ERM - Sound An Alarm In My Holy Mountain Bk 19 Vol 2


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Booklet 19, Volume 2

by Joanna Southcott---January 30, 1804


In this booklet Joanna treats the sealing of the people, and says that Satan's reign is to be cut short. That Christ's Kingdom is to be established ON EARTH. And the end of the vision showing the end of Satan's reign. Joanna felt that she had been ordered by the Spirit of Truth to seal up the lists at the end of the year. And to tell the people to look forward to the end of Satan's kingdom, for it is to be destroyed and the kingdom of Christ is to be established on earth.

We must remember that at this time then Europe and Britain had been thru the Dark Ages. They had been thru the Protestant reformation which was a product of the Bible. Its message of Grace, mercy and recovery was being considered, but it was unknown in the Romish Church which had already been infiltrated and doctrines changed. Then another 200 years would pass and here they were afraid of any man who thought for himself, and they would put him to silence one way or another. Thus, the dark ages.

Then came Wycliffe, and he preached Love, Grace, and pardon of God in Jesus Christ, and many then joined him. Then came William Tyndall in the 16th century teaching the same. Then came Martin Luther teaching---Justification by Faith alone. The church of England had passed thru many phases and was then turning away from the early teachings. Could not quite bring themselves to go along with this justification by Faith alone.

And here is then Joanna Southcott teaching this message as from the Spirit of Truth. Of course her critics had said that the only way the prophecies could be understood and fulfilled was by their teaching, not by this woman who had come on the scene preaching the Spirit of Truth, which can be in everyone, who has that spirit. Thus Joanna believed that her critics, since they denied the coming of this SPIRIT OF TRUTH, then these professed Christians, these gospel Preachers were also denying that this SPIRIT OF TRUTH came from God. They were also saying that the knowledge can come from Satan as he pretends to be an Angel of light, thus you can also be deceived.

Now if the truth of the bible were denied and if the words of men are true, then the bible cannot be true. Thus Joanna had only her whole trust in the God of her salvation to depend on, and there she felt very secure. Joanna had seen her prophecies which were given to her, come true, and since her faith was so great, since she believed that Christ came and died for her, then how could she believe that what she had said about the Gospel message was false. And she testified that she would sooner believe there was no God than to believe that there was a faithless god who would preserve her life, her faith and the faith of those who were running into persecution for His Sake. Thus, she said; ---always believe that the LORD judgeth not as man judgeth, by outward appearance---no---the LORD judgeth from the heart.

As Joanna spoke in 1792, of Satan’s destruction and of the visitation of this SPIRIT to all nations, she then received the denial for this fulfillment of the Biblical program from the church hierarchy and at first she almost trembled. Then strong in her faith of this visitation of the 'Spirit of truth', and her command to write these things on paper. She found it impossible for her to believe her bible and disbelieve her calling to be of God. Did our Savior ever warn us of a power other than that from God, and tell us this was from the Devil? Has he ever warned us of any spirit other than from him, telling us that it would be from the devil?

Joanna received word from a Reverend T.P. Foley of Old Sinford, Worcestershire telling her that believers were coming in so fast to sign their name, that they could hardly keep up. These were the people that believed now that Christ's kingdom would be established in earth, and Satan's power would be broken and destroyed. And all of this was to take place on earth.

This Reverend Foley seemed to understand and believe that the teaching of Joanna Southcott was true. He also believed in her first revealed testimony of the coming of 'THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH."

You must remember that in those days when Joanna was beginning to speak out that the church had been thru many years of denial with even the bible chained to the altar. And you remember what had taken place as men had tried to bring the bible teaching to the ordinary people. Then came the explosion of the printing of the Bibles and people began to pour over their own books. No more was this to be a hidden faith only available under the interpretation of the hierarchy of the organized church. The teaching of the Darwin Theory of Evolution had not as yet been proclaimed full blast, which would come in the middle of the 18th century and Darwins--'The Descent of Man' would be printed in 1871, and this would thus bring forth another blow to the scriptural teaching.

However Joanna had proclaimed that a sealing of the people of God must take place before the end of the Devil's reign. And thus Satan must thus be bound as to the sealing ---(Revelations 7): "And Angel came from the East having the seal of the Living God, and He spoke to the four Angels that were given the power to hurt the earth and the sea. This angel from the living God said--"Hurt not the earth, neither the sea (people), nor the trees, until the servants of God were sealed in their foreheads.” And those sealed were to be 144,000 and were all the tribes of Israel starting with Judah and on down thru all the twelve tribes. This then --the number 144 thousand is just 12 times 12 or 144 thousands but all of the tribes. Just a play on essential numbers so as to include all of the people of the kingdom.

