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1. None of Israel blotted out of the Book of Life.

2. The Cave of Treasures

3. Asenath the wife of Joseph.

4. The Essene company at the time of Jesus.

5. The Zohar

6. The Star Bible

7. The Phoenix Bird

QUESTION:...You say that none of Israel will be blotted out of the Lamb's Book of Life. A minister I have been listening to says no name can be added but your name can be blotted out. Would you please explain?

ANSWER:...There is some mistranslation but this is found in the King James Bible in the message to the church ages of Revelation 3:5...'To the church at Sardis...He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed with white raiment, and I will not blot his name out of the Lambs Book of Life. I will confess his name before my father and before his angels'. This is a positive statement even tho the translators have God divided into two parts as father and son, where as HE is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA or Savior.

In the Ferrah Fenton Bible it says:...To he who overcometh I give the white raiment of righteousness because his name is written in the book of life from whence it can never be erased.

The Revised version says:...He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life.

Thus the King James version is still positive but the Ferrah Fenton, and the Revised edition say it cannot be erased. And we believe it can never be erased because in the Book of Romans it says:...'Those HE did foreknow HE did predestinate to conform to the image of the Son'...meaning here His embodiment as YAHSHUA.

Overcome what? I John 13:14...Overcome the wicked one, so who was to be his battle axe and weapons of war, and to overcome Satan?...none other than Israel.

It seems to us that since YAHWEH started a positive program...chose the Elect, his children, before the foundation of the world. Ordained that eventually they would be in his own image, likeness...and that this is perfection, then it does not seem in the character of YAHWEH that HE would say your names could be erased. The Scripture also sites that HE was the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, and his children were destined to arise in His own image, and eventually in the climax of this age they were to put on His Righteousness...then turn around and say that any of Israel can have their names erased out of the Book of Life...would be very foolish. We believe that this translation in the King James version got tangled in translation because of church doctrine of heaven and hell, and salvation.

Revelation 17:8 says that the people would look and wonder at those people whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life from the foundation of the world. This is talking about the World Order, the Beast System of Scripture and those that ascended out of the bottomless pit...or Lucifer's kingdom rulers. This is an identification factor showing the difference in the children of YAHWEH'S kingdom...the created people under the world order, and Lucifers and his fallen Angel seed.

Now; YAHWEH wrote those names in the Book of Life before this world was framed. His is a positive program and there is permanency. It is the sovereign word of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA our Savior and this makes it then the Lamb's Book of is permanent and Eternal, a pattern of Life.

In the area referring to the soul that sinneth shall surely die..Ezekiel 18:20. This is also a pattern of translation. 'The wages of sin is death, and death comes to all men'...this is that the breath of Life passes out of the body, and the physical body dies because of the transgression which started in the Adamic Race with Adam, and effects the whole race. But at the same time, with the resurrection of The Christ, then he died for the entire race so the whole race then puts back on immortality. You thus share in His Resurrection, and at His coming all Adamites are raised from the dead. So again...'A soul shall surely die'...the breath leaves a man because of his transgression, but this does not necessarily mean his individual transgression as much as it is a racial transgression which connects him in part to a fallen society.

Now; other references in Scripture to this Book of Life and your part in it are found in Exodus 32:32...and here Moses is pleading with YAHWEH for the Israelites who while he was up on the mountain getting instructions for the kingdom administration...had built gods of gold as the translators expressed it. You should remember that as the children of Israel were led out of Egyptian bondage, that a mixed multitude came with them. These were moneychangers, and those who sell the so called 'easy way' to Israel with their gods who are not as strict as YAHWEH. And even Aaron allowed the people to turn to the gods of gold, because as he said:...'They wanted to'. Here you have these people remembering their life in Egypt without the persecution, and liking that better than the life here in the wilderness which they probably didn't understand as to its purpose.

Another instance of reference to this Book of Life is found in Revelation 16:8..The King James Version..'They that dwell on the earth shall wonder whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the Beast that was, and is not, and yet is?' Ferrah Fenton says:...'and the dwellers upon the earth, the names of whom is not recorded in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world shall be astonished when they witness the Beast that was, and is not, and yet confronts them.' In otherwords these created people of earth who have fallen under Lucifers control even before Adam was put on earth are to be astonished as they find out who this ruler of earth...translated Beast (system) really are, the truth then is finally brought out. As the mask is removed and the world order even knows how they also are under the influence of Lucifer and his children. But you...the sons and daughters of YAHWEH'S kingdom are given to the true God of Israel who is...YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

Another reference for this Book of Life is found in Philippians 4:3... 'Help all those whose names are in the Book of Life.' Ferrah Fenton. Revelation 21:27...'Those that enter into the kingdom which has the names of the children of Israel on all the gates will be only those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.' Again these are the children who carry HIS Spirit, and as you read in Romans those He did foreknow He did predestinate to conform to His embodied image. He chose the Elect, the Saints, meaning believing offspring, before the foundation of the world. Ordained that they eventually would be in His image, His likeness and perfection. Then this program was all laid out before He even formed this cosmos. He thus knew and told you that it would be necessary for Him to come, and be the spotless Lamb, so that in the atonement He could redeem you. Since He told you this before the foundation of the world then you wouldn't expect our Father to let His children come into flesh bodies here in earth where Satan has made his headquarters, and where he had told them they would fall, and then just wipe them out of the Book as they fell... like He said they would do, that doesn't make sense does it?

Now; this does not mean that you will not meet chastisement, and yes even martyrdom for many have and will in order to establish the kingdom in earth, but it is in the flesh that we fall, and you don't sow in one field and reap in another. Satan's children then can only kill the physical body, and when they do the spirit goes back to HE who gave it. Satan can no longer hold your spirit in the Netherworld as the Adamic spirits were held before the resurrection. Romans 8:14-16...'for as many as are led by the spirit of God, they are the sons of God, for you have received the spirit, and you cry ABBA FATHER'...and 'the spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of YAHWEH (God)'.

Yes, we face catastrophes and chastisement here in the physical world because of the breaking of the law, both as individuals and as a nation, but ultimately all Israel is to turn back to YAHSHUA, and as they turn they are changed in their thinking. Some will turn quicker than others, but all will turn, and then the world order and eventually even Lucifer will bow the knee.

Now; another instance...when did Israel become the elect of Isaiah 45:4? Read I Peter 1:2...'Elect according to the foreknowledge of YAHWEH.' Then Ephesians 1:4...'HE hath chosen us in HIM before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.' This will be perfection of the race. Verse 5:...'having predestinated us into the adoption of children by YAHSHUA (his embodiment) Himself.'

Looking up the word adoption in the concordance, and you will find this is Sonship not as the word is thought of today, but Sonship for the gates to the kingdom still carry only the names of the children of Israel, thus you are 'Twice Born' into this Sonship here in earth, born of the spirit and of the water, meaning physical birth, thus you enter the kingdom of YAHWEH here in earth, there is no other way.

