ERM - Year Of The Rat

Report by Ella Rose Mast


 by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II



The authors---one is Edward Timperlake who is on the professional staff of the House Committee on rules dealing with National Security. He is a Naval Academy graduate and former Marine fighter pilot. He has spent his entire adult life in National Security Service. And---William C. Triplett II is the former Chief Republican Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has had 30 years of experience working on China and National Security.

This book published in 1998. With that kind of a background then let’s see what those two gentlemen are telling America.

Quote:---The White House is for sale, and at stake are key National Security secrets. So you care, whether Bill Clinton and Al Gore will get away with it. (Unquote)

These two gentlemen have cast a light on the worst scandal behind the Clinton Presidency and it was not sex in the Oval Office. This story is about how the Clinton-Gore Administration has willingly compromised American Security for millions of dollars from foreign sources, from the Macau, with access to very sensitive official documents. There is evidence of corruption simply staggering which these authors are hoping will finally reach the public who are holding this administration in such adoration.

Here we learn that the biggest contributors to the Clinton-Gore Campaign in 1992, was a shady Indonesian business man with connections to Communist China's KGB. Here we learn that suspected Communist Agents and representatives of Chinese Organized Crime were granted access to the White House. You will see that nearly one hundred potential witnesses to the illegal Clinton-Gore China Connection have fled the country or taken the 5th Amendment.

Here you learn that an American businessman working with the Chinese Communist Missile program was one of the leading sources of funds for the Clinton-Gore Campaign. You already know that Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, John Huang and others involved in the Clinton-Gore fund raising scandal won access to American Intelligence. For the Senate committee of Dan Burton tried to bring out these facts. But you will remember how Burton and Fred Thompson were vilified, how Senator John Glenn in the Senate Committee led the opposition party in their fight to keep the cover on this scandal.

This book is but another effort to awaken the American people to the danger this nation now faces have been betrayed by the White House. The year that Bill Clinton-Al Gore were elected was the Chinese Year of the Rat. Thus, the basis for the title of this book.

Now, I thought it rather significant that this was found on the wall of the basement of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. in a bas-relief which pictures a Greek warrior engaged in martial combat with a SNAKE. The artist has captured the moment when the man raises his sword to strike the death blow. And across this tableau is written one word---COURAGE.

Many of you on this mailing list will understand the symbolism portrayed here by this artist. And the fact is also that this is found in the U.S. Capital and of all times at this 'time' in our history.

Now moral Courage requires taking a cold hard look at the world and then acting, accepting, the consequence. It demands sacrifice, the subordination of your self-interest to the interest of others. In this case to the nation of the U.S.A. Moral character in a great Nation in a leader is an asset for this leader, as it will affect his performance. His courage, character and performance cannot be separated.

In this area the authors as well as many of our people out here in the heartland of our nation, have found this President Bill Clinton and his administration --wanting. They have failed in their duty to this National interest. What has occurred here as President Clinton has served as Commander in Chief will have repercussions felt by Americans for generations to come. And the sad fact of this is that Clinton-Gore did this for Money. In fact the Clinton-Gore Administration sold out America's National Security to one of our most dangerous adversaries merely to raise illegal Campaign Cash. There is no doubt that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in four major lines of activity. All are contrary to the interests of not only of the Chinese people, but neighboring countries, the United States, friends and allies around the world, and ultimately the American people. The arms dealer associated with the CCP's military arm and the PLA have transferred weapons of mass destruction and the means to produce them for the terrorists nations, threatening Israel, our Gulf allies, and even Europe itself. Over the years aggression against Tibet and India and others in that area, and now they even threaten the American's foreign Policy interest as well as National Security.

Before Clinton took office, the U.S. was the prime obstacle to the Communist Chinese Political ambitions of dominating East Asia. Now both the Communist Chinese goals of political and economic intelligence on the U.S. and assistance of its military modification program has been accomplished. All sorts of Chinese arms dealers, spies, narcotic traffickers, gangsters, pimps, accomplices to mass murder, Communist agents and other undesirables show up in the pages of this book, and all associated one way or another with the American White House and illegal money.

The most favorable explanation for this betrayal is incompetence. The President has said that mistakes have been made. But a better explanation is that in order to gain campaign contributions, and pay hush money to witnesses, the Clinton-Gore administration turned a blind eye to these threats to America's National interests.

As our authors tried to expose the evidence for what they found, they ran into a number of stumbling blocks. Two Crucial witnesses----Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, and assistant Commerce Secretary Charles Meissner, perished together in a plane crash. At least 18 critical witnesses fled the country while 79 witnesses took the 5th Amendment. They found that the higher ones gets in the political structure of the White House, the more people suffer from “Memory Loss.”

Document tampering has been shameless, as the New York Times noted, (quote): ‘Much remains missing, such as Mr. Huang's Democratic National Committee telephone logs, his correspondence, his travel records, and so forth are now highly classified and are not obtainable.’ But our authors did find records of John Huang's entry into the Executive office of the President. They have the record of long distances calls to his former employer, from his desk at the Commerce Department where he was placed without security clearance. They have Treasury Department records of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash brought into the U.S. from his trips, and then to the White House. Some of the evidence is circumstantial. But our authors prove in this book that the Clinton Administration sold out America's Nation security to one of this countries most dangerous adversaries merely to raise Campaign Cash.

