ERM - Pt 3 The Last Cry


Report by Ella Rose Mast


by Robert Ghost Wolf

Part 3


(The oppressive White Serpent devours the GREAT PEACE.)

(In this story we find the process that has brought America to her knees.)


(The speaker to the Indian tribes told those listening that he saw the return of the Serpent Energy. And this Serpent would be a White Serpent that came into this land. For a time, it would intermingle with the people. It would be accepted by the Indian people, and they would come to regard the serpent as a friend or a brother. (We would say it was accepted by most of the people of the U.S.A.)

The speaker then went on to say that this serpent would grow, and over time, the Serpent would become powerful. As it grew, altho still friendly toward the people, the Serpent would ultimately become obsessed with having more and more power. Then it would reach out a giant claw and attempt to choke the life force from the people unless they succumb to the twisted will of this people. Then this white Serpent would grow mad and think that it could own the very earth itself.

In its desire for more and more power, it would attempt to kill even the people who had befriended it. Then it would try to destroy any people who dared to defy its will. Many people would become addicted to the seemingly easy way of life that the serpent offered them altho it gradually corrupted the spirit, and thus they would fall under the power of this serpent. The Serpents power lay in its ability to manipulate the people by creating fear and self doubts, as to the true spiritual path. This Serpent was a master of illusion and could even fool itself, for a time, into believing it was not a Serpent any longer. As it talked of love and a new way of life for the people, it would be devouring the very earth itself.

In the meantime there would still be people who were still trying to live in the way of the Great Peace. (This program of the Almighty for this earth). This would be a great struggle between the remnant of the people who still held to the ways of the Great Peace. There would be long suffering by the people, as the ways of the Serpent would have slowly corrupted many of them from the inside separating them from the Great Spirit that moved within them. The ways of the Serpent would separate them from each other. Mother from child, and child from grandparents. If the family fire was ever allowed to be broken, if brothers took to warfare against brothers, then it would just be a matter of time before all was lost. A great despair would fall upon the land.

With the Great Peace broken the once proud people of the Long House would become weary from the endless torment of the souls that would never seem to end. As the seasons continued many would forget their ways entirely, and the once great Peace would appear as a myth of the distant long ago past.

Then the people would see that the White Serpent was faced with a Red Serpent and a great battle would be fought and the Red Serpent would win. (To me the Elders of the Indian tribes thus were telling us that the White Serpent came with the White people to this land of America. It was called the White Serpent because its influence was found with the White race which came from Western Europe. The Red Serpent then would be Communism. The way the serpent could renew itself was thru killing and war. The people would be fearful to stay in connection with the source of their creation and their connection to the stars.)

The Serpent would thus learn to use the lightening energy, (Haarp, etc.) only they would even seem to grow wings as they carried their war into the heavens. (Rockets, etc.) In this time the rivers would begin to boil, and the fishes would turn up on their bellies. And then there would be a great flooding and great droughts. Some of the great rivers would flow upstream in an unnatural manner. The weather would become erratic and nothing would grow as it once did. It would seem as tho the earth itself was lost in confusion and sickness.

In some areas where the greatest of fighting took place, there would be no leaves left on the trees, and even the grasses would burn up as great fires fell from the sky. For strange bugs (planes) would appear in the sky, and come from the ground and the earth and her people would suffer.

Then would come the Black Serpent, A white skinned woman would have power and be skilled in the ancient arts of her people, and she would speak to the Black Serpent and tell him stories until he began to believe those stories, and think he could help in this struggle for the earth. When the woman was thru with her stories once more then he would gently place his confidence in her and then move in so that his place in earth would be established in this struggle. And the Black Serpent--in place--would, with his influence joined with the influence of the White and Red Serpent then together they would control as they wished this so-called new World Order. (Are you following this chain of thought as to what has already happened here in the United State? ?)

The Indian legend says that a new energy was born with the spring equinox of March 1995. It is now filling the consciousness of the world known and unknown. It is a new drive for a New World Order. But a person should be careful about being trapped in the dogma that might be embedded in its tradition. This New World, or New Age if it is to exist will be brought about by a very courageous people who hold within themselves the tenacity to stand against the rigid limitations of centuries of dogma and control. The critics will be harsh, they always have been. But no one has ever built monuments to critics, have they? It has always been the few who have the courage to dream that has resulted in change. But it is not popular to be a genius these days. But you are essence of the force we call the Great Mystery. That which moves the force, but which causes all things to occur the way they were meant to be.

