ERM - Strange Effects Of Faith Bk 3 Vol 1


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Book 3, Volume I

By Joanna Southcott



Joanna begins this book by again referring to the first two books, saying that those two books are weighty and deep. And she requests that you study them together, and see how they are to be fulfilled. She will be referring to those two book in this third book. For this seems to be her main theme. But first she directs your attention to the third chapter of genesis. And then she writes:---

The first prophecy was given to the serpent. The second to the woman, and the third to the man. Then she explains how she sees this fulfilled. Remember that in book 1 and 2 she introduced to you the woman of Revelation 12. (Israel, in our thinking of today). And all of the story which goes with this introduction. Thus Joanna now says that all this is now clear to her as the noon day sun. It seems to be right for fullment. That the serpent should not bear the blame which the woman cast on him. If the LORD of life and glory bore on the cross the blame which (Adam) man cast on him in paradise when he fell, for this is the reason the man (Adam) fell for he fell from the knowledge, that word left out as Joanna told us before. But this must be judged by the whole world, thus she has been ordered thus to write hoping to unstop deaf ears and open the eyes of the blind.

Joanna then makes this statement: for the fullness of the Gentiles is the calling of the Jews, and in this book then you will learn how your full redemption has come. (For those who have been taught that the Jews are the 'chosen people', they may be thrown by Joanna’s words here. (But read on.) She tells you to go ask your Minister if her writings are not true. That is they cannot see as they take communion that Christ's death and suffering was to show that this evil is to be turned back on the Serpent for after all he was the one who caused the fall. And did he not enter into Judas for the betrayal of the Christ? Then as he died the Savior said: "It is finished.” Know then if we are worthy partakers of his body and blood. For we all drink unto the same spirit, lest we bring that day of vengeance on ourselves, by committing the sin against the Holy Ghost. I fear there are many Laodiceans who are neither hot nor cold, but only lukewarm. Those are unworthy receivers of the sacraments.

Now Joanna explains to those who marvel that she says she is the Bride, for she is woman. But know this that Christ said that he is the Bridegroom and whoever has his mind and will written on their hearts is the Bride. And with Christ the bridegroom then the (true) church can be the bride. Do you recall the words of the Christ?---'Who is my mother and he that doeth the will of my Father, the same is my mother, my father, and my sister?

Thus Joanna says, look around you who is then the Bride, except those who have HIS heart and mind within them to avenge the injuries to the LORD. I am the Bridegroom, saith the LORD Jesus Christ. Judas betrayed me but he could not crucify me. Others had to agree with him. And thought the petition is made by me, it cannot be offered up as an acceptable sacrifice till the whole (true church is united together.

Joanna now promises to show us the meaning of this from the mystery of Moses offering up as a burnt sacrifice the two rams. To explain this mystery is too deep and weighty to put here so we shall look for it later. Instead consider Pilate’s question, and she explains this as those of old understood,-- 'Which shall I release unto you--Barabbas or The Christ?’ This is man's interpretation. But consider this------'who shall I release unto you the serpent or the woman? This is the inquiry that Pilate made. One of those must be cast before your full redemption can be accomplished. Kid not YAHSHUA bear the blame that Adam man cast on him? And is it not just that the serpent should bear the blame the woman cast on him? If ye find this simple then read your Bibles again, and you will find that it is simple to you.

Simple was the coming of Christ into the world, and his going out of the world as well. All of this seemed simple to the Jews, and then to the Gentiles for was he not born of simple parents, laid in a manger and then simply warned the wisemen to return another way because of their fear of Herod whom He could have destroyed, if so had been his will. Did he not simply go into Egypt and then simply returned again? For God to be afraid of man you must confess a simple thing.

And now in verse I shall begin

To echo back the lines to men.

Of simple parents I was born,

And worldly wise men did me scorn,

And simply all was done,

And simply another way was found,

I did turn back again,

And simply I oft myself did hide,

When men I could destroy.

Simply to the manger I did come,

While men did enjoy

Their beds of down, and wore their crowns,

While I was forced to flee.

But simply shall their pride come down,

And every soul shall see

Simply among the sons of men

I always did appear.

And simply in the woman's form

I've surely acted here.

Simple as his appears to be,

So simply all was done.

When on the cross at Calvary

I gave my life for man.

Oh, how few regard my love,

Or to the manger go.

Just like the shepherds you have heard

To know if it be true

The manger here doth now appear,

As much despised by man.

They cannot see the mystery clear

The servant cannot come

No greater here for to appear,

Then was her LORD before;

Then like the Jews the Gentiles are

And open every pore.

Do I not see as well as thee,

Thy poverty despised?

For like the Jews the Gentiles be,

For pride hath dimmed their eyes.

So now take care, I warn you here

The natural branch shall fall;

Then the wild olive (branch) sure must fear

If none can judge the call.