Now, this propaganda spin has been able to keep all of this knowledge from the bulk of the American people. These two men--our authors--hoped to break this hold on the minds of the American people by their control of the Media. The Senate Hearings were not able to do this. And we then remember once more that it was Senator John Glenn who stood in the way of the Committee's work, and then was allowed to go into space to get his place in history. We wonder if he knew how he was being used or was he just doing his thing in blindness for his political party.

The biggest contributor to the Clinton-Gore ticket in 1992 was none other than that Indonesian business man James Riady and his wife as they gave $450,000.00 to elect Bill Clinton. They then gave an additional $600,000.00 to the DNC and Democratic State Parties.

The patriarch of this Riady business Empire is Mochtar Riady, a frequent visitor to the U.S. He has three sons. James is a permanent resident of the U.S. Stephens was educated here, and Andrew worked in California in the early 1980's. All have fled the U.S., with any of the Riady family employees with detailed knowledge of these affairs. Only John Huang remains in the U.S., and he has pleaded the 5th Amendment, maintains that telling what he knows might incriminate him.

All right, then who are the Riadys? They originally came from China's coastal province of Fujian, opposite Taiwan. The Riady family Chinese name is "Lee." In their history, at some point, they went to Jakarta, Indonesia. And now you find that there has been a 20-year friendship between the James Riady family and Bill Clinton. Thus leads us back to Arkansas, and from there you can trace a web of intrigue, financed corruption, and foreign influence into American life, and government. American publications such as News Week have pointed this out over the years. As well as this moving of tremendous amounts of Cash around the world having been the way the Riady Empire has worked.

In Indonesia is the "Lippo Village." It is a walled community for the opulent Indonesians with its own school, country club and other things. Tuition to this school is $15,000.00 per year. Way out of reach of the ordinary Indonesians. James Riady took the Indonesian Education Minister to the U.S. White House for an Oval Office visit.

In 1977, Mochtar Riady tried to buy he National Bank of Georgia, but he failed. But one of the brokers in this deal was Jackson Stephens of Little Rock, who owned one of the largest investment banks outside of Wall Street. And then the Riady son James, came to join the Stephens, Inc. It was thru Jackson Stephens that James Riady met a rising political Arkansas Attorney General by the name of Bill Clinton. Thus began this friendship that has lasted 20 years, and has spread a web of intrigue and financial corruption, and foreign influence into the American government.

In 1984, James Riady and Jackson Stephens became co-owners of Arkansas’s largest bank the Worthen Bank. And James Riady was installed as head of the Bank, and a whole team of ethnic Chinese came to work in Arkansas. Then this bank lost tens of millions of dollars of the Arkansas State Pension Funds. This would have ended the Clinton political career, but Jackson Stevens wrote a personal check for 32 million dollars to bail out the bank and the Clintons’. As time went on the Riady's were forced out of the banking in Arkansas because of shady dealings.

Then in the spring of 1992, Bill Clinton was facing a time when the campaign he was running was out of money so James Riady persuaded this Worthen Bank to issue Clinton 3.5 million dollars. This then was the first time for an intervention into the American political system.

The Riady-Clinton connection is more than financial for James Riady has often met and hired such individuals as Joseph Geroir, Webster Hubbell, forth former law partners of Hillary Clinton. Also Mark Grobmyr, and ex-White House aide Mark Middleton, as well as Clinton's golfing partner Paul Berry who helped obtain the unsecured loan for White Water. After the election, then Paul Berry joined Global USA which worked for the Riady's. Global USA sent pictures to its Asian clients of Paul's long connection with the Clintons, the purpose to bring them into the inside workings of the Clinton Administration.

The Riady's also invested in Los Angeles and brought in John Huang, a Taiwan to be James Riady's number-two-man. And he became, then Riady's U.S. Representative. This Bank the Lippo-Bank was finally in trouble, and also because of its manipulation and abuse by a criminal element.

In the late 1980's, James Riady now a permanent resident of the U.S., then could make legal Campaign contributions. By April of 1988, he was having dinner guests at his Brentwood Estate for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The "Los Angeles Times" noted that at every table, like a Center piece, only better was a U.S. Senator.

Is it any wonder then that in 1992 as the Clinton Gore campaign needed money that they turned to the Riady family, and thus those people were given unparalleled access to the Clinton White House?

In Jakarta, Indonesia, James Riady bragged about where he was on the afternoon of April 19, 1993. You will remember that here in the U.S. in that afternoon, 80 members of the Branch Davidian religious group were holed up in their compound outside of WACO, Texas. Then came the tank led assault. And by the time the F.B.I. and the Treasury's Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents had completed their work, 17 American Children had been burned to death with the other adults of that compound. The White House was a busy place that day. The president was chatting with James Riady, John Huang and Mark Grobmyer, in his little study off the Oval Office. James Riady told the Indonesian diplomats that during their chat a TV set was showing the Waco Compound over and over as CNN repeated its coverage. The President then showed the visitors over the White House. And they also dropped into the office of Robert Rubin, who, at that time, was a White House economic official. We ask---how many of the Presidents in the past would have been giving major donors a White House tour when such a tragedy as WACO was in progress, and being shown on TV?



