ERM _ Round Towers Of Ireland


Report by Ella Rose Mast



Or..the History of the TUATH-DE-DANAANS.

BY: Henry O’Brien Published in 1898


In Ireland in the 1800's it seems that there were still many of these 'Round Towers' scattered over the Island, but no one seemed to know the origin or purpose of these structures which showed so much skill and architecture knowledge and skill. In the 1800's knowledge of the far east was almost unknown except there was no accounting for the contrast of 'The Ireland that was' and 'The Ireland that is', which has sunk almost to the level of Barbarianism. Our Author as a young man was very curious as to why this land covered with these structures showing such knowledge could have sunk so far...why was this knowledge stopped so suddenly..and for ever?

Our Author then began the study of the writings of every traveler and he noticed that one such as Bishop Pococke coming back to Ireland had recorded the amazing conformity between the Ancient Irish and the Ancient Egyptian and of course our young Author was very curious.

As a boy young O'Brien had seen the ruins of some, and the complete as yet ...of some of these famous 'Round Towers'. He had read that some were in eastern lands and that they had something to do with public worship, and he wondered:..'Were these particular forms of belief carried from the east to the west in a type of kindred religious belief. As a young Student he seemed to have been confident that an earlier origin would explain the mysteries of the 'Round Towers of Ireland'.

A young Author tried to bring to the Literary world his idea that the Tuath-de-danaan's came from maybe Persia bringing with them their arts and religion, but the Literary critics of that day almost tore him apart. He however wrote his story and it won second place in the contest and this disturbed the critics very much as they deemed his work very crude. And then that young author died very unexpectedly and the subject was deemed closed.

I would remind you that in the 1800's this idea of finding Israel in the west was coming to the surface once more. No doubt there were those who did not want anything of this nature to surface. Then in 1867...a book agreed with our Author and the young man who had died so again young O'Brien was interested in this subject. He started looking at these 'Towers' and comparing the symbolism of these Ancient Towers and those in other places and he believed that the same symbolism was to be found here in the west which must have come from an Eastern source. He realized that religious sentiment always resorts largely to symbolism, where in men are seen either as choosing natural or artificial objects to remind them of the 'Great Hidden ONE'. The sun was a natural representation, by its radiating face, and the moon by its Crescent.

However in Ireland in the 1800's the Irish Scholars of that time were so sure that these 'Round Towers' were pagan, maybe their likes were found in India, but there they were pagan also because of course there in India in the 1800's the religion was Buddhism. The name of Eri or Hibernia they chose to believe was identical to Iran...thus also pagan.

Now; the early inhabitants were no doubt a bit pagan for St. Patrick, who was Jeremiah, did drive the snakes (Cainanite-Jews) out of Ireland and did destroy a mass of literature which had been corrupted. We would refer you to the Totten Book reports as to the Tuath-de-danaan occupation of Ireland. These works are a bit later works and will trace westward the migrating Aryans. Our young Author here in his book then begins to trace the Round Towers as an identification of a people migrating from east to west. He found that the traces of the occupation of Ancient Ireland by the Tuath-de-danaan's existed in the shape of gigantic crosses, and sculptured ornamentation in which the Cross symbolism is prominent. This seemed to point to a mystery more secret than that involved in the Christian emblem. The Cross has been representative of the number 10, because in Irish the same word..'lambh' denoted equally a cross, and the human hand or the number of figures on both hands; while the triangle of 10 embraced all that was solemn in religion, and thought, being in fact male and female united to symbolize the family..a prototype of The Ark and the Pyramid...thus the Family of The Great God of the Heavens. Here were these great high aspiring edifices which rise with towering elevation toward the canopy of the MOST HIGH..what are these stupendous structures, are they but the Historical monuments of splendor departed surviving the ravages of time and decay, even the denial of the authenticity of our historic record, and question the truth of our own primeval civilization. (Unquote)

No wonder our Author was to shake a skeptical world as he asked such questions, and called attention to an Ancient past. After all knowledge had been shut down by the dark ages, who even cared about the days before Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth, and in fact even that knowledge the enemy wanted washed away. But some of our race always seems to keep asking questions until the past is kept alive.

Our Author therefore said:..(Quote) when I proved that the intent and application of these primitive Towers which decorate our landscape, and commemorate our past renown, pertain to an omnipotence of Spirit which brought 'ALL' into existence, when I have also proved that they were used to worship only the host of heaven, the Woman (Israel) of the Solar body, which gives vigor to all things, methinks I shall have removed one obstacle from the Mystery of our antiquities, and facilitated the road to further adventure in this interesting inquiry.

I have learned from the records of Antiquity that not all 'The Round Towers' of Ireland were used or intended for one and the same thing. Thus at times we find two of them erected in the same locality.

