ERM - Pt 3 Winds Of Change


By Robert Ghost Wolf


Project Star Gate from the 'Winds of Change" by Robert Ghost Wolf.

Reviewed by E.R.M. (My thoughts.)


We release this information in the name of LOVE that mankind might grow and become wiser. (For the end of trouble is coming closer.) Let it be known: "The truth shall set you free.”

Our author then has this to say. ‘One of the focuses of project STAR GATE is the on-going investigation into the native American legends, Star Maps, Earth maps, and their connection to the one known as "The Pale Prophet--wa Coma Tete--the LORD of the Wind.” This investigation then also touches on the connection to other people across the Globe. What we have discovered is astonishing, and without doubt will cause all people to take another look at the stories of creation, and our future, as a species, for (some, if not all) are without doubt Star Seed.

(Now:--I have said before and will say again. Our author, I believe does not quite understand the difference in races of people. But we also believe that these ancient people can tell us many things that the Adamic Race today does not know anything about concerning things that touch on our history and our inheritance. They can even tell us of the events that lead to the correction of our own life, and perhaps what is to happen today.)

Now Star Gate reveals to us that there is in fact a direct connection between the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, (the circles of Stone in Britain) and the sacred sites in both north and south America. The ancients have left us deliberate maps that can guide us thru the time of our entrance into the Millennium then across the bridge to Tomorrow. From the Black Hills of the Dakotas, to Machu Picchu in Peru, to Chicken Itzu, in the Yucatan, as well as the mounds of Puan near St. Louis, Mo. and many other sites. For we find them all connected thru Sacred Geometry. The elders used Sacred Geometry in the planning, construction and locations so that ancient knowledge from the original teaching could be made available to this generation, intact, and in the uncorrupted form.

There are many mysteries concerning this year 2000. Thus is this up coming year 2000 or just a Myth, or is it based upon an actual cycle of "TIME.” Thus the decoding of the ancient Star Maps is the deciphering of ancient prophecies, or if not, then we shall find out. Currently we are using a Calendar that is composed of 365 1/4 days divided into 12 months. Supposedly this is based upon the Birth of YAHSHUA. YAH (God) SHUA (Savior).

The orthodox Christian scholars will tell you that the birth of YAHSHUA (Jesus) was probably somewhere between five to seven years B.C. The explanation being that a major miscalculation crept in and our calendar is not accurate. This would then make the date of 2000 only a numerical change, nothing more. But the Star Maps were created by the ancient people of old, (some our ancestors), knowing that in order to determine its accurateness of TIME AND SPECIFIC EVENTS, we would have to rely on constant factors for our source.

Our author then contends that the information given to the Lakota people by the "LORD of the WIND,” and the Star Maps retained by the Lakota people reveal the truth in both past and future events. The Venus Calendar is then used to this day by the ancient people in both North and South America. It was used by the Prophet, and was the understanding by which all calendars were calculated before the conquest (of the Serpent people).

Here in North America this knowledge is still understood, by some. And this knowledge is in the sacred keeping of the "meda Medicine Society" of the Algonquin people who were one of the Woodland tribes of North America in the northeast. (Part of this tribe of people called Indians were Adamites).

Venus is spoken of as the Star of the Prophet. For it is sometimes the morning Star, and sometimes the Evening Star. In the writings of the Indigenous people it is always associated with the number 13. (And of course the number 13 also marks Manasseh and the United States. The other number of this old prophecy is eight and that number points to the Pale Prophet or THE CHRIST. And in all of his Glory the number is 888.)

(Dr. Swift always said that our calendar date was about right. I thought that how could you start A.D. before HE was born?)

Now according to our author in all that he has discovered, the Venus Calendar proves to be an excellent and accurate tool for "TIME"computation.

Venus circles the sun on an inside orbit and it makes 13 revolutions around. The sun, to eight times for the earth to make its circle. Therefore, in cycle of eight, thirteens or 104 years they are then back in their original position of cycles.

