ERM - The Other Side Of The Story 10-98


THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY--(Late October 1998)

by Ella Rose Mast

Daily paper:---


In early 1999, it is planned that a six to eight month project will be started to uncover the hoped-for world's largest oil field atop a salt dome at the south end of the Dead Sea. Harold ‘Hayseed' Stephens, a wealthy, respected Texas oil man is planning to spend 30 million dollars on this project. Mr. Stephens now a so called, minister, but once a pro football quarter back with the New York Titans is planning to find, for the little state of Israeli, this 'gold mine' or pocket of oil which they have never had, where as their enemies have always had plenty of oil. No doubt there will be other ministers endorsing this plan.

As President Clinton has the Israeli Prime Minister and the representative of the Palestinians here in America trying for a so called, Peace Agreement, then in Israeli they are having troubles because some of the Jews are trying to get on the Temple Mount so as to destroy the Mosque so they can build again the Jewish Temple. Then this brings on other acts by the Palestinians, and this Peace Conference is now in trouble. (Makes you wonder just what YAHWEH will allow, doesn't it?



This Judicial Watch is an independent government watchdog group. Now they have turned over their 145-page report on File-gate, China-gate, IRS gate, and Trust-gate to the House Judiciary committee whose chairman is Henry Hyde.

This report compliments the Starr Report in setting the parameters for the Impeachment Inquiry. Under this reports findings then President Clinton must answer for his conduct concerning the invasion of privacy rights of individuals, the misuse of F.B.I. files and other government documents. The China-gate facts also as well as the flow of foreign money into the 1996 Presidential Campaign. Then there is I.R.S. Gate, and the political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service, and Trust-gate which is the misuse of money in the President's legal defense fund. No longer can the spin-doctors claim that the Clinton Scandal is only about sex. In fact the formal acceptance of the ‘Judicial Watch’ report by the House Judiciary Report is recognition that ‘Judicial Watch’ is now a major player in uncovering facts about the Clinton Scandals.

Thanks must go to Congressman Bob Barr for his courage and patriotic work on the "Judicial Watch" report which without objection was also put into the Congressional Record.

(Now as the Press tries to spin the story of 'The comeback kid' as we come into the election, then this is the other side of the story. This is the 'smoking gun' of the Clinton scandals that is yet to be acknowledged. But this story is now on the Web and many people are now turning there for news, as T.V. seems to be joining in the battle to save 'The Come back Kid.’ Thus we wait for the results of this election, to see how much our people have awakened from their sleep.)



This IMF has become an ‘Imperial’ President's money bag. As this Congress fought to finish business and go home to campaign they voted 18 billion more dollars for the IMF---in the House of Representatives, but with reservations depending on correction of policies. The Senate then is more inclined to go along with the President.

During the Cold War, the IMF got into all kinds of troubles trying to stop nations from going communist. Today the IMF has become simply a function of the personal gift of the office of the U. S. Treasury, courtesy of that office's service to the United States Presidency.

This ascendency of Treasury in foreign policy at the State Department is pure Clinton, the results of a neo-Mercantilist foreign policy which is to be subject to direction from the presidential administration it is to serve. By expanding the mandates and accelerating the use of a host of International Agencies in which the United States is dominate, the IMF and the World Bank, the Regional Development Bank, and the IFC -----and combining their efforts with those of the Commerce Department, and with those of the Export-Import Bank, and OPIC, and USAID Enterprise Funds, the Clinton's have constructed an International patronage machine in which the American Executive stands Supreme, the assistance favored financial industry at their side, eyeing the World's debt market.

In service to this new home-grown, Internationalized ‘Crony’ Capitalism, the president’s men are seeking to institutionalize the socialization of private investors and global bankers risks in international markets via a freshly Capitalized IMF The price of the U.S. contribution of $3.5 billion contribution to the proposed IMF bail-out finds that this is on top of another requested $14.5 billion which is said to be insignificant when weighed against the final calamity of a world wide recession that IMF ministrations and policing could avert. But how true is this? What might tax payers expect for putting their money where Bill Clinton's mouth is? OUT.

Taking the IMF's behavior in Russia as a guide---LOOK OUT. The funds monetary sages lent large sums of money in return for secret IMF designed recovery programs always said to be strictly enforced. In Russia's case, only the rhetoric of strict conditions was enforced.

For example, an IMF loan financed Yeltsin's bloody and disastrous assault on Chechnya. Then when Yeltsin's reelection time came, then the IMF was there to help. Then old-line Communists were elected into the Russian Government.