Herodotus at one time stated that the inscriptions upon one of the Pyramids in Egypt was no different than the Irish Temples or Towers. And you often find ruins of chapels, or Cathedrals in the vicinity of these 'Round Towers', but their material and architecture stamp them as from a later age..such as the Christian age. The Danes had dominion in Britain longer and more extensively than they ever had in the Island known as Ireland, and yet there is not one idea of identity or resemblance in architecture in England, nor in Denmark or even Scandinavia comparable to the 'Round Towers' of Ireland. Two of these towers however are to be found in Scotland, only two, but they are smaller than those found in Ireland.

These 'Round Towers' are made of Stone, cemented by a bond of such endurable quality that nothing short of lightening or earthquake has ever been known to disturb them. They were not large enough in diameter to accommodate very many people a one time, and the top is a round cap with a point.

Our Author spends much time pointing out the mistakes of other Authors who tried to define the where and why of these 'Round Towers' of Ireland. The noble Spirit of these Irish Ancestors which built these 'Round Towers' for the purpose of religion and science had already evaporated, and all the historians could come up with was that at one time these 'Round Towers' of antiquity were once even under the sea.

As our Author studied these Ancient writings the realized that these men were talking...the art of Astronomy. (Quote)

'Far westward lies an island of ancient fame,

By nature blessed, and Scotia is her name.

An Island rich..exhaustless in her store

of veiny silver and of golden lore;

Her verdant fields with milk and honey flow;

Her wooly fleeces vie with virgin snow,

Her waning furrows float with Verdant corn,

And arms and arts her envied sons adore.'

From this description of Ireland written in 802 A.D., we find that Scotia or Scythia was the last of the Ancient names for this country called Ireland. Then the Tuath-de-danaan colony of Ireland was subdued by the Sythians who were more of this same race and in this case the same tribe of Israel...the Tribe of Dan.

Our Author as he wrote in 1898 had not as then learned the Identity message, altho he believed that his race reached back into antiquity, and he was attempting to trace them back to the east altho he did not quite know why. He had studied the works of the Druids in Ireland and tells us that at one time these Druids were a set of humble men, but after the clearing of error from their order at that early time (by Jeremiah) they moved out to correct all the Druids in the Isles of the Sea. We learned from the books of Col. Totten that cleansing of Ireland's Druids after Jeremiah came bringing his Granddaughter Tea Tephi to the west. At that time then Ollan Fallah..Jeremiah, is said to have driven the snakes (Jews) out of Ireland. After that the Irish Druids were superior to all the other Druids of the Isles of the Sea, and they were called the Irish Magi as they moved out, now all errors in their faith corrected, to minister to Europe.

Our Author tells us that this idea that the Ancients were all pagan sun- worshipers is false. There is every reason to think that this 'Solar' deity was not worship at was only emblematical, recognizing in the effulgence of the 'Orb of the day' the creative power of HIM..THE FATHER OF ALL, in every age, in every cline, adored, by Saint, by savage and by Sage ...YAH!..the Saviour God..who sent the sun forth on its beneficent errancy.

We have seen in this old book and others that originally there were no Temples dedicated to the occasion. The Congregation would meet in the open air, and pour out their vows, and their Thanksgiving under the open sky. There must have been something very impressive in this great assembly paying their adoration to the Throne of Light here in the natural Temple of His daily splendors.

Remember St. Stephen, the first Martyr of the disciples, who suffered death by order of the Jewish Sanhedrin because he would not deny 'The Christ?' Stephen said:..'God dwelleth not in Temples made with hands.' Acts 7:48.

The religion of the Hebrews carried the symbolism of 'Divine Support'.. by give them light, but the false priests not understanding then turned this conception into bloody sacrifice, and the worship of fire. But these 'Round Towers' of Ireland were not a place of burning. They show no smoke damage to the white coating inside in any of the Towers that are still standing, and there are many. There are 4 windows in the top part of the tower near the cone. On some of them there is still a cross on top. There are 4 tiers to most of the Towers, 4 windows in the 4th., tier, 2 windows in the top of the bottom tier, and two in the third level.

Our Author tells us that in Northern India there were also these Cylindrical or Round Towers with their tops a round or cone, and at the point on the top frequently was to be found a round ball stuck on a spike...symbolically the world.

In the Caucasus mountains you find many, many of the columns or towers and it must not be forgotten that the mountains have the claim of residence for our ancestors. As you listen to our Author you see that he realizes that his ancestors came from the east, a part of this Aryan race altho he had not quite connected the Biblical story to this tracing of his race.

In the Teric banks in the Caucasus Mountains, there is a beautiful and lofty 'Round Tower'. The door is described as being 12 feet from the ground level. In Hindustan is also found these 'Round Towers' and it is reported that these towers had some things to do with the Aryan religion. In fact all thru the Ancient east, our Author tells us: are these the same type of 'Round Towers' small in diameter, and yet there seems to be a Mystery about them, an antiquity as to their date of erection, and in some cases there were passages beneath them which are said to extend for miles under the ground. In digging amid the ruins they discovered along the banks of the Hypanes river...they discovered a Sphinx head which was probably on the top of the tower, and it bears an inscription which seems to differ from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Tartar, Greek or even Roman letters yet it bore a close similarity to the inscription found on the mummies of Egypt, which tell us as to the Antiquity of the 'Round Towers'. In Irish Antiquity there is also found an ancestral connection with the Egyptian Kings. (unquote)