Most native Americans used the holy cycle of 52 years. They also had a great cycle of 3000 years. We are told that the Prophet sometimes spoke to the ancient people at the Temple of Co Lula. He spoke of the cycle of the Dawn Star which was sometimes referred to as the Prophet Star. HE told them of the coming of the White men from across the Waters. And he spoke of when in five full cycles of the Dawn Star, that war like strangers would grow into greater and greater orgies of destruction. He taught the people not to return to the path of the Serpent and the sacrifice. (But they did). Then it was reported that the end of the Maya Civilization would come because of the work of these children of destruction.

(Now you remember who took over the ancient knowledge and brought instead to South America this rule of the Serpent as they started the practice of sacrifices.) (Human Sacrifices.) (You remember then from the Swift ministry the reports of how the Manasseh people and some of the Mayans came into the United States, and into HOPI country. And now you see who it was that turned the message of Faith of South and Central America into Human Sacrifice and brought down their civilizations.)

We are also told that those people from across the waters (the Manasseh people) brought with them always the Parasites, the Serpent and his crew. (These people we know took over the Adamic inheritance, and we also will have to say that the Christian people helped them do this here in North America.) The ancient prophecies points this out and the created people were told that after a certain time that these strangers would grow and become people of great destruction.

Thus the warnings were coming of the "Winds of Change" and also the people were told that these Children of Destruction would lay claim to the number of the Day Star which remember is 13. (Which you understand belongs to Manasseh. Now the Adamic race should have been able to figure this out better than the Created people, but we have given up this position of our inheritance.)

Our author then says that the Wise men (Magi) would have been educated in this Star Knowledge. For they were of the Melchizedek Priesthood where in it is said that you enter this place upon your Star and you also leave it on this pattern of the Stars. (The Magi, remember, watched the heavens for 5000 years waiting for the appearance of a certain star that would signal HIS Birth in the land of Palestine. Notice today that if something does not happen today or preferably yesterday, that our people want to go back and join the World Order, just like when YAHWEH led them out of Egypt.)

According to scripture, then there is a time to be born and a time to die. But then today with NASA now ruling then they chart the birth of Jesus as being five years off. Making 1998 in actuality as the year 2003. (This the serpent people did with the lineage in the old testament so that the birth of Jesus would not be the right time.)

(I do not find the alignment of the stars pertaining to the Star of Bethlehem, as we found in the writings of Dr. Swift.)

Here in the "Winds of Change" they mention the alignment of Venus and Regulas. (Remember that Venus is the revealer of this time and Regulas is from the sign of Leo the Lion, the ending of the story.) Here our author points out that Venus then descended and joins our Star map. (This occurred when YAHWEH led his people out of Egypt. Time will tell as to dates, but I still favor the Swift calculations as being not too far off.)

The prophecies also pointed out this warning which says when these ancient people who, yes, came from beyond the sun, (we would say with Lucifer)---when they appear upon your T.V., you were not to give up your freedom so easily. Question their motives. If you let them destroy the earth (by this untruth of environmentalism) then you will be in big trouble.)

Remember these words:---Freedom, Choice, Love of life. Do not let them take it from you. The Created people thus were warned first as our race is then warned thru the Biblical story. (Thus as we enter this 'Time’ of the end, will we take the wisdom of the elders or will we bow the knee to the teachings of the Serpent and his children? How long do you think that either of us will last if we chose the teachings of the serpent and his children, some of them who even came in to earth with Him?)

Now, everything that we are is a sum total of every experience that has proceeded, this includes every living thing upon our earth. We must awaken to this web of Life or we will continue along this path of denial. These are just some of these things that must be considered as we walk the Path and Feel the "Winds of Change.” Are you ready to make the proper choices?

