ERM - Strange Effects Of Faith Bk 6 Vol 1


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Booklet 6, Volume 1

by Joanna Southcott



It is written that the Saints must judge the earth from the foundations of the world. I Cor. 6:2) --"The saints shall judge the world"

Suppose, saith the LORD, that I had never made the woman. Do you suppose that the devil would have never found some other day to work on Adam man? How could I have proved I created a greater race, than fallen angels, if I had not made them liable to the same temptations? Answer me that O’ (Adam) man. But now it is done---all is done so that the scriptures might be fulfilled. If it were not for prophecies how could I try all men in the end? For I said--"All of the righteous blood should come on this generation from the blood of Righteous Abel unto the blood of Zachariah, son of Barachich, whom they slew between the temple and the Altar. (Luke 11:51) (All of this required of this generation.--Who?--The Edomite Jews)

Now the blood of all has fallen on the Jews. And if it were not for prophecies how could I try the Gentiles (Nations)? But I will try all and all shall come back on that ALL that mock the prophecies of the LORD. How could I do justice to fallen Angels, if I had not given them a fair trial on earth? Thus I show my judgment is a strange work, but a fair one, saith the LORD. (So once again do you think that the devil would not have in any case found a way to tempt (Adam) man who was dead to the knowledge of God under the fall?)

(Once again, Joanna is still trying to drive home the truth that (Adam) man cannot come to salvation until the woman (Israel) is restored to thrust the sword into the heart of the enemy, the devil. Christ came the first time in the form and fashion of a man but with the power of the spirit. At his second coming he come in the power of the spirit to the woman. Thus, imperfection must put on true perfection. And the bone of the Christ,--that is the spirit of Christ,--must come in the same likeness as the bone of man did. And this must first be completed before Man's redemption can come, or the fall of (Adam) man be repaired.

Now Joanna has promised to drop this subject at least for the present. This has been repeated many times so as to bring the wise to weigh their bibles deep.

Now Moses lifted up the fiery serpent on a pole when Israel was in the wilderness. (Warning Israel of who was making the complaints and complaining about their God.) Then when Jesus came before the Jews, he said, "Hereafter ye shall see the 'son of man' sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. (Matthew 24:30 and 26:64 and Mark 13:26 and 14:62) At this the high priest (now and Edomite Jew) rent his clothes saying,--He hath spoken blasphemy. And the judges said, He is guilty of death. Then they spit in HIS face, and smote HIM with the palms of their hands. They also mocked HIM on the Cross saying, HE can save others, but cannot save Himself.

The spirit of truth then answers this:--The shadows and substance of this is here answered. This serpent of fire, which I commanded Moses to lift, is by foreknowledge a type of the 'son of man' to be lifted up as salvation for all who believe. Brass is considered an emblem of boldness. And this then was to identify what was bothering the people here in the wilderness. And I tell you that if you would destroy the works of the devil then you must cut him down to his own likeness. For the cure of the sting of sin, must bring him in the likeness and manner of the Serpent. Thus, I will bear the blame of sin cast on ME. And now Lucifer, ---Satan, thou must bear the blame the woman cast on thee, and then I will cure the sting of sin. All things must be proved in earth as they are proved in heaven, just like the 24 elders. Do you think they are only in heaven?

Joanna then is told that 12 men are to test her writings and they should gain 12 more before they are thru with their judgment. And in this way their language will find that when that when the Bible is revealed it will be with Revelation. And they will be convinced they have been as Adam was thought to be the knowledge of God. Just so in every man under the fall, but as in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

The man strengthened the woman's hand by the fall. And he must now strengthen her hand to bring it back. What God designed at first, HE will accomplish at last. Nothing can change that. Here at her time the judgment of Joanna's writings must take place. Never before has there been such writings. This is a knowledge known from the first but which shall be understood before the end can come.

(Now do you see why I said that Joanna's writings were the forerunners of Dr. Swift's ministry?)

Booklet 7---

In this booklet then we see that some of these ministers are now coming to believe that Joanna is speaking from the 'spirit of truth'. And now she says:---You will recall that it is written that the knowledge of the LORD shall cover the earth as the waters cover the great deep. All shall know the LORD from the greatest to the least. They shall know him and follow him for the kingdom of heaven is in you. (Meaning the race--his children.)

Letters then begin to come into Joanna addressed:--My dearly beloved sister in the LORD and Savior--Jesus the Christ. Thus men of the church began to listen and to think as Joanna had expounded on the consideration of the scriptures. Some even to send her money to help with the expense of publishing the writings. Joanna forgave all the evil, which had come against her. For she knew now that they could not know before the 'spirit of truth' brought knowledge of the Bible to their hearts. Joanna is told that friends in London will now begin to help her in her work and thus life will get easier. England at that time also became blessed by the stopping of bad weather until the crops were harvested.

Now a few ministers were beginning to stand up for her, as they understood what she was saying. Then she receive this from the Spirit:--- As male and female were but one perfect man before the separation of Eve from Adam's side. So I conceived the regeneration of (Adam) man as the new heavens and the new earth, or Christ's glorious kingdom of Peace which must commence with that last best work of creation--lovely women, being united with man in principal, in spirit and in love. This is the leaven that will leaven the whole lump.

