ERM - Tape 003 - Enoch; Dry Bones; Kingdom Age & Millenium




1. Enoch into the Heavens

2. The Valley of Dry Bones

3. Kingdom Age and the Millennium


QUESTION:...Is it true that Enoch was carried into the Heavens to meet God? If so what did he learn? What did he see? How do we find his report of his experiences??

ANSWER:...I think it rather important that we understand that there is two great sources of information as to the facts of pre-existence of YAHWEH'S Household. These are sources from Enoch of the Old Testament and the Apostle Paul of the New Testament. Both were escorted far from earth and into different dimensions and plains. Both recorded what they saw and hard after they had returned to earth. Both wrote volumes for us in earth so as to help explain the Mysteries of the Universe and our place in it.

In this instance then we are interested in the Great Patriarch of the race by the name of Enoch who YAHWEH had selected in the past, even before the foundations of this earth were framed. He selected this Patriarch and developed him so that this mans own curiosity, his reaching for knowledge of the Universe would mark him without question as being a pillar of the race.

From the beginning of our history we go back in time to the Ancient city of Orusalem, the City of Peace, Salem which was in that land we know today as Palestine..Judea and Jerusalem. The time about 5000 B.C., and here in this Ancient city built by the descendants of Seth was a great civilization, a city of knowledge and wisdom, where people were reaching back for the remembrance of their pre-existence. Here Enoch lived, grew to manhood, married and had a family. Here in his schooling the patterns of advice given always assured him he would achieve great exploits, do great things for his people. He would translate the technological wisdom given to him.. to the physical world.

But lets thrill to Enoch's description of what he saw and heard, of the ease with which this man in FAITH left his house to become the great revelator of the heavens.

We are told that a great cloud arrived outside his door, a great ship of space, and two men informed Enoch that the Eternal Father had bid them come to escort Enoch into the heavens for the Father had things he wanted to tell him so Enoch could pass those things on to his brethren.

There seemed to be no fear on the part of Enoch, well..maybe awe..but he shut the shutters of his house, told his family good-by, that he was going on a little trip and then walked with the two Messengers into the cloud... into that great space craft and they flew away.

After he returned to earth Enoch wrote volumes such as 'The Pillars (towers) of Enoch'..'The Secrets of Enoch', and 'The Wisdom of Enoch' where in you can read what this man of our race saw and heard during this tremendous journey. For instance he records how they flew out to the North over the opening into the earth. Yes, they went inside to the area where the chamber of Paradise was located. Also into the other parts of the Netherworld and he recorded the names of those fallen Archangels confined there who wanted him to intercede for them unto they could go back to where they came from.

Enoch records what he saw as he passed out thru our Solar system, how the wanderers (planets) moved in their orbits. He told of seeing Pluto and Uranus altho they...our scientists didn't establish until the 30's that they could not be seen, altho they felt that they were there. He told of Venus which would much later settle into our Solar system after it had been used as 'The Sword of the Eternal'...also called 'The Great Hammer of YAHWEH'. We finally know today that Venus came into settle in our Solar system to lash the earth at the time of the Exodus out of Egypt, by the Israelites, and then it did finally settle into her place. But Venus was in the star map of the Great Dome of the Temple in the city of ON, which Job and Enoch and the Savants from Old Orusalem built after Enoch's trip into the Heavens.

Enoch records how he and his escort flew out thru the far flung sidereal systems and eventually their space craft approached that great central area of the Universe called the Pleaides. He said there were seven Islands with Celestial cities and El Cyone was the great Island with the Crystal Palace where the Throne of YAHWEH was located. Here in the Pleiades the Light of YAHWEH was visible, and people went and came from every portion of the Universe to these Island cities. Enoch said that he saw these boats of space come to the Celestial cities, and to the Great Crystal Palace as the people would bask in the Light of YAHWEH, TO GATHER POWER BEFORE GOING BACK TO WHENCE THEY CAME. Enoch describes the great activity there in this wondrous headquarters of the Headquarters of the Universe, and he stands in awe at the beauty of the place.

Enoch asked about all these people coming and going, even people who looked just like he did, and he was very curious as to who they were. He was told that these are those who dwell thru out the Universe, and some of them art thy brethren, the children of YAHWEH. Some have never dwelt in earth such as you have, some have dwelt in earths of their own, but all are the offspring of YAHWEH..thy brethren, for He is thy Father. Enoch was told that some were from created families and they worshiped YAHWEH also and love His Universe,...and here Enoch saw them coming and going from all over the Universe, and they were bringing things to this center of the Universe and carrying other things back with them. He was told that created families lived on different planets, and sons of YAHWEH had different areas of authority thru out the Universe where all was in orbit around this center..El Cyone..the Throne Island of the Universe. It was brought back to his memory that he and his kinsmen had gone down and were embodied in physical bodies thru the Adamic Race, and thus here he was back to stand before the his physical body..or he would have remembered all these things without being told. Now he could understand the veil brought down over his memory as he came into the flesh, for a purpose. That was because if he had remembered how he got here, and how to go back he or we would not stick around to do the work we came to do.

Enoch was instructed by Angels, things were brought back to his remembrance thru the spirit as to the make up of the Universe. And he was told that he was to be taken to YAHWEH in the flesh lest Enoch think that YAHWEH spoke to him in a vision or a dream..marking the fact that there is a difference between a vision, and a dream. On can come..a vision from inspiration, and the other from eating to many pickles for instance.

Now; Enoch was taken into the Great Crystal Palace which looked like a great Sapphire, where the ceiling is so high that he can see clouds against the ceiling and he sees elevators going from one floor to the other, with only certain people seeming to be going on to the top floor where the Throne of YAHWEH is located. Enoch records that he was brought into the Presence of the Most High. He saw Him enveloped in Light and the colors of the rainbow were around the Throne. Seraphims were around the Throne and they were saying:...'Holy, Holy LORD God Almighty' (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) and Enoch was overcome with all he is seeing.

Then YAHWEH came forth embodied as Melchizedek and Enoch was raised up and was able to talk with HIM. Once was not just the Spirit of Enoch which was taken into the Heavens, for a Holy Chariot was sent to take him to his Father, and Angels accompanied him, but he went in the flesh, and there Enoch beheld the Majesty of Our Father...beheld HIM..Spirit, Soul and Body..Melchizedek Our High Priest...the Eternal Existing ONE..YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA.

Enoch is thus informed by His Father as he called him son that it was necessary that he be brought to the presence of The Father because there were certain things he needed to understand so that he could teach the sons and daughters of Adam the things expected of them here in earth. He was to write these things in a Book so they would have them for a reminder later, for there were wondrous things to be done by the Adamic race since they are the children of the Most High. There were things He wanted revealed to His Children so what better way then to send for one of HIS sons and instruct him personally.

But here in the headquarters of the Universe YAHWEH as Melchizedek looked at Enoch and said:...'You are my son'...then once more Enoch was able to remember how he had walked in the courts of the Heavenly Kingdom, and now Enoch could remember vividly how he and others of his kinsmen had volunteered to come into our earth after Our Father is time to bring back this area of the Universe into proper relationship with HIMSELF. This to be accomplished by the sending of YAHWEH'S own spiritual children into earth to build His Kingdom, to overthrow the darkness caused by the rebellion of the fallen Archangel.

