ERM - Pt. 1 Swift Study Genesis to Abraham


Genesis 1 to Abraham

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift--(compiled by Ella Rose Mast)


(This study is in three parts. The first from Genesis 1:1 to the great Patriarch Abraham. The second from Abraham to Christ, and the third covers the Birth of YAHSHUA and HIS ministry as YAHSHUA-Messiah.)



(Genesis 1:1-2)


To understand the above quotation, we must know something about the patterns of yesterday, about the antiquity of the earth, and about the ingenuity and technique which God is developing among HIS people as HE brings things to their remembrance as HE stirs within them a desire to know, and to proclaim Truth. In our search for Truth, we will be speaking about God...Man...Nations....and Races of people. Let us make one thing clear at the very beginning. We believe every word which comes out of the mouth of the Almighty God, but we do not believe every word which is now found in the scriptures as being that which came out of the mouth of God. We can establish this fact. And we will in many instances, as we talk about the things the Bible does declare, and about things that are related to the patterns of time and history that we must recognize and know in our search for Truth.

We are living in a period of great conflict of ideas, in a period in which the concept of the world mind is attempting to overthrow the position of the Kingdom of God. It is seeking to challenge the destiny of the Adamic Race which the Almighty YAHWEH established in the earth as HIS Household. It is seeking to challenge the program of that Kingdom, and is substituting for HIS Kingdom, a World Order under the administration of the United Nations which they tell us will reach the fine utopian objective which they have set forth. However, we proclaim that the program of YAHWEH’S Kingdom is an Eternal program, that this Kingdom is the only solution for the problems of the world. We proclaim that YAHWEH’S Kingdom is the Divine solution, and the only solution that will ultimately be obtained. We proclaim that no one is going to change the program of HIS Kingdom, for we read in Isaiah 46:10----- “I am YAHWEH, I will do all My pleasure.”-----This is rather a complete and final proclamation, is it not?

Now, we see many people today who think they can challenge God and all the things HE has proclaimed. However, all the ranting of the Communist, all the declarations of the Agnostics and the Atheists, do not change the great fundamental ‘FACTS’ that we are faced with. Therefore, we are not concerned with the challenges and the ranting of those who have this peculiar type of mental vacuum in the seat of their craniums, and have no capacity for perception in the areas of the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. There are a great number of people who lack spiritual capacity in our world today. And there were a great number of people...just like the time of THE CHRIST. And we find that HE knew who they were, and where they came from.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.” (John 8:44).

Then again..... “Why do ye not understand My speech? Even because ye cannot hear My word.” (John 8:43).

In the time when YAHWEH walked the earth, here embodied, as YAHSHUA, The Christ, there were people who fought against HIS Church which you find in embodied Israel, and they fight against you of Israel today. These are the people who have financed world revolutions. And today they have penetrated our nation with their pseudo-intellectuals, and they are seeking to set the standards of God’s Kingdom in the matter of Race. There will be some of you who will say this patten of Origin of Race...what difference does it make to us as Christians? My friends, it should make a vital difference because propaganda forces and factors have been moving in this Christian nation to tell us that we have one basic responsibility which is to bring all races, all religions, and all cultures into one conglomerate mass. To bring this about, we find that the enemy has moved into the areas of education, and into the theology of the denominational churches, for the purpose of bringing into acceptance all areas of social and brotherly conduct, with the recognition of other religions, other gods, and all races for the purpose of massive world integration. This is the strange trend that is moving out over the world to capture the minds of mankind with the propaganda of error. Therefore, there is only one way to face this propaganda or error, only one way, and that way is WITH TRUTH.

Today we find that there are whole areas of ecclesiastical and theological ignorance, and we speak of this not as tho we are at war with the church, for we are a part of the church of THE ALMIGHTY. This church of the Almighty YAHWEH is a dynamic organization that will never be destroyed. But we must stand out for TRUTH. We must work with and for the intellectual liberation of the people who make up YAHWEH’S Kingdom here in earth. We must work for their liberation from error, and this will be spiritually witnessed to, as we go back in the patterns of yesterday. A great many clergy know very little about geology or about anthropology. Altho, they speak quite forthrightly when they are brainwashed by this propaganda, and seemingly they have all the answers. Anthropologists have never been in agreement with theologians who wanted to put the whole pattern of human history in the last 6000 years these men of science have been investigating. And with each passing year, have produced more evidence each year that tells us the theologians are in error concerning the patterns of man’s life and time, and existence on the earth. Coupled with patterns of fact relative to geology and geological changes, we come up with a lot of answers that were not previously known. We believe that if clergymen do not study to show themselves approved concerning these things, that they will not know how to rightly divide the word of God, (II Tim. 2:15) for the simple reason that they have no background knowledge concerning creation, or the Creator. Without this background knowledge, how then can one interpret the words of the Creator? We make no excuse for ignorance upon the part of those who proclaim and advocate that what they say is true. We only say that you should know the subject before you advocate the pattern of the context against the purposes of the Creator, which are misinterpreted by so many in our world of today..... ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ (John 8:32). When men know the truth, they are not taken in by patterns of propaganda. This also involves very important statements concerning God, and concerning the time element as it relate to earth. It has a lot to do with man, and with the knowledge of how long people, or beings walked upright, and how long they have been upon the earth. Let us go back a little further and we find that it also relates to nations, and as to whether they have a common origin, as to whether nations emerging out of men have a common background, and as to whether all races have a common pattern of origin. Theology makes the statement that at some period back in history, and the chronology of different men, this gives the period covering from 4600 B.C. to 2348 B.C., that a flood drowned everyone on the face of the earth. Thus, all people who survive today are the descendants of the three sons of Noah and his wife.

