ERM - Tape 001 - Various Questions And Answers




1. The Thorn in Paul's side

2. Matthew 22:23-32

3. No respecter of persons

4. II Corinthian 5:6

5. Astrology and Astronomy

6. Love Everybody

7. The Kingdom not for everyone

8. The Abomination of the Desolator

From Ella Mast:...'Many questions are asked and I have tried to put together a short answer from the Tape Ministry of Dr. Wesley A. Swift, and my understanding.' Question:...What was the thorn in the Apostle Paul's side?

Answer:...One of the major thorns in Paul's side was his failing eye sight. He had a stigmatism and thus his poor eye sight was getting worse and worse. He found in his ministry that it was hard for him to read small print. He was writing great Epistles and letters were almost one inch high. This bothered him greatly because he felt that it hindered his work for YAHWEH and the church so he referred to this a thorn in his side. The early church fathers such as Clements and Polycarp referred to this fact that the Apostle Paul had weak eyes, and that they had gradually worsened. It was as tho he had cataracts but if so that they were operateable, because of this he wrote huge letters and was getting so that he could only see dimly. Yes, the Methodist church came up with the idea that Paul was not a natural man, that he was a deviate, today we call it Gay, but that his love for God fought this all the time,...this they said was the thorn in Paul's side. And they used this idea to justify taking into the church all the queers, and homosexuals. They said that this is why the Apostle Paul said men should not marry. But the Apostle Paul thought at first that Christ's return would be soon, and thus he thought that men could move into the missionary field to Lost Israel faster if they were not married. Later in his ministry he realized that many things would have to happen first. But at first he thought that the missionary field was in dangerous times, and a man could move more quickly if he did not have a family to fear for, or to maintain. But it would be totally foolish to say that all men of your race should not marry for pretty soon there would be no kingdom. This was not what the Apostle Paul was talking about. There were other thorns or pricks in his side such as the persecution by the Jews, but that was not as troublesome to him in his thinking as the loss of his eyesight. The Jews were bothering all the Apostles and disciples and the Christians as a whole, not just the Apostle Paul, and thus I would say that was the thorn in Paul's side. II Corinthians 12:7-10, here we see Paul talking about both infirmities of the flesh and Satans messenger as well. Galatians is infirmities of the flesh.

Question:...Matthew 22:23-32, Whose wife would this woman be in the Resurrection? Answer:...As you read this Scripture you realize that the Sadducees came to Jesus when he was teaching one day in Judea, and altho they did not believe in a Resurrection they thought this question would trap Jesus, so they asked Him whose wife this would be in the Resurrection because she had been a wife of each of these seven brothers.

Now; remember that these were Sadducees and being reincarnationist they would have no problem with this for they just die and come back and marry someone else. Remember also that YAHWEH created no new spirits after the Luciferian rebellion, so there are people under this Luciferian rebellion who do reincarnate, they do have a cycle of return. They are thus different than those of the every way. These Sadducees thought that YAHSHUA was a true Pharisee who believed in the Resurrection so they thought he would have a problem with this question which they threw at him. There is something else you should remember, and it is that we are told that of the increase of the Kingdom there shall be no end. (Isaiah 9:77) Thus there is a continuity of increase for the kingdom and you find this all thru the Scripture. Remember also that there was a cosmic conception, and there will be again for this race, this is a perfect spiritual conception, for this Adamic race is to rule over earth, and even in the Universe with its one thousand one hundred twenty six trillion Solar systems and it will take a great increase of Adamites for this job over the number born up unto now.

The translators of the Scripture also were trying to make this come out in conformity to their thoughts so they have Jesus saying:...'In Resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the Angels in heaven.' What Jesus really said was that they did not understand the Scripture for as this Israelite woman died she would be as every Adamite who had already gone home. The word Angel is ministering spirit, and every Adamite is also a ministering spirit as is the Angelic hosts. Some Angels like the Cherubs and the Seraphims around the Throne we find no record of their breeding except if they did not keep their first estate, such as Lucifer and those who followed him in rebellion. In the records of the Books of Enoch there are whole generations of Angels listed, and in other places of Scripture the territories of Angels and their lands is set forth. But as to this woman they were inquiring she died she would enter the plane of spirit and there would be no increase of the kingdom..from her..until the Resurrection. In other words this woman and others of her race would not be having children until the Resurrection or Restoration day has come. But this woman had nothing to worry about because she was back into the plane of spirit, and her part in the relationship of the family of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA was already fixed..before she came into the earth and would still be in place as she goes back. There may be an area of correction or renewing of the mind, but that family relationship is already in place, has been since before the foundation of the world.

In fact the original Greek and the Alexandrian text did not contain all this translation, but the church decided to change it a bit so they could get away from a problem, and leave only the important thing being to get everyone into heaven by any procedure even if they had to charge you for the route you were to travel under their doctrine. Thru out the Old Testament, and thru out the New, the program is the same ...being that of the increase of HIS Kingdom there is to be no end. So what ever HE has in store for us, the cosmic conception will probably be restored. This is the perfect spiritual affinity, and the Virgin Mary is the only one of the race to know an immaculate conception by Spirit of the Most High.

