ERM - Strange Effects Of Faith Bk 4 Vol 1


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Booklet 4, Volume I

By Joanna Southcott


This written in 1792, of things which are to come.


As Joanna begins this third booklet she realizes that not many understood what she wrote before this, for all expected something to happen and when it did not then they were not interested. This seems to rule the day.

As Joanna begins this book, she says that not may understood what he had written before this. All expected something to happen and when it did not then they were not interested. This seem to rule for today as well. In the start of this book then Joanna is still trying to explain "The woman,” made under the law. And once more she goes thru the explanation of the forming of Eve, as a helpmate, taken from the body of Adam, not of the dust of the earth as was Adam. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil was from the Devil. And if the hand of the woman, who brought him the fruit of the evil, know not that she must bring him the good fruit. Otherwise, he might still blame his maker for forming the woman for him. The 'Spirit of Truth' then speaks to Joanna saying:---O’ (Adam) man I ordained and placed the whole for man's preservation well knowing the depth of Satan's evil. That he would do the same in earth as he did in the heavens, until he had thrown them into the same type of destruction. But how could I screen the man for then what would Satan' is not fair. Then 'The spirit of truth' explains all this, that Lucifer rebelled in the heavens, how then he was cast out and how then God sent his sons and daughters into the earth thru this physical (Adamic) race which he started with Adam. And Eve taken from the side of Adam as a helpmate, thus the woman came, the partner of his soul.

In verse:--

And so my plan I placed for man,

In my own likeness all.

And I and my son were both as one,

I took him from my side,

And the woman I did form,

Which I pronounced was the bride.

For to bring forth a glorious earth

As I had made in heaven

I made the Angels as the birth

Of children you have given.

I shall explain what this does mean.

I brought up children there

And they rebelled against me.

Let every soul see clear.

Now, I'll begin in words more plain.

As this death puzzles you.

But surely this is for learned men

The mysteries to see.

How soon the earth was drawn forth

To be so much like heaven.

To try the king who wants to reign (Satan)

A power to him was given.

When down below let mortals know,

I did the rebel cast.

And now the mysteries plain I will show

How everything was cast.


Joanna then goes on to explain once more how the garden was formed with the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil', forbidden. The warning was given to Adam. And then God left them alone and everything was perfect until the Serpent came. But would you not call God just for once you see Satan was an Angel of light and now he was to have his chance to rule here in earth. Remember he had once been a companion to God, and the Angels in heaven. To cast him down then chain him for his rebellion before God had tried his reign in earth, did not seem quite fair. So Satan came to earth and then came the children of God into physical bodies, but without the knowledge they once had before the fall so they then fell under the influence of Satan, who is now given 6000 years to prove himself, and his reign in earth. But now as the time runs out then the Woman (Israel) is to bring the fruit of the good tree, this 'Tree of Life' which was also in the garden. If she were not to do his then Satan could say that He has outwitted God, himself. For the woman (Israel) is to bruise the serpents head.

Remember that in the fullness of time, God came, into a body made of a woman, made under the law. And the fullness of this time was then when the Jews were scattered over the face of the earth for a curse? What fullness of time was that, for the 'fullness of time' means the fulfillment of the Bible. Time to bring men out of darkness into the glorious light. For God said, I shall call my sons and my daughters from afar, and I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and bring in 1000 years of rest for (Adam) man and ME. Then the men shall see that I am now in the spirit, in the woman's form and have brought this knowledge unto man. Now call these words to your remembrance:---If the days are not shortened then there would be no flesh saved.' But they are to be shortened for the Elect's sake. And they must be led by the voice of the Shepherd. All this is the LORD'S doing, and is marvelous in our eyes.

When men harken to the writings, they will forsake the evil and learn the good, and be flocking into the belief of Jesus Christ, as doves unto the windows, crying out with trembling lips. What shall we do to be saved, to inherit the crown that is before us? Looking for the hastening to the coming of the LORD Jesus Christ.

Joanna then said that as she stands to trial---she now forbids anyone to print any of her writings unless employed by her. And she then challenges the world by saying there have never been such writings as hers. And she goes on to say that the Second coming of the Christ, in Spirit has already come, according to the scriptures. For it reads, "I shall pour out my spirit, and now judge how long Christ remained on the earth before:

But in the sixth book it doth surely appear

The four and twenty elders must see clear,

That I am in the present, in the woman's form,

When I the 6th book you discern.

When all together you do deeply weigh

Then know, to man hath come the judgment day.

And then to heal the nations, I'll begin.

And now to a deeper meaning I bring you

And I command thee to pen it here.

And then the mysteries I will make clear.


In the Christmas holidays of 1794, this is the dream that was brought to Joanna's view:---I thought that I was at the door, and looking into the heavens saw them full of sheep, lying in the air like a flock of sheep on a mountain side. In the midst of them thee was one the size of a bullock, but covered with wool, like a sheep, remarkably long and white as snow. But had the head of a Lamb. The others were common size of sheep lying around he large one. But all had long white wool like snow, and their faces were like lambs. And the heavens seemed covered with them (the big ram and his flock as Hale-Bopp pointed out.)

Thus the great judgment day will come and it will end and the sheep everyone will be found and it is then written:--'Go ye accursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. But that accursed thing was the devil and from our Savior's word's came this answer to all of Joanna's thoughts and questions.

“I will separate the goats; the sheep on the right and the goats on the left, and tho they have joined hand in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.

The day of judgment is nigh at hand when men in judgment must surely sit, and tell the woman if her thought are right.

And in her history what in her they blame.

Then after that her trial must come on.

And now just as sure as he expired on the cross, and there on the Cross said, "IT IS FINISHED." Then you are to recollect how many miracles he has previously wrought. And now if these books you can clearly see, you will know that the spirit of The Christ is here, or the greatest imposter ever known. Then judge what a trial is in store for the woman, Therefore every printer is forbidden to print any more of her writings, or her name to spread.