Joanna was insistent that there was a law that men tried to set up, but it would not work, for there is a time, and a cycle for all things. There is a time and their bounds, winter and summer, seed time, and harvest. All have their appointed time. And Joanna thought that 'the spirit of truth' would be able to tell you as to what time or cycle you were in. Thus the time she felt had come for the sealing of the people in their foreheads. We would say the time for them to realize that there was a spirit in them which was from the Heavenly Father and it would guide you in understanding all things. This the Church hierarchy could of course not accept or they would lose their exalted positions.

Joanna was saying that the Word had come from the Almighty and it should never return until all is accomplished. "That unto Me, every knee shall bow, of all things in heaven, and of all things in earth.” Thus if Satan would not bow then he shall be separated from the earth, for the SAKE OF MY ELECT. And those who were now signing were the ones who believed in the Words of Him who was prophet Priest and King. The biblical meaning that had been concealed from men in earth, could now be understood --under the guidance of THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. And Joanna believed that this 'spirit of truth' was now revealing that Christ would come as King of His elect, to claim the earth, for the earth is His and His heirs are those that are persecuted for His sake, just as He was persecuted for their sake. She also believed that it would be better for people to never sign on to this knowledge than to sign and then back away from what they had believed.

Now she knew that she could not have made the world herself, no more than she could have brought out these mysteries that were in her writings if the Spirit of truth had not spoke. Thus she believed that the LORD called her, and the sealing of the people was at His command.

Now this 'spirit of truth' says that he that putteth his hand to the plow must break the ground for MY kingdom to be established on earth, and for Satan's kingdom to be destroyed. So let the sealed stand steadfast and they shall reap if they faint not.

Joanna had prayed and wondered as to this message she was to bring to her people. You would not think that it would be false for the LORD would take her life before He would let her betray His people.

It had been in 1792 when a voice had called aloud:---"Joanna, Joanna, the Angels rejoiced at thy birth. But why did, they rejoice unless they knew that you were born to set them free as well as men (Adamite) from the insults of the devil. I tell you that my delight is with the sons of men (Adam) and their delight shall be with me.

Now to understand what was happening here then would you not have to go back to the time of the Apostles and then come thru the take over of the church of Rome. Thru the rebellion of Martin Luther and others to the coming forth of the scriptures to be owned by all people, and for them to cherish, and try to understand. Then would it be so strange for God in keeping his program alive then he would give from the spirit other enlightenments thru the years. As I have studied over the years then I think of the coming of the teaching by Dr. Swift and to me he had the most complete understanding of this knowledge. Thus, Joanna in her time was just filling in the knowledge of the children of the kingdom in their walk thru earthly struggles. This was a big gap for the knowledge of this kingdom being established on earth had been taught by Christ to be used in their prayer. And this would also be an acknowledgment of the children of the kingdom, now being revealed once more. Thus you can now understand the pressure from the devil to sway her from her course which she was moving on in her revelation of this knowledge. This after all was a great message for our people, and she kept getting assurances from the spirit that she should keep doing what she had been told to do.

Joanna was ordered to open her bible to the 30th chapter of Proverbs, and to read the latter part of the 31st verse. At first she could not grasp the meaning for this:--- ‘A KING against whom there is no rising up.’-------What, she wondered, could be the message here for her? And then the words began to come from the 'spirit of truth'. ----This is the words that she writes which came:---"MY decree is gone out of my mouth, that he who exalted himself against God, in the heavens, and exalted himself against the sons of men in earth, saying that none can destroy, for his power is equal to mine, and who worked in man to betray me, to crucify me, to mock me on the cross, thinking his hour would never come. I now say,-- his hour is come, to know, and hear his final doom. Satan the great accuser of the brethren, to have his bounds set, the same as the bounds were set for man. So now Satan, they are set for thee! The list that shall be sealed up within this paper are names given for MY Kingdom, to be established in earth in righteousness. And if thou Satan, the great accuser, pursueth one of them by temptations; or worketh in others to persecute them so that they cannot enjoy my kingdom as their decree is. Thy sentence is fixed as man's (my Children's) are fixed. As Pharaoh was destroyed from the face of the earth, for pursuing the Children of Israel, so shalt thou be destroyed from the face of the earth. And all of thy power taken from thee, as Pharaoh's power was taken from him, after the blood was sprinkled upon the doors. And now Satan, the seal is the same death for thee. THE WORD IS GONE OUT OF MY MOUTH, THAT IN RIGHTEOUSNESS I WILL RULE THE NATIONS, AND IN PEACE THEY SHALL POSSESS MY KINGDOM THAT I DIED TO REDEEM FOR MAN (Adam). O Satan, my people perish for lack of knowledge. I come in the SPIRIT to visit and to redeem my people. By Faith and not by knowledge shall people discern these things."