(The Indians have many prophecies as to who are those beings in the UFO'S. They call them the Star people coming home. ( I do not quite understand their reasoning on this.) And they also think that their people will soon walk in two dimensions. (Since I believe the scriptures, then I also believe that it is Israel, the kingdom people who reach their potential first. Then in the proper chain of events the "Time" comes for the restitution of all things, and the Indians will find their place at this time. But before that, Israel getting her self straightened out will be able to take her place in the interpretation of the prophecies. I will admit that most of HIS people today do not think this way. But I also believe that as that Time approaches that HE knows how to move HIS people.)

Our author then says that at this certain time we will finally understand just who the people are who are termed 'from beyond the sun' and 'the children of Light' or the Children of the Stars. The ancient wisdom from the Maya and the Inca will also be understood at that time. When all this gets closer, and closer, we are told that the ancient wisdom will come alive in our consciousness. Will this then cure us of this disease known as --I/ Me/ I know it all? --This will have to disappear.

There are those who will always say---I am not an Indian and I will follow the teaching of my church. We say let your consciousness be your guide, for you have a spirit within you that will if listened to guide you into the ways it always has been.

Let the battle of Armageddon then begin. And here I am not speaking of surrender, rather of embracing the beauty which is within you, if you go to the source. As our author says: --You are now walking across the bridge of forever. You are now in the merging of two worlds. Those who walk in two worlds is what the Elders call 'Time'. (To us, Time is the lifetime for the Adamites to inhabit the earth). And now to those of this TIME, you walk in two worlds. For you are also in the TIME of THE WINDS OF CHANGE.

This Beast System, this one world order, would have you believe that there is something wrong with you if you feel the way you do, as you take the path that leads you away from the crowd. This is the path less traveled. But this also merges into a world which is no myth. This is not a fantasy. It is simply reality and this also is the 12th hour. The merging of the solar place and the LIGHT is already occurring. The Physical is now falling into alignment and this shifting is causing all that is not in balance with the Divine plan to be cast off. It is now time to take action. This is your hour. You are already feeling the separation as you rise in consciousness into the realm of the Living LIGHT from which you came. Only truth can now enter these portals thus which humanity will now walk. (Each in their own time. Those of you, who are holding the truth, can now enter these portals. Those of you who are holding belief patterns that you no longer embrace, are running into walls of resistance every day. Now you must learn that only the vibrations of truth shall pass beyond this point. It is 'Time' to proclaim it, make it so! Give up this cycle of death for this is only the changing world. Merge with the Creator for the source of your only blanket of protection, against “The Winds of Change.")

Give up the concept of wealth and fame. All of those concepts will vanish with the culture that creates them. Only the Creator is left. The original teaching of Creation is the only truth. Nothing else enters the gate, so how can your gold accompany you? Learn to use it to lift your part of humanity thru your own efforts. Learn to share. It is time to prepare for the journey into Forever.

Mortality is merely a concept which we embrace for a brief experience. We do so that we might understand limited existence. Every man (Adamite) who has walked among us made a path to forever. We need only to follow those footsteps. The path is already laid out for us. Just follow your heart. Connect that which is spiritual within us and the creator will do the rest.

The concept of Mortality will eventually fall away. Thus, embrace immortality. For would this not be embracing YAHWEH, Himself? Why then not be what you always knew you were within? Step forward into the LIGHT. Then all that is will be revealed unto you, by the Eternal.

If you only want to walk with the ex-wanna-be movie stars who as a result of surrendering self, can only walk thru the shadows, then you are following a false path. For they have given up their truth, or perhaps never had it to begin with. Carve your own path for you know "The truth and the way." For what our Father desires is not the material, just of the spirit.

What we are telling you is that the storms are coming. In fact, they are here already, but they will also intensify. Just remember that after the storms comes the Rainbow. We are heading for great times of Magical experiences. Each in his own time. We are never without hope even in our darkest moments. If our intent remains true we will be lifted from annihilation, from the dark forces we have allowed to scare us.

