ERM - Ser 2, Bk 6 - Facts Of History


Its Origin and its Destiny

Series II No. 6



Report By Ella Rose Mast



'For as in the days of Noah, so will be the Presence of The Son of Man.' (Matthew 24:37)



'And in that day shall there be an altar to YAHWEH in the midst of the land of Egypt; and a Pillar at the border YAHWEH.' (Isaiah 19:19)



'Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth (the 12 signs) in His season? Or canst thou guide them? Knowest thou the ordinances of Heavens? Canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth? (Job 38:31-33)



'A Golden age, soon to return once more to earth, let down from lofty Heaven. '

BY: C.A.L. TOTTEN U.S.A. 1892

A book report by ELLA ROSE MAST, of Col. Totten's book Series II-No.6 written in 1892.




The Deluge--a fact of History or a Biblical fish story, and other great wonders, and facts of History such as The Great Pyramid and the story connected to it in the Heavens.

THE GREAT DELUGE...Jesus called attention to the deluge as he said:...'as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Presence of the Son of Man.' Jesus was speaking of the condition of that part of the world where Noah had been preaching for 120 years. Today we know that area as the high Tarim Basin. Noah was preaching to the descendants of fallen angels and women of earth, to Nephilin, who caused great catastrophes in that area. And tho there was destruction by water, there was also deliverance for a family....Noah's family, the only ones of the Adamic race left in that area. Moses went to great length to record the story of Noah, and the building of the Ark, and the deliverance of this family, therefore there had to be a reason God wanted it included in the Scriptures. Altho I disagree with our author as to the insensitive of the Deluge in other parts of the earth, outside that great Tarim Basin, I know there was a great flood all over the earth at one time as the great coal deposits testify of that fact. Moses also records that Great Deluge in Genesis 1:2, and Jeremiah 4:23-27, also recalls this flood and gives the picture as it is brought back to his memory. But that Great flood all over the earth is another story. This Deluge at the time of Noah was for another purpose, the destruction of a population gone completely retrograde...their cup of iniquity was completely full, as later would be the case for both cities... Sodom and Gomorrah.

Today a sleeping Israel people, and a sleeping Church have allowed the same conditions as existed in the High Tarim Basin to creep into our land, and we are seeing the fulfillment of that ancient prophecy:...'As it was in the days of Noah so also shall it be in the days of the presence of the Son of Man.' Luke 17:26 This account of the Deluge in the days of Noah was recorded in our BOOK, for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world (order) has come. But in the days of Noah the people were instructed as to the impending destruction even tho they paid no attention. In our day...who instructs the people as to the lesson to be learned by our study of the Deluge of Noah's time? The sleeping Church? The WORD tells us as to what is coming, 'Unto us (the children of the Kingdom) is given to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, therefore a remnant of God's Israel will still be understanding what we are told in these different Texts:...Revelation 13:15-17...Revelation 14:9-11....Matthew 24:25...and many others. Men have died in all ages but when has a whole generation been cut off at once, since the Adamic race came into earth...except in Noah's day, and we are told of the conditions of that day,..'So shall it be again'. to be at the time of the Presence of the Son of Man. This Son of Man is a symbol of The Christ and also of His Kingdom which shall arise, and YAHSHUA shall come to take the Kingdom as King of Kings. He refused the divided power that Satan offered him, and then told those in Judea that next time he would take the Kingdom, and his army would fight and the Kingdom would no longer be left in the hands of the Jews. (Yehudi-Cainanites) The parallel of Noachic days is now. This is a tremendous hour, and forces and tendencies are at work which will culminate in startling events. But let us for a moment go back beyond this Deluge at the time of Noah. 'In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth'.

There is nothing older than this act, save God himself, and all the elements of this earth are coeval with this original act of Genesis. When it took place is a matter which we believe refers to facts long before the birth of Adamic time, and as far as we know, may comprehend eons upon eons during which the Universe was fabricated, and re-fabricated, worlds without end. But there came a time...the beginning of 'time' in so far as the Adamic race...God's Israel is concerned. We are given the beginning of Adamic time by Usher, by Blair and 4004 B.C. Then Dr. Hale gives us 5411 B.C. and there were others, but beginning in the 17th., century the Great Pyramid began to speak. (The date for Adam according to Rutherford is 5407 B.C.) We have the listing of the descendants of Adam starting with Seth, after God cleansed his family after the catastrophe of the fall, and we now have generations to deal with, as the Adamic race spread out from that high Tarim Basin which later in the days of Noah was to receive the catastrophe of the Deluge.