Alas, the rather delicate operation of purchasing a foreign land's election for a flawed incumbent on behalf of another land's (the U. S.A.'s) flawed incumbent was soon gummed up with the two incumbent's conflicting political needs.

When Candidate Yeltsin wanted to please farmers by yielding to their demands for higher import tariffs with a 20% increase, and a promise to use the new IMF funds for social programs, then Yeltsin slapped a 20% hike on the import of frozen chickens from America. And wouldn't you know, that the chickens came from Tyson Chickens. These are the same people, you will remember, who engineered Hillary's short career in 'cattle trading'. After all, it was Tyson Chickens who came thru with a last minute loan to help in President Bill's getting away from Arkansas, and the Federal Banking Investigators, via of the ballot box.

Thus we saw the President fly to Moscow and advised Yeltsin that they ought to help each other. And, after all of that, all talk of a chicken tariff increase ceased. And thus I. M. F. paid for Yeltsin's reelection and the IMF boys kept their mouth's shut. Russia’s bankers made a lot of money buying government bonds at low prices and then cashing them in for high prices.

Today Russia is collapsing into a fireball of default, devaluation and despair. No regime in history that has reduced its own population's standard of living has survived without violence. Even this seems out of reach of the Russian people for those who came into the government in this time are died-in-the-wool-hard-line Communists.

Before Congress decided on that last bail out of Russia, they should have taken a closer look at the Clinton Administrations royal taxpayer gift. Then a closer look at our President who is heading this grand scheme now to not only betray the Russian people, but also the American people as well.

(Anne Williamson writes for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, SPY magazine, Film Comments and Premier. She is an expert on the workings of the Soviet Russian affairs. She is working on a book-- ‘ Contagion’--telling how America has betrayed the Russian people.) (No wonder the United States is called ‘The GREAT SATAN’ as we continue to betray our so-called friends.)


In this election there is a Democrat candidate running for Governor of Michigan, his name Fieger.---Remember he is the lawyer who represents ‘Doctor Death’ Jack Kevorkian. He has made the remark: "who was Jesus Christ?”------ “Just some goofball that got nailed to the cross. Even the Democrats are trying to stay away from Him.”


Why does Hillary stay with Bill?

It is power that holds her to this course. She has been thru the Bimbo eruptions many times. That is not what bothers her. It is the loss of power that keeps her on this course.

In this she has also betrayed the "Women's Lib" but they are still trying to stay with her, for they have no other place to go, and they partly understand her reasons ---Power.



There are those in England who understand as to who they are altho they do not quite grant that America is Manasseh of prophecy. They also know that it was the power hungry one-Worlders were those who brought down Margaret Thatcher, as she resisted England's joining the European Common Market, which they have been trying to build. Mrs. Thatcher described the European Market (EU) as a total Nightmare. They also know of this Globalist organization called the Builderbergers. This is this secret organization, which is now being brought to light more and more. But this is the Globalist group which, plans on ruling the world. And as they get nearer their goal, it is harder for them to remain so secret as in the past.

In attendance at one of these meetings there was about 120 members of this Internationalists Elite present. They are bankers, heads of transnational corporations, politicians, Ambassadors, Academics, Media barons, editors and opinion formers. The meetings are divided into a ‘Steering Committee and Attendees.’

Lord Carrington is the Chairman of the steering committee, has been since 1990. Others are David Rockefeller, the billionaire owner of Chase Manhattan Bank, or his proteges if he is unable to attend. And of course there is Henry Kissinger there to swing his power. Among other attendees is now Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Malcolm Rifkind, David Steel, Paddy Ashclown, Edward Heath, Kenneth Clark, Norman Lamont, William Waldegrave, and Bill Clinton, Dennis Healey, James Callagan and Margaret Thatcher, if she still goes, after being taken down by this group. Today we also know that Hillary Clinton is now a member.

These people mostly of the Western World representatives meet secretly and plan events that are later adopted almost simultaneously, and apparently coincidentally by governments around the world. They are thus cross-fertilized by such groups as the ‘Royal Institute of International affairs’. (UK) The Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR), and the Trilateral Commission. (UK--USA--Japan.)

These secret meetings take place under heavy armed guards. Whereas it is not proper for armed police to be used to protect a private function.

The Bilderbergers greatest coup was the removal of Margaret Thatcher in November of 1990.---Why? Because she said --no-no-no to the new Euro-Fascism which would turn the British Isle sovereignty to the EU. But within two years, the Builderbergers plan had prevailed and a democratically elected Prime Minister had been dismissed without a GENERAL ELECTION, and an International Cabal had conspired to destroy a nation's leader.

