ERM - Tape 002 - Various Questions And Answers Continued




1. Finish the abomination of the Desolator

2. Choice or free will

3. Ruth the Moabite

4. The wife of Moses

5. Matthew 16:18

6. The Ark of the Covenant

7. The beginning of the story of Enoch's trip into the heavens.

(Finish the Abomination of the Desolator)

Daniel 7:27..This is the verse that those who preach the Rapture theory such as Hal Linsey used for their seven years of tribulation, but they are taking this prophecy, this verse out of context. This was the time of the crucifixion and that prophecy then was all completed in 70 A.D. Most of Daniel's prophecies have been fulfilled, only that which is for this climax of the battle of Armageddon when Michael the Great Prince stands for Daniels people like he did in the beginning (Daniel 12:1). And that beginning was for us in the heavens at the time when Lucifer rebelled...and we were there, and we watched in amazement.

When Daniel wrote the 9th., chapter of his Book he was given this prophecy of the time schedule when some of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi would go back to old Jerusalem in Judea from their 70 years of captivity in Babylon, and there they would build and be in place when The Christ Child was born out of their race. This was fulfilled, and after the Resurrection those left of Israel in that old land, those of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi who were not killed there then went westward after permission was granted by Rome for their migration, and only the Yehudin, Jews, were the ones left in the place there in 70 A.D., when old Jerusalem was taken, and the Temple destroyed. The Jews who were not killed then were dispersed, but they never lost their identity as Israel did. Those Jews now coming back to that old land claiming to be the 'chosen' people, are a mixed race of people of all colors, and religions, where as true Israel would be followers of The Christ. In no way do the Jews fulfill these prophecies given to God's kingdom people, but 'Blindness in part has happened to Israel' (Romans 11:25). not as to who God is but as to who they are.

Now; when the King James Bible was translated then the Jews came in to help and no distinction was made between Jew and Israel...Judah, Judea and Yehudin, and they even made as tho it seemed that Jew and Israel were interchangeable, but the Scripture says:..'Woe to those who say they are Judah and are not'. And yes, I know it says Jew instead of Judah in the King James version but look in the concordance and it is Judah.

Now; turn to Deuteronomy 32., for more about the difference between these two kingdoms, the difference between OUR ROCK and their rock..this mixed multitude who always follow Israel. They followed Israel even as they came out of Egypt into their wilderness journey. They are the ones who Moses was identifying as he raised the Brazen Serpent. He goes on to say:..(vs 19) 'YAHWEH abhorred them because they provoked his sons and daughters (Israel) to follow the path of error away from their Father YAHWEH.' They are identified with the Serpent, the old text called them Yehudin, or accursed. They were the Hittites, the Cainanites, the Amorites and so forth, a mixed, mixed people even then.

Then Jewry chose the Israel the time when 13 stars marked them..when Jacob-Israel named both the sons of Joseph into the Israel line thus giving Joseph a double portion of representation. Then later YAHWEH would make Levi ministers for ever to be absorbed into all tribes, and thus the number twelve would be carried on as twelve in symbolic number in Bible Prophecy. So World Jewry took this grouping of 12 stars signifying the kingdom of heaven, and the kingdom of earth eventually to be joined, and they interwove it with a serpent and now it is an interwoven six pointed star, and they use it on their synagogues and such, but it does not signify the mark of Israel now..but of an adversary kingdom. Combined with the fig leaf it is more is from the Fig Tree.

Now; communism is a political system of the world order used by World Zionism to try to establish their planned One World Government communism their political child, and Communism was Jewish from its beginning as the late Rabbi Stephen Wise said in 9-29-33 in 'Zionism is Jewish Nationalism'. The first rulers in Russia after the takeover by the Bolsheviks came mostly from New York city. Look it up, how many of the 300 men were Jews out of New York city? So Communism didn't start in Russia did it? No, it was transplanted there from our country, and then Russia became the Soviet Union.

This word 'anti-semantic'..this came into being in 1640 A.D., according to the Jewish author Cecil Roth. He said it was to be used against the Christian world, and it has been with a stepped up measure as we neared the end of this age. They were to use fool the Christians ..words like, 'Brotherhood' and 'Love', this meaning everyone was the same, and if any Christian did not go along with their meaning of the Bible then it is Anti-Semitism, and makes this a meaning of hatred. If you preach identity with anyone else the 'chosen people' then it is a message of hate, and bigotry..The Gospel of the Kingdom is taboo, for there is no such thing in their Talmud. Israel in her blindness, and the great ministries with their need for money have been bought and they are blind leaders of the sheep and they all fall into the ditch.

But this was supposed to happen, prophecy said there would be a famine in the land of Israel, this the sign of the age..a famine of hearing God's Word. We are in such a situation today, we have the Abomination of the Desolator standing in the place of YAHSHUA and His Kingdom people, and the sheep don't even know who they are. Blind shepherds are leading the sheep to slaughter, they will not even know the difference.