Unto Noah and his wife the daughter of Enoch who was 500 years old, so the old records tell us, was born 3 sons. Since all three sons are listed in your library of facts (Bible) then we realize that this family has a great work to do. After all they are the forerunners of our race which will also produce the 12 sons of Jacob-Israel. This is the family that Noah took into this area to live, and to build the Ark, as he preached for 120 years to these Nephilin. Your Scripture says:..sons of God, but the translation should be Nephilin; if you will only look it up. and thus these are the ones who saw the daughters of men, and started the disaster for this area of the earth. The word is...erets...and it means all that country.

Our author tells us that the time to consider here for the duration of the flood is a lunar year of 354 days, thus the duration of the Deluge is 365 days...a full solar year. Be that as it may, Noah built the Ark as Our Father told him to do, and he and his family went into the Ark with the animals they were told to take on board and then...GOD SHUT THE DOOR! The time for preaching was finished, the final hour and minute had come in God's time table. According to our author the Great Deep broke up at 10 o'clock P.M. while those of the Tarim Basin were all 'feasting and drinking'. This was just before the autumnal equinox. In other words according to our records of these events the rain commenced at 10 o'clock, but at the same time the fountains of water which were below the earth were also broken up and under the influence of gravity, they gushed forth as from the womb to meet the waters falling from above. An earthquake of the most gigantic description must have accompanied this terrible cataclysm, and assisted in belching forth the internal waters.

A set time came...God closed the door of the Ark and then the waters came from above, and below out of the great underground sea which formally had furnished the water for the Artisan wells of that area. But what of Noah and family?...They...a symbol of Israel were safe and dry, and were in their deliverance period of one year.

THE STORY FILLED IN: It is unfortunate that the spirit of disbelief upon the 'flood tradition' as the Biblical record of the Deluge is generally denominated, has taken such deep root in Christendom, that almost every study of the subject seems to have been entered in upon rather with a view of discrediting it, than a desire to point out what may be fairly taken for corroborative evidence as to its verity. As one approaches this subject with his hope based upon The Christ, and the Apostles, and who believes and has full confidence in Moses, and the Prophets, then we point out the 'Deluge' as a matter of historical fact. (We find at this later date that the cause of the discrediting of the fact of the Deluge, is due to the misunderstanding of words:...eret...and Ararat. We have already told you that...eret, means that area or part of the country, and Arat is a Hebrew word in an English translation (Genesis 8:4) meaning high mountains.) The doubters have no concept of the purposes and plans of our Father, as to the destiny of His children in physical bodies.. His Israel.

The Ark was undoubtedly built upon 'commanding ground', all other conveniences duly considered, and would not have been moved for quite a number of days, since in addition it seems to have 'drawn' about half its vertical dimensions. Finally, to make a long matter short, and avoiding all further arguments in order that our conclusions may rest upon their own merits, the following summary follows the Genesis story.

First: the flood prevailed for 40 days in that part of the world and the waters continued to prevail for 110 days, after which they abated for 110 days, as all the high hills of that area then became bare. From that time the waters fell for 40 days until they were all assuaged.

Second: from the first day after God shut the door of the Ark, the waters increased, and after 25 days the Ark was lifted above the high ground where Noah had built it. As you remember that there was this underground sea, and the great earthquake to come. Then no doubt Noah was led to build the Ark on ground which would stand until the waters lifted it up. Thus the waters prevailed, and were increasing in this area so that after 9 more days the Ark moved freely over the face of the waters which covered the face of this whole area. The water level kept rising until the smaller mountains began to be covered, and still the water kept rising until it was 15 cubits above the highest top of the mountain also called Ararat, which was a high mountain in that basin.

Our author was not trying to prove that the flood was all over the earth, altho he leaned to that belief, but especially he believed and wanted to prove the Deluge did take place and the Biblical record is true. (Knowing what we know today about this area, I would call your attention to the authors words:...'On the 81st day since the flood began, the top of little Ararat disappeared, and thus now mountains began to be covered. And yet the water continued to rise upward of 15 cubits above the top of the mountain Ararat, until that mountain was covered.')