Now as time went on, then down in our time of today we understand perhaps a bit more about YAHWEH, who is YAHSHUA --in the flesh, and about His plan for his children and the earth, and all mankind as HE brings all things in earth back under his orbit. Perhaps some of the race is better able to trace His race today because of the knowledge brought forth by the Spirit of Truth.

What knowledge that Joanna was opening up, her persecutors were not willing to have known. She however said that she can bring no other meaning--after she refers to the Woman and her seed. For there she was proclaiming a deeper meaning than the surface knowledge of the scriptures that her accusers were preaching. Thus she felt that she could bring no other message, or meaning after she refers to the woman and her seed, which she thought belonged to the woman of Revelation 12:1-3. We therefore also believe that it is only thru the symbols, and such that you get the picture of what is meant by this woman of Rev. 12.

Here then in Joanna's writings she brought out the message that the Serpent, that old Satan is to be chained down in the bottomless pit. And he was to persecute the children of the kingdom, these people of this race of which she was a part.

Thus men who have eyes to see and ears to hear shall come back to the beginning in 1792 when they learned what was to come on earth from this 'Spirit of truth'. At that time the sound was of Angels who were singing:---

"Saints shall see it, and rejoice,

Hell shall tremble at MY voice."

And then she asks:---How could God's people in earth know that Satan shall be bound if they are not taught. How, if their hearts are not prepared to long for this time which shall come upon the earth. All those who inquire what the LORD has said, how shall we be His in the day when he makes up his jewels? However those who mock the coming of the LORD shall find that His anger will burn like an oven and who can abide it that now hear it? The Day is long spent the night is at hand, mark the promise given of Satan's destruction.

"And now as he is sealed, he now shall fall; The gulf is fixed, I tell you all.” We see from this book that 8,144 people then signed the paper declaring that Joanna's prediction of the destruction of Satan would be carried out. And it was said that some of the lists were not in when these were counted. Then to compare this list to that of the lists in Revelation where the 144,000 were sealed, in the long poem in this book, as she traced the story it is Israel that stands out from beginning to end.

Thus we say that Joanna was a forerunner of the Identity Message. For I read that there is no other message of scripture as she was writing, and without that message--then if they have not the Spirit of Christ, they are none of HIS.

In the writings of Joanna then she has this to say quoting YAHSHUA --Christ:---"Did I not command that men should look for my coming? Be alert lest I come upon you unawares. Did I not tell you of the signs of the times from the parable of the fig tree? Did I not tell you that when the leaves are green, or begin to appear, know that summer was at hand. When you see these things then know that my kingdom is at hand and that your redemption is drawing near.

Then:---How are men perverting my Gospel? By turning My people out of the way, by darkening the eyes of their understanding, and not enlightening them. Then will not I the LORD of My vineyard come in a day they think little of, and in an hour unaware. How then shall such Shepherds stand when I demand my flock from them? What answer can they give, but to say---we judged thee a hard master, gathering where thou hast not sown. Therefore, we hid all thy words. And we must confess here they stand on record as thou gavest them. For we have not improved them to gain any wisdom or knowledge thereby; or give warning to the hearers. All given to us have been hidden in a napkin for we judged thou wast gathering believers where thou hadst not sown the way for them; and reaping their labor of love where no seed of thy word was sown. Therefore, we have buried it down.

Then the LORD says: but how then will they hear my answer? If I am gathering where I have not strewn, and reaping where I have not sown; they ought to have put my words out to usuary and made an increase of Faith thereby, and gained other talents.

As to the meaning of this parable:---'My word left on record is distributed as talents, amongst mankind. The one is THE WORD given; the spirit of wisdom is another, and discerning the spirits is another. Thus different talents are given to men which men ought to improve on. How is the talents hidden in earth? Who so ever hides them instead of improving them, is as tho hiding them in earth. Where in given with His Word then they improve His word and gain other talents. For there is a talent of Grace, a talent of Faith, a talent of Wisdom, a talent of prophecies, and a talent of discerning My Word. These talents are improved by Grace, by wisdom, by prophecies made known to the sons of men.

