ERM - Pt 1 The Last Cry


By Robert Ghost Wolf

Part 1

Book report by Ella Rose Mast

( )Are my thoughts, completely.


(Now to understand the writings by Robert Ghost Wolf, I think you would need to know a bit about his background. He is attempting to give us the prophecies of the Native American people called the Indians. However he does not seem to know the identity of people or even of himself. Thus his prophecies to my way of thinking seem to cover two areas, of people . . . that of the Adamic Race as traced thru the scriptures, and that of the created races whom he calls in places --The Rainbow nation. Thus he says that he has in his veins the blood of both the Lakota and the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people, plus that of the European people whom he terms a mixed blood. (He thus does not designate between the Adamic people as to their connection thru the various 12 tribes of Israel.)

And believing in evolution then he would say that the creator made him a mongrel in this life. ( I do not see that he has any idea that many of the Indian tribes were made up of the Adamic race, or white people.)

Robert Ghost Wolf has been as he said adopted by many native American tribes. He has been taught by each their ancient traditions, both their own and that which they picked up from the white tribes among them. Thus, his earthly teachers have been elders from the Apache, Sioux, Hopi, Osage, Ojibiwa, Cherokee, Comanche, and Iroquois. For this he would learn of the spirit of the creator. He says that this is to be a time in his lifetime, when a new world is to be born. He is told by his elders that:---You must learn to connect with your own individual consciousness. It has always been the consciousness of the few that transcended the opinion of the many and brought change. Thus the few (Israel, remember is only 1/6 of the worlds population.) Thus the few move the many, but wisdom comes from learning how to use knowledge about the prophecies. Otherwise we can become frozen in a dream, as if caught in ice.

Another part of Robert Ghost Wolf's work was that he was told it would be that somehow he was to help reconnect the people of the condor, the people of earth--created, and the people of the Eagle. (God's kingdom people.) Many sources will open up for him as many secrets will also come forth that have been closed. And he would know when he had accomplished his task, for there will be then ---No Time ---but you will still be here. Thus he was told to go and be a peacemaker.

This book is sort of like the scriptures and several others, you will have to be acquainted with symbolism to understand just what this one is saying. He has been on radio quite a bit and has traveled extensively and reported on that. He has written books explaining his thinking and holds meetings at time between ancient Americans and gathers their thoughts. (As I read the scriptures, and this may seem strange to many people. But as to those who have traced this Adamic race, and its teaching Identity, all this then seems to begin to come together. For we as a people also are expecting many things in this end of the Age. One of these is an awakening of our people, and also the awakening of these created people who are also waiting for their redemption.

Robert Ghost Wolf has chosen for his symbol the Wolf. And we know this as the mark of the tribe of Benjamin, the Light Givers--the tribe from whom the apostles were chosen. This was also a symbol of the men of the Rose Cross. He also thinks it is the duty of the ancient tribes of Indians to lead their people back to their awareness of their beginnings. This all to take place here at the end of the age. The native people are to give up arguing about their differences and join together as one people. Then the rest of the world must recognize the native people as a sovereign people, and hear what they have to say. This story must go out to the world unfiltered, not distorted by the intellect. It must be a story of the heart. The ancient people of America also had their stories of a Messiah. They think that he also came to them in America to tell them to be patient, and wait for their fulfillment, in the creators scheme of things.

There were thus many tribes and many truths with all these different people. In the stories of their saints and prophets, they honor their sacred women as well as their men. Thus, the stories are from both grandfathers, and grandmothers.

Robert Ghost Wolf says that he learned a lot from the Hopi Indians. But each tribal people have a part of the story which will all come together in the end. That is how we know if it is truth or not. (We say that it must fit the scriptures.)

The Hopi Indians say that under it all ---every blanket is made from the wool of the sheep. So we are all made from the same stuff, we just look different on the outside. (We say that it is the Adamic people who are referred to as sheep all thru the Scriptures.)

Robert Ghost Wolf mentions the Iroquois Confederacy which was in the time long before the coming of the white man to the eastern seaboard of the Americas. He also talks about a man named Hiawatha who taught the people how to create a form of self-government that was based upon the spiritual understanding of the human family. It was upon this form of government which our entire Constitution is based, the great claim to freedom of America. So who was this Hiawatha who lived long before the Hiawatha of the Longfellow classic? He does not tell us any more about him. Except to say that we are all children of the Sun, a rainbow nation without borders.