These sons be Ham, Shem, and Japhet. And then they tell us that these three have begotten all the people upon the face of the earth today. They would have us believe that these three sons, in a period of 2400 years before Christ, had fathered all races that we find today on the face of the earth. This may fall in to the theology of some people, but it is biologically unsound, unscientific. And it is not genetic. And therefore, there isn’t any truth in it. We do not want you to say that we told you that there was not a flood, and that there was not an Ark, and there were no sons of Noah, because we do not tell you that at all. We do tell you that these three sons of Noah did not represent all the people on the face of the earth. Noah represented, with his family, the land wherein this catastrophe happened, and the Hebrew word for the earth used in this instance is ‘Erets’...meaning ‘that place,’ that country,’ ‘that land.’ We will establish for you the fact that each race had a distinct origin upon the earth, as to time and as to the experiences by which they came into being, but all of them a part of Divine Creation.

In the beginning, YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth.”.....and you were there.... “And the earth was without form and was void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

The writings of the ancient people in the areas of early Hebrew, tell us that the condition that made the earth without form and void, was the hand of the ALMIGHTY placing gigantic forces in operation to ‘void’ a great evil. To ‘void’ the tremendous transgression, to bring catastrophe and judgement as well as to eliminate people from earth bondage and superstitious evil. To ‘void’ a thing it to remove it, to efface it, as to how it was. Thus, in the first book of the Genesis !:1-2, we are told that YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth, and then it was voided, and there was a great laps of time between then and the re-creation, the restoration. The 4th chapter of Jeremiah, bears witness to the spiritual factor that exists in our race, the Adamic race, as YAHWEH speaks to one of HIS prophets, and Jeremiah is led to prophesy as to things he had previously witnessed and observed. Jeremiah is to remember things he once knew. And in this instance, Jeremiah said:...... “I beheld the earth, and lo, it was without form and was void; and the heavens had no light. I beheld the mountains and lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld and lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens had fled. I beheld and lo, fruitful places were in wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, and HIS fierce anger.” (Jeremiah 4:23-26).

We know that the earth at that time was inhabited, so to find what happened between the 1st and 2nd verse of Genesis 1, we will have to go down beneath the strata of the cataclysm and find the remnants of the artifacts of the people on earth before that catastrophe which occurred so long ago. I would, however, call your attention to the last of the 27th verse”... “Yet I will not make a full end.”

There have been volumes written by geologists and anthropologists about their findings over the years. But the latter ones have been able by their findings over the years, to give us a whole new set of dating that have been scientifically determined. In Olduvai Gorge in East Africa, we have had a group of scientists and anthropologists working with the latest scientific instruments and up until 1961, they were content to accept the date of one million years as far enough back in time to mark the beginning of the existence of man on the earth. Then came a new method of dating their findings. And by the use of Carbon 40, these men were able to establish the antiquity of the artifacts, and the fires that men had built to be 600,000 years ago. The volume written by Carlton Coon entitled ‘Origin of Races’, gives a whole new set of dating that has been scientifically determined and which we can accept, for they relate to time. The Argon 40 tests come with the fact that this is a science quite unquestionable. Then to upset theology further, more findings and testings went on in Africa. And now we have evidence that man existed 1,500,000 years ago upon this earth. The same method that had been used by Dr. Von Koenigswald when he produced his time measures in Java...the Carbon 40 (or Argon 40?) methods being used....down in the Olduvald district of Africa and in the Zinjanthropus level of the uplifts and by this dating method of testing, they discovered that these formation s were 1,570,000 years to 1,890,000 years with the average being 1,750,000 years ago as to the time when these fires and artifacts were made.

The Argon 40 method of testing is incontrovertible so scientists know that we have a definite scale and pattern. When they work, they set up around the artifacts of men and they set up around the fact that man not only had instruments, but he had things which he had made. And we find the evidence of this. Of course, we can always add to this the pre-Cambrian boring of Montana, with bronze gears showing of the metallurgy which also preceded the African stone age. You cannot always say with accuracy, that people are all living in the same kind of situation at the same time, as the idea advanced by some people that if there is a stone age down in Africa, there must have been a stone age in Montana. This is quite foolish. We are living in a highly technological and electronic age. And we are moving forward into a space age, while some are still in the Stone age down in Indonesia, and in some parts of Australia, as well as in the Congo of Africa. Thus, with all the findings, and the patterns of life uncovered by our geologist, anthropologists, and Paleontologists, we know that there were people on the earth that long ago, and that they used instruments. Then we remember that it takes intelligent beings to use instruments.

For more interesting findings along this line, read the book entitled ‘Man, Time and Fossils,’ by Moore,....and the evidence brought out by this man is that man existed before the animals, from whence the evolutionist would have you believe that you came from.

There is something quite important that I would like to call to your attention which is in the year 1927, Dr. Von Koenigswald, a German Paleontologists was working in Java near the Solo River where volcanic eruptions and the flow of the river had been laying down coverages and deposits for years. He had gone back in to the early period to look for ‘the missing link.’ one upheaval, and one area where the course of the river had changed, a lot of bones of all kinds had been found, and some of them were fossilized. From this place one of the first discoveries in 1890, was called ‘Pithecantropus Erectus.’.....meaning, Ape Man that walked upright, or also known as ‘the Java man.’ When they finished putting the bones together, they showed the results in museum, and it looked as though it could have been part monkey and part man. So they called their work ‘The Missing Link.’ But there is one thing I like about these men of science, for they are honest men and they really thought they had something. Then they started to apply Carbon 14 dating to the specimen and they discovered they had different periods of time represented here. They found that you could have a monkey’s head, a human torso, but it did not mean that they came from the same creature if they were from different time periods. These men were then honest enough to disassemble their ‘Missing Link.’ But it still hasn’t been taken out of the text books as yet.