Now; Enoch remembers watching in amazement as this rebellion of the fallen Archangel caused so much darkness of earth. He remembered that Arch-angels preceded the begatting of YAHWEH'S own spiritual children, and that Archangels ruled over he had been told. Then when YAHWEH announced His offspring were going to share in the administration of the Universe, were to set with HIM upon His Throne of administration, then Lucifer, one of the Archangels, said:...'Will they be greater than I?' and when YAHWEH the Eternal replied:...'Even as I, with I alone being above all'...then Lucifer replied:...'I will not reflect this, I will not carry this message to the part of the Universe that I minister to, I will not tell it.' Enoch then remembers how that great rebellion started, and how he and the other sons and daughters of spirit watched in amazement as this rebellious Archangel brought so much catastrophe in this one area of the Universe, and how finally he was driven out and confined to our Solar system.

Now; Enoch can understand as YAHWEH said:...'I have brought you here in the body, right thru the planes and dimensions so you will know with your ears, eyes, nose and mouth as well as with the witness of what you have seen and heard. I brought you here because you are my offspring, and I want you to go back to earth, tell my children that they were begotten of the Father (Spirit), that they are the entity of YAHWEH'S purpose and love, and altho the children of YAHWEH number in the multiple millions both in heaven and in earth that still I knew each of them...each and every one of them. That there is nothing I have not planned or known concerning the destiny of my family. That your names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the creation of this Cosmos you dwell in, and I have a direct relationship in understanding with you who possess today..spirit of my Spirit, life of my Life, and this force of the essence of my own consciousness. As such you can draw out of the mind of YAHWEH..and receive instructions and guidance. Then of course there is this portion of this Divine quality in each and every one of the offspring...for you are the children of the MOST HIGH'.

Enoch was to tell his kinsmen in earth that they had lost a certain amount of their Divine Power when the violation of Divine Law first occurred. But Our Father promised to restore this mighty power of full glorified Sonship to each and everyone of his sons and daughters. For each of this race was this promise absolute and consummate redemption, a mighty program for the overthrowing of the darkness, and the establishment of the kingdom in earth with the lifting up of the standards of Light and Truth.

Enoch was reminded once again that we had been warned we would fall as we came into flesh bodies, and the events that would be essential to start again the fullness of this development of release would require that HE... YAHWEH Himself be born in earth, that He come also into a flesh body, and join His children. That He be born as a babe out of the very race He had begotten in the very creative purposes of establishing the Adamic household. Thus Enoch was to tell his brethren, his kinsmen in earth that He, their Almighty Father-YAHWEH, would emerge at a later date...born as a babe among men, but this babe would be the Incarnate YAHWEH...YAHSHUA THEIR SAVIOR.

Enoch then was instructed as to the signs that would appear in the heavens to mark this event. Enoch would establish the organization known as the Magi which over the years would watch for this certain sign. 'Long after you return'..the MOST HIGH declared...'Shall my visitation to earth be'. But if you train the Wisemen of your race, so they may train their successors to watch for this sign, for the measure has been long in progress. But from earth Wisemen shall see a Star move into the sign of Aquila, and then it will move across from the head of Aquila to the head of Virgo, for Virgo is in this measure of Promise, and as you see that sign in the heavens then you will know that the hour is close. For three months after I have started the miracle of my birth a conjunction of Saturn (Satan) and Jupiter (YAHSHUA) shall occur. Three months later another conjunction, and three months later another such conjunction as I enter the earth in birth by route of a human body. As the sighting measures conclude that the Star is in the proper place, then it shall transverse from the head of Virgo to the womb of Virgo and those watching who had followed the instructions of Enoch were to be rewarded by being guided into His Presence of this Miracle when YAHWEH in a human body identifies with His children in earth.

Now; you know how the Wisemen knew where to look for His Star in the East. And we know today that the Great Star prophecies started with this Patriarch, Enoch, whom YAHWEH singled out for the unusual honor which was to show knowledge and understanding concerning YAHWEH'S plans for our race and for this earth. We know it was Enoch who wrote the Gospel of the Stars with their symbols and then with interpreting understanding they were taught long ago in the Mystery Schools of our race.

Yes, almost 5000 years before the birth of YAHSHUA Enoch laid out the blue-print for the race as to what to watch for as the sign of His Birth. How to measure the heavens always looking forward to His promises.

After his return to earth then Enoch would move forward in his ministry. He would record the things he had learned as to how YAHWEH balanced the Universe, how everything moves in a circle. Yes...the Universe is round, an Eternal, wide, expansive, unlimited ball with YAHWEH always moving on the edge of a circle, or in a circle, always reforming, changing and has always been doing this, has always existed. But before HE enters into an area of formation He appears in this area from the edge of the last creation, thus stands on the edge of tomorrow, His body being the first formed of any existing element, or the first existing step into a New Order, this thus is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. Thus the plane of spirit has always existed, the Light plane and wave lengths have always existed as He has always been in its midst as Sovereign force, power, the supreme power of it all. The creation then is synthesized in the electronic Universe in which He is always the first appearing form for each new creation.

Then this man...Enoch of our race, saw the great strength of power in the heavens, saw the long and continuous flow of ships whose streaking flames of fire seemed to radiate a light like the sun as they passed by. He saw their peculiar effulgent flow and emanation. He saw the Light as tho lightening that preceded forth from them as these ships passed by numbering in the thousands times thousands. He saw them around our earth, above our earth, and thru out the Solar system far out in the channels of space. And as he asked about them he was told that they are the mighty fleets of the MOST HIGH. They are under the command of an Archangel named Michael, and they go out to guard the heavens, to encircle earth, and to carry forward the functions of the MOST HIGH.

Enoch was shown that the Universe reached out into the furthermost points, beyond the perception of man, but YAHWEH had absolute control. Archangels and Angels were introduced to Enoch by name, and he knew there were various kinds of Angels. He learned that some Angels live as abiding spiritual servants, but that some Angelic orders multiplied and reproduced but these were not of the upper dimensions (heavens). He learned of the increasing orders of people in the Universe, as well as the people like himself. He talks about the vastness of the Universe, as well as the people like himself. He learned that only in our Solar system exists any struggle against the MOST HIGH. That Michael the Archangel had thrown the powers of Lucifer out of the areas of outer space, and into our Solar system, and now this rebellion was confined only to our own earth, thus we are the theater of the heavens, for all are watching for the putting down of the darkness and the raising of the standards of the kingdom.

Surely the Heavens must have wondered at the animosity shown Our Father when He came embodied as Savior to complete the atonement and resurrection.

Enoch was told how even much, much later there would come a final struggle to destroy YAHWEH'S Kingdom people..this would be a battle for the MIND. He was told that there would be secret cities of Luciferian people established all over the nations of Israel to be a fifth column in their midst. How these would hope to direct their hoards coming in like a cloud in a storm, out of the North parts, coming against the nations of YAHWEH'S Kingdom.