The author tells you a story given to him by a grandmother of the Ojibiwa people. She told him that we must work with the women to heal their pain. In the times ahead we must help the women reclaim their power. If the women do not reclaim their power then all will be lost. Because in these times now ahead, men will no longer act like men. (Well, we would say not all men. But take a look at the scandals of today.) They will not be noble and proud of who they are, or where they came from, or their connection to the land, and to their creator. They will not hold the words of the Creator close to their hearts. They will only hold words of other men to their hearts, and men can be wrong. Two legged make mistakes. Men have become sick with altered ego and greed. They have lost their connection with their inner spirits. They have a material God now. They are no longer leaders among the people. So our children do not learn. They now wander aimlessly thru life like lost souls without connections to their spirits. A human being without spirit is like a ship without a sail. All they can do is float around hoping that luck will bring them into a safe harbor. They are without personal power, and not really alive. They are like a leaf at the mercy of the wind.

Grandmother told our author that in the times just ahead it would be the woman who will remember who they are first, because women have always known who they are for many generations. These bearers of life, have always been the teacher's of Life's mysteries. Long ago the people made a choice and many of them left the good royal road and began to walk the black road. The women kept telling the men that they were walking the wrong road, but their voices were suppressed. The women were telling them that they were walking away from the sacred ways, and that one day they would lose even their memory of these ways entirely. But the men did not want to hear that they might be wrong. Today we know that the women were right in their fears about the black ribbon road. Most of us no longer know how to speak even our own language.

Then the men brought the Sacred bundles (of Mysteries) to the women, but it was already too late. The men still did not want to hear that they were wrong and with the coming of the white men to America then women were no longer allowed to speak out. (Women could not vote, or manage businesses.) (Thus the grandmother says that the world fell apart.)

You will remember that it was a woman who brought the Spirit of truth to the world, in England in the late 1700's and early 1800's but the men who were then running the religious world would not accept it. Back in the days of ancient Briton then men and women were considered equal (partners) as well as husband and wife. When the white colonists came to America then remember the women followed, their husbands in the development of this nation with a child in her arms and one clinging to her skirt and a rifle in her hand. So what changed America the land of the free and the home of the Brave? How did we lose our way? (Think back. When did we switch to the black road when we were supposed to be the Light of the world?)

Surely the colonists brought another teaching with them, and then let it take control, for the early colonists knew who they were and where they came from and what they were to do as they established this great nation. The Early colonists, at least their leaders knew, that the woman of scripture was God's Israel.--His kingdom people. We find that this other woman of scripture, this symbol of the evil kingdom would be the leader as men walked the long black road, and lost their way. This is the way of the Macho Ego, materialistic, and the denial of the way laid out by our God. Thus prayer in school must go, substitute sex by which even the parents--many of them in the 60's embraced this idea of Free love. And all that goes with your denial of the program of your God. Instead then just do anything that felt good to you, and get along with the world.

But that was not what the Adamic man was to do, now was it? Thus it has been a battle to take people off the long black road and have them walking down the light road. In this century we have been putting up a scrap to try to come back to our position as leaders in the world. And we had Joanna Southcott bring the message once more for our people to look to the woman. The one in the scriptures whom you were to be following, for we are coming to the end of the age, and we should not be following the woman on the back of the Red Beast.

These last days then for us would be a time when we try to come back as a nation and as a race to the teachings of our God. For we do have a book to follow as to what that consists of. In my 85 years here I have seen a lot of these trials as we lost our way, then try to regain our lost footage. We thus realize that there has been other people here moving among us that are always influencing our people, and our very government so as to move them against our teaching. (Thus we lost the power of the life givers.)

The ancient people then such as Robert Ghost Wolf's grandmother then when hanging on to the ancient prophecies that they received so long ago, from people who were still the light carriers, then tries to pass on her knowledge to the children, as she felt she was to do.

(Remember the writings of the Apostle Paul, Romans 8----"For the earnest expectations of the creature waiteth for the manifestations of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity. Not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same hope. Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.") (This bible is a book about the Adamic race but it also touches on the life of the created as well, since we live in their midst.)

