ERM - Prehistoric Antiquities of Aryans Pt. 3


Report by Ella Rose Mast - Part 3


Dr. O. Schrader


As we look deeper into our subject, as we talk about the discovery of metals, in the ancient world. We find that these Aryans also knew of the metal called Copper. In the Veda the ancient name of this metal was Dyas, and over the years the European language has retained the original meaning for the metals, thus we are able to trace their introduction into the history of these ancient people.

In the writings of Herodotus, he describes the Persians as being armed with iron and bronze weapons. Thus, finally then came also the use of Tin. And in the Biblical story came the location of the Tin mine of Britain which were owned by Joseph of Arimathea bringing us up to the time of JESUS, the Christ. By that time then all of the metals were in use by the ancient Aryan people, who were by this time situated in Western Europe and in the isles of Britain, and called by different names.

As to the weapons used by these ancient people you can also trace the use of certain ones back to the Zend translation when even the Club was first mentioned as being used for protection. For remember that these our ancestors, were moving out thru a world that was not civilized at that time. The axe became the beloved weapon for the Hindu-Persian people for close fighting and for protection. The Axe then certainly traveled north to the Finns and the Slavs from the Iranian territory.

These Aryan people then fought their way from the east to the west. And always they were on the alert, ready to protect their families and themselves. Their first shields seem to have been of leather. The Greek myths later would recall the use of certain weapons and this life style. The sword over the years went thru many different analyses. The two-edged sword and the double blade axe were also introduced for us. One of the Myths said that a bronze shield fell from heaven and was used as a pattern to make more to help in their protection.

As for the relationship of the Teutonic and Celtic words there is no phonetic way to settle as to whether they were primevally related or just borrowed from one another, which does not matter for we find the two people were out of the same seed line.

As the working of metals came to pass, this opened a new world for these ancient, migrating people. But is also shows us that these were the same people altho migrating at different times, but along a path laid out by the first adventurers.

As the Aryans move west and then south for part of them, then they must also consider the fauna that they came face to face within their migration. The story remember came out later that all of the animals in the world at that time would come to the Ark that Noah built so as to be saved in the great flood. But today we know that the flood at Noah's time did not cover the earth. That great flood is told by Moses as a passing event in the first two verses of the book of Genesis. By the time when the story of the Ark that Noah built came to pass, these animals that YAHWEH BROUGHT TO THE ARK TO BE SAVED, were of the fauna of that area. Today as we hear people bemoan the fact that we cannot seem to correct our morals in this country and get back to our basics, -----I would remind you that a God who can round up the animals of an area and then march them into the Ark, without man's supervision, can do anything that HE deems necessary. Thus I am looking forward as to what I expect to happen, and am hoping that will happen. Thus, I keep on keeping on.

Now, the Lion at one time is said to have existed all over Europe. Then in the Neolithic age on the whole almost disappeared. Today as people try to piece together the story, then still many blind Israelites still think that the flood of Noah's time was all over the earth, and not as being confined to that area of the Tarim Basin where YAHWEH had Noah build the Ark.

In Europe it seems that the first Tiger was seen in Athens about 300 B.C. It is said that King Solomon sent that one as a present to the Athenians. We are told this in the writings of Philemon.

Now, our ancestors did not hunt the wild beasts. They fought them only as it was necessary. This so called sport of hunting came into being later, in the higher cultures of civilization. In those olden days the Aryans were more interested in their migration as and in the building of their own civilization in different regions. In fact they seemed to have respected the wild animals as a gift from above, something to appreciate. And in some cases they domesticated those animals that would be for their own use.

As to the birds of the air, our authors were also interested in them. As the people saw this kingdom of the birds whose mysterious coming and going to that region of the immortals, it seemed to fit their idea of the will of the gods, as the mystery of the future. For some birds were considered as signs of good luck and some as signs of ill-luck. The Dove to them in the beginning seemed to be a Death-bird because of its dark gray plumage. Even its note was thought to be a complaining note as well. In the Veda, the Dove is considered the messenger of Death, and you saw them as little statues in Cemeteries and so forth. As to Superstitions, the Romans were the ones who brought out the belief of the omens of the right which they considered as being had luck, while the ones on the left were considered as good luck. This was just backward to the idea that the other Indo-Europeans held. Gradually this would also change as the years went by and then the right would be considered as skillful and clever, whereas the left then would be considered as weak, or feeble.