We ask you could it be these 'Round Towers' go back to the Golden Age at the time of Enoch when those Aryans moved out over the earth? In the book review..'In Search of the White God'..we found the Aryans in South America building a great civilization but we did not find these 'Round Towers':... but in this old book as well we find, one more time, the trail of the Aryan Civilization. We have told you from the Swift Ministry about this Aryan civilization in Northern India, and then how the children of Abraham and Keturah in their time were sent to the east and we found them in that area. They were also the Brahmin of India, and this old book we find there were Aryan Brahmin in India before these children of Abraham came into that area. We find these Aryans in Northern India held their racial purity thru the centuries. Some of the children of Lot and his daughters went to the east also and some went on to China and even Japan, and they were of course white people but were not of the covenant. For years history tells us that as they went further to the east that they sent back to India for wives for their sons so as to maintain their racial purity. The religion of these people in this part of India was not as some would have you believe. It was the worship of the ONE GREAT GOD..the God of Adam and Eve. These Ancient Aryans were what was called star gazers but the Stars were an abode of Deity in their belief.

In May 1777 a letter from Sir Robert Baker to the President of the Royal Society of London was read before that body, and our Author calls our attention to the fact that this letter details a complete Astronomical apparatus found at Benares, India which belonged to the Brahmins, this report reads:.......

(Quote) Such is but a remnant of that once enlightened nation, the favorite retreat of Civilization, and the arts which sent its professors into the most distant quarters of the world, and disseminated knowledge wherever they had arrived, with the first account we have of Hindustan. A Mighty empire opens to our view which in extent of riches, and the number of its inhabitants has not been equaled since in any nation on the globe. There we find salutary laws, and a refined system of religion established; sciences and art, known and practiced; all of these evidently brought to perfection by the accumulated experience of many preceding ages. We see here a country abounding in fair and beautiful cities, magnificent Temples; and Palaces; useful, and ingenious artists employing the precious cloth which in the fines of their texture, and the beauty, and duration of some of their dyes, have even yet but barley imitated by other nations.

The traveler was able to journey thru this immense country with ease and safety. The public roads were shaded with trees to defend the traveler from the scorching sun. At convenient distances buildings were erected for him to repose in, and a Brahmin was there to attend to this needs with hospitality. The laws held out assistance and protection to all without prejudice or partiality. (Unquote)

Yet people today think these Aryans of long ago were a semi-savage people who could not read or write. We have told you from the Swift Ministry that Adam and Eve came into physical earth, with much knowledge. And as the Adamites came out of the Tarim Basin in migration before the flood of Noah's day they built a great civilization back in those long forgotten days and now you are reading about it here in this old book..'The Round Towers of Ireland'. And finally this great civilization was over ran after many of the Aryans..Adamites moved on in their migration, and then came a fierce Asiatic type of men who were determined to subdue the minds of the Hindu. We have found this old word Hindoo in other books and now we know that this word was connected with this Aryan or Adamic civilization in Northern India back there in Antiquity. The Hindoo is a word for an entirely different people.

As the Asiatic-Steppe people came in they massacred the people, tortured the Priests and tore down many of the Temples, and what was worse were mixing races with these Aryans, and thus converting them to places of worship, with their pagan prophets.

In describing the things he has learned our Author in drawing attention to the connection at one time of this portion of India, and Ireland tells us that these so called 'Sacred Fires' which were said to have burned in the Ancient 'Round Towers' were but a gentle flame emblematic of that emanation of Spirit of Divinity infused, as Light from Light into the soul of Adam-man. These 'Round Towers' of Ireland were not fire receptacles, or even places of Baal Worship as many would have you believe. In his study of Ancient History our Author then came to the conclusion that these 'Round Towers' of Ireland were constructed as symbolic Temples by the descendants of these same people who built them in Ancient India. He believes that astronomy was inseparably interwoven with this planetary religion; while religion was characterized by enforcing almost as strict a regard to the body after death, as the body was expected to pay to a Supreme Essence before its mortal dissolution. Thus these 'Round Towers' were erected with a two fold view of religious culture, and the practice of that science of astronomy with which it was so mixed. In no way were these Ancient people only worshiping with an animal appetite which is common to man of the brute creation. No, these Ancient people believed in the Love of offspring. They believed that they were to populate the earth, but they did not worship the procreation process as did the other races around them who understood not the Faith of these Ancient people. Men not understanding have called the appearance of the towers..Phallus, and Astarte was the divinity of the pagan worship in which the procreation process had a part. And in that type of understanding then the worship of the moon would enter that type of worship. (Unquote)

This misunderstanding of the Symbolism of our Ancient ancestry led to the Pagans adopting their understanding of the Ancient mythology of the Adamic Race, and the worship of the sexual organs became a part of their religion which in India was Buddhism.

