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SERIES III BOOK NO. 12 - April,1894





Book Report of Col. Totten's work:....Series III...Book Number 12

Published April 7, 1894....

Book report done by Ella Rose Mast.


This book ends the Third Series, and the 12., book of that Series. The number is appropriate for 12 is one of vast significance for our Race. I am in hopes that this report will bring some insight into areas effecting the History of Our Race which you might not have thought about before, thus enabling those of Our Race to see that events are rapidly bringing conditions as shall force Our Race to see that YAHWEH'S time for recognition is near.

The proof of prophecy is in the fulfillment thereof, and Our Race has seen so much of fulfillment, that we must admit the Romance of History in which Our Race is Hero.


This book by our Author covers the times of the Medes and the Persians, together with the Chronology of Daniel, Ezra, Zechariah, Haggi, Esdras, Nehemiah, and Malachi....measured, verified and arranged upon the harmonized scale of time, with proof of Prophecy, as confirmed by History. Included also is a short outline of the prophecy of Daniel..8:5..., and this He-Goat who symbolized Alexander the Great whose Empire would overthrow the Medes and the Persians. But all of these events are only leading up to the Great Event which would occur in Judea as the time of 'MESSIAH' fulfills that part of the Great Mosaic of YAHWEH'S Time Table.

Our author gives very detailed chronology of events and time tables, which I will not try to outline, rather will only try to cover the highlights of this book, bringing to you mostly events that might be new to you, for your consideration. In the editorial of this work Col. Totten calls attention to the copy of Ferrar Fenton's translation of St. Paul's Epistles into 'Modern English'. And he quotes the comment of Professor Blackie of Edinburg to whom the work is dedicated:...(quote) 'There can nothing but good arise from a person of independent thinking taking a new translation of the Epistles of St. Paul, as novelties of phrase, largely, even tho not conveying any absolutely new idea, still... MIGHT SHAKE PEOPLE OUT OF AN UNTHINKING POSTURE AND STIMULATE INQUIRY.' (unquote)

In this same connection, Col. Totten calls attention to the work of Ralph Saddler, comprising the 'Acts and Epistles' under the title of, 'The Gospel of St. Paul'. Both Mr. Saddler and Ferrar Fenton being writers who are earnest and independent scholars and pronounced Anglo-Israelites, but like Col. Totten were forced to publish their own works in face of a conservatism which is devoid of everything but the pharisaical shell of nominal Christianity.

Thus we see how our Christianity has been fenced in and a wall built around it to hold back knowledge of the Destiny of Our Race. But all things work together for good; for though man proposes, and the Devil follows after, yet YAHWEH-God disposes, and there is a set time for consummation toward which the nations haste. Washington foresaw all this at Valley Forge, and Lincoln saw it in his day, and so did Grant in his. They saw but different phases of the third and last great struggle...the purifying Manesseh's Land. The higher critics have undermined the foundation of Faith, the multitudinous societies have finally divided the bundle of good effort into a thousand separate rods, and the axe which was bound into their midst has been lost, ...'Alas, Master, IT WAS BORROWED'.


In this series by Col. Totten, in Book no. 11 just prior to this, you would have studied...'The Head of Gold'...of this great Image which Daniel (2:31-35) described and identified as Babylon.

We begin this book, number 12, with a bit of the History of the Medo-Persian Empire, for this Empire rises as Daniel the similitude of a year, which raised itself upon one side, and could be described as Persia on the east and extends all its conquests to the west. And this Bear ( order) as seen as holding 3 ribs in its teeth as it arose to devour much flesh. Medo-Persia was the second, or the arms and breast of Silver of this great Beast (world order) of Daniel's Vision, and the first to fall before this Beast would be the HEAD of Gold, or Babylon. Thus our story begins with the siege of Babylon by this second World Order now coming on the scene of History.

As the ruler of Babylon is besieged he retreats to the great fortified metropolis called Babylon, with its walls and ramparts which were considered to be impregnable. In reading ancient history you find that sometimes these conquests of ancient Kingdoms took years to accomplish, and such it would be with Babylon. Cyrus, now the conqueror divided his army into 12 monthly relays, and thus they formed a watch and a guard around the area of Great Babylon, and they also fought to divert the river which flowed thru the city.

