ERM - Ser 4, Bk 15 Jesus Of Nazareth








Report by Ella Rose Mast


Our subject...This Man of History...known as JESUS OF NAZARETH.


He is listed in our scriptures today..sometimes as King of the Jews, in other places as King of Israel. Perhaps you have been led to believe that the modern term Jew, and the word Israel are synonymous..but are they??? Using your Strong's Concordance in your study you will find that this... JESUS OF NAZARETH.. is King of the Universe..THE ALMIGHTY GOD...YAHWEH YAHSHUA, and even to some of earth still in rebellion, who will not have HIM to rule over them, still He deals with them in His own time.

As JESUS OF NAZARETH, born out of His Race to do a mighty work of Atonement... HE drank the cup in the Garden fulfilling that Atonement, then overcome death and the grave in a Mighty Resurrection.

Therefore isn't it foolish to think that such events as surrounded this mighty work would not be a matter of official record? Yes, there are records, for one of the chief objects of having governors and procurators in the outlying provinces was to secure accurate reports of everything which went on. Just for an example, our Bible says that a star went before the Wisemen, but Rome recorded that a Great Light went before them.

It is a piece of effrontery to suggest that there was any exceptions, or omissions, in so important a case as that of this...JESUS OF NAZARETH. We have ample testimony that these reports were made. For instance Tertullian in 190 A.D. says:..'Pilate, who was already a Christian in his own conscience, then announced all these things to Tiberius Caesar.' Again, when referring to the darkness that occurred at the time of the crucifixion as if it had been in Pilate's official report says:..'They who did not know that this was predicted concerning Christ thought at first that it was an eclipse; but reason not comprehending this, they next denied it, never the less you have the realization of that phenomenon in your Archives. (Tertullian 190 A.D. in his address to he rulers of Rome.)

Why?...Why single out Christianity as the outgrowth of Mysticism, and the evolution of the Essenes, and as false in any of its essential records, and yet admit the record of, and every other ancient historical character without question? Verily, the Credulity as to error, of those, who are incredulous as to truth surpasseth understanding.

In the meantime our Author and I shall be glad to have you proceed with us as we establish prophecy by a fair appeal to History, in that the Bible is true as written, when properly interpreted, and that Our Race is 'Lost Israel'....'Found'. That Chronology is the measure of the past, and the key to the future, and that YAHSHUA...This JESUS OF NAZARETH is the desire of all Israel Nations...thus bow the knee.

Our Author has in all his works worked hard on chronological history of the Scriptures, but assures us that as others find a different schedule of events they in no way change the Messiah's Ministry in earth.

Our story begins with the gathering of the crowds into Jerusalem for the Annual Feast of the Passover. All Israel, those who were at all able, from near or far, went to Jerusalem for three Feasts each year. This was still the site of their house of worship, and even tho under usurped rule at this time, still Israel would gather for the Feast.

Our Savior...JESUS OF now completing His Messiahship and many are wondering if Jesus would come to Jerusalem for this Feast, for the commandment of the Chief Priests and False Pharisees is well known among the people. (John 11:55-57)

In the meantime Jesus and his disciples were pursuing their way to Jerusalem. As they came to Jericho...HE cured the blind man who cried:.. 'Son of David, Pity me.' (Luke 18:35-43) Here at Jericho He found Zacchaeus in the sycamore tree and bade him come down as He planned to lodge with him. Many when seeing this would say:..He hath gone in to be a guest with a sinner. But, this chief publican was also an Israelite and he turned toward his Messiah. Later Zacchaeus would stand to defend himself, and to promise to right what wrongs he had done and Jesus endorsed his position adding the parable of the 'Nobleman as to the Kingdom of Heaven.' They had thought this Kingdom was to immediately appear, whereas He said He was going into a far country to receive it, but would return. Yea, HE hath received it, but he hath not fully organized it; because the Prophets must be fulfilled, and even Satan gets his due measure...pressed down..yet we doubt if it runs over.

But here in our story Jesus and his disciples are making their way to Bethany. This is a little village east over the mountain top from Jerusalem. You will remember that here at Bethany HE had raised Lazarus from the dead. Here in Bethany was the home of the Bethany Sisters and their brother Lazarus, and here Jesus had spent many pleasant hours. Simon the Leper was also of this household and this city as some of the old records tell us, and it was here in this village that many of the people of Judea were see..and to hear this JESUS OF NAZARETH..this one who had called Lazarus out of the tomb.

Here at the evening meal Martha would serve and Lazarus would be seated at the table with the guests. Mary of Magdala, the Mary Magdalene of the Scriptures was the woman who took the alabaster box with its pure and very costly balsam of spikenard, and came unto Jesus as he was at the table and broke the box and poured the balsam on His head, and then anointed His feet, and wiped them with her hair. The house was thus filled with the odor and you remember how Judas protested this as he said it was a waste. Why was it not sold and the money given to the poor? But Jesus told him not to trouble himself, for Mary had anointed HIS body for burial. Jesus prophesied that the memorial of her act would go down thru the ages and be spoken of wheresoever in all the world that this Gospel should be preached. (Matthew 6:6-13..John 12:2-8)

On Palm Sunday Jesus and his disciples left Bethany on their way to Jerusalem. From the mount of Olives which was on the outskirts of Jerusalem, He sent two disciples to find the colt which he would ride into the city, so as to fulfill prophecy. Then placing their garments upon the animal, and with Jesus now seated upon the colt, they came on toward the gate which led into Jerusalem.

The multitude of Israel now in the city, hearing that HE was coming, went out to meet HIM carrying Palm Branches. As they came they cried:..'Blessed is HE that cometh in the name of YAHSHUA..THE KING OF ISRAEL. Hosanna to the Son of David..Hosanna to YAHSHUA (Jesus) of NAZARETH ..Hosanna to the King of ISRAEL. (John 12:12-13)

Before this Jesus had cleansed the steps of the temple of all who bought and sold therein..of the money He reminded them that 'It is written:..My House is a house of Prayer, but ye have made it a den of robbers.' (Matthew 21:12-13) Here on this day as Jesus again approached the steps of the Temple, there is a great crowd following him and the High Priests who stood at the top of the steps drew back, not daring because of the multitude to stop His cleansing of the temple more time.

After the ceremony at the steps of the temple wherein Jesus had told His people that he must take the chalice instead of the this that he would not rule them in captivity. Again he mounted the steps of the Temple and drove out the money changers.

High on the steps of the Temple the Chief Priests and the Sadducees met to consult as to how they could destroy HIM, and yet, they were still afraid of the people who followed HIM and so eagerly listened to Him, even tho they did not quite understand.