So YAHWEH told Enoch to go back to earth and leave a record telling 'My people'...My family not to be cast down for Michael who commands the great law enforcement system of the Universe will once more stand for you (Daniel 12) like he did before as he stood in the heavens, and then threw Lucifer out of the heavens. So don't fall down on your face, don't surrender your destiny, don't bow down before the darkness for they are not going to take over space. They aren't going to take over the kingdom, they only hold part control for a while.

Yes, Enoch told us that Armageddon is all over the world, it is an intense battle like that fought in the valley of Armageddon, but no longer even on plane, it is even against the Incarnate embodied form of Lucifer and all his forces in earth,....but we fight on.

Yes, Enoch returned to earth and he wrote 'The Pillars of Enoch' sometimes called 'The Towers of Enoch' which contained a great amount of knowledge concerning the orders of the heavens, and the Celestial realms. He wrote 'The Secrets of Enoch' and the 'Wisdom of Enoch' commonly called 'The Book of Enoch'. There were actually great scrolls and later they were bound together into one huge volume about as big as one of our large Bibles. Shortly after the Wycliff Bible appeared the scrolls of Enoch were all bound together. The Book of Enoch was in common use everywhere right before the time of Christ, and even then the scrolls were used heavily as well. The Essenes had all these records of what Enoch wrote, and they were copied widely and used in the early church.

Later the church began to produce the Book of Enoch, but had revised the whole thing, and the originals began to disappear or to be changed completely as was the Apocalypse of Paul. There are however probably several thousand sets of the Books of Enoch in true form which exist in various places, but to get them would now be hard to do. They will however appear in due time you can be sure of that. Those available today are partly right. They still contain a lot of the Mystery of the Universe and the Mystery of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

As to the work of this Patriarch, Enoch, in the building in Egypt of the great monuments as symbols of the destiny of our race, that is another story. But he left a record of what he saw and hard which we are supposed to be able to understand in our day. He translated the technological wisdom supplied to they physical earth, and he even left the description of the signs in the heavens for our day...the end of the age. For Enoch recorded so long ago that the planets would line up a certain way as we watched from earth. The emphases would be on Aquarius. Five planets or wanderers would be in the sign of Aquarius, while straight across in the exact opposite, squaring, would be two planets. From earth we would look in both directions to see this lineup. The meaning for our time was that YAHWEH would now begin to stir His people with great vibrations of consciousness of His Spirit, and they would begin to awaken out of their sleep. They would begin to see the strange propaganda and the battle of semantics being used against them blinding them. Enoch was told this would be a great and mighty sign of the culmination of Divine Purpose for the kingdom, and of the plan of the Eternal. That this day would be marked as the sign of the return of His embodiment...a manifestation in due time.

Yes, five wanderers (planets) in the sign of the outpouring of His Spirit ..Aquarius, the water man of the heavens as he is pictured in the Star Map. Within that sign was a measure that would end in 5 days with an eclipse of the sun as part of the measure. There would be opposition out of Leo, the ruler, this opposition being from Uranus and it being FOURSQUARE. These are the words from the records of Enoch:...'In that day will I stimulate my sons...will I begin their awakening, and they will stand upon their feet and will challenge the powers and the forces of darkness.'

As you know most people are not interested if something does not happen in 24 hours, but in YAHWEH'S plans there is always a beginning of some specific event. Perhaps the forces to bring it forth have been set in motion long, long ago as was the Star of Bethlehem, but in the old text of the Scriptures speaking of the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens... it says:..'In that hour of the sign of my power, when the sun shall be eclipsed...the heathen will mourn'. Matthew 24:30.

This sign came February 4, 1962., and around this sign came stimulation, and form then on we march forward, a remnant of the worlds population to be sure, but never the less we march. Since the sign did not culminate in one day, the measure not being completed until the fifth day then this number five being a Divine Number, thus it is a continuing sign, a continuing march unto Victory for YAHWEH'S Kingdom people.

The writings of Enoch and the work he performed after returning to earth are a witness to the great plan and purpose of Our Father. Daniel of the Old Testament also confirms the plan and purpose of this Stone Kingdom. Daniel 2:34. In the New Testament the Apostle Paul confirms many things Enoch had told us. James in inspiration would also catch the vision and record:...'Of HIS own will begat He us'.

This is just a few of the highlights of some of the things the Patriarch Enoch recorded for that we would know who we are, would know our destiny, and what we are to be doing as this age fades out, and the New World Order is set in place with this rule of earth by the Kingdom, and Our King of Kings, to gradually bring it back until it is in earth, as it is in Heaven.

It may be hard for you to comprehend but both Enoch and Paul reported that out there some place in the vastness of YAHWEH'S Universe they saw a congregation which filled the space from horizon to horizon. At a Clarion call the kinsmen assembled, and...just people were standing before the Father's radiating Glory, and they were singing praises...there they stood from horizon to horizon....HIS FAMILY.

QUESTION:...Ezekiel 37..The Valley of Dry Bones. What does it mean?

ANSWER:...First there are a great number of Mysteries, symbols, parables, and visions, and inspirations in the Scripture. They are not always consecutive in chronology. They sometimes skip from one to another, and in the patterns of translation, and in the arrangements of documents they overlap, and may contain material that should have been placed in other portions of these instruments of writing. It happened because humans copied the Scriptures and rearranged them, and Ecclesiastical interpretations also helped shape them as they thought it should be. Part of a prophecy may be before the time when it is uttered, and part may stretch even still ahead of our time.

This is the reason you were told you must study to show yourself approved unto YAHWEH...a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth, II Timothy 2:15. You must do this so that this spirit with in the race can commune with and be able to understand the words of Our Father.

Now; at the time of Ezekiel's prophecy here in chapter 37., Israel was in captivity. And Ezekiel seeing his people and what had happened to them was trying to understand what YAHWEH had in mind for these people of the kingdom. So Ezekiel is given a vision, and he speaks as he tells this vision, in symbolism, and this is what he sees. A great valley, a deep valley completely surrounded by high mountains, and this valley is full of dead and very dry bones.

Here is a dual prophecy, a skip prophecy, and it connects to the kingdom age, to the day of the LORD and all that portrays, as well as to Armageddon and to Revelation 11., with all its symbolic message.

Now; the bones are in a deep valley as tho in a trap, and high mountains are all around them and yet verse 11., tells us that these bones represent the WHOLE House of Israel. Not just part of them, but all of them, and verse 19., tells you that in time YAHWEH brings both branches of the kingdom of Judah and the House of Israel under the leadership of Joseph... brings them back together again, to be ONE stick in HIS hand. So you now know who these bones symbolize.

We know from history and Scripture how the Northern House of Israel and the many people of the Southern Kingdom who went into captivity with them they were then released and move Westward into their appointed places in Western Europe, and yes on to America. You can trace them still today by their heraldry and their history. We know how finally those of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi after they went back to Palestine for their work there during the coming of Messiah, the Atonement, the Crucifixion and Resurrection, how they finally settled in with their own people...all who were left in the old land migrated with the permission of Rome to their positions in Western Europe. Thus you see prophecy being fulfilled in a long period of time in Ezekiel's prophecy.

We know that Scripture says that 'Blindness in part has happened to Israel' ...not as to who God was but who they are. So they lost their identity as name changes came, and yet they moved steadily westward in their destiny.