In the second year of the siege of Babylon, in the middle of the year, providence revealed to Cyrus a stratagem and a fit season for its successful execution. The great Annual Festival of Babylon drew near, and Cyrus was informed that the Babylonians at this time gave themselves up to drink and revelry. Thus profiting by this opportunity, he directed operations for breaking the dams between the rivers, and the canal leading into the great lake which nitocris had built. Whereby, at the time appointed the river could be exhausted and the city entered from opposite sides upon its bed, but two parties of picked men under the command of Gobryas, and Gadates. For added proof of this part of History, an 'Inscription Tablet' written by Cyrus was brought to England in 1892, by Mr. Rassam, which was an Archaeology find for it gives the timing for the chronology of events as well as telling the story. In the meantime the Babylonians waxed negligent through over confidence in their safety, and the fatal night of the 'Great Festival' drew near. According to the Inscription by Cyrus...Nabonidus was regarded as the ruler of the city of Babylon at the time of its fall, his mother Amytis, having died some years before. The King, himself, was at Tema, or Tevs, a suburb of Babylon, from whence he fled (after the city fell) to E-tur-Kalama; and from there he fled to Shippan, there he was finally captured and brought back to the city of Babylon. The King's son...Belshazzar was at Accad, feasting with his soldiers, and great men when the city fell. Therefore it was at this latter place, and not in Babylon, that the scene described by Daniel in chapter 5, verses 1 thru 30, took place. All of these cities were within the celebrated 'Median Wall' which we must regard as forming the extreme northern boundary of the fortified precincts of Babylon, considered as the Metropolis, and surrounded itself, by 25 miles of walls upon each side. The river Euphrates on one side of the fortified Metropolis, in fact running thru parts of this area on one side, and the Tigris river doing the same thing on the other side. Canals diverted the water as to where it served the cities of this Metropolis.

According to History, the city of Babylon was taken by the Persians commanded by Cyrus in Person. This was accomplished early in the evening, after the water was diverted, but the death of Belshazzar seems to have been compassed by a religious conspiracy originating among his own Nobles. As soon as the news of the fall of Babylon reached Accad (by midnight) the conspirators, already excited by Daniel's interpretation of the hand writing on the wall, then moved to accomplish their purpose, and therefore revolted and joined Darius, who thus received the Kingdom of Babylon in particular, which Cyrus took of the whole Empire. Thus we see the coming together of what we list as Medo-Persia...the second World Order of the Great Image...'The Arms and Breast of Silver'.

The 'Cylinder Inscription of Cyrus' takes up the history of Babylon where the annalistic tablets leave it. Thus upon the death of Belshazzar and his family, the Dynasty of Nebuchadnezzar ended, and the domain of the Babylonian Empire became merged into that of Medo-Persia, whose Biblical Chronological origin may therefore, be specially dated from this year in which 'Darius the Mede' took the Kingdom.

Then as soon as the affairs of Babylon were set in order (Daniel 6:1-2) Gobryas was left as Governor in Babylon, and Darius returned to Ecbatana to look after his ancient Kingdom of Media, and Cyrus went to visit his parents...then alive and living in Persia. From there Cyrus, himself, went to Ecbatana, where he was then married, in great state, to the daughter and only child of Darius, thus adding solidity to the bonds which united the Medo-Persian alliance, this World Order of Silver.

After the wedding, Darius and Cyrus, with his new Queen, returned in splendor to Babylon where Daniel's merits soon elicited the special interest of the King. (Daniel 6:3) In this same year occurred Daniel's most important Messianic Vision,...that of the 70 weeks. (Daniel 9:1-20)

Much difficulty has always surrounded the identity of 'Darius' the Mede, for the word Darius is the name of an office, meaning a governor rather than a proper name, but the 'Inscription' states that Cyrus appointed Gobryas as his governor in Babylon. The Biblical text implies that 'Darius the Mede' received the Kingdom, thus he must have been made king by someone who had a right to constitute a king. Therefore why, then, should not the Darius of Daniel be the Gobryas of the 'Inscription?' The first year of Darius, in so far as the Chaldean realm is concerned (Daniel 9) is also the year in which Cyrus issued his famous decree for the restoration of the captive Judeans as outlined for us in the book of Ezra, starting with the first chapter.