But, Judas of Iscariot who eventually stole the treasure box, and who was now rankling over the rebuff received at the supper at Simon's house, now came to the High Priests to betray HIM. Judas was to say:...what are ye willing to give me and I will deliver HIM up to you? They promised Judas 30 pieces of Silver, and from that time forward he sought the opportunity to deliver HIM up conveniently, and yet apart from the multitude (of Israel). In the meantime, biding a suitable occasion he rejoined the rest of the 12 and continued as if nothing had happened.

The Week of Weeks was now well in progress, the rituals of law were still followed by the False Priests now in charge of temple operations, because the Temple in Jerusalem would be the center of Israel's worship until the crucifixion of THE CHRIST, and His announcement that all this... 'Is finished'. But as for now the tithe of all Israel still flowed to the Temple here in Jerusalem, and the usurpers wanted nothing to disrupt that flow.

According to the law of sacrifice on the 10., day of the month the congregation of Israel were commanded to take to themselves every man a Lamb according to their father, a lamb for a house. Thus upon that day the lambs were selected and driven into Jerusalem, there to be kept until the proper day to be then slain and prepared for the Passover. Thus on this day did the True Lamb of God HIMSELF enter into Jerusalem to become the GREAT LAMB slain for the sins of the World.

We can follow the story leading to the crucifixion through the Gospels and as Jesus came the next morning to Jerusalem, from Bethany, there occurred the incident of the fig-tree...this abortive branch...saying:... 'Let no fruit grow on thee, and let no one eat fruit of thee during this age.' This Judean nation thus grew no fruit from that time on in spite of the false concept today...that these in control of this old land are the 'chosen people'.

As Jesus and his disciples came back to the Temple the next morning he found things were again the same as usual...buying and selling on the steps of the temple like unto a great supermarket of today. But this day as he spoke, Jesus was so stern and his power over the people so pronounced that the Chief Priests and some of the Scribes and principal men of the nation sought how to destroy Him, but yet they were filled with fear, and increased their caution but did not touch Him for fear of the people.

As Jesus was teaching the people on Tuesday he was met by a deputation from the Sanhedrin who demanded of Him by what authority he acted. His wisdom was an over-match for the crafty, wiliness (?) which they had conceived, and the perplexing question to them:..The Baptism of John, was it of Divine or human authority?...This effectually exposed their hypocrisy before the people. (Matthew 21:23-37....Mark 11:27-33...Luke 2:1-8)

Jesus then related the parable to them of the man and his two sons, the one promising to do the work of his fathers Will, and doing it not, the other refusing to obey, but afterwards repenting and obedient..which of these he asked did His fathers Will?

He then related to them the parable of the Vineyard let out to the husbandmen, who murdered first the Servants (Adamites) and then last of all the son (Embodiment) of the MASTER. He was speaking of Satan and his Kingdom, and now these of this land who had taken over the rulership of this former Judah Kingdom. He told them that control over the Faith of the Kingdom would be taken from them, and they sought means to lay hold of Him. But always they feared the many people who followed Him. But the promise was, that the control over the Faith of the Kingdom would be taken from them, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof, whose head is THE CHRIST..the STONE which the builders rejected but which now becomes the head of the corner. (Matthew 21:34-44...Mark 12:1-11...Luke 20:9-18)

Here at the Temple these false Priests out of Edom who had crowded the true Priests of Levi out of the Temple, knew these parables were spoken against them, and they sought the means to lay hold of Him, even tho they feared the many people who followed Him. But the coalition then took place between the (false) Pharisees, and the Herodians, to ensnare Him in His talk and then came the Political question concerning the tribute money. It was asked to destroy his favor among the people, or to render him obnoxious to the Roman people, and to their government especially. When this failed the caption question of the Sadducees was put concerning the law of marriage, and the future state. In their turn the Sadducees were put to silence and when the multitude heard this they were astonished at his doctrine. (Matthew 22:33)

Next, followed the reply of Jesus to the lawyer concerning the greatest commandment of the law, which the applause of certain of the scribes and their reaction was to silence the questioning of Him anymore on any subject.

Thus it was now the turn of Jesus to expose and denounce their iniquity but first he confirmed their confusion by questioning them as to CHRIST.. whom even David called LORD, asking them how then He was David's Son? No one was able to reply, nor dared again to argue with HIM. (Matthew 22:41-26 Luke 20:41-43) The Scribes and Pharisees of every sect into which Christianity itself has now been broken up, can still be angered and silenced by this same sort of reasoning. But what saith the Scripture? And what else do they say?..and how do these agree? These 3 questions and their answers will rightly divide the word of truth and the Identity of God's People is the Key.

As Jesus preached his final sermon in the Temple, again, He denounced the (false) Scribes, the Pharisees as well as the High Priests. Warning that this house which was the seat of Israel's religion was soon to become desolate, the Glory was departing from there. And this land, today listed as a Jewish nation, was devoted to destruction. This was the last act of his ministry in this place. He had announced that he came only to 'The Lost Sheep' of Israel, and that 'Other Sheep have I'...other sheep somewhere else, therefore His message was not only to this small land.

There had come, men from Greece, to Jerusalem for the feast and to worship. They had asked to see Jesus and the disciples brought the word to Jesus, and HE met with these men. But to Jesus this seemed to be a sign.. that the hour of HIS Glorification had come, for this was Israel..seeking HIM.

This day as He and his disciples were leaving the Temple he called attention to the fact that the rich cast much into the treasury, while the widow gave much more...all that she had. The disciples called attention to the splendor of the Temple, and its treasures. HE immediately predicted destruction, for without THE LORD GOD..(YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) you have nothing. (Luke 21:32) Later Jesus would continue His discourse as to what He had said in the afternoon. Later with His disciples He gave a fuller explanation, and then added the parable of the 'Ten Virgins', and of the 5 talents, and of the Sheep and the Goats, all of them to be found in Matthew 25:1-46.

Jesus and His disciples discussed the coming of the 'Passover', and the preparation for it, and Jesus reminds them that 'The Son of Man' is to be delivered up to be crucified. (Matthew 26:1-2)

The High Priests had determined that the arrest, and execution should not take place during the Feast lest there should be an uproar among the people. It must be remembered that the discourse of the Saviour, which had just been closed upon the mount, was given privately to Peter, James, John and Andrew only, and that nothing is said of the whereabouts of the other disciples. It is also to be noted, altho the intention to betray was the direct result of the incident that took place at the supper in Simon's house, and was put into active inception the very next morning, that the record of the matter is placed in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark so as to fall at this time, as though the final arrangements were now completed.

