ERM - Newsletter 12-98

NEWSLETTER FOR December 1998

by Ella Rose Mast


Will give you a running account of the events from the election on up as we are going to see history made.

We also need to remember the people we are dealing with.

From the Book Report--"The Mystique of the Jews"---we learn from Kenneth Isaacson whose father did the bookkeeping for the Rodham business in Chicago so years ago, that the entire family of the Rodhams--Hillary and brother included---were Jewish. They lived in the Jewish section of Chicago. He says that he is amused when he sees Hillary Rodham Clinton now posing as a Hebrew Methodist. (Of course she is not a Hebrew either.)

Also from the above --Bill Clinton wearing his Yamulka prays in a Washington, D.C. Synagogue with Jack Spitzer, the president of B’nai B’rith, Clinton believes that powerful Jewish community can save his presidency thru their domination over the news Media.


President Clinton seems to get in trouble--Zipper trouble in the odd years and to spend the even years trying to get out of trouble. Well the year 1999 is coming up soon.

We are now in November the month of the Leonid Meteorite showers. Will see if any are seen here this year about the 17-18 of this month. NASA has now shown that other planets, as has earth, have over time been bombarded by meteorites.

Astronomical events have changed history and affected the lives of ordinary people in a surprising number of ways. But only meteorites actually come down to earth. If you watch the Leonid shower this year then plan to remember--that only meteorites come from the majesty of the heavens, and not the terror.


Did you smile as you heard the 'spin' that Bob Dole and the Republican Party sent Monica Lewinsky into the White House to tempt and bring down the President?


While the world has been kept occupied with all the details of the President’s affairs, the Attorney General has carefully sought to protect the President from the issue of Treason with the Communists Chinese. This serves the purpose of the Communists from two perspectives. It debases the morality of the nation, making it easier to control, and it hides the apparent treason. Remember it is not always by armies and guns that a nation is conquered.


Have you noticed that we no longer have that advertisement of a One World Government? Now we have that great sounding word --"Globalism"


The "Born Again" Christians are moving to Jerusalem, and getting as close to the Mount of Olives that they can. Most are living on Social Security, or pensions of some kind. And after paying their apartment rent the rest of the money goes for food. They believe this is what the Bible tells them to do for Christ is coming soon. (Why then do I believe that only his feet will touch the Mount of Olives and great catastrophe is to hit that land?)


A Jewish Judge in Palm Beach Florida refuses to sign any document that has the designation of A.D. on it. He says that the abbreviation for Anno Dominic, the year of the LORD, is offensive to the Jews.


Another meteorite shower, the dependable Geminid meteor shower will arrive on December 13-14th, the eastern U.S. should be able to view this shower the best, in the early evening before the moon rises. Jupiter is now in the south at evening. Venus now comes back into view as the bright planet. Mercury then put in an appearance again this month. And then on December 25th, the moon at 1/2 size and Jupiter will be side by side. So with the Meteorite shower on the 13-14th, and then the moon occulting with Aldebaran on December 3 (in Taurus) and Regulus (in Leo), on December 9. then with Jupiter on Christmas Day, you have a program to watch for. The moon then will be back with Aldebaran again December 30th.


After the election, then Newt Gindrich resigned his job as Speaker of the House of representatives, and also will resign from his seat in the Congress which he just won by a big margin. Why? What will be the consequences?

There is also another question we must ask and also try to find an answer if we are to understand as to what is next?

Since this still is, and has always been a battle between the children of Light, and the children of Darkness, then what will have to happen to bring this battle to a climax to fulfill this promise: "I shall take you to Great Babylon and then you shall be delivered."

Today we feel that we are at the crossroads in this battle. And since we are at that point then before deliverance does this mean that we keep on losing until this climax with its deliverance? Rather than keeping this struggle at a stand still, then was Newt led, in his mind, to spare the nation and himself also from this dragging thru the mud any longer?

To me, if that be the reason, even tho Newt does not especially understand, this makes him a much bigger man than Bill Clinton if he does not follow suit. Thus no matter how this ends, we will be the winners for Great Babylon is going down.

I do not feel that the Republicans will be able to stick together as the Democrats have done by uniting behind President Clinton, and if not this will move along fast in 1999.

Monday, November 9,1998---The House Judiciary committee under the Chairmanship of Henry Hyde opened. The lawyers and professors are deciding what constitutes impeachable offenses. The Republicans charge that some of the process that brought down President Nixon have been pulled out and used contrary to that process.