Cyrus, we learn, took the actual reins of the Empire at the death of Darius which occurred two years after the fall of Babylon. According to our author, the Edict of Cyrus in the spring of the year, 531 B.C. doubtless officially closed the 70 years of 'Servitude' as dated from the defeat of Jehoiakim after Daniel's deportation. (Daniel 1:1-2) But the decree of Cyrus closed only the first of four other periods of 70 years; whose beginnings spread over 19 years. The period of 'Servitude' now was ended, but the 'Captivity' which began 8 years before that had a different date of ending. Also there was the 'Indignation', and the 'Desolation of the Land' to be reckoned with, for this period started when Johanan deserted the land of Judea, and fled with the Royal Remnant...The Kings Daughters into the land of Egypt. It is perhaps, the appreciation of the fact that probably 19 years yet remained before the desolation of Jerusalem would be fully accomplished that drove the prophet to seek 'THE LORD' by prayer and supplication.

To recapitulate, therefore in the spring of 531 B.C., the 70 years of 'Servitude' for Judah ended with the decree of Cyrus to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 29:10....Daniel 9:2...II Chronicles 36:22-23).

Obedient to the decree some of the Captives of the Judah Kingdom prepared to go back to their city of Jerusalem, and they would start about one month from the Decree. Journeying 4 months they would thus consume 5 months in all before they were settled in their old land of Judea by the end of that civil year. (Ezra Chapters I and II)

In the meantime Daniel would remain in Babylon, having been retained in his position in public affairs by the New Dynasty, and was made the chief President over 120 Princes set over the whole Kingdom. (Daniel 6:1-3) Indeed so excellent was his administrative judgment, and the esteem in which he was held, that to the jealousy of his associates....Darius seriously considered setting Daniel over the whole realm. Thus we leave Daniel in Babylon while this remnant of his people went back to Judea to fulfill their destiny of preparing for the coming of 'The Messiah' still long years in the future.

Have you ever wondered why YAHWEH left Daniel in Babylon, as head of so much of that World Government? Think about the task to be undertaken here in the old land of Judea, and the forces arrayed against the fulfillment of the prophecy for that land, and you get some of the picture of why it was necessary to leave Daniel, and yes, others such as Nehemiah in the government of this Kingdom which was the dominant power of the ancient land of Babylon. But here in Judea this remnant set about the work of re-building the temple, and the city of Jerusalem, and its walls. Things were not going to well with those who returned of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi here in the old city of Jerusalem, for a mixed multitude had returned with them, and even those around this area were also hindering the work.

Let us go back for a moment to Babylon, to our history, and to Cyrus for he would soon also pass from the scene. Cyrus had reigned 30 years, a military King of the Persians; he reigned 9 years from his association with his father; he reigned 7 years as King of the World Order dating from the fall of Babylon; he reigned 5 years as sole King of Elam. This king who would be the one to issue the Decree to free the captives of the Judah Kingdom would also soon be gone form the scene. As we consider the full picture of the Perfect plan of YAHWEH-God for the restoration of this Earth, we find that always the way of truth is opened to prove the scriptures if we but search. It was this same Darius of our story who caused the Great Inscription to be placed upon the Behistun Rock. This Rock when it was found contained the writings of 3 languages:.. Persian, Babylon, and Mardian (Elam), and thus the translation of different languages became known and the story was thus revealed, as well as the chronology of this great king.

This unveiled to us the cleansing of his Empire, and the freeing of the captive Judeans. With the work in Jerusalem as the returned remnant of the Judah Kingdom would struggle to move forward, to cleanse their Race, in obedience to this one...THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL.

The day finally came when the work on the Temple began to move forward. In the book of Zechariah we find a direct note to the expiration of the 70 years of Indignation. Zechariah from chapter I and verse 7, to Chapter 6 and verse 15, seems to be a continous vision. In chapter 6 verse 11, the horseman report to the Angel of THE LORD that they have come from walking thru the land, and in verse 12 the Angel of THE LORD inquires of the LORD OF HOSTS, Himself, as to the continuance of the 'Indignation' which has already scored off 70 years. So THE LORD comforted the Angel (Messenger) of the LORD with the good words we find in verses 13-15. And then in verse 16 declared he had already returned to Jerusalem with Mercy,...thus the 'Indignation' was over!

The rest of this vision refers to the first and second Advents, and to Our Race, even Israel and Judah, God's two anointed witnesses, and to other matters of importance; and on this same day Zechariah crowns Joshua, and the 4 sons of Zephaniah, a type of the Branch and his 4 living companions (all Israel) whose future rule (verse 13) as Priest and King, is the Millennium. The prophet then describes both Advents, and the literal fulfillment of those things pertaining to the first, are the wise man's guarantees as to what the Signs about us already promise, for the second.