Another night then passed, and again, Jesus and His disciples were early in the Temple and the people came to Him, to hear Him, but the High Priests were now paying no attention, as this day seemed to be different and Jesus preached no sermon in the Temple. Instead quickly deserted the Temple grounds and went back to the Mount of Olives, and here spent the better of this day with His disciples and friends. In the afternoon the disciples asked where Jesus wanted them to make ready for Him to eat the Passover. He directed Peter and John as to what to do and they departed. The feast itself was yet one night further forward, and did not fall upon the night that was immediately approaching, therefore they had to prepare also for the natural supper of the Preparation day itself. This latter meal was not without its peculiar ceremonies as we shall see. The Upper Room was in the home of a disciple, and was the subsequent headquarters of the Apostles for many days in the future.

Our Author reminds us that it was at the a Feast...that the Lamb was slain, rather than at either of the other two feasts, and when this is remembered the peculiar grammatical qualifications in the records are easily understood.

On this preparation day of the Passover, only unleavened bread was eaten. Its supper was by no means the Passover as such, the Pascal Lamb would be slain between 3 P.M. on a Thursday and before sunset which started the new day...the beginning of the Feast as such. Peter and John may have secured the live lamb that had been earlier selected, on the day set aside for that purpose and made their preparations as Our Saviour directed, but they did not have the Lamb killed which would have been contrary to the Law. But as the evening came, Our Saviour and his disciples came again into Jerusalem to reach the designated place by Preparation Sunset. Jesus knowing that His hour had come was to have his last supper with his disciples here in the Upper Room, in the home of Peter.

Here at the supper was JESUS OF NAZARETH, and the 12 disciples, and apparently others as well. Here He at once referred to the still approaching Feast which he had earnestly desired to eat with them, but which he would be prevented from doing because of the work of these who now ruled Judea. He knew therefore that he had to suffer, so he told them at once that it would be impossible for him to eat another (even that) Passover until it be fulfilled in the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 26:29...Mark 14:17-25...Luke 22:14-16) We do not say that they understood Him, but that is what he told them and understanding Him or not, the events bore him out.

There was some strife among the disciples as to the precedence which he corrected, and this in a notable manner. And altho Satan had already put it into Judas' heart to betray him, still Jesus arose and washed their feet, even those of Judas himself, and explained the ceremony to them. (John 13:2-10)

On this evening of the Preparation for the Passover, every head of the family collected the leaven. And here at this supper...Judas of Iscariot represented the ...Leaven, and after the sop, Satan entered into him, and Jesus sent him off to accomplish his mission quickly.

Then:...with Judas no longer in their midst Jesus talks further with the disciples, bidding them to love one another. He predicted his own death, and warned them of coming troubles, in that the things predicted of Himself were already being accomplished. At this time he advised the purchase of swords, but they already had two which they produced, and he is enough. And while they were yet at table, but after the departure of Judas, He instituted the LORD'S SUPPER, for he took of the unleavened bread and blessed and brake it, saying:..take, eat; this is my body; explaining that it was given for them. And that they were to commemorate his memory by perpetuating this particular ceremony. It is manifest that He ate none of it Himself; and likewise after the supper which had terminated with the bread breaking, He took the cup and gave thanks, and gave it to them to divide among themselves saying:..Drink ye all of it; and they drank of it. Then He explained unto them what it was intended to commemorate; this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for many, for the remission of sins; this do as often as ye drink it, in remembrance of Me. As for Himself he added that He would not henceforth drink any more of the fruit of the vine until that day when He would drink it with them anew (or in another way) in the Kingdom.

John, in his Gospel, then describes the bulk of what took place at the supper within this Upper Room. As to how the Saviour gave them a long discourse, and a solemn one. It had three subdivisions; first the consolatory discourse while they were yet at the table. (John 14:1-31) Second a continuation of His discourse on rising from the table, but before the leaving of the room, and third a prayer before going out from the supper. Then with this supper at an end, they sang a hymn before leaving for the Mount of Olives.

Outside the east gate of the city was the brook Kedron, and on the other side of the brook was the garden where Jesus often went with his disciples. (According to the old records, the home of Joseph of Arimathea on the outside of Jerusalem was just to the north of the Garden.) On the way into the garden, Jesus said to his disciples:...all of ye will fall away from me this night, and then quoted from prophecy to prove it. He was to be smitten and they were to be scattered; and then he added:...After I have Arisen I will go before you into Galilee. This latter promise has a broader significance than is dreamed of by such as do not understand the origin and destiny of Our Race to whom the disciples went following His orders.

But here in the Garden Peter, the impulsive one could not resist the impulse to once more declare his devotion and steadfastness, even unto death. But Jesus repeated his warning that Peter would deny Him. After all, Jesus knew the fear which would descend upon the disciples as they would watch HIM...this very body of God...submit to the things these rulers of Judea had in mind, so that HE might fulfill the Atonement for which HE came.

Here in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus bade some of the disciples sit in a certain place, while He with Peter and the two sons of Zebedee went further into the Garden. The Physical soul of Our Saviour was sorrowful even unto death; (Matthew 26:36-37...Mark 14:32-33) for Jesus the Christ had now entered into the real valley of the Shadow of Death. It is not all of death to die...the mere final act..for the dead know nothing; but the living process of it, this going down into the grave is not always easy. The heaviness which comes with night had now invaded the Garden, nor was there any joy for them in store with the coming of the morning. But at last He bade his companions tarry where they were, and told them to watch while He went a little further forward.

Our Saviour was now to go thru the ceremony of 'The Cup'. If our Race would only remember they would know that by the drinking of this cup of clear water HE would take upon His Spotless self all the transgressions of the world...stretching from the time of the Rebellion of Lucifer in the heavens until all this rebellion be ended. Three times He would take the cup, and then the last time saying:..not as I in this physical body Will, but the Will of the Spirit be done...then Jesus would drink the Cup.

Each time that Jesus had returned to his disciples he found them sleeping. These had been tremendous days for these disciples of JESUS OF NAZARETH, as they still did not understand what was taking place. But coming this third time and finding them asleep he is enough! Behold! the hour is at hand, and the Son of man is delivered up into the hands of the enemy. Arise, let us go; behold he is at hand to delivereth Me up. (Matthew 26:45-46...Mark 14:41-42)

Judas of Iscariot knew of this place where Jesus went often with his disciples, and having received the band and officers from the Chief Priests, came with them into the Garden with their lanterns and weapons. And while Jesus was still speaking to his disciples they came with their swords and clubs, and approaching Jesus, then Judas stepped forward in answer to the question:...Friend, wherefore art thou come'. And Judas said: ...Hail, Master, and then came and kissed him. Of course Jesus knew this was the signal of betrayal, but he turned to the posse and said:..'Whom seek ye?', and they answered:..'Jesus of Nazareth'. And Jesus said:..'I am He'. Judas now stood with this group from the temple, and at this reply of Jesus they all fell to the ground. Again Jesus asked them:...'Whom seek ye?', and they said:...'Jesus of Nazareth'. Jesus answered, I have told you I am He, if therefore ye seek me, let these go their way that the Word might be fulfilled:..'Of those who thou gavest me, I lost no one.'