The Trumpet is blown, who can hear? The lion roars but you will not hear. The evil is in the city and profaneness in the mouths of the shepherds to turn the righteous out of the way, and be a stumbling block to my people Israel. That they may not be able to stand in the day of battle.

Now see the law and the Gospel together; for the wicked are caught in their own craftiness. And it is I the LORD that has done it. Out of their mouths will I condemn the Shepherds for perverting my Gospel. But now I shall come to my servants who have improved their talents, by Faith, by wisdom and by discerning the Spirit.

Much of the time Joanna writes as tho the Spirit of truth was telling her what to write. And she writes long poems in this manner. One thing in a long poem as she told the story of the Gospels from Adam's fall on--

in this place she writes:

'So here are the talents for you all,

If them you'll now improve;

It is to face you from the fall,

And show my dying love.

But he that looks unto my death,

And can no further see,

Hath hidden his talent in the earth,

And thus may answer me.


Joanna wrote this long poem on Christmas eve 1803. The next day she felt she was answered from the Gospel with the 13th chapter of Matthew:---'As the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so shall it be in the end of the world. The 'son of man' shall send forth his Angels and they shall gather out of His kingdom all things which offend, and them that do iniquity. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Remember that the end of the world is the end of Satan's reign in it.

Did HE not tell them to pray for His kingdom in this world? The field after all is the world, and the good seed are the children of the kingdom. And the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of the Living God. He created this world for his own glory. And created (Adam) man in his own likeness, to be established in it. Did He not promise to do this? How then did his wisdom, his bible get hid in a napkin by some of mankind, to whom His words were given, without wisdom to understand them? If men want wisdom then let them ask for it of God and not of men.

What can blind men make out of "The pearl of great price,” that a man sell all that he has to purchase it? How can they fail to see that He died to discover the great purchase of His death? That I died to redeem men from the fall of Adam. And to raise my people again into favor of their God. This is the price of His blood, that it will wash away their sins, and all the root of evil which is the devil.

Thus Joanna was telling the church fathers what was written in the Bible, and she wrote as tho Christ was speaking to her, by this 'Spirit of truth'. No wonder they wanted to silence her for as people began to read their bibles, as they began to realize that they had a spirit inside of them that could witness to this truth, this was a worry to the blind shepherds.

Joanna then goes on to say:----When the two of you together, the man (Adam) and the woman (Eve) ask for the promise made in the fall, it shall be done for them. For Satan that was in heaven but lost his place because of disobedience, shall now lose his power on earth because of this same rebellion. Men shall be thus loosed in earth from Satan's power. And they will give glory unto God in the Highest, and on earth there shall be peace. ' I shall take the stumbling block (Satan) out of the way of my people and they shall possess my holy mountain (government), in Peace (or understanding of god's plan). AND THEY SHALL THEN UNDERSTAND THAT THIS CANNOT BE FULFILLED LEST HIS SPIRIT COME TO FULFILL.

Now all of the parables stand for the last days. Read them thus. They show you how to bring in my kingdom here on earth. How can people say that I came to call the Jews, who said they were righteous, for those righteous do not need a physician, only those who are sick? Did I NOT SAY THAT I CAME ONLY TO THE LOST SHEEP OF ISRAEL? TO THEM I WAS KNOWN? For they were believing in a Messiah to come, to redeem them from their captivity. They believed that I should come, as it is written---as the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, to visit and redeem my people, and fulfill all the prophets had said of ME. But you false shepherds say that only the righteous in your eyes shall be saved; even tho they need not a physician. O’ false prophets, judge for yourself. How few would be saved by your judgment. I tell you that he that believeth not in the promise made in the fall cannot believe in his own salvation.

Then to Joanna, the Spirit of truth said,---'my words were left as a record for my second coming, and they who say they believe in My Gospel, who rely on my heel being bruised without Satan's head being crushed also; they sin against light and knowledge. They must know that a more fatal curse was pronounced on the devil. And that curse has as yet never taken place. Let those who pretend know that those who try to enter the kingdom any way but by faith is a thief and a robber for they are trying to rob God. He who enters in by Faith enters into the Sheepfold. And "I WILL BE THEIR SHEPHERD AND THE CAPTAIN OF THEIR SALVATION.” For it is only to them that stand by Faith that the promise is made to be sealed.