Now; this woman the Sadducees were asking far as she is concerned this is Israel law, she was in a posterity seed factor situation for Israel. This law was for the protection of the women of Israel. Thus if an Israelite man died without children his brother was responsible even tho he may already have had two wives, still he was responsible for raising up children by her in his brother's name. Under Old Testament Law the family preservation was so important, and it remains so even today, because this was to protect the women of the race, and this racial seed line. So many of the Adamic men died fighting the enemy thru the years, that many times in our racial history the Adamic women outnumbered the men thus YAHWEH'S law for self preservation was in place. Yes, YAHWEH advocated segregation thru out the Scriptures for this Adamic race..His keep their racial seed line pure so as to pass on His Spirit connection to their offspring. Adam and Eve, remember, violated this segregation law which got the race in trouble to begin with. But with them it was that they were of one flesh, and Eve being deceived violated the law, and Adam knowing better but not wanting to be separated from Eve went along with the violation..but YAHWEH came into the garden and stripped the fig leaf tunics off of them and as High Priest set them back on course in their destiny. But this woman spoken of here would be in the heavens in the interim time from when she died as her spirit left physical earth until she returns in the Resurrection or Restoration. Thus she would be in that period, like the Angelic order of Cherubs around the Throne who neither marry or give in marriage. But this has nothing to do with our occupation of earth, or the increase of the kingdom here in earth. Cosmic conception went on in Celestial planes and belongs to our race....should say, belonged to our race before we violated Divine Law and fell to the beast level of gestation with this bringing forth in sorrow and pain in birth...but still the increase of the kingdom continued. Another instance of this problem would be found in Isaiah 4:1., 'And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying we will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name.' Here again Israel women outnumbered the men now seven to one, this has probably been fulfilled, but we are thinking of one instance...when the Soviets came against the little countries of Eastern Europe and they went behind the Iron Curtain. Israel men were killed or shipped Eastward as slaves and Mongol men brought in. This would be the cry of the Israel women that they retain the name of their birth, as followers and rulers with YAHSHUA. Some day out Father will correct this situation and restore His children for this situation was out from under their control.

In this land of America we saw the practice of Polygamy under the Mormons after they settled in the areas of Salt Lake, Utah. But lets face it...a lot of atrocities have been done in the name of the church. Whether right or wrong the facts are that as the Mormon settlement grew along the Mississippi River...white church people came and raided this white Mormon settlement and the Mormons fled to the West. After this massacre and the killing by the Indians as they moved Westward then as the Mormons settled in Utah the women outnumbered the men 6 to 1. This saw the start of Polygamy in Utah, but they took their instructions from the early areas of Scripture, and from a built in belief that the seed line remain pure. Whether such a practice was abused or not, whether we believe it or not, still those were the facts of that time and situation. The Apostle Paul in his writings said a Bishop should have only one wife, he believed this would be the best for the Bishop because it would leave him more time for his work as Bishop since he would not have such a big household to maintain. YAHWEH in His program established Adam and Eve as one flesh, and HE in HIS foreknowledge then gave the race a law to protect their seed line as they struggled to occupy earth and to expand the Kingdom.

Now; remember YAHSHUA said:..I am YAHWEH the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...I am not the God of the dead, but the God of the Living. And we are told that people were astonished at his doctrine, but today we of His children who realize who we are know we are the Living because His spirit bears witness without spirit that we are sons and daughters of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

Now; also..'It is given to man once to die and after that Judgement.' ... here it is talking about the fact that you die, and then you enter into the refining Glory of YAHWEH and into the areas of YAHSHUA'S work as Messiah, and then you wait for the Resurrection. Hebrews 9:27.

Question:...If you say anything about Identity or Race someone always says that: 'God is no respecter of persons' do you answer that?

Answer:...There are several Scriptures people quote concerning this for instance..Romans 2:11, and Acts 10:34. But you will find all thru the Scripture that YAHWEH, assured, meaning selected those He willed should do certain things for the kingdom. Here we are talking about those 'He did foreknow, and those He did predestinate to conform to the image of His embodiment (translated son), and those He called HE justified.' We are talking about the fact that ALL Israel is to be saved...all Israel is going to put on the Glory of God from the smallest to the most insignificant laborer, to the most powerful official in areas of government, from the educator to the mechanic, from the farmer to the administrator, every last one of the the fulfillment of YAHWEH'S program of destiny...all are going to conform to His image, to this embodied YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA our Savior. Thus in this sense He is no respecter of persons according to His program and our destiny. He does things according to HIS WILL and can bring about the adjustments needed to accomplish His purpose.

Now; to prove this turn to the Book of Romans and you find something rather significant showing the authority of YAHWEH to choose, to plan, to do things HE wants to do. Romans 9:11..'Children not yet born having done neither good or evil that the purpose of God according to election (selection) might stand...not of works, but of HIM that calleth.' 'The elder I have assured (not selected) ..thus the elder shall serve the younger..for it was Jacob that HE loved (selected) and Esau that HE assured (not selected). Would you say that there is unrighteousness with God? No..of course not. HE is YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA and He has the power to do HIS WILL. So if He selects one and rejects another because of 'foreknowledge' who is to say that HE cannot do this? Romans 9:24-26...'Even us whom He hath called, not of the Judah kingdom only but also of the nations (gentiles by translation and the word gentile here is Ethene in Greek) or the nations of the house of Israel.' Thus in otherwords to the Judah Kingdom, and to the House of Israel also now the whole combined House of Israel, this is who it is talking about. Those who are not called His People now...not called Israel who at one time were called beloved, it shall come to pass that ...'In the place where you now where it is said that you are not my people, then it shall be that you will be called the children of the LIVING YAHWEH- YAHSHUA!' Yet here in America today we hear:...'The Jews are the chosen people'... the Christians are only the gentiles adopted in when the Jews rejected Christ. I tell you that according to HIS WILL is the way things will be done. HE did not have to stop and change courses when the Jews rejected HIM. Remember that David stood by the Pillar in Old Jerusalem (II Samuel 7:10) and YAHWEH told him:..'I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, and they will then dwell in a place of their own; and move no more: neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more as before time.' Alright...HIS people..The Adamic race has gone thru their migrations, they are all settled in their places as Christian nations, and when the Kingdom comes to its fullness the children of wickedness will afflict them no more as they have ever since the Day Adam and Eve were set in earth to bring forth this race which makes up the kingdom. The House of Joseph and those with him shall rise and be joined with the House of Judah with him and at that time the Kingdom shall stand in to the world order, to rule and reign with YAHSHUA our KING OF KINGS. When you understand the program and plan of this Bible then you will see that yes HE is no respecter of persons for HE selected all thru this period of time those who would stand out as leaders of the kingdom. He did this by foreknowledge before this world was framed, and did not change that plan as we are moving toward our destiny.

Question:...II Corinthians 5:10. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of the Christ that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad???