In China, in the beds in which they were working, they found huge teeth called giant of Dragon’s teeth. And through further investigation, they came up with the evidence that there existed giant men some time in the past. They found Tungus, Asiatic, or Mongolian type giants with huge skulls and huge bodies. And they found Chinese giants that were 1 1/2 times larger than the giants they found in Java. And in some of these diggings, they found men of normal size. So they closed up ‘Pithecanthropus Erectus,’ the Java man, as they had to admit that they had discovered that in antiquity, there were men living according to the dating of the Argon 40 test, at least 600,000 years ago here on the earth. We do not have a complete fossil of the 600,000 man, but we do have little bone fragments. And we have the instruments he made, and the finely wrought tools and the finely chipped stone. I think it is quite interesting that I can go to the Anthropology of Dr. Coon, and establish that some of the oldest people ever on earth have been found in Britain. We have proof of that...and that they were men who had weapons and instruments. And we know that the Taranian or Tungus people, in two cycles of time, moved across into Europe and lived in the mountains of Britain and Europe. These people came in the periods of time of 11,000 and 14,000 years ago. And we know they lived in caves in what is now France. For we have the evidence of their art. And we call it art because when they painted a mammoth, then it looked like a mammoth, which is more than I can say for some of the modern art of today.

There is no question about the fact that the use of Carbon 14 dating and Argon 40 methods of determination are giving us a very accurate and scientific way of delineating the time element of people and of their very existence. Therefore, we tell you that some people existed back in the original pre-Genesis creation who were destroyed or wiped out in the ‘void’ of Genesis 1:2. Then in the antiquities of yesterday, we find that YAHWEH re-created, or re-constructed the earth. And by this, we do not mean that everyone who watched that catastrophe of the cities being destroyed necessarily died. That may be the reason why we do not find any bones in some of the older of these deposits. Those people probably just flew away to somewhere else when they found that this was not such a good place to live after all of the catastrophe came upon this earth. I think that some of these people had no problem in coming and going. I think that you are going to find, one of these days, that our sophistication can be a little shaken. And you are going to find that it is not impossible at any time for a great number of beings, or species from other parts of the Universe to come here to our earth. The fallen Angels and their hosts came here on space ships after they lost the battle in the sky. And they made earth their refuge after their space ships were destroyed. But that is another story. Still, there is no doubt in my mind, that the Luciferian upheaval was responsible for the catastrophe that wiped out the first creation. Thus in the book of Genesis, you are moving into a second re-creation after the ‘void,’ and after the great catastrophe. But we do not lose sight of the fact that YAHWEH put things upon the earth to suit Himself.

We have spoken before about the flood of Noah’s time not being all over the earth. But this does not mean that there was not a great flood at some time in antiquity. For the great coal deposits are testimony that there was at one time in antiquity, a great flood. For the coal deposits are a testimony that this was true. But it also proves that it had to be further in the past then the time of Noah.

Now, (Genesis 1:20)....... ‘Let the waters bring forth abundantly.’ You will notice that YAHWEH did not have to bother to produce a second time all this life that was in the sea. Because the water over the earth did not drown all the life therein, proving further that there was a great catastrophe at one time and re-creation or the putting of things upon the earth.....once more.

Now, let us consider the words for creation in the ancient Hebrew. And we find that these words fall in to two categories:... ‘Bara’...meaning to bring forth, issue out of himself, such as offspring of YAHWEH, a begotten people. Then ‘Yatsar’....meaning make something out of a substance, as you would mold and create and then impart life unto it. The first is to produce a progeny. The second is the art of craftsmanship. Many theologians pay little attention to this fact. Or they are not even aware of it. And thus, come to the mistaken idea that all races have a common origin. I would have you always remember that there are ‘begotten offspring,’ and ‘created beings.’ Thus, in understanding this matter, you are rightly dividing the word of YAHWEH......(II Tim. 2:15).

After the re-creation of the earth, and the fowls of the air and the animals, and so forth, we come to the 26th verse. And here in your King James Version, as written...a correction is needed. The 26th verse does not belong in the 1st Chapter. Its proper place is in Chapter 2 of Genesis at the end of the 5th verse, as it is written. Thus, we go on to the 27th verse of Genesis 1, and we read:... ‘So God created man in HIS image, in the image of God created HE him; male and female created HE them.’..... Then verse 28:... ‘And God blessed them and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that creepeth upon the earth.’ Verse 31:... ‘And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.’

Now, we are well aware that ‘like begats like kind, seed having life in itself.’ (Genesis 1:11). This is a Bible law. It is a biological law, this is a law of mitosis, and of genes and of heredity. This established the fact that when we deal with the races, we find that there are numbers of people upon the face of the earth who are diametrically opposites in many ways, and that there is a vast distinction between races. Thus, it is very obvious that the distinction is not as the United Nations organization ‘UNESCO’ tells us, as being only skin deep. But it is far more than that. There is a medical reference book that is published by MacMillan Company which is entitled, ‘The MacMillan Medical Dictionary.’ And this is an encyclopedic type of text book which is brought up to date every two years in order that new terms and facts may be made known. Into this book goes all the findings of medical science which are summarized so that a quick point of reference is available on almost any subject in the field of medicine. In one instance, the cranium is discussed, and under this subject heading, we find diagrams of the cranium of the ‘higher race’...the Caucasian race, and the craniums of ‘lower races,’ and lower orders of society. There is also a discussion of the findings of psychiatry concerning the mental differences and reactions. And it lists the higher order, the lower order of people of earth, with the White man being the highest and the Negro the lowest. There are also lower Negroes that go almost to the bestial level. This book shows the various races as they came out of different concepts and backgrounds. It shows the difference in brain capacity between the different people, and the heavy super-orbital ridges. This book was not written for the propaganda purposes of the United Nations. However, since we are interested in fact, therefore, we discover that scientists can demonstrate by the very structure of the container that there is a difference between the White men, Asiatics, and Negroes. And they find that there are even sub-species and differences between the species. Thus in no way can you believe that all men came from the same one origin.

