ERM - Tape 006 - No Trinity; 5 And 6 Pointed Stars; Paul Taken To Heaven?

TAPE NO. 6..........BY Ella Rose Mast


1. No Trinity

2. The Six pointed star and the Five pointed star.

3. Who is Paul-Saul....was he taken into the Heavens

Question: I have heard you say that there is no trinity, but we are taught much about the trinity, the Godhead, so how do you explain these many things in the Bible which point toward the trinity? And if no trinity then where did this error start?

Answer: You are asking about this idea of a multiple Godhead, of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? But let's go back in history, way back to the time just after the flood when Noah and his family were expanding and multiplying, and moving out on their migrations. Of course you realize that the flood of that time was up in the High Tarim Basin in the Steppes of Asia and not all over the earth.

As the Japhet line expanded they moved mostly east and south. The Ham line and the Shem line with Noah started to the west and south in the path which the earlier Adamic people had followed as they came out of that great Basin. Finally they came into the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and here they built a great civilization and spread out. By the time that Nimrod, a descendent of Ham, grew to manhood the ruled over a great Empire at its height. The Shemites moved further to the west and south, but some of them lived in this area with the Hamites, and they learned that the Cainanites had killed all the Adamites in the land of what was later called Palestine and Jerusalem. That after Enoch and Job had taken that great company into Egypt for their work, the Cainanites came in and wiped out all the Adamic race of that area. So the Hamites and Shemites warred against these hill country Cainanites, and Scripture says that Nimrod was a mighty hunter before YAHWEH.

Yes, Ham broke Divine law, and that was a blot on the family name, but it effected only one child. The Hamites were a branch of the Adamic race, and later when their work on earth was done their line ends when they became absorbed by other races. But they left their mark in history.

The Shem line was to come on down in purity, and it was from the Shem line that Abraham would come. And as Nimrod ruled he had as his Prime Minister...Terah, the father of Abraham...a Shemite. So you see the Shemite families were living in this area as well that was ruled over by Nimrod. But as this great Empire reached its height then Nimrod as he grew older allowed the Yehudin Priests from India to enter this land, and they of course clustered around the kings court. They begin to bring in beautiful women from India and other places for a Harem for Nimrod, and he began to fall for the age old wrecker of Empires...mongrelization.

Finally Nimrod made a dark skinned girl from India his Queen, and they produced a son. This started the mixing of the white Hamites, and if fact this Queen, Semiramis, was a mixture of races herself. In this way the pagan Priests sought to transfer their trinity of Lucifer and Lilth, and any embodied offspring in symbolism to Nimrod, to capture this white civilization, and Nimrod fell for this idea that he was a god, and thus the Empire was gradually taken over.

There at Old Babylon is where the idea of a trinity, multiple gods started in the White race, and it kept on coming down until it came into Christianity the Christ, thru the Virgin Birth, in that Church.

Now; the trinity did not exist in any Scripture, only in the Babylonian doctrine until the translated the Douay version, and the King James version of the Bible from the old Latin Vulgate. It was called the Douay version of the Old Testament because it was published at Douay, France 1609. But the trinity did not exist in scripture, even after the council of Nicaea in 325 A.D., except they had the Babylonian doctrines available. But when they translated the Douay Version from the Latin Vulgate then every time they came to the name of YAHWEH, they would translate his name as God, and they would say this is the Father. But no where in the Scripture did it ever say:... God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, for these three are one.

Now; go back into the Scripture in the Septuagint and actually the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Living YAHWEH, it is not a person. It was simply that the doctrine being formed was to have a multitude of gods. Thus Babylonian theology was incorporated into Christianity, and they did this slowly. And you found theology gradually accepting trilogy until there was an old man, and Jesus Christ the Son, or the young man, and also there was the Holy invisible God or a spirit.

Scoffield in his Bible translation, in his notes tells you that two Jewish Priests or Monks by the name of Aranius and Hipolanious put their Babylonian theology of the trinity into the Scripture. Other translation will put this in their footnotes, but the King James Version usually does not. Perhaps it is because of the 165 men who came to translate the King James Version of Scripture, 65 of them were Jews, and should not have been in the group.

But as you understand once more the name of YAHWEH, that God is just a Title, then you will see the fallacy of the trinity which was added about 9 times in the New Testament translation after the Jews came in to influence doctrine. As you know the Babylonians had a big dog they worshiped for one of their gods, and they called it God. But this idea of Jesus sitting on the right hand of God was first introduced when they began to blend into the Scriptures this Babylonian theology of multiple gods. But Scoffield and others told you of this, and it is correct that in the ancient Scriptures such as the Sinatic, and even in the first Vatican Bible this was not found. This add-on such as in the Book of Mark and Matthew for instance saying:..'Baptize in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost was not in the Original'. You do not find this in the Book of Acts either which is a record of the early church. You are to be baptised in the name of YAHSHUA, he is our Savior. But when some were not happy with this then Dr. Swift baptised them this way:...'In the name of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA, he is our Savior.' You are to be baptised in the name of Yahshua. Since the three were mentioned this seemed to satisfy some people. I am sure that our Father understands our ignorance, but the fact remains there is only one name in the heavens and in earth by which you can be saved, and that name is YAHSHUA...even tho we translate it JESUS THE CHRIST.