'And it came to pass upon this day which was the 7th., month and the 17th., day of the month, that the Ark ceased from going upon the face of the waters, and rested upon the mountains of Ararat.'

Now the waters prevailed, and maintained themselves at upward of 15 cubits (over little Ararat) for 3 days, and after the end of the 3 days, which was the end of 150 days, then God remembered Noah, and every living thing and all the cattle that was with Noah in the Ark, and the waters prevailed no more; for God caused the natural rains from heaven to cease (Genesis 8:2).

Now, the fountains also of the 'deep', and the windows of the firmament had been stopped when the Flood ceased, for the rain from above the firmament had then been exhausted, and from the time that the rain ceases, the waters were at rest; 15 cubits upward (over little Ararat) and God moored the Ark and caused a wind to pass over the earth of that area, and the waters assuaged, but the Ark was at rest. Then the water began to abate. The lesser mountain tops began to appear and the waters kept on emptying out of that great basin until only standing pools remained. But still Noah remained in the Ark, for God had shut him in. (The question of where all that water went so rapidly is today answered by the archaeologists) Yes, Noah knew the waters were receding, and then came the day when he sent forth the raven and then the dove, and you know that story. You also know they symbol of the raven and the dove, as well as the Olive Leaf. But now the earth was dry, and according to our author this was on a Saturday...the 27th., day of the second month, but it was not until Sunday on the 28th., day of the month, that the sun was at the equinoctial point. It was THEN,..that the 'door' of the Ark was opened by Him who shut it. Thus this 'first day' of the week...our Sunday was exit day.

Ancient history testifies to the fact of the Deluge of Noah's time. The Chaldean Tablets, the Assyrian inscriptions, and the Greek records are a few ancient writings which tell of a flood, as well as many others including Josephus, the Judean historian.

Our author disavows having any theory to advance, his object is to vindicate the truth of a most stupendous fact of history recorded by Moses under the constraining influence of inspiration. One may not theorize on such a subject. The subject cannot be dismissed with a contemptuous refusal to investigate. But a desire for truth, rather than for preservation of self worship, must actuate this study.

We have taken the Mosaic record as one fact, and we from this standpoint ask modern science with their knowledge to examine the facts, and reach their own conclusion. The chronological accuracy of Moses indicates a surprising, surpassing knowledge of astronomy. The calendar and log-book of the Deluge points out a consummate knowledge of physical Geography, Infinitesimal mathematics, and arithmetic, and finds no flaw in his calculations. Geology and world structure also support his story. The nebula hypothesis does not disagree therewith, and the harmonious history of all nations have the Deluge listed in their earliest chapters. We moderns, then, may certainly examine the truth of the record in the light of such facts as we have obtained as to several branches of science, in a different way than have any former intermediate generations, of which we have any knowledge, and it is our duty to do so.

Noah was given exact details and dimensions for the Ark with its sunlight. The sacred cubit of Israel was to be used, the Great Cubit of the sanctuary (Ezekiel 43:13 and Revelation 21:17). Moses by Divine inspiration was taught to use a special cubit measure as was David, Solomon, Ezekiel, and St. John and so forth. John Taylor, Professor Greaves, C. Piazzi Smyth, and other Pyramidologist have demonstrated that the great Pyramid of Giza also saw use of the sacred cubit. This then was a measurement given to God's people for use in building the many wonders and signs they were to establish on this earth. The ancient Hebrew 'Laver' was of the same capacity as the 'Ark of the Covenant', and was the standard measure. This was also the identical volume of the famous 'coffer' in the King's Chamber of that Great Monument in the midst of Egypt. This is also the origin of the Anglo-Saxon capacity measure, and is the old English Chaldron of Edgar the Peaceable, it is the true bulk of 32 bushels, or 4 quarters, and it is one ton of capacity. Thus our inherited measures progressed uniformly upward from the very 'minim' of science, to the ton of 71,250 'Geometrical', (Herschel) cubit inches, and from thence onward to the most extravagant commercial dream...'a Harbor load', and that such a 'load' was literally the one freighted by the Ark! It was also pointed out that the trend of universal civilization was steadily towards this system which came across the flood from the 'Lost Atlantis' of the antediluvian world, and was built imperishably by the descendants of Noah (during his lifetime) into that unequaled structure, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