Now, with that little background of the scriptures, let us move into Genesis 2:2... ‘On the seventh day, YAHWEH ended HIS work, and HE rested on the seventh day.’

Verse 3:... ‘YAHWEH blessed the seventh day and sanctified it; because HE had rested from all of HIS work which HE had created and brought forth.’

Verse 5 with verse 26, of Genesis 1, in its proper place:... ‘And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, for the Almighty YAHWEH had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no man to till the ground, and HE said, ‘Let us (speaking to the Elohim) make man in our image, and after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the Enosh (created ones) of earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’

When we speak about YAHWEH (God), we believe HIM to be a very definite Eternal personality. HE has been making things forever. And this is why you have never invented an instrument that can get to the edge of the Universe. And you never will. But I want you to know that our Father is an Eternal Spirit, HE had a countenance, HIS physical body is the image of HIS spiritual body. And you...the True Seed of Adam’s race, are HIS Offspring. And you are in the image of your FATHER. We want to point out to you that in the record of man and of time, and of creating, we are told concerning this 6th day (era) that YAHWEH created male and female and HE blessed them and said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and REPLENISH the earth.’ Listen.....Replenish or repopulate the earth. Then this tells us that the earth at one time was decimated, and now again is to be repopulated. The ancient patterns of time, reveal that these people then multiplied and extended their dominion over the earth in that era. And then succumbed to the Luciferian fallen Archangels dominion once more. This was an era of time. And the ancient, ancient patterns reveal this truth. And we find this truth also interwoven thru out all the New Testament. But here in the 2nd chapter of Genesis, then YAHWEH turned to the Elohim.......and to find who the Elohim are, we must turn to Psalms 82:6... ‘Ye are Gods; and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.’ Thru the study of the Concordance, we find that this should be translated thru:... ‘YAHWEH said, ‘Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.’ Here HE was talking to the Adamic race, and we want to say this concerning you as a people. You are the Adamic race. You are the children of Promise. You are the Elohim. Thus there is a Household of people existent in the Biblical record. And if we accept the Bible declaration of Celestial Spiritual beings, who are begotten offspring of the MOST HIGH, then we must accept that these people were with the Eternal when HE created this solar system out of the vastness of the Milky Way. So there were Celestial beings that are almost timeless, because they were with the Father when this world was framed. If you will turn to the New Testament, and to the writings of the Apostle Paul, in the book of Ephesians, then you will discover that the White race, the people who make up the Western Christian civilization, were with the Father in Celestial dimensions before this solar system was created. And have already been blessed with spiritual power in that dimension. If you have a Scofield Bible, then it will tell you that the believers existed in heavenly realms, and that they were strangers and pilgrims in earth, when at latter time, they arrived here. So there is evidence that every one of this Adamic race, Celestially and spiritually pre-existed with the Father even before this creation of our solar system.

Now listen. In the 7th day, or era, we find that YAHWEH plants a garden Eastward in Eden, and HE put into that garden all of the finest fruits that are pleasant for sight, and every tree that is good for food. All of these HE put in the garden. And we are told that also in that garden is this ‘Tree of Life.’ We tell you that this ‘Tree of Life,’ means the spiritual children who were the race to carry the story of ‘Light and Life’ to earth. Thus in the scriptures, we are told that after YAHWEH planted the garden, HE put Adam in the garden and HE said unto Adam, ‘I command that you may freely eat of every tree, of all that you see here that is for food. But of this one tree, which has the knowledge of good and evil, thou must not touch.’ In otherwords, YAHWEH said, ‘this ‘Tree’ with intellect of right and wrong, is made up of people and races. And are not to touch that racial tree. You must not mongrelize and you must not integrate, because you...Adam...are to maintain the Holy Seed.’

You must go into the record to find out about Adam. And there you will discover that when it talks about the pattern of Adam, it says that YAHWEH brought forth Adam, and the old word is ‘Bara’ brought forth Issue and the offspring was Adam. Then HE caused out of Audaum (Adam) the female portion. In the old text, there is nothing about a rib. But out of this female portion, then YAHWEH fashioned Eve. And HE said, ‘I have take woman out of Audaum (Adam).’ This was not the work of the 6th day creation, when HE made them male and female. This is a separate act. HIS was a work of surgery, for HE put Adam to sleep and removed a part and produced woman.....SO THAT THEY MIGHT BE ONE FLESH ....HIS Household in earth. This was the beginning of the Adamic Race.