Now; if someone has proof that this is not right then let me know for we do not believe that OUR Father would send us into this difficult spot and then blot our names out of His Book of Life...that would be disallowing the spirit He gave us.

In otherwords the living of an overcoming life is that you do not become defeated in the seat of your consciousness. You know your identity and you are an overcomer, and all Israel shall know their identity sooner or later. Another thing...the word Huiothesia in true Greek meant positioning of sons as to the timing of their birth.

QUESTION:...What was the Cave of the Treasures?

ANSWER:...This was the name of the place where the oldest manuscripts of our race were kept. In the beginning with Adam it was the Great Cave of Wisdom where the scrolls from the earliest days were kept.

Dr. Swift had in his library the translation by Dr. Budge of the old books of what is known as 'The Cave of the Treasures'. The British Museum has some of the fragments of these old books. These included the writings of Adam, the Book of Seth, and the Book of 'The Bee' as well as many records and scrolls telling the things YAHWEH had told Adam and Seth.

Noah was in charge of these records in his day, and they were with him in the Ark. Then in his home after the flood, and it was there that Abraham as a young man was taught by Noah. The writings of Enoch then were also enclosed in this group. How do we know these are true? Well, when those stories and records fill in the little pieces of the puzzle of the great Mosaic we find in our Bible, in the writings of Enoch and others, then you can be sure of what is true and what is not.

QUESTION:...Who was this Egyptian woman Joseph married?

ANSWER:...Well, she was born in Egypt and raised in Egypt and then married Joseph there also, so does that make her an Egyptian? She was the daughter of Potipherah the Priest in the city of ON, Egypt. This white Priesthood traced its lineage back to the time of the coming into Egypt of Enoch and Job for their building of the city of ON, the Temple, the Pyramid and the Sphinx. This white Priesthood was established at that time and they trace their lineage back to Seth the son of Adam and Eve. So Asenath was an Adamite of the Sethite line. Joseph came out of the same race, but out of the Abrahamic Covenant division of the race. So this marriage brought together again the branches of this same race. This is why Jacob-Israel could say of their two children 'Let my name (Israel) be named on these two lads.' Jacob-Israel recognized that these people of the Priesthood at ON were the continuity of the race...this Israel of YAHWEH.

`In the old books talking about this marriage between Joseph and Asenath, it tells of a young girl whose father was trying to get her in this wonderful young man named Joseph. Of course she wasn't interested and went to her room before the young man arrived. But on looking out the window and seeing this good looking young man coming then all of a sudden she felt the need to go to see her father about a very urgent matter. Yes, Asenath was of the Adamic race, as was Joseph. This white Priesthood was still in the city of ON, Egypt at the time when Jesus was taken to Egypt for protection until the death of Herod.

QUESTION:...The Essene Company at the time of Jesus...who were they really? We hear that Jesus studied there...did He?

ANSWER:...Alright, we need some background on this subject so bear with me. Back in the days when Nebuchadnezzar conquered the Judah Kingdom they took the King Zedekiah into captivity and killed all his sons. But the Davidic Throne was transferred to the west as Jeremiah transferred the Crown by taking Zedekiah's daughter Tea Tephi..his own granddaughter to Ireland, and there married her to the king of Ireland who was of the Zerah line of Judah. Thus the king line was transferred to an Israel the House of Joseph. Later when some of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi came back to Judea they would never be secure in control of their government but just remember that the king line had been transferred, and this old line in old Judea was to end. Now; while in captivity some of these Israelites of the Judah kingdom fell, and they mongrelized, still the Faith was kept alive even there. Always these two pillars of wisdom were with Israel, in the Judah captivity as well as the ten tribes in their captivity and migration.

The two Wisdom Schools were started by Enoch and Job in the city of ON, Egypt so long before the Birth of YAHSHUA (Jesus) in old Judea. But these two Schools of Wisdom still remained with the race so what did they consist of? There were two words...two parts to the Ancient Wisdom Schools. Thus it was always written that there was two Pillars of Wisdom with Israel. One... the Jerusalem word meaning...the Household of YAHWEH, the spiritual center of the kingdom of Peace, thus the application of the kingdom in earth. The second word is...the Universal word...this Pillar of Wisdom reaches out thru the entire Universe...thus Grand Masters of the Universe, or sons and daughters of YAHWEH here in their beginning as Adamites or HU-man, spirit man..YAHWEH'S MAN IN EARTH building the Temple of YAHWEH. And the Priesthood of these Master Builders of the Universe were thus termed...MASTER BUILDERS.

Here you see that at the time approximately from 5000 B.C. to 4500 B.C., long before the birth of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA Savior, then these Mystery Schools were set in place. Masonry for a long time was the outgrowth of the Ancient Wisdom Schools, so early in the Adamic race they were established. One of the Wisdom Schools was established by Job, and they used the law of the Fulcrum, the scales, the balancer...and applied this knowledge to physical earth, thus were called Grand Masters. The other Wisdom School or Pillar of Wisdom was that established by Enoch, and these men were known as the Masters of the Cross which was symbolized by the Crux below the Southern Cross of the Heavens. The Rose of Sharon ties into the Rose Cross, and the Crux of the Heavens, and this is the highest area of spiritual law. They knew about where this was in its astronomical position, and how under Divine direction of Spiritual Wisdom it could be applied to men's minds, to the philosophy of thinking, using the spiritual wisdom then Adam man could do wondrous things. This knowledge was used in the building of the Pyramid as those around there said they used the LIGHT to lift the great stones.

Now; these two Schools of Wisdom were to work together in all patterns of science and law as it related to justice and righteousness...would thus come together as Masons, or Master Builders for physical earth. Knowledge of the spiritual came thru the organization known as 'The Rose Cross'..and this tied into the story of 'The Rose of Sharon' and the Crux of the Heavens. These two Schools of Wisdom were to continue on down with Israel. You will find thru Old Testament days that this knowledge was used for the great building projects which marked the Race.

Now; remember also that Israelite..was raised by Pharaoh's daughter who by the way was also an Adamite of pure lineage, which ended with her, for her 1/2 brother was educated at the City of ON, by the same continuing Priesthood by Enoch and Job. It was still there when Joseph and Mary took YAHSHUA (Jesus) there for protection from Herod king of the Yehudin. There was still a Temple between the paws of the Sphinx at that time, and there they stayed until they left that white ran city to go back to Nazareth.