What ever conclusions are reached as to the size of the Ark, we are perfectly sure of one thing. It was built as God commanded. Noah and family were 120 years in building. It was stocked with food and was equipped to handle every animal as well as the family of Noah. We are sure that Noah had a great knowledge of Astronomy, and that Moses also was given the wisdom to see these things and to record them in OUR BOOK. Therefore we believe the infinite precision of inspiration, and we submit that it certainly behooves our 'brethren in faith' to accept God's word first, then to fortify our shortcoming understandings by diligently searching for the evidence in a spirit willing to hold fast to what is good. Not only do we have the example of the flood of Noah's time as part of the history of Adam's race, but we have the call from Ur for Abraham, and the completion of the 430 years of the sojourning of the Children of Israel, and then the time of deliverance out of Egypt. Chronology, Astronomy, under the pen of Moses, lists God's timetable as it pertains to 'Israel'. The rigid law of the week of 7 days runs back to the first (Sunday) of Eden without a break, and all along the line the days brought out by the recovered calendar demonstrate the accuracy of the record, because they harmonize with the requirements of the Sabbatic law. If they did not, we would have at last discovered a mistake made by Moses.

The rigid law of the Eclipses runs back thru history in teams of 70's which repeat as unerringly as do the days, and by them we can locate or adjust doubtful dates which history records in Eclipse connection. The transits of Mercury and Venus roll back in teams to the dawn of creation, and the Solar and Lunar cycles of every degree move with them, all in such complex yet beautiful coordination that the network whereon the days of Adam man are strung,...may not be altered in a single strand.

It is God's law, God's order of time, and if human history, as now written does not agree thereto, then the dates of human history are out of place, the error is ours...not HIS! and it is we who have mis-articulated the skeleton of time. Moreover through these cycles runs a higher transcendental class full of the mystery of numbers, and the coincidence of harmony. These are the so called Prophetic periods and eras, which color as it were the woof and weft with hues as varied as the coat of Joseph, blending here and there with the astronomic cycles, then leaping over great lengths of time to cluster about some sacrifice or sin.

Moses very carefully gives us the names of the first descendants of the three sons of Noah and mentions the areas where the first would inhabit, and especially those whose affairs would afterwards be mixed, or have some connection with the translations related in the Bible, particularly with the Israelite nations, their descendants who were the continuing story of OUR RACE. As far as the rest of them, he takes little or no notice of them as their destiny is established.

However HE who inspired the writings of Moses, and saw all things from the beginning to the end, and who made of one race...all Adamites..Israelites, for to dwell on the face of the earth, had determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation. (Acts 17:26) Would this not include the Great Land of America where later HE would gather a representation of all Israel, for the Great nation promised to Abraham?


MORE FACTS OF HISTORY....THE PLEIADIC CYCLE We know of the precession of the equinoxes, and we learn more every day about Our Fathers Universe. We have looked at other recorded facts of history and we understand that the Great Pyramid at Giza is the Bible in stone. Now we consider the Pleiadic cycle and its connection to the Great Pyramid.

Without entering deeply upon the consideration of the earth references made manifest at the Great Pyramid by the use of the 'axial inch', and 'sacred' cubit, we must briefly notice one of the most important astronomical features of the Pyramid. To an observer stationed down the entrance passage and looking up and out toward the northern sky, the region in his field of vision is very closely circumpolar. After careful study by astronomers at our time they have determined that within a certain number of years, and about the year 2170 (later under better calculation, Rutherford was to say..2141 B.C.) that Draco, then the Polar star did at its lower culmination, shine directly down the axil line of this passage. This fixed in the mind at least of some as to the importance of the date and age of the Pyramid, or at least of the date of its erection, or what was intended to commemorate. And older date of 3350 B.C. was put forward by Professor Proctor from a disposition to favor the Egyptological idea of greater antiquity for the Nile country, and assumes the earlier date to be the more probable. The later date now is found to have overwhelming arguments in its favor while the elder one fulfills absolutely no other condition than of satisfying the problem of being the 'eldest'. (I would suggest that we must take into consideration that those of OUR RACE who came into Egypt no only built the Pyramid...last...but they also before that built the other wonders of that area, and they did not do them in a day).