We noticed that as the Aryans came into the area of the lower Danube and the Black Sea that they already had the Falcon with them. Today we see the final results of the domestication of animals as we visit a farm. We see the horse standing patiently while the saddle is adjusted. The Cow offering her udder of milk for the taking. The sheep and other cattle in their pastures bowing to the command and care of men. This is the results of thousands of years of civilization. If we look back in Antiquity beyond the Persian Gulf we would see that the domestication of animals was well advanced as these Aryans came into that area. The Indo-European then became known as Cattle Breeders as they tried to improve their herds. And they did not throw away what they learned in that process as it came to the planning for the future of their children as many people have done today. It seems that the riding of the horse developed more in the time of the Persian Gulf migration. They had used them before to carry their belongs on their migrations. It seems that the dog was one of the first of the animals to find its place in the human family. It became the herder of the wooly ones. Then we should also mention the cat, for we find that the cat as a member of the household was found way back before the first migrations started from northern India. And even the Peacock came from India and followed the Aryans to the west.

As to the trees they found in existence, we find that the white birch tree was found in most northern areas. But in the south it was rarely found. Then the Willow tree was found as far as Persia. The original tree in Europe was the Oak. And there was what was called the Evergreen Oak as well. As to the fruit trees, there is mention of the Apple tree, the Cherry tree as well. And as they came west these people also planted the fruit trees as they went. Over the years many traditions, and myths have grown up over the antiquity of the trees. A thousand traits and customs and beliefs have grown up about the Oak tree, and its place in the antiquity of history. For the Oak tree seemed by the ancients as connected to the Supreme Being. If the Divine provider of the trees wanted, then was it not natural that man's inborn longing to lift the veil of the future should address---not least of all---himself to the message from the trees. Thus, in this period even the trees of the forest affected the lives of the mortals in a very significant way. And the story of the Oak tree goes back thru all antiquity.

Before the Aryans, the tribes of earth roamed from place to place. There was no commerce, and they could not hold intercourse with other tribes on land or on sea. They may have cultivated the soil in different places just enough to obtain a maintenance from it, but always they were moving from place to place because of pasture, or weather. They had no chance for accumulations of wealth, and did not plant the ground with trees. Their homes were without walls as they were never sure that an intruder might not come and despoil them. Living in this manner they knew that they could never obtain anything but the bare existence. Thus the Aryans as they moved out on their migrations would find these conditions as they migrated west and southwest. The Indo-Germans in the beginning were known as the roving migrating Wooly Nomad, altho they were to become an Agriculture people. But as they came into Western Europe they settled into different areas and became nomads no longer. Now they were an Agriculture people and their language even changed to reflect this. And they built homes and in earnest became an Agriculture people.

It is impossible to suggest any primitive people that can be regarded as the teacher of these Indo-European people, thus we must admit that they brought their knowledge with them. And as their Agriculture and Cattle breeding practices advanced then it was also admitted that it was the land to which they had been LED that helped their development. Remember that it was (Adam) man who was to till the soil. These Aryans then were just fulfilling prophecy. The great forests furnished the wood for their first plows and the metals for the tips, and many other things which they needed. However it must have been a somewhat difficult task to prepare the forest soil of Ancient Europe matted as it was with years of roots. The tillable land gained by the joint labor of many then remained in possession of the settlement. It would remain the work of those in thp U.S. to later mark out, measure land for individual ownership. This would become of the identification marks of this last great nation of God's Kingdom. In Europe the land marks and the dwellings might change every year. It was the cultivation of the soil that was necessary for their survival in that area of time.

Summing up, we find that the barley, wheat, millet, flax, and also vegetables such as beans, peas and onions all go back to the prehistoric period. Thus these Aryans who had come a long way in their trek to the west would first settle in Western Europe and develop their civilization. It would be some time before the drive to move on westward would come over them again. The ONE who had marched the animals, two by two into the Ark was we now know moving His kingdom people into permanent homes, into the land designed for them where they would have to move no more.