Now; coming up to our time...the bones are very dry, this does not symbolize the death of an individual, rather it is the suppression of the Kingdom by the forces of darkness. It is as tho the Testimony that YAHSHUA (Jesus) was YAHWEH (God) did not exist anymore. In fact in the 1960's they even went so far as to suggest that God was dead. The teaching of evolution also helped in this symbolism of Israel being dead...finished. It was as tho the children of the kingdom did not exist anymore. They are absorbed back thru the pages of Scripture and God failed in what He set out to do.

The dryness of the bones can be symbolized by our modern churches teaching a social gospel acceptable to the World Order. This being the church age of Laodicea they are rich in ritual, vesture, but the spirit is not reaching out with truth, they are satisfied with what they have...a One World philosophy of 'Love Everybody' no matter what the Scripture says, just a modern gospel for a modern world.

Another symbolism for these dry bones can be the type of leadership the nations of the kingdom have today. In the past with good leadership the nations of the kingdom bloom's, and under bad leadership they went into chastisement and captivity which led them to the worship of pagan gods and their strange religions.

Now; the High Mountains...surrounding the whole House of Israel symbolized here a different type of power enforced by the children of darkness. And notice they have the children of the kingdom totally surrounded. There is not much of any way to defend themselves in this situation is there. Examples of these forces surrounding the kingdom would be the United Nations where you are out voted over 130 to 1. The integration syndrome, the bussing for integration, civil rights laws, one world government as it develops, one world religion, and economic control. In fact the mountains are the program of the World Order or the Beast System of Scripture, and today here in 1983...well beyond the time of Dr. Swift they think they have reached the period when ultimate conquest is possible. They now believe they can swallow up this Adamic race, and stop this kingdom of God in earth. After all, the world order out numbers us 6 to 1., and they now think it should be possible. You now see this prophecy which started in Ezekiel's time still running, but now it seems to be coming to a climax.

You remember how the Davidic throne was transferred to the West and the promise made to David as he stood in Old Jerusalem by his Pillar which was the Jacob Stone (II Samuel 7:10). You then should understand more symbolism in Revelation 11., for here are the two Olive Trees...Judah and Israel ...the two witnesses inside of Israel, then are church and state or the ad- ministration of the kingdom. And with the two Houses of Israel you also have split symbolism of the U.S. and the British Empire...them being the House of Joseph leading the House of Israel. Then the two Pillars of wisdom connected with our race are Enoch and Job. And the two sticks which become ONE in the hands of YAHWEH are these two branches of the whole House of Israel again ONE in His hands. This then is the House of Judah, the Germanic people and all those of Israel with him. And the House of Joseph and all those listed in that division. This then is the whole House of Israel now ONE stick in his hands. Included here also is the symbolism of the spiritual as well as the literal kingdom. This literal kingdom is real, it is tangible, it is a household and there are a multitude of witnesses. Also there is the covenants relating to a great spiritual force, and the dynamic power of its spiritual witness. Then also there is the literal history of our race with its ability to carry out the program of destiny, thus creating a continuity of a people, of a kingdom which is our history.

Thus when the political power of the kingdom where it has its historic righteousness suppressed because of the situation it finds itself in, then it is as tho it were dead.

So Ezekiel looks at the kingdom laying there surrounded by all the evil forces symbolized by the mountains, and here in our time when all restraint is removed, when they throw everything available at us then they think ultimate victory is finally theirs. Ezekiel sees all this and thinks that only YAHWEH knows whether the kingdom will survive, and he asks...can it ever rise again?

YAHWEH replies:...Yes, all Israel, the whole kingdom of Israel shall live, shall rise again, and in symbolism he says that first the bones are brought together, then they put sinews on them, and then flesh and they stood and marched Westward into their destined places. And now once again they are as tho dead, so HE breathes on these Israelites and they begin to wake up as to who they are, and what they are here for. Yes, these dry bones are people, but when the spirit is not stirring them they are as tho asleep. But there comes this time when they stand on their feet and again lift up the standards of the kingdom. And these children of darkness are now disturbed, they don't like what is today termed 'Identity'. After all here in our time World Jewry which controls our national, political, economic and religious life does not like this awakening of the white man as to who the people of the Bible really are. They call this racism, saying the white man is tyrant to take the Jews place in history, and this must be stopped. Some try to tell us that this prophecy of Ezekiel was all fulfilled when some of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi returned from Babylonian captivity. But the outpouring of spirit did not come at that time. Later at Pentecost you saw the results of that outpouring termed 'The Former Rain', but much, much more is promised at the time of the 'Latter Rain' when the kingdom is set in place right in the midst of this old world order.

Then also some...even many of the Christian churches teach that as this part of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi came back from Babylonian captivity that this was all that was left of Israel, and now they are Jews, and those today going back to Israeli are the descendants of those people. This is also the teaching of Zionism which is the program of those mountains (nations) surrounding the valley of dry bones. This blindness of Israel vanishes as the spirit stirs them and people learn their destiny.

But our nation is a part of New Jerusalem which follows the people. The abomination of the desolator stands in Old Jerusalem today. But here in America we find a representation of all tribes of Israel. They have come together under the heraldry of Manasseh fulfilling part of the prophecy of 'One Stick in His hand'. Here they stand under the symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle. We have watched as over the years how this control by the forces of darkness has gradually blotted out all the freedoms our forefathers fought and died to set in place. Even to the sidetracking of our Constitution, and our Faith which made our nation great.

All of this symbolism ties into Revelation then in chapter 11., and the two witnesses, church and state, are for the administration of the kingdom for there is no separation of these two in the kingdom. This then was the administration of the kingdom laying dead in Sodom, Egypt and Jerusalem... three cities symbolically...but political bondage, economic bondage, and religious bondage.

Here today in 1983-84., we see the New Age Movement telling us they are going to take over the world in this time. We see the President bow and appoint Paul Vocher to the Federal Reserve, thus symbolizing the take over of economics which is now out in the open, as the International Bankers feel confident and come out to show their power. Then June 21., the T.V. Ministers also bowed and asked the President to help the Jews to be set in place as the rulers of the world, thus religious control is exposed. Then July 18., President Reagan bows once more to Zionist pressure and calls on Henry Kissinger to head the committee on Latin America, so Political bondage is now exposed. Satan's children now feel they must move fast to take total control before this 'Identity' movement gains converts.

But what did YAHWEH tell Ezekiel to prophecy? That these dry bones would start to move, they would come together and sinew would come on them, and then comes flesh, and they then stand up a great and mighty army. Oh, they are still blind to their identity but still they are coming awake.

(Here in are seeing their homes and farms foreclosed on and they are thinking something is wrong. Why does our government bail out the world but not our people).

The spirit or breath has thus started to move them, and they are beginning to think for themselves. They are beginning to lose the good life they thought was theirs in this land, and they are asking who is doing this to us, and why??

You asked...but why did not the churches warn their people as they saw what was happening in this Christian nation? The answer is that the church became pacifist, world Zionism moved in and took over the church and no one protested as the Jews in our midst began to knock out of our national life the things that we as a Christian nation held dear.