With the passing of time came the day when God's witness in Stone would speak, and many men of science studied and puzzled over the meaning of this witness in stone, as researchers found that earlier generations of almost every nation made use of the Pleiades to mark their year. All knew the night when this honored constellation was the longest visible. Even to this day, some still unaltered tribes, as the Australians Figians, Mexicans and so forth make use of the longest Pleiadic night, as the one on which to begin their year. This has just come down to them by tradition, and they cannot tell you why, or from whence it came.

There is only one group of stars such as the Pleiades, a group which being both conspicuous and unique in the heavens must very early have been recognized, and remembered. Almost certainly it was the first known star group.

Altho the Pleiades have long since ceased to mark the dawn of spring, they still have other uses at the Pyramid, and more stupendous ones upon the dial of Eternity.

In the sacred calendar of the Hebrews the years and cycles have always begun at the Autumnal Equinox, and the evening marked the beginning of the day. If we should let Autumn, as of old, mark the beginning of the year. I ask you to notice how fitting the resulting New-Year's dawn would be. At this moment while the sun, itself invisible, is crossing the Equator at the Autumnal Equinox, the earth, in true chronological order, is entering the opposite sign of the Zodiac, the sign of spring. In remote antiquity the Pleiades and the Equinox, as we have just seen, and been informed by the Pyramid, fell upon its Autumnal midnight meridian, but ever since the year of their actual coincidence, the precession of the Equinoxes westward has left the Pleiades further and further in the east. They now mark no particularly important year-day in the calendar. However, the very error of these descendants of the ancient peoples bears evidence to the original universal existence of an Autumnal New-Year's day, marked by the stars whose sweet influence six months later was to crown the year with spring.

After a careful study of the proper motion of the stars, Professor Maedler some years ago enunciated the startling proposition that the Pleiadic group was undoubtedly at the center of this Celestial Universe. All the stars within the reach of our telescopes appear to be moving in majestic cycles around their notable constellation, but earlier scientists seemed not to know that the name...ALCYONE...the brightest star of this constellation means Center. This star is therefore the Center of the axial group (the throne of God) and probably so named at the very beginning of time.

Thus the Pyramid, that wondrous witness standing at the center of the earths surface points upward at the Sun, the center of our own planetary system; and still more grandly upward at Alcyone, the sun of the Pleiades, themselves the central constellation of our Universe.

The Bible in stone will continue to speak as men study, and at the time of the publication by our author, men were just beginning to see in this wondrous structure, and its accurate reading of the stars, enough to suggest the truth of the tradition that it embodied the astrological wisdom of Enoch foretold before its erection, and is still fulfilling 'times and seasons'. It is interesting to note that this Pleiades Constellation shows that the 'Great Architect' of the Universe has seen fit to manifest a bit of HIS power to his children, as he allows them to calculate and discover that after this most important date is established by the line up of the Polar Star, and the Pleiades, in their position overhead that then the position of the stars moves in their cycles, and by the year 1492 as Columbus sailed west, an entirely different meridian belt culminated at Giza with the Autumnal Equinox...a set of stars which at the original marking date had been far to the west. That in their progress east, toward the 'Place of light', the very stars that at the dawn in the Pleiadic cycle marked the eastern confines of the western hemisphere, held in Zenith and meridian of the Pyramid itself, while the argonantic expedition of Columbus, sailing faithfully and fearlessly into unknown seas, crossed the terrestrial dividing belt which they had dominated at the dawn of the cycle.

THE PHOENIX CYCLE Before we close this interesting subject, there is one other unusual unusual constellation that appears also in the winter, and this is the constellation of The Phoenix. The story of the Phoenix was native to Egypt and while fabulous if taken literally, is of deep significance when understood aright.