This man Mr. Chen Xitony of China needed to get a U.S. visa. He was, you will remember, connected to the Tianannmen Square Massacre, which he blamed on the plans of some political forces in the west.

The CIA knew that James and Mochtar Riady had a long term relationship with a Chinese Intelligence Agency. They also knew that China Resources is also the white knight or arm of the Communist Chinese Military Intelligence. The Riadys were practicing Classic espionage to satisfy the Chinese Intelligence allies, and help themselves at the same time. They needed to know everything they could before they invested money in any project. In his private office in Hong Kong Mochtar Riady keeps two gold framed pictures, one of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the other of Chinese politburo member Li Peng. His purpose is was said was to sell his relationship with the Clintons to two governments---Indonesia and China.

In the past, intelligence gathering by International Bankers was noted as necessary. At the end of the 20th century information collection was even more vital to banks than in the past. Because of Campaign Contributions to President Clinton and Vice President Gore, as well as the financial support to Web Hubbell at a critical moment, they were thus able to place their representatives John Huang in a position to collect vital American political and economic information. This was valuable not only to them but to the Security forces of Communist China as well.

The Riadys thus were not just bailing Clinton and Gore out of the goodness of their heart, but they expected to be paid off. John Huang's father was an official of the Nationalist Chinese government, and the family moved to Taiwan in 1949. He then went to school in the University of Connecticut and became a U.S. Citizen in 1977. He began his banking career at the American Security Bank. He was the bank’s connection with the Chinese Liaison office. From there he advanced to the First National Bank of Louisville. Then he teamed up with the Riadys.

Now; the Commerce Department claimed they had walled him off from work because he was not up to it. Our authors doubted this, thinking it was but a cover up protecting his China connection, and later his fund raising for the Democrat Party. If he had not taken the 5th, then Huang would have been asked if he had directed this world wide outpouring, and at whose request. What is so significant about Huang’s 1992 fund raising and his relations with Bill Clinton, is that he would risk a charge of perjury to deny them.

Between March 15, 1993 and his first day at the Commerce Department, July 18, 1944---John Huang entered the White House at least 47 times. Nine times is listed as with the President, but most were listed as visits in the first families quarters.

Senator Torricelli (D) counted 32 contributions to Democrat causes, and Joseph Liebermann added the contributions up and they came to a total of $800,000.00 from only three firms from 1991 to 1993.

Now Bruce Lindsey knew James Riady well. And when he came to the White House, he used the telephone on Lindsey’s desk to make calls to the outside. Lindsey would have understood very well the implication of the words, for he knew that the Riadys invested heavily in the Clinton-Gore campaigns. How then did John Huang then get his Security Clearance or work in the U.S. Government? He could now see and hear American classified information up to the top secret level, including our best foreign intelligence.

John Huang turned to his superior Charles Meissner to see that he became a consultant to Commerce Secretary and he received the top secret clearance for that post. He went further to Secretary Ron Brown's Chief of Staff and then to Harold Ickes who was running the DNC from his office in the White House. John Huang's consultancy was never approved, but his clearance was approved by Meissner and then Meissner died on the same plane crash as did Ron Brown. Our authors tell us that John Huang’s connection with Commerce created a climate of fear among the career employees there at that time. But then a lot of secrets died with Chuck Meissner.

Now, Noland Hill was the mistress of Ron Brown and she says that the White House put Huang in the Commerce Department. And that in fact it was Hillary who put him there. Our authors came to that conclusion also, and that her reasons were corrupt.

By 1993, in the summer, Vince Foster, the White House Counsel and the First Ladies former law partner was found dead by gunshot wounds. Then by 1994, the Independent Counsel was appointed and begin to poke around in the Clinton's Arkansas affairs. A number of Clinton appointees then would leave the White House under a cloud. In that spring, Walter Hubbell, Mrs. Clinton's former law partner and a close friend of the President, resigned after being accused of stealing from his clients in Little Rock.

Now, Clinton advisors were not blind to the danger of putting John Huang in the Commerce Department. They knew he was trouble. It seemed that John Huang was not 'going anywhere.' but then Web Hubbell ran out of money. On Monday, June 20, Webb Hubbell met with Hillary. And on Tuesday James Riady and John Huang visited Mark Middleton an aide to the Chief of Staff and a special assistant to the President at the White House.

Then on Wednesday, Ng and Charlie Trie had lunch with Middleton at the White House. That evening they were honored guests at the head table with President Clinton at the Presidential Gala fund raising staged at the Washington Hilton Hotel. On Thursday of that week then Riady met Hubbell for breakfast, and then again for lunch, then returned for a third time to the White House. John Huang also made two visits that day to the White House. In the afternoon John Huang and James Riady visited the U.S. Export Import Bank Commissioner Maria Haley and old friend, also from Arkansas. On Friday, then Riady and Huang visited the White House twice, met with Middleton and then with Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. On Saturday Riady and Huang attended the President’s weekly radio address. Photographs show this event. After the address they were in appearance again, and Riady had changed his clothes suggesting that he had been an overnight guest of the President. After the President said goodby to other guests, Riady and Huang were seen remaining behind. On the following Monday, after that radio address, the Lippo controlled Hong Kong Chinese Bank gave Hubbell $100,000.00 from a Riady account. Hubbell has refused to tell federal investigators what he did for this money.