Thus this ancient grandmother was just trying to pass on the knowledge she had been given to pass on to her children. And in this capacity she also told tales as to what the end of this age would be like. She tells of the visits she has had from the extra terrestrials who she says she has appealed to so as to help these here in earth. She says that the Star people are those who we call stars or planets. (Does she mean that these people came from the heavens?) She says they travel in great ships thru out the universe, and that they have always known of their existence. (Possibly for their ancients from Atlantis and etc.) She says that some of the beings in the great ships are white and appear to float, and she thinks that they are the older ones, their holy ones. She thinks that Mother earth, which they (the created) worship, is screaming for life and these people hear her cry.

Thus they, the star people, will hit the earth with comets and such so as to wake up the people here on earth. She says they have been told that this will happen just before the turn of the century. This will cause the sacred fire (spirit) to move thru out this earth. And things will begin to change course. The clouds that bring the rain will even change their directions, and the winds will alter their course. What has occurred for 3000 years will be changed forever. Everything will be as tho inside out.

Great-grandmother says that this will be earth's warning to us. That there will be great plagues which our doctors will not understand. But many of these plagues are born of the experimentation by our scientists whose experiments have gone awry, for they thought they could control nature. She speaks of many things that will happen here at the end of the age, and that her people must get out of the crowded cities and go to the mountains where the water comes from the deep earth. Go to where the Eagles fly. Go to where the earth's blanket heals the body as well as your emotions, (remember the blanket is made of the wool of the Sheep) where she will give you new dreams of an emerging world. If you live in these places, you will live thru these times.

(Are you also not called the Eagle nation, the Eagle people? Exodus 19: “I bore you on eagles wings and brought you to myself. Now if you therefore will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenants then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all of the people, for all the earth is MINE. And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of Priests, and an holy nation.")

(These are the words which Moses was to speak to the children of Israel, as YAHWEH--God established his kingdom in earth in sight of all of the people.)

These are the words which this ancient grandmother was trying to pass on, words that came from the Great Spirit which they also worshiped. Then great-grandmother goes on with her teaching. She says for her people to go to the trees that are old. These take the poison from the breath of the Dragon, and change the air by giving it back to you so that you can live. The snow is also a great purifier. These you will find, are a great protection from the plagues and viruses. Got to where the Mother's blanket (remember from the sheep) heals your body as well as your emotions and where you will gain new dreams of the emerging world. There is a time to relearn, a time to honor spirit. It is a time to reawaken our awareness to the teaching of the woman, so we can communicate with the higher octaves of reality, as we did once long ago when we were all living free upon the sacred egg called earth. Do this and you will see once more the great ships coming in the heavens. For long ago this was their world. We were left as caretakers, and they will come to let us know that they have not forgotten us. (Dr. Swift said that we were thus the theater of the Universe.)

Great-grandmother then told him that the degree and intensity of this change that is coming depends upon the consciousness that you hold. Thus Knowledge comes from hearing prophecy and wisdom comes from learning how to use the knowledge about the prophecies. You must shut off the voices that constantly rattle in your head. These voices that tell you what you should do and should have done, or said. Voices that insist that it is crazy to think that you can get messages from the spirit, for then people will laugh at you. When you are worrying about what people will say or think about you then you cannot see the truth. One can only see truth when one is experiencing it. Thus it happens in a moment, not in the past or in the future.

Great-grandmother then told our author:--It is hard to tell everything that will happen because your society, and the way it thinks and sees life, is as inconsistent as your consciousness. Your society has called upon itself a consciousness of self destruction. It is created from so many maligned thoughts, and it will pass from this plain just like the Mammoth and the Dinosaur. Once this people across the land were just like the buffalo, they were that numerous, those that knew what was going on. They had this wisdom and knowledge. But now they are few in number. Prophecies can be heard in the Cry of the Eagles, in the voice of the ocean as it webs and flows. From the whale and the Dolphin that come upon your shores crying, pleading with you not to put an end to this reality. Once they were ----once you were they. (Remember the Dolphin spirit was a race of people who fell before you did.)

You must look deeply into the simplicity of what you are, not into the complexity of what you create. Too long you have lived in the complexity of your thoughts of what you are, and as a result have lost touch with your inner reality. You have named everything upon the earth. And now you would even attempt to name the heavens of which you know even less. You have tried to make the earth bend to your technology and science. But you still cannot control her.

The times just ahead will teach us that our technology will no longer work. It is against the natural laws and physics. What will work is a little common sense, very simple common sense. New technology that will work with the human consciousness is already available to us. There have always been ways we could apply our consciousness to create new technology that would surpass anything we presently have available to the scientific community.