Next seven good and worthy gentlemen came to Exeter to examine the writings of Joanna, and to give their opinion on this 6th booklet she is now writing. They agreed that she was writing words from the voice of 'the spirit of truth'. They then wrote that they joined with the woman in praying God would now come to cast the blame on the Dragon, that old Serpent which is the devil or Satan. That she, the woman laid upon him at the fall. And to ask Christ to execute the sentence upon the devil that he pronounced upon him at the fall.

One of the men then wrote:---The reasoning contained in this 6th booklet, in favor of God's wisdom in placing the man as he did in the creation, shows justice in putting down the kingdom of Satan, and mercy in the redemption of man from everlasting punishment under the power of darkness. And taking on him self the blame and punishment due to man---are so conclusive that I cannot but acknowledge to be from God.

Signed Thos. Webster.

Reverend Thos. P Foley then wrote:---How wonderful of God to reveal this knowledge to babes and sucklings, when the wise and learned of this world he has denied it. We rejoice that we now see that the Bride hath made herself ready. And by her perfect obedience, our deadly foe--Satan with his hosts will be cast from the earth. And that promise---'of the seed of the woman (Israel) bruising the Serpent's head will soon be finished.

Thus went the writings of the seven men who had come to examine the writings of Joanna Southcott. All acknowledged that this was the knowledge from the 'Spirit of truth' given now to (Adam) man by the Woman (Israel).

Remember that the first call after the fall was from YAHWEH saying, "Adam, where art thou?" Adam, remember, was hiding. His conduct bespoke his shame that he had sinned. Adam was naked and covered with fig leaves. And the answer he gave the Father here in the garden was ‘the woman thou gavest me, gave me of the evil and I did partake.’ Here he cast his blame upon his frail partner. Where as the woman and the man had ought to have been one in spirit and in innocence. The man (Adam) should have gone further and laid the axe at the root of the corrupt tree and said, ‘The Serpent beguiled us and we did eat.’ If Adam had said thus, he would have then and there shamed, and cast the blame and bound the devil. But alas! His posterity has suffered and the devil has reigned unto this time on earth triumphant. However the LORD would set this straight as to how this picture was to be played out. For the LORD would pay the price of (Adam's) redemption, and Satan then would bear the Woman's blame.

Then Joanna writes:---All ends as the midnight hour comes,---Where art thou 0 Satan? Where are thy heads and horns, and Dragon's tail which slew and hurt the LIVING STARS? Where are thy rays of fire, thy watery floods?---Behold they are passed away. The woman's fears of thee are over, the wilderness receives her child whose iron rod now will be felt. The pit has opened its mouth, thou now are cast, shut up, and sealed. The Saints now judge the earth. The omnipotent one is here in power in spirit and in word. The sword, the white horse, the King of King's has drawn the flaming sword.

Rejoice you Saints, rejoice! The beast, the dragon, the mountain, the tree are no more. And no longer shall hurt, devour, or becloud the Saints, the gold and the vine. The gold and gems appear. The mighty earthquake now displays the hidden son of God. Six denotes the suffering time, to show 'the son of man', the sign within the sun. The fowls now feast on thee. Then where is thy former reign?

Now see great David's throne and reign, the temple's stones un-hewn by man in those days, unite the King of Peace amidst the seven in oil unite. And a stone with seven eyes thus appears. (The stone kingdom cut out of the mountain without hands.)

The bond of union now has come, the Marriage ring appears, and the Bride comes. The Bridegroom now receives the marriage seal. The law and Gospel (Old and New Testament) now unite and the sun and moon appear. Where art thou now Canaanite? Where is all thy madden crew? Tremble and flee. ---All is done, and the seals are burst--the vials poured out and they end thy destiny. (We ask you. Is this not the same message from the Star Bible which Hale-Bopp pointed out as she moved thru the heavens, a messenger for you to see?)

Joanna, then in verse, went on further. (In summery) she said:---The woman now is clothed with the sun, and now the mystery is clear, for Christ is now to come:--

The seventh is past, the law of God has appeared.

As with the law, the seven I compared.

But mark, the 8th, now with the Gospel joins

To bring the revelations to mankind.


Right is the judgment in the 8th thought found, and now let four more appear and thus we have the number 12.

And then the marriage ring to all I'll clear,---(This is the marriage of Christ and his kingdom people.)

The seven men who came to judge the work of Joanna are as the seven spirits of the LORD. The spirits of God are but one spirit. The wise virgins allude to the five Evangelists who then came to this knowledge. Being joined to the aforesaid seven men thus making 12 spoken of in Revelation, to bring in the 12 tribes of Israel.


And Joel's words must first come true

Before I make an end;

The revelation to your view

Must make the learned bend.

The woman clothed with the sun

You'll find must first appear.

The marriage of the lamb must come

My seal it must appear,

For all this is done by my command.

Then judge your summer nigh

For my Elect shall ever stand

And Abba, Father cry!

'Tis spoke of thee, let all men see,

That such a one must arise,

So if your bibles plain you now see,

There's none can blind your eyes.

For what impostor can take place,

If wisely you discern?

'Tis but a dark benighted race

That fool's can ever harm.


The first eight pages of this book of letters are hastening on. The prophecy of that book are deeper than any man can imagine and she will speak of them later.

Joanna Southcott.