When Peter was preaching after receiving his re-awakening at Pentecost he was asked by the Israelites who listened, and were 'added to the assembly' ...what shall we do to get out of these errors since Messiah has come and redeemed us? Peter answered:...'Be ye baptised everyone of you in the name of YAHSHUA. It is translated Jesus Christ, but Jesus is YAHSHUA and Christ is from the Greek word Christos and it means, embodied...Acts 2:37-38.

What was being done here was that they wee trying to fit the pagan into the Great Mosaic of the Scriptures where it does not belong, and men did things to the Scripture trying to do this. We have the Eternal Father, the Father of our race, His Israel, Issue ruling with HIM, this distinction belongs to our race and no other. When YAHWEH was embodied as YAHSHUA Savior and He taught us to pray:...Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.' We acknowledge Him all the way thru the Old Testament, then after He paid the price, after the Atonement was made then later added the Trinitarian doctrine.

In this way then the Book of Mark was added to also and those verses 9 thru 20 of chapter 16, were put in to carry forward this idea of embracing the pagans, and the trinity was then used to embrace the world order, and go out and baptize every creature in the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, and they who believed would be saved, and those who believed not, are damned. Most Bible versions will tell you that this was not in the original Scriptures but over the years it would creep into theology until people would forget to read the notes at the bottom of the page. This play on Salvation then reduced the power of our Father to bring forth this kingdom...leaving salvation simply mans choice, and the church focus then was on saving a person, maybe time after time, forgetting the Gospel of the Kingdom which YAHSHUA preached....Matthew 4:23.

In the Book of Matthew chapter 28, two verses were added to back up the Babylonian theology. They even printed it in RED in the King James Version to convince you that YAHSHUA said this. But if YAHSHUA said anything like this it would have been:...'Go unto my kinsmen and give them the good tidings, and baptize them in my name', and this name is YAHSHUA, but again, this was not in the original Scripture.

There are other places in Scripture that should be looked at concerning this subject. In the Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah chapter 8, it is speaking of His Elect, His servants, in other words His race, this is Israel of Scripture, and he is telling you what you are to do in the earth. Then in verse 8 HE says:...'I am YAHWEH that is my name, and my Glory I will not give to another'. This in translation is LORD, but actually the word LORD is Baalie or Lucifer, so the translators were taking the name of YAHSHUA or YAHWEH out of your mouth and substituting the name of Baal.

Now; look at Isaiah 43:11...'I am YAHWEH beside me there is no other Savior.' In other words I am YAHWEH and embodied I am YAH-SHUA your Savior. Yah is the ancient name, and Shua means Savior. Then verse 15.. 'I am YAHWEH your holy one, the creator of Israel, your king'...In the Old Testament the proper theology is always:...'Hear O Israel, YAHWEH is thy YAHSHUA (Savior).'

Isaiah 44:....'I am YAHWEH the king of Israel, the redeemer of Israel...I am the first, and I am the last, and beside me there is no God. Verse 8... 'Is there a God beside me? Nay there is no God, I know not any'. So you see how the name of YAHWEH has been taken out of your mouth, and they substituted the title of Lord which is Baal, but then again there were 165 men translating the King James Version of the Bible and 65 of them were Jews.

Now; Isaiah also saw the throne and only one sat on the throne. Enoch was taken to the throne on the Isle in the Pleiades, and one sat on the throne, then this one came to Enoch embodied and as Melchizedek, the High Priest of His race. Ezekiel also had quite an experience and he tells us about it in the first chapter. The great Celestial fleet came in and he saw a throne, and only ONE sat on the throne, and yet many times YAHWEH has appeared to some in Israel.

Isaiah 9:6, sums it all up....'Unto us (Israel-Adamic race) a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his name shall be called, wonderful, councillor, the mighty YAHWEH the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.'

Alright:...We are told that the Virgin Mary conceived by the Holy Ghost or Spirit, so the Holy Spirit and the Father have to be one, or the Father is not the Father of the Son as theology teaches. Then if the Holy Spirit and the Father are one, then the Holy Spirit, the Father and YAHSHUA who is called Jesus Christ in translation have to be one and the same because HE told his disciples he would send the Paraclete which is His consciousness, or Holy Spirit and he clinched it when he said:...'I come unto you.'

Now; the mystery and miracle of the Immaculate conception is that YAHWEH brought his body which he had before the foundation of the world...rolled it into a seed and by the power of thought planted it in the Womb of the Virgin Mary, and then brought forth as a babe out of this Adamic race... His Israel on the earth, and fulfilled prophecy which was even outlined in the Star Bible. He identified with his race coming as Savior as he promised before the foundation of the world.

Oh, you say but still the Bible says that Jesus ascended into the heavens and now sits on the right hand of the Father. Again the pattern developed in translation after the church decided to frame a doctrine of trinity. In the original after YAHSHUA finished his work here in earth HE ascended... went back into the throne of the heavens, and from there he lifts up the Scepter hand of Authority, in otherwords the right hand means the symbol of authority. And the mystery then unfolds. YAHWEH conceived in the flesh, He was seen by men, they born witness of HIM. He was justified in the spirit, was crucified, declared dead, was buried, and then resurrected. He preached unto the nations and then went back into the dimensions. Thus it is not true that no one has seen God as you sometimes hear.

Again in Colossians you are told that this man called Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He told his disciples that it was necessary that he return, go back into the spirit which is translated Father. Thus HE is Spirit, Soul, and Body, in other words the Holy Ghost is the MIND of YAHWEH. 'The Son of God' in translation is YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA and issue out of the Spirit, which is translated Son.