Huang then received a memo from the Lippo group in Jakarta, Indonesia congratulating him and saying his severance package would be $468,125.00. And it was on that Monday that he started work at the Commerce Department. Overheard phone conversations between Hubbell and his wife from prison were troublesome to the administration, and it was learned that the Independent Council was squeezing Hubbell for his lack of cooperation in the investigation of the Clintons. And now it was reported that actually $600,000.00 more was given to this one man who could possibly implicate Hillary for involvement in a fraud and for perjury. Thus at the end of eight days in June 1994, then once again the Riadys would bail the Clintons out of trouble.

Then Riady and Ng fled the country and Hubbell and Huang and Trie took the 5th, as well as did Middleton. President Clinton claimed various legal privileges to block crucial testimony by Mrs. Clinton and Bruce Lindsey. In short none of these players would cooperate with the Senate or House Committees or the Independent Counsel. Thus, Hubbell was broke. Did he pressure the administration or did they just fear he would do so? Surely the Riadys would have extracted a price for their generosity?

It is known that it was the first lady who arranged for Huang's appointment to the Commerce Department. Some of the officials were troubled at her strong position in the seat of power. And the Riadys thought that Jon Huang lived up to their label of ---"My man in the American government."

On June 11, 1997, House Rules Committee Chairman Gerald Solomon announced to his fellow members:---'I have received from government sources a memo saying that there are electronic intercepts which provide evidence confirming that John Huang committed economic espionage and breached our National Security by passing classified information to his former employers the Lippo group.' When he passed this on to the top brass it was buried and nothing heard of it again.

In the Senate Committee hearings on Campaign finance violation Senator Dick Durbin (D) had this exchange with a witness representing the CIA:-- ‘Would you explain the position of John Huang at the Commerce Department and who gave him security clearance?’ The CIA witness did not want to go forward with that question in this open session.

If Huang had been appointed one step further up the bureaucratic ladder his Lippo connections would have been open to Congressional examination and his confirmation would have been doubtful. Thus from this view this was an ideal position from which Huang could do his work. Did this become a thought of the first lady as she pushed for his being named to this post in the Commerce Department? Of course not. And the Riadys got value for their money in the form of economic intelligence which was forwarded to them, and thru them on their associated the Chinese Intelligence, all delivered by Huang.

Before the election of 1996, many questions were ask of Huang as to his work and about his former employers, and he assured that he had been very careful in this area. But this was not true. There had been 400 phone calls to various parts of the Riady Empire. Many of them made on a Lippo Corporate telephone credit card, which he had retained. There were 170 calls to Hong Kong, Indonesia and China. There were meeting after meetings with Webb Hubbell and other Lippo consultants, or Lippo related associates. Quite plainly, John Huang never really changed employers. He only changed locations.

Fred Thompson's Senate Governmental Affairs Committee members were given much evidence as to this wrong doing. But John Huang had a safe house at Stephen's Incorporated. A sure way to transmit sensitive American Intelligence overseas. You will thus remember the Clinton connection with the Stephens Inc. from the very beginning of the Political life of William Jefferson Clinton, and maybe much before.

Now, the British were to turn over Hong Kong to China on July 1, 1997. And the Chinese government was very interested in taking over Hong Kong intact so that the wealth of Hong Kong would not leave that island Empire. They did not want western money to depart at their take over. Thus, they must make it easier for Huang to keep in touch. This was one of the tenants of a so-called 'safe house.' And this was an old office building which at one time was the Willard Hotel, but which became the Stephen Inc. place of business from which this office could be used. Thus, in exchange for baling out Clinton and Gore on numerous occasions, they had been able to insert their man into the heart of the American political and economic intelligence.

This is the way that worked. Then on the morning of October 4, 1994, Huang was briefed for the first time by the CIA. By late afternoon a fax was sent from Stephen's Inc. offices to Lippoa, Ltd., in Hong Kong, which was the Riady's China operators. The next afternoon a fax was sent to the Lippo Bank in Jakarta, Indonesia. If the Senate Committee had been allowed to investigate the Stephens Inc., think of what they would have been able to come up with. But as you know, that firm is protected by someone high up in Government, and most people have no idea of that connection between Bill Clinton and Stephens Inc. Thus John Huang from his base in the Commerce Department was able to supply much information to his old employee and thus onto China as they moved to take over Hong Kong. The Thompson Committee was able to confirm much of this as the Democrats fought to stop this work of that senate Committee.

On September 13, 1995, the White House decided to move John Huang to the DNC. And by this move then the Riadys were to also move into the heart of the American political and economic life. All this accomplished thru the power of the White House. It is thus true that John Huang then betrayed the trust of the American people when he was placed on their payroll.