Now these two Pillars of Wisdom, these Ancient Wisdom Schools, came on down thru the race, and at that time when Jesus walked the earth, the Essene Company maintained this knowledge. This wisdom was not for everyone even everyone of Israel thus it would not be trodden down by the Masses. And when YAHWEH established the House of Levi, from which was to come His 'called' ministers then He ordained that Levi be no more counted in Israel, but scattered thru all the tribes. After both the sons of Joseph were taken into the tribal numbering then with Levi scattered thru the tribes, the number twelve could be maintained for it is a Divine and important Number. Now Levi was to be responsible for the instruction of YAHWEH'S people, and they were to learn the key to spiritual law, as well as all the Scriptures, and all the facts listed in the Old Zohar, the mysteries revealed in the days of Enoch. All these things of knowledge were delivered to Levi and they were thus the keepers of the Schools of Wisdom. A Levite could not enter into the High Priesthood unless he was a Mason and totally dedicated to 'The Rose Cross ..The Rose of Sharon..and the Crux (Cross)..' thus the two Houses of Wisdom were to be combined for a purpose.

Today then Masonry and the Rose Cross now called the Rosicrucian societies have been infiltrated and the Rosicrucian under Madam Blavatsky became totally Satanic. Much Asiatic philosophy has been fed into Masonry as well. Dr. Swift thought there were still areas of true 'light carriers' of Israel left, and there is the Druids of Britain, and one of these days Masonry will be purged as well as the church, and the evil and error will go, and the Ancient Wisdom Schools will once more be leading Israel.

Now; back to the time when Judah and Israel were in captivity, still secretly, the knowledge from the two Wisdom Schools was kept alive. The Levi thru out Israel knew they had two responsibilities. One was to serve their brethren, and the other to fulfill their responsibility as children of YAHWEH by working toward the bringing in of the kingdom. Thus they taught the basic purpose of 'Israel' in earth.

Even as the ten tribes of Israel and a great number of the Judah Kingdom migrated to the west they also still carried with them the knowledge that they were the children of YAHWEH, and they had a purpose in being in earth. They knew the spiritual forces of their ancestors were in the plains of spirit, and they called on them in times of trouble. All that has been lost in the history of our race, but it carried them thru until Christ came and the resurrection and atonement was completed. answer your question:..back in Palestine at the time when Joseph and Mary brought the baby Jesus back to Nazareth, the remnant of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi who had returned to this old land from Babylon had gradually lost control of their land, and even the Temple at Jerusalem. And now the true Priests of Israel, the Levi, were crowded out and Sadducees the false Priests served in the Temple of Jerusalem. There were a few lesser Priests still there and one of them remained at the Temple of Bethlehem, but the rest were living in the caves and cavern systems outside of Jerusalem. These were called...'The Essenes', and this underground system stretched from the Dead Sea area to Damascus. This was the situation then when The Christ was born in that old land. Some of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi were still in the land, but they were even at times swayed somewhat by the beauty of this temple that Herod built even tho they knew he was not an Israelite.

Now; into the picture comes this man called Joseph of Arimathea. He was the owner of the tin mines in the British Isles, had great fleets of trading ships and was a very wealthy man. He was a member of the Sanhedrin here in Palestine, had a home just inside the northeast section of Jerusalem, and one outside the city next to the Garden on the Mount of Olives. He was of course an Israelite, and had a sister who was a Queen in Britain by the name of Anna. She came to visit in Palestine, come on one of the ships of her brother Joseph of Arimathea. There in Palestine she gave birth to a baby girl and then the mother died. The baby of course was Mary who became the mother of the body for YAHWEH as he came as YAHSHUA..The Messiah.. Savior, identifying with His Race.

Now; you see the close connection between all these people, for the Joseph that married Mary as Protector, in this time, was an older brother of Joseph of Arimathea. And this Joseph of Arimathea...was not only a member of the Sanhedrin in Palestine but also a member of the Essene Company, this Israel Priesthood out in the caves and cavern systems of that land. The secrecy of this company and it connection with Israel over the land was maintained by an elaborate system of watchers who used light flashes as signals. If some messenger between the two groups was coming or going then Shepherds would drive their sheep over the tracks and destroy them, and the people in power in Judea could never find the entrances to these cavern systems which they disguised by piling brush and so forth over them.

Remember that John the Baptist was taken to the Essenes for his protection, and was raised there and he is said to have talked from the time he was a babe until about the age of twelve as this knowledge faded from him, talked about the things of heaven, told them Messiah had been born, was now in earth and was growing up. Joseph of Arimathea knew these things, and he watched Mary's child growing up, and then began taking Him as a young man on his ships. Took Him to Britain to the Isles of the Sea where in the Universities of London He astonished the Professors. But they called Him the embodiment of the 'Triad' not trinity...Triad, spirit, soul, and body. The Druids recognized Him as YAHSHUA who they had long awaited, for rightly so they thought no man could know these things He taught unless HE were Deity.

Joseph of Arimathea thus watched this young great nephew, and when he went back to Palestine he would report these things to the Essenes, and they also waited and hoped, surely this was Messiah, surely the day will soon come when HE will take the Crown, and the possession of the kingdom administration would come back to Israel. But wait...John the Baptist had said the YAHWEH as Messiah would take the Chalice at this time.

So...who was this John the Baptist, this babe born to Elizabeth the cousin of Mary? Jesus said:...'never was a man born of woman like John the Baptist'...why? Because this was the spirit of Elijah in this child. Elijah remember had gone home, gone into the heavens without tasting death, and had returned now as the spirit of John the Baptist and this time he would taste death. Thus remembering what John had said, then as YAHSHUA'S ministry was expanding, the disciples came many times to this home of Joseph of Arimathea outside of Jerusalem, and to the home of the Bethany sisters also not far from there. And Joseph of Arimathea then not only had the Crown prepared, but also the Chalice which would hold the Cup. Here in this old land of Palestine altho this family...Joseph of Arimathea..his brother Joseph who married Mary, and yes anna the sister were of the king line of Israel but the Yehudin ruled their land in the east, but the Davidic Throne had been taken..transferred hundreds of years before to the west where Lost Israel had taken their place in destiny. Here in Palestine the truth then secrecy..always trying to avoid being killed by the Yehudin who controlled the land. But in the British Isles it was a very different story. The Magi had moved into Britain early after Enoch returned from the heavens and there they built Stonehenge. The Druids were the Adamic Priests in the Isles of the Sea which is called the British Isles today. The continuity of the Wisdom Schools had come on down with the race as had the king line, and now even the Throne was in the west. In the history of Britain in the days of King Applestain when court was held in Camelot, he became the historic figure of King Arthur, and he set up a round table with his knights dedicated to the Holy Grail, and to carrying the Christian knighthood to the ends of the earth. But there also the two Schools of Wisdom prevailed..the spiritual law, and the physical law of the fulcrum which was the patterns of Ancient Masonry. Merlin the Master of the School had behind him they said:..two for the School of the earthly kingdom, and one for the school of the spiritual kingdom. Thus there were two poles around the Round Table, this is why it was laid out like a compass, the north and the south of the Round Table plus all the signs of the progression of the equinox, broken up each according to its position because they poled the spiritual law in the sides of the north, and the law of the fulcrum in the sides of the south, just as Enoch and Job had set them up in the two Schools of Wisdom in the Temple of ON. This was why the Temple Pillars of Solomon's Temple also must be so as to face the east and the west, but poled to the north and the south.

