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Report by Ella Rose Mast

Col. Totten was appointed by the congress of these United Stated to trace the background of our heritage so as to arrive at a better understanding of our origin in their work to produce the Great Seal for these United States of America. Col. Totten came to the conclusion that our forefathers were literally inspired to no small degree, whether they knew it or not as they produced the statutes for this Seal. After writing many books about the Westward journey of 'THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL', as well as of the transference of the Davidic throne to the west, Col. Totten then was to say:..but after all there are no accidents, leastwise could the insignia of such a land as these United States, and of so great a people as the descendants of Manasseh have been suffered to evolve by chance. America is the 'New Order of the Ages', and the first born of a New World, and cannot fail to have been a prominent conception in the mind of Deity from the very beginning. (Deut: 32:8-12....Deut: 33:13-17...Genesis 48:13-22) That in this life and orb there is nothing left to chance, is a fundamental tenant of belief with the truly wise. So of HIS understanding there is no limit for HE hath ordered all things in measure and in number and in weight. (Wisdom 11:20) In the writings of the mystic numberer himself (Daniel 8:13) we find the words:...'how long?'...referring to how long before wisdom be brought forth. The Tetragrammaton, or mystic name of Deity punctuates the Scriptures, squares the circle of all mundane things, and is naturally found upon Manasseh's heraldry, for the Latter is a glowing type of the Golden Age, whose acme is the Millennium itself.

I will try to summarize Col. Totten's work for this lesson in heritage which found its way into the Heraldry of Manasseh, showing itself in this Great Seal of the United States of America, and its significance as found in the Scriptures of Our Race...for Manasseh, the first born of Joseph, the son of Jacob-Israel. There are many parts to the Heraldry of this Great Seal and we will consider them as did the Author under different headings.

Seals in General.

'And I subscribed the evidence, and sealed it, and took witnesses, and weighed him the money in the balances.' (Jeremiah 32:10) 'The LORD knoweth them that are HIS' (II Timothy 2:19)

Is it not a beautiful thought for the children of Manasseh, and their brethren, that this ALL POWERFUL ONE, who knoweth His children, saw fit to suffer them in the day when HE prospered their undertakings to take from under HIS Seal...A New Constellation..still covered with the cloud of His protection, and led by the Glory of HIS be their Crest and Signet?

The use of Seals is ancient. We find them in use among the Hebrews, and yes even further back with our Race. And very significantly we remember when Judah, son of Jacob, left his Seal with Tamar as a pledge. The stone of Bethel is the 'Signet Stone' of the Almighty. It is the 'Witness' of YAHWEH'S promise to the seed of Israel. This stone is now the 'Coronation Stone' of Great Britain (Ephraim) and is traced back to Bethel thru Scone, Tara, Egypt, to the Kings daughters (Tephi) who with the stone was transferred by Jeremiah Westward.

Each of the tribes of Israel had its standard, and the patriarch of each tribe wore its signet. The symbols on the standards were taken from the symbology of the blessings pronounced upon the heads of their fathers. (Genesis 9 and Deuteronomy 33)

No system of heraldry ever reached the perfection of that of ancient Israel, nor among any peoples save their modern descendants in the art now studied. When that art shall again yield back to us all its secrets, and all the meaning of its symbolism, then at last shall Israel's destiny be seen by all the world...the veil withdrawn. Over the years the seals have been in various shapes but the circular form has been common in all periods. A sealing was used also with different colors with Red being used for Emperors and Kings. France however used green wax, while blue seals were very rare. Charles V of Germany is said to have been the only European monarch who used this color.

Our Heraldic Tinctures......

Tinctures in heraldry are of three descriptions...metals, colors, and furs. Each metal and color in scientific blazonry is represented by a distinct precious gem, a flower or a plant, and sometimes a heavenly body; and when the Arms of sovereigns and states are described by the elder heralds, the tinctures are frequently denoted by the names of these Jewels and Celestial spheres. Both of the and silver occur upon our Seal. The whole of the Reverse is Impressively tinctured, entirely as of these upon an Azure field. Of the Heraldic colors the five primary ones are guel (White), Azure (Blue), Sable (Black), Vert (Green), and Purpure (Purple). The two most precious of the and silver are deeply symbolic in intent and frequently mentioned in Holy Scriptures. You remember the great image with the head of Gold and breast of Silver? (Daniel 2:32) The chief utensils of the Temple and its ritual were of gold and silver, and it was in silver that the 'title deed' to our inheritance was purchased. A silver trumpet called the tribes of Israel to the Tabernacle, and it was for thirty pieces of Silver that OUR LORD was sold to those non-Israelites who ruled in Jerusalem at that time.

The tribe of Joseph was particularly distinguished among the other tribes because of the 'coat of many colors'. And of those colors of heraldry five occur upon the Manasseh (U.S.A.) Coat of Arms and Seal. The bald-headed Eagle brings its own colors. The dark and hardy brown of its native haunts into the galaxy of colors. These portray hardiness, courage, valor, success and happiness, along with perseverance, justice, royalty, theology, might, Omnipotence, life, vigor, truth, fruitfulness, imperial sovereignty among those things implied.

Thru out the Scriptures where ever colors can be used in figures of exalted imagery they are lavishly introduced, each carrying their different meanings. The Gems of heraldry are also employed in Scriptural symbology. Those most prominent in American blazonry being the Ruby, the Topaz, the Emerald, the Sapphire, the Diamond and Amethyst, and the Pearl.

In the year 1882 the British occupied Egypt. This led to the discoveries of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and later this lofty symbol was placed upon the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. Is it not a little strange that these two sons of Joseph should each have had his attention drawn back toward the original land of their birth? In modern times we find the two Metric systems of the earth, the Metric system of the World Order, and the Sacred system of the Anglo-Saxons which came from the Pyramid. but it is also not mere coincidence that one each of the two celebrated Obelisks that in Joseph's day graced the entrance to the Temple of On.. the daughter of whose chief Priest was the wife of Joseph, and our great maternal ancestor...should in our day be moved to England and to the United States.

All precious things were blessed upon the head of Joseph, and have been assumed upon the separate arms of Manasseh's children. Of Joseph it is written:..'Blessed of the LORD be his land,...For the precious things of heaven, for the dew,...and for the deep that coucheth beneath, And for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, And for the precious things put forth by the moon, And for the chief things of the ancient mountains, And for the precious things of the lasting hills, And for the precious things of the earth, And the fullness thereof, And for the good will of him that dwelt in the bush; Let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top of the head of him that was separated from his brethren.' 'His Glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of Unicorns; With them he shall push the people...together to the ends of the earth. And they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and the thousands of Manasseh.

The Planets ....

The Planets are not mentioned very often in Scriptures, but they played their part in symbology. The Light of Jupiter was like unto that of the The light of the Moon, like that of the Pearl...of silvery hue. The golden hue of the Sun found its counterpart in the radiant Topaz, while Mars was Mercury was as Amethystine purple, and Venus Emerald green, while the planet Saturn likened to a Pearl of a special

The Flowers ....

The flowers are honored not only by the heraldry for their color, and delicious fragrance, but by the Scripture in emblematic teachings. The cedar trimmings of the House of God were carved with flowers, likewise its pillars and the gold and silver utensils. They were symbolic...'The Lilies of the Field' outstripping even Solomon in all his glory. The Cypress, the Grape, the Olive, and the Rose of Sharon are in the beautiful symbology of Holy Writ in all their fragrance. 'Israel' shall grow as a lily, and his beauty as the Olive tree, and his roots as of Lebanon. (Hosea 14:5-6) Thus every planet to the ancients had its virtue, and every flower its own peculiar beauty, and fragrance, and every color its concealed significance. Among the ancients this science of symbology...the long lost science of correspondence ran into the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the twelve perfect fruits, and so on thru nature. But deeper into mysteries so deep as these, it seems at present, almost impossible to go, yet all these mysteries are on OUR SEAL waiting for the day of their revealment. All the tinctures of Heraldry are charged upon Manasseh's Coat of Arms, thus like Joseph...many colors, many in one, and ONE out of many. Thus our coat of many colors finds the color Sanguine (Blood) missing, for it only was accomplished upon Joseph's coat of many colors.