'Phoenix', a fabulous bird, of which Herodotus gives the following account. Phoenix is another sacred bird which I have never seen except in effigy. He rarely appears in Egypt; only once in 500 years, immediately after the death of his father, the Heliopolitans affirm. His feathers represent a mixture of crimson and gold; and he resembles the eagle in outline and size. They affirm that he contrives the following thing, which to me is incredible. They say that he comes from Arabia, and bringing the body of his father enclosed in Myrrh, buries him in the Temple of the Sun. And that he brings him in the following manner. First he molds a great quantity of myrrh into the shape of an egg as he will be able to carry, and having tried out the weight; he hollows out the egg and puts his parent into it and stops up with some more myrrh the hole thru which he had introduced the body so the weight is the same as before; he then carries the whole mass to the Temple of the Sun in Egypt.

The whole fable is evidently astronomical, and learned men have sought for the answer to this riddle by putting forward another. Marcoz, who took it from Plutarch, with him taking it from Hesiod come forward with this riddle:....... 'The noisy crow lives 9 generations of men who are in the bloom of years; the stag attains the age of 4 crows; the raven in its turn equals 3 stags in the length of days; while the Phoenix lives 9 ravens. We nymphs, fair-of-tresses, daughters of Jove the aegis-bearer, attain to 10 ages of the Phoenix.' This whole computation turns upon the term generations. Marcoz takes the moon for his guide, and as this luminary ceases, like man, to exist, only like him to arise, the period of its revolution becomes the standard required. 27 days and a third then converted into 27 and one-third years gives the measure of a generation among men. Reducing this, in order to make the analogy with the moon as complete is then as follows:.... 9 generations of men or the life of crow, makes 234 + 6 = 240 years. 4 lives of a crow or that of a stag, make 960 years. 3 lives of a stag or that of a raven make 2880 years. 9 lives of the raven or that of the Phoenix make 25,920 years. Thus the period of 25,920 years is precisely the duration of the Great year (Magnus Annus) of the fixed stars, having for its element exactly 50" the annual precession of the Equinox.

Thus 50" converted into years and multiplied by 1+2+3+4, that is, by 10, gave the Egyptians 500 years as the duration of the Phoenix. These numbers 1+2+3+4 indicate that the 50 seconds, converted into years traverse successfully the 4 quarters of the Ecliptic, in order to form the Great year, the astronomical duration of the life of the Phoenix.

Men have sought to explain, and to contradict these markings in the sky. One man, Mr. Proctor, even went so far as to say that this constellation of the Phoenix was a new one, and there is nothing as absurd as thinking that the motion of the pole of the earth was known to the Pyramid builders. Such an answer flies directly in the face of every fact and probability. The proper answer to the fable or fact, is that man proposes...but YAHWEH disposes.

The Scientifically astrological answer is:....that as the Hyksos, or WHITE SHEPHERDS left Egypt, they left the fable of the Phoenix behind them. It was as much a riddle as the Pyramid itself. When later on, in the progress of the centuries, a new constellation was chosen, and named the Phoenix, and put the celestial sphere, it was irresistibly disposed that it should happen as it did, and that it should be located where it was.

To America the year 1492 was literally the dawn of a precessional cycle of years, and since it had to begin at the actual midnight meridian the original constellation 'the Pleiades' could not serve; but the Phoenix stands today astonishingly connected with the 'Novus Ordo Seclorum'; for the new world as the former is, and was for that of all the earth. It is impossible for the general intellect of mankind not to recognize the hand of an all ruling providence in facts like these, the few who attribute them to chance alone, cannot be normally constituted or else blaspheme their own intellect.

Leaving the constellation of the Phoenix, and following the Meridian along until we come to the very Zenith of the Pyramid itself, we find Andromeda, ...the chained,...but now in the day of her culmination to be liberated, and since Perceus her champion follows closely, and in a few moments is to take her place upon the Zenith, we continue along the Meridian still further north, and we find in the latitude of 60 degrees, midway between the Zenith and the Pole, the notable constellation of Cassiopeia, the seated goddess of Liberty. Equally distant from the pole itself, and below it, and occupying the northern horizon, is the grandest of all the northern constellations...that of Ursa Major.

People of today as well as in the days in which our author was writing, in their pride in so called intellectual understanding, fail to look back at the intellect which produced the whole legend of Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Perseus, and Pegasus, with all their deep significance, and which was brought into prominence by the appearance of the sky at this eventful date. They failed to note that Cassiope 'consists of 13 stars', and was compared by the Arabians to 'an open hand'; which has always been an emblem of power, and Omnipotence.