Answer:...Now; remember the Apostle Paul also said:..'No other foundation can anyone lay other than that which is laid in Christ'. Upon that foundation you build, and whether you build with stone, indestructible material, or top it with gold or silver, or build with hay or stubble, still every man's works shall be tried by fire, yet he the man will be saved, yet as by fire. (I Corinthian 3:13) According to the concordance this word FIRE is the Shekinah Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And if what you build in the physical world is in error, and thus not according to the plan or purpose of YAHWEH then the error must be burned out..removed, and thus is this person said to be tested by fire. No longer will the persons mind be in error until he follows Satan or some mans teaching..instead he will be in tune with His Father or Creator, and as the Apostle said:...' by fire'. In this fifth chapter of II Corinthians the Apostle Paul makes it quite clear that we can dwell in two plains. The reference to 'being clothed as not to be found naked (vs 3) means you will not be short of anything necessary for your survival in any plane at any time. After all, you have to think transgression before you commit transgression. Sometimes this comes from wrong theology, wrong ideas, brain washing, politics, or processes of the environment which effect us, but the Scriptures make it clear that the Spirit of YAHWEH is the refining fire, and this is what burns out error, this is the Shekinah Glory. In every instance where a passage is translated..'Lake of fire', this is Divine Aura, the refining fire of YAHWEH'S Spirit and it purges out error leaving the individual free. Remember that YAHSHUA said:..'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free'.

Alright, then if a man's works in the physical is even all burned up... still if it was error, then he is better off without it. After the removal of error your mind can be renewed and you then stand on a foundation of truth, and are ready to build on the true foundation. Oh, you say..but what about all this work I have done for God here on earth, what about that? Well, the most important thing is the elimination of error from the seat of the consciousness, the removal of the guilt complex, the fears this race has carried, the work to try to save men from areas of transgression while not understanding YAHWEH'S program, and thus maybe helping your enemy in the process. YAHSHUA said he came to save men from their sins, which is a violation of Divine Law, he did not come to send them to perdition. He said,..I came to save that which is lost, which was His Israel people. Then He said:..'I came not into the world to condemn it but that thru me it might have Light (truth). He came to finish the atonement for his sons and daughters so they would finish the task He has set for them to do. And eventually thru them comes Light (truth) to the World Order as well. This then is adjustment is made and people turn from all transgression (breaking of His law) and error in thinking until we think as He thinks, and know as He knows.

Now; if it were not for the Grace of God the Kingdom would not have been necessary at all. In other words YAHWEH put His family in earth to build His Kingdom..'on earth as it is in heaven'. Here His Kingdom would in time overpower Lucifers kingdom, and battle this intense concentration of 'error' which exists in this physical world. The Luciferian rebellion now confined to this Solar system then YAHWEH said:...the incubator is ready, now my spiritual children will come into bodies of flesh, and we will over-throw Lucifer and his kingdom here in the physical in earth.

Now; Lucifer in rebellion has always operated on a policy of fear and error, and Christians have been led to fear their Father. But the word LOVE in Greek, is translated fear in English thus many fear this Shekinah Light...this truth. But remember you have been given so many instances of Grace and of the Love of our Father, and of the Soverignity of YAHWEH (God)... for instance 'All Israel shall be saved: (Romans 11:26, Isaiah 45:17) and 'All flesh shall be saved'..He loses nothing, He reconciles everything unto himself. He has promised by all the Holy Prophets since the Adamic race came that there would be total reconciliation, total adjustment of every creature, of all saints (Adamites) if this is the work of our Father this is pretty good evidence is it not that you cannot find a more completeness than can you? Hierarchy in the ecclesiastical field has created a bondage for you, but this will also be removed. And you are told in Revelation 22:12..'Behold I come quickly, and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work SHALL be.' This is the work you shall do after the truth has set you free. Thus lets not fear the judgment seat of The Christ....yes chastisement comes to Israel, we have to turn from error, but always remember we were children of the Father before the world was framed. He told us we would fall as we volunteered to come, but we will do as we are supposed to...sooner or later, and he holds the power to create situations that will turn us to HIM. And even the judgment of the World Order is for their own good.

Question:...Please explain Isaiah chapter 47:12-15. What about Astrology and Astronomy?? Answer:...'Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, where in thou hast labored from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail. Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy councils. Let now the astrologers, the star gazers, the monthly prognosticators stand up, and save thee from these things which shall come upon thee.' Read the whole chapter and even read chapter 46., and realize that YAHWEH says:..'My council shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure'. 'I will place salvation in Zion for Israel My Glory'.

Now; Isaiah is talking about the downfall of Ancient Babylon, for she had reached the height of her iniquity. Oh, she never thought she would fall, but then she had abused YAHWEH'S people He had given into her hands, and she would reap His wrath. Here you find the sorceries which leads up to the merchants and this is identifying the problem and the people who caused the fall of Babylon. The Merchants are further identified in the fall of Great Babylon, Revelation 18:11-24. Thus you have identified the leaders of Lucifers kingdom who fight against YAHWEH'S Kingdom continually. And today Great Babylon is falling, and we are told to come out of her...'Oh my people'..lest you get hurt as she falls.

Now; Astronomy and Astrology both played a great part in the history of the Adamic race altho the progression of the stars (planets) was used for measure in the Ancient records long before Adam. But true Astronomy and Astrology as it effected our race started with Adam. Enoch the seventh from Adam in lineage would be taken into the heavens and have these things brought back to his memory. He returned to record the measures of time for the Adamic race in their physical experience in bringing forth YAHWEH'S kingdom in it is in heaven. Starting about 5000 years before the birth of YAHSHUA (Christ) Enoch set in place the school of the Magi. These men of the race would build a great stone observatory high in the Himalayan mountains above Burma, there as they charted the years they also watched for the great star (comet) which Enoch said would come into the figure of the heavens showing an Eagle falling...called Aquila. Enoch recorded that this star would come into the head of Aquila and then move in 32 years to the head of the woman..Virgo, and it would turn by the time it showed in the womb area of the woman and go back out into space. This was the sign that the Wisemen of the race were to watch for as this would signal that YAHWEH would be born on earth out of this Adamic race he had established beginning with Adam and Eve. Thus the Magi built and they measured the heavens and they waited. They sent others of their organizations to build 'Do Ring' on the Persian Gulf, and Stonehenge in Britain as well as many other circles of stone, and from all those places they were watching the heavens and measuring the seasons and the years, and all the time watching and waiting for the sign of HIS Birth. They trained those who would follow them in their profession and they became a wealthy and respected organization. They knew the time was for sometime in the distance but they instructed successors and did their work and they waited. The Roman records at the time of the Christ show that the Magi were given permission to move in and out of the Roman Empire at any time, and no one was to hinder or molest them, so they were an active and strong organization at the time of the Birth of the Christ child.