The symbolism of the death of our society is that we lost the relationship with the knowledge which made us great. Except for a few we did not protest as a society, and we went along with the world order because of the love of money perhaps. The Laodicean church age said...we have everything we need, and they are thus asleep or dead in symbolism to ...'Thus saith YAHWEH (God)'.

The enemy has tried by every method they can think of to mongrelize this race, to blot out its culture, thus taking away the great concepts and ideals of our forefathers. Why?...Because these came from Our Father, they are the secrets of our greatness.

But when all is said and done YAHWEH transplanted his family from heaven to earth, and we shall move until this earthly kingdom is 'as it is in heaven'. He thus starts to move His children and they begin to move. As they realize they are in Great Babylon (Micah 4:10) then it is time for our promised deliverance. And the symbolism we see even today is just to show us what time it is in this program of deliverance.

Today people are beginning to cry out, they are beginning to see this abomination of the desolator, some have been trying to show them this for years, but now it is close enough that they see this coming enslavement if they do not move. Such men as Gerald K. Smith, Henry Ford Sr., Gerald Winrod and many others over the years tried to warn this race. But we never forgot that YAHWEH said:...these bones will live for they are the whole House of Israel.

The Throne of David is the symbol of a kingdom administration, this has been ordained. You are therefore going to raise and walk and know that you have reached this age. You are facing restoration, and immortality and you will be joined by the Presence of YAHWEH Our King with all the promised protection as you finish this task.

Verse 28...'And the Heathen shall know that sanctify Israel when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for ever more.' What do we mean by this? When the heathen shall see that HE identifies himself with all the people of the nations of the kingdom, who are the 'Living Stones'...growing into a Holy Temple unto YAHWEH. These Living Stones are part of the symbolism of the Great Stone Kingdom Daniel saw set in place so long ago which would endure forever. As this kingdom is exposed there will be no more talk of the Jews as 'the chosen people'. The kingdom rule will expand all over the earth and these 'Tares'...will be gone from the earth, and the world order no more will be following the program of Satan... those High Mountains of Ezekiel's prophecy.

I can tell you for sure that as the dry bones, this whole House of Israel, now on their feet in our day start to move as our Father stirs this spirit within them, then everything this world order throws at them will not stop them. It will only stimulate them and keep their awakening going, and Great Babylon, the symbol of all this Luciferian program will be like a great millstone thrown into the sea. Oh, it will make waves as it falls but never the less it will vanish and never be seen any more unless someone tries to revive it, but to all intent and purposes it is finished.

(Oh, they may pick on a little radio station in the heart of Kansas, or they may succeed in the Martyrdom of a Patriot Kinsman but this helps to open blind eyes of our people.)

QUESTION:...Is there any connection between the kingdom age, and the Millennium, and what is supposed to happen in each?

ANSWER:...The Millennium sees the Kingdom rule set in place, and then extends all over the earth. The Millennium means 1000 years, or a number of years, and this also ties into the 'Day of the LORD'...for a day with The LORD is as a thousand years.

Now; these to be imprisoned during the millennium are Lucifer and his top fallen Angels, but that leaves his household, his seed and the seed of the fallen Angels to contend with and then to dispose of as the Kingdom Administration is set in place and perfected.

The date 1979 was an old date, long known, and none understood except that it would have something to do with Israel. Pyramidology says that is when the Millennium starts. We will know if this is the right date as time goes on.

Now; the Millennium does not start with the kingdom administration in place. are in Great Babylon when it starts. (Micah 4:10). 'Thou shalt go to Great Babylon and then you shall be delivered.' Also here in this fourth chapter of Micah is the prophecy of the administration of the kingdom being established in the top or highest of the nations of Israel, for instance these United States? Verse 10., describes the pain and labor to bring forth the kingdom rule, for Israel is dwelling in the field (world) and the enemy symbolized as Great Babylon is very strong.

So as the Millennium starts you are surrounded by the World Order, but now you are to...'Come out of her, oh my people' because Great Babylon is falling, and her fall is your deliverance. So right here in the midst of this corrupt world order the kingdom is rising to take over. The World Order will not see the kingdom administration rising for it comes very quietly as we are told..'like a thief in the night'. It has been developing and moving forward for some time, but the world order only gets disturbed as they see some Patriot...stand...but so far they have been able to contain this.

Now; the symbolism of the kingdom is (I Peter 2:4) 'Living Stones'...His household in earth. Thus the kingdom is people, a dynasty, a race, and their name Israel means 'Issue ruling with YAHWEH'.

The 'Day of the LORD' is also clearly connected with the Millennium and the kingdom age...remember it is written as The Great..and..terrible day of the LORD. Thus great for the kingdom and something different for the World Order. This is a date of political, economic, social and spiritual consequences, a date when the kingdom of God moves in to overthrow the powers of darkness. When the standards of Christ will be upon every high tower and every flag pole, upon every symbol in earth, a period of ultimate and achieved victory.

Now; to bring the climax of this situation then YAHWEH takes off the restraint (II Thessalonians 2:27) until all the powers of darkness rule in one final attempt to take over the world with a super world government of Luciferian power, where no man would be able to buy or sell unless they bow the knee to World Jewry.

The plan has always been to take over these United States because this nation is the resistance center of the Kingdom in earth so they must always keep our nation under their control. As we went into this period of the rising of the kingdom then we have also been in the time of the great apostasy termed in the Scripture the 'falling away'. This would be a time when the move is made to destroy our Faith, and to move in on education and destroy the history of our nation. The Rockefeller family was within this design and they did their part.

Now; the story of the kingdom is written in Mystery and allegory, and YAHWEH'S Spirit will unveil these Mysteries and make the symbols known unto you so that you will have the sure guidance and authority of His Word.

The Throne of David is a symbol of the administration of the kingdom in earth. The budding of Aaron's rod in the Ark of the Covenant is also a symbol of the administration of the kingdom in earth. And Zion is a symbol of the kingdom administration for 'The law goes forth out of Zion'.

The sign of the Son of Man in the heavens symbolizes at times this administration of the kingdom in earth for YAHSHUA is King of the kingdom, and the kingdom belongs to the children of the kingdom not to the World Order.

The Greek was a Mark to indicate a miracle or a wonder. It does not always mean YAHSHUA embodied every time it says:..'Sign of the Son of Man in the heavens.' The Ferrah Fenton Bible says:...'For like lightening bursts out with a flash from east to west, in like manner will the PRESENCE of the Son of Man be.'

Now; the U.S. never set a king in our form of government as this was to be the nation which would contain a representation of all Israel, thus the headquarters of the administration of the kingdom would be established in North America, or part in the U.S. and part in Canada, perhaps as this would also represent both Manasseh and Ephraim, both houses of the tribe of Joseph.

Now; we have been under the yoke of Great Babylon for some a greater degree at times than others, then we would shake off the parasites and move forward a little better. But at this time today people are beginning to realize once again that there is something wrong. And as they do this the enemy steps up his pressure to hold you imprisoned. The climax of Armageddon is the coming out from under the rule of Great Babylon or the Satanic kingdoms rule. Most every thing in our national life is done against the laws of God. But as Israel gets to crying out then Our Father begins to awaken his children and to help your deliverance. But the enemy will never take over America completely as this is not the picture for the kingdom. Oh, it may seem like it, but as Israel cries out then you also awaken and Our Father comes to help in our deliverance. You say when does these ships of space come to help? They have been here for some time..they take care of those out of the Netherworld as portrayed in Revelation chapter 9..for you are fighting on more than one plane.