Oh, the enemy thinks they have us right where they want us, and we are helping them achieve their goals. Our nation has committed every violation in the book, and many of our people have bowed the knee to Baal, and didn't even know they bowed. They are so happy to be helping someone...anyone but their own race, that is white supremacy and of course that is bad. But I will tell you this...yes I believe in White Supremacy and so does Our Father, the whole story of this Book tells the same story, the white race is to rise and rule with their Father, this isn't my idea, this comes from Our Bible, and is the WORD of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, this is His program and His plan, I didn't have anything to do with it.

Now; we are told in Scripture that Jesus said He had picked twelve disciples and it gives their names as He called them out, and some He knew who they were before they were born, so of course He did, He knew who He was selecting and He knew by foreknowledge how they would react to different situations and knew that when He inspired them, when His Spirit came into them to reconnect that link between spirit and soul consciousness, He knew how they would react. Then He went so far as to identify one of them and said that one of these disciples was a devil (Luciferian) and He was speaking of Judas of Iscariot. Oh, Lucifer thought he had bruised the heel of Jesus by crucifixion but Jesus bruised the Serpents head by Resurrection. This is also portrayed in the Star Bible.

Zechariah 2:4-5...Azal is located in the Negev desert, but it is also an abbreviation of the name of Lucifer found in the Book of Enoch. But here in the 14th., chapter of Zechariah it is talking of the Day of the LORD, the climax of the battle of Armageddon, and now old Jerusalem is once more ruled by the Yehudin, today called Jews or Israeli. And the symbolism of Christ's feet touching the Mt. of Olives where He was betrayed in the Garden by Judas of Iscariot, it is the signal for the destruction of that old place. Verse 6., 'It shall come to pass in that day that the Light (truth) shall not be clear'..did you notice the margin of the Bible? Light or Truth is not clear, or precious, there is a thickness about it..or much error clouds it?? Verse 7., 'But the day shall be one known to YAHWEH and by evening time of (that day) it shall be light (or truth shall be known).' And I will add that the Gospel of the Kingdom should be understood. Isaiah 30:26.

Now; verse 8., Living waters is they symbolism of the family of YAHWEH in control of the earth, no more is it under the rule of Lucifers kingdom people. Verse 9-11...The memorial city of Jerusalem shall be built to commemorate Israel's history, and then shall old Jerusalem safely be inhabited.

Then Revelation 21., this New Jerusalem is people coming down out of heaven, out of the spirit, into the physical bodies of the Adamic race... down thru the twelve tribes of Israel on down to our time. There is no Temple in this New Jerusalem for your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is the real you...child of our Father. You remember that Jesus tabernacle in His physical body out of this race, and you also live in this physical body. Revelation 22., this pure river of the Water of Life is this kingdom people from heaven to earth. So don't give away your inheritance to the abominations of the desolator (Lucifer) and to those who do not believe that Jesus came in the flesh, do not give your inheritance to those who are Anti-Christs...I John 4:3-5.

Question:...With your explanation of what the Bible says then where does 'choice' or free will come into ones experience?

Answer:...First there is no free will until you are free from sin and error which is violation of Divine Law, because you are governed by error until you know the truth. You get into trouble with this idea or self will. Our race came out of the Celestial at YAHWEH'S Will, and His plan prevails. Your name was written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world, and you didn't have anything to do with that...did you? Revelation 22:12 and 21-27. You were with the Father before this Solar system was formed. Psalm 90., 'Where were you when the morning stars (Archangels) sang and the heavenly hosts sang together and the Children of God shouted for joy??' Job 38:7. You were there, you watched as He rolled out this Solar system and self Will had nothing to do with that...did it?

I John 3:4...'Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law; for sin is the transgression of the law.' Sin is a form of self will, self determination and the harvest is bitter indeed.

Romans 6:23...The wages of sin for Adam and Eve was death to the human body, their connection with deity broken. Adam then tried to shift the blame for his transgression (sin) on Eve who was deceived (Timothy 2:14), and on to YAHWEH for giving him a helpmate. But the law hadn't changed only Adam and Eve, it had lost something for they had it before this violation of law. However YAHWEH himself..made himself responsible for violation of law and came into a physical body and completed the atonement.

Now; Self-Will caused Lucifer to rebel, for he set his Will against God ...Romans 9:16, Revelation 12:3-7, and Isaiah 14:12-15.

But he gave you a permissive will so you could violate law if you choose, then gave you the understanding that if you violate the law you will be chastised, and punished by the law. This can be an experience for you, but HE also has a Perfect Will of Destiny which involves nations and his kingdom, and HIS WILL SHALL BE DONE.

Sarah, remember, was to have a child (Romans 9:9)..but Sarah got impatient (Genesis 16:3) waiting for that promise..and she had Abraham father a child by her Handmaiden, but this did not change YAHWEH'S plan because Sarah and Abraham did produce Isaac as was promised, and 'In Isaac shall thy seed be called.' Genesis 21:12. Alright then (Romans 9:9)..'Who hath resisted HIS WILL?' And James 1:18..'Of His own will begat He us'. Did you have anything to do with this? And was there any free will or choice in that?

This reaching for Free Will or choice is likely to bring us chastisement, is it not? Why not accept the fact that we are Celestial children in bodies of flesh and realize that as you reside in this physical body you don't let the hand tell you what it is going to do, make it do that which you want it to do. In otherwords this body is an instrument for you to get around in.