Some people even go out on a limb and say the second coming of Christ has already occurred. That Christ returned as the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. But this is just that he sent his consciousness into complete communion with the individual. He put the Disciples and Apostles and all Israel eventually back in touch with their inner consciousness of Spirit, and he could do this because you are Spirit of His Spirit. Thus you are in the image of the are Spirit, Soul, and Body. You have a Celestial body which is made out of the elements of Light, and modern physicists have established this. By using ultra patterns of photography and proper background they have proved the emanation of the aura, and you are thus identified.

Another point people argue about is the translation in the Book of Daniel and in Revelation as it talks about the ancient of days, about his hair white as snow. But this is translation trying to explain Eternity....'I am today, yesterday, and tomorrow...Alpha and Omega with the white hair being effulgent Glory. But still people argue that this is the old man, then there is Jesus the Son who didn't come along until He was begotten, but they overlook Hebrews 13:8....Jesus Christ who is YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA-Savior in the flesh, and is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Now; Acts the old Darby Version of Scripture reads this way:... 'Stephen opened his eyes, and he saw YAHWEH (God) on the throne, and it was none other than Jesus who he had testified of! But the Jews standing by shut their eyes and gnashed their teeth and screamed.' Remember the Apostle Paul was there when Stephen was stoned to death. At that time he was still a mixed up Israelite who thought the Jews had to be those with the correct religion because they controlled the Temple, and the rituals at that time. Saul (Paul) had not had his consciousness reawakened, this would occur on the road to Damascus, and after that he would be the Apostle to the nations of Lost Israel. Jesus said:...'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free..John 8:32.' And the Apostle Paul would be set free after he had a thorough education as to who the Jews were of that day. I sometimes think that has to happen to many of our people of today.

Now; in the 14th., chapter of John there is also some translation which confuses people. Here YAHSHUA was revealing to this disciples many deep mysteries. He said it was necessary that he return back into the spirit, and they translated this...Father, and that in the spirit there are many dimensions or dwelling places. He was making it clear that He is the Father of Spirit, and that He was standing there in a flesh body. And in verse 9, He said:..'Have I been with you so long, yet you do not know me Philip? He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father (Spirit).' Then in verse 10:..'I am the Father (Spirit) and the Father (Spirit) is in me.' Then verse 17:.. 'The spirit of truth which the world can't receive, it can't see HIM, or know HIM, but you can receive HIM because His spirit is in you'.

Another example of a deep mystery hard for people to understand was the prayer that John records in chapter 17 as tho he were a part of it, but he really wasn't, He was just inspired to record it so that records of time would hold the thoughts which proceed thru the mind of this embodied YAHWEH. This is one of the greatest prayers of all times if you but under- stand what YAHSHUA in the physical body was saying to the spirit. HE said: ..Agra Pneumos..which is spirit, or Father of all matter...the hour has come so glorify this embodied form so that this embodied form may glorify thee. Thus the spirit gives power to the flesh, that He should give Eternal Life to all that the spirit had given HIM. This Life Eternal is that the children may know that the true God is YAHSHUA this embodiment of YAHWEH, this ONE who is translated as Jesus Christ. YAHSHUA said:..'I have glorified thee on earth, I have finished the work thou (spirit) gave me to do, so now Father (spirit) glorify me with thine self, with the Glory I had when I was in thee (spirit) before the world was framed.' Again notice how much more understandable this is as you understand the flesh consciousness is speaking to the spirit. Lets read it this way:...I have glorified spirit on earth, I have finished the work spirit gave me to do, so now spirit glorify or envelope me with the glory I had when I was in spirit before the world was framed. You remember that YAHSHUA showed some of the disciples some of this glory on the Mount of Transfiguration.

In speaking of His children He said:...Thou (spirit) gavest them to me, and they have kept thy word. This is a pattern of translation, but this embodied YAHSHUA was saying that these children belonged to Him here in the flesh as YAHSHUA for he was their Savior. He did not pray for the world either. He prayed for those the spirit had given him thus he said:..'They are thine (spirit) and thine are mine'. So here in the flesh they are His and they were His in the Celestial before the world was framed. This again is Establishing the ONENESS OF YAHWEH WHO IS YAHSHUA and today he is called ....God. But in trying to translate this prayer that John was inspired to record they had Jesus praying to his Father, when in reality this was the communing of the mind of YAHWEH now embodied in flesh, with the Celestial mind. In other words the flesh reaching for the spiritual realm. His soul consciousness was communing with His spiritual entity just as you reach from your physical brain into your spiritual consciousness for spiritual guidance. The more you do this the more you are guided by the spirit, and it shows up in the lives of individuals. Yes, the message to 'HEAR O ISRAEL, YAHWEH WHO IS THY YAHSHUA SAVIOR IS ONE.'

Even the Ishmalites, the Arabs caught this pattern as they said:...Allah Allah Akabar....YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is ONE and Mohammed is his prophet. King Abdullah of Iraq said that Christ and Allah are ONE and this had a great effect on the whole Muhammadan world, so the Jews had him killed. Ibn Saud told President Roosevelt that America is Israel, and they, the Arabs are Ishmael. And President Roosevelt reported this to the Congress, but he didn't live long after that. King Fisal of Saudia Arabia came to the U.S. in 1966 and he brought a Moslem Plaque to the nations of Israel...U.S.A.

