ERM - Pt. 2 Swift Study Abraham To Christ



(From the basic tapes of Dr. Wesley A. Swift)

compiled by Ella Rose Mast


Abram was born in Chaldea the son of Terah, the Prime Minister of that country, under king Nimrod. As you have followed the generations of the Adamic race through the book of Genesis you will recall that Nimrod was from the linage of Ham, as you come to Abram you find that he is from the lineage of Shem. This is still the same race of people, and they have now been called the Adamites, the Sethites, the Shemites, and Hamites, and Japhet people, and now they move into their destiny as the Hebrews and later the Israelites, but still one people, one race, and YAHWEH-God's Israel people are dwelling now in earth.

According to the book of Jasher on the night of Abrams birth the men of King Nimrod's court came to the home of the Prime Minister to drink and eat, to rejoice with Terah at the birth of his son. As they were leaving the home of Terah they lifted their eyes toward the heavens and they saw a strange thing. A star, a large star came from the east and it swallowed up four stars from the four sides of the heavens. Those watching were amazed, and they consulted among themselves as to the meaning of this. They decided that from the signs in the sky on this night of the birth of this son, born to Terah, that this child would grow up to be fruitful and would multiply and possess the earth. They saw that his seed would slay great kings and inherit their land, and all these findings were reported to the king. His advisors then counseled the king that this child should be killed because he might even be a threat to this present king of Babylon. However this child of destiny would be protected by YAHWEH for he had great plans for this child. So Terah took the child and his mother, and a nurse and had them concealed from the king and his court. Later Abram was taken to the home of Noah and his son Shem, and in that time, Abram was educated and taught of YAHWEH and prepared for his destiny as a great Patriarch of the Adamic race, now called Hebrews.

After Abram returned to live with his father he discovered the room full of wooden idols and he smashed them all. For this act Abram was called before the king, and his father, and in the course of events was able to force a confession from both the king and his father that they knew these were only pieces of wood and not capable of knowing anything. Thus Abram was able to show them how foolish it was of them to even possess those wooden idols in their homes. The land of Babylon at that time was moving into a condition that would label it--Mystery Babylon, and then it would fall, thus YAHWEH told Abram to leave this land of his birth. we would like for you to remember that as the time came for Abram to leave this land, that he was a wealthy man as he left, and his father also had great wealth. as he left his home, Abram took his wife, his nephew and a few of his family, his servants and his great flocks of sheep and herds of cattle. He also took with him a part if not all of his great library which later he would leave in Egypt,--so the archaeologists tell us. There in Egypt at a later date Moses would have the benefit of those great clay tablets in his work of writing the Pentateuch. The archaeologists also tell us that in the city of Ur, there was found a wall with the name of a boy scratched upon it---that name--Abram. The location of Ur has been found, and we are told that the people who lived there had lived in two and three story homes, and they had bathrooms with underground pluming, and that every man was a priest in his own home, which included a chapel. We are told that they had an advanced educational system, and the children were doing square-root. Many clay tablets were found explaining the advanced ways of doing business transactions--this was then the type of city that Abram was told to leave. This city would see Abram leave to become a wanderer for God had important things for this Patriarch to accomplish.

As Abram came out into the plain of Shinar he will become involved with this great battle that is going on, and as you turn to the l4th chapter of Genesis you will understand this:----King Chedorlaomer had named this whole area after himself, but there are also other kings listed here such as Amraphel, King of Shinar. Arioch, king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, and Tidal, king of the nations. These kings made war with Bera, King of Sodom, and Birsha, king of Gomorrah, and Shinab, King of Amah, and Shemember, king of Seboiim, and also of Bela. Now are you wondering why this is significant? These men are not listed as sons of Noah, and strangely enough, none of them came from Adam, either. Amaraphel is found in the book of Enoch, and in the writings of the early church such as the writings of Clement, and of Polycarp. Amaraphel was a fallen Angel who sowed his dynasties in the earth, and ruled with evil kingdoms by the side of Lucifer. Tidal, King of the nations was king or ruler over a whole area of survivors from the lands that plunged beneath the waters of The Atlantic. The ancients knew Tidal as King of the Nations, and his dynasty was also a part of the dynasties of Sumeria which means that he was also a ruler over a part of the Asiatic people who talk about how their lands plunged under the waters, and how they had to migrate to find new territories. In the writings of ancient Sumeria they coined a word for Motherland, then later used the word --Mu--for the continent that went beneath the Pacific, and from that came the word Samurai or high survivors, and in Japan the ancient people got their name from that word Samurai.

As Abram came out upon the plain these ancient Kings were fighting for the control of the vastness of ---Ocean---the area of northern part of Africa, and parts of this land now called the Mid-east. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were in this area, and were an example of the whole pattern of darkness that they had descended through because they were governed by fallen Angels who had not kept their first estate, but who had mongrelized the children of earth. These two cities were among the most wicked and evil of any cities of their time. However at the coming of Abram these kings were locked in a civil war, and it was raging over an area much larger than most people comprehend as they read the passages in their Bible. Lot the nephew of Abram had taken his abode in the edge of one of these evil cities thinking he could trade with the people therein, and word was brought to Abram that his nephew had been taken captive along with all his household, and his possessions. Abram then took his own servants and those born in his household, the number being 318, and they pursued those who held Lot and his family and they came to the edge of Dan. And there Abram divided his forces and struck those who held Lot. Through the blessing and strength of YAHWEH-God, Abram was victorious and he brought back his nephew and his goods and his women, and the servants captured with Lot. Abram also brought back the goods and spoils taken from the king of Sodom, and the king of Gomorrah that were taken at the time Lot was captured. These Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah had been defeated by these hosts of the other Pre-Adamic kings and their armies.---Thus with 318 men, YAHWEH defeated these people led by the kings of fallen Angels.