Now; Lucifer in his rebellion landed in this Solar system and proceeded to mislead the people of earth long before Adam was placed in earth. His so called 'free will' or 'choice' just brought him much experience, but in the end he will bow the knew and be once more a great Archangel. There is then a difference between Free Will and predestination upon the part and program of the Almighty. When He laid out the blue-print for the ages some of that blue-print covered thousands of years, and thousands more. For instance the Star of Bethlehem was sent out of the head of Aquila and moved toward the head of Virgo. Enoch was told to look for this Star 5000 years before Christ, but see how long the Star had been moving in the blue-print of this program outlined by YAHWEH?

Ezekiel 28:2...tells us that the beginning of transgression lies in the rebellion of Angelic Will. Thus the Will was the area wherein trouble first takes place..Lucifer willed to rebel, and he only succeeded in being allowed to do it for a purpose. What is in the Master plan then will surely be carried out. Nobody ever thought of having a choice because you thought as HE thought. And since we are His household and He placed us in the earth, He bestowed the law on us, then said:...'do this and you will be blessed, don't do things this way and judgment and chastisement will come upon you.' In otherwords then the law is made to adapt a person to His Universe. And HE GAVE THE LAW TO ISRAEL! In every factor of the law whether chemical law, you can't change it, you don't even have to know about the law and it still works. Remember that the law was only given to one of spirit, because no one else would have cognition of the law except by trial or error in its physical manifestation. So they found the law by experience, and you found it by revelation as God bestowed it upon you, and bestowed the knowledge of the law and the results of violation.

Now; He does let you have this much permissive will, He gave you the per- missive will so that you could violate the law, and be chastised, punished by the law. He also reserved for Himself the right to throw conditions into your environment to wake you up, or make you do what He wants you to do, or to chastise you according to this. At the same time He has a perfect will of destiny which involves nations, and the ultimate arrival of His Kingdom. He called certain men to be patriarchs, and He predestined this before the foundation of the world. Perhaps some of His family may rebel, but when He is ready He will pour out such a wavelength of cognition and energy that makes the Celestial brain break thru to the soul consciousness, this will make you think as He thinks.

This is the reason why...when we talk about Free Will then there is no free will until you are set free from the bondage of sin and error. You may think you are free but if governed by cannot be free. If governed by Propaganda, World Government forces, by Anti-Christs doing the things God is opposed to, you are far from free.

Now; there is no way for a son or daughter of Gods household to get out of their own destiny. There is also no way for one of His household to get into a condition where he will lose his existence as a son or daughter, or cease to be a son or daughter. Remember that Jesus said:...if one sheep were missing He would search until He found it. Luke 15:4-6.

Sometimes this 'Free Will' is related to this idea that you can choose or reject The Christ, and rejection brings perdition for ever and forever. This is a no-reality thing, to be saved is to find your way back to YAHWEH. To get you to stop breaking Divine Law is salvation, for sin destroys bodies, breaks up homes, creates depression and catastrophe, lays foundations for war, thus sin is just violation of law. And there is a permissive will which allows you to do wrong things, but you are learning from it. At the same time there is a perfect Will which you cannot get away from. One of the fallacies of theology is to say that all men are 'Free moral Agents'. Scripture tells you that no one is free unless set free by The Christ, and then you are free indeed.

One of these days total Glory will be restored, the Light will be brought out on our race, like it was before the fall, and we will have a Light like Christ had at His Resurrection. Then you will understand why this Light and Glory are so wonderful and Great. As He leads His sheep out..He calls each by their name, then the race will see how foolish we have been in so many ways.

We think that you do not find the true center of Divine Will until that which is perfect has come. But you are also promised a short work of righteousness here in our dimension, in our time, so just before The Christ comes there will be at least some of the race in perfect alignment with HIM, and this will bring forth their Light.

Now; you are living in a physical world where the enemy is all around you, so don't try to by any mental process of acceptance..try to accept the enemy, and then try to save it over with areas of error, this is but human will and it will bring great upheaval, and also catastrophe. This is why we are in such a mess today, we have been trying to convert the enemy when we have been told they lack the capacities to understand what you are even talking about. This permissive Will of God has permitted a wide latitude as to the areas of human behavior, but here is also a Sovereign Will which is the perimeter which you cannot step out of.

Now; this whole idea of the Free Moral agent was started by the Monk Armenian, not by the disciples and Apostles or by Jesus Himself. This came from the translation:..'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, and whosoever believeth on Him shall never perish, but have everlasting life.' John 3:16. This translation was related to the soul being in bondage and held in the Netherworld, to be released by The Christ, this for every last one of His household. This was to prove a point, be- cause YAHSHUA did not get His Sheep by a..'Whosoever NO, He said:..I call my sheep by name, I lead them out. And this then left Lucifer and his household unable to say that there was not an offer to come, and if they didn't come..then it was their Will to say..I won't go. This however put YAHWEH on the justice level for He paid the price for the whole world to redeem...what? 'TO REDEEM THE TREASURE HID IN THE FIELD, WHICH WAS HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD. If then the world did not come it was their own fault, it is not Him that Willeth...but of God who shows Mercy, because His purposes according to election (selection) shall stand. (Romans 9:11) So you didn't do the selecting He did, and those He elected, He foreknew before the foundation of the world. You therefore are not able to choose to do that which is impossible. But you can make choices which produce Hell here on earth. Remember that Jesus said:..I came to save men from sin which is a violation of the law. So really things are done His Way, and every violation of law only brings chastisement, does it not?