Now; Enoch and Job had gone into Egypt about 4500 B.C. to 5000 B.C., to complete the signs and the measures for the race. They led 144,000 Savants into that land to build the Great City of ON with its Temple in the hub of the circle, and on the dome of the Temple was what we call the Star Bible. All of the 612 Stars from one to seventh magnitude hung from that great dome, and even the planets were in their place on the ecliptic of the heavens. We did not discover Pluto until in the 30's but Enoch and Job placed it long ago. Venus did not come in to stay in our Solar system until the time of the Exodus of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, but it was in place in that great Temple long before. The entire zodiac was there with its symbols for each tribe of Israel altho physically they were not in place for a few thousand years. But this building headed by Enoch and Job in Egypt not only consisted of this great city of ON built in a circle with the great Temple in the hub of the circle, but also they would build the Sphinx with its symbolic history, with the 33 steps down to the Temple under the building, and the two Pillars of that Temple, but that of course is another story. It is suffice to say here that on the Great Dome of the Temple in the city of ON, between the emblem of a Sphinx telling you where to begin the Zodiac and where it ended. This should show you some of the importance of the science of Astronomy and Astrology as it is connected with our race. Besides that there was to be a sign in the heavens signaling the birth of the Christ child which the race had waited for since Enoch laid out that measure of the line up of the planets so they would know what to watch for. Also Enoch gave other measures even for the end of the age and the beginning of the bringing forth of the kingdom at the end of the age, and then he recorded what to watch for in this sign of the SON OF MAN in the Heavens, that Jesus talked abut in the Book of Matthew. This would be a time of the increase of knowledge as to who we are, the approaching climax to the final battle of Armageddon. This sign would consist of a message in the heavens as to the line up of planets in the sign of Aquarius, and this sign came February 4, 1962. So right in the midst of Jacobs troubles came this sign, and its signal was for the beginning of the rising of the Kingdom to come out from under the yoke of Great Babylon which is World Government with its final program to destroy this kingdom of YAHWEH (God) here in earth.

Now; out of the teachings of Enoch came also the Wisdom Schools of our race with the two Pillars of Wisdom headed by Job..this the Universal physical law of the fulcrum, the other headed by Enoch..that being spiritual law with the organizations such as the Rose Cross and the Rose of Sharon... all being a part of the spiritual law. The leaders of the Wisdom Schools were called Master Builders..Masons, and they taught many mysteries in these Ancient white Mystery Schools, before the later organizations degenerated into what is today a pagan organization of the Rosicrucians and yes Freemasonry. The Yehudin came in and ruined the Rosicrucian society just as they have all areas of Masonry except certain areas of the Blue Lodge, and the secret company of Light Carriers. Always YAHWEH preserves truth somewhere even those areas the enemy is always trying to twist and turn.

Now; as to Astrology...the Zodiac has been divided into months according to Constellations and names have been given to the Constellations, and thus you are born under any of these twelve signs. The electronic pattern of a person born at that time was such a small variation in orbit that takes place over thousands of years, has set up a pattern and this pattern has been studied and observed. In fact back then the Zohar was in use and the Savants had this knowledge, and it has been passed on down thru the generations. Back when Enoch and Job and the Savants had built this great Temple in the city of ON there were 12,000 Savants for each month of the year who worked there. It was known at that time that the opposition month, the month directly across from the month of your birth was your strongest time, and the Savants worked coordinating their building at this time because this was the time when their efforts were the highest, not in their birth month. This made me wonder if The Christ will culminate things in this containment of Lucifer in the symbol of Libra..where you find the Southern Cross, and Ara..the Altar..this Shekinah Glory. This would be the opposite of the time of His birth when He came as the most helpless..a tiny babe.. born out of our race. Also out of that Southern Cross area came the great Comet which circled the Universe so long and finally came into the head of Aquila and on to the head of Virgo, and that comet today we call the Star of Bethlehem. Where is it today?? In 1962 it was found so they thought in the Sign of Leo the Lion. In 1982 they discovered a new Nova or star in the sign of the Aquila and today they are watching that development. But since those Ancient Savants dwelt in their section of the great city of the birth month sections, then this should show how important this number twelve of the Zodiac really is. Then in Revelation we find the lady of the heavens, Virgo, with her crown of twelve stars..she also carries twelve stalks of wheat in her hand. The Twelve Tribes of Israel also carried a sign from the Zodiac, and then as the Levi were made Priests in Israel forever, the House of Joseph had a double portion and both sons of Joseph carried their sign but the number twelve was maintained. These Zodiac signs are also found around the throne of the, Most High...they are called Living creatures, but they are the signs of the Zodiac, and

designate different leaders of Israel..different sides of the encampment around the Tabernacle and the Temple, and today you trace the people with these signs in the heraldry of their nations. Thus..yes, both Astronomy and Astrology in the early days of our race were highly developed and used and taught. In fact the whole Gospel message is in the sky, set in place so long ago to be viewed from earth which now is the theater of the heavens..the theater of the Universe.