The King of Sodom went out to meet Abram after this great battle where in Abram had slaughtered Chedorlaomer and the kings with him at the valley of Shaveh, which is known as the Kings Dale. (Genesis 14:17) As the king of Sodom approached Abram, there suddenly came a tremendous outpouring of spirit. And suddenly out of the plain of battle came the KING OF GLORY. He came with the radiance of the rising sun, and he came riding on a camel, and with him came many who followed him---MELCHIZEDEK--King of Salem brought forth bread and wine as the abiding priest of the Most HIGH YAHWEH. This was El-Orion--Melchizedek and he laid out a cloth before Abram and served Abram with bread and wine, and said:---"Blessed are thee Abram, the Abram of the MOST HIGH GOD, the possessor of all the earth. (Genesis 14:19)

There is no question of the Majesty of this one, for we read over in the book of Revelations that Jesus the Christ--is KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. Thus we discover that This ONE is the Almighty Potentate, He is El Orion, himself. And under this instance, we note that this Priest --MELCHIZEDEK is referring to Abram as belonging to the MOST HIGH GOD. He says that Abram is of the MOST HIGH, that HE blessed Abram and informed Abram of that:----"And blessed be the MOST HIGH GOD, which hath given thine enemies into thy hands." Then Abram paid tithe to Melchizedek, he paid tithe of all the spoils he had taken and he gave 1/lO of all to Melchizedek. This would later be the custom for Israel to follow as the Levi would come forth as a tribe of the children of Israel. They would be the Priests of Israel, and would be scattered among the tribes of the children of Israel, as they begin their division, and their destiny. The title would be for the Levi, as they took their place as a chosen Priesthood in earth. This was a most significant thing for the Adamic race to understand and carry forward.

As you are thinking of this event in the history of the Adamic race, then notice also that the King of Sodom said to Abraham:--"Give me the people, and I will give you all the goods'.' This should take your mind back to Cain, for we remember that Cain was of the evil one (I John 3:12), and going back to Genesis 4:6-7--we find that the Almighty said to Cain:--"Why art thou wroth? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? And if thou doest not well, sin lies at the door, and his desire (Adam) shall be subject unto thee, and thou shalt rule over him."

Here we see the two kingdoms running side by side on this earth, with their start in the heavens (Rev. 12) and now the fullness of Lucifer’s kingdom in place with Cain--born out of Eve as the last race on earth to corrupt. Thus the two kingdoms are now complete here on earth, and YAHWEH'S kingdom comes thru his children--this river of life--the race stream out of Paradise and now in Earth, which was to water the garden, and then it departed from the garden and would become four heads. (Genesis 2:10) these four heads would be the four sons of Seth as leaders as they moved out of the area of the planting of the Adamic race to fulfill their destiny, according to the Almighty's plan for the earth. Lucifers kingdom is now in place with the seduction of Eve and the production of Cain to carry on his fathers work, according to his plan, and thru sin the Adamic race would follow Lucifers way, and their desires are for his way, as they enjoy the things of earth, and lose sight of their purpose for being in earth. However following Lucifer's way, and their desires are for his way as they enjoy the things of earth, and thus lose sight of their purpose for being in earth. However following Lucifer's way still does not remove the Adamic people from Sonship, but if they have never sought out the TRUTH, nor inquired concerning the Majesty of YAHWEH, and have --ONLY BELIEVED-- then they can be involved in the affairs of the heathen.

Now; going back to our story and the significance of this, then much later here on earth at the time of Abraham we find that still here on earth that a fallen angel is King over a people, and he is still more interested in control of people than he is of spoils in battle. However, Abram said to this king of Sodom:--"I have not lifted up my hand to take any of the goods, for I will not have you say that you made me rich, for the Almighty YAHWEH--above all-- is the ONE that hath made me rich, and I have tithed 1/10 of all I gained to HIM." Then Abram gave the King of Sodom all that had been taken from him, for Abram would not take even as much as a thread from this King of Sodom. So we remind you that we find these kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, plus all these other kings with three million men under their command when Abram crossed this plain. Do you still think that the flood of Noah's time drowned every one on the face of the earth?

Abram had a most significant job to do, because with the help of YAHWEH, he was to destroy these fallen races out of this area because there would be many thing happening in this area at a later time which would be connected to the destiny of the Adamic race. Therefore Abram was doing the work of the Almighty as he moved forward the establishment of His kingdom through the seed of Abram. Sarai was impatient as the Adamic race has a tendency to be, and at the time when Abram and Sarai were getting up in years, and they still had no children, she gives her handmaiden to her husband, and the child Ishmael is produced.