Over these past years, as the vibrations of this earth plain began to intensify, you had a choice of remaining with the Creator and not becoming lost in the limitation of materialistic worship and the continue devotion to ignorance. There will be a choice for you in one day to go from the highest, to the lowest end of the spectrum, and the lowest ebb of human emotion. There will be no easy or smooth pathway. We are going to be taught to become responsible for our thoughts and our actions thru examples. The free ride is over. We are going to have to learn quickly to become the captains of our own ships, over our own thoughts.

You have experienced a lot of extremes in your life in the past five years as you have moved up to the millennium, for we are preparing for the complete shifting of the earth's energies. Use this experience to strengthen your inner values and you sense of self unity with the spirit which is within you. Our society is suffering from a disease called denial. It is a natural tendency to separate the different aspects of our personality (our knowledge) in fear that something might slip out and show itself at an undesirable moment. (How about showing you have a knowledge of identity, which is most unpopular as of today. ?)

Over the next decade we will see great splitting of dimensional realities as we get closer to the years of 2000 and 2007 in our counting. The earth is continuing to clear her house and shake things up. Those who are remaining rigid to the change, to the coming to the spirit within themselves will have a hard time. As financial systems and social structures fall away it will become more necessary all the time for us to see which path lies before us. Are we to follow this path? --We are on the bow to the Universal law. As we come closer to the Millennium the changes of earth along with the erratic extremes of weather and the confusion of seasons will be governed by the universal law. Scientists will have no answers for this kind of meteorological behavior. It will be interesting to watch as to how they will try to explain it.

Unless you develop your own inner spirituality and accept all that is as being a part of the plan of the Creator, these then will prove to be hard times.

The dogmatic, politically structured religions of the world will eventually fail in their attempts to manifest a global program of control over the people of earth. There will be a significant number of people who will realize that they thru this experience have been caught up in a fabricated system that was created purely to enslave them.

These people then on earth will long for the reunion of their spirits and their re-connection to their Creator. For this is your destiny. Their leaders shall begin to run like frightened children from forces and powers from which they have long ago separated themselves, and of which they have little to no understanding or knowledge as to the control. They will find no comforting answers to the questions being presented before them. It is thus time to get back to your destiny. The Blue Ray (some said this was the showing of the Blue tail of Hale-Bopp) is like a two edged sword.

Thus this 'herd' consciousness, called today 'social consciousness', will be given the opportunity to expand into God consciousness. For this is your destiny.

Those who do not choose to follow this pathway being opened to them shall be provided a place where they can develop at their own rate. (The scriptures suggest they can go to live outside the established kingdom of God on earth until they are willing to accept His way as your destiny.)

But as to these others, then they move with assurance for the dawning of the awakened man is at hand. The age of tyranny over others is coming to an abrupt close. The sacred hoop (the whirling cross or swastika) is already spinning in its sacred spiral patterns, expanding into tomorrow. Thus the Indian masters say that all that they can verify at this time is that a final shift will actually occur. But storm clouds are already on the horizon and they are telling us to prepare for the brunt of the storm. All will be different after its passing. (See why I always SAY FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS?)



The years of 2000 to 2009 will allow you to experience the complete altering of all that you presently call your knowledge of reality. (This is what the ancient ones were talking about that day of the Red Rock meeting in 1995). There will come much social disorder over the next three to four years as the governmental and financial institutions exhaust new ways of covering up their failures. They do not have the capacity to deal with two kinds of people born upon this plain. One kind is spiritually advanced, possessing much light and inner wisdom. The second kind quite different. Without the proper facilities to work with and to help advance them spiritually along their path of development they are likely to revert to their animal instincts. There is little spirit left in your society. You have become a people who have lost touch with your hearts. But from these staunch few who keep the flame of knowledge lit, there will arise a new Manu, a new race of mankind. They will possess a new understanding of physics that will apply to your new and expanded reality. The power of their minds will do this, and it will seem frightening to some at first. But this will occur as teachers, the crystallites who are the Star seed of your plain, take their rightful place in your society. Many of the laws that your scientists have built their doctrines upon will begin to fail. Their is a new energy coming upon this plain, and it will bring the chains of social limitations in your thought patterns. The Spirit of the CHRIST ENERGY will soon flow forth like the rivers after the spring rains.