Astronomy then is the study of the Universe, anything in the heavens and as to how it effects earth. Astrology has perhaps been the most corrupted today in some instance being even Satanic, and used as a money scheme. Madam Blavatsky of the Rosicrucian society in California in the 1960's and before her was Lillth..the fallen Angel of a cycle of return..were both head of this organization which was Satanic. We have however told you that Lucifer and his people would never be able to totally understand the mysteries of the Ancient Wisdom Schools but thru out history as you create and develop, the Luciferians come in trying to understand and instead they take over and destroy. This has happened to both Astrology and Astronomy but both had a part to play in the history of our race, and still do. The Sorcerer, Sorcery, is divination by the aid of evil spirits..witch-craft and so forth, and this identifies those who would destroy. They are the ones with the twisted philosophy of Lucifer's kingdom. When they come in and take control they destroy because they are evil. Babylon of old saw them attempt to establish a one World Government, and then YAHWEH brought it down. They are trying in our country today..the same has been going on for some time. To me it is as tho we marched into a great battle and the scrap is as we try to come out which we are doing now. This brings about the fall of Great Babylon as YAHWEH'S people wake up as to what is going on, and they try to come out of this great false system which controls politics, money and religion with its effect on our society of this integration and social program (Micah 4:10)..the promise is that you will go to Babylon and then be delivered..then Great Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and we wait for the climax of that day. certain things happen under certain conditions that never happen when those things are not in measure, I do not say that the stars make men do anything but I do say there are areas of restraint and areas of energies that move thru the consciousness that are these measures, and this has nothing to do with fortune telling or the like. There are areas of affinity between people according to their date time under the scope of the fall of our race but this is a measure of that time, and has nothing to do with sorcery or any other work of the devil, and his fallen kingdom. They just play at understanding the work of our race, and only make progress when our people allow them to usurp and take over our place in this grand scope and plan of our Father. When Adam's race wakes up then Lucifer's Great Babylon scheme of things will fall suddenly. We see much awakening today and much work against this awakening, but the enemy does not understand that Our Father has a built in mechanism that he can that we respond and throw off this yoke. Revelation 18..With violence shall great Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more..Vs 23, by the Sorceries were all nations deceived.

Question:...Always we hear that Jesus said we must love everybody, and if we loved everybody, even the Russians..this would be a better world, for they would respond to love. How then do you explain Matthew 5:44...'But I say to you..Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you??'

Answer:...This is a very controversial question when asked quoting only one verse of Scripture. We suggest that you read the whole fifth chapter of Matthew and you will find that in 'The Sermon on the Mount', that the teachings and the instructions are given unto

those who constitute a Christian society. These are declarations unto the culture YAHSHUA was bringing forth which was to be a new order of Civilization. The instructions are for conduct inside a kingdom. And this love your enemy was special instructions as to how to deal with people who make up the other words the

people of this Adamic race.

Now; the word enemy in this verse in the Greek was 'Inemicus' and it means a private enemy, or oppressor, but not one of the world order, so it would be someone inside the Israel brethren society. In Psalms find a public enemy (opposition)..'For we speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.' (Vs 21-22) You are to hate them with a perfect hatred..those who hate your God. Thus this 'love your enemy' are those who oppose your thinking, meant that to those of the kingdom you turn the other cheek many times, you be very, very patient with those who blindly follow portions of the thinking of the World Order. But you do not do this with the World Order under the rule of the enemies of Gods Kingdom. This verse of Scripture has nothing to do with the relationship between the United States, a nation of Gods kingdom, and for instance the Soviet Union. But inside of your race there is something to appeal to; there is a sense of responsibility, of shame, of pride based on the ability to define law. But outside that household there is no spiritual emotion to appeal to as you deal with the enemies of your God, who are also your enemies. You get no where dealing to emotion, ethics, or morality of an idol worshiper for instance of the hoards of communist's who would just as soon liquidate the Christian nations as not. Thus you never turn your cheek or the communist's will take your head off. How do you prove this to people? Basically it is an understanding of Scripture. Before you consider this verse of the Sermon on the Mount you establish who Jesus is talking to, this is very necessary, this establishing who they are talking about..clears things for you and unless you do that you are just reading..but not absorbing.

Now; there is no Christian more advanced in Christianity that YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH is there? Then turn to Luke 19:27, and here Jesus said:..'But those mine enemies which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.' Here we are just quoting YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, and this was righteousness to the summit. Here is judgment, this is law. He never said love His enemies who today are still His enemies and yours also. But when it comes to those of your race who differ from you, then turn the other cheek, try to explain how you understand Gods program, but also never compromise the program of the kingdom even then. You are to hate the enemy of Your Father with a perfect hatred which is simply a catalization of Divine Energy which will destroy the areas of Satanic opposition. When talking about the enemies, or opposers of the kingdom it is not hard to find those opposing, for who wants prayer out of schools, bussing for integration, to take Christ out of Christmas celebrations, and to remove the big crosses from Oregon Hill, and other places where our race has erected them. Who hates to drive thru the shadow of a Cross?? And on and on?? Even now are for banning a book about Mother Goose which is 200 years old, saying it is anti-semantic, because it carries a few verses which back 200 years ago..our people were thinking because they knew the Jew. These same forces of darkness surround all leaders in high places and always they oppose our God even to setting the abomination of the desolator in your place, and try to seal his children as Gods chosen people. Remember the Apostle Paul said that you are fighting forces of darkness, powers and principalities, and you of the kingdom are to resist. You meet this power not only in the flesh, but in the mental warfare as well as with spiritual power (truth). Question:...I have heard you say that the kingdom is not for everyone. I don't see how you can say that when it tells us in Mark 16:15-16...'Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature and he that believeth not shall be damned.' If you are saved then when you die you go to heaven, and you are in the kingdom. Explain that please?? Answer:...There is so much error here that I hardly know where to start. First the last Chapter of Mark from verse 9 to 20 was not written Mark. After the infiltration of the church this was added, in the third century by two Monks both Jews who were now in the church, so that people would think every race was the same, that all came from Adam and Eve, and of course then from Noah's three sons and their wives. This way with everyone the same Israel would be lost to the world and would not be against a one world government of course to be ruled by Satans kingdom people. Later then they would come forth with the idea that the Jews were the 'chosen people' because they were finally run out of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Now; not to many of the King James versions of the Bible tell you that these last verses of Mark are 'add-ons' but most of the other versions tell you this even the 'Living Bible'. So lets take a look at what the Bible does say about the kingdom, where it comes from, who are the children of the kingdom, the administration of a kingdom, the family and household. I can tell you cannot take all people and put them into one kingdom, one household unless you have an integrated, one World Government situation. But you can have a kingdom rule over the whole earth with Justice for all, and this is the work of YAHWEH'S Kingdom.