At the time of the ministry of YAHSHUA in Palestine then this same pattern of wisdom that had followed the race all the way to the British Isles also remained in Palestine. There it was the Essene Company, and they had as their emblems..the burning torch (LIGHT) flanked on every side by Eagles, and in the background the 'Winged Orb'. I am sure it still remains in secret today when even in this country we have been so taken over as was Judea in that early time. In 1982, in the magazine 'Sky and Telescope' was a write up about Stonehenge, and they said even today at a certain time of the year the white robed Druids visit Stonehenge. I would think they are watching for a message from the heavens, for after all there was a Druid underground Temple in England in the 60's and it is probably still there today.

But back to the Essene Company at the time of Messiah, the Essenes had discovered down in Syria and along its border and on down by the Red Sea reaching back into the Judean mountains around Jerusalem..these caves and connecting caverns. They had the entrances hidden with brush, but inside the caves lived the Essenes of this underground movement. They also had an army of Israelites tracing back to the Kings guard, and these soldiers tried to protect the Israelites living in old Judea as well, as they hoped to protect The Messiah. This Army was led by Barabbas who traced his lineage back to the old King Guard, and they brought in supplies for the Essenes also while those Levi copied their great scrolls and kept alive the knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom Schools. They assembled great libraries in these caves, and not only was their copies of Scripture in those libraries but other things of interest as well, as you will find in any library. The Essenes had the scrolls even of Enoch which had not been tampered with, so the oldest Scripture was not the Septuagint of approximately 275 B.C., which the Jews had helped with, but the Coptic-Aramaic which goes back to the material contained in the 'Cave of the Treasures' records. So the Essenes did their work to preserve the records, the Scriptures and they met secretly with those of Jerusalem on the outside of this movement like Joseph of Arimathea. The Shepherd company with their Signal of Lights and their flocks then kept watch, and they moved their flocks back and forth over the trails of any who came and went from those hideouts, and much of the credit for the maintenance of the Essene Company must go to those Shepherd watchers. The Yehudin (Jews) tried to infiltrate and to destroy the Essenes, for they knew they were the true Levi, but even tho they had taken over the Government of Judea, and the Temple as well, they could not penetrate this Essene Company who knew who they were, so there was always this resistance to the Yehudin being proclaimed Israel. Today we see they have succeeded in many areas, but no, there are still Israelites out there and they are being activated, awakened for the time has come to fulfill the words of Jesus:...'that his servants will fight and the kingdom shall not be left in the hands of the Jews.'

Now; as the time approached when YAHSHUA (Jesus) was coming to be baptized by John the Baptist, the word went out..The Messiah is standing out from the crowd..He could now be recognized and the Essene Army was ready to protect Him. And then the day came when HE was coming to Jerusalem, and the Priests were ready to Crown Him King. But as you know today the time was not right, as He told them, and He took the Chalice so as to rescue those Israelites still trapped in bondage. So the Essenes and the Army retreated and the Sadducee Priests then learned where Barabbas was staying and they took him prisoner, for now the events were moving fast, for the time of the crucifixion was approaching.

But those great libraries of the Essenes...became known in our day as 'The Dead Sea Scrolls', for the Essenes abandoned their cavern systems and moved out, and they put those, or some of their scrolls in great jars and sealed them, and they were thus found in our day and time. And there has been a battle to get them out to the Christian west for of course the Jews or Israeli of today moved in to claim them, and to destroy anything that works against their claim of being Israel, and that land as being theirs.

Yes, you sometimes hear someone say...Jesus must have studied with the Essenes. The English copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls has that remark, but the Jews wrote the story. And then the story of 'The Sons of Light and the sons of Darkness' in the Scrolls deny that idea that the Jews are Israel, for the Sons of Light followed The Christ and looked forward to His coming, while the sons of Darkness deny Him thus admitting that they are the sons of Darkness. No where in the Jewish writings do the Jews have a symbol like the Ancient Schools of Wisdom had, such as the symbol of the 'Cross... LIFTED UP' for they hate to look at a Cross. But they say that Jesus must have studied at the Essene libraries for Jesus as did the Essenes preached that the Jews were of the Luciferian household. But you know that Jesus was YAHWEH come as YAHSHUA in the flesh, and he knew this all by foreknowledge so he did not have to study at the Essene libraries. The purest truth to be found today should come from 'light carriers' of the Wisdom Schools, but with the infiltration of Masonry and the forming of what is known as 'Free Masonry' the light is very dim, but it will come again, you can be sure of that.

QUESTION:...What was the Zohar? What did it contain?

ANSWER:...The Zohar contained all the words YAHWEH said to Adam-man, not only those we have in our Old Testament volumes but also the many things we find in the old books such as the Book of Seth, and the Book of the 'Bee', and the Books of Enoch and so forth. Lots of those things Enoch was told while in the heavens were in the Zohar as was the explanations of the mysteries of the Scriptures.

In the Zohar it says that Melchizedek 'The Abiding Presence' embodied in flesh sat and break bread with Abraham. Break unto Abraham His body, and His blood. Thus this could only have been YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA who was to come later as 'The Spotless Lamb'.

In the Zohar is the explanation of the Scriptures which says:...'Thou shalt not kill'. This explanation being explained as:...'Thou shall not murder they fellow Adamite.'

Also in the Zohar it says that if the devil could have gotten the body of Moses he would have empowered it with a demon spirit and led all Israel astray. The Satanic kingdom had electronic or spiritual records of every individual who ever lived because Lucifer was Master of Death. So in the Book of Jude verse 9, we find recorded that yes Lucifer was searching for the body of Moses, and in the Zohar it tells us why.

The Zohar is not a combination of books like our Bible, but it is the revelation of the sum total of things YAHWEH told man thru the ages, and it ends to a great extent with Elisha, but does contain some of what YAHWEH told Ezekiel later, and also traditions and records were added to it later as well as spoken declarations. In the Zohar when talking about Adam it says:...'Audaum I have begat, brought him out of the womb of yesterday.' The Zohar also tells the complete story of how the Israelites marched around Jericho, and about the Glory of THE BOX.

The Zohar refers to the things YAHWEH told Job, and also as to the authority of the Book of Job, and it speaks of it being long before the records of the early Pentateuch, long before it was written. Thus the Zohar contains the explanations of the Mysteries of the Kingdom, and revelations given to our race in all times, by Archangels, and messengers, and by YAHWEH Himself including those things told to Enoch.