Now; the PRESENCE of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA means that He will not always be visible to the World Order, or even to all Israel at this time of the rising of the kingdom, but this sign..or mark of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens tells His children in earth that the end of the age is coming and many things are to happen. 'As lightening from east to west' signifies the climax of events..this is fast as the kingdom administration is exposed to the world order...already set in place.

But before this happens we are promised a short work of righteousness, this is termed the 'Latter Rain', or the latter outpouring of HIS Spirit to accomplish this task before us. This time unlike the former rain at Pentecost it will be with the power much greater, after all this is the final struggle with the children of Anti-Christ and we will need all the help that is available.

The Scripture says that seven shepherds and eight principal men will be raised up. In symbolism seven is the number of perfection thus this will mean that there will be men leading the sheep...Israel who will feed the sheep with the Gospel of the Kingdom and all that it contains. Thus the number 777 signifies Adamites restored, and 888 is the number of the New Order of the ages with the kingdom administration all over the earth and YAHSHUA as King. Zechariah 14., has this story as the 'Day of the LORD'.

So what do we look for in the kingdom age, this period of 1000 years??? Well, all Israel is to be restored thus the increase of this kingdom, of it there will be no end.' Isaiah 9:6-7.

At the climax of the Battle of Armageddon as we come out from under the control of Great Babylon, then Michael and the hosts of heaven will be all the reinforcements we need. And with that we will finally see the children of YAHWEH acting like children, and the people who have served Lucifer and his children are going to have to serve YAHWEH as YAHSHUA whether they like it or not. The earth under the rule of the kingdom will produce more food, and even the world order nations will go to work and there will be plenty of food for everyone. They will work for themselves and after all pagan gods and pagan temples are destroyed they will be able to respond to your teaching. The children of the kingdom will then be able to teach the nations of the world and without the influence of Lucifer which is now chained up, they will be able to receive and to recognize YAHSHUA as YAHWEH the Great God of the Heavens that their ancestors worshiped so long ago before the rebellion of Satan. Isaiah 14:12-27.

YAHWEH'S Spirit will reach out to every Israelite and they will come back to HIM, this is the restoration of Israel, this is their salvation.

There is nothing like this Gospel of the Kingdom, it reaches out eventually to everyone, it teaches the restitution of all things. It does not destroy everyone that hasn't been admitted to a church as some would have you believe. However salvation is not the same for everyone, it is one thing for the children of the kingdom and another say for the Chinese. Salvation puts everyone back where they belong, and even destroys the evil nature some have. Thus salvation is also a part of this kingdom picture.

Scripture then says:...'All flesh shall be saved'..or put back in its proper order. This carries on even after the Millennium period, thus the thousand years just starts many things in this kingdom administration, and carries on beyond that period, and we do not know how long it will take to get all of Lucifers children straightened out. They have to go live by themselves and quit being parasites on our race, and that will be hard on them.

But the promise is that the kingdom shall rise, that the administration of the kingdom will be set in place, and then it moves out over the Israel nations and the rest of the world. Then in the midst of all this crud and corruption we see today, still the kingdom is here, it is natural, it is true and people will see it. They will also understand that the administration of the kingdom is not for everyone. They will see this as a factor in the deliverance of YAHWEH'S people.

What is the greatest blinder to our people today? It is the control of our communications, the written and spoken WORD. Because of that control the church today many times is teaching false doctrines, does not teach the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached (Matthew 4:23) in fact doesn't even know there is a Gospel of the Kingdom. Instead they use the semantics to have them do the work of the One World Church. We have been told that if we give our blessings to the enemy that we are not pleasing Our Father, instead we are partakers of their evil deeds, so no wonder we are in such a battle for survival today. Many...too many of our people do this and our leaders give it away all the time.

You say...what are the signs that we look for? Well first came the sign in February 4, 1962..The Sign of the Son of Man in the Heavens that Enoch had prophesied so long ago as being the beginning of the end of the age, and that situation. We saw the heathen mourn because they thought the end of the world was coming (Matthew 24:28), but it was the coming of a new age, the one age always overlaps the other. After the Pyramid date of 1979 we have to look for the Celestial message, for there is no dating in the Kings Chamber of the Pyramid for this time. Enoch said this message would bring a great stirring against those powers of darkness which we know today as Zionism or World Jewry. He said this power would build up a great world order of evil and gather all the dusty races of earth to hurl them against you, and we have seen this happening here in our time.

How long does this climactic battle last?? I don't know but many times the nine month figure comes up in Scripture a woman in travail.. ..and about to give birth and so forth. Probably the enemy will work for an ultimatum for the U.S. to surrender completely to the World Order. But some of Israel will be so stimulated as to fight against this and others will rise to follow until you will see a great coming together in Identity as Ezekiel tells we stand..ONE stick in His hand, and Satans children will be whipped right here in the U.S. and then Britain and Germany will join our stand, and then all Israel nations will come under the administration of the kingdom. Yes, there will be a U.S. of A., there will be many nations under the administration of the Kingdom. Yes..but One Kingdom, gradually then all people of other races will go back to their own countries for Scripture says:...'Everyone under his own fig tree and his own vine,' this will identify them, for YAHSHUA said:...I am the vine, ye are the branches and He was speaking of Israel. People will come here to the U.S. to learn, after the kingdom administration is in place, but they will not stay permanently for segregation will again be the rule.

Eventually YAHSHUA..Christ is to return, first I think His PRESENCE will be felt rather than His manifestation seen. But even then some of Israel will have put on immortality at the time of the Latter Rain. Then all Israel will be brought back to HIM, and then will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. The identifying factor here is that all the world will know that HE has loved us, this will be brought out as we are delivered from Great Babylon.

Now; as Babylon falls this great one world control of politics, money and religion by World Jewry..ends, and we will again have a U.S. Bank backed by production for our money. Our factories and mines and businesses of all kinds will be operating smoothly once more, and we will be producing the goods we need, and the money system will be operated without Usuary. Those who make money with money they did not produce, are the curse called Usuary and they will be removed from our land. The people of the U.S. will finally know that the Merchants of Great Babylon as they are symbolized in the Scripture are Jewry, the Illuminati, and so forth. Their Bnai' Brith' and ADL and all their like organizations are a part of this Mystery Babylon and communism is their political system.