Now; in searching for the kingdom of YAHWEH lets start with Revelation 12:1-3...A great wonder in the heavens, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars; and she being with child cried, travailing in birth and pained to be delivered.' This is symbolism..this is Israel of the heavens..YAHWEH'S Kingdom, and we will show you later how this kingdom came to earth.

Now; Revelation is another kingdom, Lucifer's kingdom, in symbolism so you will recognize the kingdom in earth. 'And there appeared another wonder in the heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his head, and his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to earth, and the dragon stood before the woman ready to be delivered, for to devour

the child as soon as it was born.' On third of the Angelic hosts in the areas of the Universe Lucifer controlled rebelled with him, and followed this rebellious Archangel and were thrown out of heaven with him, and they came into our Solar system and were confined here in our earth. As you read the rest of the chapter you learn of this great war in the heavens, and how Michael and his Angels fought, but that they were put out of the heaven.

Alright here are two kingdoms now..and we are interested in seeing them described, here in earth. Genesis 3:15..after the seduction of Eve by the Serpent who you now know by the symbolism was Lucifer the fallen Archangel now embodied in earth, then YAHWEH said:..'I will put enmity between thee (Lucifer) and the woman (Eve..they symbolic mother of the spiritual children of YAHWEH..the children with the Living Spirit of YAHWEH in them) 'I will put enmity then between thy seed (children) and her seed (Eve's children), and it (YAHSHUA) shall bruise thy head and thou (Lucifer) shall bruise his heel.' To understand this symbolism more fully look at the Star Bible message and you see 'Leo, the Lion' reaching to put a paw on the head of the Serpent as it reaches toward the ecliptic. YAHSHUA was symbolized as the Lion of Judah, but remember that the Great Dragon, the Serpent was thrown out of the center of the picture where once one of the stars of this Constellation of Draco or Dragonis was the North Star..the Polar Star. In other places you see Ophiuches the Mighty Hunter holds back the Serpent as it reaches for the Crown. Always the Serpent is reaching for something which belongs to YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and the children of His Kingdom symbolized by the twelve signs of the Zodiac, who developed in earth into the twelve tribes of Israel.

Now; Genesis 4...Cain kills his 1/2 brother Abel and is sent away from the area where Adam and Eve and their children lived in the Tarim Basin, and verse 16-24..tells you of the lineage of Cain, the household of Sargon the Magnificent. So who was Cain but (I John 3:12) 'Cain who was of the wicked one'...the son of Eve and Lucifer. And now you remember that Lucifer was the wicked one for he rebelled against YAHWEH (God) and thought to set himself above HIM. Isaiah 14:12-14 here we have Satans

kingdom in earth, and he had a great kingdom head quarter even when Adam and Eve were put in earth. The other races had already fallen under his influence and could no longer help themselves...they are now the World Order ruled by Satan's children. Genesis

4:25-26...YAHWEH'S kingdom will now start to grow in earth as the seven gestations has cleansed the womb and Seth is born. Then Genesis the original said:..'This is the book of generations (race) of Adam in the day when YAHWEH begat him, in the likeness of YAHWEH..begat he him.' Now; you can trace YAHWEH'S kingdom down thru this Book from Seth to Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob from whom came the twelve tribes of Israel. In talking about this race then we read in Deuteronomy 7..'Thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God',..and you haven't seen the word Jew in your Bible for the Jew were Yehudin, the accursed, the lineage of Cain who was of his father Lucifer, and we might say this was the beginning of the near white Yehudin called Jew today. Turn to Deuteronomy 32..and here you find a good outline of these two kingdoms now in earth. Notice the symbolism of the kingdoms here..The Rock ..and their rock is not of our ROCK..notice the capital R for our Rock. Verses 18-19..the ROCK that begat us (this Adamic race) and this other rock leads YAHWEH'S sons and daughters astray. And verse 34..talking about HIS kingdom is saying:..'Is not this all laid up in store with me, and sealed among my (sky) treasures?' Do you see that we are outlining a race of people thru out the Bible, not all races...but one race with is YAHWEH'S Kingdom now here in earth. Daniel 2:44-45...'And in the days of these kings'..thus back here in the time of Old Babylon, and these rulers of that time then...YAHWEH sets up His Kingdom, a great stone kingdom which will never be destroyed. It will not be left to other people otherwords it continues with this race of Adam. In the days of David the Israelite kingdom was set in place and it was a splendid kingdom, and then Solomon built the Temple at Jerusalem. But the Jews were all around like bees at a honey pot. And Solomon altho a brilliant man did many things that were wrong. Later the kingdom was split up and Israel began her chastisement and migrations, but remember the kingdom was never to be destroyed so the Jews never had a kingdom, they just took over the rule from Israel for a time, and built their own temple in Old Jerusalem. Scripture had prophesied that YAHSHUA would be born in Bethlehem so some of Israel would come back to Old Jerusalem and that area to be there when YAHWEH would be born out of His Adamic Race, and thus he is termed the second Adam. Thus some of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi would come back to that area for this great event. But the YEHUDIN Jews were in control of the land and temple at that time. And the Dragon in symbolism then stood ready to destroy the seed of the woman as soon as this Christ child was born.

Then comes the time when Jesus would hold His Ministry in that Old land, and His Apostles would be Benjaminites, the 'Light Carriers'. Matthew 4:23 ...then Jesus would be preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and always we find that He talked about this kingdom. The parables were about the kingdom, in fact the whole Scripture is the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Bible is the story of the Adamic race, about the relationship of the Adamic race, and YAHWEH as to his purpose in putting them in earth, and their resistance to Lucifer's kingdom. These people today who are known as Jews..who deny that Jesus was YAHWEH IN THE not fit in that picture! Thus Jesus said:..'It is given to you (of the kingdom) to know the mysteries of the kingdom, unto them (of Lucifer's kingdom) it is not given.' Matthew 13:11. And yet today Christendom calls them in to even help translate the Scriptures and in this time of the Great Apostasy (starting in 1909) much of Christendom now calls those whom the Bible lists as Anti- Christs...calls them the 'chosen people' of the Bible. Oh, they say:.. we are not under the law, we are under Grace. But we have always been under Grace, and the law of God is still in force, only the rituals of sacrifice were nailed to the Cross. Old Jerusalem became a cup of trembling for all who try to hang on to it. New Jerusalem follows the people who are the kingdom, not an old land which has been fought over so long. Remember that the kingdom is in you (Luke 17:21)..this is true..for the kingdom is people, a household which makes it also a race.