'Turn to your Stronghold', therefore saith He unto us (Our Race), 'Ye prisoners of hope; even today do I declare that I will render double unto thee.' (Zechariah 9:12) This word 'Double' is a significant one, and was rendered chronologically. A whole study could be interestingly devoted to the examination of the 'Doubles' that Mysteriously dominate God's scale of time. They crop out where least expected, full of harmony and beauty, and demonstrate the truth of ground so sacred. But it is to the 8., chapter of Zechariah that we wish to call particular attention. It should be read with care, not only by those looking for the Second Advent, but by all who are interested in accurate Historic-chronological exegesis of events of the first Advent, and the return from the east country now under consideration. This 8th., chapter of Zechariah carried forward the story of the conditions in Jerusalem, and even of the 10 tribes, with part of Judah, who were now being scattered thru the nations, but still also looking forward to the Messiah who will be born in Judea. (Zechariah 8:23) Pay careful attention to the correct interpretation of verse 23, looking up your words as they are used in Hebrew, and remember that the Strong's concordance defines the word Jew used here in your King James Version of the Bible as meaning of of the tribes of Israel, for...'We have heard that God is in you'. (I Corinthians 14:25)

There is something else which you should remember as we look at times of fulfillments, and dates...A child when born is of Zero age; a priest 30 years of age when anointed is also of Zero age; and at the next anniversary the child is one year old, and so is the priest in so far as his ecclesiastical age is concerned. As with a child so with a priest, and with them both, so with 'THE LAMB'. Remember that the LAMB OF GOD when he became 30 years of age, or in the 31st., year of His Life...which covered the first 'Acceptable' year of His Ministry...then became Our Priest...OUR SAVIOUR..He was YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

But as to what was taking place in Jerusalem...the second Temple was now finished, and the Feast of its dedication then began. Both Josephus and Esdras place the dedication on the 23rd., of the month, but this was probably the date of the completion of the ceremony, from the 3rd., to the 23rd., inclusive, being 3 weeks as is the case of the Dedication of Solomon's Temple. In his chronology, our Author gives the date of 509 B.C. as the date which brought the Feast of the Tabernacles which was a glorious one, celebrated in the Newly Dedicated Temple. With this event the Samaritans now refused to pay any further tribute to the Judeans, as had been ordered, alleging that as the Temple was finished they would pay tribute only to Darius himself. Complaints were carried to Darius, and he sent a Royal mandate that they should continue to pay the tribute; and there was no more trouble in this matter until much later. (Have you ever wondered as to who these Medes and Persians were since they helped so much in fulfilling the work in Jerusalem? A study of Archaeology should clear that up for you, as then you would know who it is that God was using in moving forward the fulfillment of Prophecy.) The Judeans were working to restore Jerusalem, and the walls, now that the Temple was finished but they were having much trouble, some if it caused by conditions within their own ranks.

In the west, Rome was the Great Empire, but already having troubles as her seven eras of dominance saw kings replaced by government of Senate and counsuls. And in the east, wars were fought and tributes paid by the conquered. Zerxes succeeds to the Persian throne after the death of Darius, and later as he came into Greece, he found the people there celebrating the Olympic games. Thus the World Order moves along while this Remnant of Israel struggle on in Judea to fulfill their destiny. History in telling of their struggle also tells us as does the scriptures that prophecy is being fulfilled. But prophecy is like the Lock upon the outside of the Ark, it can only be opened by YAHWEH, Himself. Its Key is History, nor until we have reduced it to an accurate science will it fit the tumblers, and swing open to our understanding. The material to unravel these events of time are to be found in ancient records themselves. It is all sufficient, and should be put together with the common workman's measure. It is a mere question of generations, of lengths of reigns, the duration of wars, of contemporaries, of cycles, eclipses, calendars, events and places....Harmonized! The end in view is a house of facts, solid and safe, because it is built without the sound of hammer, and unaided by the iron tool of violence. 'When these things have come to pass, ye may know that I AM HE.'