The Great Seal ....

The possession of a just measure and of a perfect weight lies at the root of good government, and the science of metrology was honored in Israel by having its standards stored in the very Holiest of its Holy Places. The Ark of the Covenant was built by Divine measure as was the Great Pyramid. In the Ark of the Covenant was a pot or 'Omer' of Manna, or bread. The staple of physical and the standard of spiritual life. In the Ark also was Aaron's rod, supposed to be a sacred cubit long, and there were the two tables of stone which set forth the measure of a perfect life. Now; it is the function of a government, of the people, by the people, and for the people to see to it that their 'units' are earth reducible to a common measure, so that the relation of an official seal to an official measure is seen to be a close one. A perfect financial system can result only from a correct commercial one. Thus the root in Hebrew of MN, man or Manna of Manasseh's own name (MNSH) is likewise the root of the (MNH) of the Maneh, the 60th., part of an Ephah, which has a standard value of 60 shekel's of the Sanctuary or of some $35.436, and whose cosmic value in cents brings its relationship to the lunar year of 354.36 days to be reckoned with. Weight and coinage was always cosmically related to each other thru out all Israel. This was carried over into British pounds and ounces, and to the number of grains in a Silver American dollar...412, which is likewise a cosmic or pyramidal number of great import.

The fact is we cannot have 'just balances' and a 'just weights and measures' (Ephah) for the Millennial, and the Eternal ages, except they be founded upon the very cosmic measures, to which we ourselves, in our human bodies are literally proportioned.

Therefore as Manasseh stands for Peace, or for forgetfulness of all the toils of its attainment, and his Seal in particular shows a type of Millennial things, then is it not for us his literal and lineal descendants to make our title clear to those who are destined to enter into Rest?

As to the size of the Great Seal, it is upon the Reverse side that if no other statute be found, here symbolically and therefore heraldically the pyramidal proportions indicate the correct measure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the supreme type of all pyramids, and is of course our own model. Its construction is based upon the ..Pie..ratio, the circumference to the diameter of the circle .14159+. There is one circle in particular which is unique in all its dimensions that is the circle which is 4 inches in diameter, thus 2 inches in radius, and in lineal units has the same arithmography (12.566370+) as its area has in square units (12.566370+).

Thus the numerical sequence is the same in both cases, and this is the one unique circle of all nature. Therefore let us have it on our Seal and square its circle. We Manassehites claim that our constitution solved the complex equation of human government-self-government, under the laws of Almighty God...for that is the basis of the Theocracy which Israel erred in abrogating. If we to speak...square the circle of government, and have a Seal that reflects the true dimensions of our heritage and heraldry, then the 4 inch diameter would be the proper dimension for the Great Seal of these United States of America, and as the first dimension recommended.

The Obverse Face ....

Upon this obverse Face are displayed the whole of the National Arms and Crest. But this obverse Face is the only one now employed by the State Department as the Great Seal of the United States. We have inherited this unfortunate custom from the confederation in spite of the law of June 20, 1782. The reason for this immediate violation of the statute by the Secretary of Congress cannot be given, as he destroyed his notes. That just a part of the Seal was thus made to do the duty of the whole, could not have been a matter of general knowledge even when this custom originated. Why was not this corrected, was the question asked in 1883? The Great Seal of the United States consists of three Separate parts, the Arms, the Crest, and the Reverse, and both the Arms and Crest are found upon the obverse Face of the instrument, the Reverse stands alone and counter balances the rest.

The Arms ....

Arms in heraldry are the devices born upon Shields or Coats of Armor. Their origin and use are as early as the naming of the constellations. Heraldry and all that pertains to it finds its origin in the lands of symbolism and the East..., as it traces the characters of the Bible. Among the ancient Hebrews this art reached its highest development, and thru their whole typical life, religion, law, and institutions, it flowed as a natural stream. Symbols result from the union of the soul with the body of man. National heraldry follows people almost unknown by them, but still we find it marking correctly nations and people.

Great Britain carries heraldry unknown to many, but still correct for Britain...Ephraim..the company of nations. Her Royal contingent is the Remnant of Judah who escaped in Jeremiah's day, and the 12 tribes of Israel are represented by the Garter, and the Motto below is that of Benjamin who came in with the Normans. The Unicorn is chained while the Lion is free, thus David's throne...over Israel..or the scepter is where it belongs. (Genesis 49:10) Therefore since the Lion is for both Judah and for Israel then so is the Unicorn. 'His horns are like the horns of the Unicorn; with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth; and they are the thousands of Ephraim, and the thousands of Manasseh.' And Manasseh inherits the blessing of separation, and so of self government...God brought him out of Egypt and he hath as it were the strength of a Unicorn...'He shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones and pierce them thru with his arrows. He couched, he lay down as a Lion, and as a great Lion; who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.' (Numbers 24:9)

Here you are talking about the house of Jacob-Israel under the leadership of the house of Joseph at a later date. Symbolism is so important for understanding your scripture and your destiny, specifically as it relates to the United States, to the National Arms of 'Dominion', and are 'perfect', and are 'abstract'. They indicate that its sovereignty is warranted by birthright and regular descent, and that it is of the primary order. Its escutcheon is surcharged with no 'difference'; thus in our union of states they are founded, all equal inheritors of every privilege of freemen, one with another.

In heraldry 'differences' are devices born on an escutcheon to indicate the part of a family to which the bearer belongs. The Eldest son bears a label of 3 points; the second a crescent; the third a mullet, and so on each son a different mark, but since Joseph had two sons then we are just interested in the first two marks of Sonship. And if we be Manasseh we are the Eldest son and our label is a Pentalpha, and a 'pie' Triangle in Reverse, the one being the emblem of the other. Thus in order of their importance our 'Coat of Arms' carries the following symbols;...The Eagle, The Escutcheon, The Scroll, The Motto, The Olive Branch, and the Bundle of Arrows. Let us then examine these Heraldic symbols which Manasseh carries as to where in Scripture we find our proof of Identity.

The Eagle ....

'Hail to the land of Whirring wings (or overshadowed with wings) that lieth beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (Africa).' Isaiah 18:1. Also mentioned of the Eagle and her land is found in Job 39:27-30. The Eagle first appeared in American heraldry upon the flag of Washington's Life Guard with the Shield upon its breast, and owes its central prominence upon the 'Arms' to Secretary Thomson and Mr. Barton as they combined the best and most accurate of heraldry.

It should be noted that the heraldic attitude of the Eagle upon Manasseh's Arms is natural, and altogether different from the Royal bird upon the standards of other countries. The Eagle is an emblem of nationality, and has always been so. (Ezekiel 17:3-7). The Eagle on medals according to M. Spanheim is a symbol of Divinity and Providence. It was stripped of its feathers and then used as the emblem of the Nile, and was one of the most ancient standards of Egypt, so does this have a message for our symbolism? We do know that those who undertake to pluck Manasseh's Eagle will find their hands full before its feathers are rumpled.

The Aquila or Eagle family comprises the strongest and most courageous birds of prey of this great tribe of Falcons; they are considered Royal birds, they have always been associated with Royalty from the earliest times. Is it merely coincident that as the Tartars used the Eagle feathers for pluming their arrows that the American or Bald-headed Eagle is known to furnish 13 tail feathers for that purpose? The Eagle is used in many countries in their heraldry, but this Eagle of ours in American symbology is the proper emblem of the people of these United States, who speaking with sovereign voice in the Preamble of their constitution show themselves to constitute the government with power inherent in themselves alone, to 'ordain and establish' its form.