Now; when someone tries to uphold the theology of the trinity they always have a hard time trying to find something for the Father to do, because you are told that Jesus made everything, that by HIM everything was made, that was made. Thus he stands on his vast creation, and in every creation he stands on the edge of it, and never was there a time when he was non-existent. This is why we have a Universe that moves in cycles, and circles, why the pattern of creation is constant and Eternal, for this Eternal is almost a cycle in itself.

Perhaps I should add one more example, for the trinity is Babylonianism, that is where it began with the penetration of the Adamic Race so long ago. But think for a moment about Colossians 1:15...'YAHSHUA the first formed of every creature.' This was the synthesis of the body. In other words this body for HIM was the first formed of his creation.

And now the word...Son in Scripture confuses people, but this word son means begotten issue. Thus YAHSHUA was the only begotten issue out of the Adamic Race...BY THE SPIRIT, therefore he is called the second man (Adam) by way of identification with his race...I Corinthians 15:47.

The message for our race is that we are begotten of the spirit, we are in his image, spirit, soul, and body, and pre-destination is our destiny.

Question: What is the difference between a six pointed star and a five pointed star? Isn't the six pointed star considered a Jewish star?

Answer: The difference is one more point. ha. Seriously there is nothing wrong with a six pointed star at all, and no it is not the Jewish star for it was a basic symbol in our Adamic race ages ago. It is a symbol with two pyramids representing the Kingdom of YAHWEH. One pyramid pointing upward, and one pointing downward. Thus this portrays the spiritual and the physical...His Kingdom in earth as it is in heaven. This is what the stars in the seal of the U.S. are trying to tell you.

Now; first the star with the six points and the 12 divisions was the symbol on the Shield of David. This symbolized the 12 tribes of Israel, the Levi now absorbed into all tribes, and the center or hub of course is YAHSHUA, this King of Israel. David was king in earth, on this throne of David which is a symbol of Administration, and is to be over all the earth as the kingdom comes to its fullness. It is a symbol of the administration by the sons of YAHWEH under His guidance.

As the Jews moved toward their final drive to take your inheritance they formed their six pointed star so as to make more authentic their claim of being Israel, they were just trying to steal the Star of David design. Remember that as Lucifer fell he lost his light-truth, and he was thus not able to create, only to destroy. Thus the children of the kingdom of Lucifer in trying to steal the symbol of the House of David did not use a true copy. They interwove the design not as one pyramid overlapping another, but as an interlaced set of triangles, so they could weave it with serpents and thus identify themselves. It is only the blinded Christians who do not see this. The Jews have no capacity to understand the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth joined. They only know they must war against it, and they do this in any way they can. It is the job of the sons and daughters of the kingdom to lift the standards of the kingdom and march forward to victory.

Today we seem to have come to that point in time when in a crisis condition America will have to chose whether to cast out this Babylonian economic system or descend into slavery forever. With that choice the stimulation by our Father of is sons and daughters will be such that we will have to move forward unto victory.

Now; remember Lucifer planned to eventually even be above YAHWEH himself. Read Chapter 14 of Isaiah, for it tells you of this, and it also tells you that YAHWEH has other plans. In verse the Ferrah Fenton Bible it says:..'And what should be said to the national leaders? That YAHWEH has built Zion (the kingdom), and in her the people trust.' Since we are the people, the New Jerusalem, this also applies to us because as this old world order under the abominations of the desolator (Lucifer) falls, the new world order arises. And as the struggle increased for control of the earth, then in their drive to take over the white mans inheritance world Jewry decided they must have the symbol of the House of David so as to use it to fool Christians. In the 1800's..first in Sweden, the Christian church finally declared the Jews were the Judah of the Bible. This spread and when that was not enough to satisfy them they declared that they were all that was left of the people of the Book, and the Christians were gentiles. But the Christians had to have something to hang on to since they believed in 'The Christ', so the rapture theory was brought out. But if Christians would look instead of just wait to be told, they would see that as the enemy formed their six pointed star that it was not even a good copy. The Jews know there are certain areas they can't understand, or get into, and they never move in on you until a person is fearful, thus they had to prepare the followers of YAHSHUA before they moved. This time would be known as the Great Apostasy for it was a drive to destroy your FAITH!

Now; do you know where the Sheriffs six pointed star came from? In the beginning when the money lenders of Europe were wanting to foreclose on property they had to have some official to serve papers and collect for them so they hired a bandit and they called him a sheriff, and they pinned a badge on him to impress people, and it was this six pointed star like the sheriffs wear today. This was how that star symbol was started.

Then as the Jewish money lenders gained control in England they established their system of sheriffs even before they had the banks under control. But in England under the Bank of England then the Jews controlled the sheriffs who were actually government authorities for the collection of funds for the bankers, the money lenders. In those days they only served papers and foreclosed on property.

Today the sheriff is a general law officer, but go back to New York not long back, and they were still just general bailiffs, they served papers on people because they were city, or local police.