Let us for a moment consider the book of Genesis. There is something we want you to understand about this book of Genesis. This book has not been written for all the people of the earth. This book of Genesis is YOUR book...the book of the Adamic race as it begins the story of this race and the rest of the Bible carries it forward. I read in Genesis 5:1.... ‘This is the generations (families) of Adam from the day YAHWEH begat him in the likeness of YAHWEH, begat HE him.’ Thus here in the book of Genesis, we have a part of the story of the beginning of the Adamic race starting with Adam and Eve in the Garden. Then we are told of their fall because of the violation of Divine Law, and their leaving the Garden to fulfill their destiny. But for the background of the whole story of the beginning of the Adamic race, we must go to the Revelations given to the great Patriarch, Enoch, who was a decendent of Seth. This great Patriarch whose righteousness is referred to as he sought knowledge and wisdom with which to apply Divine Law to the purpose of living. And in that, he succeeded because he never knew death. Yes, YAHWEH took Enoch into the heavens and there educated him, and set him to work on his return to bear witness and testimony to righteousness and truth. Then at that time in the history of the Adamic race, we find that YAHWEH chose two patriarchs of this race, Enoch and Job, and set them to do HIS work on this earth. If you go back into the ancient records, you find that YAHWEH gave Enoch a tremendous amount of knowledge which was also for our enlightenment. HE told Enoch that HE had put the Adamic Race in earth so that there would be a way of entrance of HIS spirit children into bodies in earth. For HIS Kingdom Administration, the Celestial children must come into bodies of earth. There they would abide in bodies which HE had started for the propagation, the vehicles to carry that Holy Seed. And YAHWEH told Enoch that this was the race of the offspring of the ALMIGHTY, transplanted from heaven to earth so that HIS Kingdom would be built. This mystrey is also supported in the book of Revelation, as the New World Order of the Kingdom of YAHWEH...described as coming down out of the heavens, as it has been...descending throughout all the ages from the days of Adam to our time. This descending race is the New World Order. And out of this New World Order, comes the NEW JERUSALEM, the eventual development of it as you see it with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel written upon the gates of the city. Three names over each of the four gates.....and the Levi not counted, as they were divided and scattered in all the other tribes. This again, is a proof that these 12 tribes of Israel were the final ethnic development of the House of the Sethite race, or the Adamic race restored and moved forward with Seth.

You will find that there are no Jews in this Household of the Adamic race because the Jews do not qualify, as they did not have this point of origin. It might be interesting for you to know that we can prove to you that Jews existed before Adam was put on this earth. We can prove this from archaeology in the Sumarian dynasties, and the background of these people in Asia. As we are discussing this matter of the races of man, and the differences in their origins, you will find the pre-Adamic races were in the days of Eden. And if you will turn to the book of Ezekiel, you will see that we are told of these races.

Ezekiel 31:.... ‘It came to pass in the 11th year and in the 3rd month and on the 1st day of the month, that the word of YAHWEH came unto me.’....(notice that Ezekiel knew the exact time when YAHWEH spoke those words to him.) And Ezekiel as told to go to Pharaoh and to say, ‘Whom art thou like in thy greatness? Behold! The Assyrian was a mighty cedar of Lebanon.’..... The biggest and tallest trees in Biblical time were the gargantuan Redwoods in Lebanon. He is calling attention to something which everyone knew, that being....that the biggest trees in the ancient world were the mighty Redwoods of Lebanon. The only place you find them today, is in the Western parts of the United States. These gargantuan Redwoods are exactly like the Lebanese trees in their day...mighty and powerful. And when you want to compare a great Empire to a tree, then that is the biggest thing you can compare it to. Therefore, YAHWEH said to Ezekiel:... ‘You go down to Egypt and talk to Pharaoh and tell him this, ‘Behold, the Assyrian tree, and he had branches with overshadowing shroud, and was high in stature. His top was among the thick boughs, the waters made him great and the deep that set him on high were streams and rivers running around his plants, sending out their little rivers unto all the trees of the field.’ If you understood the Zohar which was also an interpretive pattern of the symbols of Revelation from YAHWEH to Adam-man, then you would understand that the waters were racial streams of the Assyrian Empire. The mighty tree was the Empire whose roots were deep in to the streams. As there were many waters out of this racial stream, there then could be many offshoots and many plants that were a part of this great Empire. The scripture talks about racial streams, and that is what this is referring to as it says that there were several streams out of Eden (the beginning). Adam was placed in Eden (the world) where the racial streams already existed. And these trees then were racial lines and there was already great Empires here in earth. Thus, you have the reason why Adam was told to have nothing to do with the ‘Tree of the knowledge of good and evil,’ for these were trees that were racial streams that had already succumbed to Lucifer and the Luciferian streams. Here in these racial streams, were descendants of fallen Angels who had not kept their first estate. (Jude 6) These were upon earth long before Adam. Thus we find that YAHWEH thus warned Adam as HE placed him in the Garden, that he was not to have anything to do with these polluted racial streams, these ancient peoples, and not to have intercourse of race, intermixture of philosophy and society, or even intermarriage with any of these people.

You will notice that the Assyrians racial streams were so great and deep that the waters ran all over the earth, and the heights were exalted above all the other nations, or Empires that were in the world. You will remember here that the field was the world, and Jesus told you of this symbol in the book of Matthew 13:38. Now, let’s look at what transpired. We are told that the boughs were multiplied, meaning that the branches of this Empire stretched out until the multitude of its racial streams shot forth, and all the fowls (nomads) of the earth, and all the fowls of the heavens (symbolic of the fallen Angels) and all the beasts of the field (the Enosh) brought forth their young under the shadow of this great Empire, and under it dwelt all the great nations.