Now; Ishmael is a joy to Abram but a source of resentment to Sarah. Then great happening were to occur in the life of Abram as Sarai and he move into their destiny. Abram is 99 years of age when the Almighty appeared again to him and this time said:--"I will make my covenant between thee and ME, and will multiply thee exceedingly. (Genesis 17:1-2)". Then the Almighty continued talking to Abram and He said:---"Neither shall thy name be Abram anymore, but it shall be Abraham, for a father of nation have I made thee, I will establish my covenant between Me and thee, and thy seed after thee for their generations, for --AN EVERLASTING COVENANT-- I shall be a God unto thee, and thy seed after thee." There is much more to the covenant that God made with Abraham, but it was made to Abraham thru his son Isaac, and not through Ishmael, for from Isaac was to come the seed of the Promise. Remember here that Sarai had her name changed to Sarah and she was the mother picked by the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH to produce the child--Isaac--from the father Abraham. Much later the Apostle Paul was to say:-----"If ye be Christ's then Ye are Abraham's seed, and heir according to the Promise."(Galatians 3:29)

We want you to realize the significance of the above statements for we are still dealing with the subject of origin, and the factors that relate to race. To Abraham and his seed were the promises made, and the book of Romans in the New Testament also tell us that the covenants of YAHWEH,, and all the promises were made to Abraham and his seed. Then also remember that :--"Neither because they are the seed of Abraham are they all children; but in Isaac shall thy seed be called." (Romans 9:7) This means that the children of the flesh are not the children of YAHWEH, thus only the children of the promise are counted for the seed of Abraham. This is the word of that promise:---"At that time I come, and Sarah shall have a son." (Genesis 18:14) then "In Isaac shall thy seed be called". (Genesis 21:12---Romans 9:7---Hebrews 11:18) Here we see three witnesses to the fact that from Isaac, and from no other would come the seed for the race now to become known as Israel, who were the children of YAHWEH-ruling with HIM in the earth. This was an unconditional and Everlasting covenant made by YAHWEH to Abraham and his seed--thru Isaac. Not to the many seed that could be sowed by this race among many nations, but to the pure seed, the seed of the children of YAHWEH in a physical world, by this process then of transferring them from heaven to earth in this method of physical birth.

Since we are now talking of the children of the seed of the promise, and the children of the flesh, then let us remember that this still pertains to origin and to race, and lets then carry this a step further. "Cain is of the Evil one".(I John 3:12) also---"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do"(John 8:44)'How do we explain these two statements, one by the Apostle and the other by YAHSHUA(Jesus), as we are told by John? Here again we are tracing origins and races through the father, and remember that this is the way the Adamic race is traced. Today it is an established fact that the blood which flows in an unborn babies arteries and veins is not derived from the mother, but is produced within the body of the foetus-or fetus as we understand this, after the third month in human production, and only after the introduction of the male sperm. An unfertilized ovum can never develop blood since the female egg does not by itself contain the elements essential for the production of this blood. It is only after the male element has entered the ovum that blood can be developed. An easy example for us to look at is the egg of a hen which is much bigger than a human ovum thus easier to observe. You may incubate this unfertilized hen egg, and it will never hatch a chick, and will become rotten and decay. Then introduce the male sperm into this situation and you soon see life in the egg. The Bible tells us---"Life of the flesh is in the blood"---and--the blood of it is the life thereof." (Leviticus 17:11-14) Now; since after the introduction of the male sperm you see life, it follows that the male sperm is the source of the blood, the seat of life of the flesh. The mother produces the unborn developing infant with the nutritive elements for the building of that little body, but the blood which forms in that body is formed in the embryo itself, and only as a result of the contribution of the male parent. From the time of the conception at the time of birth, not one sing drop of blood ever passes from mother to child. The placenta, that mass of temporary tissue better known as 'After birth' which forms the union between mother and child, is so constructed that all the soluble nutritive elements such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salts and minerals, and even anti-bodies pass freely from mother to child, and the waste products from the child are passed freely back into the mothers circulation system, but no blood is passed back and forth. Rather the movement is through the blood vessel walls. Many doctor publications bear this fact out as well as the nurses handbook of Obstetrics by a known Registered nurse.

Think of this---how wonderfully YAHWEH-God prepared for the virgin birth of the body for his embodiment, or for the translation --son--if you understand, the better. However remember here that Adam was of God (Luke 3:38) and even tho Adam fell he was still the son of God, and thru him would come Seth who was the beginning of the generations of Adam. This is the seed of the promise which came down to produce thru Isaac the fulfillment of that prophecy. Adam had children of flesh, and so did Abraham, but those were not the sons and daughters of God, and a daughter of the flesh would not be acceptable as a garden (womb) for the and a daughter of the flesh would not be acceptable as a garden (womb) for the planting of the seed far the body of YAHSHUA--Messiah. Therefore, Mary would have to be a virgin from the pure seed line of the Adamic race, and of that seed line of the Promise.

You many times hear this story that some Clergy tell of how God gave his instructions to Israel, but they disobeyed him so that he had to turn to other people, and now he is gathering up people all over the world irrespective of who they are, to carry out the destiny of his family, and his kingdom. My friends, this is a falsehood, and there is no basis of truth in it. The Clergy say that since Israel didn't keep the covenant that God gave them at Mount Sinai that they are no longer his household, his people. But we want you to know that the great covenant that YAHWEH made with Abraham was made 430 years before the law was given to Moses on mount Sinai. The Apostle Paul was to say much later:----I want you to know that the great covenant which was confirmed before God--In Christ, is different than the law, because this law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. (Galatians 3:24) The law was for your instruction, for processes of government, for development of an economically strong society, and for a healthy society. You could disobey that law, and get sick, you could disobey that law and bring great dishonor on your society, you could be a healthy son, or a sick son, an honorable or disobedient son, but you are still a son. The covenant which YAHWEH had made was not changed by the law. The people of His covenant, and his household were not to change, for the inheritance was not of the law. The inheritance could not have been of law, or it would not have been a promise, and we find that YAHWEH gave the covenant to Abraham--as a promise. This was a covenant between the MOST HIGH GOD, and this race of people who are the seed of Abraham thru Isaac, and it is a most important thing for you to understand who this race of people are in our world today.