I remember when President Nixon set tight in control and brought home the 400 POW's from Hanoi prison. Those men thought him a great President. But look what we have today in the Presidency. Would he do the same in face of the power of the opposition?

As this House Judiciary committee hearing opened, it was clear from the first the Democrats first would try to make it a matter of fact that this charge against the President is only about sex, so that is not impeachable. As the speakers spoke that opening day you saw readily the division in the thinking of both sides. But none quoted the Biblical case for impeachment which stems from the fact that a Society, when infidelity is treated as minor---will not hold together.

As we watched the first day's hearings, then we remembered that Dr. Swift, in 1962, told us of the transfiguration in the sky, and how Enoch was told of God that this would be the beginning of the great clash between the sons of Light and the powers of darkness as they sought to overrun your civilization. And that high in the heavens would be the marking sign when God would BEGIN to empower His sons and daughters, and His nation would become all powerful, until the forces of evil would try to put a stop to the greatness of this HIS Nation. At the end of this battle the forces of evil would be cast down. And this when carried out would be a victory for your race.

Here today some of our people do not believe what Enoch wrote. They say it is misinterpreted. But Enoch said that there would come a great awakening, that would carry your race at the crucial time of this struggle. That this would be the time of Armageddon, and it would involve Asia and Africa, and Communism, as well as all of the Jewish Conspiracy launched against you.

Thus February 4, 1962, saw the sign in the sky in Aquarius, the sign of the outpouring with the also the eclipse of the sun, this would mark the year and opposition of the rulers. This did not mark the terminal point around which spiritual powers are waking up the race. But you have seen the build up of the Right Wing, and this rise of people who are talking of the coming of God's Kingdom. You have see the fall of Russia under their communist masters. But this also only the beginning of what is to crystallize your nation with the greatest wave of spiritual vibration of power and righteousness that the world has ever seen. For out of America will come this repudiation of the Darkness until the enemy flees from America.

In Germany they had thought that they had gotten rid of the scourge, but now they are coming back in with their false Peace Treaties. And we see this also happening in America, for we relaxed our guard after President Reagan. Thus you learn that the fight must go on until evil is removed from our land.


Back in the days when the 'Jefferson so-called scandal’ erupted, Jefferson was heard to say:--"These people slander for their bread."


Here on November of 1998, the world radio astronomers think there is too much junk in the sky. The Radio frequencies satellites ---79 iridium satellites now circle the earth. Sixty-six of them plan to start exchanging radio waves with portable telephones and pagers. But these radio waves frequencies are close to a band where astronomical observations are protected by International law. Now, they are working behind the scenes to try for at least a few hours of radio-quiet skies each night. And today they are still searching for radio signals, something which says that there is intelligent life out there on other planets. Of course---not believing in the Bible, but in evolution, they are still looking for little green men.


Now we learn from the election that Clinton has brilliantly re-packaged the Democrat Party. As a party that was honest, trustworthy, faithful, and responsible, a family party, a party that an honest party could belong to without shame.---He has repackaged his party with faculty radicals, Hollywood artists and New York Contributors that he locked in the basement six years ago. They are now set free to take to the air waves, and glossy magazines to denounce the idea that anyone might be free to make moral judgment about anything but smoking. Clinton gained the Democrat nomination by promising to free the party from its bowing to the values of Barney Frank, Jesse Jackson and Patricia Ireland. But now in order to excuse the boss's vices, the party is more deeply committed to those values than ever.

But the Republicans, too, have been tarnished. They have sunk to the low of trying to govern by ducking of responsibility, and the prostitution of the state to the shabbiest sort of personal advantage.

Yes, politics is about deals. But Clintonism is a disease, not a belief. In trying to wring a political advantage, the Republicans seemed to have convinced the public that the Lewisnky affair was no more than apartisan device, which would be turned off as soon as it ceased to be convenient. Since the election then the Democrats are trying to force the dropping of the impeachment hearings.

First they only wanted to hear from Kenneth Starr. And now that the election is over, and Starr will be the first witness, they want to drop the whole hearing and forget it ever came to pass. the President has confessed to crimes. The congress then is expected to find a way to get the President off the hook. If it does so, the Lewinsky matter will fade into history. But the bridge to the 21 century, which the President keeps promising will be built at the end of a very crooked road.