Joanna then tells you that what was put in the first book on the 17 page, should have been on the 9th page which was: “Arise and shine, thy light has come." And now you see that this was omitted until the fullness of time is come. That God sent his son, made of a woman, made under the law which means the spirit of prophecy is given to the woman, for the spirit of prophecy is the spirit of Jesus the Christ. And now this spirit is sent unto the woman to fulfill the law that was then given between the woman and the serpent. For the serpent had already bruised His heel when they nailed the Savior to the cross. And now to fulfill the law the woman (Israel) must bruise the serpents head. Therefore Christ says that he let loose Satans reins to cause such enmity between the woman and the serpent that this will come to pass.

Joanna speaks for the spirit in this manner:---Now I come to reason with man whose ideas could fill thy head and heart. O’ man to think my Father and I should argue together for me to leave my Father’s throne to come down to earth to suffer, hunger and thirst, poverty and want, temptation and persecution. And to go thru a life, the half of what I suffered here below was never penned. And then to make of myself a sacrifice for sin, for man, or suffer man to me a sacrifice for sin, I that knew no sin, to that man might live. And then at that time cast out my chosen people the Jews that you say and scatter them over the face of the earth as a just mark of my resentment. And make them--my people, that are not my people, call them beloved, when they are not beloved? Where in have I changed for the better? Trace your bible back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all the apostles and prophets. And even unto Daniel are you any better in understanding them? The martyrs showed their love for me in dying for me. Did the Jews do this? All this was done to try you all in the end. The Jews perished for lack of knowledge which the devil (father told them that they should have been as gods knowing good from evil.) If they had been from the 'Tree of life' they would have known me when I put them to their trial of knowledge. Therefore I told them that the devil was a liar from the beginning, and by their ignorance they proved it. Neither did they understand my prophets for they judged that my second coming would be fulfilled at the first. And they proved the truth of what I said to man, that he should be dead as to the knowledge of God.

Thus the spirit says that the woman was betrayed by the serpent, and gave of the fruit to the man, and the man then betrayed His LORD, and followed the wondrous prophecies that no man ever understood. But as the serpent bruised my heel so shall I bruise his head, by the same weak instrument (the woman) the betrayed to bring it on Me. And Satan shall suffer blame when it comes back again. The man who does not consider this just will go with the master he most prizes, for now I will cut short my work in righteousness.

Thus Joanna says that the sentence upon the serpent is just. He rebelled first in the heavens. Then as soon as the man and woman were Christed he studied as to how to betray them and could then break the commandments of God. Therefore, it is impossible for the will of God to be done upon earth as long as Satan's power reigneth. Therefore God does not change, he did not spare his son (his embodiment) and neither did he spare (Adam) man. So why should he spare the devil who was the author of all evil. For we learn from Judas how the devil entered into his heart. I believe he enters into every heart of those who betray Jesus or they would not have betrayed the LORD Jesus the Christ. Then why not now say that with vengeance the LORD hardens his heart and turns on Satan the spear, that he should receive his sentence from the woman (Israel) just as Christ did from the man (Adam.)

Joanna then says that this appears to her as constant with the mercy, the wisdom and the goodness of the LORD, who is wise in all of his ways, and just and right in all of his works. Thus let it be known unto all men that the redemption of man would never have been bought with the blood of Christ, had it not been that he take the blame of what the man (Adam) cast on him, so that Satan might also bear the blame the woman casts on him.

A minster hearing the words of Joanna said that he would never believe that one God died to atone another. Then Joanna wrote another verse to explain this mystery an she ended it this way:---

One God unto another to atone,

This is a mystery understood by none.


Since the LORD formed Adam, he felt he should take the blame for his fall because he made him subject to the powers of darkness. But what will abate the wrath of god is for (Adam) man to see that there is no other way prepared for the redemption of man. Thus this sentence passed on the serpent is just, and man and God must be reconciled one to the other.

In 1797, a dignitary of the Church preached sermon on the text: "Serve the LORD with fear and trembling." Joanna then received an answer from the spirit concerning this----The message in this verse was that it is now time for man to know his God. And that now he will conquer all, for every nation shall fall down and worship him. He is now tired of all of this waiting and will now send this Sword of truth from shore to shore until all the nations (of the kingdom) do comply. And they will come to worship at Immanuel’s feet. And now that HE has begun He will finish it.

And now let England know that---

My kingdom's near

Therefore ye shepherds now awake,

The helmet of salvation take.

And the whole armor now put on

And show the cornerstone to (Adam) man.


This brought to mind another sermon preached by a Reverend: "For ye know the Grace of our LORD Jesus the Christ, that though he was rich yet for your sake he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich." In the course of this sermon he said, if we did not believe in the Christ we would not find out all of the mysteries. But would be like a man that sought after an anchor in the dark, and so made a ship wreck of faith. He said nothing could strike us more forcefully than out own consciousness when our Savior said,---"I was hungry and you gave ME meat; thirsty and you gave me drink. As much as ye did this to the least of my disciples, ye did it unto me.”