Now, following the massive GOP sweep in 1994 off-year elections, then Bill Clinton needed campaign money, needed it badly. This defeat affected the President very much. It also showed how he had misled his party, and he then moved to try to correct this. Dick Morris said that Al Gore and the first Lady also felt this defeat very much so they determined to do something about it. They thus came up with the idea of the TV ads to shape public opinion. Morris said that the President, and even Al Gore, worked on these ads every day, reviewing, modifying, and approving. And finally they saw the polls, for the President climbing.

White House Deputy Chief Harold Ickes tried to take credit for the 'ad campaign.' but actually it can be proved that Clinton was the man behind the scene who turned out these ads which were to reverse the public opinion the American people had, and this situation is still in effect.

Bob Dole, remember, was the one who decided not to challenge the character of the President, and lost the election. Thus Morris's brilliant idea of the Ad Campaign, the Media Anti-Republican Media, and the Republican political incompetence in failing to answer these ads led to the triple blow to the Republicans, and stopped their march back to power.

Now these TV ads were very expensive. The Clinton Administration did not have the money so they turned once again to the Riadys for help and the President did not care what happened as a consequence. The DNC resisted this for some time. But the President finally stepped into the fight and Huang was hired at the Democrat National headquarters. Thus the DNC knew that funding was coming from illegally Chinese citizens and that they were also laundered at the Hsi Lai Temple where Al Gore had his picture taken. By this time the administration had won the battle to hire Huang at the DNC, even tho officials at the DNC tried to correct some of this by returning money.

From that time on, then you heard of the 'Coffees' at the White House, and the overnight stays at the White House. And always you saw the President in the company of the Chinese agents. He had thus sold our nation's security for foreign money so as to rebuild his hold on the U.S. And even tho the Senate committees tried to point this out, the media had help thru the TV ads to turn public opinion to favor once more this manipulator of political affairs to a position of trust. All people like to be on a winning team so now the Democrats turned once more to bashing the Republicans. And once more, for now the fourth time the Indonesian billionaires had saved Clinton's political hide.

In spite of his denial, the Vice President knew that the luncheon at the Buddhist Temple was a fund raiser. The President stepped in as the Media questioned Al Gore, and he insisted it was not a fund raiser. But today we know of Gore's connection with the Temple which goes back eight years. It was known that this temple would launder Campaign funds. If you read the book by the Vice President, you would not be surprise at his interest in the Buddhist temple.

In all of this time the movement of the U.S. Government under the eye of the Chinese, finally the DNC fell under this pressure of this great amount of illegal money being poured into this nations political system. You will notice that the Vice President as well as the First Lady were also very implicated in all of this. Thus, by the use of illegal foreign money the Clintons were able to regain their power over the U.S. And by the help of the Press to manipulate public opinion and they still are able to hold this. Thus, it is very hard for someone to correct this situation. Our authors have laid out this path of this illegal program which was followed. The Thompson committee was able to follow this path, pointing out that it was Hsia the lady of the Buddhist Temple who became a consultant for Communist China.

We now know that it was the American Aerospace Companies of Loral and Hughes engineers who helped the Chinese learn to be able to set in place their satellites.

Now as they try to impeach President Clinton he is also guilty of treason. But this has been hard to prove. And it has taken so long to prove that it is not considered by the Impeachment Committee, that decided to try to stop this President from selling America to Communist foreign money interests.

Our authors concluded that if Al Gore denies that he knew this was a fund raiser, when everyone else knew differently, then he is incompetent to be President. History will show that Bill Clinton's heart is by way of Campaign contributions to the DNC. One wonders if the Democrat Representative and Senators understand this?

There have been many women involved in this illegal campaign fund investigation. There is Maria Hsia, Pauline Kanchanalak and Nina Wang, all have been active players on the scene. Then there is Lieutenant Colonel Liu Chaoying. She also made contributions to the DNC thru Clinton's donor Johnny Chung, as Chung has admitted. She is a hard-line Communist and she met with Clinton twice at California fund raisers. She is a significant player in the controversy surrounding the Chinese Satellite launches. She is a lady who has an eye for fashionable western clothes.

During the year of 1992 campaign, the media and many Democratic Candidates proudly trumpeted the call---'The year of the woman'. And also Clinton and Gore had close money ties to several remarkable women, remarkable in that they all are connected to the Chinese Communists. Maria Hsia may have even helped Chinese spies get into the U.S.


Four tales --three cities.-----------

On June 20, 1994---Ng Lapsing came thru the San Francisco Airport, after declaring $175,000.00 in cash. Within two days Ng was dining at the White House with Presidential aides and Democratic Party Fund raiser Mark Middleton. Later that evening Ng and his associate Charlie Trie were honored guests at a DNC sponsored Presidential Gala.

If an investigation were held of Ng's trail back to the base of his operations, it would lead to Macau, the Portuguese controlled enclave on the South China Coast, back directly into the black world of Asian criminal gangs. Yet at least two-million dollars made its way from Macau and other Asian crime centers to the Clinton-Gore money projects. Wasn't it nice that Ng would arrive right when Webster Hubbell would have a cash flow problem, or that the DNC was holding a fund raiser? And that Ng would then disappear into rings of gambling and alien smuggling. The Canadian Mounties, in their investigation, said that 'this Triad' was reminiscent of the Mafia. Their goal is to infiltrate legitimate business so as to make their appearance of legitimacy more important.