November 13----After several days of seemingly no activity and the opposition thought they were getting somewhere with their attack on the Judiciary Committee, in an attempt to get the Impeachment hearings dropped ------- then came the settling of the Paula Jones affair. And the White House must have breathed a sigh of relief. But at about that same hour came the news that Kenneth Starr had delivered four boxes of information to the Judiciary Committee with the results of the investigation of the Katherine Willy affair, and new indictments of Webster Hubble in the White Water Affair. And this of the Bank that went busted causing the tax payers to pay out quite a sum of money. But it also ties Hillary into the affair with Hubble. She has already testified that she did very little work for the Savings and Loan bank. Fifteen more indictments against Webster Hubble. Will he decide to talk this time before he goes to prison for life?


Now; we have decided to tell you one of the stories for the forming of a One World Government that shows you that those One World boys do not always get their way, that there is a greater power, and we know HIM and they do not. We realize that they have had better luck in Europe, but there also they have not as yet been able to make the Common Market work.

Yes, they have gotten rid of Margaret Thatcher, and now the head of the German nation, but still not to their goal. So their attention has been turned to the Western World. And first on the program was the destruction of Canada as a nation. The seat of this planning seems to be in the U.S. today, so no wonder much of the world calls us the Great Satan.

As to the destruction of Canada, this program was discovered by a Canadian by the name of Glen Kealey, a commercial developer in 1986. And he realized this program was being run out of the Prime Minister’s office so he became interested.

Shelly Ann Clark was the lady who was Brian Mulroney's (Prime Minister’s appointment to the Free Trade negation.) And here the plans were made to dismember and demolish Canada, first by Quebec's separation, and then by Continental Union by the year 2005.

The program, of course, calls for control. You cannot control air, or the sun, but you should be able to control water. Under the GATT general agreement on Trade and Traffics, it says a free flowing Water is not good. So if you can control the water, then you can sell or give the dam which controls to someone else?

Take a map of Canada, and in the eastern side you find Hudson Bay, and James Bay. Hudson Bay a large body of water, James Bay much, much smaller. This is an area about 500 miles long north and south and about 120 across at its mouth. It is salt water, and about 35 to 40 feet deep. But if a dam were built at the north of James Bay and Hudson Bay, then a second dam down part way, and then another one down further. With these three dams you could it is projected, in ten years cause the fresh water coming in from Canadian rivers to gradually push the salt water back beyond the dams thus creating the largest fresh water reservoir known to man. Then a canal could be built leading out of the southeast corner of James Bay, south over the mountain ranges with dikes and locks whatever you need to lift water for 800 miles. Then at Rouen-Noranda in Northern Quebec, natures gravity would take over and the water would start down the other side of the mountain range. And eventually this water would end up in what the Canadians call Georgian Bay, which to us is Lake superior. So the results ---- the amount of water from the canal which now enters the Great Lakes would double the flow that could be taken out of the Great Lakes, without changing anything in the Great Lakes system. So why this program?

Now with this completed, then they could move water from the base of Lake Michigan down the Mississippi almost all the way to Mexico and into the Gulf of Mexico. Another route would be from Lake Superior, move water across Manitoba, into Saskatchewan then down into the U.S. bringing water to the Midwest and the southwest of the United States. What then is behind this planning? They think that since the global warming scare that they must enlarge the bread basket of North America as the earth gets warmer.

Now; if Canadian waters presently flowing into and toward the arctic and northern parts of Canada is diverted and sent south toward the U.S. then the cold climate temperatures will move in a southerly direction and the Canadian terrain will become colder. And thus will cause massive environmental shift for Canada, all to Canada's detriments.

Now; this theory is that water flowing north has the effect of keeping the cold to the north. Then if the water moves south if will take more fuel to heat the Canadian homes---first---and they will have this fuel only after the U.S. has its needs supplied under the NAFTA agreement.

Two men--Trans-nationalists pushing this are R.J.R. Nabisco --the biggest agri-business in the U.S. led by Mr. Johnson out of Winnipeg---(if possible see the film "Barbarians at the Gate.”) The other is Archer Midland Daniels who in 1994 hired ex-prime Minister Mulroney who pushed both free trade and NAFTA thru the Canadian Parliament as a director.