As to where to get a Zohar today...just as the Jews sought to adjust the Septuagint and other writings so also they worked on the Zohar. Go to a book store today and ask for a Zohar and you will get a Jewish one. But try to find an Alexandrian version, for like the Alexandrian version of the Scripture, it is more accurate, more reliable.

Dr. Swift had a Zohar of 1872 printing, it was the complete Zohar, a codex, and it was stolen while he was in Idaho the year of 1964. The Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky had a genuine Greek version of the proper codes, uncontaminated by quotations, but when learned scholars from this Swift tape circuit went down to Louisville to see it, the Seminary would not let them see it. By the time the Baptist church was moving into the Modernistic world, and any identity of the people of the Bible as the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people would be wrong, for they were trying to embrace the whole world. They were supposed to be republishing a copy of the old Zohar in Europe some years ago, but I don't know where one would be able to acquire one of those.

QUESTION:...What was this Star Bible, and the Zodiac, what do they mean? Do they have any meaning for us, or was it just something the Ancient people studied and used because they did not have our modern technology?

ANSWER:...The Constellations of the heavens form certain pictures. There are twelve certain signs or Gospel stories as you look up from earth. So we will examine this Star Bible more fully. For instance all thru the Scripture you find references to this message in the heavens, and one of them is to Psalm 19:...'The heavens declare the story of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork. Day by day they utter their speech and night by night they show knowledge. There is no speech or language where the voice is not heard. Their language has gone out unto the ends of the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In them HE hath set the tabernacle of the Sun'. If you have a Ferrah Fenton Bible read this Psalm in there also as it is so beautiful. Another place we would call attention to is Job 38:31-33.... 'Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?'

Yes, there is much written about the pictures in the heavens, about their messages, much in our Bible and almost every race has the Zodiac altho different characters have been formed out of it at times. But even before Adam the created races marked dynasties and different events in their history by the movement of the planets thru the star pictures of this Zodiac. Adam knew of the Zodiac meanings as did Seth, and it was of course Enoch who was taken into the heavens and given the message of meaning of this map of the heavens. It was this man Enoch the seventh from Adam of our race who was given the meaning of this great message of the heavens, and it was termed 'The Star Bible'. The name of Enoch means teacher and he certainly was a teacher of our race.

In the Book of Jasher it is said the soul of Enoch was wrapped up in the instructions of YAHWEH. That Kings and Princes and Judges came to hear his wisdom. That Enoch reigned over the sons of men (Adamites) for 243 years doing justice and righteousness with all people, and he led them in the way of YAHWEH. This Book also informs us that Elijah the Prophet as did Enoch ascend into the heavens in what was termed a whirlwind with horses and chariots of fire. There is no doubt but that this was a great ship of space. And there is also no doubt that because Enoch proved such a good servant that he was carried into heavenly places, that he was thus shown activities of the Angelic hosts, and the secrets of the Universe were revealed to him...why? Because YAHWEH wanted him to inform His children in earth those things they had forgotten when they entered into the veil of flesh. Thus do you think that our modern technology is something new, or is it something we are thus just regaining?

The Books of Enoch were lost for probably 1200 years, and yet there is a relationship between the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and of the coordinating movement of the stars, the planets, the motions of the sun and the moon with the Angelic activities in the affairs of men. And these scrolls were much used by the early followers of The Christ. Today in 1983., then Enoch's great knowledge of the Universe is sought by men and women who know they are sons and daughters of YAHWEH (God). For there is a feeling that we are reaching the culminating time, the day and the hour in the great plan and purpose of Our Father. The age of Aquarius is the Air age, and man is much interested in outer space, and we are reminded of two lines in the great Hymn..'Rock of Ages'..When we soar to worlds unknown, see thee on thy judgment throne'. This was indeed the experience of Enoch, this man of our race. There he was escorted by Michael to the Throne of YAHWEH where he describes this awe inspiring experience we have told you about before.

The Zodiac picture as laid out by Enoch was not much different than that of the Romans much later. But this is the same race, and there was a little difference in the names, but still they symbolized the same thing. Since February 4, 1962., with the planets in their movement and the sun and moon moving also thru the signs of the Zodiac, with all revolving, and every- thing rotating, still we read the story as portrayed in the Scriptures, so will try to give you a short outline of this Star Bible as I understand it.

No.1...You start with the Constellation of Virgo, the woman of the heavens, and she is portrayed in Revelation 12:1-3....she has 12 stalks of wheat in one hand and the branch in the other. She has a crown of 12 stars on her head and the sun and moon under her feet. She is thus symbolized as carrying the seed of Israel...the seed of Abraham, the House of David and of course the branch. She being a Virgin was to have a son, and to call his name Emmanuel. Thus she belonged to YAHWEH..she is HIS Israel, issue ruling with HIM, the kingdom in earth as it is in heaven eventually when all is fulfilled.

No. 2...Libra, the scales or the earth equator and the heavenly equator with earth weighed in the balances and found wanting. The scales are also held by a woman, and the feet of the Virgin..or Virgo is tipping the scales. The seed of the woman (Israel) then is to become the branch of the nations. Here the double meaning of the kingdom and YAHSHUA the King. There is more symbolism found here as well, for instance it is 'The Cross' endured, the slain, as he lays down his life for his sheep. And the Crown bestowed and then every knee shall bow. There is much in the message of this sign for you are coming to the culmination of many things.

No. 3...Scorpio, this is the figure of a giant, evil scorpion with stinger upraised to strike. Remember that the sting of sin is death. Mortality to come upon Adam for 'the wages of sin is death'. Here the scorpion is trying to sting the heel of a mighty man symbolizing the wounding of one who is to come. This the serpent did at the Cross, but YAHSHUA in resurrection destroys eventually the work of the serpent. Here in this part of the picture story we see the serpent reaching for the dominion or crown belonging to this 'Son of Man'..or YAHSHUA. And there is one deep red star in this Constellation, and it is in the heart of the serpent. We would say representing communism today, the political philosophy of Great Babylon. The last part of the story here in Scorpio is of a mighty man bending on one knee, with his right heel lifted up as tho stung. But this is also portraying the great and final fight to the death of the serpent, with the race of Adam finally set free.

No. 4...Is Sagittarius. And here a bowman, the figure of a horse, the head of a man, and the arrow pointing at the head of Scorpio. This symbolizes the man on the white horse who was to deliver the death blow to Scorpio who is also the dragon, or serpent, the devil cast out of the heavens, and now in the final battle in our day in earth. In this sign is also Lyra ...the harp..meaning praise for the conqueror, and there are 13 strings on this harp. Again symbolically here in earth the tribe of Manasseh carries the symbol of the great nation to rise at the end of the age, to lift the standards of YAHWEH on earth. As Columbus sailed westward in 1492., this sign of Lyra was marking a great nation to the north of his destination.