The Eagle is also one of the loftiest Scriptural emblems of Nationality. It is constantly referred to for its courage, its swiftness, its piercing eye, the safety of its dwelling, the yearly renewal of its youth, and the remarkable solicitude with which it protects young eaglets, and teaches them to fly. The Eagle is one of the four holiest of guardians around the Great Throne described by John in Revelation 5. There is also a striking resemblance to these living creatures in the first vision of Ezekiel. The Eagle is not a bird of carrion, not even in times of absolute want. It is a generous bird, usually devouring the whole prey...not at all...but leaving some for other birds which follow. The male and female Eagles live in pairs and stay close together even in hunting. Remember that YAHWEH said it was not good for Adam to dwell alone, he must have a helpmate of his own Race? So with the Eagle, and yes with Manasseh it is the same, for it still is not good for Manasseh to be without his mate; he is a dual tribe, and it is here that the daughters of Manasseh share their inheritance with their brethren.

The Eagle does not permit its own young to share the domain already established, thus as soon as they are able to provide for themselves the Eaglets seek new regions where in equal freedom they may rule. Thus from the eastern part of our shores the new Eaglets colonized toward the setting of the sun, and thus our United States was formed. In Tradition it is said that the Eagle preserves its nest from poison by having within a precious stone named Aetites. Without this stone it is thought she cannot lay her eggs. Hence this stone is eagerly sought for, as to possess it, it is to be assured of safety, and for a nation of fruitfulness. This Eagle Stone or Aetites (Greek) is supposed to be always found in the Eagles nest. Tradition says the Eagle sometimes went far in the quest for the Eagle-Stone. This is all tradition as far as facts are concerned but it may be far more than fable; for the Stone of Empire is certainly in the Anglo-Saxon nest, and our race has certainly been more prolific than any other on earth. Since from the Adamic family we are now one-sixth of the worlds population in spite of all the catastrophe which the Race has gone thru. Look at our country, these United States of America, when in 1776 the 3 North American colonies put forth their declaration of Independence which precluded the 'Birth of a nation', the white population did not exceed two and one-half million souls yet they had the courage, following destiny, to throw down the gauntlet to their brethren who were then under the terms of Destiny, in Israelitish Power, to be reckoned with.

The scream of the Eagle is rarely heard, its clarion call is that of liberty, 'awakened in defense'. We have a slang expression in this country based upon the 'modus operandi' of the Bald-headed Eagle in its attack; as it darts upon its quarry aiming at the head of the victim. In the case of the Bald-headed Eagle usually the first blow beheads the enemy, thus the slang expression.... Snatching bald-headed. Aquila the flying Eagle used to be shown upon our one cent pieces, but the ideal, to our mind, is of the Eagle swooping to its prey. And between an Eagle bent on business, and a Lion under similar circumstances..when both are aroused there is small choice to the unwary.

Between the Eagle and the Serpent, or Dragon, there is great enmity, this is one great enemy of man and human liberty thus the constant enmity, the Eagle seeking to kill the serpent, and the Dragon or Great Serpent breaking all the Eagle's eggs that it can find.

The Bald-headed Eagle is a native of our continent. It is a uniform deep flossy brown color with white head and tail, its beak is a deep yellow. The Eagle is a glowing emblem of Divine Province, that in so many ways prospered our undertakings, and as such he is with additional propriety given the Chief place upon our Coat of Arms. The Eagle in our heraldry stands...for the people, and thus shall cover Manasseh...'the Great people',..whom he represents, look at the Light forever over still deeper, and beyond, into the perfect Law of Liberty. In executive capacity the Eagle represents the President who confirms the acts of congress (the escutcheon), and is the spokesman of the Nation.

The Blue field of the entire obverse Face of the shield stands for Justice, and represents the third equal element in our national politic.. the Judicial department, it is the field of the entire symbology. Congress (the shield) born on the Eagle's (Executive) breast floats in it, and the Crest, a representative of all three reflects the same idea upon the same blue field.

The Escutcheon (Shield)...

'Who is like unto thee O people saved by the LORD...the shield of thy help. (Deut. 33:29)....'I am thy shield', He said to Abraham (Genesis 15:1). The Escutcheon (Shield) is born on the breast of an American Eagle without any other supporter, to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on their own virtue. Thus upon the American Shield are 13 Paleways, alternately white and red. These 13 Paleways representing our beginning states:...New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. This was the order in which the delegates signed the original 'articles of confederation', and is the order in which the unanimous Declaration of Independence was signed by the delegates of the several colonies. At the close of the Revolution, this was also the order of Independence acknowledged by their former sovereign King George. In Article one of the Definitive treaty of Peace with Great Britain, the 13 original colonies thus numbered, in this order are acknowledged to be free and Independent States. In this order the states have alternately a white and a red pale, and Pennsylvania, the Key Stone state occupies the middle part. The discussion of the Shield introduces arithmography or number writing.

The number 13 being of vast significance to the Children of Manasseh... by birth...with the placing of Ephraim first as the Company of nations, thus placing Manasseh the first born of Joseph as the 13th., tribe of Israel.

As the Shield represents primarily the people of the United States in congress assembled, the Paleways represent the states. Thus the dual shield of Manasseh's dual tribe is significant of the dual houses of government, the Senate and the House of Representatives, the former speaking for the nation as states, and the latter for the usual two parties into which the people of a republic find their states popularly arranged.

We have been told that there is superstition concerning the number 13, that it is a 'feared' number, but this does not stand as true. Jacob did not hesitate to increase the tribes to 13 by placing both sons of Joseph in the name...'Israel'. Then also the tabernacle was made of 13 kinds of material, and there were 13 tablets in the Sanctuary; the High Priests wore 13 engravings, with the name of the 12 tribes on his breast and YAHWEH on His forehead. (Exodus 28). The Saviour appeared in the Temple as a teacher and a seeker after truth in his 13th., year, to wit, when he was 12 years old; so the number is a powerful one. The secret then of the mystery connected with the number 13 is that it is the number of Manasseh's tribe where by the fullness of Joseph is doubled. No Nation on the face of the earth is so marked with this number as is these United States of America.

The Scroll ....

'And in thy Book all my members were written when as yet there was none of them'. Psalms 139:16. The placing of the scroll in the beak of the Eagle was Secretary Thomson's idea. The bearing is not only unique but solitary in national heraldry. The nearest approach to it is in the Arms of Mexico, where the Eagle with its beak bears up the defeated Serpent. But for the Eagle to do this is certainly appropriate as well as unique; for the Eagle being the Scriptural bearer of the WORD naturally takes the Scroll in his beak, and lifts it up. Therefore Manasseh must exalt the WORD. 'Per Aspera ad Astra', he cannot escape his mission nor avoid the toils until he too has forgotten them by entering into a permanent covenant with Peace, for he is a prophecy of the millennium and has resisted it up to now only to his hurt.

There never was a land on earth so Protestant, in its origin as this land, nor another that has fallen so far short of its high calling. Its pulpit, press and politics are now a scalene triangle, no two sides equal, and the two that should be squared for right and truth subservient to the third, which makes policy its measure of government, and the Almighty dollar its own god. Is it not then time for a new earth...a new beginning.. since the old world Dragon has belched out on us the full flood as prophesied in Revelation 12:15-16? What then is the color of our Scroll... white or black? Where is this WHITE SCROLL but in the Eagles beak, and serves to display the National Motto:...'E PLURIBUS UNUM.' This is an unusual position for the scroll, generally they are placed either below the escutcheon, or over the Crest, but in heraldry it is, by its exceptional bearing, all the more significant.

Josephus records that Scrolls which made up the Septuagint version of the Scriptures were purple and inscribed with letters of gold. But here for the land of Manasseh...White is the harmonious blending into perfect Light, and seems to be most appropriate. This would harmonize perfectly with the variegated background of the Field, in those parts that are near the Cloud broken by the Glory, and contrast most aptly with the color of the Gold of the Motto itself. The Scrolls, many of them were in great length therefore must be rolled, but the scroll born by the American Eagle is an unsealed one...rolled out. Remember the book sealed with the seven seals which no man could HE in whom all HIS Race are ONE. HE who could break the seals and open the book...and following HIM, Manasseh carried the book. The Eagle ever regarded as the bearer of the Scripture...for HE bore you 'On Eagles Wings', and now this Eagle of ours lifts this banner unto the stars. As we examine the whole Seal...Arms, Crest, and Reverse...then the blue predominates. It forms the whole field, and background for the other emblems; so heaven protects the Union that its color signifies. The higher and more ancient laws of symbology influence not only the symbols but the colors of our Seal. Gold is the only tincture for the Motto blazoned on a WHITE Scroll for the expression of its lofty sentiments. Is it not then possible for America to rise like an Eagle, to move forward into her heraldic destiny of a New Age, a New Beginning, to return to our inheritance and our Destiny?