Now:...the disciples gathered around and Peter having a sword stretched out his hand and smote Malchus, the servant of the High Priest, and cut off his right ear. But Jesus told Peter to put up his sword, for altho he didn't realize it ...if it had been in the plan, Jesus could have called in 12 Legions of Angels. But HE came to drink the up of clear water, and the events to follow were also a part of the whole picture. And then Jesus touched the ear of Malchus and healed him.

Jesus in that hour, then said to this group who had come out against Him:.. have ye come forth as against a robber with swords and clubs to seize me? I was daily with you teaching in the temple and ye took me not; but this is your hour, and the hour of the power of darkness, for all this has been done that the Scripture of the Prophets may be fulfilled.

At this the disciples forsook Him and fled, while the commander and the army of the High Priests took Jesus and bound Him, and then led him away. First they led Him to Annas the Priest and father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was the actual High Priest that year, but Annas sent HIM bound to Caiaphas. This High Priest was the one who had given the counsel to the rulers of Judea, that it was expedient that One Man should perish for the people.

Remember that this was happening in the night, when the multitude of the people of Israel who had come to Jerusalem for their Feast days were still asleep. The enemy was brave this night whereas they were fearful of the crowd in the daytime. It was therefore Midnight, the middle watch of the night as they brought Jesus to the house of the High Priest where all the Chief Priests and Scribes and Elders who had been notified, were assembled together with Caiaphas.

But what of Peter, the impulsive disciple? He had followed afar off as did one of the other disciples. Peter stood at the door of the Palace of the High Priest while the other disciple went inside for a moment to see what was being done with their Master. The High Priest asked Jesus concerning who his disciples were, and the doctrine he preached, but Jesus replied:..'I spoke openly, I always taught where the people were, in secret I said nothing. Why doest thou ask me! Ask them that heard me; behold, these know what I said.'

After He had thus spoken, one of the officers who stood by struck Jesus with the palm of his hand saying, 'Answereth thou the High Priest thus?' Jesus answered:..If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil; but if well, why smitest thou me? (John 18:19-23) The Saviour had stood upon the 'Plain right' of as accused person and his answer to Caiaphas, whose craft he knew, was beyond reproach.

The whole council now sought for false witnesses against Jesus for they were determined to put Him to death. Many then came and bore false witness against Him yet their testimony was not sufficient. At last came two witnesses and one of them said:...This man said, I am able to destroy the Temple of God, and to build it again within three days. Others then came forth to repeat almost the same thing, saying:..We heard Him say, I will destroy this temple made with hands and within three days I will build another not made with hands. These men had undoubtedly been with the Saviour a year before that when he was referring of course to the temple of His body (dwelling place).

The questioning here before the High Priests is getting nowhere, so Caiaphas stood up before the gathering to question Jesus. And then came the question:...'Art thou the Christ, the embodiment of God?' Jesus admitted His Divinity, and then added; hereafter ye will see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.' (Matthew 26:64) The High Priest then rent his clothes and said, He hath spoken Blasphemy, what further need have we of witnesses; behold ye have heard... what seems fit to you? And this illegal gathering of powerful men led by the High Priest said:...'He is guilty of Death'.

Then the men hired by the False Priests of Jerusalem that held Jesus began to mock Him, and to smite Him, and some even spit on Him, and they spat on His face and covered it, and buffeted Him, and struck Him in the face with the palms of their hands saying:...'Prophesy unto us, thou Christ...who is he that smote thee?

Again..what of Peter now sitting in the court below? Peter now the frightened disciple, very confused by what is happening. He is sitting out in the court yard below as a maid servant of the High Priest came out, and seeing Peter sitting by the fire she said:....this man was with Him. Looking earnestly at Peter she repeated, and then said:....'Thou wast with this JESUS OF NAZARETH'. Peter then denied his Saviour for fear of the Jews (the rulers of Judea),-----and soon after a cock crew (a trumpet sounded). Again came the maid saying:..This man is one of the disciples. Peter again denies he is a disciple, and this time denied it with an oath. About an hour later one of the servants of the High Priests, a brother of Malchus came, and said:..This man is a Galilean, you can tell by his speech...yes, this man was with Jesus of Nazareth. Peter persisted in his denial, and said,...'I know not this man of whom ye speak'. The Trumpet blew announcing the hour, and Peter remembering what Jesus had said:...'Before the cock crows (twice) thou will deny me (thrice)', rushed out of their midst and went forth weeping bitterly. (Matthew 26:73-75...Mark 14:7-72...Luke 22:59-62...John 18:25-27)

Thus the morning watch began with the Sanhedrin called into illegal the Night time. It is not likely however that any of the Roman authorities living in Jerusalem slept much that night...after midnight at least. It is certain that the military rulers of the city that had a million or so male strangers come into the city would hardly be non-alert. Then with the arrest of JESUS OF NAZARETH and the sudden gathering of the Chief Priests at Midnight and their subsequent meeting in full Sanhedrin council at the dawn of the day, would surely have been reported to the Roman governor long before Jesus was brought officially before him.

The Romans had learned from experience that these Judean's in control of Jerusalem were a turbulent people, they also knew that Israelites from all the known world always returned for the keeping of the Feast days when at all possible. They knew that this was the seat of Worship for Israel, and Rome had allowed this. The tithe of all Israel still flowed to Jerusalem, but this did not change the fact that this was an area hard to control.

As day was breaking on this Thursday morning, with the day now hours old, the Chief Priests and Elders gathered together and had Jesus of Nazareth conducted from the High Priests Palace to the hall of the Sanhedrin which was in one of the buildings in the Inner Court of the Temple. And there they had questioned him as to who He was. After He had identified Himself, they then led him away to Pontius Pilate, the Governor.

Here according to our author, begins the period, measured by 3 days and 3 nights. From this minute when they seized Jesus of Nazareth and brought him before the High Priests, from this minute it was as tho He was hurled into the sea, altho not quite swallowed up as yet. The trial in the Sanhedrin could not have lasted very long for they called but one witness, the prisoner Himself, waived this privilege; then they condemned Him ON HIS OWN TESTIMONY, then went with Him direct to Pilate. The night time and swiftness of the trial was necessary in the minds of the High Priests because of the crowd of Israelites in the area at this time. It must be done swiftly and the crucifixion carried out before the people were alerted as to what was going on.