After the expansion of Global trade 'the triad' also went global. It spread to Germany, to England, the Netherlands, France, and then to Canada and to the U.S. Their business being the smuggling and distributing HEROIN. They are also found in South Africa, in Romania, and Poland and India. In South Korea, they compete with Russian gangsters. And, my friends, they are well intrenched in the U.S. and have been guests in our White House. FBI director Louis Freech testified before the Senate Committee that they are now established in the U.S.A.

Chairman Dan Burton's Committee discovered that Macau had come to Washington to Clinton and Gore. Ng visited the White House 12 times. Trie and Ng organized a function for Ron Brown in Hong Kong. Ng attended a number of DNC fund raisers and sat next to the President at some of them.

Now after the June 20, 1994 entrance of Ng into the U.S. with the $175,000.00 in cash, then he had lunch in the White House. July 31, 1994, Ng enters the U.S. this time with $25,000.00 in cash and he meets Middleton at the White House on October 20, 1994, the same day that $99,970.00 arrived in Trie's account from abroad. Then on February 15, 1995, Ng enters the U.S. after declaring $12,000.00 in cash and he meets Middleton twice the next day. And finally sees Clinton in the White House Residence. Then on February 18, 1996, Ng enters the U.S. with $19,000.00 in cash, and the next day attends John Huang's Presidential Asian dinner, and on February 20, met with the DNC official Susan Lavine.

August 17, 1996, Ng enters the U.S. with $70,000.00 in cash and the very next day attends President Clinton's Gala Birthday bash at which Trie gave a check for $118,000.00. Thus Ng's total was $333,000.00 in cash on top of the $1,000.00 plus to Charlie Trie in wire transfers. Besides this, Stanley Ho, according to the MSNBC News, Ho handed a check for $250,000.00 directly to Clinton at the White House Reception to support a memorial honoring President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In fact Ho may have given as much as $500,000.00 to the fund of that memorial.

This, my friends, goes on and on. And as soon as an investigation comes forth, then these people fold back into their murky world as they are looked for. This tale of three cities, is of Macau, Los Angeles and Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. And it explains how ethnic Chinese Criminal gangs called 'The Triad' created their own money conduit to the White House for their own benefit and for their business partners in Beijing. They visited the White House many times and even were photographed with the President and Vice President. Even if they, at one time, thought that they worked for the people, the President and Vice President now are nothing more than a run-of-the-mill hoodlums, masquerading in the name of a long dead idea. In 1988, way back there, the U.S. Justice Department had listed these of the 'Triad' as Narcotic trafficking, money laundering, contact murders, and illegal gambling, loan sharking, interstate prostitution rings.

You will remember how the Khmer Rouge took over Phnom Penh along with the rest of Cambodia in 1975? The 'Killing Fields' then brought the cry of that country as a 'city of death'. And here we have a connection back to Vietnam where in under a Democrat administration we lost 50,000 American boys and wounded 250,000 more. Hanoi's prime supporter was the Soviet Union which is no more. But Hun Sen, the former Khmer Rouge faction chief, now has a new financial backer, the Cambodian business man Theng Bunma. And according to the Far Eastern Economic review Cambodia's most significant Narcotics trafficker, is an ethnic Chinese with strong PRC connections, and a business associate of Ted Sioeng. And the Clinton White House has never been able to explain why Theng also was given a visa to visit the U.S. where on entering, he went to visit the White House. The Justice Department of the U.S. chose to indict Charlie Trie for conspiring to defraud the DNC. But this making out that the DNC is in any way a victim is an absolute absurdity on its face. There is however no mention of Ng's cash activities in the Trie indictment, leaving one to wonder about official incompetence or worse. In the view of our of our authors, this is of a piece with Justice's failure to prosecute John Huang for many money laundering in the 1992 campaign and its failure to prosecute any high level official to date.

By late 1996, when China was trying to derail Taiwan's democratic elections by firing missiles into nearby Pacific waters, the PRC had nuclear missiles targeted on Los Angeles, and it threatened to use them. And we find that the U.S. backed down from its historic commitment to the anti-communist Taiwan. And a fry cook from a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock, placed a strategic menu in front of the President at this time of the International crisis, and resulted in a reply which changed the long established element of foreign policy for America. But it was only in Bill Clinton’s, America that this could happen.

The messenger here was Charlie Trie---ToTre---while the President of the United States is "LaoKe" or "old Clinton" ---according to the Los Angeles Times, ---for when these two men meet they embrace like long lost brothers. Charlie Trie belongs to the Four Seas Triad gang. But ever since the Chinese anti-communists fled Taiwan to escape Mao's armies in 1949, the U.S. had guaranteed Taiwan's independence against the Chinese Communist threat of forcible 'reunification.’