Joanna then prayed a prayer that she was ordered to pen Dec. 18, 1803. This is a long, long prayer and I shall summarize:---

'Oh, My God, my God, in thee have I trusted. Let me never be put to confusion; but grant, for thy own honor and great name's sake, that if I am visited by thy spirit, and from thee, the Father of Light and truth as all the truths come out of the past, be pleased to hasten on with thy work of righteousness and put to silence the tongues of foolish men. Let thy power be made known. Take the cause Into thy own hand that the unbelieving world may know that thou, O LORD God, hast spoken unto me. Fulfill thy words I pray thee, for thy own honor, and the comfort and consolation of those, who are now relying on thy words and promises, of thy glorious kingdom which is approaching. And for the power of Satan to be destroyed, so that thy holy and blessed name may run, and be glorified from sea to sea, from shore to shore. And that the ends of earth may praise thy holy, blessed name.

O thou blessed 'Son of God' whose love was so great--to die --the just for the unjust, for the transgressions of man, and was crucified on the cross for the love of mankind.

Now I pray thee come in power wearing the crown of King of Kings and be the Captain of our salvation. Set up the kingdom in every heart, that at thy name every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim and swear to praise thy holy and blessed name, in all things in heaven and things in earth.

Joanna continued in prayer asking for the understanding of her cause, asking for guidance and wisdom and counsel of the holy spirit, to know His Heavenly will and to obey it. Saying also, Thy words have been a light unto My feet, and a lantern to my paths. The words of men have always deceived me, but I shall trust in thy words which stand sure and steadfast. I pray that the works in thy hand, may all be justified! Even so, come LORD JESUS---come quickly.

Joanna was asked by one person just why God created the devil, to be such a wretched sinful being in heaven. When HE knew by foreknowledge what would be? This is the answer that she received December of 1803.

Here the wisdom of man hath taken in question the wisdom of his creator, his maker. But know this, o vain man, you must first feel the pain of sickness, before you know the pleasures of health. A man who never felt poverty knows not what he enjoys but his riches. Neither did the Angels of heaven know from whence all of their happiness flowed, that I had created in the realm of bliss. Therefore, as worms breed in wood, so did evil breed in the Devil and fallen Angels. They could not believe that all happiness sprang from me. Envy and pride entered their hearts, until it begins to decay. Just so it was with the devil, not of ME, but he was in his place and equal in a way with Me. But evil entered his heart lust like the worms in the wood, but were not in there when first formed, and he became corrupt and all thru by pride, malice and envy.

When I formed Adam and gave him a helpmate I knew that Satan would find a way to interfere. Therefore I said I would place the tree of knowledge in the garden and if the man (Adam) were to eat thereof he should be as dead. I did not add the last word ---to knowledge --dead to knowledge which I meant. Then this command was given to (Adam) man and known also unto the devil, who thought that if he could impose on the weakness of the woman, he should destroy the works of creation and say that the woman whom I made for man's good was for his hurt, and thus prove to the fallen Angels that I had greatly erred in casting them out of heaven, as I erred in the creation in making the woman for man's good to be his helpmate. But man thus became dead to knowledge. Thus with God all things are possible, and the mystery is thus possible and plain. For the man was made of dust of the ground but the woman however was made of flesh and blood taken from the man in a state of perfection. (Note that he at that time was not perfect man but divided into two living souls and bodies.) Satan then betrayed that part of man that I pronounced for his good. And man (Adam) cast his blame on her and on me for giving her. But it was on the serpent that the woman's blame was placed. Know the curse--I placed on this devil the serpent. That he should crawl on his belly as to having no feet to stand on. Then I said, I will place enmity between his seed and her seed, and it should bruise his head.

Now answer me, O’ ye sons of men. Did Satan outwit Me, or shall I outwit him? Remember this. Altho Satan can outwit men, he cannot outwit ME who made the heavens and the earth, and knew all the depths of Satan's arts. Therefore I laid a plan in Creation to make room for Man's redemption by the woman (Israel) that I created for Adam's good, by casting her blame on Satan's head. Every soul will find this (understanding) in the end. Therefore turn to the meaning of the promises to the woman (Israel), for I left you in blindness for she shall plead for the promises to be fulfilled. And without her there is no kingdom. Thus you see what a helpmate she has become. All of these mysteries you must dig deep to find, for this is the Pearl of Great price---Revelation 12.

Now, dear friends, hope you enjoyed this explanation and this understanding what is only hinted at by listing Revelation 12. This being one of the secret mysteries of your scriptures. We would ask in closing. What greater sin can a man commit than oppose the kingdom of His God?