In the final end all mankind will win. (For as we have said before, there is a Restitution of all things.) There is a reason for old age to bring on the failing of the spirit, for it is from the heart. But let the spirit that is within take its natural place in this game of Life. And when you are told to "Rise and Shine,” then understand what is expected of you.

Our author has much to say pertaining to the Created people and then at times he talks of things which effect our race. (And I have tried to separate them for you.) He talks of such things as the Pyramids. And he says they were not built in the locations they are found by a mere coincidence. They were engineered with advanced technology. But Scientists today have no idea of how they were constructed. All they understand is that they cannot be duplicated by today’s technology. The Pyramids were constructed under the direction of the Star People. (We say that they were constructed under the direction of Enoch and Job of our race. They were built with the spiritual help from the heavens.)

Now those days of Darkness which is prophesied to come? This is simply the stopping of what is and getting ready to cross the bridge to the Beyond. At that time, the Pyramids will cease to function as Piezo cells. (Measuring pressures.) They will then cease to broadcast their frequencies.

The earth will stop in her rotation, as tho rocked back on her heels. "TIME" itself, will end. Actually, this period of Time was only to last until the period when the oppressor no longer harasses this race, that has been building His Kingdom. After that a New Age will be seen as we move through this 'Dream of life'. We are rapidly emerging into a world of limitations, into a formless Universe. All that ever was, or is yet to be, is being woven from the threads of the formless thoughts of creation. We are spinning a silver web, which moves unobstructed thru the limitations of “TIME" and Space.

During this time of transition, you will see the surfacing into the consciousness of many new types of healing. Some of these will enable us to become very effective in adjusting with our DNA into harmonious alignment with new frequencies of reality. After all, you are made up of a much greater portion of spirit than you are of flesh.

Now we are in a time when many people are developing very destructive patterns of behavior. Much of this may be caused by our limited thinking, and our existing in this new cycle of destruction. It seems as tho we are sort of on a Gerbil wheel never making it to the picnic. Today then we have kids killing kids and kids having babies and throwing them in the trash. These things were written about thousands of years ago, and by the Maya, and the Inca, and the Hopi. Thus you see why the consciousness of today must be changed.

What we are speaking of is the End Time. And we are hoping that this will in some way prepare you for it. This is also the story of the return of the Naguala which is the Indian name for the Great Ship. We see it written as Argo in the Star story, the Great ship that returns to take the pilgrims home. (We explained this to you in the Hale-Bopp story.)

The Indians think that they have a great ship also that will take them on home. It is described a bit differently but has the same meaning. At this time then the race of the Kingdom will be ready to accept the higher teaching of self transformation and manifestation. (We say of the sons and daughters of God.)

Thru the years the teaching of the ancient mystery school has been shrouded behind many veils, within this spell of mortality. We have become no more than slaves to a synthetic social order that maintains a synthesized social order, to perpetuate its illusion of itself. In this way we have reduced our capabilities of Divine Consciousness to mere robotic modes of predictable animal behavior. We no longer see the Divine as humanly attainable. Oh, how we have fallen in self-esteem, and awareness since we first came into this place as the LORDS OF LIFE, THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN, THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT.

Actually, this is a story about children who came from beyond the sun. And we are to begin to awaken. It is memory not fantasy in the highest degree. The story tells of a TIME WHEN A VEIL OF Darkness fell over mankind (Adam-kind). For some time we have been taught that our dreams are something to fear rather than something to guide us. We have been led to believe that to have visions was a sure sign of madmen, or Satanic influences, rather than communication with the Divine. Thus do we say that only the pure of mind will be able to walk thru the labyrinth of altered reality and merge into the Light of Eternal Truths. (We believe that this means that the end of TIME has comes. Then comes the awakening and the manifestation of the sons and daughters, and this will bring the end of the Satanic influence for almost 1000 years. Thus, now the sons and daughters will be able to move on that path toward their final goal.)

