ERM - Strange Effects Of Faith Bk 8 Vol 1


Report by Ella Rose Mast


booklet 8--volume I

by Joanna Southcott



Joanna has begun at Revelation and ended with Genesis. She says that you must go back with your bibles if you are ever to trace the divine footstool of the LORD for his Footsteps have been hid in the great deep. And his paths past man's finding out. But he is after all Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. Thus how could He be the last if he did not accomplish what he said at first? Remember that when he gave Hezekiah more life the sun went backward ten degrees. Thus when the LORD giveth a newness of life to man then the bible must be played backward.


Booklet 9 and Booklet 10


These are short booklets and not too much that is different. Joanna is still telling us of her trials as she is commanded to speak to the people and before certain crowds and organizations. Always, some men are against her teachings and she suffers much. But when commanded to go to a certain place, she follows commands. And always some people become believers.

(Yes, we know the teaching of scripture by the woman has not been and easy thing to accomplish. But like Joanna, you learn that it is only from the Spirit of truth that you gain the knowledge of the truth. And it is mighty hard to deviate from that path once you have picked up the challenge. Thus, we thank YAHWEH for a woman like Joanna Southcott for opening doors to knowledge. And we thank men like Wesley Swift who accepted the challenge when also guided by the spirit. For remember, he, at that great debate, changed side and they won the argument. Thus another teacher was born and this time a man, and he gained many followers of the Israel message which we also advocate today. Thus the man and the woman have come back together to the knowledge of the symbolism of the Woman (Israel) of the scriptures.) (Revelation 12)

This message as shown by the letters written to and from Joanna, seem to come to agreement that the women seemed to come to the knowledge of the 'spirit of truth' quicker than did the men. But they also were beginning to come and agree that the end must come with the Serpent destroyed and the kingdom of Christ set in place. The women thus came to this knowledge much easier than the men, who also started to come and assured Joanna that they now understood this mystery of the Woman of Revelation 12. And they assured Joanna that it was the Spirit of truth that spoke, the right people responded and the knowledge spread.

Thus we say that Joanna Southcott was a messenger from HIM to His people. Her writings then begin to fill a gap between those before her and Dr. Swift of the 1900's. Thus we enjoy her work and are glad to review her writings.