God gave man common sense to use; and has challenged us to bring forth our ancient things with the statement that when at our best we have set them all in order, he will measure them before our eyes, and satisfy us on our own ground that HE is, after all, and not we at all...THE BUILDER. Shall we then fear for YAHWEH-God, and hasten to confuse the demonstration? God forbid!

Shall we then start out with the assertion that this or that Must Measure so, because Daniel said so?....Not at all; rather let us set the simple record in as complete order as we can, according to recorded fact for this great Mosaic as outlined for OUR RACE. We find thus, in the records of the Decrees; the names of the sons of Judah, of Benjamin, and of Levi who returned to Jerusalem for the re-building, and the preparing for the Birth of THE MESSIAH, one of the Great Events in this Mosaic for OUR RACE. Therefore let us not confuse the facts with dates from 'Salted' history. Instead we must study the facts presented in the scripture thru the prophets who were directly connected with this time period leading up to the Birth of the 'MESSIAH' for which all Israel was waiting.

The vision of the 70 weeks therefore as detailed in the 9th., chapter of Daniel cannot be fully grasped and fully interpreted until the object of Nehemiah's mission is also understood. Nehemiah was the man who literally fulfilled the requirements of Daniel 9:25. For Nehemiah received evil reports from Jerusalem, and after fasting and praying, he appealed to the king to be sent to Judea. He asked:...that he might be sent unto the land of Judah, unto the city of His Father's Sepulchre, that I may build it.' (Nehemiah 2:1-5) Nehemiah would not be able to stay long in Jerusalem as he was involved in the administration of government in this land where he resided. But he did go to Jerusalem and the work progressed, even to the building of the walls, until the whole wall around about the city was raised, and the breaches thereof filled at least half way up so that the remainder of the work was of a less dangerous character, in that the part already accomplished formed a continuous rampart better capable of defense.

From the beginning of the work to rebuild Jerusalem there had been many adversaries to hinder the work of this Rampart of Our Race. And now as these saw the city walls being rebuilt, they conspired together to make a combined attack upon the city. (Nehemiah 4:7-8) But Nehemiah and his co-workers being warned daily by the people coming in from the suburbs to work upon the wall, made their prayer unto YAHWEH, the God of Israel; and they then set a watch, night and day; thereby the strength of the remaining laborers gradually gave out because of not enough rest. Finally they complained to Nehemiah saying:...We are not able to build the wall.

Nehemiah then set the people in and behind the wall, ready for the attack, and cautioned them with faithful and patriotic words:...'Whereby it may be apparent that it is justifiable to fight, defensively, for brethren, and sons, and wives and daughters, and houses.' (Nehemiah 4:14)

Our Author also tells us that a Patriotic association for the vigorous defense of Institutions as Old as Our Race, is justified by the book of Nehemiah, and it may be necessarily secret up to the point of action. It is also apparent that apathy is not a part of that Eternal Vigilance which a patriot knows to be the only price of Liberty.

Thus when the adversaries heard that those inside the walls of Jerusalem knew about the coming attack...They abandoned their plan...and the work progressed. But still one-half of Nehemiah's servants stood guard, while the other half worked, and all the people worked under arms. The enemies round about were jealous of Zion's promised restoration, (Nehemiah 6) and sought in many ways to hinder the work. But at last the time arrived for the final task, that of setting up the doors upon the gates, and thus sealing the security of Salem, and the commandment to build the walls of Jerusalem was consummated.

They celebrated, and dedicated the walls with great ceremony as described in the book of Nehemiah chapter 12:27-42, and verse 43, 'also that day they offered great sacrifices, and rejoiced; for God had made them rejoice with great joy; the wives also, and the children rejoiced; so that the joy of Jerusalem was heard....afar off!' It was a joy founded on a realization that the commandment had at last gone forth...and returned, and therefore the 69 weeks of Daniel had begun their unerring progress toward HIM who is OUR KING, and who is yet to restore the literal scepter unto the sight of all the Sons of Adam.

At this time Nehemiah re-ordained and arranged many details in the temporary Theocracy thus fully restored. (Nehemiah 12:44-47) In the month with which this eventful civil year terminated, Nehemiah transacted many minor pieces of work incidental to the general reorganization; but had to deal with caution in the face of no little treason within the very walls of the now fully protected city. (Nehemiah 6:16-19) Who would constitute this fifth column within their midst? This is also a great lesson for the Israel of God in the world today, and Nehemiah unfolds this example for us, very thoroughly.