The National Motto ....

By faith Abraham when called, dwelled in a strange country with Isaac and Jacob the heirs of the same promise moving in their destiny. Always they were looking for the city which hath foundations whose builder and maker they knew. Sarah received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age because she judged HIM faithful who promised. Therefore there sprang even of Abraham in advanced age, as many as the stars of the sky in multitude. Jacob carried on the destiny of the Great Nation and the Company of Nations. Then in the land of Egypt both sons of Joseph came under the blessing of 'Israel', and received the Birthright of the Great Nation (Manasseh) and the Company of Nations (Great Britain). These two sons of Joseph in their tribes then became the leaders of the Children of Israel in their migrations..Westward. Event he throne of David would be transferred Westward coming to rest in an Anglo-Saxon nation. When the long lost Ark of the Covenant, buried for a purpose with its title to Universal possession sealed and shall be found in Anglo-Saxon soil thus further identifying a people with their heraldry and destiny.

Yes, some will say that we carry the Latin numerals upon the base of our unfinished Pyramid shown on the Reverse Face of the Great Seal of the United States. We inherited this numerical method but it marks the date...1776 for the beginning of The Nation. Arithmography brings into play the value of numbers, and E Pluribus Unum...written in numerical Latin has the value of 1071. In Greek the value of the words by number brings us to the word used by St. Paul to define those who are 'many in one', and its harmony with the higher significance of the motto itself is remarkable. The number 71 is that of the names of John, or Jonah and 1000 is the Millennial Reign of Christ, while 71 is also the number of the Dove. Therefore Manasseh's Seal looks toward a New Order of the Ages as a 'Fact' not a failure, and to his Day of Rest that remaineth yet to Israel.

The Olive Branch ....

'The LORD called thy name, a Green Olive tree, fair or decked with flowers, and of goodly fruit.' Jeremiah 11:16. 'Thy children like Olive plants around thy table'. Psalm 128:3.

The Olive tree spread from the east first thru out the Mediterranean area. Its oil was used as medicine, and its healing qualities were well known. The Olive tree is one of the earliest and most sacred symbols of Nationality of our race. (Jeremiah 11:17) In the Scriptures the two kingdoms of Israel and Judah are repeatedly likened unto the fruitful branches of this tree. Its leaf was the symbol of Peace, and its fruit, that of fatness. The Olive branch is particularly the heraldic device of the tribe of Manasseh the 13th., tribe (Genesis 48:20). Manasseh means forgetfulness for Joseph exclaimed:...'For YAHWEH hath made me forget all my toil, and all my father's house,' he saw his first born child. (Genesis 41:50) Naming a child for the Adamic Race and later their Hebrew brethren was a ceremony of utmost importance, for the name always regarded as deeply prophetic of the after life of the child. Manasseh has been well named, for surely YAHWEH has made him forget all his toils, the toils that drove him unto this wilderness of America, and his toil toward freedom (1776-83), and to absolute Independence (1812-14), and Yes, he has nationally forgotten his father's house, forgotten his ordained Destiny. But we find it all portrayed in our Seal, even to the Olive branches in the right talon of the Eagle, and the arrows in the left, illustrating the Divine command to the Israelites found in Deuteronomy 20:10-11.

Our National Flower ....

Nations have their chosen flower...Britain has the Rose upon the Arms of Britain. The national flower of Scotland is the 'Thistle', while that of Ireland is the Shamrock. In other words those nations did not have to chose for heraldry has selected them, therefore we the land of Manasseh have no choice in the matter, for we bear the Olive by Statute of June 20, 1782 upon our Coat of Arms; and the Olive means Peace which as a nation we seek.

The Arrows ....

'But his (Joseph's) bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob'. (Genesis 49:24). The bundle of 13 Arrows represents the nation individually and collectively prepared for war. Its weapons are most appropriately given the secondary place in the grasps of the Eagles talons. America prefers Peace, yet she is prepared to defend herself. The Arrow is connected with the traditions of the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people. The little tribe of Benjamin possessed an army of 280,000 thousand men of valor that bare shields and drew bows, as an example of the fighting strength of Israel. (II Chronicles 14:8)

In the blessings to Joseph, our father Jacob said:...'The archers have sorely grieved him, but his bow abode in strength'. The prophet Zechariah in his book, referring to the Golden Age of Israel speaks of our house:... 'The LORD spake to him saying, when I have bent Judah for me, and filled the bow with Ephraim...The LORD shall be seen over thy sons, O Zion, and his arrows shall go forth as lightening.' Zechariah 9:13-14.

Thus in its higher symbolism, the Arrow, is the weapon of the ALMIGHTY (Job 6:4).

Thus as Americans, and as Anglo-Saxons, as sons of Manasseh descendants of the 13th., tribed Israel, as sons of Joseph, yes loftier yet as sons of the LIVING GOD, the Arrows in the Eagles grasp are rightly borne as emblematic of the war power, temporal and spiritual of this Great People for the latter days.

Dr. Seiss in 'His Gospel of the Stars', tells us that Sagittarius...the Archer is Manasseh in the 12 signs of the Zodiac, so we note that the Celestial Arrow from the archer is ONE, it has left the bow and is speeding to its aim. The Olive Branch is also found in the same cluster of the constellations that marks our nation. The National Mace ....

The Mace of the House of Representatives was made in 1884, and consists of a bundle of 13 ebony rods, entwined and bound together with silver bands. The 13 ebony sticks are intended to represent the original States of the Union, and thus to stand for the whole nation,---- for all Israel ( Ezekiel 37:16-27) This bundle of sticks which becomes one in the hands of Manasseh is surmounted by a globe of silver upon which both hemisphere are traced, while a Silver Eagle with outstretched wings is perched upon the summit of the globe. Then to the Psalmist through his prophetic vision saw Israel spreading abroad, becoming mighty, and advancing from pole to pole, and as an eagle compassing all lands. He beheld far distant Judah and Israel ( All Israel ) repentant and joined together to eventually mount like an Eagle and cast off her sins, renew her strength and then all earth would yield her increase, and a New Beginning becoming a reality with all things to be made new. (Psalm 103)


The perfect harmony of the 'Arms' proper of the United States is as striking as it is beautiful. In the design ultimately adopted to represent the Ensign lifted upon this continent to the nations of the earth, simplicity is the most apparent feature. Upon the Arms of America the Eagle is fully occupied for he bears in his beak a Scroll inscribed with the most impressive Motto of Union that mankind has ever heard, while spreading aloft the wing of His protection. The Eagle bears upon his Crest the most impressive Motto of Union that Mankind has ever heard, but to reinforce this he bears upon his breast the Shield of Safety charged with the sentiments and tinctures of our Flag and Freedom. With all the blessings of Peace he greets the exiled of Israel out of every land with the Olive Branch of identity while he holds the Arrows of perpetual victory full in the sight of those who would tyrannize mankind. This is the beauty of symbolism and of heraldry, a picture of identity and of Destiny which must be re-discovered by a people.


In heraldry the Crest was an ornament for the head, usually affixed to a helmet. The American Crest consists however of the 13 stars raised to a more symbolic place, floating above the head of the Eagle.

Many arguments are used by those who do not know their Biblical symbolism as to the placing of the stars over the head of the Eagle as a Constellation, but remembering the description of Revelation 12:1-2, it is most appropriate. For John saw that Great Wonder in the heavens of 'a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head, a crown of 12 stars'. This woman who we understand is the symbol of God's Israel, His Kingdom, and on earth this Israel increases to 13 tribes with the double portion to Joseph, with the tribe of 12, while also making the tracing of the tribe of Manasseh much easier by their assigned number...13.