No. Capricornus, and here the figure is of a sheep struggling in death having become the scape goat. The body terminates into the tail of a fish demonstrating the vastness of that picture. The Fish was the symbol of YAHWEH'S children in earth, and the early followers used the sign of the fish for identification. The Golden Crossed Fish on the blue tunics of the army of the Essenes identified these protectors of Israel and The Christ, and here we find that symbolism in the heavens. For He came to Israel in set them free...and it is portrayed all thru the heavens.

No. 6...Aquarius, this is the water man of the heavens, and in symbolism then YAHWEH pours out His Spirit or power like water...on His children in earth. He has purchased and procured unspeakable blessings for HIS redeemed, and this sign tells of these blessings being poured out like a river, and notice that this river goes down to..the fishes..or Israel, who are seed in earth. It is thus the fishes and some of them enlightened are the spiritual center of the kingdom which is now called the Church. Remember that Aquarius is also the Air sign..thus the Air age..the age of the Eagle. No longer is it the age of the water or sea, now it is time to fly, thus our nation comes into the picture with our symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle. Many of the tribes of Israel carried almost the same signs, many had the Eagle in some form in their symbolism, but for the outstanding symbol of a tribe it is Manasseh that carried the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. Many places in Scripture tell us that YAHWEH will pour out His Spirit upon Israel in earth, and in the time of the Latter Rain which we are now looking for it is to be without measure.

No. Pisces...there are two fish, one swimming northward and one to the south or to the ecliptic, these two fish are the symbolism of the two branches of Israel to earth, or the Kingdom in heaven, and the kingdom in earth. The story here is of the pouring out of the knowledge of the Gospel of the Kingdom which was carried forward by the Apostles and disciples, this is a message of restoration and redemption. The two fishes have ropes on their tails, the one swimming north has its head pointing toward the north star, and you remember that Hydra the Serpent at one time held the position of the star, known as the north star, but it no longer had that position, is no longer in the power structure of the heavens. In Scripture when it talks of the 'sides of the north' you are to understand that this is the situation where in the Serpent now out of the heavens is the leader of the forces that come against the kingdom. Now the sides of the north are empty because Lucifer and his rebellious Angels were run out, and this space is now reserved for those of His children now in earth, who in the fullness of time move out, and their destiny. This sign of Pisces always refers to Israel and a conjunction of Jupiter (YAHSHUA) and Saturn (Satan) always means a crisis in the affairs of Israel in earth. Remember that early in the sign of Pisces came the redeemer, so he is associated with this sign, and at his birth then there were several conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn.

Now; another explanation of the two fishes...the one looking toward the north is looking for their heavenly home from whence they came. The one looking toward the south is symbolized as the seed of Adam, Seth, Shem, Abraham,...they are strangers and pilgrims in the earth doing their work, but still Saints..believing offspring..and wanting to go home. The church world today seems to want to form a new body, a new man in Christ, for a One World Church where as the Saints want to just finish the work assigned for them to do, and then go home. But the cord signifies that Israel is bound, the great enemy still oppresses, but they are still bound to YAHWEH- YAHSHUA. The woman in this part of the picture is also bound, but the branch she brings forth is the breaker of the bands, or the redeemer who comes soon to deliver her. Thus she is the captive daughter of Zion, and Cepheus signifies the redeemer coming to rule. As you consider the three houses of the sun, and the three houses of the moon, and add them to the story then there is not hardly any of the Gospel not revealed in this Star Map.

No. this picture is the Great Ram, the figure of the great leader of the sheep, here he is lying down in composure, and looking out over the field round about. This in symbolism marks the sheep under the gaze of YAHWEH-THY YAHSHUA...Jupiter of the heavens, and the sheep of his pasture being guarded by the Great Shepherd. Also in this sign is the symbolism of HE who was the spotless Lamb who came and redeemed his sheep. And now the woman in this picture is arranging her robes and fixing her 'golden hair'. This is the bride, the Lamb's wife, the New Jerusalem John saw coming down out of heaven. In other words this is free..and here in Revelation when John sees this New Jerusalem he also sees that the bride is finally free. Satan is bound and the woman Israel is free. The Pit is in the lower regions of the sky, the Constellation of Ara, the altar where the Shekinah Glory will purge out the error, in time, out of Lucifer and his fallen Angels, and their seed is not on the ecliptic, is not in the signs of the Zodiac, but in a separate place outside the circle. But the symbolism is there that the Great Rebel...Lucifer bound by YAHSHUA, and then YAHSHUA takes His place before His redeemed.

No. Taurus the Bull, and the shoulder, head, and horns formed by all the starlight running together and signifying the pushing forward with great energy. This was the symbol of those coming to rule..Adamites..this sign was assigned to the House of Joseph and his two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh. Deuteronomy 33:17. The Unicorn is also in this symbolism for the horn signifies power of the white horse rulers under their King. Today Great Britain and the U.S. carry the symbols of the House of Joseph. The Pleiades shine thru in the shoulder of the Bull, and these are the seven Islands with their crystal cities where Enoch was taken, with the center one being the place where he was taken to the Throne of YAHWEH. In this sign is also Orion who is the balancer of the Universe, and his belt has three bright stars making this Constellation easy to find. In the symbolism of Orion is found the coming of the 'branch'...the foot that crushes, the river of the Judge, and the Shepherd who gathers his flock.

No. Gemini..the Twins, sometimes described as a man and woman, or in symbolism as two in one person, father and mother, and remember that Audaum was both male and female, and that YAHWEH removed Eve from Audaum, thus Adam and Eve were one flesh. Also here you find the Hare as the enemy trodden underfoot, then Canis Major and Canis Minor are called dogs in some symbolism but this is the symbolism of the coming Redeemer, the Major one of this story and the Minor one as His people, He being over all. Enoch in his writings told us that Gemini was the symbol of YAHSHUA and His called out united. This is the union between the heavenly family, and those now in earth of His race.

No. 11...The sign of Cancer...the crab taking hold with its strong claws. This is significant for Cancer is the symbol of the 'eating out'..the rise of Dragonis and his evil forces who come against the woman...Israel..the kingdom. The symbolism for our day is that the Crab preys on the dead body of 'The Testimony of the Gospel of the Kingdom'. There is also in this sign two bears in some explanations, but there is not this meaning found in any of the older explanations for the Bear is symbolized by a power that comes against the kingdom. Actually this sign is of the Greater Sheepfold and the Lesser Sheepfold under ONE Shepherd. In the Pyramid there is the Queens Chamber and the Kings Chamber and both have their significance here. Dragonis is no more the polar star, is now in the earth, and this is still trying to stop the Adamic race, the kingdom in earth. But this heavenly seed, the Adamites...Israel is to become the Polar Star of the future, and this symbolized their coming and going thru out the heavens. There is seven stars in the Constellation of the Greater Sheepfold, this symbolizes the Great Shepherd with His Sheep where many are assembled and protected, while the people in the lesser Sheepfold are just coming into their rest. There is also a great ship called Argo just outside the ecliptic and this signifies the return of the emigrant ship, and its company of travelers, who were strangers and pilgrims in the earth.