The five pointed stars were used more readily after the six pointed star became identified with the Jews. In revolt against the Jews all the Aryan economy became tied to the five pointed star. In the days of George Washington, our forefathers knew the Jews were using the six pointed star for their sheriffs in England and Europe as they carried the foreclosure papers. So the founding fathers then decided we would use a five pointed star for our flag so that in no way would it be thought of as a flag of Jewry. Ben Franklin was very adamant on this point, that no six pointed star be used in any way in the flag of the U.S. Our forefathers did not recognize the Jews as being any part of Israel. And as they picked the symbol for the Seal of the U.S., they chose the 13 stars making the six points of a mighty Kingdom of YAHWEH building upward and downward. The Jews not understanding, thus in copying our star made it interloping, interwoven not overlaid as a whole picture of the kingdom...'in earth as it is in heaven'. They did however retain their identification with the symbol of the serpent...Revelation 12:9.

Now; the five pointed star has its significance for 5 is a symbol of Divine Grace. It carries the significance of spirit, soul and body, the triune mark of our Father, and also the restoration of his children in his image. Thus this star chosen for our flag was a wise choice. There is also much about this choosing, but that is another story.

Now; there is also a seven pointed star. As YAHSHUA went into the heavens to lift again the scepter from the throne in the Pleiades then over his shoulder he carried the seven pointed star symbol. Remember the Pleiades are seven Islands and this seven pointed star symbolizes control of the Universe, the Supreme Master. Adams number is 7, and 777 signifies the whole Adamic race...Perfected...the Kingdom Administration under control of the sons and daughters with YAHSHUA our King on the Throne, thus in earth as it is in Heaven.

The number 666...six is an earth number, it is man without spirit, it is a created people, and 666 is the number of the beast system of the earth controlled by Lucifer and his children. But 6 is also connected to Adam for the Adamic race was the sixth race put on this earth, and here in earth they reach number 7, or perfection. You then the children of his spirit are here to set those created people free from Lucifers bondage, that is a part of your destiny. You do this by becoming awake as to who you are and what you are supposed to be doing in earth. So don't worry about that six pointed star which they weave serpents thru. We will get back our star and they can have the serpents.

Question: Who is this Saul who became the Apostle Paul? We hear that he is a Jew? What are some of the mysteries he revealed?

Answer: Romans 11:1...The Apostle Paul said:...'I am an Israelite of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.' By his own words then he was an Israelite as were the other disciples but Judas of Iscariot who YAHSHUA said....was a devil. John 6:70.

This young man, Saul, was from a wealthy family of Tarsus, their business was the making of tents. He was well educated and interested in religion as well. AT one time in the History the Yehudin (jews) had taken over the schools of the scribes in Judea, and wherever possible in the Mediterranean area. But finally this young Israelite came to Jerusalem to study. This remember was after the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and Judaism was the standard or ruling religion. The followers of YAHSHUA were being persecuted and the Apostles and Disciples were being jailed. But here is this young Israelite and apparently he is as blind as some of our 'born again' Christians of today, so he went along with the Jews, and was convinced that these followers of YAHSHUA were wrong, and they must be stopped from disturbing the religion of that area.

In our nation in the early sixties when Identity churches were being formed and people were discussing Identity of the people of the Bible some Christian ministers under influence of the Jews were saying, this must be stopped or we will lose control of our churches. They are still saying it today for another reason. But with Saul at that time the Jews decided to use this young Israelite as they have used many of our race, so they decided to send him out at the head of an army to persecute, to kill or imprison his own people who were followers of YAHSHUA. This apparently was allowed for this total education because YAHSHUA COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM ANYTIME HE CHOSE.

Now; the schools of the Scribes were places where Israelites went to have the Scriptures read to them. They were not a place of worship as such, more a place to hear the Scriptures read or to study. We are told in Scripture that YAHSHUA went to these places on the Sabbath, but he did not go as some believe to the synagogue to worship. He went to the schools of the scribes to teach, to reach Israelites who still assembled there. You know of course that the word Synagogue broken down is SYNO...or Assembly of...GOGITES, and of course YAHWEH here as YAHSHUA in the flesh surely did not go to such a place to worship. Only in their blindness could someone say this, not understanding the word.

This then was the situation here in Jerusalem as young Saul arrived. The Yehudin controlled the Temple at Jerusalem, and all the small temples in Judea. They had killed Zacharias the last High Priest at Bethlehem and were also in control of the schools of the scribes. The followers of YAHSHUA were meeting in secret, and the Apostles and Disciples were under heavy persecution. Saul was even present at the stoning of Stephen thus showing how blind he was to the truth at that time. Then Saul left Jerusalem at the head of a Jewish army, and was on his way to Damascus to arrest and imprison the followers of YAHSHUA in that city.

Remember YAHSHUA was allowing this to take place for a record as to how desperate the Jews were to stop this message of Messiah, and the Resurrection from going out to Lost Israel. And as Saul and his Jewish army came near Damascus then suddenly there shone around Saul a great Light. Saul saw it, but those with him did not. Saul heard a voice saying:...(Acts 9:49) 'Saul, Saul why persecutest thou me?' Saul is by this time laying on the ground, the Shekinah Light has blinded him but he said:..'Who art thou?' The voice said:...'I am YAHSHUA whom thou is hard for thee to kick against the pricks?' Meaning the poison of this error of Judaism he was caught in. Saul was astonished and probably shaking in his boots, but he managed to ask:..'What would you have me do?' Saul was instructed to arise and go into the city of Damascus to a certain house, there he would be told what to do. Saul still in a state of shock was led into the city and left at this certain house.

