they will also have a wonderful life as well.

But you have to do things God's way to reach this point. In Old Testament times, YAHWEH USED TO COME DOWN AND MEET WITH THE LEADERS OF HIS EARTHLY FAMILY, when HE had things to impart to them. And for a while these Children of Spirit remembered where they came from. As time moved on, this remembrance grew more dim. Job was reminded to look back and remember, as was Jeremiah, and he recalls remembering the worldwide flood.

I was reading the booklet by Wm. Kelly, and he suggested that we look at this story of the time when Jacob had his vision of the ladder reaching from heaven to earth and people coming and going (Genesis 28:10-22) as an example of this scripture written for the Israelites. For here you witness Jacob experiencing the awakening of the Holy Spirit in him, as the soul then gave to his physical consciousness this understanding of the program of YAHWEH for the earth and his part in it. This author thinks that it is time that we stopped deceiving ourselves as we move toward this 21st Century.

It has been almost 2000 years since the birth of the Christ Child. And even tho we have the records of what happened at the time of Christ's ministry, still many of our people have allowed themselves to be deceived. Even after seeing how the Holy Spirit could energize HIS children of spirit, here in earth, as it did with the Apostles and Disciples, still this was tossed away and given to another people by the organized church world.

Thus did not Moses take dictation from God himself when he put the story of Genesis 28:10-20 in your Scripture, in an idiomatic form (in a form peculiar to a language, or marked by the distinct characteristics of a language--the Semite)? This is the standard in which all scriptural truths are written for Israelites. Today not understanding the Idioms, then chose to remain deceived. By choosing this path a long time ago then our people have had to learn a hard lesson over the years, by experience. But now is it not time to listen to the Spirit within for guidance.

Never forget that Christ brought a new covenant, for this supposedly disobedient widowed House of Israel. This better covenant was the message of redemption, and that now they are the betrothed as a bride. Now they return to the Almighty God --YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. This covenant was not only with the wayward House of Israel, but also the House of Judah. Thus, once more uniting all Israel. (Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Hebrews 8:8-13.)

In the New Testament the Apostle Paul dwells on this New Covenant pointing out that it now covers all of the Whole of Israel. Thus when Jacob saw this ladder extending from heaven to earth then the Spirit was telling him that this was the symbolic design from YAHWEH showing that it was within Jacob and will be from then on thru his descendants, those final tribes of Israel.

Therefore this ladder, or messenger service, by which YAHWEH communicates with His family in earth was the Soul. And it is also thru this same channel that his family in earth can communicate with their Father--God. Thus the Spirit of every Israelite (Revelation 12) can be activated by their God. From that time forward we see how Jacob now understanding the program of YAHWEH for earth, would try to walk in the path laid out for him. Here then we say that YAHWEH came to Jacob and showed this messenger the soul which would activate his understanding of events here in this physical earth so that he could accomplish his part in this great plan for YAHWEH'S earth.

We here now in this time must see that there has to be a cleansing of this Earthly part of God's kingdom. As to the outcome of this program, there is no question, for God's children have Eternal life, that is not an issue. But how an Israelite of today conducts himself in his walk thru this physical world may be the way his reward is determined.

In the little booklet ---The Soul--by Wm. Kelly, he describes this instance as tho you have a satellite dish in your back yard, and you can, thru this dish, keep in touch with YAHWEH, your God. AS of today this is pretty well taken over by the world order. But if you are one who has this soul, this connecting rod, then you consider this a Cable hookup for you. The other people, the created people, can still come under the blessings of God. But they must do this under, or thru the Israelite cable system. For the scripture tells you that the Israelites rule with YAHWEH-God now and in the future. All history explains this universal law. We either abide by this law or civilization is destroyed.

As we now look toward the 21st Century, we should be very conscious of this Mighty Plan of our Father's for His Universe and our part in it.

As we have said so many times in the past, under this deception our people have allowed our last great nation to be taken over by people who do not believe in our God, and who do not follow his plan for His universe. In other words, they have given away their heritage, and are not now seeing this civilization going down the drain. But this time --we believe that we are coming up to the time when this will no longer be allowed. We feel that Zipper gate is near the end of events that will be tolerated. And since we do not seem to be able to clean up the mess we have allowed to accumulate, then get out of the way and watch our Heavenly Father deliver. For He can energize this spirit of his people, until they will perform as HE wishes.

As this connecting rod is activated then we will be in the time of the Latter rain, and this time the activation of the Spirit will exceed all that happened in the days of the Apostles as their Spirits were activated so that they would feel the power of the Holy Spirit and be able to do their work for that time.

Now, as we are in this process of becoming like our Father, then we still make a lot of mistakes. But that is where forgiveness comes in. But what is Salvation? For the Christian Israelite with and activated soul, a new instrument --Salvation is a now concept. With the Holy spirit as your guide then you have this voluntary contracted power to follow in your life's plan, and you are saved or permitted to complete your service here in the physical. 'And you will be protected from the enemy within your civilization so as to be able to stay tuned to your channel, and move thru this final tribulation.’

By producing 12---no, actually 13 tribes, and then no longer counting the Levi, as they are given from Priests to each tribe--thus keeping the divine number of 12, the Israelites are then individually different in looks and design. But they are the race with the functioning soul, and the capacity to be energized thru their spirit. No other beings on earth thus possess this capacity.

This is what has been given away to a people who are actually your enemy thus we find our nation in great trouble. And since we do not seem to be able to help ourselves then we think HE is one more time to help Israel on to our feet so that we can do as we should be doing to free ourselves.

Thus we say that Babylon the great is going down, so get out of her ---in your mind---so as not to be caught in the chastisement for her sins. ----E.R.M. (End of sermon for this time. Ha)



As to the sun, moon and planets in November:---Jupiter and Saturn are the ruling planets, but Mars then creeps into the picture as November begins. And yes, there is thus war here at least in this Israelite nation. It is in the east where you will see Mars rise, and that will be the best chance to see any of the Leonid meteorite shower, just before the morning light, the 17 or 18th of November. The moon will be out of the way for this view, if we can see any of it from our location. Thus is, you saw no meteorite shower during October 8th, then keep this in mind for November.


October 8, saw the vote to go forward with the Impeachment proceedings of the President. As the Representatives try to get ready to go home to prepare for the election the fight is not over yet as the President is vetoing some of the spending bills, wanting more money for IMP and other programs. So there goes the Mystic surplus. This President is not going to do as Richard Nixon did---step down and out of the way so as to save this nation.


October 15------we hear the left as they get behind the president and try to save his office.----We think this will go on until the Almighty steps in, for have you also noticed that the "Year of the Woman"---which was supposed to have come in on Hillary's coat tails has stalled.

Have you noticed how this has not escaped the notice of the voters, even tho the Media has not brought it out to well? What has happened is that these same lady Senators never acted like ladies, and they are now going down in the estimation of the voters. Actually they were led by women who do not believe in your God, so why not fail? They did not represent the Christian woman of America who believe in God, family and friends, with values as of old.


As the Clinton Presidency tries to set in place this State Church, which is patterned after Communism, then remember that when the State puts itself in the role of God as the solver of all problems, the sovereign director of all things, and the source of every good and perfect gift, it will expect supplication and worship. Freedom will have been extinguished and authentic Christianity will be a rival that cannot be tolerated. So when Clinton Era politicians want to 'minister' unto us we remember what happened to Monica Lewinsky.----From World Magazine.


Until next time YAHWEH willing -----