We have told you before that Buddha was the head of a sect which had at one time prevailed over a part of India, but these tenets and forms of worship were in direct opposition to those of the Brahmins, and finally the Buddhist were expelled from the country of the Brahmins.

Job, remember, said:...'If I gazed upon Orus (the sun) when he was shinning, or upon the moon when rising to her glory; and my heart went secretly after them, and my hand kissed my mouth (in worship) I should have denied the God that is above.'

Yes, the sun and moon were objects of veneration to fallen man in the Ancient world, but the Initiates...those of the Adamic race to whom the Mysteries of Faith were explained realized that the circulation rotations of these bright objects were but symbolic in their Faith. All creation moves out from YAHWEH-God in a circle, thus the 'Round Towers' were symbolic. The Adamic race fell in their days and they knew just how they fell. They tell us their story in symbolism, for they joined those of earth in the way of procreation of their race, but from the top windows of their 'Round Towers' they watched the heavens, believing in the promise of Restoration. The bottom windows were 12 feet from the ground thus in symbolism, and the two windows of the third tier marked the knowledge that there would be an understanding of two parts of this Godhead which would lead these people in their destiny.

Now; Dr. Swift told us who started all pagan religions, and you can see how not understanding Symbolism that they would set up pagan worship as they picked up certain ideas from the Adamites, and always being who their god was then they turned all ideas to evil.

Our Author point out that the word Hibernia is a pure Iberno-Celtic dialect and must have had some meaning founded in the nature of things in its original and radical formation. Since Erin did signify the 'Land of Iron' then in its Greek formation of Ierne must convey the same idea, and so will the name Hibernia. Most have said that the word Erin is but a metempsychosis of the word Green. But the word Ibernia means 'Sacred Island' and thus of course Hiberman means an inhabitant of the Sacred Island. Six hundred years before the Birth of The Christ a Phoenician recorded that he traveled the ocean and with his own two eyes saw the Isle of Ireland saying this Island was better known than those of what is now England.

Again we suggest that you read the Totten reports which refer to the transfer to the West of the Throne of Judah, the Hill of Tara and of course the work of Jeremiah in this transfer of the Kingdom to the west. Let us know and we will send you written copies as they are not on tape.

Professor Heeren of the Gottingem University is Quoting our Author as saying: 'They (the Adamites) of Persia were called by the Orientals themselves by the common term 'Iran', and the inhabitants in so much as they possessed fixed habitations, and laws were styled Iranians in opposition to the Turanians (pre-Adamic) people, or the wandering hoards of Central Asia.

Feroze another reputable scholar tells us that the word Iran is the plural of Eir...meaning the country of believers and the word An-Iran means unbelievers. A figure is that ..a worshiper of the KING OF KINGS, a Celestial gen of a heavenly race is thus revealed. In Ancient times the word Iran had a definite connection with the Aryan race. Ireland and Persia have been thus linked together as a dwelling place of a certain people, identified by their Faith, and as they moved westward in wave after wave you find them in The Sacred Isle long before the coming of the Faith called Christianity. This term..'Sacred Isle' was used because of the worship and faith of the people who were occupants of the land. Yes, writers have tried to identify the deity of the occupants of the Sacred Isle with Buddha of the eastern pagan faith, but these early occupants were Aryans..Adamites, as were the Tuath-de-danaan's as they came.

Our Author tells us that the historians have simply not been able to keep up with the many migrations of a proud race, although they at times did confess that they had in their possession such things as manuscripts, illustrative of their lineage, their ancestral positions. But any time these records must be done away with, that they have no basis to rest upon.

St. Patrick, himself when he came to Ireland is said to have set fire to no less than 180 volumes which he selected as being contaminated. However he left untouched and secure those records relating to National and Personal achievements. Then it is said that he ran the snakes out of Ireland, but there were no crawling on the belly serpents involved. After this cleansing Ireland still retained ample and authentic material for the completion of her history, if anyone was willing to search.

Again we find in this old book from the Swift Library the records that tell of the migration into Egypt of the 'White Shepherds', called Huksos in those days and Hyskos today. The first syllable in the sacred dialect of this people signified..King..and the latter Shepherd. Those people were said have come by way of Arabia, yet the Vedas, or Sanskrit records of Hindustan states that these who came into their country were the 'Pali' or Shepherds, a powerful and warlike people when disturbed, a peaceful people when left alone by the races around them. These same 'Shepherd Kings' according to Herodotus left behind in Egypt ample evidence of the resemblance between the Egyptian customs and those of the remote east. From their rites and ceremonies, their mode of life, and so forth, they were also identified with the Brahmins of India.

Here once again we see this tracing of the Migrations of a race, and we learn that these Ancient ancestors were called Brahmin in India long before the children of Abraham and Keturah came to that part of India to live. China also celebrates the festival of lamps (Lights) which was formerly universal thru out the extent of Egypt under the rule of the Shepherd Kings...this was long before the Jews adopted the festival custom from the Maccabees. It is also said that the Sepoys in the British Army came from India they beheld in Egypt the ruins of Dendera, the Great Temple of ON, and they prostrated themselves before the ruins of that Ancient Temple and when asked the reason of their conduct they replied that they saw before them the sculptured remains of the gods of their country. The people of Egypt named a Shepherd King in the connection with the invasion of their land and the building of the Great Pyramid, and we believe this man to be Enoch and his companions. These invaders of Egypt were said to have been the first to bring rules of government which made life easier, and the people happier, the true end of their pagan government was then replaced by a regular system.