Sources said that the leaders of this secret society emphasized the need to bring down Mrs. Thatcher because of her refusal to yield British sovereignty to the European super-state, which had been slated to emerge in 1992.

(Do you think that Bill Clinton would protect the sovereignty of the USA?)


Here we are in the latter part of 1998, and still these One-world gals and guys have not been able to achieve their goal of a One World government, One World money system, and a One World religion.

Last January we find that our First Lady was in Switzerland, while our President was here in the U.S. trying to defend his morality. But the First Lady was speaking forth at Davos, Switzerland, where 2000 International Financiers and Politicians heard her say that the global regulatory system needed strengthened. He vision of the Bilderberger-Trilateralist aim of world Government was clearer as she spoke about the management of the world in regional and global terms, with support from others bemoaning the tyranny of territoriality. This is the Tyranny exercised by all those sensible folks who are determined to defend their own firesides from the intrusion of the Multi-nationalists institutions and consortiums of whatever creed or culture.

Matthew J. Browning of Britain was heard to wonder-----when the major ethnic groups in the USA approaches numerical equality, and another civil war breaks out, will the Clinton's be in solar orbit in the world of their globalist friends?

Here in the U.S., then what did the President think to accomplish when he once more pushes the RACE question?

Now, as you have noticed over the years, that the planners of this One World Order have had to change their plans a few times, as they have been unable to achieve their goals as of now. Of course they won't admit that they might be held back by the power of the Almighty. For he has a time and a season, a day and an hour for the destruction of this Satanic led program --which is termed Great Babylon in the Scriptures. It is thus money that guides this program. And it will have to be a break in the money system to start the downfall. The Stock Market here in October is being patched up with band-aids so as to keep this idea of a good economy in the U.S. going until after the election of Nov. 3, 1998. The One World group feel that they are much closer to their goal today.

President Clinton may be in disgrace, but they are planning on the First Lady to prop him up until after the election. The Press also under pressure will help with this process.

This, my friends, is the situation in Washington, D.C., at this time. So before you condemn the Republican men of congress for not standing up, then take a look at what they are up against. After years of growth of the Lobbyists, who work on Congress to promote the rules for the globalists, the Republicans are seemingly out gunned. Whenever you see any man picked on such as has happened to Newt Gindrich, Dick Armey, Congressman Barr, and others, then if you look behind the scene you will understand why this attack on them. Could they not be leaders in tomorrow if our Heavenly Father decides---ENOUGH?

Why can we not use that money for the IMF to rebuild our nations localities which have been destroyed by rough weather.---Why not? As to the election in Germany ---did the Builderbergers have anything to do

with the removal of Helmet Kohl from office? Of those first three nations of God's Israel, then Margaret Thatcher of Britain has been removed and now Kohl of Germany, so that those two nations are now in the hands of the far-left of their political fields. Thus the Globalists must feel that they are getting close to their goal. Since the Royal Navy of Britain has left the field, mesmerized by the false notion that Peace is had simply by ending a fight. In America the reduction or rather the destruction of our fighting forces has also occurred because of this same notion.

BUT PEACE BEING REQUIRED BY ENDING A FIGHT IS NEVER A TRUE PEACE. For the constitutional prescripts of Almighty God, recorded in the Holy Writ have been violated. Thus, consequently this wall of ‘Untempered Mortar’ will collapse.

Those in Britain who are believers, and those of us here in the United States speak, not only to our youth, but to the people of America and of Britain and Germany, and their brethren other places, that they must now turn to the Love of Christ, their savior, and trust in our God to guide you into doing the right thing. Those who serve a foreign court must realize that treachery has its own just reward.

(It is time for those who serve a foreign court to realize that treachery has its own just reward. Therefore be not dismayed, for the battle is Yahweh God's. Since evil still rages and blindness assails our people, we find that some have behaved treacherously, and the wicked still go unchecked.

Troubled times then have come from our turning away from our God and from His Kingdom. More than of the evil wrought among our people by agents of Globalism, this is the fact of life. World government enthusiasts believe passionately that their pilot scheme is a success. They believe that they are moving ahead to build their World Police State. Thus, the time has now come to either bow before the image of Satan, or stand up for The CHRIST. That time we believe is upon us.

We, now as the whole house of Israel, are as back in the days of II Chronicle 20:15-17.----The battle is not yours. For this time you fight against the true powers of Satan. Thus stand still and see the Salvation of Our God.