Back to our story---as the time comes, and the promise is fulfilled, Sarah has her child, and he becomes the light of his mothers life. Ishmael and his mother leave the home of Abraham, but this child of the flesh is remembered, and is to be the father of the Arab nations, and he also has a destiny because he is Abraham's seed by way of the flesh.

At this time the evil cities of Sodom and Gomorrah have finally reached their full cup of iniquity, and are to be destroyed, as Lot is warned to leave the city, and he and his two daughters go out of the doomed city. This also fulfills the plan of YAHWEH-God for this type of evil situation.

Next we come to the great testing of Abraham, and we see him being obedient to the Almighty as he takes his only son--Isaac--of the promise, and offers him on the mountain as a burnt offering. As Abraham's hand is raised to sacrifice the child he heard the voice from heaven, and looking around, he sees the ram for the sacrifice caught in the thicket which was to be used in place of his son. It was not the life of human beings that Israel's God demanded, rather it was that spirit of personal sacrifice and obedience which the Patriarch Abraham supremely exemplified. This example of the dedication an obedience of Abraham was for the Hebrews a lesson to be copied, and they learned that the old law--stating "Every first born is mine" did not mean the shedding of innocent blood. However the created races under the sway of Lucifer, believed and practiced their belief that they could---"offer the fruit of their body for the sin of their soul." (Micah 6:7) Some of the Israelites at a later date were to fall under that evil practice and do the same as the heathens as they also sacrificed their first born.

You remember the story of the careful selection that was made for a wife the bride for Isaac, and how Abraham under spiritual guidance in the matter of keeping the lineage pure sent for a bride that would be in the Will of the Almighty. Then again we find the same practice in the selection for a wife for Jacob, because out of Jacob was to come the 12 sons, and with these twelve sons would start the great pivotal determination, for the kingdom of YAHWEH in the earth. There is a special value in the number twelve because even back during the periods of the prophecies given unto Enoch we learned that the hour would come when the kingdom of YAHWEH would come marching--in its order--like the signs of the heavens. This is one reason why the measure is so very significant, for there is one son for each month of the year for measure. When you go into the background of the prophecies of YAHWEH'S kingdom, then always we come to the declaration that ---'to Abraham was the promise made of a great nation and a company of nations, all coming thru the pure seed line of Isaac, into what is now the Children of Israel, with their tribes and their destiny.

We would like to remind you that at no time have the Jews every fulfilled this prophecy. There is another story in connection with Jacob, and this is of the other son of Isaac, but suffice it is to say at this time that Esau, the brother of Jacob, married a Cainanite woman. And seeing that this displease his parents, he then married another. There should be a distinction made between the spelling of Cainanite and Canaanite, for these were two different people. These descendants of Esau and the Cainanite women lived south of Judea, and these women were descendants from a people of mixed races, tied back to Cain. Esau's descendants were not of the seed line of Abraham in the promise, and Esau thus sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. These were the people who later were to say:--"lets go down and take the house of God" --(Ps: 83), and here they were talking about the Temple in Jerusalem, and they said that they would remove the nation of Israel so that it would be remembered no more. All things however work as YAHWEH wills and it was through Jacob that the children of Israel were to come, in their tribes and their marching orders.

Since you know the story of the selling of Joseph into captivity we will not go into that at this time, but when the end of the period of captivity was almost over we find that Jacob, now called Israel is getting ready to die, and he calls for the two sons of Joseph to be brought to him, for these are the sons born to Joseph and his wife whom he married in Egypt. And Asenath is the daughter of Potipherah the Priest, from the city of On. And to Joseph and Asenath was born these two sons whom they named Manasseh, and Ephraim. I know that you have probably heard many stories of the Egyptian lady who Joseph married in Egypt, but even the archaeologists will tell you that this Princess Asenath was a white lady. She was of the lineage of Seth, and this union joined the house of Seth with the house of Shem through Joseph and Abraham, but still all were of the Adamic race, now called Israelites. This Priesthood at the city of On was established in the days of Enoch, it was still functioning here at the time of the Egyptian captivity, and would still be there later at the birth time of the Egyptian captivity, and would still be there later at the birth time of YAHSHUA the Christ. Here at the time when Israel is blessing the two sons of Joseph we find that he does a strange thing, for he placed his right hand on the head of the youngest son--Ephraim--and his left hand on the head of the eldest son--Manasseh. This was contrary to the Israelite custom of having the eldest son take the place of the father later, but we find that at times that God chose one other than the eldest to carry out this destiny. Also in this blessing we find that both these sons of Joseph are to carry the name of Israel as their grandfather put his name on both of them. (Genesis 48:5) "Thy two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, which were born unto thee in the land of Egypt before I came unto thee into the land of Egypt are mine, as is Reuben, and Simeon, they shall be mine. And thy Issue which thou begettest after them shall be thine, and shall be called after the names of their brethren in their inheritance. In other words these two sons of Joseph would take their place as heads of tribes of Israel. Ephraim to take his fathers place and Manasseh also counted which would be number 13. In the blessing of these sons of Joseph, we find that Manasseh was to be a great people, and Ephraim and his seed a multitude of nations. Later at the setting up of the kingdom then the tribe of Levi would no more be counted. And later they will be scattered thru the tribes as they began their migrations, and the number thus would stay at 12 tribes of Israel. This is a very significant number, and thus a way was found for its retention in the scripture. In the 49th., chapter of Genesis in the references given, we find the blessings that Jacob gives to each son, and by studying these blessings we find one way to trace these tribes of Israel, as they leave the land of Canaan at a later date, and go out into their periods of chastisement, and resettlement which was also a part of their destiny.