Now; think a moment, here was a young Israelite filled with much error in his mind. But this Shekinah Light is the Fire which burns the error out of peoples minds. Most of the time when the word Fire is used in Scripture the word is Shekinah Glory. And this Light or Truth is a Cleansing Fire, just burns the error from your mind letting the Truth come in. Thus for three days then Saul was being cleansed of error so that he understand that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, that He came to fulfill prophecy.

Think for a moment of this situation here with Saul so turned around in his thinking until he was helping the enemy of his people. Then compare that situation to what we find today in our nation. The Jews controlled the religion of that area in the time of Saul, and if you disagree and say that the Jews are not the people of the Book then this is described by the ADL as a message of hate, and Identity must be stopped for Aryans are trying to take the Jews place in history.....What Place???

But as Saul was trying to figure out what was happening to him, YAHSHUA was sending Ananias to him, to help him understand. Ananias was a bit hesitant because he had been hearing of the trouble that Saul had been causing the Saints at Jerusalem. But YAHSHUA said:..'You go to Saul, for he is a chosen vessel unto me, to bear my name before the gentiles (Ethene ..children of Israel). For I will show him how great things he must suffer for my names sake.' So Ananias went to Saul and put his hands on him and said:..'YAHSHUA hath sent me that you might receive thy sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.'

The physical cord; sometimes referred to as a silver cord between physical consciousness and spiritual consciousness in Saul were re-connected once more. His eyes were opened to the Truth, and now he could relearn what he had forgotten. In other words the Shekinah Light had burned out the error in his mind. Now he could hear what the Disciples here at Damascus could tell him. And then Saul would go out to prove that this YAHSHUA was indeed the Messiah. And now the Jews were very disturbed for they must now kill Saul for he was now preaching what they were trying to stamp out, that YAHSHUA of Nazareth who they had Crucified was indeed Messiah, was YAHWEH come in the flesh as Savior of his people. They knew they must crush this Faith of these followers, crush this new power they had received after the Resurrection or they would lose control of this nation which they had taken by chicanery. They wanted to hang on to their control of this nation, this Temple at Jerusalem, for after all it was a money making proposition, as the tithe still came in from Israelites, and would until prophecy was fulfilled in 70 A.D., altho the flow would diminish as the Apostles and Disciples moved out to Lost Israel.

Then to complete his education the Apostle Paul was taken into the heavens as was Enoch. He was educated in the fourth heaven where he had been subjected to the enveloping Glory of the mind of YAHWEH so as to give him patterns of knowledge, and remembrance to go back to earth, and teach it, so he did just that and you don't need to worry as to where Paul acquired his theology.

Now; some of the areas of theology have tried to change it but Paul was one of those men taken into the heavens for a visit with our FATHER and he couldn't tell whether in the spirit or in the body. I can't think of anything more reassuring than this because if the Celestial body is so in tune with the physical that you can't even tell the difference, then there is no disruption of thought in the process which we call dying-death. Thus absent from this body is to be present with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And you can move into the consciousness of both plains even today.

Our Father told Paul that he had called him to be an Apostle to His family, that he was to tell us that all these things would be brought back to our remembrance. That the Adamic race had already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed.

Well, the Apostle Paul returned and he wrote a great volume called 'The Apocalypse of Paul'. It was one of the most vital pieces of literature for the early church. It was copied over and over because these followers of The Christ were hungry to hear what the Apostle Paul was taught in his Heavenly trip. His Epistles came out of the content of these things YAHWEH had unveiled to him. In his book was things which related to outer space, to the Universe, to the antiquity of Earth, and of course to people. As in the Book of Enoch there was no perdition, no hells, no fires or torture chambers for man after he died, none of these were in 'The Apocalypse of Paul'. In fact because superstition had such an impact upon men, because all pagan religions had some type of this torture the Apostle Paul was told by Archangels, and by our Father that men do not sow in one field and reap in another. In other words men do not sow while in the earth and reap in the heavens, or in some distant place, and of course their spirits are not burned with fire. This Paul was informed, was a grotesque doctrine brought about by the fallen Archangel and his children to try to get the people of earth, and now the Adamic race-to serve other gods. Paul records that before the fall of the created people that dwelt in flesh and blood bodies, in which there was a sustaining light, that there was no death in that dimension. This was the outer planetary realm, or first heaven, and they wandered from Constellation to Constellation in a growing and expanding Universe. Paul was to warn his people that these Luciferian teachings were being brought in to the religion of the 'called out' ones so as to keep people in a fear complex, to keep them blind as to who they were.

The Apostle Paul recorded that the Fathers children inherit the Kingdom, the rest of the world get it by Grace. That you were born of incorruptible seed because you were begotten of His Spirit.

You remember that the Jews beat the Apostle Paul, they put him in jail, they threw him out of a city and left him for dead. Many ways they tried to stop him, but he always came back and said:...'For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.' Philippians 1:21. But after all he had been out to the areas of the seven heavens, the Pleiades, and he could not be stopped. So he denounced the Jews and said they are contrary to all men. And in the Book of Thessalonians he writes of what rascals the Jews are, but the pattern remains that they could not stop the Apostle Paul for he knew what he had seen. He was actually talking above the people, just as his writings are above the thoughts of many today, therefore hard to understand. But he was reaching thru to those who were receiving, 'line on line, precept on precept'. This is how Jesus said he would teach you...a little here, a little there, and thus with spiritual I speak to these people.