Question:...Ruth the Moabite...who was she? Did Jesus have any Moabite blood?

Answer:...In the Old Testament you will notice that there are no last names listed. For instance you might have Abraham, and then Ben Abraham, or maybe an Isaac Ben Abraham, but no last names.

One whole area of land in the mid-east was called the land of Moab, and no matter who lived there they were called Moabites altho some were even Cainanites.

We have therefore three principal Moabs we know about.....

1. A son of Job was called Moab. Job was the Patriarchal High Priest of a very powerful household, and they were very wealthy people who had great herds of cattle and sheep that grazed all over the area called Moab. The headquarters of this family Dynasty was at Old Orusalem (Jerusalem), but the sons and their shepherds roamed with the herds, and were known as Hyksos, or White Shepherds.

2. This Moab was from a different type of people, a warrior people and they would attack the Adamic people in the land like the hoards of Genghis Khan did later as they came against the Christian West. They were a mixed race, a Cainanite people and they also roamed the land of Moab.

3. This Moab from the old records descends directly from the House of Seth down thru a side of the Job household and then on down to Ruth. Her ancestors had lived in the land of Moab, but also her lineage contains a connection to the House of Joseph thru Ephraim.

Genesis 49:23...talking of the House of Joseph..'From hence is the Shepherd the stone of Israel.' Then also Verse 22..'Joseph is a fruitful bow by a well whose branches run over the wall.'

Actually the House of Joseph ties in several times with the House of David from which YAHSHUA came. The Levi line is also tied in here because Mary was from both Houses, and thus from the Levi and Davidic line, and the daughters of Joseph are also inter-dispersed into this line.

In this instance then Ruth altho called a Moabite was in the direct seed line. She would of course have had to have been of the pure seed of the Adamic line being classified as being fit to be joined in the posterity of the seed line which YAHSHUA came to be joined to. The reason the genealogy of YAHSHUA (Christ) is traced back to Adam is because it was important for us to recognize that 'Messiah' came to identify with the Adamic race rather than out of the racial stream of creation, tradition, revolution, and conspiracy of the Luciferian household.

As for the blood of the body of YAHSHUA (Christ) the baby produced its own blood...this is how it always works..the baby produces its own blood after the make elements are joined with the female egg. Thus the Virgin Mary in cosmic conception by the Holy Spirit produced the body for YAHWEH as YAHSHUA to dwell in, and this body was tied into the racial lineage of the Adamic race. But the baby produced its own blood, even tho the mothers blood feeds the baby...thru the blood vessel walls, the mothers blood however does not flow thru the baby. So in that way there was no Moab blood in the body of The Christ also He did identify with our race.

Question:...Who did Moses marry? I heard that she was a Negress.

Answer:...Moses married a lady of the Adamic race, a descendent from Shem, but she was not out of the tribal group called the twelve tribes of Israel, who went into Egypt at the time when Joseph was there. She was of the Sethite line thru one of the Magi, and this was the same lineage out of which the Patriarchal line of Job came.

One of the two Midian's then in the ethnic background of Scripture descended direct from the Sethites, the tall white men who believed in One YAHWEH (God). In this instance then Moses did not marry outside his race at all, this is just a fantastic falsehood that some Clergy feel impelled to tell in order they think to improve race relations. They say that Moses married a black woman even tho this would violate the whole structure of God's program. So rigid was this race law that God gave to Israel that some were even feuding and finding fault because Moses married this lady out of the lineage of Midian, but her lineage was just as pure as the line they came from out of the twelve tribes. This household of the Magi from which the wife of Moses came had migrated across North Africa and at one time were called Africans but this had nothing to do with the Negroes.

Now; Jethro the father of Zipporah was from the lineage of this Midian going back to Seth, but Miriam didn't want Moses even to marry outside their division of the white race thru Jacob-Israel.

In the old Zohar it tells that Zipporah had blond hair and blue eyes, that her hair shimmered like gold, and that she could run like a gazelle. It tells that she was a Princess of a Shepherd King.

Yes, she was the second wife of Moses, in that Moses did not claim the first wife the Cushites tried to give him when he was their king. Moses had been taught that he was not even to marry someone of the Ham line, and he would not accept the Queen the Cushites tried to give him. He is said to have treated her as tho she was his sister...this the old records say.

Question:...Since the King James Bible has been translated from several different languages where did the word Church come from? I understand that it was not in the Septuagint so what then is the church?

Answer:...'Upon this Rock will I build my church' Matthew 16:18. Jesus is speaking and He said:..'Upon this truth'...this belief that He was Messiah- YAHWEH come in the flesh, He would build His group of 'called out ones' and today this EKKLESIA is translated church.