The head rulers of the nation did not go into the Praetorium since this was the day which would culminate in the eating of the Passover after Sundown that evening. But the soldiers which served in the temple took Jesus before Pilate, and as they delivered Jesus they said:...this man is a malefactor or we would not have brought Him and delivered Him up unto thee. Pilate said:...take Him and judge him according to your law. But these of Judea is not lawful for us to put any man to death. But they began to accuse Jesus of perverting the nation, of forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying that He is the CHRIST (Embodied)...a King. (Luke 23:2)

Pilate then said unto Jesus:...'Art thou a King?' And Jesus answered:.. 'Thou sayest truly, for I am a KING'. For this cause I came into this world by route of birth, out of a Race, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of truth heareth my voice. Pilate said to HIM:.. 'What is Truth?' (John 18:37-38)

(The Gospel of Nicodemus explains more fully this meeting between Pilate and JESUS OF NAZARETH, as Pilate, also a Mason, had been trained in the Wisdom schools of his race, and as Jesus answered:...'Truth is from Above', then Pilate went out to these from the temple and said:..'I find no fault with this man'. This was not a satisfactory answer to these people who were in control of Judea, and they went ahead...saying that Jesus had stirred up trouble, beginning in Galilee, and from there on into Judea. Pilate hearing of Galilee then asked if this man was a Galilean? And as soon as he knew that Jesus belonged unto Herod's jurisdiction, he sent Him to Herod, who was also in Jerusalem for these days. (Luke 23:4-7)

Herod had been wanting to see this YAHSHUA for he had heard many things about Him, and had hoped to see some miracle done by this man. But when Herod questioned Jesus HE said not a word. But the Chief Priests and some of the Scribes stood and vehemently accused Him. Herod by his soldiers mocked JESUS OF NAZARETH, and arrayed Him in gorgeous apparel; and then sent Him back to Pilate.

Time is moving forward, the morning stars at last came out, the last hour of the last watch came and Pilate called together the Chief Priests and rulers and their followers. Then Pilate's wife came to him asking him not to have anything to do with this righteous ONE, for she had dreamed of Him. (Matthew 27:9) Pilate is now sitting at the tribunal, and he remembers that it is the custom for the governor to release unto the multitude, at this time of the Feast...a prisoner..whom they would choose. There was a noted Prisoner, a robber named Barabbas who was lying bound with his fellow insurgents who had even committed murder in their attacks upon the caravans coming into Jerusalem with supplies. Surely these Chief Priests and rulers would demand this man be killed, instead of JESUS OF NAZARETH, who had never robbed them. Thus Pilate said unto these Chief Priests and rulers of the land:...I find no fault in this man, this Jesus of Nazareth, but ye have a custom that I release a prisoner unto you at the Passover...therefore whom will ye that I release unto you?...Shall it be Barabbas, or this JESUS OF NAZARETH who is called the Anointed One? The whole multitude cried:...Not this One..give us Barabbas. The Chief Priests and Elders had stirred their followers and persuaded demand Barabbas, and to destroy Jesus. Again, Pilate the governor spoke unto them hoping to release Jesus, and he said to this crowd:..which of these two will ye that I release unto you?...Again:..they cried..give us Barabbas. Then Pilate said: 'But what shall I do with JESUS OF NAZARETH, the King of Israel..born in Judea? The Multitude with the High Priests cried:..'Crucify HIM!...Let HIM be crucified!...Crucify HIM!'

Pilate still trying to release Jesus said:..'What evil has this man done? I find no cause of death in Him, I will chastise Him and release Him. But again the multitude led by the High Priests cried:...'Crucify HIM!.. HE must be crucified!'

Pilate not being able to prevail with this crowd, and remembering that Jesus had told him to do 'As it is written', then went thru the ceremony of washing his hands before the multitude, saying:..'I am innocent of the blood of this righteous ONE, See ye to it.' The crowd then led by the High Priests said:..'His blood be upon us and upon our children.' (Matthew 27:25)

Thus Barabbas was released and JESUS OF NAZARETH, this body of God.. was delivered up to the will of the Chief Priests and their followers. Soldiers now led Jesus away, and they clothed him with a purple mantle and put a scarlet robe upon Him, and a crown of thorns on his head. They mocked him and smote Him, and spat upon Him and even hit him on the head with a reed.

Then Pilate came forth again and said:..I bring Him out to you, but I find no fault in HIM. The Chief Priests now said:..we have a law, and by our law he ought to die, for he said HE came forth from God. Pilate is again afraid, and he went back inside to talk once more with Jesus, but Jesus gave him no answer. Frustrated Pilate said:..'knowest thou that I have power to crucify thee?' Jesus answered:..'Thou hadst no power at all against me, unless it had been given thee from above; on this account he that delivered me up unto thee hath greater sin.' Pilate was still reluctant to give in to the demands of the Chief Priests, but they cried:..If thou release Him, thou art not Caesars friend, everyone who maketh Himself a King speaketh against Caesar.

Thus early on this Thursday morning Jesus was again brought forth, and once more Pilate speaks to the crowd:..'Behold, the King of Israel..born in Judea..shall I crucify your King?' But the Chief Priests answered, We have no King but Caesar. Thus Pilate delivered HIM up therefore unto them to be crucified. (John 19:14-16)

No preparations had been made for this execution, for the Romans and Pilate had hoped up unto the last moment to avoid this which would now take place. There were two others to be crucified that day, but now a delay was caused until another cross could be made. This took at least two hours of time, but the Saviour was patient as the mob was impatient, and as silent as the Gospels as to these very hours; for he had already entered the Valley of the Shadow of Death! ..the bowels of Sin!..HE was detained in the coils of Satan...from the time of his arrest to his resurrection...72 hours to the instant.

When the preparations were finished, they made an end of mocking HIM, and took off the purple robe and put his own garments back on HIM, and then led HIM forth to crucify HIM. The way was rugged, the burden great, and coming out of the city they met the man of Cyrene, Simon by name, the father of Rufus and Alexander, and this man carried the cross the rest of the way for our Saviour. (Matthew 27:32...Mark 15:21...Luke 23:26...John 19:17)

A great number of people followed, and the women were in tears. Jesus turned to them and said:..'Daughters of Jerusalem (Israel) weep not for me, but for yourselves and your children. For behold, days are coming in which they will say...blessed are the barren, and the womb which never bare. For if they do this against the Green Tree (YAHSHUA-JESUS OF NAZARETH), what will be done against the dry (His race-Israel)?' In other words these now in control of the land which once belonged to the Judah Kingdom were here crucifying the very GOD OF ISRAEL, thus what would they do to the Israelites themselves, after the Saviour was gone?