As to the story of the bringing of the Israelites out of Egyptian captivity we find that YAHWEH raised up another patriarch of the Adamic race. The man--Moses--was to lead God's people out into the wilderness journey, and also he would mold them into the greatest fighting force in history, as they were to be used as God's battle ax to take again the land of Canaan. Before you feel sorry for these people living in Canaan as the Israelites come in we want you to remember that in antiquity the Adamic race under the guidance of the Patriarchs at that time had built that land which would later be called Palestine, into a country of great cities. Then as many of them moved en-mass to Egypt for the building of that area around the city of On, from the steppes

of Russia had come Cainanites into that country of ancient Palestine. Later other races and mixed races had come in, and by the time of the coming of the Children of Israel there were Cainanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Philistines, Canaanites and many others living there.

As the children of Israel were led out of the Egyptian captivity we find that they were led and protected by their God who was with them by day in a cloud, and by night as a pillar of fire. This protection continued in the bringing forth of the law, as Moses talked to God, and then carried out his instructions as the Patriarchial leader of that time. Moses was the spiritual leader as well as their military leader as he shaped and taught this fighting force of your people. You will remember that those who had not faith in their God perished in the wilderness wanderings. Moses carried out His orders, and the system of worship was established as well as the system of government. The law was a taskmaster, but it was established, and all systems clarified. Still even though their God was with them all through the time of their wilderness journey, still the people found it hard, here in earth, to follow the path they should walk. There are many things that people of today do not realize as they study the Bible, and try to figure out the people of the Adamic race, and the problems those people had. They do not realize that Temptation is not an accident in God's creation, or in itself an evil, but rather is necessary for man's moral development, for man must learn in the school of pain and toil the lesson of obedience. To many people try to start the Faith of Adam's race with The Christ, and since they do not understand the background they become mixed in a false theology. They do not know that the law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, or that Christ is YAHWEH--Our YAHSHUA and has always existed. The Adamic race especially in the pure lineage of called out ones always had a great faith. Many of them died without having received the promise of redemption which would come with--The Messiah, but they always believed the promise was there. With the building of the Ark of the Covenant, by the Children of Israel, here in the wilderness wanderings they were saying that God was in their midst, guiding and directing them. This was another symbol of their Faith, with the belief in the coming of their redemption which would set them back into their place of Sonship.

Many times as we study the scriptures the things that we read do not seem to make sense and we puzzle over it, but then we remember that perhaps those who were translating were not in tune with the true meaning. Thus were not able to do any better in their work of translation. Then there is also the fact that some who were helping in the translation were deliberately to try to obscure the meaning of the scripture. The story of the erection of the Brazen serpent for the healing of the people of Israel has some of this puzzlement. The meaning of this is symbolic, because the serpent people, the children of Lucifer and Cain were coming into the camp of the Israelites, and each time the Israelites had any dealing with them they were in trouble for the were no match for the serpent people in thinking of evil. Thus the message that Moses was delivering was the exposure and identity of the Serpent people, and when Israel realized who her enemies, and their true character really were, then Israel would know how to deal with them. This was not a graven image to be worshiped that Moses raised up before the children of Israel, this was a brazen serpent, an identification mark of a people, who have caused pain to YAHWEH'S people ever since they were placed in earth starting with Adam and Eve. Today we need so very much to identify our true enemies, and instead of trying to live among them, and to accept their ways we need to ---"Come out of her o my people.’ This is referring to Mystery Babylon, and the cry is now heard at the end of this age, we are to understand Mystery Babylon and to come out of her, and be not partakers of her sins. (Revelation 14:4) As you come across something in the scriptures that does not seem to make sense, or at least seems to be misleading, then we think of the translation we find in Malachi 4:2 as it reads:---"But unto you that fear my name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall.” This was referring to the great and terrible day of the LORD, and it had a meaning for the time of Christ, but, also for the end of this age. However unless you find the correct translation this does not fit the setting. Here is the correct translation according to Dr. Swift:--- "But unto you that love MY Name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with the healing in his wings, and Ye shall go forth and grow, as the Light HE has protected in His household."----In simple language--’Ye are the children of God, and shall go forth and grow as the light he has protected in his household.’

Now; YAHWEH told Moses to gather the children of Israel and to number them and this was a very significant thing because here is an identification mark of all the children of Israel. Their placing around the tabernacle was also significant for it not only identified them in that land, and at that time, but it would also identify them as they settled, each in his own place as the nations of Israel come to their fullness in their new homelands after leaving ancient Palestine. This Identification mark set them apart from the others of that land, and this identification mark tied them back to the ancient 'Star Bible' at the time of Enoch, as their marching standards would show. These were the instructions that God spake unto Moses and Aaron:--- "Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his standard, and with the standard or ensign of his fathers house, and far off about the tabernacle of the congregation shall they pitch. (numbers 2)

ON THE EAST:----Toward the rising sun shall they plant the standard of the camp of Judah, and they shall pitch round about the armies of his encampment. Those that shall pitch next to Judah on the east are:--the tribes of Issachar, and the tribe of Zebulun. Thus on the east 3 tribes of Israel with Judah in the center, with the standard of Judah to fly the highest with the symbol of ---THE LION.