These Meridian constellations are the ones that over 3000 years before had at the New Year's dawn of the cycle itself, significantly held the very bounds of the unknown world. Now:...come to culmination at the absolute dawn of a new year, they, and the ideas they embody, received together with its first and virgin blush the full benefit of its vernal influence, an influence so sweet that it will still last the cycle through.

Adamites chained to the dreadful altars of the tyrant, shall now be liberated, and Liberty herself, sits down to rest protected by the powers of a cleansed north. (Revelation 12:9-10) But...there were other stars upon the right and upon the left that filled up the details of the story.

Aquila, and Pegasus, and the Luther toned Cygnus, Hercules, Eridanus, and thwart them all from east to west the very fullness of the Milky Way. The Pleiades 51 degrees due east of the Pyramid, and nearly upon its prime vertical, still show the newness of the cycle, and are about to lend their own sweet influence toward closing up forever the wound in the aching heart of OUR RACE, and thru them the aching heart of all humanity.

The Pleiades are the decans of Taurus, the sign of the tribe of Joseph, with the horns of which as with the tens of thousands, and the thousands of Ephraim and Manasseh, they push their people to the ends of the earth. Authorities assert that Reuben bore Aquarius, Joseph-Tauras, and Benjamin- Gemini. Miss Rolleston in her Mazzaroth...translates Genesis 49:22 as:... Joseph, branch of fruitfulness by the fountain, the daughters walk before the bull. The daughters are then likened unto daughters (colonies) and thus a daughter or colony of a great people as in (Genesis 48:19) for the latter times. How suggestive then...America...the only branch (colony) growing independently of the parent Olive tree, is this cycle of the Pleiades, which marks Manasseh the era of his 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' as born upon his seal. Going on with the story of the signs of the heavens:.... Far beyond the Pleiades, and somewhat to their south, the tips of the lofty masts of the great constellation of Argo Narvis are just appearing above the eastern horizon. It is the sign of Columbus and the expedition actually at sea, and sailing towards a better Colchis, and in search of the 'Fleece' of.....A Golden Age, soon to return once more to earth, Let down from lofty heaven.

In the North West nearly 180 degrees away from Argo Narvis, and as it were going before it towards the western hemisphere, shines the Constellation Lyra, with its 13 strings, the key to each a silver star. It is claimed by Schuyler Hamilton in his 'History of the Flag', that Lyra is a group that suffested to our ancestors, the new constellation which they put upon the azure of our nation's ensign. A few years later after the adoption of this flag, John Adams, then Secretary of State, and who had been concerned not only in the 'origins' of our flag, but even more deeply in those of our still significant arms, and crest, and seal, caused a device to be put upon our national passports which they still retain. This device consists of an eagle bearing upon its breast and suspended from its beak...the constellation Lyra with its 13 stars. To still further intensify this significant national number, the eagle is surrounded by another circle of 13 stars, and a motto added, 'Nunc sidera ducit.' Now; ....Lyra..America leads the constellations.

Then when continuing our story, this constellation was in longitude about as far west (51 degrees) of Greenwich as the Pleiades were east (51 degrees) of the Vernal Equinox. It was therefore 82 degrees west of the Prime Meridian, or 26 degrees from the Meridian of the District of Columbia, and being in the very same latitude as the National Capital, shown kindly from its Zenith upon the future seat of Liberty, just as twilight disappeared. It was the twilight constellation around the globe, and as such held the Zenith of its belt of intellect, and gave the promise of the era so grandly assured in the very motto 'nunc sidera ducit'. This motto too, is deeply prophetic, for in just one-half a cycle from that very New Year's dawn the whole constellation of Lyra will be circumpolar, and in time Vega, its brightest star will occupy almost the very pole position of the heavens! What thoughts arise at facts like these? Could it have been the influence of this group as the anticipating of its dominion of the pole, that so disturbed the compass of Columbus? Who shall predict the future of America when all men's eyes shall be fixed upon its constellation in full possession of all the treasures of the north? Such were in part the pointed readings of the stars upon that years morn which gave a new earth to the world. And thus arranged--they bore tidings around the globe, and sang the hymn of freedom unto all mankind.