Two others also, who were malefactors, were led away to be put to death with our Saviour. When they came to the place called Golgotha, or the place of the Skulls, they gave HIM a drink..a sour wine mingled with Myrrh, but HE refused it, and thus they crucified this Body of God...between two thieves. he was thus numbered with the transgressors and the Scripture was fulfilled. (Mark 15:28....Isaiah 53:12)

Pilate wrote a title for a superscription in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, and set it upon the cross about HIS head which said:..This is YAHSHUA OF NAZARETH, born KING in Judea. The Chief Priests said:...just say..that He said He was born King. Pilate answered:..what I have written..I have written'.

After He was hung on the cross the soldiers parted his garments and cast lots for them, all but the one which they did not divide, for again the Scripture had to be fulfilled. (John 19:23-24)

As HE was hanging on that tree, again, some of the crowd mocked Him telling Him to save Himself if He could. The Chief Priests, and scoffers said:..He saved others; Himself He cannot save. If He be the Christ (the embodiment of God) the King of Israel, let Him now come down from the cross that we may see and believe Him. (Matthew 27:42)

One of the robbers also reviled Him in like manner saying:..if thou be the Christ, save thyself and us. But the other rebuked him and said:..we are receiving our just rewards, but this man has done nothing amiss. And then he said to Jesus:..'Remember me when thou comest into thy Kingdom.' Jesus answered this Israelite by saying:..'Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise'. (and in the gospel of Nicodemus we find that this was fulfilled).

Now, Jesus looked at his earthly mother standing by the cross, as well as Mary the wife of Cleopus, and also Mary Magdalene, and He turned to the disciple John who was also with them and said:..'Woman, behold thy son', and to the disciple:..'Behold, thy mother', and at that hour John took Mary to His home. (John 19:25-27)

This JESUS OF NAZARETH...this embodiment of God, recognized the evil

forces at work on that Hill, and while he was entwined in the coils of the serpent he wanted his earthly mother protected. This hill was to rock and to sway, and a solitude of darkness would begin to supervene over all nature, but Mary the mother of God, would be protected.

About half way between the crucifixion and the death on the cross...Judas the betrayer would also this time of darkness which engulfed the land. A great earthquake rocked the land of Judea, and the sun darkened from supernatural action. The Saviour stood all this for three mortal hours, and they must have seemed to his mortal body as aeons of time, over-weighted as He then was with the sins of the world...with the sins of each and every one of Adams race, And seemingly deserted by his God (Spirit). St. Luke records the rending of the veil of the temple thus:..' And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst (Luke 23:45). Which is to say, the veil of the temple of His body..because His heart brake, and later when his side was pierced, out would come blood and water. Matthew and Mark place the rending of the veil of the Temple in Jerusalem, after the Saviour's death, which is also true.

Finally after all the cries from the cross..but one...was given then Jesus said in a loud voice:..'It is finished', His head dropped and His mortal body expired. Matthew gives a bit more of the course of events, as he says that the earth was shaken and the rocks rent; and the tombs were opened and many bodies of the saints, who had fallen asleep were raised, and came out of their tombs and entered into Jerusalem and were seen by many. Matthew is telling you that the earthquake opened the tombs, and later after HIS Resurrection..not before..the dead Saints came out of the tombs and were seen by many in the city, before HE ascended with them.

The Centurion watching all these events at the Cross...glorified God and said:...'Certainly this was the body of God'.

Some of the rulers of Judea who wanted this over and done with so they could go ahead with their preparations for the Passover Feast that evening, asked for the death of these three, so that the events could be concluded. But as the soldiers came to Jesus they saw he was already dead so they broke not his legs, but the spear pierced his side, and the blood and water came out...a clear proof says our that Jesus died of a broken heart.

Thus evening came, and the rulers had moved forward in their celebration, but Joseph of Arimathea, (an uncle of Mary) a disciple of Jesus, a member of the Sanhedrin, came to Pilate and asked for the body of JESUS OF NAZARETH. Pilate was surprised that death had already occurred, and when learning of it from the Centurion, then quickly granted the request. Evil forces were still at work, thus Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus took the body of Jesus and hurriedly wound it in linen bands with the spices. Then taking the body to the Garden tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, they laid this body of OUR SAVIOUR in the tomb and a great stone was rolled in front of that tomb. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus were at the sepulcher, and they observed the placing of His body in the tomb.

The day...Friday began at Sundown, the Passover lamb would have been cooked that past afternoon, but the Feast of Passover was eaten after Sunset, which began the Friday of preparation for the weekly Sabbath to start the next evening. The women would leave the tomb before dark because of the evil forces around, even tho this sepulcher was near the home of Joseph of Arimathea, on the outside of the city of Jerusalem. They... these of Israel, who had cared for this body of Jesus were ceremonially unclean, as were all the friends of Jesus who had been near, who had prepared the body for the grave, and therefore necessarily debarred from keeping this first Passover, so there is nothing illegal in the fact stated that they returned home and prepared spices and balsam and Luke tells us in chapter 23:56. The law of the Sacrifice was crucified with The Christ and buried with HIM.

It was a sad time for these of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, here in Judea, for they had so hoped that He would restore the Kingdom rule to Israel. Oh, they knew the Scripture to a certain extent, but their understanding was limited. They had not cooked the Passover Lamb, so that had there been a right for them to eat it, the events of the day had shut them out of the opportunity. To them this YAHSHUA OF NAZARETH had spoken as no one had ever spoken before, and now HE was dead, and His followers were stunned.

If there was ever any doubt but that there were different types of people in Judea at this time, it was most apparent after the burial of Jesus, for the rulers of Judea went ahead with the Feast as tho nothing had happened and some of the people did not even know of all the events that had taken place, because of the quickness of all this action. However the High Priests were still nervous because of the bad omens, and they discussed among themselves the prediction of Jesus that He would rise the third day. It is strange, that his enemies alone, as far as the records go, made so much of this prediction and his friends so little. And yet it is after all perhaps quite natural, for doth not love at the bier always look backward? And fear, even at the banquet...into the future? Therefore the Chief Priests came again unto Pilate and this time asked for a guard to be placed at the tomb until after that third day, lest his disciples take his body and then say He is risen from the dead. But Pilate have a guard, you go make it secure. This was servile work so they broke the commandment; but what cared men who could perjure themselves, when their own interests were at stake.