Nehemiah was under personal obligation to return at the stated time to masa (?) with no immediate prospect of revisiting Jerusalem, and thus YAHWEH put into his heart to reckon the people by their genealogies before he left for home, for he had found a register of them who came up at first with Zerubbabel.

The register found by Nehemiah and copied by him into chapter 7:6-73 differs somewhat from the list officially given in Ezra II. Perhaps this very discrepancy moved Jeremiah to make a new Register of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi, who knew their family trees. Thus identifying the Mixed multitude who comprised a fifth column in the midst of this remnant of Israel out of the Judah Kingdom. Our Author was under the impression at the time of the publication of his work, that the Israelites who returned for the re-building of Jerusalem were now called Jews, but each time he used the word Jew thus, he in parenthesis marked these by,...Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. Thus he knew who he was speaking of even tho at that time, especially in England, and in higher circles of Christendom, it became the fashion to say Jew when you were talking of this remnant of the Judah Kingdom.

But here in old Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah, when the census was completed, the people were allotted as to where they were to dwell. (Nehemiah 11 and 12) For further events recorded elsewhere connected with this month of celebration the reader is referred to II Maccabees 1:20-26, and II Maccabees 2:1-32, where you find mention of the Ark, and the Altar of Incense, which is believed to have been the Coronation Stone, or Jacob's Pillar. Thus Nehemiah in a months time had accomplished great things in Jerusalem, and the Remnant were on more solid ground in their stand for their place in Destiny, and Nehemiah then returned to his job. In the next 12 years he only visited Jerusalem twice. but from time to time he received reports from Jerusalem that disturbed him very much. Nehemiah was hearing rumors of misgovernment at Jerusalem in 430 B.C. according to our Author, and he determined to once more visit the city.

To understand the scripture more fully our Author believes that chapter 5 of Nehemiah's record is out of place in our present interpretation of scriptures. As to when and how it got into this present awkward position breaking to no purpose, the direct continuity, between chapters four and six, is not manifest, not only from its own context, but from its specific chronology. We cannot imagine, altho the 'Accident' is providential(?) in that by the confusion arising from the displacement, the chronological secrets of this wonderful book have been kept secret unto these very last days. We believe that the whole chapter 5 belongs where it synchronizes, to wit, between verses 3 and 4 of chapter 13. Transfer it to its rightful place and not only does the story of chapters one, two, three, and four flow into chapters six, and seven without anachronism, but allows the second visit of Nehemiah to continue, and conclude the book of Nehemiah in due and logical order.

Now:...Once in Jerusalem, on that second visit Nehemiah corrected abuses in short order. In the first place he called a general assembly, and then... broke up the practice of Usuary, forced the rich monoplists to return their ill-gained lands, and let their bond servants go free. This thirteenth chapter of Nehemiah with chapter five inserted correctly after verse three, finds Nehemiah correcting not only those, but other abuses found in Jerusalem. For Nehemiah found that the Levites had been set aside in the Priesthood, and one of the old enemy (Satan) placed in the very Temple of YAHWEH. This situation Nehemiah very hurriedly corrected by reinstating the Levites. He exacted tithes, reorganized the treasury, vindicated the Sabbath as well as cleansing the Priesthood. Nehemiah very plainly records for us the sins of these men of Judah (13:23) for they had taken wives outside their race, and had produced children by them. Thus (vs:30) Nehemiah cleansed this remnant of Israel, these out of the Judah Kingdom by......REMOVING ALL THE STRANGERS FOUND AMONG THEM.

No wonder this remnant of Israel were being once more overwhelmed in their land, for they had broken the Law of God...'Kind begats like Kind'.. given to them from the beginning. This was the sins of the fathers being passed on to the children up to the tenth generation, or forever. We remember how in the closing days of Nehemiah's first visit, that the people and rulers in Judea had sworn to keep the LAW, and yet this flagrant growth of iniquity had arose even in the brief space of less than 12 years (13:6), and shown out in lurid colors. Oh, for a Nehemiah today, who would set our nation straight, and turn us toward OUR God, before we destroy our nation by the same type of Disobedience!