ON THE SOUTH:--side of the tabernacle thou shall set UP the standard of the camp of Reuben, and accordingly thou shall add to his captains, and his armies those that pitch by his side, and these shall be the tribes of Simeon, and the tribe of Gad:---thus on the south, we have three tribes--Reuben--Simeon, and Gad, with the household mark of Reuben--the man--flying the highest.

ON THE WEST----shall be the standard of the camp of Ephraim according to his standard, and by which shall be the tribe of Manasseh, and the captains of the Children of Manasseh, and pitched by their side shall be the tribe of Benjamin, and the captains of the sons of Benjamin. Thus on the West would be Ephraim, Manasseh, and Benjamin with the standard of Ephraim--The Calf- flying the highest. Sometimes this symbol is called --the bull--but in Revelation it is called the calf as you find these 4 symbols of Israel around the throne of YAHWEH.

ON THE NORTH---shall be the standard of the camp of Dan, and with Dan shall be the standard of Naphtali, and with the tribe of Naphtali shall also be the tribe of Asher." Thus on the north the standard of Dan will fly the highest and this symbol is that of THE FLYING EAGLE.

Here you have the positioning of the tribes of Israel on the four sides of the tabernacle; this is the way they encamped in the wilderness journey. These are great and mighty groupings of people, and they carried a symbolic identity. The significant thing about these tribes was that each one of them had a destiny, and was to help make up a part of many nations, or to make up a nation. These tribes were of the highest strain of racial purity which was to be found upon the face of the earth. thus there are four basic standards to be recognized and to be reckoned with:----On the east the LION of Judah. On the south the MAN of Reuben, and on the west was the CALF, the symbol of the house of Joseph, and on the north the flying EAGLE. This flying Eagle is the symbolic symbol of Scorpio, but according to the Star Bible, there is also the sign of the flying eagle in the sign of Scorpio. Thus Dan flies the highest symbol on the North.

In the book of Ezekiel you will find these same living creatures (Ez. l:lO) and here again are THE LION, THE CALF, THE EAGLE, AND THE MAN. And notice that these symbols are found on the flying fleets of the MOST HIGH when he comes to earth to talk to Ezekiel, to give him the command to go to these children of Israel. Remember here that in our world of today that the children of Israel have been almost forgotten, but here their father is sending a prophet to them. Then in the book of revelations 4: 7-8---you find these same symbols around the throne of the Almighty God, and here they are called living Creatures--THE LION, THE CALF, THE MAN, AND THE FLYING EAGLE. These, my friends, are the symbols of the Zodiac markings of the four standards of Israel that fly the highest on all sides of the tabernacle in earth, and around the heavenly throne as well. These are the marking, the identification marks of the tribes of Israel. In the ancient knowledge of the Light Carriers of ancient Masonry, they knew that the 6 wings were Zodiacal signs carried on the standards of Israel. The 4 central signs divide the group into four divisions of the Zodiacal progression, in their representation o f the kingdom of heaven on earth. These are the symbols of the race of God's kingdom symbolically in the Star Bible. The Astronomical measure of the units of 12 both among the Apostles, and disciples of the New Testament, as well as among the Patriarchs in the Old Testament are also geared to this measure. Thus there are 3 major signs on each side of the Tabernacle, and each has 2 wings, or decans. These are symbolically listed as the 6 wings of each of the 4 creatures. Each one of the tribes of Israel had a marching emblem of a sign of the Zodiac woven into its heraldry emblazoned into its heraldry and destiny. They are the symbols of the constellations of the course through which the Kingdom traveled, thru the Star Bible of Destiny. Thus its wings or Decans are marked by the knowledge, and wisdom concerning YAHWEH'S spiritual guidance in the measures of prophecy which carries them through the course of the heavens. In fact we find in Exodus 19:4 as the ALMIGHTY speaks:----"I bare you on Eagle's wings and brought you unto myself."

In the ancient mystery schools of Israel one of the strongest symbols of the spiritual destiny of YAHWEH's kingdom marked only by its comparison to the LION was THE EAGLE. It was used at all times as the winged symbol of YAHWEH"S GUIDANCE THROUGH THE CYCLE OF HEAVENLY DESTINY. All twelve signs of the Zodiac were thus woven into the heraldry of these same tribes of Israel. And in the days of the Great Temple that Solomon built, each sign was set up around the inside of the Temple in their marching order. This same order was also seen later around the meetings of the Round table of King Arthur's court, as these signs represented those who were not able to be present as well.

As we have told you before these same symbols were around the heavenly throne of YAHWEH and John in the dimension of spirit is taken to behold these things. John was to record the positions of these symbols with The Father, for this is the household of YAHWEH in their Kingdom destiny. This is still the Adamic race, the white race, the Celestial children coming down from heaven into bodies of flesh, for the work of building this kingdom in earth. This is still the 'Tree of life', this is the New Jerusalem, and over the gates there are the names of the tribes of Israel as seen in the book of Revelation. They are still in the same order as established here on earth at the time of the wilderness journey. This is a family matter, and the inheritance comes by BIRTH.