The spiritual awakening will happen of its own accord. We do not have to concern ourselves with what is the proper way. Most of it is a manner of opening the heart so that the mind will work. For at this time it has been a battle for the mind.

The common language, said this Grandmother, is---live with the earth and not against it. To her people she said: ---I know it is hard. When you go to the reservation, and look for Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull, and all the other heroes you have made movies about, and then on the reservation you find such poverty. You assume that we want to live like that, and thus you ease your consciousness by pointing out all of the drunken Indians on the streets of Gallop, Arizona. It is easier to look at the poverty and alcohol, and the drunks, than it is to see the symptoms of an out of balance world. Thus you do not have to look at causes and effect, or the responsibility of your government which has implemented policies of genocide in many nations, both here and around the world.

Thus how many of the people who conquered this land and its people, and proclaimed their religion so loudly, really today practice the ways of their religion? How many Christians today are really Christ like?---- Maybe 2%?

Look today, the land can no longer sustain life in many places. The people are full of disease. We can't eat the fish from the rivers and streams and even from the oceans. The water we all need for life is in many places already poisoned. So much garbage has been created that there is almost no place to dump it. You do not find prisons in ancient ruins. The people are angry, the youth are angry. We are experiencing a world out of balance, a government out of control.

We have a growing anger that will be hard to cover up much longer. Every day there are earthquakes. What you do not read about is what is happening beneath the earth's surface, under the oceans where the lava is moving and new land formations are forming all thru out the Pacific rim. Whole mountain ranges are rising, hundreds of feet in the Atlantic Ocean. There are lot of hydrothermal activity beneath the oceans surface. All of this stretching and shaking of the earth will cause rivers to change course, lakes to drop in their levels. A lot of this is an indirect result of what mankind has done unconsciously. On the west coast of America this land mass that makes up California is moving northward on the average of eight to 18 inches every year. The continents are definitely shifting, moving. All the concrete and asphalt is stopping the earth from breathing.

But this is all behind us now. What is here and coming from the heavens will soon make all of this seem like a bad dream. Once long ago when we all walked upon the earth and lived our lives in freedom, we knew how to follow the signs. We knew to follow the changing course of the river. The storm clouds spoke to us. We could call in the rain, and we could call for good weather as well. We did this with our minds for our hearts were open. Today the government of this land of America has built underground structures all over the world. It is no longer just your government, it is a world government. It is that they just have not told you. That is why your politicians do not listen to what you tell them. Why, it seems, they do not know how you feel. The government is covering up a lot of things. But those walls are beginning to crack and the truth is leaking out. The people of the land are not going away, it is the government that has gone away from the people.

But we should be concerned about these underground complexes that the government has built. They are building them so that when the earth changes occur they can move the 'Elite' to safety underground. Well I tell you---it will not work. For they have created other problems. There will be many underground explosions from gasses and chemicals that are in those tunnels below the surface world. Thus they cannot flee from the earth changes that are upon us. Which will affect every molecule structure upon the earth, and every core of the planet.

It is thus time for us to remember our emotions of awareness so that we can communicate with the higher octaves of reality. The spiritual awakening will happen, we do not have to look for it, we just have to be ready for it to occur. I can tell you also that whatever the governments of the world tell you that they are trying to do to help the earth and her people---IT WILL NOT WORK. (Environmentalism) It will not work until all of her people are heard and honored. Thus remember what you have left behind.

In this change which is upon us, then we are talking about being different ---now ---for everything is going to change. It will not be like going from one dream time to wake-up time. And remember as you meet this change then leave the earth in the condition that the children of earth still have an earth worth living on.

From this ancient grandmother comes this prayer:----and it is addressed unto the people of the Stars, which my friends, is you. She wishes you to wake up tomorrow and walk the earth consciously. She prays that every movement you live will have a purpose. That every word that you speak has a meaning, and that every thought you have be a prayer of gratitude for being alive and knowing that YOU are the bringers of the Dawn.----------THIS IS SO.

(Thus, we ask, do you see what has caused America to lose her way? The Indian prophecy goes into that as well.-------This will come later YAHWEH WILLING. I am feeling much better so hope to bring you this message a little later, so get ready to read, and read, and hopeful enjoy. What we need to remember is how the Bible and even the ancient Star Bible ends with his people safe in his care. This is what this ancient grandmother is trying to tell you, and she herself is looking forward to the restitution of ALL THINGS.)