Then after the Jews came into the Roman Church, and Babylonian doctrines crept in, they needed to rewrite the Apocalypse of Paul, and the books of Enoch, and even did away with the Gospel of Nicodemus. They did away with other books of inspiration then rewrote the Apocalypse of Paul, and the books of Enoch and added fires, and hells, but still we find in the Epistles of Paul much of the mysteries that were in his great volume that he wrote when he returned from the heavens.

A copy of this Apocalypse of Paul was in Dr. Swifts possession for a while and he recorded much that was in it. Such as how Paul stood in the 'Presence' of YAHWEH, and how he also saw millions of people coming and going from the seven Islands of the Throne area. They were like rivers of 'Light' coming and going from the presence of the Eternal Father. Paul asked about these people as did Enoch before him, and was told, 'that some are they brethren, they are My children, My offspring. 'I have sent them as a stream of My Life into earth to build my kingdom so that a Tree of Life might extend over the earth. But My kingdom will come with Righteousness and the healing of the nations.' This mystery was unveiled to Enoch, and now to Paul is challenging, for YAHWEH called the Adamic household the Life Tree of this Kingdom, which was to rule over the whole earth, and this Kingdom would never be left to other people.

Thus again, this Adamic Race is a 'Stream of Life' from its beginning this was true. Having them multiplying since the days of Adam they have increased in earth until you stand today 1/6 of the worlds population. During different times in the history of our race this stream has become narrow because of the assault against you by the enemy of the Kingdom. But from Abraham on down an undisputed continuous channel of Life comes on down to our day. The Apostle Paul describes this Stream of Life as a very distinctive stream, and on of the things explained to him as he watched people coming and going in vast ships from the throne area was that there was dimensions and plains which were no less real, which men could pass thru. He did not quite understand this, but you will remember that this was explained more fully to John in his experience, and that is another story. However the Apostle Paul knew there was movement in various dimensions, and there were great areas of creation where things were solid and real. That there were dimensions of heaven where there were spheres of creation upon spheres of creation, and that there were people visible to him in each, and every sphere, but not necessarily visible to each other.

The Apostle Paul was told that people dwelt in various parts of this system of stars called 'the Milky Way'. He was told that many of them were also like people of Gods creation on earth. The Apostle Paul saw Angels, some with wings and some without. He saw Seraphims, and Teraphims and Great Archangels, and was told that Lucifer was once a great Archangel and still possessed some of this type of creation.

The Apostle Paul had YAHWEH as YAHSHUA say unto him as he had said earlier to Enoch:..'Thou art my son and these are thy kinsmen, these you see coming from all parts of the Universe.' 'Some like you have dwelt in earth, some will never dwell in earth. But I have brought you here into 'My Presence' so that you will go back to your kinsmen and remind them of the things I will bring back to their remembrance by My Spirit, so that they will know that I placed them in earth to occupy. But I have also kept certain things from their remembrance lest in discovery, out of this pattern of wisdom which is their inheritant right, they know the way of return, for if they had known they would have forsaken earth long ago.'

The Apostle Paul saw that Angels served his kinsmen, and he heard the Eternal Father say:...Paul know that you and thy kinsmen are above the Angles for have I ever said the Angels are my offspring, my sons and daughters?' Paul recorded this for us in Hebrews 1:5...The Apostle Paul spent quite a lot of time in His Apocrapher talking about the tremendous demonstration of creative intelligence that flowed thru his children, thru out the Universe, and especially on the status of the sons thinking in coordination with the Father, who were higher than all the Angelic hosts.

There is this then that we must realize that this stream of 'Celestial' Life which is in you marks the difference between your race and the other races. Break this stream of life by mongrelization and you not only deny your child’s inheritance, but you deny the restoration of the creation which our Father has set in motion. Remember that all the western white Christian nations of the world stand together as the Great and Mighty 'Empire Tree' of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA. It doesn't matter whether you like Imperialism or not...still My Father rules the Universe, and His Empire is know today as the Kingdom of God, and me I don't like anything else. Today in our nation the enemy is trying to set aside good old Christian Americanism with something utterly foreign to our forefathers, and our inner knowledge.

Now; Enoch as well saw streams of Light moving out of the Throne area in every direction. Thus the almighty YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is the bearer of the 'Stream of Light' (truth) and this stream of the 'Light of Life' is energy particles that move out from His presence. And this wave length of his power descends upon areas of his creation for a purpose. But he pours out this energy of His Spirit then on those who are his sons and daughters for they can receive this energy. And you can be empowered by it until your full consciousness will feed the resident soul with spiritual nourishment of wisdom, and synthesized thoughts of our Father until it brings the vision of Him as YAHSHUA. This is what was referred to as the 'former rain'. It came modestly at Pentecost at what was termed as the beginning of the church age. But is to be much, much more intense at this later time as the kingdom administration is exposed to the view of the world..set in place. The kingdom comes with the renewing of the consciousness, the seat of intellect. Thus the reactivation of the true church..the called out.. spiritual center of the kingdom, with manifestation of the sons and daughters as we coordinate out thinking with the Father on race, nation, destiny, obligation, and responsibility. Then people will be hungry for truth, they will not be able to get enough of it and they will move in the right direction to find it.