The book of Malachi, called the 'Seal of the Prophets' was written about this same time, and he complains of several of the very abuses that Nehemiah went up to Jerusalem to correct, and while there did correct. Perhaps it may have been due to this Prophecy itself, and to its accompanying Epistle, that moved Nehemiah to make this tour of Inspection of Jerusalem? In view then of the fact that Nehemiah by name was 'The man whom THE LORD Conducted' to the starting point of Daniel's Messianic Prophecy, and in view of the last words of Malachi, which are a clear reference to John, who was Messiah's appointed forerunner, it is henceforth impossible to deny that JESUS THE CHRIST was the promised MESSIAH. No scrutiny of modern science can ever hereafter shake the testimony of the Stars themselves, which thus record the fulfillment of the times set beforehand. Still even in this period when all the eyes of Israel are on Judea, and Jerusalem because of that fulfilling of prophecy, still in the world scene there came forth another conqueror. (Daniel 8) This was Alexander the Great, the He Goat of Daniel's vision...from the west...who would come to the throne at the age of 20 years, and would move with great vigor and force. He would be the one to bring down the Empire of the Medo-Persians, who had before him, caused the fall of the 'Head of Gold' which was Babylon.

Alexander moved with the dream of uniting all the white Race under one leadership, for as he marched to the east he found people in Persia, and asking...Who are you?..They replied:...We are Aryans. Alexander and his armies,now even including Persians marched to the mountain passes and looked over into the Steppes of Asia, and went on into India, but not into Asia where the Mongol hoards were in such great numbers. Alexander felt that it would be better to man the passes with Aryans, to prevent the coming thru of the Mongols, than to try to press on into their land and chance being overwhelmed.

In Egypt, while Alexander was in the east, a revolt was in progress, and Alexander then swept into Egypt, and took Thebes where the revolt was centered and utterly destroyed it. The city of Alexandria, Egypt was named after Alexander, and here later would be found the seat of the greatest library in the world. Our Author gives the date of 336 B.C. as the first year of Alexander's reign, and in all he reigned only 13 years, even tho he was the notable horn of the He-Goat of Daniel...chapter eight.

In this book our Author has spent much time giving us a chronology which at that time seemed very accurate to him. And then he tells us this:... heretofore men have never dreamed of demanding greater accuracy of these Biblical dates than what is conveyed in the year approximately stated, as in the margin of the Bible. The truth has thus been hidden under a bushel of uncertainty, but the day comes, and now is, by virtue of this particular effort at calculation when we may ask for the truth to any degree that we are able to verify it, and certainly will be forthcoming. If we have failed, a better system will succeed ours, and the truth be vindicated, all the same; so may God bless the work of others, and have all the honor to Himself. When the sacred records are properly understood, the conviction is thus irresistible that we have the veritable footprints of history stamped upon the pages of OUR BIBLE.

Back in Jerusalem...there is still years to be lived thru before the coming of THE MESSIAH, and no doubt this Remnant will be almost overwhelmed, but still the time is shorter than at first, and it shall surely come. But first John, the son of Zachariah, was to come...on time.. and preaching preparation for Daniel's Messianic scale of weeks as they came to a point of completion. Thus first came the birth of a baby to Zachariah and his wife, and then came...THE the virgin Mary. All Israel...of Jerusalem..knew this was at hand, and all Israel, of the Judah Kingdom, now in that land was ready to submit to the baptism as preached by this...John the Baptist.

Now:---if John's Successor was not the Messiah, the people we call the Jews are in an everlasting dilemma, not only to supply a substitute, but to explain John's mission.

We invite the attention of ALL ISRAEL to these facts:--- for the MESSIAH was due as has been shown from a discussion of Daniel, Ezra, and Nemehiah in these studies, and CAME at the stated time. Thus this Jesus was pre-eminently---------THAT MAN---ISH. Why? therefore should Christ's saying be a hard one, in that he said no more, and no less, of HIMSELF than what a SAVIOR must say:---to wit, that HE was (is) YAHWEH, the ONE who was (is) to Come! There is no other Savior than this YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, as all the Prophets testify; thus what else was to say but that---"Before Abraham was --I AM" Compare if you will Genesis 18---Exodus 3[1-6 and Joshua 5:13-15----Daniel 3:25 and Malachi 5:5-6---, and yes the whole of the New Testament. The deeper the books of Moses and the Prophets are studied, the plainer all this does certainly appear, and it stands to reason, it stands to the definitions of the Old Testament, itself, that this JESUS OF NAZARETH, so called, was HE --- born KING IN JUDEA. (Matthew 2:1-2) (E.R.M.)