Now; in the symbolism marking this tribe of a ship, and yet Zebulon marched in Israel on the east and south of Judah with Issachar on the north side of Judah. These three were on the east. Today in their symbolism they are Germany, Issachar is Finland and Zebulon is the Slavic nations of Romania and that area. So as you read Genesis 49:13... taken literally this would not make sense. But we think this answers the question...for you remember that Zebulon was the sixth son of Leah, six is the earth number, and Zebulon thus carries this symbol of the Great Ship Argo as their main symbol which symbolizes the return of the travelers from earth in the Star Bible. Zebulon thus dwelt in earth at the entrance point for Lost Israel coming into Europe in their migrations overland. Yes, their area was a haven as they came westward, a great sea of people. And this word Zidon means fishing..something pertaining to then Jacob Israel in inspiration was helping you trace your ancestors by the use of symbols, and here in our day we can understand those symbols.

No. 12...the final symbol in the Zodiac...this is a Great Lion called Leo, and he is leaping out to destroy the serpent Hydra, now Hydra is no longer inside the Zodiac circle but lies as a great serpent along side. Leo the Lion is about to leap upon the head of the serpent, symbolizing YAHSHUA ...the Lion out of Judah...about to crush the serpent. The symbolism here is of the serpent destroyed, the crater is the Cup of Divine Wrath. There are 13 stars in the Cup of Divine Wrath that is poured out on the Great Serpent. This symbol of the crater in this star picture is the birds of prey devouring the serpent. This whole sign of Leo the Lion can be summed up by Jeremiah 25:3-33...this is the final victory of this Greater seed of the woman Israel, this Lamb without spot or blemish.

Today people laugh when you say there is a Gospel message in the Stars. This may be because they have lost their way as to their inheritance, as to who they are and what they are here for. But the Zodiac pictures revolve and you cover the whole story in a years time, and there were about 11 great scrolls written by Enoch with an endless record of this message in picture form. Enoch was thus taught the complete message and he taught our ancestors in the beginning of our race as to how to read this Gospel of the Stars. He set the Magi organizations in place with this knowledge and then incorporated it into the Ancient Mystery Schools of Israel. Some of the scrolls on the Ark with Noah were of this Gospel of the Stars, and later they were found in the 'Cave of the Treasures'. Men in early times of our race became fascinated with this study of the Stars. They became known as Masters of what was called The 'Rose Cross'...or spiritual knowledge. They were called Wise Master Builders, and the Apostle Paul in his day was called a Wise Master Builder for he knew that 'no other foundation could any man lay other than that laid in YAHSHUA'...called Jesus The Christ today. Even Pilot was a Mason and recognized YAHSHUA as the Greatest Master Builder of all. There was not a country in the world in the early days, and even today they still have a Zodiac sign. This Zodiac was planned, and set in place by none other than YAHWEH, Himself, and it does effect people. Oh, it doesn't make men do things; it just tells them what they are going to do.

In a deeper meaning as to the messages of the heavens, as you know every one is three months short, or born in 9 months, where as Cosmic Conception was 12 months. But YAHSHUA is the completer and without Him you are short of much you need. There were 612 major illuminaries in the heavens seen by the naked eye from earth, and you divide by four and you get 153, the displacement factor in the Great Pyramid. There were also 153 Books for your Scriptures to round out the story. You have 66 of them canonized in your Bible but two of those are spurious. The same number of the 612 illuminaries are also tied into the fact of re-incarnation for certain races, and yet you say, this is all foolishness, this idea that there is anything from the Ancient Star Bible...this Gospel of the Stars. The Crux of the heavens, this southern Cross, and the Cross lifted up on earth, the signs and emblems of this spiritual wisdom was for us to understand. So for generation after generation our people did know the signs to come when they would be redeemed, our Wisemen watched in Faith, and they finally saw the Star move from the head of Aquila to the head of Virgo and they were on the move for they had been promised they would see YAHWEH...born as YAHSHUA-Savior a babe out of this race. And the Wisemen brought gold from England for His ministry, Frankincense came from India for His anointing, and Myrrh from Egypt for His burial, thus they knew the message, and why He was coming at that time. There was a fourth Wise man, and he brought the great Robe, and the jewels for the Crown but he was delayed. He came late to Bethlehem after Mary and Joseph had taken the Baby Jesus to Egypt for safe keeping. Took Him to that bastion of the White Priesthood still in Egypt even tho installed there in the time of Enoch and Job. But they were still there for a purpose, and this fourth Wise man had also been delayed for a purpose. He was thus instrumental in saving the life of John the Baptist who was then 6 months old. Herod remember was having the babies of Bethlehem killed, trying to destroy this babe born...YAHSHUA-Savior out of this Israel race. This told you immediately who Herod was for the Israelites of that area were anticipating the birth of this babe, had been waiting a long, long time for this, as had the wise man of the race who came for the birth. But Herod was only thinking of stopping this one born 'King of Judea'.... Matthew 2:2. And whether he knew it or not, Herod was fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 12:4...of the Red Dragon who stood before the woman ready to devour her child.

Now; this message of the Gospel of the Stars did not stop at His Birth, no continues to our day and beyond. Enoch told of the beginning...of a sign for the beginning of the awakening of YAHWEH'S people in the earth who would stand and resist the evil being thrown at the kingdom. That this would signal the coming forth of the kingdom in due time. On closer study we find that there was more to this sign which came February 4, 1962...for the message stretched out in measure from Leo the Lion to Sagittarius in the Star Bible. Thus the beginning and the end of this message for this end of the age and for the beginning of the kingdom age both show the serpent is to be controlled, and then destroyed by YAHSHUA our redeemer, and this measure in this time frame was to stretch out so would not end in one day. We are a restless people and of course would like to have things happen quickly but the measures have to all be fulfilled. Everything comes to a climax and is done HIS way, and we can't hurry it.

We saw the Great Apostasy set in place in 1909 with the drive then to destroy our Faith. Dr. Swift said we would now be dealing with 25 year cycles, and in this time span of this Great Apostasy would come the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens which indicates the 'Presence of YAHSHUA' as He moves into our affairs. There was thus to be a great awakening of His people at the intensified movement to take control of our country, so as to blot out the Name of YAHSHUA called Jesus Christ today. The purpose would be to establish a one world religion which would fit as the opiate of the One World Government.