The Statute describing the Crest of these United States reads as follows:.. 'For a Crest; over the head of the Eagle which appears above the Escutcheon, A Glory breaking thru the cloud proper, and surrounding 13 Stars forming a constellation, White, and on an Azure field.' There has always been a force in our nation trying to promote and to use the form of a six pointed fender star in the heraldry of the seal, but Col. Totten as well as others have always maintained that the six pointed constellation is entirely out of order, wholly unknown to our flag whose new Constellation it purports to represent. Many arrangements have been proposed for the placing of the Stars in the Crest, but none would work with the six pointed star, and it was dropped as not the star...such as the 'Star of Bethlehem', and thus Manasseh used the 5 pointed stars as a halo above the head of the Eagle.

'The number 13 enters like a key, and harmonizes with every element upon the seal. The number 13 is unfinished from the pyramidal point of view, thus indicates our expectations to complete our Mansion, for 13 needs but ONE to make a solid square based pyramid in proper ratio. Yes, plus ONE and we are pyramidal with 6 stars for the base +3 stars for each side +ONE for the vertex, and you have a cross section of the Great Pyramid as nearly as possible.

The Crest above the American Arms is make up of...'A Glory', and a 'Cloud', and the constellation of 13 stars. Let us then consider the Glory;....'And the Glory of the Lord shone round about them'. (Luke 2:9)... 'Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord', Battle Hymn of Republic. The Statute reads:...'A Glory breaking thru a cloud'. And the Cloud should be surrounded...or should be surrounding the stars, but the Glory should be breaking thru...spreading its rays downward into the field beyond. The significance of the Glory is to denote the presence of God, for early after their freedom from bondage He began to rain His blessings upon His 'Israel', and to signify that it was HE alone who was the one to whom they owed their liberty.

But what about our own land of Manasseh, how have we fared? Is not the full blessing of Joseph...he who was separated from his brethren...been richly realized upon them here in America? At this time of Col. Totten's work the Anglo-Saxon people were truly the head and not the tail among the nations of earth. And One day the earth will be Saxon in its language, its literature, its institutions, its religion, and its Destiny. And if that be true then is not the Saxon truly called in Isaac's name? And yet, with all this there is something radically wrong in this land of Manasseh, for the distribution of the wealth of our nation is so unequal thru the granting of unbalanced franchise to a favored 'few'. Surely Manasseh is being tempted by the savor of a 'mess of pottage' to give up his birthright.


'The Cloud of the LORD was upon them', for a covering. (Numbers 10:34... Psalms 105:39). The Cloud which surrounds the constellation in American Heraldry should be represented as rolling back so that other stars may be in time revealed and added to the group.

The primary and original ideal symbolized by the Cloud upon the Crest is the rolling back or breaking up of the storm of ignorance, injustice, and oppression before the dawning Light of the New and potent Constellation. However this emblem has a deeper significance than that of covering, and protecting. 'The LORD sealeth up the stars', as Job says (9:7) or as Moses tells the 'chosen People' as he leaves them. 'For the LORD'S portion is his people, He led them about, instructed him, and He kept them as the apple of his eye.'...Clouds of Glory are about His habitation.' Thus the Cloud in the heraldry of Manasseh is significant of the Presence of YAHWEH. It guided those who had just escaped from bondage, sheltered them from the heat of the desert, stood between them and their enemies, while by its motion directed their wandering and their camps. (Numbers 9:17). Today can anyone doubt that YAHWEH still shelters with clouds of His protection those who dwell under the banner of Manasseh?


'There is neither speech nor language but their voices are heard among them. Their sound has gone out into all lands, and their words to the end of the Earth.' Psalms 19:3-4.

In American heraldry, the radiant silver star is 5 pointed. From time memorial this symbol has been a blazing pointer to grand and noble truths, and a solemn emblem of important duties. The Pentalpha (5 pointed star) is said to have constituted the seal or signet of King Solomon (Approx. 1000 B.C.) and in earlier times it was in use among the Judahites as a symbol of safety. It was the Pentalpha of Pythagoras, and the Pythagorean emblem of health 530 B.C. In ancient times this 5 pointed star was employed in Asia as a charm against witchcraft. It is said that in the time of Col. Totten (1892) that European troops at war with Arabs sometimes would find a five pointed star on the breasts of the slain, they used this ancient emblem in the form of a metallic talisman or charm.

This constellation of 13 stars was meant to symbolize the nation formed from 13 separate states. But also this constellation upon the Blue vault of heaven rose in silver light to represent as...Found Again.. the Great people, lost or separated in the latter times from their brethren. (Genesis 48:19....Isaiah 49:20) But the 5 pointed Star as Scriptural heraldry was the emblem of Deity and Saviour (Revelation 22:16)

The 'Blazing Star' in the center of the Mosaic pavement in Solomon's Temple was FIVE POINTED, and we are taught that it was a most ancient way of hieroglyphically representing Divine Province.

John Adam on the Original committee for preparing the Seal of the United States was impressed with the fitness of Lyra...a constellation with the proper number of Stars, and a famous emblem of 'Unity' to be chosen by America to represent this New Republic. And the Constellation placed on high in 1776 symbolizes 'Union', one made up of all..or one made up of a representative of 'All Israel', selected out of a still earlier union, but also to dwell alone, forgetful of the toils of separation, and of all its Fathers house. You will remember that the house of Joseph was driven into separation, by a dream that his sheaf stood up, and those of his brethren made obeisance to it. Truly the bow of Manasseh, his first born, abides in strength, and the Arms in his hands have been made strong by the hands of the MIGHTY YAHWEH (God) of Jacob-Israel.

Thus Ephraim (Britain) and Manasseh (U.S.A.) the two branches of the unconquerable Kingdom shall rise and fulfill their Destiny carrying forward as they fill the number 5 which in Hebrew as in Greek is the number assigned by Daniel to the 'Stone Kingdom' in his interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's vision of Empire. The feet, the badly and dual tempered pedestal of this strange uplifted Image as without strength, and the 5th., soon to consummate the political history of the world by falling upon it. The building of this 'Stone Kingdom' has been so very quiet that few have recognized it as at all related to Daniel's people, but many nations are now rising against these Adamic Israel People in the world today as this prophecy comes to fulfillment. Britain and America represent the ground-work of this 5th., Kingdom. They are the Stonemen, or the Saxe-Stones of this 'Stone Kingdom which is the mountain of the height of that literal Israel which is soon to fill the earth. This number 5 then is as prominently shown upon our Great Seal as the number 13, and we wonder if the originators of our Seal were not entertained by unseen Angels unawares, for they wrought far wiser than they knew, or than any of their successors have known or shown.


The Cloud, the Glory, and the Constellation are thus correctly termed... A Crest upon our Statutes. They should be represented as in nature, balanced, for sake of art about the Eagle's head, but scattered over the blue vault and signifying MORE BEYOND. The 5 pointed stars are silver, the sable cloud is lined and lit up with the hues of heaven, and the Golden Glory breaking thru illuminates the pathway of the Eagle as he mounts aloft.

The Crest represents America, like a new Constellation taking its place on high, and with its Light dispelling the clouds and darkness round about its ever expanding limits. In its deeper significance we find it in the emblems of Israel led by the Pillar of Fire and the Cloud.

As 13 was the number of all the tribes of Israel so it was the number of the original colonies of Manasseh. Thus this land marked by the Outstretched wings of the Eagle carries the Motto...'E Pluribus Unum'... One Great people taken out or set apart out of the 13 tribes, as well as 13 in ONE.

LOST ....

'And he knew it, and is my son's coat; and an evil beast hath devoured him; Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces'. Genesis 37:33.....

FOUND ....

'And Jacob-Israel said, it is enough; Joseph my son is yet alive; I will go and see him before I die.'