This will however not appear as you might expect. For in this time period the Christ energy will no longer tolerate duality in its domain. There will be much darkness at the beginning of these times. But fear not, take a firm hold on your inner truths. Bring the light of the plan of the Creator into your being and walk out of the falseness of your dreams.

The ones who truly run your government here in America will attempt many desperate measures to keep control over the people and their monetary systems. But in the end probably within four to six years, it will collapse entirely. This will most likely occur before the end of this century. There will be several attempts by this government to enforce systems of martial law. Here in America you now have thru your utilities, and communication network, your financial systems, the ATM, Debit Card, and so forth. And with the government trying to establish a Citizen's Card for National Identification purposes. This is simply the prelude for a planned world government system. The New Health Care Program that President Clinton tried to impose upon the American people was simply a part of this program of ultimate control of a people. There is to be a world financial movement by the men who are at the top of this control.

But the plagues are already upon this planet, already killing people, and they will no longer be able to keep this fact silent. As the level of diseases becomes unmanageable hysteria will build up in the cities. Water will become scarce. City water will have to be treated chemically. An ID card is planned so that you cannot not obtain goods thru the stores unless it is used. Crime will increase, and this will open the doors for the military to enforce martial law. The truth as to how the Star War's program has been taken over will finally be revealed. And you will find that a world communication system is presently being established that is capable of identifying and monitoring your every move.

Certain elements in the present crime bill is designed to establish the foundation for a federal program that calls for the disarming of the American citizen which will make them vulnerable to military domination. The Earth changes themselves will also begin to increase in intensity during this time. And there will be massive crop failures in many areas of America as well as abroad. Insurance companies will not be able to keep up with the disaster.

But remember that all this is based upon false foundations which shall perish of its own hand. Take a firm hold on your inner truths. Bring the light of the plan of the Creator into your life and walk out of this time that you have helped create. Renewing our understanding of universal truths will enable people to go beyond the effects of the mutation occurring in the physical plain. These have only occurred because of improper thought processes. Thru out the world there will be many small groups of people. This is especially true of America, where there are those who have held to higher thought vibrations. Some will seem to develop into a new race of mankind that will possess what now would seem like unbelievable psychic and mental abilities. (Could this be the manifestation of the sons and daughters?)

Much of the present technology will survive, altho there will be very different ways of enabling it to work. Instant manifestations will soon be the order of the day. It will not be uncommon for people to live for thousands of years, if they choose to do so upon this plain. For the great mystery of death will be no longer necessary for the sake of this experience. The season of flesh in its present mortal concept is at its close. There will be one path that will lead to what we have come to term "Everlasting Life.” There will no longer be a need for the body as we know it, altho it will still exist, in a manner of speaking.

Another path is visible for those people who will still be connected to the physical mass to enjoy. The people on this path will continue to develop thru the teaching of this new knowledge in certain areas upon your plain. Golden cities are the terms to use, and these will be great vents of learning, beyond, in a manner of speaking, to their desolate location. Many of those who choose to remain to help with the establishment of the new consciousness upon this plain will also have their renewed relationships with their brothers beyond the Sun. They will reestablish their presence and exchange of knowledge as it was before this experience of limited reality.

There are others who have lost all conscious existence in their memory and they will have to begin again from point zero.

But for those who are ready to take their place in the universe, (we would say the Kingdom age) a new place very far from here in today’s standard thinking, those will see a new earth, a reborn earth that has evolved (developed) to its highest potential. You can choose to be the sons and daughters of the Living God or turn back to live in the repetitious world of limited monkey mind reality. Thus the more consistently we can think as God thinks, the easier these changes will be. Don't try to change people, you never could anyway. One can only guide someone to their own truths.

As for the emotional devastation due to uncontrollable emotional outbursts, well, you haven't seen anything like the instant manifestation as yet. Oh, you can continue to embrace ignorance and lamentations. What is your choice? This is the time you have waited for. You have prophesied you have dreamed of it. And you have called it forth. So why act so surprised that it is here? You don't believe in yourself, do You? For you couldn't be that powerful, for ----after 7 1/2 million years, and you still do not believe in yourself---remarkable.

Your immediate future?-------It will be like a science fiction movie, only there is no rewind of this show. Live your truth. Fulfill your dreams. That is important. You can have anything you desire. Don't you know yourself? So how could you know what you want? You must get clear, very clear, keep it simple, stay focused and breath the life of a Great New Age.