Now; John saw a new heaven and a new earth, he saw the New Jerusalem coming down from YAHWEH out of heaven. Alright this is what we have been telling you...this is the Adamic race, the spiritual children O' YAHWEH have been coming down into bodies of flesh in this Adamic race to set in place the kingdom of YAHWEH, and to make it in earth as it is in heaven, which means that more Lucifer or his kingdom people hindering, and the kingdom ruling over the earth with a rod of iron which justice for all. But here in Revelation 21., then John is shown this process of the New Jerusalem coming down, and low and behold the way you enter into it is thru the twelve gates, and over the gates are the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. So again the Kingdom does not belong to everyone, you are born into this household or you are not of it. You can be ruled over by the kingdom, which will bring a wonderful life to all people ruled over by it, but to be in the Administration of this kingdom you have to be born into this kingdom or Adamic race. This is your Bible, it does not belong 1/2 to the Jew and you grafted, it is to one people.

Now; YAHWEH disconnected the silver cord between the Celestial body and the soul consciousness in the physical body so the soul could enter the physical body thru the process of birth. This was the child can grow up to be taught the patterns of the physical world. But the connection can be reestablished and one of these days our people will quit calling the Anti-Christs of the world the people of the Book. First Peter 2:4-5...'To whom coming, as unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of god and precious. Ye are lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy Priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to YAHSHUA (His embodiment)'. This is the stone kingdom set in place, for you are lively stones which make up the kingdom. The chief cornerstone of this Pyramid building is YAHSHUA..verse 9 'Ye are a chosen generation (progeny), a royal Priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, and HE calls you out of darkness (error) and into his marvelous light (truth). I think this should answer your question but we could go on with quote after quote. Remember I told you that the Bible is your book, your race has packed it always with them, first in scrolls and then the printed word. It is written with symbolism, but you have been given the knowledge and understanding of the symbolism, which was to hide it from the fallen world order and Lucifer's kingdom. If the Yehudin had understood as Jesus established His called out ones (church) they would have joined immediately to destroy the church before the Disciples and Apostles could have reached Lost Israel. As it was they set out to destroy the people to stop this movement, and by the time they realized they could not do that they were forced to join the church to try to change its doctrines from within, and

this was after two centuries had gone by and Israel had heard that...'Messiah had come'. Now; then back to Revelation 12:17..the Dragon was wroth with the woman (Israel) and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keeps the commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus the Christ (YAHSHUA). That verse alone divided the two kingdoms for the Jews of today hate even the name of YAHSHUA...who you call Jesus the Christ...need I say more??

Question:...What is the abomination of the desolator standing in the holy place which Daniel spoke about? How about the destruction of old Jerusalem?

Answer:...First an abomination is something against the program of YAHWEH (God). It is an idol. A false religion, the mixing of Israel with another race, the work of Satan and his family leading Israel astray. Jeremiah 8: 11-12 with the cry..Peace, Peace when there is no Peace...thus they lead Israel astray, and the daughter of my people here is, the Judah

Kingdom. Matthew 24:15-20...'When ye therefore shall see the abomination of the desolator spoken of by Daniel the Prophet stand in the Holy Place, who so readeth, let him understand; then let them that be in Judea flee into the mountains; let him which is on the mountain top not come down to take anything out of his house.' Mark 13:14...This abomination of desolation standing where it ought not to be. Ezekiel 16:2...'Cause Jerusalem to know her abominations', here are Cainanites, Amorites, Hittites and so forth, not Israel, in control of Jerusalem. So what is this abomination of the desolation? And of course the one who makes desolate is defined as Lucifer the fallen Archangel now called the Devil, Satan..the Serpent and the Dragon. The abominations are done by Lucifer's kingdom people, and Daniel is talking about this evil being done in Jerusalem which brought about the crucifixion of YAHSHUA. Daniel 9:27. So who controlled Jerusalem at that time, who was it that cried then for YAHSHUA the Messiah to be crucified, and who still today denies HIM? Who said:..'Let His blood be upon us and our children.'? Matthew 20:25. They called for His death..who? The Chief Priests and Elders who controlled the temple prevailed upon their people to cry for His death, but these people were not of Israel. The people of the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi had tried to crown Him King as He came to Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-13). They called HIM the Son of David signifying they thought He was Messiah...or YAHWEH in the flesh. Matthew you another identification of the people who were in charge of Jerusalem for remember how YAHSHUA cursed the fig tree and the high Priests demanded to know how, and by what...authority he did these things? But also they knew that this pertained to them and they were disturbed. Matthew 23:3-36. Alright then...back to Matthew 24, when you (true Israel) see the abomination of the desolator standing in the holy place? Only that which comes out of YAHWEH is holy..(Deuteronomy 7:6)..'For thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God; He hath chosen you unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.'..This is where blindness comes upon most of our people for they will say that this is the Jews..but look..from Adam on down to here in Deuteronomy there is no mention of the Jews, this is the Adamic race coming down thru the line of Seth on down thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and his twelve sons on up to our time. You can trace these people thru history as well as Bible symbolism and they are the Caucasian race, have been one race of people since coming out of the high Tarim Basin as the sons of Seth. They have to remain one race all thru the Scripture, and the Book ends with the identification of New Jerusalem, so you have to be born into this kingdom to be administrators of the earth under the King of Kings. At no time do the Jews ever fulfill this prophecy for they are many races under the religion of Judaism, and Israel would have to be followers of The Christ..or called Christian today. So the abomination of the desolator standing in the place of YAHWEH'S kingdom people 'Israel' are those called Jews. This is what Jesus said:..When you..his people..see these standing in the place of true Israel, this stone kingdom which Daniel talks about,