We feel, as do those of Britain in their publications, that our mission today is to alert the people of YAHWEH-God's servant nations to the fact of their deepening crisis now facing us, which is a Spiritual Crisis, Satanically inspired. And if we are to escape greater judgment, then we must return to our God, and obey His laws.


October 23,1998-----Peace-------

Saturn and Jupiter line up, and Jupiter is the brightest at this time. But the so-called ‘Peace Deal’ between Israeli and Palestine was signed Oct. 23, after nine (Judgment) days of negotiations. It almost unraveled before signing because of the Israeli insistence that the convicted spy Pollard be released. President Clinton promised to review the case, so he will be released soon--we believe.

Now, this is supposed to help President Clinton in the Impeachment process. It makes him look so Presidential. (Supposedly)

As we come to November 1998, we were doing a bit of wishful thinking I know. But now it is pointed out to us that we are in a mighty battle here in these United States, and it has been intensifying for a long time.

In the little publication---Kingdom Digest -- I read something that I thought was appropriate at this time, for it shows our beginning here in the U. S., which people, who are not of us, have been trying to hide as they take our nation from us. (Quote)

"The Constitution is not our greatest national doctrine. The Mayflower Compact made us a civic body politic. The Articles of Confederation made us a people. The Declaration of Independence made us a nation. All of these were based on the people's allegiance to God. Not one of them has been amended. The Articles of Confederation proclaim:---"Whereas we all came to America with one and the same end, namely to advance the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ, and to enjoy the liberties of the Gospel in purity. We therefore conceive it to be our bounden duty that as a nation and a religion, so in other respects we be and continue as One."

The pilgrim fathers called themselves the seed of Abraham, God's servant, and the children of Jacob, HIS chosen. They also called themselves “a vine out of Egypt into the wilderness." (Unquote)

This, my friends, is what the One World people have been trying to knock out of the background and mind of America. This has been behind all of this digging up dirt on our founding fathers. It is to destroy our background history. This has happened as we saw this bringing into our nation people who do not acknowledge our God and Savior. And we see them as they hope---taking over our nation at the ballot box.

So we have had this election, with its spin from the 60's, that it does not matter what you do----everybody does it. So forget it and do not demand any responsibility or punishment for wrong doing just move on. Since the President is the head of the Democrat Party, then there are people in that party also that are in bondage with the rest of us. Now that this election is over and they made some modest gains, will they still stick with him to cloud their hopes for the year 2000?

We have not taught our young people of their heritage so they are more likely to follow the path of the World Order. But we still do not believe that YAHWEH will allow this HIS nation to be destroyed by these Globalists dreamers.

Once more we have to say wait and see what happens next. The command of Our LORD Jesus Christ is:---"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all of these things shall be added to you." In other words get your priorities straight. And in this process we think that you will have to understand your bible, for from beginning to end the Bible is concerned with the presence of the Kingdom.

Now, how do I feel about the results of the election? Well--I am sort of disappointed, for I would have liked to see things getting better for our people, and for this nation. I was hoping to see the end of this taking over of our nation from the people who set it in place. But the people have spoken and we find things that we had hoped for did not happen altho the Republicans did retain control of both houses of Congress.

I am wondering that now that the Democrats got back behind their president and made some gains, will they stay there as they look forward to the year 2000? It is money which drives Great Babylon, so can they hold it together with band-aids for two years?

Thus we say, until next time YAHWEH BLESS.


P.S.---Events came sharp and fast after the election as Speaker of the House Newt Gindrich announced his retirement from office. No longer will he be the man to kick around?---Want to bet?

Remember: "I SHALL TAKE YOU TO GREAT BABYLON, AND THEN YE SHALL BE DELIVERED." These are God's words.--HE has the final say.

Gindrich led the Republican Party into power after 40 years in the political wilderness. And now because of this hounding of the Speaker and perhaps because of his poor judgment before this last election, he has decided that he will step aside for the good of his nation and his party. He will now be free to move out thru out the country and take the words of the Republican Party to the people, whereas he was not able to do this in his position of Speaker, when under fire all the time by the press and the other party and the White House people.

At first it seemed that this would only be dividing the strength of the party and thus playing into the hands of the enemy for their strategy of divide and conquer.

After thinking it over, then I wonder if this is the way that YAHWEH brings this situation of Great Babylon to a climax? Since I believe that this is God's battle, I bow to that thinking and will watch to see as to what happens for remember also that this is still YAHWEH's Nation, His Manasseh nation, and I do not believe that the enemy will ever be able to hold this nation in their grasp, for deliverance is promised to us.

We will thus be watching and reporting on this situation as we see it affecting God's children and HIS Kingdom.