There is a Greek word..which literally means the Lords is Kyriakon, but this Greek word is not used in the entire Bible. The Greek word which is mistranslated church 112 times in the King James version is EKKLESIA. It means 'the calling out' a called out people. Therefore it is important to know what 'Ekklesia' means in order to know where it began.

Lets look then at the entire Scripture, both the Old and the New Testament's, and see what we can find. Acts 7:37-38..'This is what Moses said unto the children of Israel...'A prophet shall the LORD thy God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear. This is He that was in the church in the wilderness with the Angel which spake to him in Mt. Sinai, and with our fathers; who received the lively oracle to give unto us.' Here was the 'Ekklesia'...those 'called out' people back in the time of the Israelites in the wilderness. And Stephen is speaking here and pointing this out. And this is also a direct quote of Deuteronomy 18:15-16 ...'YAHWEH, thy God will raise up unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken; according to all that thou desireth of the LORD thy God in Horeb in the day of the Assembly.' The Hebrew word 'Qahal' is here translated as Assembly and literally the Hebrew word 'Qahal' meaning a 'calling out' or the called out ones. Acts 19:32 and verses 39-41, we read:..'Some therefore cried one thing and some another for the assembly (ekklesia) was confused.' Verse 39..'It shall be determined in a lawful assembly (ekklesia).' And verse 41 ...'He dismissed the Assembly (ekklesia)'....this spiritual center of the kingdom.

Now; YAHWEH promises (Deuteronomy 18:15)..that there will always be at least two witnesses of the truth. One you have in Acts 7:37-38., and the second is found in Hebrews 2:12., where it says:..'I will declare thy name unto my brethren in the midst of the church (ekklesia) will I sing praises unto thee.' And this is a direct quote from Psalm 22:2., 'I will declare thy name unto my brethren in the midst of the congregation (qahal) will I praise thee.' The congregation is the translation from the Hebrew word 'qahal'.

Do you now begin to see that the Greek word 'ekklesia' is equivalent to the Hebrew word 'qahal'? The only difference is in the languages themselves. Thus as the Septuagint, the Hebrew scrolls were translated into Greek about 275 B.C., then the Hebrew word 'qahal' was replaced with the Greek word 'ekklesia' and this happened over 70 times.

Thus the word 'ekklesia' translated church in the King James Version of the Bible did not start in the New Testament did it? In fact lets go back further...back to Genesis 28:3--'YAHWEH bless thee and make thee fruitful and multiply thee and make thee fruitful so that thou mayest be a multitude (qahal) in the earth. a multitude of people...the word 'qahal' is thus now translated multitude. Then in Genesis 35:9-11..The word 'qahal' is translated company. And now we find that the King James translators were not consistent in their translation of the Hebrew text. Alright then...: Israel is thus the 'called out' people, so called to be what?

1. A Chosen people...Psalm 135:4 and Deuteronomy 7:6.

2. A kingdom of Priests..a royal Priesthood..Exodus 19:6.

3. A Holy nation....Exodus 19:6 and Deuteronomy 7:6.

4. A peculiar people...Deuteronomy 14:2 and 26:18. a peculiar people, the meaning according to the concordance is, a special people, a treasure, and in the New Testament ..Titus 2:4..a special or purchased people.

Alright:..the 'called out' ..this special people, those YAHSHUA purchased as He bought the whole world to take out a treasure which was His people. These people are in the Old Testament and they are traced right over into the New Testament as you see in I Peter 2:9...'But ye are a chosen generation (progeny) a Royal Priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people: that ye should show forth the Praise of Him (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) who 'called' you out even from the darkness unto HIS marvelous light (truth).

And now; we even find evidence of the 'called out' even before Jacob, read in Ephesians 2:8...'For by Grace are ye saved thru Faith'...thus Faith is the door into the Ekklesia, the 'called out' of YAHWEH even in the Old Testament for you read in Hebrews 11., 'that the way those of the Old Testament were identified in the 'called out' was by Faith. Verse 22., 'All those having obtained a good report thru Faith.'

Incidentally before we go further, in verse 31., is the woman named Rahab and in the King James version is called a harlot, but she was an innkeeper on the wall and was of the Adamic race, because of her Faith she helped the Israelites escape. Just thought we should clear up this little matter since she is mentioned as those identified by Faith.

Alright:..then when did these 'called out' people begin, and where did they come from, those who are called God's Israel people thru out the whole Bible, meaning Issue ruling with HIM?

In Revelation 13:8 and 17:8, there is a Book of Life and your name of every one of the Children of YAHWEH (spirit) were written in this Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Revelation 21:27 and 3:5, 'He that overcometh I will not blot out of the Book of Life'..well, the promise is that 'All Israel shall be saved' Romans 11:26., and when you see the words 'as it is written' then you look for the same promise in the Old Testament, so look it up for you will remember it better if you find it for yourself.