Since 1492 new stars each year have come upon the prime meridian but the general reading of the heavens has changed little. The same grand constellations hold the Meridian, so slowly does the cycle move, and underneath them year by year are David's words of Prophecy fulfilled. 'There is neither speech nor language, yet their voices are heard among them, Their sound has gone out through all the earth. And their words to the ends of the World.'If as we believe, OUR RACE is very young, but just entering, or about to enter its Sabbath of rest, the time will arrive in the vast future when cycles such as this of Alcyone will be necessary for the purpose of History and chronology. A million years from, nature, still fresh from 'the serrt influence of the Pleiades' will support a population,....Our Descendants.. Adam-Seth's descendants...that must reckon up the eras of their past in some such way. But stupendous tho the eons seem to be this whole cycle of precession be but a day of the grander Alcyonic year of cycles.

Learned men have argued that the notion of this motion of the pole of the earth--was known to the builders of the Pyramid, or that it dated their labors, is an extravagant supposition. They believe that the Egyptians built this monument, and then sealed it, and its teachings concealed, and was guarded so by destiny to this our latter day. They hold that by whosoever erected, or [proposed] it is a monument, the plan of which was either shown by a "model" or "in a vision" to the Shephard Kings as were those of the Ark; the tabernacles, and the Temple in still latter days. The very basis of evolution with which Mr. Proctor, and modern scientists in their citadels, forbids them to accept this monument, and the Star Bible for their wondrous story of OUR RACE, and its development upon this earth.

These ancient monuments and measures are no accident, unless the Universe itself, whose laws are there recorded, is also one. The belief of Pyramis students upon this particular, differs through many shades yet all agree that Wisdom monumentalized came from above and beyond human discovery. It is generally agreed that Hyksos (White Shepherds) probably were informed upon the reasons, as well as the facts, that they were charged to monumentalize. A few only of the chosen Masters of their craft were let into the "Arcana". The rest of mankind were simply informed, and taught the 'just weights and measures' without any other explanation being vouched upon the subject. This undoubtedly took place around about the time of the days of Peleg, or soon after that of Almodad the Measurer, and when the whole earth was " of one speech and one language." (whole earth = whole area)

Summary:-- In the days of Noah, the Deluge was a fact, and still is in our day. It is also an example of a condition of life on earth. With America it shows a condition into which we have sunk from the standards of our forefathers. It is time for Christians to realize the situation, and to come out of an emasculated Church for it is doomed to destruction which will begin its work at hollow altars, and thank God make short work of the task. For surely as there is a God in heaven who hath sworn by the verity and truth to disassociate themselves at once for all who preach a lie, no matter in what raiment clothed. For their yet remaineth unto them only who will lay hold thereon "The blessed Hope" of veritable Ark of Refuge---even the New Jerusalem--out of the coming crisis; and the time is short wherein to reach it with a wedding garment.

I would like to add a few lines to this summary of our authors words.Our Race as it understands Identity will find that Enoch and Job with the 144,000 of their race who went into Egypt within early days went for the exact purpose of building the great city of ON, with its 12 sides and the Great Temple there in, with the star bible hanging from the ceiling, and even the markings of a Sphinx in the ecliptic so as to tell our people where to start reading in the star bible. They built the Sphinx with its symbol of steps, and underneath its temples. They built the small "practice" Pyramid and laid the foundation for the Great Pyramid. Did not Job posses the law of the physical knowledge, and Enoch of the spirit, and even tho probably the rest of the builders did not know the whole of the story, but those who were of Enoch's defendants who kept coming through out the years to finish the Pyramid had a "given" knowledge necessary for them to produce the Great "Witness" in stone and the other wonders in Egypt, for our race. They marked the measures of the Pyramid with an X one of the symbols of OUR RACE. You have been told that the Hyskos were White Shepherds, and yet the word White makes no difference to our people. But they were of our race, and there were even white Priests of the linage of Seth at the temple in Egypt when Christ as a babe was taken there for safety.

It is time for OUR RACE to study the past and to find out to Our Destiny and our inheritance. The time for blindness is drawing to a close, the time for awakening is ever near. Prophecy of our Destiny tells us the connection between heaven and earth, and the fulfillment of the same. Thus instead of being afraid in this time of trouble look up, from "Whence our help comes." E.M.