The Jubilee year of Israel shall be restored, reinstated, and undoubtedly the redemption of Israel will be on a Jubilee year, after that we will never fall again. Yes, the administration of the kingdom will find many changes in our way of life. Symbolically the Supreme Court will consist of the Apostles with Mathias counted in their number. The political leaders will be those who have fought the enemy and planned always for the kingdom. In fact I think there will be a Celestial administration with the Apostles as the Supreme Court and the disciples in their government positions, the leaders of the 12 tribes as judges over Israel. This is perfected administration as an example, a symbol for the kingdom administration here in the physical. And at least some of our physical administrators will be able to commune with this Celestial administration in earth until it also is 'As it is in heaven'. With men in control of the administration of that caliber then the rule of 'the rod of iron' which is TOTAL JUSTICE can move out over the whole earth. There will be no usuary charged, and the cancellation of debt will be done periodically. The poor will not be taken advantage of, and huge profits will be eliminated. One years rest out of every seven for the people and for the fields will be reinstated. And two years rest every 50 years. Real estate will be returned to the original land owners every Jubilee and everyone will own their own homes tax free, with no other taxes. The tithe you will give freely to maintain the kingdom will be suffice for the operation of the administration. For the military, back under the law...YAHSHUA as commander in chief, and men 21 years of age and upward will serve as designated during war time, and on a compulsory basis in Peace time but a voluntary basis in war time. As the religion of the kingdom...all sects will be done away more denominations, and not even the hierarchy like the Papacy of Rome, the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, and of course the T.V. Evangelists will also be gone. And from the pulpits of the land will come the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached. The golden rule and Christian principals will be once more in operation in our land, and will move out over the world. Your money in gifts will finally be used to further the work of the kingdom.

We are to be a great and mighty people, and we will finally start fulfilling our destiny as we start acting like sons and daughters. We are going to rule and reign with YAHSHUA from this Throne right here in earth, and yes even out over the Universe. When you see the word Son used in connection with this Gospel then remember daughters are there in their place also for of the increase of this kingdom there is to be no end.

Now; II Peter 3:10....the kingdom comes as a thief in the night, signifying that it comes quietly and the World Order doesn't see it coming. I Peter 2:4...YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA comes to the kingdom as Kinsman... Bridegroom married to Israel, but the World Order does not understand this, and just continues its persecution of the kingdom until it falls away, and the kingdom is exposed.

Now; the Kingdom age, 'The Day of the LORD', the Millennium...all start with this struggle to set the kingdom administration in place. So going back once more in history we see the earthly administration in place. Even at Mt. Sinai (Exodus 21:23), and Jesus referred to the kingdom as the kingdom of God or the kingdom of Heaven, then He said:...My kingdom is not of this World Order. Then in the sermon on the Mount He said:...'I come not to destroy (the law) but fulfill (the prophets).' Matthew 5:17-19. So the law given at Mt. Sinai is still in effect and Romans 3:3 we then make void the law thru Faith? God forbid..yea we establish the law.' And this law is still for use in the kingdom age, all spelled out for us, so we don't need to develop the law for the kingdom administration, that has already been done. We have to just remove the lawyers who have changed and twisted the law.

The New Heaven and New Earth, John in Revelation talks about, is the development of the administration of the kingdom as it comes to its full potential. The Millennium will see this new order set in place early and at the end of the time even under the rule of Justice still as Satan calls you will see one more time the ones who represent Gog and Magog will rise and come against the kingdom people one more time, but this time they will be totally consumed and finally every weapon then will be cast down, every knee will finally bow and that will end rebellion in earth. And the prophecy will then be fulfilled...'In earth as it is in heaven'...for this is what YAHSHUA taught us to pray.

This Davidic Throne is the symbol of the kingdom administration and it is also an Eternal Throne. Psalm 89:34-37. And here today this final battle will be over the Bible...what does it say and who are the people of the Book. Here today we find the T.V. Evangelists and many of the churches saying that the Jews are the chosen people, and Israel is the land of the Bible and we must establish the Jews as rulers of the world, given them all the land in the Mid-east which God gave to Abraham, no matter what kind of people they are today or what they do...this must be done before America can be blessed. They take this from the Scripture where YAHWEH is talking to Abraham (Genesis 12:3) but nowhere in the Bible does it say that Abraham was a Jew, or that Noah, or Seth or Adam was Jewish, and even Isaac and Jacob are still not called Jews, but they just say the Old Testament people are Jews so that is the story.

Now; the Jews claim this Chosen people identification is their place in history. They mostly start their religion Judaism out by saying they are from Abraham, thus they are Israel. Sometimes they mention Noah and one of his sons but not to often until they dreamed up the word Anti-semantic.

But nowhere do I find in their writings that they claim to be the children of spirit, and thru Adam bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. They talk a lot about the God of Israel, but never acknowledge YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, who came as Savior of Israel. HIM they deny with a vengeance. you never see the Jews mention that Israel is blind to their destiny...that 'Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the nations is come.' Romans 11:25...meaning all those nations of Daniel's prophecy as this Stone Kingdom prophecy was set in place. Those run their course and then comes the Kingdom rule showing the great difference. The eighth power would be communism led by the same people...World Jewry, but that is the last one, and it is to reach its end also.

In this instance you are told in II Maccabees 6:14....'In the case of the nations YAHWEH waits patiently to punish them until they have reached the full measure of their sins; but He does not deal with us (His children) in this manner so that he not take vengeance on us afterwards when our sins have reached their height.' Therefore He never withdraws His Mercy from us altho He disciplines us with catastrophes. Yet He does not forsake His people. Always we have had this promise of Grace to a race, and thru our race then even restoration of our race, and the eventual restitution of all things. But never do we find even a mention of this in Zionism, for it is always Chosen People and slaves, with wealth and power to the slave master. They are in fact their own Messiah, thus our YAHSHUA they call a devil and Lucifer is their god.

In the book 'Judaism' by Isidore Epstein you find the basis of the Jewish claim that they are the Israel of the Bible. Starting with the claim that Abraham is the progenitor, the author covers briefly the story of the children of Israel at Mt. Sinai and then on into Palestine. The ten northern tribes then go into captivity and he says:...(Quote) 'Thus did Judah share the fate of the ten tribes which was captive. But while all the other tribes vanished and merged with their captors Judah alone survived. But out of the crucible of exile and affliction Judah emerged, purged and purified into a new people...the Jews. Spreading quickly thru out the earth, the Jews carried the message of Judaism, shaped and nurtured by a faith which was impervious to change of circumstance and environment Judaism in captivity not only survived, but also developed a dynamic which in turn was destined to captivate the world.' (Unquote)

Alright; ..the faith of Adam, Seth and on down thru Noah to Abraham was explained in Hebrews 2, and was not Judaism was it? From the sacrifice presented by Abel onward they were looking forward to the coming of Messiah and their redemption.

Oh! The Jews claim the prophets as well, but they interpret them this way: (Quote)...The prophets interpreted the knowledge of God with great force, and freshness leading thereby to the new religion of Israel into new paths through which it became the common inspiration of mankind, with them ...has been well marked, developed and a new interpretation of religion.


Well, this may be the religion of Judaism with the interpretation by their Rabbi ever changing...their Scripture in the Talmud. But it is not the Faith of the 'called out' children of YAHWEH. The kingdom rule with YAHSHUA as King has no part or lot in Judaism. There is also no Judeo-Christian relationship as they would have you think. If you are talking about Christianity starting in Judea from it did not start at that time or with them. The Gospel of the Kingdom came to earth with Adam, was carried down thru the race as the promise of redemption and restoration. This Gospel of the Kingdom was preached by Jesus, and will be set in place by this Stone Kingdom as prophesied by Daniel. It will be permanent for, remember, it is an Eternal Throne and Eternal Administration.