Now; more of the Promise:..Psalm 90:1-2., David is speaking to YAHWEH and realizing the greatness of the Gospel of the Kingdom. 'Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations, before this earth was formed, from ever- lasting to everlasting...THOU ART YAHWEH OUR YAHSHUA (LORD).' And then James 1:18., he also in inspiration also seeing the great Mosaic said:... 'Of HIS own will begat he us.'

Alright:..This great Mosaic, this program of destiny by YAHWEH for His kingdom, and the kingdom people has been ignorantly called 'the church'. But this is not something which came on the scene less than 2000 years ago as many would have you think. YAHWEH...Our Father..has had one plan down thru the ages, and only one 'called out' people. He has never changed the plan or abandoned even a tiny part of it. You are born into this Household and you enter no other way, and the testimony you carry is always..Faith in Jesus the Christ who is YAHSHUA in the Flesh, YAHWEH in spirit..and He came to redeem these same 'called out' people who fell when they came into the flesh thru the Adamic race. In the great plan comes the restoration of Israel first, and then the whole world, for HE loses nothing.

But today you fight on many fronts, the great fight has always been for the control of the mind, so that you forget your heritage and bow to the One World Government. And those who fight so hard against everything you believe are those who deny that Jesus is Messiah-Savior and that HE is also YAHWEH who came in the flesh, and those that fight this truth are Anti -Christs. I John 4:3. 'Every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of Anti-Christ.' Dear Israelite brethren which church do you belong to ???

Question:...The Ark of the Covenant...what is it? Where is it now and what is its history, and will it ever re-appear??

Answer:...First this story concerns the background of our race, for you are the people of the covenants, have been from the very beginning of our race. Adam was the offspring of YAHWEH (God) as Luke tells us in chapter 3 verse 39. And the Apostle Paul confirms this when he refers to the Incarnate Embodiment of the Christ as the Second Adam. I Corinthians 15:45.

The Scripture is filled with the historic migrations of our race, and this story is to be found among the Apocryphal Books as well as among the history and traditions of men and nations.

We know that Moses was given instructions at Mount Sinai for the building of 'The Ark of the Covenant', but where do we find the use of such a box before this? Where do we find this box symbolizing the presence of YAHWEH with His people, and what did the box contain?

To discover this let us go back to the time when Enoch and Job and the Savants came into the land of Egypt somewhere between the year 5000 B.C., and 4500 B.C., to build the great city of a circle..with the temple in the hub of the city. We find that these people of our race according to ancient records and lore had a box and it was overlaid with gold. And in this box were the great scrolls of the writings of Enoch about the things he had learned when taken into the heavens to the Throne of YAHWEH, in that Crystal Palace on the Island of the Pleaides. Here in these writings was the records of the signs that would appear in the heavens which would signal the birth of YAHWEH as a babe out of His kingdom race in earth. Here He would come as YAHSHUA or Savior...a Kinsman Redeemer. Also in the record was the signs which would be in the sky for the end of the age signifying the increase of knowledge for the bringing forth of the kingdom in due time. This sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens for the beginning of a measure that would culminate in His being manifested once more in earth... and this sign came Feb.4, 1962., here in our time.

But back there so long ago in the city of ON, Egypt then Enoch was instructed to build a box, and this box was said to always be a sign of the PRESENCE...the Essence of His PRESENCE. And in this box they would keep what Enoch had referred to as the Bread of Heaven. This bread dough he had brought back from the heavens, and it was kept in the box because this bread...(working yeast) had a heavenly life to it, thus it was permissible to keep it in the box. They could not use the yeast of the World Order for this heavenly bread because this bread baked from this yeast as well as the fruit of the vine kept in the box was used even in those Ancient days for Communion service.

Yes, in this box were the great scrolls telling of the experiences of Enoch and those things that YAHWEH wanted His people...this Adamic race now in remember, to know what to do. In fact we are told in the writings of Enoch that this bread he brought back from heaven and the wine of earth symbolized the joining of heaven and earth. This life of YAHWEH (God) symbolized by all which was in this emblem, was to pass down upon these children of Adam who were to serve, and to worship in the cause of their God, and under the leadership of God's revelation, and under the direction of these two pillars of the race (Enoch and Job). But the significant thing was that this Ark..this box was the place where YAHWEH would meet His people.

This company of Savants and their leaders would build in Egypt not only the city of ON and its temple where they held the box, but they built the Great Pyramid containing its symbolism and story of the race, and also in the Kings Chamber of the Pyramid was another box called a 'coffer', and it was the same size as these High Priests had built, and also it was the same size as would be the 'Ark of the Covenant' which Moses would later be instructed to build for the children of Israel in their wilderness journey when the law was given unto Moses for Israel. Still however the same race of people, still in their struggle to build a kingdom in earth, and to transform it into a kingdom like 'it is in heaven'.

But back there in Ancient Egypt with Enoch and Job, the Egyptian Priest was to say in his writings that this strange stone box was placed in the Pyramid in order that it might hold the great coffer of tremendous value. The Egyptian records said that these white men who lived in the city of ON had upon a given day..held a great company, they came forward and sang praises unto YAHWEH their God, and then Enoch and Job opened up the 'Box' and they took out of it bread and wine and they poured it out unto the people, and they partook of the bread and wine, and it was a part of the covenant of their destiny.