In 1981 we saw the different conjunctions in the sign of the woman Virgo of the heavens, the kingdom symbol. In 1982 came two close groupings of the planets but the third one will not be until January 1984., so that also had more time in that measure. And here in July of 1983, Saturn still rides high almost above the kingdom star. It will however start moving very slowly out of the sign of Virgo. Great Jupiter is on the opposite side of Libra the next sign, just as tho waiting. Sits almost above the head of Scorpio. In fact Uranus (Money) and Jupiter both were almost on the head of Scorpio all thru the month of May as men here on earth tried to decide how to keep this great Usuary system working. But here in this picture in this part of the Zodiac is the Southern Cross with its symbolism and also the Crown with the serpent reaching for it. And if there is anymore significant signs in this Zodiac to match the events for our day, I don't know what they are. The secret is...will this be the correct time for the wind up of events that we are looking for. I think we know the season which is in the fall, but the year will be determined as certain events take place. We can guess but only after events can we know if we are right or wrong.

Yes, the Star Bible was meant for men of earth, especially for our race who are to lead the way in restoration of this planet. And on February 4, 1962., we did see Saturn (the devil) ...Jupiter (YAHSHUA)...Mars (the man of war)..Venus (the hammer or sword of YAHWEH)...Mercury (Light, Truth, OUR National sign) all in the sign of the Water Man, Aquarius (signifying enormous scientific advancement, but also huge social upheaval). And opposite was Uranus (Money) in Leo with Pluto (Intensity of any situation) just entering, and then squaring was Neptune (crisis) in Scorpio.

From the Aquarian Gospel comes these words:...'And when the man who bears the pitcher (Aquarius) will walk across the arch of the heavens; the sign and signet of the son of man will stand forth in the eastern sky'. Compare this with Matthew 24:25-28...Luke 21:25-28 of the authorized version. 'For then men will lift up their heads and know that redemption of earth is near.' Yes, we know that every 20 years since the birth-death and resurrection of YAHSHUA the two planets, Saturn and Jupiter, come into the same sign of the Zodiac somewhere in the circle, but when in conjunction they do have a great meaning, and are a time of trouble of Israel.

Today we are in the air age, we have gone to the moon, and men of our race (blood) walked on the moon. We have seen our military secrets stolen and used against us. For all the embodied forces of Lucifer are involved in this final conflict. But before we are totally overrun we are promised that YAHSHUA will join with us bringing the forces of heaven, the whole Celestial (Adamic family) as well into the picture so there will not be one defeat, all join in the triumph.

Thus the sign we are looking for today is the sign that the kingdom is emerging right out of the scum of this old world order as it dies, and we wait for the kingdom to be exposed to our gaze. We watch events to see if they have a meaning for us as we watch for the climax of this struggle so that as sons and daughters of YAHWEH we can fulfill our rightful purpose here in earth. There is much, much more to the Star Gospel but that is some of the highlights, so that you will know that it does have a meaning for us, and at this time as well.

QUESTION:...The Phoenix Bird. What is it and is the story true?

ANSWER:...The story of the Phoenix Bird was native to Egypt, and while fabulous when taken literally, it is of deep significance when understood. Herodotus gives the following account of the fabulous Phoenix Bird. He said:...I have never seen this Phoenix Bird except in effigy. He rarely appears in Egypt...only once in 500 years, immediately after the death of his father the Helioptians do affirm. His feathers represent a mixture of crimson and gold, and he resembles an Eagle in outline and size. The people of Heliopolis who marvel also affirm that this bird does the following thing which to me is incredible. They say that he comes from Arabia, and brings the body of his father enclosed in Myrrh, buries him in the Temple of the Sun, and that he brings him in the following manner. First he molds a great quantity of myrrh into the shape of an egg that he will carry, and having tried the weight; he hollows out the egg and puts his parent in it and stops it up with some more myrrh, this hole thru which he had introduced the body, so the weight is the same as before. He then carries the whole mass to the Temple of the Sun in Egypt. It is further said that as the last feather dissolves a new bird arises from the ashes.

You will remember the many things you now know of the great monuments, and memorials built in Egypt by Enoch and Job and the 144,000 Savants. That a white Priesthood was established in the city of ON, also called Heliopolus, and they were still there in the time of Jesus. Then after the crucifixion and resurrection the HYKSOS...White Shepherds left Egypt, but they left behind this fable or riddle of the Phoenix Bird, and the 500 years. It was as much of a riddle then as was the Pyramid itself.

Now; in the Glastonbury area of Britain there is another mystery and there you find about 12 miles which have a tracing of the Zodiac by the shape of the hills. This was discovered in the air age when from the air these outlines were more pronounced. And in this area they also have the Phoenix Bird and here he is drinking out of the Chalice Well. The Lion is there, and Virgo and Gemini. There is only a little over 1/4 of The Zodiac there, mainly the part which relates to Britain. But this was built long before the Hyksos...white shepherds...left Egypt leaving the riddle of the Phoenix Bird. The spot where the Phoenix Bird was to dip his bill in the Chalice and eat of the manna was symbolized as the area of the kingdom.

Stonehenge was built not far from where King Applestain set up his palace and Round Table, and it was thru that part of England that there was this great significance shown by the shape of the top of the hills...thus this 1/4 of the symbols of the Zodiac. King Applestain was the legendary King Arthur and the inner Cup of the Chalice was what these Knights were searching for.

There is also a Phoenix Bird in the heavens. There is an unusual Constellation which appears in the winter, and yes, it is the Phoenix Bird, and takes his place in the Gospel message of the heavens.

To America the year 1492., was literally the dawn of a precessional cycle of years, and since it had to begin at the actual midnight precessional cycle of years, and since it had to begin at the actual midnight meridian, the original Constellation...'The Pleiades' used in the building of the Pyramid could no longer serve because of the rotation and movement of the heavens and the earth. But today, and for some time now the Phoenix Constellation stands astonishingly connected with 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORIUM' for the new world, a new age as the former is and was for all the earth. We would think it impossible for the general intellect of mankind not to recognize the hand of an all ruling providence in facts such as those. In no way should we leave such planning as tho...'just to chance' lest it show the lack of intellect.

Now; know that the name Phoenix was given unto Enoch because he went into the sun, into space. He also brought back heavenly manna for the Ark or box which they used in the building of the Pyramid. In fact Enoch and Job brought the box with them, so they must have had the Ark at old Orusalem as well.

Thus the riddle of the Phoenix Bird is the story in symbolism of a people, of a kingdom, of a race. Adam was buried in The Temple of the Sun, which is the Pyramid, with its symbolic story of Christ and resurrection, a people then restored have moved out in destiny even to our land. Thus the story of the kingdom in earth, the restoration and ultimate restitution of all things. This is even the same as portrayed in the Stars.