There is scriptural proof as well both in the Old and New Testament to show that the Tuath-de-danaan colonists of this Western Isle were relatives of the Indo Scythae or other White Shepherds who came from Northern India into Egypt. The Great Pyramid and other edifices they erected bespeaks an acquaintance with astronomical rules as well as the principals of geometry, taught also by their Ancient Chaldean relatives.

When talking about the Great Pyramid several learned Brahmins asked:... 'Does it not have a communication underground with the river Cali?' Being told that such has been spoken of as existing, and that a well shaft was still to be seen, then Dr. Davidson, a British Consul to Algiers, accompanying R. Wortley Montague to Egypt in 1763, discovered a chamber before unnoticed, and descended to a depth of 155ft., thru three successive reservoirs. The principal passage has since then been traced by the very enterprising master of a Merchant Vessel Captain Cavigha...1200 feet further down than any former explorer and found this to communicate with the bottom of the well which is now filled with rubbish. A circulation of air being procured he then proceeded twenty-eight feet further, which brought him into a spacious 66' by 27' hall directly under the center of the Pyramid. Our Author contends that if the ground around the Pyramid was sufficiently evacuated it would be found that there were subterraneous passages. Some have been found at least the top of these passages have been found. The same superiority in this construction of Masonic skill is exhibited.

We have a book saying that this spacious hall directly under the center of the Pyramid was found, and if fact this book talks of subterranean passages over a lot of the earth, perhaps we will find all the truth about this Great Pyramid of Giza built by Enoch and Job in time, but I think there is more yet to surface, just buildings by these Ancient people of our race has so much to tell about the people doing the building and their purpose in earth.

On the Sea Coast near Tripoli at one time there was two 'Round Towers', one was 33 feet high composed of a pedestal 10 foot high and 15 feet square surmounted with a tall cylindrical stone, and capped with another form of a Pyramid. The other was 30 feet 2 inches high, and its pedestal is supported by four carved Lions, one at each corner..16'6'' square, and one single stone on op in the shape of a hemisphere. Under each tower were catacombs or Sepulchral chambers with entrances on the south side. We must come to the conclusion that these statutes of Bulls, Lions, Serpents, and Dragons are all a part of this story connecting a people and ONE GREAT SUPREME BEING. We thus come to the conclusion that the 'Round Towers' of Ireland were also connected with this symbolism and some were even furnished with Subterranean chambers.

We find also that the Semitic and Persian languages were spoken as far east as the Indus River. The Zend of Hindustan and the Sanskrit of Persia are similar, thus the 'Arie' was allied with the Medes but then...they were of the same race. At some remote time period even before known historical records perhaps as we know them today, one mighty race possessed these vast mid-eastern plains. The traditions of this race preserve some very important particulars respecting their descent, their Ancient abodes, and their gradual passing the land of Iran tends to show a migration from the east to the west if anyone will look.

In the works of Zoroaster in this old book we find reference to another time:..(Quote) Hemshed, the father of his people, the most Glorious of Mortals whom the sun ever beheld. In his days even animals perished not; there was no want of either water or of fruit bearing trees, or of animals fit for food of mankind. During the Light of His reign there was neither frost or burning heat, nor death, nor unbridled passion, nor the work of the Deews. (wonder who those were???) Man appeared to retain the age of 15, the children appeared to grow up in safety as long as Hemshid reigned... the father of his people. (This was taken from the Zendavests). The rest- oration of such a Golden Age was the end of the legislation of Zoroaster. According to his own words Zoroaster used these principals to build his laws for the improvement of the soil by means of Agriculture. A pastoral people tending their cattle and flocks is the picture we receive. (Unquote)

Now; the father of his people in that Ancient 'Golden Age' we believe was Enoch..remember Enoch walked so obediently that he was taken back into the spirit without suffering death. This was the time in antiquity that we found a great civilization being built in South and Central America. Since then we have not had such a 'Golden Age'. Christianity did not bring this type of an Age. Many of the Christian Cathedrals were built with great Architecture knowledge that has come down with this race, and in Ireland many of them were built incorporating the 'Round Tower', but the construction of the latter did not wear so well for you now find these Christian ruins beside the still standing Ancient masonry Towers. If Christianity was trying for a wedding with these builders who were followers of the Ancient Star Bible then the mortar used in their construction was not of the same quality.