Under the administration of Solomon, we find that the Israel nation reached its peak, and was a united Kingdom, but with the advancing age of Solomon we find that he did many stupid things. He began to trade with the ends of the earth, and many strange people came into his kingdom, and into his household. They brought with them pagan customs, and pagan gods, and many strange women of other races came into his household, and the worship of YAHWEH was pushed back, so as to appease these strangers. Remember this, however, even in all the great wrongs brought about in the fall of Solomon's kingdom, still this was destiny, as the children of Israel were to move out from this section of the country. The kingdom of Israel was to be taken out of the hands of Solomon's son, but for the sake of David and because of the covenant with David, then the kingdom would be in Solomon's hands until his death. But this was the beginning of the split of the kingdom of Israel-(I Kings 11:31). Then we would trace the Northern kingdom of the House of Israel, and the southern Kingdom called the House of Judah. This is a most significant thing, because the northern kingdom called the House of Israel moved out of that area before the word Jew is brought into use in your Bible, and never was the 10 tribes of Israel associated with the word Jew in their national recognition. One tribe was left with Judah as a Light, and that was the tribe of Benjamin. And later this was the tribe from which would come the disciples, and apostles. We now know what happened to these ten tribes of the House of Israel even tho the theologians tell us they are just lost---assimilated with the people of that area into which they moved.

There however became a time in the history of these ten tribes and their quota of the tribe of Levi, that because of the violation of divine law, and the foolishness of some of their leaders when they did not hold up their defenses, and permitted their society to be infiltrated by pagan advisors, and pagan activities that they would go into captivity as punishment. But for the tracing of these ten tribes of Israel let us turn to the book of II Esdras, and to the 13th., verse and there we read:---- " These are the ten tribes that were carried away prisoners out of their own land in the time of king Hosea, whom Shalmaneser the King of Assyria led away captive. And he carried them away over the waters, and they came into another land. Now in a period of time, they took counsel together among themselves that they would leave the multitude of the heathen and go forth to a far country where never spiritual mankind had dwelt."

Shalmaneser saw the wisdom, and the creative abilities, and the initiative of this people, and even though he held them captive he saw that they were a good people, and their YAHWEH-God was powerful. From the days of Sennacherib, the Assyrians had warred against Israel, but the fact remains that Shalmaneser said:--"These are good people, and I feel impelled to give them their liberty" Then Shalmaneser wrote out a liberation chart and delivered it into the hands of the leaders of Israel who were in captivity, and these tribes of Israel went out of that land of Assyria, and through the Caucasian pass, and on into Europe. Again as these Israelites moved we find that their YAHWEH-God was with them as in II Esdras we read (13:44):-----"For at that time the MOST HIGH performed signs for them, and HE stopped the channels of the river until they had passed over."

Here Ezra is talking about the river Euphrates, and as the river floods every year in the spring, still this year of the crossing of the Israelites out of the land of captivity, we find that the spring flood was delayed until they had safely crossed over the river. Here the destiny of the Adamic race was being preserved by YAHWEH-Thy YAHSHUA -the Holy ONE of Israel. Along with the ten tribes and their quota of Levi went a great many of the tribe of Judah and of the tribe of Benjamin in their westward migration. These of Judah and Benjamin never went into the Babylonian captivity for they had gone out with the ten tribes into Assyria, in the beginning of that Captivity. Before they left, we read in other old books that some of Israel made a sweep of all the surrounding area telling any of the race they found that they were leaving and many joined them in their migrations.

As the House of Israel went through the Caucasus mountains and other paths to the westward, they found some of their people already along the route to the west. These were called Sythians in history but they were Dani, for we find in further study that as far back as 1600 B.C. some of the tribe of Dan had gone out in their destiny, and they took to the sea in ships. They took to the land routes also, and they left trails wherever they went, for the coming migration of the Israelites at a later date. In the promised destiny for the tribe of Dan, we find that Dan is to be a judge over his people, but Dan is also to move over the earth, leaving a trail, or a path as the track of a serpent. Thus we find the trail of Dan, winding all over the places where the Israelites were to migrate. Some of Dan and those with him would settle in a place and others would move on, and always they named every place after their father--Dan. Look at the map of Europe and you find the places and the rivers with the mark of Dan such as Danube--Dniester, and so forth, then eventually Dan would be located far to the north in Dan's land--Denmark.

As the children of Israel went into their migrations there were some of them that always carried their truths and wisdom with them. They never forgot their symbols, and they never forgot the significant pattern of the order with which their race was held together. The knowledge of the Wisdom schools moved with them, as well as those who were called --Light carriers. And wherever they settled over the map of Europe, the Light Carriers always knew who they were. As they settled in their permanent locations they set up their Mystery schools, and this teaching through the ancient Druid background, and through the Masonic foundations was interwoven with the history of Britain.

Later Jesus was to say:---"I am sent only to the lost sheep of Israel" (Matthew 15:24) , and the Apostle Paul who went early to Britain for he knew where the so called lost tribes were located. in the special letters that the Apostle Paul wrote, he talked to these tribes of Israel. We do not have all the letters that he wrote to every tribe of Israel in its location, and by their territory, but in the ancient mystery schools and the ancient Masonic houses was given the measure of the identity of these different tribes, as they settled into their territory, and marked by their standards in a new land, where they would build the great western Christian society and civilization.

Because the United States is a part of the house of Joseph, then we hear the cry:----"Give ear, o shepherd of Israel, thou that hear the cry of Israel, and leadeth Joseph like a flock, thou that dwellest between the Cherubims shine forth before Ephraim and Benjamin, and Manasseh, stir up the strength that comes to save us." Yes--all Israel knew that the great day of trouble would come when out of the west would also come the strength and power of the house of Joseph, plus the house of Benjamin for the salvation of the nations of God's kingdom in the hour of the great testing. We note that the house of Joseph was to be a great nation, and a company of nations. In fact we can well understand the symbols of its measure, for one of the symbols of Manasseh and carried specifically upon its own standard was the symbol of the Out stretched wings of the Eagle. Today that is the symbol of these United states as well as the number 13 which was the number for Manasseh in the beginning before the Levi were made a Priest tribe and divided into Israel. Britain and its commonwealth of nations is Ephraim, and the symbol of the Lion is also with Britain because the throne of David was transferred from the dry tree of old Palestine, to the Green tree in the land of Israel, in the House of Joseph, and ·there we see it still today.