The true Weekly Sabbath came, and the followers of Jesus rested and so did everyone except the guard at the tomb.

Many have been the arguments as to the hour when the Saviour arose, but knowing from the record that He was seen ALIVE at sunrise, Sunday morning, then since He was likened to the Bright and Morning Star, therefore he had probably risen before Sunrise, where morning streaks the east. But in the early evening after the sundown, as the Weekly Sabbath was now over, the Bazaars of Jerusalem opened and events began to resume their ordinary course, in so far as men in general were concerned. Not so with those who had loved Jesus and had formed His close and devoted followers. The women in particular had their thoughts on the completion of their acts of the tomb. Their first act was to buy or prepare what was needed, so as to have it ready for the morning light. Therefore sometime between the Sunset beginning of the New Week, probably say about 4 A.M., but exactly 72 hours from the Saviour’s condemnation by the High Priests, before he was taken to he Sanhedrin on that preceding Thursday, there was a disturbance at the Sepulcher. An Angel appeared and rolled away the stone, and his countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow, and for fear of him the guards trembled, and became as dead men. Thus what ever took place at the tomb was all over when the guards awakened from their stupor. They rushed from the scene, and were not there as the women came. It was about this time when many bodies of the Saints (believing offspring) came forth from their tombs, after HIS arising, and they entered into the city and appeared to many. First Jesus came forth from the tomb, then many of the Saints from all the preceding ages, all of Adam's Race who died in the Faith. The records are almost silent as to this time, but the facts are there...'He Arose', and they arose..flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone, as the Apostle Paul assures us. The Race is the body of Christ, and The Christ in the broader sense is not fully made up until those who are his body..taken out of the Gospel age, be also gathered in One thing we are sure of is that the 'Bride of Christ' was made up of and limited to, those who were alive and dead among His Kin in the Shemitic Race, back to the Sethite part of the Race, and Yes Adam also up to the time he died, even to the end of the age. Even the repentant thief had his place in this group as did John the Baptist, for if we read aright..This Bride is yet to be made manifest as the ruling class in the earthly 'Kingdom of Israel', while the high calling of such as may be elected to follow Him in particular, sees to be the filing class in the Kingdom of Heaven. ...This matter of the wife, and the bride, and this vast host who follow him out of this dispensation, must be studied without any pre-conceived opinions, from the WORD. Search the Scripture by means of a good concordance, and with the spiritual eye not only wide open, but willing.

But back in the Garden, the guards are gone and Mary of Magdala, is the first of the group to arrive, even while it is quite dark. Mary Magdalene finds the stone gone and without pausing to look around she runs to find one of the followers and meets Simon Peter and some of the others, and reports that the stone is rolled away. In the meantime some of the other Women arrive, and the Angel tells these women that JESUS OF NAZARETH has Risen, HE IS NOT HERE. Then after showing them where he had lain, he tells them to go quickly and tell the rest of the disciples that HE HAS RISEN, and Will go into Galilee and there they will see HIM.

The records of the Gospels tell us of each of the arrivals at the tomb, of how the Angel tells them not to seek Him among the dead, to go to Galilee and there the RISEN SAVIOUR will come to them. It was Mary Magdalene that He revealed Himself first, for when He said her name here in the Garden, she knew His voice and would have flung herself at His feet, but He stopped her. The power of the Spirit had not fully left Him so that mortal would be able to touch Him, so He restrained Mary Magdalene but told her that as yet he had not ascended into the Spirit. The Scripture says:... 'Go tell my Brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto My Father, and your Father, my God and your God.' (John 20:11-17) When you understand the translation of that Scripture you will understand the purpose, the place, and Identity of our Race in the great program of God.

This was Wave Sheaf day itself and, sometime after sunrise at about 8 A.M., at the Vernal Equinox, the High Priest...OUR YAHWEH-YAHSHUA would stand for all Israel who He had now rescued from the Grave.

The High Priests and rulers of the land were trying to explain away something they could not believe, while Our Saviour led a vast multitude of Captives of Our Race, thru the vaults on high. For he had spoiled the principalities and powers of death, he made a show of them openly whom He had rescued, triumphing over them whom he had defeated. (Ephesians 2:8... Colossians 2:15) But let us draw the curtain on this scene, for we may be sure that the story will be told when they come back, told, and repeated. For thus YAHSHUA, this JESUS OF NAZARETH, became the first fruits of them that slept, and saved them upon Wave-Sheaf day. It is the type and prophecy of that still grander Pentecost which, when the harvest comes, will usher in the Feast of Weeks. In the meantime the Judean's carried on with their normal duties, they burned the bones and refuse of their feast, and these typified the old habiliments of the law of sacrifice. The grave clothes out of which the Saviour arose had fulfilled their mission, and he had carefully folded them up and left them in the proper place, for his followers to find, for tragedy had now turned to Joy, a kernel of the old grain had perished, but a new and better had been waved.

But let us return to our story, for on the road to Emmaus, the Saviour would visit two followers who were going home very discouraged and sad. They were looking into the past, and could not see the future ahead of them, but were cheered as the stranger who joined them explained the Scriptures to them, showing it was necessary for the Saviour to have suffered these things, and RISEN into Glory. Later at the table as he took the bread and blessed it, and having broken it, gave it to them...their eyes were opened and they knew HIM, and then He disappeared from them.

But now..these two started back to Jerusalem to carry the message to the followers...HE IS RISEN....HE IS RISEN...We have seen HIM.

Who says, no one ever saw God so how do you know what he looks like?... This was YAHSHUA who came in the name of YAHWEH, as the Son of Man (Adam) and was Crucified, and AROSE. Then once more showed himself embodied to many of His followers. He came to his disciples to be sure they understood that He was...BODILY RESURRECTED.

Ahead of his followers were many difficult days, in fact for the rest of their short lives, and He was preparing them for the tasks ahead. Thomas was still sunk in the past, and could not quite accept the fact of the RISEN CHRIST, thus Jesus even appeared to assure Him, and Thomas said:... 'My Lord, and My God'. Thus Jesus spoke to those of Israel who would hear the Good News of the Resurrection as He said:...'Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet have believed'. (John 20:26-29)

We are told that there were many other signs wrought in the presence of the disciples, which were not written in this parchment roll; but these are written that Ye may believe that YAHSHUA (Jesus) is the Christ (Embodied One), and that believing ye may have life through His Name. (John 20:30-31)

In Jerusalem as the feast days ended the crowd would be leaving, no doubt glad to get away from that old city after all that had happened. The disciples being Galileans (Benjaminites) were also hurrying to the north, for now they were 'Marked Men',....suspects among those not of their Race who ruled Judea. They were hurrying to the area where they had walked with Jesus, and where they felt more secure.