In the Himalaya Mountains are said to be the peculiar abode of the gods of the Aindoos (Aryans), the rivers issuing from the eternal snows according to the Ancient writers, are sacred in the eyes of all. Shrines of the MOST HOLY are found at the fountain heads of the Ganges and the Jumna; this the oldest species of worship recognized by this Ancient peculiar people as they were known. The Hindoos (Aryans) people of Ancient Hindustan had the story that a Giant named Sancha-Mucha-Nega in the shape of a snake was to be killed by Christnah. The tradition of the Serpent is but a chain of many links, which descended from Paradise, and reaches into the language of Homer, but on the other hand this same story promised that 'The Seed of Woman' shall bruise the Serpent's head. This Mystic Serpent then entered into the Mythology of every nation, and always ruled in the realms of ever- lasting sorrow.

Our Author states that the most Ancient record of this Serpent legend is found in the book of Genesis but I bed to differ with him. But since he probably thinks everything started with Adam then he would suggest that. However going outside the Bible, even before Adam, the allegory of the Serpent was all over the world. But in Ancient Egyptian Temples in the time of Enoch and Job they had this so called decoration with the symbol of the serpent...only the Serpent was in a circle. This we believe signified that only in the circle of creation would the Serpent be allowed to operate, for YAHWEH controls the circle. Some of the Symbolism shows the sun, moon and stars, and a cross...with the serpent walking on two legs, and then a round globe is also shown. Many writers try to make this show solar worship, but no, this is the story of the Star Bible told in Symbolism carried on in the Adamic story.

We can understand that to the pagan understanding these symbols would be but an object of worship. However today people that should know better think that anything Ancient is pagan. Many writers thus connect the descendants of those who built the 'Round Towers' with pagan worship and they connect the Hindoo(Aryans) with the pagans of Buddhism, but this is only because of the misunderstanding of the theme of the Scriptures.

Some of the mysterious phrases of the Bible are also hard for men to solve, and cause some of this confusion, and has caused them to classify these phrases as:..'Above reason'...or 'contrary'..or 'According to'. For instance this phrase:..'The sons of god saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and took them wives of all which they chose'. How do you explain this? Some say this was the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them'. What is your answer now? Was this just any race of ordinary human beings? Listen:..'Where were thou when I laid the foundation of the earth? Declare if thou has understanding; when the Morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy.' (Job 38) Here is an allusion to a period antecedent to the existence of either Cain or Seth. The Stars and the sons of God must be different from each other, the stars are not sons, thus the translation was not correct, for stars..fallen Angels..took wives of physical women. Whereas some emanation of the Godhead distinct from stars and humanity is in this phrase... 'The Sons of God'. (Unquote)

The historians do not recognize old names, or migrations or a people, thus they do not interpret as required with knowledge. The term Tautha-de-danaans is a term which expressed Deity, thus these were a tribe of our people who came to the Isle now called Ireland. And always an evil power arose which works to erase every vestige of a former people..for the purpose of turning everything into a meaningless worship of physical pleasure. The Ancient word Budh..or Tuath in its literal acceptance thus implies mystery, prophets, legislators and so forth. How then could the Tuath-de-danaan have made their way to Ireland from the mid-east? To one with an Identity prospective this is very clear, and it will be admitted by some, but to Ancient merchants of a certain tribe (Dan) it was believed that they were bold and enterprising, and at the same time were cautious and circumspect. They were said to be from their fathers lineage sea-faring men and from their mothers lineage warriors. Their vessels said to ride over the waves with help of the canvas. The model of 'The Ark' would be a lesson sufficient to instruct an enterprising generation in the science of Naval Architecture.

The story of the Deluge of Noah's day, the Ark, the Giants, the Serpent, the sons of God, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil now stand beyond the scepticism of a modern world. Could the coincidence of measure between the Great Pyramid at its base, and that of Noah's Ark in Ancient Cubits have been accidental? The Triangle in the old world was a sacred form, it represented the properties, the capacity of the woman (Israel) symbol, but is this symbol no longer valid...we think not.

Pythagoras was educated in Egypt; and the religious mysteries with which he had been imbued are now ridiculed by the infidel, and the scoffer, but the Mysteries are never called Idolatry in the Pentateuch. Plutarch positively asserts that these peculiar people had never inserted anything into their worship without a reason. Nothing superstitious, only something that institutions have reference to, either morals or something useful in life, which bears a beautiful resemblance, many of them to some facts in history, or some appearance in nature. If we investigate the secrets of their Pythagorean Mystery we find that the numbers one thru four joined and touching each other as it were in three Angles which constitute an equilateral triangle, and the amount in calculation is ten. While the inward mystery under this figure embraced all that was solemn in religion, in the thought and being. In fact the index of male (Adam) and the female (Eve) united...with the unit at the the center standing for the Godhead then you have the triangle. Look you to the form of the Great Pyramid and is it not the same triangle. (four dots in the bottom line, three in the next line and two in the next with one dot at the top in the center, and this is three triangles in one...equaling no. 10 in the Mysteries.

In II Peter 3:20 it is asserted that only 8 persons were preserved in the Ark, Noah and his three sons and their wives, and yet in a comparatively short time as Abraham came out on the Plains of Shinar there were thousands of men fighting for the Gold of Ophir. As Abraham came on into the land of Egypt we find a flourishing kingdom, and organized Police system, a systematic legislature and institutions diffused over its surface. How could these 8 people in that amount of time approximately 352 years have procreated so plentiful?