then it is time for the destruction of old Jerusalem. Then get out of Judea fast for the time has come for its destruction...some of this happened in 70 A.D. Today as yet many of our people do not as yet see that Israel is not the 'Israel' of the Scripture..Israel..God's Israel is people, not land. Today most of blind Israel does not understand this Babylonian rule over the earth that stands in place of YAHSHUA and His kingdom rule. They understand not this 'Woman on the back of the red beast' of Revelation 17:3-6. But when our people do understand this mystery then things will happen fast. Great Babylon will fall as it is exposed and people will bring down the rule of this last Great Beast system which is Zionism with communism as her political philosophy. Revelation 17...lists these 8 great beast (world orders) systems that rule the world and they are: 1. Egypt, 2. Assyria, 3. Babylon, 4. Medo-Persian, 5. Greece, 6. Rome..the one that was established and in power at the time of Christ, and when John wrote this Book of Revelation. 7. Was the Hoards of Genghis Khan that World Jewry organized and hired to come against the Western Christian world, and then no. 8. was to come out of the same area as came the seventh, and today is communism which is still led by Zionism or World Jewry..Lucifer's kingdom, and now fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation the Great Red Dragon, Asiatic communism. The woman on the back of this Red Beast (World system) is false religion. The center of Great Babylon...its heart is right in the center of Israel, it is the old city of London, England. The money capital of the world and has been since about 1620 A.D., at one time it was in old Babylon, then the Isle of Pergamos, then Rome and then Venice, and then moved on to London, for always it moves where Israel is, and after

all if you control the money of the world then you control the people.

Now, remember there is no Scripture that says that all Israel shall move back to Old Jerusalem. This is just part of the deception spread by Lucifer's kingdom, this Fig tree kingdom. This is just part of the deception spread by Lucifer's family tree.

Today, Zionism is the heart of Jewish nationalism. Rabbi Stephen Wise said:--'Zionism is Judaism and communism is Jewish.

Matthew 24:32 and Luke 21:29-31....Jesus gave a sign for the end of the age. He said:--'When you see the fig tree begin to bud, know then that this is the end of the age. As it begins to put forth its shoots or leaves then you know the end of the age is at hand.' Revelation 6:13 talks of revolution, anarchy, and trouble as 'Ye see the fig tree cast her untimely figs to the ground.' Thus there must be some kind of a great storm and then the untimely figs (the fruit of the tree) fall to the ground. This fig tree which has caused so much trouble, the reason being that these untimely figs are from a cursed family tree, and can only produce bad fruit. The Ancient word YEHUDIN for Lucifer's family, meant accursed.

Today we have watched thru history as Zionism took over Masonry and out of that came the Illuminati in 1776. After the British took Old Jerusalem, according to the time prophesied as 9-24-1917, then right away the Zionists entrenched in London put pressure on so that Palestine be given to the Jews for a homeland. Other places were suggested, and offered. But no. Nothing would do but that they have Palestine because of its location, its vast mineral wealth. But most of all because it would be much easier to usurp the place of YAHSHUA and His people in the minds of Blind Israel, if they had the old land and were in that place which lingers in the heart of blind Israel. Romans 11:25.

But Jesus said the abomination of the desolator would be standing in old Palestine at the end of the age, standing in the place of the 'Chosen' people at the end of the age...and this is the Ancient enemy of God's Kingdom. Today they are going back to Old Palestine for judgement. But that does not come on Israel which is now located in the Western Christian countries. Zionism is behind communism, behind this economic bondage, and behind this great conspiracy to set up a world government, and Israeli plays a part in all this . But it would not even be natural for YAHWEH (God) to be drawing all Israel back to Palestine to set up their residence when at His return, HE is going to split the waters of the Old Dead Sea. He is going to level out those areas east of Jerusalem until the Dead Sea is no longer a 'Dead Sea', and fresh water from the Jordan River will flow thru it and the Dead Sea will become a living sea. All the low land will be raised and fresh water will be running out from under Jerusalem because there is a great spring under that mountain. As this catastrophe strikes then thousands will die, but this is not for Israel, this is what YAHWEH does to the abominations (the seed of the serpent..Lucifer) as they are the ones in place to receive His judgement. Zechariah 14..Ezekiel 36:2.. The enemy now holds the Ancient high places such as Mt. Moriah and so forth, but Israel dwells in the unwalled villages of America and other Christian nations.

Yes, you must know your symbols. Lucifer's kingdom was symbolized by the serpent, the dragon, by Red...communism which is the last great world power to come against Christendom in the West. However, the political arm of the same people, symbolized by the Fig Tree. Remember the parable of the Wheat and the the tares turn red at the end of the age? Remember that the fig leaf is also a symbol woven all thru the heraldry of World Jewry along with the serpent, and the dragon, Satan..the Devil.

Now, Jeremiah also talked of figs. Some very bad figs. (Jeremiah 24). These figs are fruit of this fig tree, and is thus false religion or Judaism, for they believe not in the Christ. A good fig then would be someone caught under the influence of the Fig Tree religion for a time, and the Apostle Paul would be good example of this. For Paul said, that he was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but the sect (religion) of the Jews. But this young Israelite was so blinded by this false teaching that he moved out heading an army to arrest Christians. Then YAHSHUA stopped him on the road to Damascus and Saul became Paul the Apostle to the nations of Lost Israel.

Now, remember that YAHWEH'S Kingdom is symbolized by Israel..the Olive Tree. And YAHSHUA said that He was the vine and you are the branches. Your symbol is Sheep. And He is the Great Shepherd. So all Israel is of the Olive Tree. And the fruit of this tree is Olives. The Kingdom of Judah was not of the fig tree. It is of the Olive Tree, thus Judah was an Olive branch. James 3:12...'Can the fig tree bear Olive branches?' Of course not. The law of the Scripture is 'Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.' Genesis 1:11-12.

In the days of Jesus remember He cursed the Fig Tree (Mark 11). The disciples and then the false Priests in the Temple at Jerusalem knew this cursed fig tree represented them. And they were angry and they plotted how to put Him to death.

Will finish this subject in the next tape.