The Wall Street Journal brought out that fact of the hostile stance toward Taiwan’s elections, and disclosed all this in January of 1996. but the U.S. response was left up to Secretary of Defense William Perry, who was busy arranging a smooth visit for General Chi, his old friend. Political operatives at the White House were able to prevail. And since this was an election year, then Clinton sent battle groups to the Taiwan Straits. This time for political reasons Clinton did the right thing. But Charlie Trie was the perfect messenger and agent in place, ready to reactivate without suspicion. And he was soon at work in the U.S. and in the White House. And soon came America’s retreat from their former promise to Taiwan. There is a letter to this effect, signed by Bill Clinton telling the Chinese that his show of force in the Taiwan Straits was not meant to be a threat to the Communist Chinese wishes. This letter led to the complete sell out of Taiwan that Clinton announced during his July 1998 trip to China.

The First Lady has tried by vagueness to distance herself from all of this. But pictures show Trie sitting at the First Lady's table on Feb. 15, 1995. We also know of Trie's donations to the Clinton Legal Defense Trust Fund. And since Hillary is very aware of where money comes from then we cannot believe she is an innocent player in all of this selling of the American White House to Communist China. In Conclusion --Chinese agents and gangsters have sat beside the President at fund raisers. And millions of dollars in suspect political contributions had to be returned by the DNC.

It has long been know, even since the Mid 1980's, that the United States was a primary target for espionage, subversion, and illegal technology acquisitions. In 1987, James Geer, the FBI's assistant director told a group of former U.S. intelligence officers that China's intelligence service was a growing menace. Greer told his audience that the PRC was engaged in a massive effort to steal U.S. defense secrets and recruit Americans as spies. Next year special agents Harry Godfrey III Chief of FBI counter intelligence told a group that China was the most active foreign power engaged in illegal acquisition of American technology. Thus, this was known by the government agencies.

In October 1992, U.S. Customs Service agents arrested Chinese spy Bin Wu, and his associates. Wu is now serving a ten-year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution at Loretto, Penn., for illegally exporting to China, the sort of night vision device used by American tanks in the Gulf War. Wu has told a story that shows from the Tianannmen Square Massacre, he was imprisoned, then allowed his freedom after promising to go to the U.S. and work his way up until finally getting into the White House and there to deliver American military technologies, including a super low radar system that the Chinese military wanted.

We now learn that the FBI, well before the 1992 elections, knew that the PRC's interest was to penetrate the American political system. This notice having been given, then there was no excuse for the kind of ignorance and recklessness we were to see in 1995 and 1996. Thus for at least ten years the law enforcement community has known that the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles is a nest of Spies. And to obtain their intelligence, the Republic of China has successfully targeted the American political system right up to the White House.

We ask you to remember, how on November 17, 1938, soon after British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich having tried to appease Germany's Adolph Hitler, that by November 17, 1939, the Nazis and the Soviets--Communists--had joined hands to dismantle Poland, and the Baltic countries, and the North Atlantic then became a watery battle ground. And soon the French, Dutch, Belgians and Luxembourger, Danes and Norwegians would learn what it was like to live in an occupied country.

Thus, appeasement was simply a sad tale of wrong judgments formed by well-meaning and capable people. Today the dictionary defines 'Appease' as a very unflattering way to buy off and aggressor, by concession usually at the sacrifice of principles. And thus on May 29, 1998, the Jerusalem Post accused the Clinton administration of appeasement. They added that if the U.S. does not change courses it will be only a few years when the world is likely to be a more dangerous place, and this also effects Israeli.

Over the years, then you see why it was important for Clinton to become President and Al Gore, Vice President. For the State Department now admits to Congress that there is evidence of Chinese shipments to Iran of C-802's---Missiles. And you know we have 15,000 service men and women now under the range of those missiles. The Administration, has refused repeatedly and the Vice President has been totally silent on the issue of sanctions on Communist China. Thus, the President and Vice President still govern by appeasement.

As to William Perry, he was a brilliant military scientists in the Carter administration. Then he became a friend of General Ding Henggao of China. And when he then came to the Clinton Administration, you see a complete turn around. And thanks to the Clinton-Gore foreign policy of appeasement we now live in a much more dangerous world. There is thus much evidence of what has been shipped to China. And even tho the Clinton administration tried to keep Xie's visit a secret, we saw Perry stand in the rain to great his old friend at the Pentagon entrance. General Xu received a 19-gun-salute from the U.S. military guard.

William Perry admitted that he led a delegation to China in 1980, during the Carter Administration to begin this discussion on Military technology cooperation. Perry's host in Beijing was General Lin Huagin, who was lieutenant Colonel Lin Chaoging's father. Perry pledged to Xu, in October of 1994, that he will brief the PLA on the U.S. Strategy and their plans for years ahead.

At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton attacked President George Bush for coddling dictators from Baghdad to Beijing. Yet under this Clinton Administration there was paid $13,200.00 for General Xu and his party to have a four-day visit to Hawaii housed in a secluded area of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel.

Today, the South China seas are taken over as is the Philippines. The U.S., in the end, may be the biggest looser from this appeasement policy. For now our cities are the targets of nuclear tipped missiles.