Our Author then draws the following conclusions:...that from the language, the customs, the manners, and the modes of life of these Ancient people, from the far east to Egypt and on to Ireland, these were one identical people. Paganism then mimicked and copied much of the allegories and symbols of these people. That the Tauth-de-danaans were descendants of these same people who built the Round Towers which seemed to have only one meaning to the pagan World Order...that of sexual deviation.

Our Author, altho no minister of Identity, makes much work out of tracing his people. However he realized the enmity between the woman (Israel) and the Serpent, and that the deity thus proclaimed a program of Restoration. He realized that the Egyptians, Arabians, and even some of the American Indians before the birth of The Christ paid a veneration to the sign of the Cross...and that in Egypt the Cross stood for the significance of 'Eternal Life'...thus there was this Mystery that the migrating Aryans carried.

It is said that the Druids even would seek for an Oak tree, large and handsome, growing up with two principal arms in the form of a Cross, beside the main slim upright. If the two horizontal arms were not sufficiently adapted to the figure of the Cross they fastened a cross beam to it.

At Lock Bernera in the Isle of Lewis, the Chief Isle of the Hebrides is a Great Temple, in the form of a Cross. At the a circle is a central stone. And additional line being super added on one side of the longest arm, and nearly parallel to it. If this lane were absent, its proportions would be nearly that of the Roman Cross, or common crucifix. Because of its age it cannot be considered Christian, thus it seems the figure of the Cross was known to the Gothic nations and used by them before they converted to Christianity.

This word Taut among the Egyptians is embellished with three crosses. The Scandinavians have a word..'Tentales' and this is represented by a Cross, and the word..'Tuath' of the Irish is also a symbol of the cross. These are one and the same varied by the language of different countries. The center is represented our Author has given the term as..'Budh'..a symbol of the worship of HE who was the Lamb slain from the beginning of the world. Thus in Ireland you found the Tauth-de-danaans, or those who believed in Eternal Life, who worshiped HE who is represented by the Lamb of sacrifice and the tribe of Dan one of the exploring tribes of Israel. Go back to the meaning of the old words and you find lots of the answers.

The religion of Buddhism tried to imitate the belief of these peculiar people even to using a cross, but there is a difference. One flourished before the worship of the Serpent commenced...this in the heavens. On earth they run side by side at times..two religions still 'Budh' and 'Buddha' are two separate titles for a supposed deity. Buddha was a bandit made into a Saint by those who fathered all false religions, and now he is resurrection there.

On the bank near the shore, opposite the ruins of a Castle like house, called Sandwich (in Ross-Shire) about three miles east from Ferns, a very splendid obelisk is still erect. It is surrounded at the base with large well cut flag stones, formed like steps. Both sides of this column are covered with various figures and symbols. The one face shows a cross, the figure of St. Andrew and various figures of animals and flowering plants, and so forth. There is such a variety of figures, birds, and animals on the reverse that one wonders what St. Andrews would have in company with these birds, animals, and flowers? What would all this have to do with Christianity? If this obelisk was erected long before the era of St. Andrews which we believe it to have been, why the cross on one side decorated with enrichments brought all the way from Egypt..all of the figures are essentially eastern?

Plato asserts that the form of the letter X was imprinted upon these edifices and was interpreted as a reference to the 'Son of God' who was wounded for our transgressions. This was in the past tense, but including the idea of future reappearance. Many are the Ancient words written which tell a story of the past to represent the present, which now have been so corrupted in this drive to remove the Cross and its meaning from the world that the Christian must watch or he will miss a great meaning. These ancient ancestry undoubtedly from Adam on must have carried their version of the meaning of this all important Cross.

When the Ancient Temple of Serapis, at Alexander Egypt was destroyed we are told that the monogram of The Christ was discovered beneath the Foundation. No one seemed to be able to account for the sign being there, but all agreed that it was a sign of a heavenly religion.

Remember this:.......'Go ye thru the midst of the city and put a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof?' 'Go ye after him thru the city and smite; let not your eye spare neither have pity, yet come not near any person upon whom is the mark, and begin at MY SANCTUARY.' Ezekiel 9:4-8. This mark in the Ancient Hebrew was understood to be the Cross like a capital 'X'. St. Jerome the most learned of the 'fathers' had declared:...'art thou a master of Israel and knowest not these things.' (Unquote)

Thus we learn the old message, we acknowledge the symbolism of the old covenant was Circumcision, and the symbolism of the new covenant then takes over and it is baptism, and we look forward to new things. But it seems we also have to look for those new things in the past for the messages are there left by the Ancestors in the past, left in and on these Ancient stones.