Yes, there are areas of Judgment taught in the Scriptures. One of these is spoken of as the Judgment seat of Christ. When the household of Israel, or an individual of Israel moves in Faith then they develop as they move. YAHSHUA sent out the message to the Lost Sheep of Israel of resurrection and restoration and the message moved out thru the Nordic, Lombardic, Germanic, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, and kindred people, and they were to develop and move in destiny with the message of the kingdom. The pattern was that now when they died their spirit would return to He who gave it. No more would they be confined to the Netherworld for HE their Father had come, and made the atonement and the resurrection had been accomplished. This had been taught thru out Israel's history and they were looking forward to the day when Messiah would come. Then came the Apostles and the disciples that the 'WORD' had come....Messiah had come, the resurrection is over with and when they understood then Israel accepted the WORD gladly.

Even the law had not been set aside, for what YAHWEH had promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had been promised to Seth, to Adam and to Noah which was that He was building a great kingdom with this race.

After the resurrection then Israel knew that their restoration was on the way. They knew that now when they died here in the physical world that they would be ushered back into the refining Glory of YAHWEH and into the areas of His work as YAHSHUA Savior and they could look forward to their resurrection and restoration day. They were not judged in Christ, but fulfilled in Christ. Thus on down to today when the work of the kingdom is to bring down Great Babylon forever, the message to the 'called out' ones is to accomplish this as a nation, as a people. We are to stop this last great attempt to destroy our Faith, but mixing it with the World Order until you lose sight of the great Mosaic of the Gospel of the kingdom is not the way.

You are told that for the survival of our race before the point is reached where there would be 'no flesh' left...meaning no one in the flesh here with this spirit of YAHWEH in them, then to prevent that He would shorten the time, or the strength of the enemy by quickening our society until we respond and overthrow this evil and reassert Our Faith. In otherwords our race is meant as to being changed, as the kingdom comes forth into the view of Israel it will be as tho looking in a glass and beholding the Glory of YAHSHUA...for you are thus being changed from glory to Glory as you grow in this knowledge.

You are going to participate in this liberation of the earth whether or not you want to. You will watch a great spiritual current start to move in your body and it will rejuvenate you; and it will be as tho you are returning to your youth. I Peter 1:19.

This is all a part of this Gospel of the Kingdom, this administration over earth. You have never seen the beauty of flowers and vegetation that will be growing around your homes, the earth will bloom from one end to the other. You have been told that you will live in the midst of the beauty of the tall Redwoods, the Myrtle wood and so forth. Today many of our people do not know they exist but this will all change. There will be no shortage of food in the kingdom, no depressions, no recessions, and no Jew will handle the economy of earth anymore for there will not be Cainanite left in the House of God. Zechariah 14:21.

Life will be similar in many ways in the kingdom, you will live like sons and daughters with dignity in earth. You are going to carry on as our Father wishes...the Father will have shown the world order that He has loved you, and the day will come when chastisement are no longer necessary. There will be children born in America, and we are told that a child at 100 years will be as he is today. This does not mean that he isn't going to grow up, but today a man of 100 years is an old man. But in the kingdom someone 100 years of age won't even think anymore of his longevity. People will be multiplying, and death will gradually disappear for those of the kingdom. This does not mean there will be no death in the world, because the Luciferian seed, altho they have known the perfection of the kingdom will still join Lucifer when he calls, they will later one more time gather to attack the kingdom so they will still be in their cycle, it is only that separated from evil they will behave.

We are told that 'eye hath not seen, nor ear heard' all that there will be to do and to see when we reach this point when we no longer go wrong. Each will conform to HIS image who belongs to this household of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. Thus the kingdom age is the perfection and restoration of Israel.

When the spirit is enveloped once more in Shekinah Light of Divine Presence there will then be no death, no aging of tissue only a perfect glandular balance. This is all in the purpose and the plan of His kingdom, in the promise that ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED.

Yes, I think we will see YAHSHUA walking among men once more, for he comes as Kinsman redeemer, and King, and with these eyes and in this body you will see Him but gradually it will be a perfect body once more. He is not a mythical God, He is Our Father, this is His Kingdom, and as His children it belongs to us. He has been seen on earth before, and He will be again, and even for those without His Spirit, life will be grand and will last a long time after they have achieved their restoration, so there is promise for all in this GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM. It seems so strange then that our people fight it so much does it not?

You about those who died before this kingdom comes to its fullness? Well! we believe that they will live again in the physical bodies in the days of resurrection if they did not do what they were supposed to do the first time,...for you finish the job, but all those things are planned for as well, and we will watch for such developments. But all Adamites will live as sons and daughters of the Great God of the Heavens, and when you work is finished here then you will move on to other jobs for it is a big Universe out there. The laws of YAHWEH enforced with a rod of iron makes even those with an immature nature behave and thus you have a wonderful place to live.

In some of the old writings we are told that the coming forth of the kingdom lasts for about a week of years (what ever that means) and this is a time of judgment on the World Order, it is a time of great upheavals, and catastrophe and yes, some martyrs of Israel, but it is also a new age when corruption passes away. YAHWEH is said to have made the world for the sake of man, but the new age for the sake of few. It is for Israel that Paradise is opened, the Tree of Life planted, the age to come is prepared, a city (kingdom) built in earth.

As to whether HIS Presence is near to us in this time of trouble... there has been reports for instance in Sweden:...'armies of tremendous size were seen, equipped with armor, walking over the hills. In Scotland and in Belgium the great armies were also seen, so there are reinforcements standing by, and we are thus not alone. This is a battle we are going to win for Victory has been promised. As you find out who the enemy is...they will run. If we acted like Jesus we would make a whip and go after the money changers and they would run quicker. In Switzerland it was reported that a group of people were assembled, and YAHSHUA walked into the room, and then walked out again, but they said that the feeling of HIS Presence remained.

In the writings of II Esdras chapter 6:17., it says:....when the humiliation of Zion (the kingdom) is complete, then the seal is placed upon the age which is about to pass away, then will I show these signs:...'the books will be opened before the firmament and all shall see it together. Infants one year old shall speak with their voices and women with child shall give birth to premature children at three and four months, and these shall live and dance. Sown places shall suddenly appear un-sown and full storehouses shall suddenly be found empty. And the trumpet shall sound aloud and when all hear it they shall be terrified. At that time friends shall make war with friends and the earth and those who inhabit shall be terrified, and the springs of the fountains shall stand still, so that for 3 hours they shall not flow, and it shall be that whosoever remains after all I have foretold shall be saved and shall see my salvation, and the end of this world order. You shall see men who were taken up, who from their birth have not tasted death (like Enoch, Elijah and so forth) and the heart of the earths inhabitants shall be converted to a different spirit. For evil shall be blotted out and deceit shall be quenched, faithfulness shall flourish and corruption overcome and the truth which has been so long without fruit shall be revealed.'

So....there are many things in this Gospel of the Kingdom, I am sure I have missed many of them, but this answer is long enough, will let you look for the rest.

We just want you to remember, that we have reinforcements standing by, and one of these days before we are overcome here in the physical they will come in to help. For it is our kingdom as Jesus taught us to Pray...and it will be done:...'Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name, they kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.'