(for a more complete tracing of the tribes of Israel we suggest the booklets ---"Standards of the Kingdom, and Heraldry of the Nations"----from the Dr. Swift tape ministry.)

At this time we must go back to that part of the House of Judah which included also a part of the tribe of Benjamin that remained in Judea after the Northern kingdom is gone. We find that their time of captivity then came and they were taken to Babylon. Then after the 70 years they were to come back to Judea, and there try to rebuild Jerusalem, and be in that area for their part in the destiny which they would play at the time of The Christ. We find that as this remnant of Judah and Benjamin came back to Judea, then again came another mixed multitude that we will identify later, but they were not part of Israel. Never did the House of Judah control Judea completely after their return, but at times a good leader would arise and for a while things would go well with the Israelites, but this would not last long. You must turn to other sources than the King James Version of our Bible to understand what Judea was like in those years before the birth of The Christ, but there are also many books not included in our Bible that tell of this period of time.

Coming up to the time of the Birth of YAHSHUA --The Christ, we find that the land of Palestine came under the conquest of Rome and became a Roman province. This control by Rome continued until the days of the disintegration of the Province itself under Titus the Roman. this province of Judea operated under what was known as a Theocracy, and it was the custom of Rome to grant a freedom of internal administration to any province, if they had this type of government. As this remnant of Judah and Benjamin returned to Palestine with their quota of Levi, they tried to establish their type of government once more, and they did succeed to a certain extent in establishing in Judea, a Theocracy, but they had to always contend with so many people who were not a part of Israel. The same evil power that had dominated ancient Babylon, and brought her destruction, had then moved to Pergamos to establish their influence, and control from that place, was at work here also in Judea as well as even in Rome itself. Jesus you will remember was later to call your attention to this place called Pergamos as the seat of Satan. (Rev. 2:13) But it was here at Pereamos that the house of Annas and the house of the Herodians had established the seat of their power over the surrounding territories, and even to a great extent over Rome, for even at this time this was a manipulation of money control. They had bought, and taken control over the Kingship of the Province of Palestine, under the roman Governor. Thus King Herod--King of the Jews had become King over the land of Palestine, and as you know he or his son was on the throne at the time of the birth of the Christ Child. The House of Herod was to retain control over Palestine even after the death of Herod I, for his son Archelau--Herod II ruled after his father, and he was on the throne at the time of the trial of THE MESSIAH.

It should be understood that Israel from the days of Moses was ruled by a Supreme Court system which was made up of 71 personages. This was called the Sanhedrin, and in the time of the Kingdom---of rule of Saul, David, and Solomon was the real authority for the prosecution, and was the real hearer of any cases whether of capital offenses or others, under various administrations. This was a court of your race that operated with the highest standards of Juris-prudence, and it functioned in both civil and spiritual law. It was recognized by the kingdom as a higher administration, and appeals could always be carried through the Priesthood to this court in any matter. The Temple at Jerusalem was controlled by a High Priesthood, and the Priests were of the tribe of Levi. this court did not operate through the years of captivity, but when the remnant of Judah and Benjamin and Levi returned, this system of government was once more instigated. In a theocracy there is no separation of Church and state even tho we hear so much about that separation in our world today. Here in Judea at this time there was a great division in the people that lived here, and only a remnant of Judah and Benjamin and some Levi lived here for most of the Benjaminites went to Galilee to live after they returned from their captivity. The true Pharisees and Essenes were the major religious groups of these tribes of Israel that lived here, and even the true Pharisees were divided in their theology. The Essenes were the true Priesthood now living outside of Jerusalem in the hills and caves, as the false Priesthood came in to occupy positions in the Temple that the Levi at one time held. This is part of the story of the situation that existed in the land of Judea as we come up to the story of the time of the BIRTH OF OUR REDEEMER---The Christ.

Looking ahead in our story---if we were to identify these people of Judah and Benjamin today we would remember that in their second migration of those left of Israel in that old land, then these people would be called--the Normans, and the Germanic people, and all those who were not killed in that old land of Palestine, after the climactic time of The Christ---then petitioned Rome and were given the permission to migrate, and they came into Europe before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. They were the last of the migrating 12 tribes of Israel to settle into their designated places in their new homelands.

There is no greater happening in the lives and in the destiny of these Children of Israel than the fact that their Redeemer was to come to earth, and die on the Cross to remove their sins from their record. This was a knowledge that these people always carried with them as they stumbled thru their life here on earth. This was a promise made to their father Adam when he was put in the Garden, and also when he fell it was again reinstated. This was a promise that they counted on, and when it came true they accepted it gladly, for as Jesus said:---'They were his sheep, and they would hear his voice'. They have carried that knowledge with them all these almost 2000 years. And even tho at times it seems that the knowledge is almost blotted out still it is in their hearts. Thus in the final third of our story of the 'Study of the scriptures' ---we will be studying the birth of Christ and His Ministry as YAHSHUA--The Messiah----YAHWEH the Almighty God.


(End of part two of scripture studies)