Understand, that there is no contradictions here as to what we are saying. For we want you to understand that the Bible advocated by the word given to Ezekiel, that in the days of Eden, the Sumerian Empire which came out of the Tungus, or Turanian dynasties, and which is talked about by Dr. Lissner, as he uncovers their migration, their development and origin of 600,000 years ago, rose to become the most powerful of the existing nations in earth. Also there were people on the earth besides the Asiatics. For in the rebellion of Lucifer, as his great space fleets were destroyed, we are told in the book of Enoch, that Lucifer brought to earth with him as his axmen and swordsmen, a whole race of warriors who were the dark and curly headed ones. And today, we call them the Negroes. Yes...the Negroes came in the warring ships of the fallen Angels. They served them in their planet. And they, in violation of Divine Law, brought catastrophe, here also in the earth as they began to mutate species and mix the races. The first trace of the Negro is found by men who are experts in their field as around the time of 73,000 years ago. For your Bible reference of the coming to earth of Lucifer and his followers, I refer you to Revelation 12:10-12.

To offset the great catastrophe of the rebellion of Lucifer and his followers, we find that YAHWEH sent the Adamic race to build a Kingdom which is never to be destroyed. It is to eventually bring this whole part of the Universe back under the law of righteousness, into the Divine purposes and plans of the Almighty. This Kingdom is to overthrow the darkness by transferring the Kingdom of heaven to earth. Remember that a Kingdom is an administration. It is a government. And it comes by inheritance. Therefore, it has to be a family matter, or it is not a Kingdom.

The people of earth were all nations dwelling under the Sumerian Empire rule at the time of the beginning of the Adamic Race. We are told that the branches of this Empire were so great, that all nations in Eden envied this Empire. Now remember that this is the place of the planting (the garden) where YAHWEH place Adam. Then it wasn’t long before Adam was driven out of the place of his planting. Therefore, Adam could not have propagated the many races and Empires and have fathered all the people that existed on earth in that period of time.....686,000 years to 690,000 years ago. Adam was not planted in earth until 5,500 years before the birth of the Christ, according to old records.

Then YAHWEH also said, ‘I have made all the nations to shake at the sound of the ‘fall’ of these Empires of the Sumerians. I have brought them down to the grave and they have descended into the Netherworld. And all the other nations of Eden, the choice and the best of their great ‘tree’ like Empires have all had to drink the waters of death, and shall be comforted in the nether parts of earth. This is destiny. And also to Pharaoh, HE said, ‘Remember Pharaoh, thou were also a great Empire like the Sumerians, only the Sumerians were higher, and yet I can bring you down with the rest of the races of Eden (earth) and place you in the Netherworld.’ (Ezekiel 31:16). Here again, is proof that the races of people were all over the earth when Adam was put in the Garden. It demonstrates that they were of old lines, ancient lines. And they were a part of the creation which is referred to in the 6th day of Genesis 1. And they also had mutations, and forces of darkness, and once again this is the reason that Adam was told when placed in Eden, that he was not to have anything to do with this ‘tree’ of intellect and knowledge of good and evil.

After the ‘fall’ of the Adamic race, which was brought about by the seductions of Eve, whereas she in transition produced Cain (Genesis 4:1), and ‘Cain was of the evil one.’ (I John 3:12)..... Then Cain later slew his half brother Abel and was driven out of the area where his family lived and he went out and dwelt in the land of Nod. And the scripture then says that there he took a wife, and she bore him a son whose proper name was Enoch. Adam and Eve had seven children and then Seth was born, which signifies the necessary cycles of gestation under Divine Law, for the cleansing of the womb. Then Eve bore another son and called him Seth, as she said, ‘YAHWEH hath appointed me another seed in the place of Abel.’ The scripture then tells us that Adam lived 130 years and then he begat a son in his own likeness, and after his own image. And he called this child Seth. This is the first son that is begotten in the likeness of Adam, and in his image, who is the possessor of the Spiritual Seed, and the capacity to carry it forward.

The location where the family of Adam multiplied and developed was the High Tarim Plateau near the great Tien Shen Mountains in Central Asia. The altitude of that country is much lower today because of the geological upheavals and erosion during the last 5000 years or so. The time of the placing of Adam and Eve is 5,500 years before the birth of the Christ Child. Thus, from the Sethite race, you trace the movement of these people down thru the book of Genesis to Enoch who is listed as the 7th from Adam of those in this race who are the great Patriarchs, or major family listings for this destiny. By the time of Noah, a greater part at least of this race had migrated out of this area. The fathers of Enoch migrated down to the Persian Sea and some of them went Eastward into the land of ancient India where they set up their records of their theology, their worship of ONE God, their proclamation of HIS Truth, and HIS Messianic destiny, and in words pertaining to India...the Krisna of History. They moved across Tibet where they set up great circles of stone to measure the sky and to observe the stars. The tremendous knowledge that God imparted to Enoch was added to the wisdom of these early scientists of the Adamic race, and the Messianic destiny was unveiled. And the eventual establishment of HIS Kingdom in finality was revealed. They built instruments to measure all this. And you find these things recorded in the writings of India, Tibet, and also of Persia. Thus early members of the Adamic race built the great circles and rows of huge stones standing on end, in such diverse places as Do-ring in the highlands of Tibet, in Central Asia, and Do-rab in Persia, Carnac in Brittany in Western France as well as Stonehenge and Avebury in Britain. Wherever the Aryan..Manu..tall white ones went on the earth, we find those formations. The record of their coming, the first sign of the measure, the first indication of when these things were done is about 5,500 years before the Christ. And this ties in with the history of this race. The family of Enoch and of Job, after coming down around the Persian Sea, settled in the land called today, Palestine. And there they built the city called Ur-Salem....Ursalem. And we have a record of this as an ancient word meaning city. Later from this same city showing the size and number of the race in that locality, we find that Job and Enoch took 144,000 savants and their families and they migrated to Egypt to build the city of ON, to build the great Pyramid....this measuring instrument which bears witness to the purposes of YAHWEH-God, in the exact place where it had to be as to be properly oriented. Thus, Enoch and Job, these two pillars, two great Patriarchs of our race, moved into Egypt to oversee this great work. And this was long before the flood of Noah’s time.