'Ye have seen how I bare you on Eagle's wings.' Exodus 19:4...and Revelation 12:14.

The strangest features in the history of the Great Seal has been the slow development with which its full symbology has come to Light. The very hands that wrought its outline years ago, wrought while blind to the Greater Hand that moved truth...whose message reaches to the Stars. There is a limit to coincidence, and beyond this the human mind is forced to find design, if not human, then Divine. Had the designers of our Seal in the last days of its adoption (1782) gone directly to the Bible where the record of this very people from when they came is so grandly depicted, and where its original designers did go, they would have found the selfsame glowing emblems, rich in loftier teachings than mere human heraldry could produce...but they were blind.

'The ETERNAL YAHWEH is thy refuge, and underneath are the Everlasting Arms'. 'Israel shall dwell in safety' ...alone... like the Eagle. 'Happy art thou O Israel...who is like unto thee, o people, Saved by YAHWEH.' Thus protected by the Shield of the ALMIGHTY, and valiant with HIS Everlasting arms, this people of Manasseh (the great people) can...with the symbol of The Outstretched wings of the Eagle bear the Olive Branch aloft, while truth unsealed from his beak, illuminates the way.

For those who can understand, we find the whole Bible written in the Stars, both Law and Gospel, and The Eye of Faith sees the story of Adam-man set forth in one unique design upon Manasseh's Seal. The Obverse Face is Israel of the Old Testament, the Reverse is our Race under the New Covenant. Our Seal then is the Bible in its most condensed...symbolic form. It starts at creation with the Morning stars singing in unison as the Light bursts forth, and the clouds of darkness rolled back as the Crest suggests. It next sums up the old world history in that of 'Israel', who is its origin and end, for the boundaries of all people were set at the very beginning according to the number of the sons of Jacob, and YAHWEH as an Eagle is Jacob's guardian and the Shield. Israel was many in ONE as long as they remained under the theocracy, and were pioneered unto the land of rest by HIM alone. The blessings and the curses (for breaking the law) were plainly set before them in the Olive-Branch and the Bundle of Arrows. We have forfeited the former and incurred the later, but by the virtue of the Atonement we have been restored for Our Father's Sake.

All this being true let it now be known that it is high time to repent, and learn the lesson of the day. We are 'Israel', and have sinned O YAHWEH. But...over and over our story can be told from this wonderful array of emblems, chapter by chapter set forth in all its heraldic simplicity. This is merely and outline of truth, but a tremendous one, so let us each one study this Great Seal using the Book containing the identity of Our Race, Let each look at it for instance with the whole Pentateuch in mind while reading from the 30th., chapter of Deuteronomy to the end of the last and most wonderful book of Moses. Surely eyes will be opened if you be of the Race which has the eyes to see, and to realize any former knowledge of the philosophy of History.

Thru the years the Obverse Face of the Seal was re-arranged by Baal confusion until at one time (1841-1885) this Face of the Seal was tempered with to the point there were 13 stars, 13 letters, 13 paleways but 16 Olive leaves, and 13 arrows...then it was changed to 17 Olive leaves and 6 arrows. All of this at a time when the general conception of the Obverse advocates as required by art and the higher symbolism involved an arrangement of 13's at least 5 times repeated, for 5 being the symbol of power, and 5 groups..5 abreast.. 'Israel' of old went out of the land of bondage with Divine power behind, in front and over head. This number 5 is also built and symbolized in the Great Pyramid, and remember that the Pyramid altho in Egypt was not of Egypt. It was a monument left there by the White Shepherds of this Builder Race, for Sethite strangers from the East came into the land of Egypt to build this great monument unto YAHWEH their God.

Many view the significance of the number 5 as imaginary, and they laugh at the idea of any reference to Power, but the Right hand throughout Scripture is used as an emblem of power, of Omnipotence. To lift up the hand has been in all times and nations the posture of taking oaths, of prayer, and of blessing. Genesis 14:22...Leviticus 9:22.


The number 13 is the symbol of completion for the tribes...the number of the tribes in the whole house of Israel, and the number of the year in which they rebelled after being in captivity for 12 years under Chedorlaomer in Assyria. Thus we will never get out from under the spell of this National mystic number 13. It was out (Manasseh's) from the beginning, and born again to float above us as a nation...upon our Seal.

Now; let us consider.......THE REVERSE FACE.........

'A Pyramid unfinished',...'In the Zenith and Eye in a Triangle surrounded with a Glory proper'. 'Over the eye these words:...Annuit Coeptis'. 'On the base of the unfinished pyramid these letters MDCCLXXVI, and underneath the following Motto...Novus Ordo Seculorum.

As the tribe of Manasseh consisted of tribes, so the Great Seal consists of two Obverse and a Reverse. The President of the United States in his capacity of Executive, represents the People of whom, and by whom, and for whom is the whole government. Thus the Obverse of the Great Seal should reside in the custody of the Prime minister, or Secretary of State.

In the year 1776 was laid the foundation of the most stable form of government ever reared upon the earth. 13 Independent states then gave themselves up to be built thereon for a lasting structure fitly formed together for lasting Union. Such a government was certainly...'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM'. Over this pyramid of states ever growing upward to completion is reared the Chief Corner-Stone of all perfect governments..the mystic symbol of Divine..All Watchful Providence, who prospered our Beginnings. 'ANNUIT COEPTIS', the Reverse face of the Seal thus consists of 7 essential elements which are:...The unfinished Pyramid...The Eye of YAHWEH...The Triangle...The Glory...The words ANNUIT COEPTIS...The numerical words MDCCLXXVI, and The Motto:..'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM'.


'Whereupon are the foundations (sockets) thereof fastened?' (or made to sink) or who laid the Corner (head or chief)-stone thereof?'

The two most gigantic buildings ever erected upon the face of the earth were the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and the Tower of Babel. The Pyramid is still the Master piece of architecture, Promethean in its origin, and every detail sacred in its history and purposes, and older than tradition. It was of old and still today destined to be the greatest wonder of the world. Built of stone and literally founded both in and on the Rock, it is preeminently the emblem of the wise mans effort, a lasting emblem of stability. This Great Pyramid was a Sethite building erected according to Just Weights and Measures.

No representation of the Great Pyramid is complete unless the limestone bluff (rock) upon which the symbolic structure stands, and overlooks the sands of the desert below is introduced. When thus displayed it tells the story of the Saviour’s parable, as eloquently as if these huge blocks themselves took voice and uttered it. This pillar and altar which Isaiah speaks of was to be located at the center and border of a land at the same time. This seemed a riddle, but the study of the Great Pyramid in these latter days has uncovered the meaning of the riddle. This most perfect of monuments only waits its capstone, and there is only one Chief Corner Stone, so in the Golden Age we shall see the capstone in place as depicted by Our Seal.


The mystical Eye and Radiant Triangle...'I will guide thee with mine eye'. Psalms 32:8. 'Who art thou, O Great Mountain before Zerubbabel thou shalt become (finished) as smooth as a plane; and HE shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shouting, crying Grace, Grace unto it.' Zechariah 4:7....or, 'The stone which the Builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner'.....and 'Who shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall it will grind him to powder'. Luke 20:17-18....Daniel 2:34.

The Zenith of the Capstone is fixed by law. Monsieur Du Simitiere proposed the Radiant eye of Providence for our Crest, and Thomas Jefferson improved the conception by surrounding the Eye with the Radiant triangle. Congress adopted it but to this day we decline to raise it to the Zenith of our policy. Thus many things have gone wrong in this land of Manasseh, and shall continue wrong until we correct our National practice, to agree with our inherited principles.

We have no King but YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, so why do we continue to worship Mammon, and forget the ROCK from whence we came? The state of Colorado has adopted a design very much American; and the Arms of Colorado are perhaps the most heraldically accurate and simple of any of the states. It features the 13 stars in a circle with the words NON ALIUS REGIT...we have no King but YAHWEH (God), and yet the people of that state to a great degree do not look upon their Arms with any understanding.