When he retired, Col. Howell Ester, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Space Command, said, ‘we are going to have to fight in space some time. Milspace has been around for at least two decades. In 1998, President Clinton was to release a National Security Strategy Report reaffirming a U.S. commitment to space control. But here we are----can't go into unless we take the Russians along, and most of the time pay their way. Since Space-launch technology is often nearly identical to missile technology: by helping the Chinese Communists improve their satellites we helped improve their missiles as well.’

Remember that a trial was in progress as Ron Brown went to Asia. It was claimed that he sold seats on his trade missions for $100,000.00 donations to the DNC. The Case is now not over, but Commerce is losing. Then in the 1995-1996 cycle, the Clinton's desperately needed money for Dick Morris's TV Ad campaign and Mr. Schwartz needed Clinton's support for his spin off of some parts of Loral to the aerospace giant Lockheed. And Schwartz needed support for his China satellite program then came the open door to illegal Communist money into the U.S. And on October of 1995, Clinton overturned a decision by Secretary of State Warren Christopher and transferred authority for Satellite export license to the Commerce Department, and America's first line of defense against missile proliferation was dismantled.

Now is it just a coincidence that Bernie Schwartz became a 2.2-million dollar contributor as soon as he needed something from the Clinton-Gore administration? And that the Clinton administration's decisions have contributed little by little, to China's ability to conduct space warfare in the 21 century? Why did all this happen? In the end it all came down to MONEY.

John Huang made large donations to Clinton's reelection efforts despite his own business needs. He told the Justice department prosecutors that he got the money from Col. Liu Chaoying the daughter of General Lin, the most senior officer in the PLA. He worked to arrange photo-ops with the President in hopes of generating business for himself in China by this method.

Now John Dalton was another man who sailed thru a confirmation as Secretary of the Navy, all by careful manipulation. Then later when asked if the COSCO purposed business dealings pose a global threat to the U.S., he replied that he did not believe that the China Shipping Co. poses a tactical or strategic threat to the U.S. Navy. Thus, now the Long beach Naval port has been turned over to Cosco. The reason for allowing this Chinese Company to do business in the U.S. is Classified Information and out of reach of interested people.

In 1996, custom agents seized 200 thousand automatic weapons from a COSCO ship. The cargo was destined for Los Angeles Gang members and thus it went. Chung had a four-point request which he was not able to obtain so he went to the First Lady's office and arranged for a tour of the White House. Lunch then in the White House mess, and a photo-op with the first Lady, and then an invitation to attend the President's radio address with his delegation, and he acquired what he needed.

Why this desire to attend the radio address? It was there that Chung handed a check for $50,000.00 made out to the DNC, to Hillary’s Chief of Staff Maggie Williams, as the photo-op ended. In a Communist country they control the media so as to control ideas that their people hold. Thus they judged that the President's radio address was a political message to the American people. And here we see that on the Clinton-Gore watch, the Communists tried to go Capitalistic. They are becoming Capitalists, just like in "Orwell's Animal Farm" where the pigs became like men and the men like pigs, and in the end no one could tell the difference. In other words the Chinese used the Clinton era to tap into Americas capital markets, as well as America's elections and America's technology. Unfortunately some of Clinton's friends in China have found a way to participate in America's capital markets while circumventing U.S. security laws.

Our authors went to Macau disguised as ordinary tourists, and there they saw the depth of the depravity of the place. They saw the Chinese Triad way of trafficking in Asian women which is no different from similar operation in other parts of the world. Few of the women were volunteers, many are sold into such slavery by their poverty-stricken parents. The younger ones bring more money which is then stolen from them by those in control of their lives. And often they are encouraged to develop the Narcotic habits in order to keep them dependent. We do not know what went on in the minds of the President and Vice President of the U.S. as they sat down to dinner with these people. Did they or did they not care about the money they were soliciting? Is this a part of a larger pattern of callousness that included President Clinton's guided tour of the White House for James Riady as American children died at WACO? And again as Defense Secretary William Perry welcome for General Xu, the Chinese war Criminal responsible for the death of his countrymen in Tianannmen massacre? Has President Clinton so easily forgotten his Executive order as President?

This Executive order 1:--required the new Clinton-Gore appointees to make 3 pledges----

(1) No lobbying for 5 years after they left the government. (2) No activity on the part of a foreign government. (3) No representation of a foreign government, or foreign cooperation for 5 years after being engaged in a trade negotiation.

The word 'foreign' appears 2 times in the executive order number one as he told his new employees that they were to put forward the guarantee that they would be looking out for the American people and not for themselves. Here today then we find that all this has gone down the drain. Could any of them that day realize that Clinton and Al Gore would sit down to dinner with the Chinese representatives from the Chinese Communist Army and also Cambodia's biggest drug trafficker? Who would have thought that Clinton-Gore would use the power of the White House to lobby for a foreign power? Who of the first group that came in would then see that Clinton and Gore in their scramble to secure and maintain power would leave such a legacy of corruption?

Thus in this way the Clinton Administration has sold out America's National Security, to one of this countries leading and most dangerous adversaries, merely to raise campaign Cash? The answer is yes, they would, and they did. And, yes, the American people remain blind as to what is going on. But also we hear---- ‘the economy is good.’---Stupid, where have you been? All this as we race for disaster for our nation.