You are now approaching the 'time' when you will understand creation, and yes, even the nature of YAHWEH, Himself who created and planned all things. You will finally understand your own relationship to all this and why things happen the way they do. The mind then is like a computer. It is waiting to be reprogrammed.

It is predetermined at your birth as to what you will be permitted to experience here on this earth plain. But we find that most people do not want to change. Most people would rather stay asleep, hiding their heads in the sand.

We are, however, tho as on a journey that takes us into Forever. Do not forget that we (the Adamites) must lead the way for the other people. We are creating a new awareness, realizing it is the nature of this God-force within as to create the Dream. So put your dreams in front of you, and walk the sacred Pathway. You are thus a part of this Great Mystery of ‘I AM THAT I AM.’ Remember that you can walk thru walls. That should make you a part of the mystery. You shall change just like the little caterpillar when he goes thru his change and emerges into a Butterfly. He does not stop and say,--Hey, I don't know if I like this. He accepts the change into something beautiful. May you also realize your true relationship to the Universe. For you are also sacred to this Mystery. Know that you are forever. Know you are a child of God. You are the dreamer.

Now we find that the Indigenous people sit quietly saying very little at this time. They believe this is the 'time' of a great shifting of realities. To them the truth is simple. They see new colors in the sky. They believe the merging of the dimensions has begun. They welcome this "TIME,” for they see the many diseases coming and they also want to move on.

Now the Indian Elders tell us that there will be a major volcanic eruption with will occur near Mexico city. This will start a chain of events that will have repercussions around the 'Ring of Fire'. Japan and Indonesia will be hard hit. The earthquakes will intensify along the West Coast of America, and up thru the Cascades. Mt. Rainier will be very active thru this time, and could blow in 1998. If not then, in 1999.

Now attempts by Evangelistic groups will try to stop the people from awakening. But in the end these attempts will fail, as this One World Government falls in utter chaos, due to financial failures, and climatic disasters occur. (We say that Babylon---Great Babylon will fall.) But as (Adam) man embraces spirit, others will follow suit. For in the midst of darkness the Light will come.

The societies in the western world will begin to break away from the war-torn East. There will be a spiritual awakening that will come, and we will witness to the split in consciousness of even the earth's people. Then we will discover many hidden cities. Many hidden chambers will be found even in existing temples especially in South America.

This awakening will cause many to turn away from the fundamental Christian doctrines that were born in the Middle East. You here in the Western Hemisphere will reclaim your own connection to the teachings of the true Christ. This will revolutionize all present concepts of Christianity as you here in the Americas’ will redeem your own connection to the teachings of the Pale Prophet, as the Indians call him, but to the true Christ for the children of the Kingdom.

In fact the elders of the Indians think that Christ came over here, and it was from America that HE ascended. Whichever we still know that He Lives. We are looking forward to better things as we travel this road of "The Winds of Change.”

(To our people, we say, fear not. Look forward. Our help comes from the heavens. So look up, not down. And after studying the knowledge of our background then look forward, but always remember that to all people is the promise of Restitution, of all things. Everything then back in its own order. For the Almighty will straighten out the affairs of earth.)

(Everything seems to be right on target. We then read of the Purification that comes to help in this process we are going thru today. Purification to me is getting rid of all that you cannot take into the Kingdom of God. And since this is a battle for the mind, then the process is the purification of the mind. This comes, with the letting of the consciousness expand. And you, my friends, are getting ready for the spiritual take over. In this instance then, all that you cannot take into the kingdom has to go. Who, then, would you expect to be in charge of this wonderful procedure?)

(The indigenous people seem to think that He, the purifier, is coming to do this job of purification. Perhaps so. but with HIS children all. He has to do is stir the spirit.)

This--His coming seems to bring on more questions, so will try to look at that at a later date. But this finishes the "Winds of Change.”

Hope you have enjoyed.