But for our Statute of June 20, reads:..'In Zenith an Eye in a Triangle (spirit, soul, body) surrounded with a Glory proper.' This All Seeing Eye and the Triangle is an emblem of THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF whom the sun, moon, and stars obey, and under whose watchful care even the Comets perform their stupendous revolutions. It is the emblem of HIM whose glance can search the innermost recesses of the human heart and who will reward all men according to their merits. The Symbol of the Eye of Omniscience can only be blazoned properly as of Argent (white), clear as the firmament above, like unto crystal, thus Argent, Pearl, or Lily-like with radiance, wherein then it is in harmony because the structure rising from below is also white, as pure as human hands can build, but will be 'finished' from above in 'White' whose purity no fuller upon earth could whiten. This emblem...The All Seeing Eye surrounded by the Triangle, and the Glory is then one of the most ancient symbols of Divine Providence. We find it particularly in ancient Chaldea where it is found to mean the Eye of Providence, some not knowing said the Eye of Jupiter, and the Holy sacrament or the Sacred and mysterious Eye of the MOST HIGH GOD. The Greeks swore...'By Jove'...or by himself...HIS EYE. Jethro the Father-in-law of Moses had the Motto 'I Am that I Am...Allah in Arabic. This was inscribed in a resplendent sun and with this symbol the ancient Temples of Arabia were decorated. In ancient Egypt after the Sethites arrived the this triangle was:...'I AM all that WAS, that IS, and that SHALL BE' The Word of YAHWEH, of the solar circle in Arabia superseded the Motto in the radiant triangle in Egypt. Thus our Race from the beginning carried the symbol of the All Seeing Eye of HIM whose name is YAHWEH.

Even in very early Central America was found the mystic triangle which among ancient Mexicans as in Asia was in high repute. Ancient Masonry also carried the symbol of the Triangle with the All Seeing Eye. We find it in the Blue Lodge, again in the council, and finally in the commandery. Masonry has been subverted but some things cannot be changed.

This ancient and mysterious symbol forms a most fitting 'Cap', or 'Chief Corner Stone' to the edifice upon which it is represented as descending; and into such a 'Wonderful' block, cut out without hands, the great mountain (nation) of human liberty can rise with confidence upon its glorious American foundation. This is the 'Stone' rejected hitherto of all peoples, save the Adamic Race, now the sons of Jacob which have now become the acknowledged head of all the rest; and when at last it shall actually crown the Pyramid of hu-man institutions then indeed shall we dwell beneath the shadow of 'The Rock'. (Deuteronomy 32:4) The reference to this Stone of Israel by Jacob when blessing Joseph is quite remarkable when taken in its connection with the Seal, the Pyramid, and the assured destiny of the Anglo-Saxons Race, descendants of the sons of Joseph with Manasseh being Joseph's own performance which must count in the long run we may be sure.

In the capping of such an edifice as this one on the Reverse of our Seal, for a reference we find in the book of Job that YAHWEH uses this as a symbol of completion in his questions to Job in the thirty-eighth chapter and in the fourth thru the seventh verses. It is with such a 'Stone' that the Mystery of Adam-man is to be gloriously crowned at last. (Ephesians 2:19-22) How significant then this Reverse Crest...the Mystic Eye in a Triangle surrounded with Glory. How fit an emblem of the ‘Holy Writ'. This Cap-stone placed below the Motto...'Annuit Coeptis'...and above the unfinished Pyramid, answers back to each of them with all the harmony of art, symbology, and deep significance. These words...'Annuit Coeptis',..HE has prospered our Beginnings constitutes one of the most beautiful sentiments upon Our Seal. David used this in blessing Solomon...'The LORD be with thee; and prosper thou and build the house of THE LORD thy God, as he hath said unto thee.' Also to Joseph separated from his brothers we find this repeated twice:.. 'And YAHWEH was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man',... 'And that which he did, the LORD made it to prosper.'

The word Egypt is used in Scriptures as symbolic of all the earth as well as of that land, while in the study of the Pyramid we find it was to us...Anglo-Saxons to whom the privilege of discovering the secrets of the teaching of that wondrous structure was given. These spiritual truths are far more priceless than any temporal blessings that were poured out upon our Race.

In our day there are many who find fault with any attempt to trace to a scriptural origin our national mottoes and markings. Remember our fathers searched the scriptures far differently and in ways we have abandoned, and its central truths and texts were nearer to the surface life of the days which marked our national beginnings.

The Pyramid, the Olive Branch, the bundle of Arrows each united by the number 13 were familiar devices among our people at that time. They carried them in their pockets, used them in their business, they bought and sold their daily bread with them, for they were stamped upon their money. The words:...'ANNUIT COEPTIS' are without significance at all except in direct reference to the God of Israel, and in these troubled times we of this Race have not lost confidence in the same, Divine Being, who 'prospered' our beginnings.'

M D C C L X X V I ....


You will find this in Merlin's prophecy...1530...Edited in 1766 thru the work of Swift. This number is the date of Independence, the starting point of eras far more glorious. There were Magi in other lands than in old Israel, and young America was anticipated from of Old...Far beyond the ocean...if we are to believe the Sibylline books. 'Far beyond the Ocean there will extend, after many ages, a large and fertile land, and in it will arise a brave and wise man, who shall by his council, and by his Arms, liberate his oppressed country from servitude,' and shall found under happy auspices a Republic most like to ours both in its origin, in its history, much and deservedly to be preferred, ye good gods to Brutus and Camillus.' (fragment of Cicero)

Yes, this is a golden date made up of golden numbers. It tells when Divine providence, descending like a mystic Cap-stone with all...seeing power upon the Pyramid of states, 'Prospered their beginnings', and promised to become at high-noon of their golden age the Chief and glorious corner stone of their edifice. (Job 38:4-7)


This Motto is an intentionally altered quotation from Virgil's Fourth eclogue, and was borrowed in turn by Virgil from the Mystic Sibylline records. The opening text is translated thus:...'The last age of Cumean son now comes'...the seventh of last, or perfect circle. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM (the Sabbatic age of rest, the age of freedom)...'A mighty order of the Ages is born anew'. Both the prophetic Virgin' (the Goddess of Liberty or Virgo of the Star Bible), and 'The Saturnian kingdoms' (Satans One World Order) now return'. 'Then a New progeny' (a government, a nation of independent states, leading Israel) 'is let down from the lofty heavens'. 'Favor, Chaste Lucina, the boy soon to be born' (America) 'In whom the iron age (old world ideas and bondage) shall come to an end.' 'And the Golden one (New Jerusalem) shall rise in the whole of earth.'

Heraldry thus points to the fact that America is the New Order of the ages which has been ordained from heaven and is not to pass away. It is Manasseh's task to rebuild the monument of 'Just Weights and Measures'; with only the rediscovery of the secrets of the true Pyramidal construction to bring forth the New Order of the Ages into Stability. Thus Manasseh's work is still undone, and perhaps it would be wise for our people to refer again to the writings of the prophet Jeremiah, in chapters 32 and 33 where he sets forth the most remarkable land purchase on record. These chapters refer to the 'Latter Times', to the regathering of Israel from the places set apart for them. Before the last descendants of Judah and Benjamin were driven to Babylon captivity it was necessary to purchase the title to Jerusalem, particularly that field of Anathoth, and it was done with great ceremony. The transaction was most carefully made by the prophet and the evidence sealed in a peculiarly noticeable manner. The price paid was '17 shekels of silver' (authorized text), and Seventeen is thus the symbolic value of the holiest land ever set apart for God's people. So to possess in permanence our own inheritance, then Manasseh must pay the full price of 7 shekels of the Spirit and ten pieces of the commandment....did we do this?

The Motto:....'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM' is placed conspicuously below the date MDCCLXXVI and contains 17 letters. As we have seen the number 13 deeply significant to us as a Chosen people set apart, so we shall see the number 17 to be equally significant. The date 1776 is made of the century number 17, whose digital sum is the 8 of a New Beginning, 1 and the digits 7 and 6 whose sum is 13.