Even here you see that symbol..the communion reached back into antiquity and with its realization they then were not only the offspring descendants of YAHWEH, but that the unction of YAHWEH consecrated the elements (the bread and the wine) which were the symbols of Life and its substance, it was as tho absorbed by them as they ate, and they became ONE in substance again with their father.

It is recorded that when these men of our race came to a Herculean task, that 'the box' was brought forth, the light would shine forth from the gold inlay of the box and would be bright like the sun or brighter, and then these men of Adam's race would be able to move these great stones with which they built the Pyramid. In fact all kinds of things could be done by these men because of the 'Presence' of their God.

Another use of the bread and wine of Ancient communion and the 'Presence' of Adam's God is found in Genesis Melchizedek came to Abram and served the bread and the wine, and Abram worshiped HIM, and paid tithe to this High Priest, this King of Peace, the Incarnate Eternal symbol of Priesthood of the MOST HIGH. YAHWEH had designated Abraham as the highest and the best on the face of the earth from our race, but always the lessor worships the greater.

Again, much much later the Children of Israel came out of Egypt and they were instructed to make a portable temple called a tabernacle, and they carried this with them in their wilderness wandering. And inside a part of this Tabernacle called the Holy of Holies was to be placed a special specifically prepared box. It was to be 2 1/2 cubits long, and 1 1/2 cubits wide, and 1 1/2 cubits high. Moses was given these instructions as to how to build this box and how to overlay it outside and inside with gold. It was to have rings of gold in its corners into which would be inserted poles which would carry it. Exodus 25. And inside the Ark was to be put some of the Manna which YAHWEH had fed them with in the wilderness, and the great scrolls which was the law, the covenants of government, and the budding rod of Aaron the High Priest. Each of them have a symbolic meaning:...the manna was the Bread of Life. The law...the government for the kingdom, the Oracles of God. And the budding rod of Aaron was the symbol of the 'Abiding Presence' of YAHWEH (God) with HIS people.

When this Ark was finished and the articles placed within it, and placed then in the Tabernacle in its special place we are told that then a great cloud came down from the mountain and so filled the Tabernacle that even Moses who had spent time on the Mountain talking to YAHWEH could not enter because of the Light being so bright. Then as the light faded it still would be this box which would be the meeting place between YAHWEH and the High Priest of Israel. There they would find special spiritual guidance and this spiritual Shekinah emanation would be a great power in the midst of His people.

Later as the Children of Israel entered the land of Canaan with Joshua now their leader they would have to cross the Jordan River, and on the other side stood this city of the enemy..Jericho. YAHWEH then gave the directions as to what to do and the soldiers were to march first followed by the Priests..carrying the Ark of the Covenant..and then the people. And as they crossed the River Jordan in Faith then the army followed by the Priests playing trumpets and coronets and carrying the 'Ark of the Covenant' were to march seven times around the city of Jericho, and the walls would come tumbling down. They crossed the River Jordan in Faith, and they marched around this Citadel of the enemy and the walls of the city of Jericho came down, and the army moved in and took the city. The old Zohar tells us that as the Israelites marched around Jericho that the Light and Glory shown from the box. They believed YAHWEH marched with this small army and with this box Jericho fell. Then the Ark was put back in the Tabernacle in its place.

At one time in their history after this Israel allowed the money changers to come into their midst and those priests with the strange religion and some of the Israelites in high positions of their government begin to bow a little to strange gods because of money. So the Philistines came to war against Israel and the rulers consulted not YAHWEH..and decided they didn't need an army, they would just bring out 'The Ark of the Covenant'. But the Scripture says that the Philistines said:...'Behold there is the Presence of the God of Israel'. But they stood to fight anyway and they captured the Ark and took it away for a time, and the Ark was gone from Israel and great trouble descended upon them because they were beginning to bow to other gods.

Oh! the Ark didn't do the Philistines any good either, for it caused them great troubles as well, and finally they put it on a cart, hitched to Oxen and let them pull it away. Israel then retained it but it was not until later that it was placed back in the Tabernacle, and David then King would dance for joy because the 'Ark of the Covenant' had returned to the tabernacle in Israel. Later David's son Solomon would build the Great Temple and they put the Ark in the Temple, and again came the Great Light. For a time this was a great kingdom reign for Israel, but gradually the strangers began to come in, and Israelites in high places would begin once more to look to Pagan gods, and then the kingdom was split in two. The Judah Kingdom remained at Jerusalem and the Northern Kingdom then because of violation of Divine Law was taken into captivity and then went out into their Westward migrations.

The kingdom of Judah consisting of part of the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Benjamin, and part of Levi, and they began to slip in their worship and finally after 3 invasions Jerusalem fell, and the Babylonians took not only people but sacred vessels from the temple to Babylon. But they couldn't find the 'Cellars of Salt' which were part of the covenant and they could not find the crown of David, nor the Ark of the Covenant. So where was the Ark?? The Jews searched but they could not find it, they tried to trail the Priests to see where it was hidden. But Jeremiah the Prophet knew what was going on, had been trying to warn Israel of Judgment for violation of Divine Law, and the Priesthood of Israel had put rods thru the irons on the Ark of the Covenant and in the dark of night they carried all these things belonging to Israel...carried them away and in secret concealed them.