As Christ was about to leave his disciples he told them that the comforter would come but he would be with them to the end. And this is meant for all his believers. And now Joanna realizes that she must bring all believers to this message. Those that are dead by the fall, Adam, man shall come to the knowledge of their God and their bible. The scriptures have been hid from men, but the proper meaning of this is that it not hid from men, but it is hid from the powers of darkness. For as soon as the Serpent found out that the command was given unto Adam, he found a way to betray him. As soon as the 'son of man' was in earth then he found a way in men to draw men to betray him. If the Serpent did really understand all of the scriptures he would find a way to draw men and thru pride, presumption and rebellion bring them down as he did the fallen angels, so all would perish. Therefore it was for the sake of (Adam) man that the scriptures are hid from men and devils, till the powers of darkness are chained down. Then will HE throw open the meaning of the bible and give them the knowledge that the fallen Angels had not gotten. And this place (Adam) man in a state of perfect happiness. Then we will see what (Adam ) man is for 1000 years while Satan hath no power over him. Then Satan will be loosed for a little while to see what he is ready to do. If he does not tempt (Adam) man again, he shall have his freedom. But if he tempts (Adam) man again he will have his sentence passed in a day, to be cut off from the earth when the 7000 years are expired.

The answer to someone’s inquiry as to what use the prophecies are? The answer came:---How will ye know the Lord if your understanding is not enlightened. And how will it be enlightened except by the spirit of revelation and by the spirit of prophecy. Men now see as trees walking but when the mysteries are opened they will understand. When the fall was permitted, HE promised to redeem them. The truth of the prophecies will convince men of the truth of the bible. The strange manner it will be brought to light will convince men it is the LORD’S doing. And will seem marvelous in their eyes. Finally it will be realized that it is the wisdom of God, and not of man that chose these very men to bring to light these hidden things that are done in darkness, and bring the bible and the prophecies together.

The prophecies were given to prophets who did not understand them, long before the time of the Christ. And the end of the vision was seen by John where he speaks of the sealed. (Rev. 7) This leads them to living waters, and breathes in the dry bones the breath of life. And it will be shown that the Lord did make (Adam) man for his sake.

As to the Jews, tell them that it is I who will build that holy city. And the time is drawing near when my kingdom shall flourish, and the golden days you'll see. For the rebels all must perish who won't put their trust in me. With the Jews--thou now hast ended--till of them thou doest more here. And of other I did tell them, that I shall answer all thy prayers.

Joanna says the time is coming for the fulfillment of all these things to the nations, and you will see them fulfilled by the words of Simeon.

"A light to the Gentiles and the glory of my people Israel."

In 1797, Joanna was ordered to fast thru out lent and eat no meat but one day a week. This she did and then she was ordered to place three pens in her bible and record what she found there. And she heard these words:---'Hear these words of the LORD, ye men of Israel, and all ye inhabitants of the house of Jacob. I am YAHWEH and there I none other. The prophets trusted me, I was a light to their feet. Then I came, the law was given unto (Adam) man, but was fulfilled by the 'son of man'. Did I come to give you a light as to make you blind? If light, then walk in the light, and confess that My Gospel is true and my words verified.’

‘Now let the bride go out of her closet and the Bridegroom from his chamber for Zion is in travail and longing to be delivered. Let men study their bibles and they will find that it is not all fulfilled. But know that I will go on until all be fulfilled. The days are accomplished for my chosen people and their warfare must be accomplished and have an end.’

Now hear me, O’ Jacob and all the families of the house of Israel, the stone which was rejected by the builders is now become the head of the nations. I have chosen you a watchman for over you so that you might not be without a shepherd. Though your sins be as scarlet, yet I will make them as snow.’ The day is fast moving on, the seven o'clock bell denotes the Lord's finishing all for man in seven days. At eight days old the Christ made known to Simeon in the temple. Then you reflect on his words:--A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of His people Israel.

The end of finishing of what Christ died for is coming. Then you will see the second woe is over, and the third comes quickly. The first was when the world drowned. The second woe was the destruction pronounced upon the Jews, the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jews scattered over the face of the earth. And now the third woe comes. The first two were upon men, the third and last is for the devil. So lift up your heads for your full redemption draweth near. This you see in Joel II and in Revelation 22. Then after this he says he pours out his spirit. As Christ arises to cast the blame of the woman on the serpent, this is your victory. This is your baptism to join with her to renouncing the devil. To say that it was all the devils works that brought on your ruin.

Now we are coming to the end of the third book. Ministers and learned men are still at a loss to explain Joanna's writings. She says that the 4th shall puzzle them more when they learn that men must judge the LORD before HE judgeth them. Since the war began in heaven then it must be divided in earth. Which means men will be divided concerning Christ's kingdom.

(Now early in my studies I was corresponding with a lady in England, and she was very much into British Israel teaching. When I offered to send her some literature suggesting that the U.S. was also in this picture and not the Jews. I received quite a reply, she was saying that everyone knew that the Jews were of Israel because they were the aristocrats of Britain. We believe they had acquired that state by marriage. But the lady said that America always was a radical country and then I never heard from her. Who knows if some of that time were of Judah, for some of the Judah kingdom do go to Britain and to Scotland with even the first migration? You must now learn from peoples actions and their thinking as to whether they accepted the Christ or not. Thus you see how this situation could confuse some. Then you admire that in spite of the persecution of many of the church fathers, Joanna could keep on with her writings. She did so much before her early death to pass on to true Israel this knowledge from the Spirit.)