A relic of an Ancient religion was erected in honor of the Cross, and it is located at Forres, Scotland. This is a description of it:..(Quote)

The first division under the Gothic ornaments at the top are 9 horses, and their riders, marching in order. In the next division is a line of warriors on foot, brandishing their weapons and appear to be standing for battle. The rest of the figures are all prepared for battle or are in battle, and in the lower division the horses seemed to be seized by the victorious party. This inscription was erected by the Tuath-de-danaan on their expulsion from Ireland. The inscription upon it seems evidently a picture of their life, their emblematic religion as they struggle thru this life. As the Picts...another branch of the Aryans came into Ireland the Tuath-de-danaans were said to have fled to the Highland, and then in Scotland left this message of their life and struggle here in earth.

In Carnac in upper Egypt remains a monolith of the same symbolic character. It is 80' high composed of a single block of black granite, with a beautiful polished surface on each four sides. The hieroglyphics on it tell the story of that ONE finally enthroned in heaven. The Quote is......


What are ages of the lapse of time,

Matched against truth as lasting as sublime?

Can length of years on God himself exact?

Or make that fiction which was once a fact?

No-Marble and recording brass decay,

And like the grave's memory pass away.

The works of man inherit, as is just,

Their author's frailty, and return to dust,

But truth divine for ever stands secure,

Its head is guarded, and its base secure,

Fixed in the rolling flood of endless years,

The pillar of the Eternal plan appears.

The raving storm and dashing waves defies,



From the Ancient land of Hindustan these people called Hindoos have given much to the west. The story follows a migrating people and you find it connected with Christian Abbeys. You follow the symbols of the past to find the promises of the future. While hanging on the Cross HE established ascendency over the serpent and his wiles, pointing out the road to Eternity, beyond the Grave. Generations after generations have gazed upon these left behind symbols with wonder, and the Christians maintain this Bible story altho they do not see the antiquity of the symbols, or the similarity of the words out of the past. The Hindoos of Ancient Hindustan believed in the promise of restoration as does the Christian of today, and that a cross or tree was involved, and the message left in symbolism is then confirmed by a Race.

Our Author tells us that on the east side of the River Shannon, in the Barony of Garry castle, and King's country, within the narrow limits of two Irish acres are condensed more religious ruins, of antique value, than are to be found in any other quarter of the habitable world. Nine churches were built there independent of the Cathedral, the ashes of Nobles, Princes and Kings are entombed within their walls. This was a stronghold of this Ancient religion and our Author tells us that it came all the way from Ancient Hindustan with the Hindoo (Aryan) people. There are three crosses here belonging to this same religion. One is 15' high and composed of a single stone and sculptured with sculptures symbolizing the fall of Adam and Eve. On each side of this symbol Adam and Eve are conversing...telling of their dearly bought knowledge. Also pictured is the dog, a symbol of devotion as found in Egypt, and in the east as well, and by the Tuath-de-danaans who counted the dog as sacred. All the crosses have serpents in connection with the story, and this has led people not to understand symbolism and then to think these people were snake worshipers.

Some may ask for proof of this earlier grandeur..of the days of Tea Tephi and even before, and our Author points to the gold crowns, the gold and silver ingots, all the bracelets and necklaces and 'Round Towers' found thru out all parts of Ireland. Britain was mostly over run by the Romans, but not Ireland. Wealth, power, luxury has left its mark from Ancient Hindustan to the far off Isles of Ireland. The Phoenicians were also a part of this migrating race as were the Scythians and the Gir-Bolge and the Picts and the Scots and many more of the Race. The Druids controlled their Ancient religion, but they were Aryans all even tho they fought often among themselves. These Ancient monuments and symbols portray a beautiful story of an Ancient people who came weeping for their paradise, or earthly heaven, until they found a substitute in Ireland.

In the book of Enoch it is written:.......'They shall be ashamed, and shall humble their countenance, and trouble shall seize them, when they shall behold the 'Son of Woman' sitting upon the Throne of His Glory. Then shall Kings, the Princes, and all who possess the earth glorify Him who has dominion over all things. HIM who was concealed from the beginning...'THE SON OF MAN' existed in secret, whom the MOST HIGH preserved in the presence of His power, and only revealed to the elect.'

In explaining the deep mystery in the quotation:...'The Lamb Slain before the foundation of the world' the Irish language the Lamb is the word having three significations......... a hand,

second..a young sheep, the CROSS.

The Hibernian Druids all wore a Cross to show they had a key to knowledge of the doctrine they preached. The figure of the key resembled a cross. And ...NO..the Pope did not send a key to Ireland for the key and the cross were there before the Papacy of Rome. A Tuath-de-danaan Cross was made with a round circle as part of the Cross, and this was the type found with the Phoenicians as well. The Hill of Tara means:.....'The Hill of the Saviour' and 'The mount of the Cross'! Thus from the east to the west we find that this migrating race of people paused to leave their story, they built their 'Round Towers', their 'Circles of Stone', all were for a purpose of their religion their belief, and they left these identifying marks of a Race.

There is much, much more that is written here but this should be enough once more to identify a people, the people of our race as they moved thru their migrations and fulfilled their destiny. The past thus can help us to find the path way of the future as we clear the snakes out of these United States and get on with Our Fathers business.