The reason for the construction of the great circles of stone, built by the wise men of the Adamic race and the construction of the City of On, with the Great Temple in that city as well as the Great Pyramid with its message in stone, and the Sphinx with its temple, its message was for the instruction and knowledge to the Adamic race, telling of their purpose and responsibility in earth. As well as the knowledge of the fulfillment of the promise to Adam as he was put in the Garden of Eden as son of God. (Luke 3:38)

We have no problem in establishing by the field of archaeology the dynasties of Egypt in the time span of 7,000 or 8,000 years before the Christ. We have no problem establishing the building of the City of On and the Temple of Zendera, and the Great Pyramid, for these accomplishments involve factors in history. No problem in establishing that they started out under the Khufu Dynasty, and started in the earliest dynasties of Egypt, for this was the work of two great and wise White men, leaders of Egyptian Dynasties, and referred to by the ancient Egyptians as the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra. These were Aryan White men who came into Egypt for a great work and they were from the House of the Sethites. The Theologians push the date of this building from 4000 B.C. to even later. But still, the Egyptians were on the earth before the flood. And this great work was done before the flood of Noah’s time by the people of our race. And these great works were still there as a witness at the time of the Christ.

Yes, a flood came in the days of Noah, and it occurred in the Upper Tarim Basin. And the reason for its occurring there was that in that area were a group of unassimilatable giants who were mongrel offspring of fallen Angels. They were bigger than anyone had ever seen. Genesis 6:4 tells us that there were giants in the land in those days and in the King James Version of your Bible the words...sons of God...are not correct for the word is Nephilin and means fallen Angels. The story goes that the Nephilin saw the daughters of the Adamic race and they were fair of skin and they took wives, and they chose the ones they wanted, and they took them by force and violence....we are told in the this manner, tried to absorb the White race that was left in the Upper Tarim Basin at that time. YAHWEH saw this evil caused by the giants in those days, and because of this racial intermingling in violation of Divine Law...fallen spiritual order of beings...who were taller...many times taller than normal men, the strange forces of life and cell division kept on increasing the size of the offspring until they became giants. It says that there every thought was evil continually. They were killing and destroying, seeking to absorb your race in that area by mongrelization. Thus Almighty YAHWEH said to Noah, ‘I will destroy these Enosh off the face of the earth.’ (Genesis 6:7). Thus the flood of the time of Noah occurred in the Upper Tarim Basis. To the people of India in their writings, the flood occurred to the north of their land. To the people of China it occurred to the west of their land. In ancient China they had a story of Noah, and they tell how he preserved a certain group of animals in an Ark, to be used for later sacrificial purposes and how Noah and his family performed this task given them by the Almighty God, and how Noah and his family as a result of this work were preserved. They tell of how the flood came down from the high country into the Whang Ho River, and that people who lived along this river were drowned after a cataract opened high in the mountains, and waters from the flooded land raged through a part of ancient China.

How do we know this? We know approximately when the flood took place. We know that the Chinese Noah was born approximately 2999 B.C. which is close to the Biblical date. We know that the flood came in the 600th year of Noah’s life according to the Bible. And we know that in the writings of this Chinese King, Yaou, it is told of how the flood waters came down the Wang Ho River, and this happened at the exact period which would have placed the age of Noah at 601 years of age. If the flood waters had covered all the earth, then there would have been no Chinese to write that story. The word of the earth is Erets, meaning that land, or that part of the country. In Egypt we find the same story, and the same time, because the Adamic race came into Egypt many years before the flood, and there they were after the flood. Davidson and others try to compute the dating of the flood, as well as does Dr. Rutherford, and we find that most of those measures generally run around November 2345 B.C. to October 2344 B.C., and this is the approximate time that the water covered that part of the earth according to the greatest number of the chronologists.

We now have the place for the occurrence of the flood of Noah’s time. We have the picture of the violations of Divine Law as these Nephilin (fallen Angels) broke Divine Law. And we have God’s word as to why HE stopped this evil and the reason was that these evil beings were trying to wipe out the seed line the Almighty placed on the face of the earth in this important area called in ancient times, the birthplace of civilization’....from ancient records. For more details of the story of the flood we call your attention to the book, ‘God, Graves, and Scholars,’ by G.W. Ceram, and it is available from your local libraries. In this book, you will find the story of the flood as the archaeologists uncover the diggings at the ancient City of Ur in Chaldea. Many other finds are also discussed that tie-in with the story of the Bible.

Now if you started your research by reading the history of the descendants of Adam until you came to Noah, then you have the names of all the major families of the Adamic race....the Sethites. And you will remember that these are Aryans, Manu...tall White ones...and known as God’s Israel long before the word was brought forth in the Bible. As you come down with the listings to the time of the flood, then you have these major descendants down to Noah. And then here is listed the three sons of Noah. From Noah to Abraham, the next great Patriarch, the stories still come from your book of Genesis. And we find that from Adam to Abraham, the line follows in continuity up thru the flood and then afterwards. Even Nimrod is listed, for he ruled over Ur of the Chaldeas. And Nimrod was a descendent of Ham. And he selected Abraham’s father, Terah, for his Prime Minister.