Now, people have been protesting in eastern Canada as they see Dams being built where there is no water. Well! Now you know where the water is to come from. In 1985-86 it was stated that the project would cost 200 Billion dollars (U.S. Dollars). And it was stated that the money was already available. American Express wants to be the Banker for this project and now American Express is a bank in Canada, for Brian Mulroney broke 14 banking regulations to allow this. Brian Mulroney also signed orders in Council breaking the law---that made it illegal for foreigners to own more than 50% of a mine in Canada. Now foreigners can own the mines in Canada.

(When I was young, I remember that we were hearing about the plan to bring water from the Great Lakes to the Dust Bowl for food production. But we did not know of this plan and the aqueduct under the land was the water used for irrigation in Western Kansas. AS that diminished, then the snow in the Rocky Mountains replenishes.)

Now; how were we able to get this report? I want you to notice the method that YAHWEH used to break this up. Shelly Ann Clark was relieved of her job as she had finally put it all down on the Computer. She was sent home with full pay and told not to talk. Well, she then became the secretary for this man Glen Kealey who was investigating this affair. And then the two were married and thus they produced this report. Today you can find it on the Internet. They have told us as to the pulling the wool over the Premiers of parts of Canada where the Canal would move, as they kept changing the books that these men were able to read at their meetings but never to take home for study. They did thus not realize that the plans called for the giving away of at least a part of Canada to the U.S. was in the cards.

So how did they do this without anyone knowing what is going on? Well, on October 3, 1987, the Free Trade Agreement was signed in Washington, D.C. What was not known is that the signed Original trade deal has never been seen by the public. The text made public and used by lawyers is some 1500 pages, where the original was 2000 plus pages.

Now; since Shelly Ann Clark the computer lady was sent home on full pay they have not touched her, for they seem to be afraid after she became Secretary to Kealy, and then later his wife. She then went to the Archives and asked to see the Free Trade Clearance papers, and she skimmed thru what was given her, and then asked for the Premier's briefing books. The man in charge answered:---well it is possible that we did not get everything.

Then she ask for the original Free Trade Bill. And the reply was that 95% of the original has been declared a security problem for Canada and you cannot get it unless you had the okay from the Deputy Minister of External Affairs. But actually the Free Trade Deal papers are stored in canisters and buried 16 miles outside of Ottawa, Canada, and they are not to be seen by Canadians for 30 years.

And they then knowing what was in this deal, knew that this Trade Deal was actually giving Canada away. The implication being that the Grand Canal system would be in place by the year 2005. All of this fits into the scheme of the One World Government under the United Nations. The program is set up so that one country is not to be able to complete even one article that they manufacture. This way a country cannot be self-sufficient. A One World government begins by eliminating boundaries, and you end with the European Community and the Atlantic community, and the Pacific community. And there you have three regions and they are more easily merged into One World Government under the U.N. Control. The Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico was only the first step of the agreement that was to encompass both the Americas, north and south.

In this situation, then the rich countries send money to the IMF fund; causing each country which sends money to borrow more, and more, causing more and more debt. And the Money sent to the poor countries, also causes them debt until everyone is indebted to the IMF As a debt grows until a country can't pay then a Bailiff is called, and this is the United Nations Security Council. Thus when a country can't pay, then their assets go under the United Nation's control.

Well! Now who is at the head of this program?---None other than Maurice Strong. We told you a bit about him some time ago when the National Review Magazine put out a featured story about him on the front of their magazine asking, "Who the Hell is he?"

Maurice Strong the Internationalist came on a fishing trip with George Bush to a remote camp just before the Quebec 'crisis' erupted. And that day at the meeting of the men there---Maurice Strong was hired. And then the first thing that Maurice Strong did was shut down Nuclear plants.------Why?

Well as long as you have a nuclear plant, you have too much electrical power. So when you shut them down you can convince people to build more dams. (Get the connection?) So in Canada the people were told to build more dams. And the Canadian leaders signed the Free Trade Agreement.

Now, this program was in 1991, fully in view, with a step by step approach to each part of the scheme. To produce a union of the U.S. and Canada by the year 2005.