We are told in Revelation 12, that a Great Eagle would carry the woman (Israel) into the wilderness where she would be cared for. Thus we would expect History to tell us that the Indo-Europeans would become restless and would take to the Ocean moving westward toward a new land.

And so they came, this adventurous people, across the ocean and thus we find that this last great nation would be born. They went also into Canada, and some on to Australia, from England, but those of this people who came to America were just following the fulfillment of Prophecy. For History tells us that Joseph had two sons, and both were named in the Israel family. Thus when Britain fulfilled her prophecy of Queen of the Seas, then the Air Age would come and show forth the Outstretched-Wings of the Eagle which had been developing to take her place in History.

Now there were many books written about antiquity some are very knowledgeable and some are not. For instance we find some that had this idea of antiquity, that the male and female would be running around without any clothes on. This is just a figment of imagination on the part of some people, for you think of the changes in weather and climate. For remember that in the scriptures that when YAHWEH came into the Garden and met with Adam and Eve after the fall that HE took the symbol of the fig leaf off of them and made them clothing out of skins, sheep shin, for they were the beginning of the Sheep of HIS Pasture. And these Aryans from the first knew about this custom, and this prophecy and they used the skin of their animals for clothing.

We find that weaving was something that was practiced early on. Always they were proud of their costumes. Even protection for their feet is found from the beginning as coming from their animals.

During their migrations their wagons were their homes. At first the wheels for those wagons were a problem, but that was soon solved. The art of Wagon building seems to have been regarded as a distinctive characteristic of this people. With the Finns everything, in their stories seems to say that their wagon department knowledge came from the Slavic or Teutonic people. The wagon was of a foreign import to the Turko-Tartaric people.

As these migrating people settled in the west they began to build permanent homes, and then they would immediately turn to the protection of their animals in the winter months. In some cases in the beginning we find that man and beast used the same dwelling, different floors. Heat from the animals below helped to heat the dwelling places

In this primitive period we are told that strangers had no rights, and this practice was not discarded until the coming of Christianity. Then it was deemed a divine ordinance that the stranger was better received. Then the stranger would be treated as a guest until you were better acquainted. This practice did not originate even with the Phoenicians for even they came to Greece and found their the inhabitants were friendly especially if they had some things to trade. Thus, the custom developed.

During their migrations to the west, the Aryans did not come in contact with the sea, altho they crossed many rivers, and there they learned that their wagons could be made safe so they would not sink. Thus they employed this knowledge as they began building boats to sail on the Ocean. At first a hollowed-out tree trunk would do for short trips. But later they would develop a Mast for their ships. As later migration came then they passed the Balkan Peninsula and the island world of the Greeks and they learned more as they came. The Teutonic world has given us many hints as to this traveling people. Thus the Finns, the Lithuanians and the Slavic people betrayed their influence from the Greco-Byzantine Marines, and thus in a way completed the circle for their knowledge. For this migrating people soon learned from those who had gone before.

In permanent homes then they turned to Cattle breeding and horse breeding. For we find that the most ancient group of domestic animals consisted of the cow, the sheep, the goat and the dog, and also the horse. And in some cases the pig. But mostly the Aryans took no part in the domestication of the pig. In fact this domestication did not take place until after the separation of the Indo-Europeans, after they had made some advances in the pursuit of agriculture, and permanent settlements. As to the pig, it was found that it was not domesticated even in the time of the Lake Dweller of Switzerland. But their was always the wild variety.

History shows that the primitive Indo-Europeans stayed in close contact with the others of their race. And all seems to have had a diet of the combination of animal meat and vegetables. By the time of the planting and spinning and weaving, and such was known their clothing and costumes also changed. And then the shoes came into being and ornaments were also worn.

As to the shape of their dwellings, it seems that at first they were mostly round. Then as time went on they were rectangular, but the most important part of their homes was this great hearth, made of rough slabs of Sandstone. The roofs were of bark or straw or rushes, at first. And always much attention was paid to the foundations. This was especially necessary as in the case of the Lake Dwellers. For their homes were on stilts or great pilings. And they made their way thru the waterways in huge 'dug outs' propelled by oars, not by sails. Some of these 'dugouts' have been raised from lake bottoms to identify this way of movement of a people.