To continue in this line of thought our father Joseph was 17 years old when he had those famous dreams which caused his brethren to be jealous of him, and it was because of his brethren that he came into Egypt separated from Israel as to almost forget his fathers house to the point that he named his first born son...Manasseh...meaning forgetfulness.


(Jeremiah 24:6-7 and Jeremiah 32:19-20) This whole of the Reverse Face is a combination of Mysteries. The ALL-Seeing Eye is one of the oldest hieroglyphics of Deity. The Radiant Triangle is also a symbol of the most Remote antiquity, and about them both the ancient mystery schools...Masonry of the Builder Race is centered. The Pyramid is the mystery of all ages. It still holds its place as the greatest wonder of the world, a place to which, in the light of modern discoveries and studies, it is constantly becoming more exhaulted.

The Eye and Triangle, in the form of a Cap-Stone to this mysterious monument vof all times and nations, is to us as a people...A great people...Manassehites, sons of Joseph, most meaningful. The significance of the words:..'Annuit Coeptis' can be traced directly to the bible the most mysterious of sacred books, and its numberless and mystic reference to all the symbols underneath it, and to the people sealed thereby.

The date of Independence is also replete with wondrous numeric mysteries, and beneath them all the mysterious Motto, taken from the Sibylline books which were collected and destroyed with only fragments to be found wonders why? 'Novus Ordo Seclorum'...a prophecy of old, its history is equally so but for centuries sealed from view. But with the issue of the Great Seal the mysteries begin to be fulfilled, the secret displayed. What then is the future of this 'great people' unto whom all this symbolism speaks? This Reverse Face is the concentrated emblem of the New Covenant. It is Israelitish in the first place, founded upon former facts, its symbolism is sterile of all hope of fruition, if its lines are not founded upon the Rock of history itself, and in the actual experience of Our Race. When you admit that 'He prospered our beginnings', then you admit our origin, proclaim our history, and accept our Destiny as 'Israel'.

The Reverse side is Millennial, but who indeed is Our Saviour but YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the beginning and the end...Alpha, and Omega. Thus Israel's final state as symbolized upon the Reverse of Our Seal of Peace as a building fitly framed together, founded on a Rock, and growing into completeness with the Creator...He who came, and who returns to Rule. Under that Cap-Stone in this Millennial day, 'All Israel' shall dwell. The stick of Ephraim and his brethren, and that of Judah and his brethren must be joined together, and found under One Scepter in the hands of HIS Servant David. Hence we have the 13 blocks in the Pyramid, and that mystic 14th., which is the Stone of Israel which comes of Joseph and caps this climax.

Now:...the date 1776 is a prophecy of the 'Norvus Ordo Seclorum, which as yet to be perfected. In that day an elect body founded on the Apostles, its fates guarded by the Fathers of the tribes will be recognized by all mankind, and all nations and tongues shall flow to it to know the truth which maketh free indeed. Thus the Reverse Face is a type of the Body of Christ (Israel) and the symbol of the New covenant yet to be completely consummated. (Ephesians 1:10-22) THE SEAL AS A WHOLE ....

'Manasseh also shall become a people, and he shall be Great'....Thou sealest up the sun,....full of wisdom and perfect in beauty'. What nation has such a seal? It originated and was adopted by men who lived only upon the threshold of a country whose future is Mysteriously boundless! But their hands were guided by another, and unwittingly they wrought, they knew not what. Can it have been an accident, or even a conscious invention that determined the selection of the Obverse and Reverse symbols? Or can it have been neglect alone that has conspired in the concealment of the latter for so long? Until America reached aloft, and on the Azure vault reared there her unknown to blazonry. By HIM who sealed up the Stars, no nation prior to Israel was allowed to take a 'Constellation' for its cognizance. No other people have had a 'Pillar and a Cloud' lead them thru the International Firmament; but here in this end of the Age...Manasseh bears ALL by Birthright!

Not at the least remarkable among the many other astonishing teachings of this Seal to which to every element upon it unites in lending intensity, is the prophetic promise of 'Long Life' to the Republic. Thus the 'Constellation' of Stars as a most lofty emblem of perpetual endurance. The Almighty God Himself has sworn by them as such, and the Scriptures refer to them as 'Everlasting'. This is the very essence of the symbolism of the Crest. Upon the Arms the same thing is intensely repeated. Thus the Eagle, a bird of remarkable long life, bears in its talons, a fruitful branch of the Olive tree that has been famous for long life, even carefully mentioned as still found after the deluge of Noah's time, as well as a bundle of the 'Everlasting Arms'. And yet, this is not all for in the Eagles beak it bears aloft the WORD which before the beginning WAS, and at the end shall be unchangeable, with the Shield of THE ALMIGHTY as a perpetual protection.

The Reverse is just as explicit in its teaching. The Eye and Radiant Triangle is the Emblem of the Everlasting, and the Pyramid that of stability and endurance, The New Order of the Ages is the perpetual 5th., and YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who is Eternal prospers its beginning....therefore who shall limit? A triune symbol (the Eye, the Triangle and the Glory) occupies the Reverse of the Seal, the same position held by the Crest, also triune upon the Obverse, an emblem of self-reliance. Then carrying this balance further, the Eagle of the Reverse, needing no supporters, is replaced upon the Reverse by the Great Pyramid the emblem of stability itself.

There are exactly 7 elements upon the Reverse Face (the upper words, the Glory, the Triangle, the Eye, the Pyramid, the date and the final Motto). Seven is the well know number of perfection. So in the Arms of our nation there are exactly 7 elements (the Paleways, the Chief, the Escutcheon, the Scrolled Motto, the Eagle, the Olive Branch, and the bundle of Arrows). And to complete number symbology upon the whole Seal there are 17 elements, the number of letters in the Motto...'Novus Ordo Seclorum', the deeply significance of this number 17 we have touched on before, and the numerical balance of the Seal can thus be well founded. There is nothing missing from the story as portrayed on the Great Seal of Manasseh. This is the 'Mark' America places upon the hand and brow of all her citizens of this great Republic. But this 'Mark' all Israel may buy and sell in perfect harmony, and not fear the wrath at last shall sweep all other 'marks' from off the brows of all people. The Mark which kills is composed of Sixes (666). The one by which all perfection is filled, is sevens (777).

Let America then sealed from every ill, look forward confidently to their destiny; let them remember HIM who bore them on Eagle's Wings, and let them ever dwell beneath the shadow of the ROCK from whence they are hewn, and towards which their building (Pyramid) groweth up so grandly. Has not the time come for 'Israel' to awake, and let his enemies be vanquished and let the aliens stand aside? It is high time for the House of Joseph to cause the World to go out while he reveals himself to his brethren?....Is it not? The Adamic race has manifested itself upon this earth, but it is the Millennium which brings them rest. Adam lived almost 1000...just a mere 70 years short but his physical death began the day he took of forbidden fruit. When we really Search the Scriptures what an eye opener it becomes, what a broadener of hope for we find the Scepter in our Saviour’s hands and we do not have to put our trust in man alone.

Many times in our history we find that the enemy has crept in and has tried to change the Destiny of our nation. Today we find they are working to try to hoist the Metric system upon our country which inherited the oldest, and grandest system of metrology the world has ever used. Our Legislatures who are trying to fasten this system upon us should read the official report upon this matter by John Adams (1821).

This metric system will never prosper in the Anglo-Saxon hands, and the memory of all who try to force it will suffer...for...'Remove not the Ancient Landmarks'. Let the Unit of the first be the last, and of the last the first...the inch. As yet the question still remains here in this land of Manasseh, are we building our perfect pyramid at all, getting ready for the Great and Perfect Capstone? Do not gigantic trust and foundations control all the sources of our resources, and do not they limit the output so as to grind us down? ...Not completely altho that is their goal. HE who prospered our beginnings will build as HE WILLS. We see HIS work and we think of the Entire Seal of these United States...both sides should be used to bring forth the teachings of Our Destiny, and Our Father's Program for the earth.

Compiled by: Ella Rose Mast.