Well, here in 1998, then how far has the Almighty allowed them to go forward? They put the mines of Canada under foreign ownership. American Express Bank was brought in to finance this take over of Canada. They extended patents rights to U.S. Pharmaceutical companies in Canada. They implement NAFTA, communications taken over, Agriculture reigned in---Food, Wheat and the WCB (World Conservation Bank) established. Then they tried to separate Quebec from Canada.-----But this did not work. So the Almighty did not allow it. And as far as I know we are not hearing any more about all of the Dams being built. I doubt if the Almighty allows that either. After all I don't think HE will allow the U.S. to be destroyed, nor CANADA either. Maybe the opposition thinks Canada has been secretly given away, but I am sure they never cleared it with the man upstairs. So watch out. And even Maurice Strong may not be as smart and as powerful as he thinks he is. And Clinton the puppet sure is not.

But today here in 1998--almost to the very end of this year, then who is the man who is in Maurice Strong’s pocket in Washington, D.C.?

Well, you have guessed it---Vice President Al Gore the great environmentalist.

Oh, they have hatched plans to buy or steal parts of the rain forests of South America hoping that will cut down on the environmental deterioration. But things don't seem to be working all the time in their favor, altho they keep trying.

I still say that we have to wait for events for we know who is the final voice in this situation, the final power. If Clinton is brought down that puts Al Gore in charge, and out in the open. Let’s see if this is the way this thing has to go, for we have to go to Great Babylon and then we will be delivered.


Now; the Starr Report to the Judiciary Committee is finished. We thought that Mr. Starr did his job well, but the other side could not agree. The next to be called before the committee, we understand, will be Bruce Lindsey the personal friend of the President. And Bennett, the president’s personal lawyer, and Nathan Lentil the lawyer for Kathleen Willy. And a leading fund raiser for the Democrats will also be called. Starr released more boxes of evidence on Campaign finances. The Tripp tapes have been played so we move on to the next round of events.


From the Ramsey Library:---


If God has called you to be really like Jesus in all your spirit, HE will draw you into a life of crucifixion and humility, and put on you such demands of obedience, that HE will not allow you to follow other Christians. And in many ways HE will seem to let other good people do things which HE will not let you do.

Other Christians and Ministers who seem very religious and useful may push themselves, pull wires, and work schemes to carry out their plans, but you cannot do it. But if you attempt it, you will meet with such failure and rebuke from the LORD as to make you sorely penitent.

Others can brag on themselves, and their work, on their success, on their writings. And if you begin it, HE will lead you into some deep mortifications that will make you despise yourself, and all of your good works.

Others will be allowed to succeed in making great sums of money, or having a legacy left to them, or in having many luxuries, but God may supply you daily, because HE wants you to have something far better than gold, and that is a helpless dependence on HIM that He may have the privilege of providing your needs day by day out of the unseen treasury.

The LORD may let others be honored, and put forward, and keep you hid away in obscurity, because HE wants to produce some choice, fragrant fruit for His coming glory, which can only be produced in the shade.

God will let others be great, and keep you small. He will let others do the work for Him, and get the credit for it, but He will make you work and toil on without knowing how much you are doing; and then to make your work more precious. He will let others get the credit for the work that you have done, and this will make your reward ten times greater when Jesus comes. The Holy Spirit will keep a strict watch on you, with a jealous love, and will rebuke you for little words and feelings or for wasting your time, which other Christians never seem distressed over.

So make up your mind that God is an infinite Sovereign, and has the right to do as He pleases with HIS own, and He will not explain to you a thousand things which may puzzle your reason in His dealings with you. God will take you at your word. And if you absolutely sell yourself to be His slave, He will wrap you up in a jealous love, and let other people say and do many things that you cannot do or say. Settle it forever, that you are to deal directly with the Holy Spirit, and that HE us to have the privilege of tying your tongue, or chaining your hand, or closing your eyes, in ways that others are not dealt with.

Now, when you are so possessed with the Living God, that you are in your secret heart, pleased and delighted over this peculiar, personal, private, jealous guardianship and management of the Holy Spirit over your life, you will have found the vestibule of heaven.

Author unknown.’

And now we say may YAHWEH bless----until next time if HE is willing.

I was cleaning out a drawer in my desk and ran across a little note book of my Mother's, and in it this note so will pass it on for you, as it might help in your understanding.

We ourselves must obey God; But leave the lives of others in HIS hands. God will call all men to a true understanding in his own time, and in His own way. Read---John 6:44 and also verse 65. Then read I Timothy 2:4 and then II Timothy 2:21-26. And then you will better understand how to help others and to be patient until God opens their minds to understand what you know.