Perhaps we should pause here for a moment and consider these sons of Noah.....Ham, Shem, and Japhet. We find that Noah’s wife was the daughter of Enoch, that great Patriarch. In other books not included in your Bible of 66 books, you find the story of the daughter of Enoch. Thus, we find that Noah and his wife were of the purest strain of the White race. Their three sons, therefore, tall White men. Yes...I know that we hear people say that Ham was cursed and he turned into a Negro and begat the Negro race. But friends, that is a fallacy. Because Ham violated a moral code, and the result of that violation was a child called Canaan. (Genesis 9:18-26) ‘Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.’ No...Ham did not then nor at any time turn black. And only one of Noah’s sons produced a child that lost the inheritance because of his fathers moral violations. More than this, as I have told you before, skeletal remains of Negroes in the caves of Kilimanjaro have been found to be 73,000 years old. By radio-carbon testing and exactness of science that YAHWEH developed for the Adamic race as a means of measure, we can prove the Negroes were on earth that long ago. So then couldn’t possibly have originated out of Ham, after the flood of Noah’s time.

Before we go on with the story of the sons of Noah, I would like to call your attention to a later development concerning the descendants of this child, Canaan. Turn with me to the book of Matthew 15:21, and read from there thru the 28th verse. Here is a woman of the lineage of Canaan who is from this servant race. And from the old records and meaning of words, she could be a woman who has lived long with the Israelite people. She came from the sea coast of Tyre and Siden, from whence Jesus had just come. Perhaps she had been hearing of Jesus, or been following HIS ministry. She said to Jesus, ‘Have mercy on me, O LORD (YAHSHUA), thou son of David; for my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.’ Now remember that Jesus had been healing the sick as HE moved in HIS ministry, and yet HE said not a word to this woman. And HIS Disciples said, ‘Send her away, for she crieth after us.’ However, Jesus turned to the woman and HE said, ‘I am not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’ You should realize here that all people are not the same, or Jesus would not have said that. Also you cannot spiritualize Israel and explain it that way as some try to do for verse 25 says:... ‘The woman came and worshiped YAHSHUA (Jesus) saying, ‘YAHSHUA please help me.’ And Jesus answered here as HE said, ‘It is not meet to take the children’s bread and cast it to the dogs.’ This remark might be a bit more clear if it read as its meaning states... ‘It is not right to take the spiritual food from the children of the Almighty and cast it to the Enosh, or servant race..... Then what does this woman of Canaan say to those words of Jesus? ‘Truth YAHSHUA, yet the Enosh servants (dogs) eat of the crumbs from the Master’s table.’

I hope you understand that here was a lady of the lineage of Canaan who after living her life unto now, in the Household of the Sethite..Adamic people, understood YAHWEH’S plan for this earth, much better than many of the Christians of today. She accepted that plan and her place in that plan. And she gives us an example of what happens when you bow the knee, as eventually all will do. For in verse 28, then Jesus said to this woman, ‘O woman, great is thy faith, be it unto thee, even as thou wilt.’ And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

YAHSHUA taught the Disciples a prayer for this Adamic race, the Israel of God:.... ‘Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.’

We had no trouble with obedience in the Heavens. But here in earth, it is another story. For we turn and we twist, and we try to put all races in one category. And we forget the Kingdom and rebel and rebel against the plan... ‘Thy will be done,’ altho we repeat and repeat that prayer.

As we turn again to the story of the sons of Noah, there is another argument that we hear about the descendants of Ham. And they say that Cush, the son of Ham was a Negro. This is also not true, because Cush got his name from the river Kish, and that river was in India, and not in Africa. Cush was the father of Nimrod. And Nimrod was the Emperor of Ur. He was a tall, bronzed skinned White man, tanned only by the sun. We have today pictures and friezes of Nimrod of Ur, and they show him with his golden bracelets and his war chariots and his great hunting dogs. He went after lions and cheetahs, and other animals that were available. And you will note that he was surrounded by Royalty that were also White men. Their servants were Nubians, but Nimrod was a White man. He got carried away with his own importance and brought in strange advisors. And even Terah, his Prime Minister and father of Abraham, became influenced by these strangers and their pagan gods. We see the same thing happening in our country today as they set up the United Nations. And in that organization, they try to use to bring about a One World Government of religion and finance especially. This same thing happened back at great Babylon under Nimrod as he began to listen to these offers of deify himself in a cycle of evil philosophies coming out of Asia. They advised him to mingle all the people of Ur together and form one Empire. And then, he, Nimrod, would become the greatest King of all. Nimrod listened to this evil advice and he rebelled against his God, and brought great catastrophe against his Empire. However, you cannot start the Negroes out from Ham because the Negroes were on earth long before that. Also, if you think you can get away from that law, ‘Kind begats like kind,’ by having a family with all different races in it, then you better adopt your family, and not bet on it the other way.

If you really think that God does not want racial purity, if you think God does not want segregation, and if you think some of the stories that preachers tell you today are true, that all the people of the earth should be brought together to make one city, one world, one government, one theology, then why do you think that God called Abraham to come out of that City? Remember, that his father was already Prime Minister, and this was out of the finest, purest strain of our race, with the strongest faith of all. So shouldn’t have God kept him there in that place if that was what HE wanted? No. God wanted this purest strain and purest line of HIS race to remain pure. For remember that this young boy...up to the age of ten...had been educated in the household of the family of Noah. And this young lad then would have his name changed later, for he had a great destiny in the Almighty’s plan for this earth. Today we are trying to pour all the promises into the little State of Israeli, that came from this body Abram. But these are pages of history that are most significant and we need to go into that story more fully.

(End part one...of 3 parts)