No one can look over the parallels drawn above and avoid the conviction that in spite of divergent and some obscure spots, that still in the main, the whole civilization that confronts us in the oldest monuments of their civilization, that even from philology, and history that these people characterizes as the Indo-European people were all one people, or many branches of the same people. This leads to the conclusion that the Lake Dwellers of Switzerland were also of this same people.

As to the Neolithic and Paleolithic finds found in the caves of France, Belgium and Germany. These were far below the ancient state of things that we can discover among the Indo-European people. It is neither thus Indo-European, or pre Indo-European in those finding just a different type of people.

Then came the teaching of Evolution and they would say that at one time there was not this type of family that we find all the way thru the migrations of these Indo-European people. And in this type of mentality

of inheritance as we find in Evolution then the inheritance of the child comes down from the mother. The Jews still claim this in their line of thought as of today.

But the Indo-European people did not proclaim this for they started with the fact that YAHWEH established the family unit and established the inheritance of the child as coming down from the father. There was thus this Indo-European people, whom we say were the Aryans and they established customs and rituals and such. And then as the Jews took over the Israelite positions in old Palestine, then thinking was change in some instances and we have to sort out what is Jewish and what is Israelite. For the two were not the same, even tho we have been told that they were.

With the Indo-Europeans, it was the family that held their life together. The Husband or Father was the protector and provider for his family. The Wife, in even step with the Husband, still had a distinctly different role to fulfill in the family organization. They moved and they lived in this type of situation. And the older languages still had the name of the mother listed as an important of the family unit. This then led down to the names of sons and daughters, then to grandparents, and aunts and uncles tying the family all together. They had the words "old ones" for the Grandparents. But it was spoken as an endearment, for they valued the knowledge learned from their 'old ones'. Thus you see in this story of history that as these people moved out over the continent of Europe and then on further, that there was a blood relationship that would tell you that this was a different race of people, now in earth but possibly for a purpose.

But remember there were other people on this earth at this time of the Aryan migrations, and not knowing the Biblical story the authors had a time trying to keep the people separate. I am inclined to think that since it was YAHWEH who set this family order in place that these people would know, even unconsciously that they were of a different race, and this would rule their way of life.

Our authors then decided that in close----individual or confederated groups, they believed these people migrated, that they were still the same race of people. They had been transformed into farmers, by their agriculture life still, but we would see that this migration had not ended. For history tells us that some of these same peopled decided to seek their fortunes in a distant land. Thus they came from different tribes of Israel later, and they sent out adventurous souls and some returned to tell of a land that lay far to the westward. And sure enough, some would be willing for the sake of their religion to go on farther to the west, across the great ocean. That is for another story. Their concept of life after death, brought their conflict with the powers of darkness, but that belief was not dropped.

In some people such as the Chinese who lived eastward of this migration the concept was of the worship of Ancestors. We see this as their looking back before their race fell under the power of the rebellious Archangel. Was it but a longing for their past when they were able to live a different style of life? Thus our authors, then as they discovered the Egyptians and others, in this belief of the life of the soul after death that it was just something that they could not understand about the myths, the Gods, which they picked up from the so-called Indo-European people. And they could not quite figure out this seemingly Ethical code, of cleanliness, doing no injury, committing no murder, not theft and no lie. They did not know what these were so important in the moral life of these people, even back there in this primitive period.

Why was there in this period, then predictions of Divine intervention? Was the Dawn, the Shining sky, the sun, the fire and yes the thunder in these predictions of these early people? Looking back to the time of the Teutons, Caesar would also comment over this same issue. Then Herodotus was also discovered to have been another one who discovered this belief among the Persians. In the Vedic times you saw the name of the Great Sky God. In fact the combination of the word Father with the word sky gave our authors pause. Thus the children of the Sky Father---or the progeny of the sky must have come into being at the time of the Indo-European peoples migration and thus left its mark all the way west.