Well, we will say that they were well hid, but if you follow the records of where Jeremiah went then you find that he arrived in Ireland with a Hebrew Princess (one of his granddaughters) the daughter of Zedekiah the last king in Israel. And in Scripture she was referred to as a 'Tender Twig' of the Davidic line. In Ireland Jeremiah Tea Tephi to the then king of Ireland...King Eochaidh who was from the Zarah line of Judah, but here a king in Ireland long before Christ was born in Judea. Ezekiel 17:22. But we are told that Jeremiah brought with him not only this Hebrew Princess, but the Davidic Crown, the Cellars of Salt and the Covenant and..The Ark of the Covenant. And they built a special house for this Great Ark and the Priests who came with Jeremiah served in this house built for the box.

The Druid Priesthood had been in Ireland many, many years before this, in fact they carried back to the Ancient Wisdom Schools started back at the city of ON, Egypt. But now everything that was not quite right was purged out of Druidry in Ireland.

We are told that it was said that this box was scared, and people could not behold it at certain times of the year, so the Druid Priests said:... we will build another box, we will make it just like this one, and cover it with gold, so we can let the people see that this is the promise of our God, so they made another box the same size as this one.

Of course there are certain things which only tradition can finally answer in our time, until greater revelation takes place, but we are told that at the death of this Queen Tea Tephi, now called Queen Tamar...she who had mothered the Prince lines of the Royal House of Europe, that when she died they built a 60 foot by 60 foot tomb, the most beautiful rock tomb and placed her in the tomb. They put the Emeralds Jeremiah had brought, and a box or Ark in the tomb with her and sealed the tomb, and then covered the whole of the tomb with earth, and now it is called the Hill of Tara, and is still there today. But there is something else interesting, for we are also told that at the death of this Queen that heavenly messengers came in a great ship and rested the ship by the Temple where the Ark of the Covenant was and that men in white carried out 'The Ark' and placed it in this great ship. Irish lore says that the box which they put in the Hill where the Queen was buried was that copy made by the Druids. Later when Westminster Abbey was built in London, it meant God's House to the WESTWARD. The Temple in Jerusalem had been God's House to the Eastward, but when this House in London was dedicated we are told that where the Throne Chair sits in West- minster Abbey, right in this room there is a slab of stone in the floor the size of the Ark and we are told that the Druids brought from Ireland a box under velvet cover and placed it under the stone in that floor. You ask then where really is this 'Ark of the Covenant' this Ark the symbol of YAHWEH with His people? We think that the one under the stone of the floor of Westminster Abbey is also a copy as is the one in Tara's tomb, but they both hold sacred Scriptures. We think the original one went out with the Messengers who came for it, and thus Israel has been without an 'Ark'...a visible Ark for a long time. But wait..YAHSHUA came and walked among them as Kingdom Redeemer, and after the Resurrection they retained things in their hearts. So turn to the Book of Revelation..chapter 11..and as the 7th., Angel sounded there were voices in heaven saying:...the kingdoms of this world have now become the kingdom of our LORD and His Christ, and He is going to reign forever and forever.

John sees with this announcement that the nations of the pagans were angry and their wrath came. But this did not change the fact that YAHWEH'S plan will be fulfilled. And John saw the temple of God open in the heavens and in that Temple from whence the Throne is to be transferred from heaven to earth..there in that Temple was 'The Ark of the Covenant'..or the Ark of His Testament. How did it get really can't spiritualize this away..but we believe that the Irish story is right. We think that a great ship came and men in white picked up that Box and put it on a ship and sailed away with it.

John is then telling us that out of the Temple of God in the Heavens is going to come this 'Ark of the Covenant' with lightening like power, and voices of authority and it will rejoin us..His people, as the forces of heaven rejoin us in earth.

We have been told that Michael, the Great Archangel, the Great Prince will once more stand for our race,...this time in earth, and that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA..kinsman Redeemer will join our race once more in earth, and that nations are going to bow the knee, and the race which YAHWEH BEGAT WILL BE ELEVATED TO THE PLACE OF LEADERSHIP, AND YOU WILL ONCE MORE SEE THIS HISTORIC EVIDENCE OF HIS PRESENCE.

That emblem of the Ark of the Covenant..made with out forefathers will once more be on the field of battle, and be enshrined before the nations. Yes, the ARK will re-appear, but it will not be found in Tara Hill or under the floor of Westminster Abbey. They will bring out those copiers from their resting places and then the third witness will come...which is the real thing.

Now you ask..why did YAHWEH take it back into the heavens? Why didn't He leave it here to help His people? Well! by foreknowledge He knew He was coming as Redeemer, and then after that would come a great struggle to retain the Faith, and in the latter end of this age Israel would stand one after the other..IN proclaim His Kingdom administration in earth, as it is in Heaven. For we are the people who have the testimony of YAHSHUA or Jesus Christ as He is known today. Revelation 12:27. We are those with this testimony in our hearts...This is our ARK of the Covenant.