Jesus showed Himself again to his disciples after they had gone fishing. The disciple had caught no fish until Jesus showed them where to throw their net...symbolically on the right side of the boat, and there they found 153 fish in the net. This is symbolic of the fact that later Jesus would send the Disciples out to the 'Lost Sheep' of Israel, and would tell them where they were to be found. The 153 also is a symbolic number which you will discover after study. But here on the shore, after the meal, Jesus was to ask Simon Peter:..Simon, son of Jonah, lovest thou me more than these do? Peter answered saying:..'Yea Lord, thou knowest that I love thee!' He saith unto Peter, 'Feed my Sheep'. This was repeated, and even a third time Peter is instructed to 'Feed my Lambs'. His instructions are now being given to prepare the disciples to go forth, starting at Jerusalem, and to carry the message to HIS people that HE had RISEN, that this great step in His plan for the Restitution of all things had been accomplished. Lambs, Sheep, fish, Olives were just a few of the symbols of recognition for Our Race.

But back in Jerusalem, the rulers not of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi who had come back from Babylonian captivity, had changed the law, had enlarged it, and placed tradition in place of law in most cases. Thus the law of Moses, under their domination became the tradition of the Elders, and this...Jesus had thoroughly condemned. They had made the Levitical law of none effect by their traditions, and the Sadducees and the true Pharisees had opposing systems of reckoning, and the system which survived after the destruction of Jerusalem,...the Sadducee system, is the wrong one. The True Israelites were the true Pharisees and they had come to the Risen Christ, the false Pharisees would go with the Sadducees because they were with them from the beginning.

A great lesson is to be learned as we realize that Jesus instructed his disciples to meet HIM after the Galilee...rather than at Jerusalem.

Now that HE was alive, there was a lesson of release from the old law to be taught to the disciples. Jerusalem as a city with its temple had finished its work so to speak.

Our author believes it was upon the mountain top of Cana of Galilee that Jesus would be manifested to his Disciples. For as the dead bury their dead, and are unclean thereby they keep the second Passover; and if Christ arose not from the dead then their faith was in vain; and it would be useless for the unclean to go out and preach the Gospel of Life and Resurrection.

Our author believes that on a Sunday occurred the second or Little Passover day. Here HE was seen by above 500 one time. (I Corinthians 15:6) As to what occurred we do not know as the Gospels are entirely silent. St. Paul alone alludes to it in a brief sentence:...They saw HIM who was crucified, dead...buried and behold HE was Alive again. HIM for whom many of them had absolutely foregone the privilege of Passover, and by assisting at his obsequies, and by entering His tomb, had cut themselves off from the congregation. HIM, they now welcomed from the snare of death! No need for them to be at Jerusalem today to pay the tardy law its due! Indeed, their presence here upon the mount of Cana of Galilee was a surer test of faith in God; and as they saw it now, themselves had helped to satisfy the law itself...a month ago!

For as the Priest who serveth the altar on the Sabbath doth not violate the Sabbath, so they who had prepared the Lamb that was slain, and laid it on the altar of earth, were ceremonially free indeed. And now it was plain that Jesus...Himself...was the Real Passover, and it was equally clear that they themselves were free even from constructive taint. Verily the Little Passover also was thus fulfilled, and done away with for HE who had arisen was the sign that all shall rise, it were already risen in HIM. For if we children of the first Adam died as it were well before we were born, being in our fathers loins, how much more are those who are... in Christ...already raised from the dead. The fact is, the teaching of these two appointed meetings in Galilee, both we believe, took place on Cana's mountain and seem to round out and consummate Christ's perfect fulfillment of the Scriptures. And do complete the tidings of Good News which he sent forth to all the 'Lost Sheep' scattered thru out the world. For those who had anointed, and buried His dead body, and thus rendered themselves unable to keep the Feast, and who to the very same degree had placed themselves under positive and final obligations to keep the second Passover... For these to keep this feast upon the very day they should have been at Jerusalem was not only a test of Faith, but a guarantee to all the rest, that they had really seen THE LORD..YAHWEH-YAHSHUA..Himself. And the presence of the above 500 there was thus a more consummate testimony as to the fact of HIS Resurrection than any other in the Gospel record.

But...Jesus was preparing his disciples and Apostles for the day of Pentecost when they would be endued with power from the Spirit. He was also preparing them for His leaving. Some were still expecting and hoping he would at this time take the Kingdom rule out of the hands of the usurpers, and establish it once more with Israel. But he warned them that it is not for them at this time to know the timing of these things, but they would be given the power of the Holy Spirit as they moved out upon their mission unto the 'Lost Sheep' in Jerusalem, and then in all Judea, and on into Samaria the old land of Israel, and then to the parts of the earth where the sheep would be found.

On this final day...Jesus and some of his disciples were on the Mount, and here HE parted from them. (Luke 24:5) A cloud withdrew Him from their eyes. But the two men who stepped forth also told them that they must go back to Jerusalem, and there wait for this Power. Because;...'This same Jesus who is taken up from you, will thus come in like manner as you saw HIM go'. (Acts 1:10-11)

The disciples returned to Jerusalem with great Joy, and in the city they went direct to the Upper Chambers where they had been many times before. Here was gathered Peter, James, and John, Andrew, Philip, and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew, James the son of Alpheus, and Simon Zealots, and Judas the brother of James. The women of Galilee, and Mary the mother of Jesus were also with them as they prayed, praised, and waited for Power from on High, which would open the Apostolic Age.

The beginning of this age would see the power of the former rain, as these witnesses were sent out, beginning in Jerusalem, and from there to Samaria, the former home of Israel where some of Benjamin still lingered, and on to reach the place which had been promised aeons before. The Light to be carried out of Jerusalem...into Samaria, and out of Samaria into the tracks of Israel, thru Asia Minor, Macedonia, Greece, Spain, into the Northwest, into the Isles of Britain. For no matter where this commission seemed to order them, the Holy Spirit kept them on the line of Israel's wake.

While they were waiting for Pentecost, Peter advised the selection of one to fill the place of Judas the betrayer. The lot fell on Matthias who completed the dozen. Later we see that Jesus added another...Saul, later named Paul, and the number became an Israelitish, Anglo-Saxon, bakers dozen full and overflowing....12-13.

Thus our author leaves this story of this Man of History, this JESUS OF NAZARETH...History, past, present and future rests with HIM.



If you would like to read more about what happened to this JESUS OF NAZARETH while in the coils of the Serpent, I would suggest the following booklets by Dr. Wesley A. Swift:...






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