We must then also assume that there was some kind of a ritual that went along with this belief or religion of these ancient people. Many a Myth was picked up but they learned that these ancient people always wondered as to where the soul or spirit went after death. With the Teutons there was no doubt of life after death. No doubt that the practice of sacrifice was their way of showing their belief and their expectancy.

Since they did not use the Biblical story, they try to ascertain just what these ancient people believed by quoting the Myths that they picked up from the Greeks. They had the writings of Herodotus, but they did not quite understand that, altho he talked of where the Aryans came from. And since they failed to realize that there were different tribes, but still the same people their confusion continued. How much more simple their task would have been, if the Biblical story could have been understood by them.

Gradually they found the real home of the Slav's, the Persians and the Sythians, and the Teutons. And then they began to realize that these ancient people must have the same root, as did the later known Celts, the Culdee and so forth.

There is a wide stretch of country between the lower course of the Danube River and the Aegean Sea, or the Atlantic Ocean. The Armenians contributed to the language that helped connect this large mass of people on the way west, who were picking up different names a they moved ever westward, toward the open Sea. As Archaeology and Anthropology came into being then there were finds in the Steppes of Russia as to the existence of these so-called Indo-European people. And gradually altho reluctantly the idea that these people came from the west to the east would be dropped. And the right way of the migration was finally realized. Here the original home of these, our ancient Ancestors will be found when Anthropology is finally understood and sifted, as we expect it to be.

Today we understand more clearly as we follow the Biblical story. And now we find ourselves at the end of the Age, as the New Millennium comes to the forefront. Here the 20th Century is coming to a close and the 21th Century will soon begin. But we are sad to say that we see more of a turning away from the Biblical story on the part of our race. They are in sharp denial as we come up to the new Millennium, and we wonder, is it time for an awakening here in this last Great Nation of YAHWEH'S Kingdom? When do we come up to this period when the blinders fall off of our people?

In summary, I would say that I have been in this work for 30 plus years, and have witnessed the blindness of our churches, or Evangelists. And yet on the whole our people still believe in life after death. They still believe that their Spirit goes back to HE who gave it. They have gone down the road to belief in the Rapture which leads no where, or somewhere that has a false path. And now they seem to be in this time when only money matters. The Stock Market, they think, is good so who cares about anything else? And yet all the time they seem to be searching a well for some foundation for their lives.

This reminds me of a friend that has been added to my list of kids this past year. I have only spoken to her over the phone, but this is often. But we have had many conversations, and she reminds me at times of a blind Israelite always on the move, but searching. Only she is looking for answers and is finding them. As a College girl she married an exchange student and went to Iraq to live. She threw herself into learning that life style and religion, and then they came to America to live. She visited many organizations always searching for the real truth which she felt must be out there somewhere. And then she became acquainted with the Swift message, and now she felt that she had found what she was searching for.

Being an impatient little lady she wanted to learn everything necessary all at once. She had never felt called on to study the Bible and find out what it really said before this. Mrs. Swift finally gave her my phone number and that is how our conversations started. She was and is in the course of her marriage, married to a man who does not understand what she is searching for, or even talking about because that was also not his way of life. Her longing for the Identity message led her to what she supposed was an Identity church, but she would find out that pastor did not accept all of the Identity message himself, so only pretended to understand it.

This little lady has three grown children. And of course they do not understand what she wants to tell them now, for she never raised them that way. So this causes a problem. Being in a hurry to see the end of this story has brought her a lot of stress and heartaches. But gradually she is learning that YAHWEH is in charge and that this is His program and you do not hurry it. She is impatient to see the blindness of our people end, but like so many of us over the years, she sometimes gets impatient, and has learned like we all have learned that if you get out ahead of the Program of YAHWEH then you sometimes get chastised. But now we say welcome to a new family member, and may YAHWEH Bless.

Over the years these so-called Indo-European people have had many experiences as they trod the path way laid out for them, and perhaps they little realized just what they were really doing as they over the years lost their Identity. But we are coming up to this time that this blindness should pass, and then we will see a new beginning for YAHWEH'S people as they acquire their identity.


End of message