Now; both Enoch and Paul confirm that this spirit is poured out on a people, on a race, and the world cannot receive it. John 14:17. They also confirm this mystery that the 'Tree' of God's Kingdom is the only Life food that can bring any sense into our world today. They also confirm that this spirit of YAHWEH, which the Adamic Race received is not a created spirit, as the others received because this spirit in you is the Spirit of His Spirit, and Life of His Life. You therefore are not of the earth as he was not of the earth, altho you are here embodied in a physical body.

The Apostle Paul wrote much about the mystery of YAHWEH incarnate.. embodied ...born into a physical body, so he could be just like his kinsmen, and he was not ashamed to call you His offspring, household, family. That HIS embodiment in earth was a part of the covenant. A part of the promise to us as children..while in spirit. Therefore the Apostle Paul recorded for you that there is a Celestial body, that is made of Light, and where as at this moment it is invisible to the naked eye, it is none the less real. And the Apostle Paul goes on to say that if this house (body) in which we dwell should be taken apart then we still have a house (body) made Eternally in the heavens, not made by hand.

The Apostle Paul wrote much of the New Testament, and we cannot cover all he wrote in one article but then we are only trying to give you the highlights of some of the things shown to him in his experience which he recorded and left for us to study. But in his Epistles he then recorded:.. 'Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Living YAHSHUA-YAHWEH?' 'All Israel shall be saved', as it is written in the Old Testament. 'Yahweh (even as Yahshua) hath not cast away a people that he foreknew'... 'His spirit bears witness with out spirit that we are children of God'. Always the Apostle Paul uses words to carry the realization that we are offspring, biologically, and spiritually...offspring, the process of begatting out of the consciousness of Our Father.

The Apostle Paul was inspired to write there was a mystery connected with YAHSHUA (Christ) and His church. The reason being that there is a lot of hidden truth here that was to be revealed. It is a mystery because a great number of people who make up the very church itself don't understand it. Ephesians 5:32. And here we stand today almost 2000 years later, and we have watched what is termed the church, and when we say church we mean this great assembly gathered out all over the nations of his kingdom as they worship THE MOST HIGH. They think of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA altho they call HIM Jesus Christ, and yet they accept HIM and HIS atonement as Savior even tho they may not know what they are saved from, but they think HE did it.

Now; you...His family are the body of YAHSHUA in the world today because He is not now embodied. You are his hands, eyes, mouth and so forth, thus all of this children are HIS body in the world today. You are his Kingdom, and the spiritual center of his Kingdom is called 'the church'.

There are some children more spiritually enlightened than others of the Kingdom, but it is this spirit within you which is the spiritual center of the Kingdom that is to bring forth and explain the Mysteries of the Kingdom. So if you are of the Adamic-Aryan unpolluted seed. Here in the physical the Apostle Paul tells you concerning the ministry of this true church. As you are baptized you accept that this was the embodiment of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA in the world. That the institution He left to declare Light and Truth as He departed was the Ecclesia, this is the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom. And as you join physically you become an enlightened member of the spiritual center as you accept these vital truths... that HE died, was buried, was raised from the dead. That HE arose with 'LIFE' so that you could be FREE! As you then join HIS church you are buried in like 'image', then raised in like 'Faith'. Thus the church is a people who say:...we believe our sins were buried with YAHSHUA (Christ) because of His Atonement, and that our life is now real because of HIS Resurrection. And the job then of the Spiritual center of the Kingdom (church) is to liberate the minds of our people until they see the blessings of 'Sonship'. This whole secret of immortality is locked up right in peoples minds, blocked by fear complexes, guilt complexes, and the ability not to 'see' what they have already inherited.

The physical church has been preaching...get ready to die, prepare to go to the LORD, so people have been buying cemetery plots and tombstones, and life insurance, but dying regularly. They are making a covenant with death and keeping it. But you are to reach the point where the physical church should be preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, saying 'prepare to live'. That this generation will not pass until all things be fulfilled. Remember that this awakened center of the Kingdom was not called on to preach to every creature, but to kinsmen until the kinsmen have all come to their destiny which the Scriptures outlined. Then and only then can they fulfill their work in the restoration of all creation out of adjustment.

Yes, we hear people say that God was the one married to Israel in the Old Testament, and Christ married to the church in the New Testament. Here again it is a matter of translation, they were trying to divide God up into pieces, make them forget that YAHWEH is married to Israel in the Old Testament, but these same people in the New Testament who make up the church of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are out of the same race, they are out of the same household.

Scripture says that ye are members of His body, his flesh, and his bones. So if you are thus His race, His offspring, if you came out of HIM then you are HIS body, and this body of Christ in the world today. When He says He is married to Israel then this is synthesis of spirit, and substance He is talking about. He says speaking of HIS church...'Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church'...that He might set it apart and cleanse it with the washing of the water of the WORD. Water is the symbol of the flow of the Spirit of Life, and YAHSHUA said:...'I am the water of Life, if any man drinks of this he lives'. Thus the water of life cleanses anything which needs cleansing. And when you cleanse a person with spiritual truth you have to cleanse them where they think. The symbol of water then is this acceptance of all this Truth.

Today you of the Kingdom are faced with one thing, you can never discuss any question correctly until you discuss the Jewish question. And also you cannot qualify people as good or bad just because they do not go to a physical church today. Remember the 'church' is the called out center of the House of Israel to carry the WORD to all Israel. The true church...His church then is without a roof, just a people eventually without spot or blemish.

Remember also that it is not hate to expose a Jew, and point out who they are. This may stop someone from falling further under their spell.

Now there is another mystery made known to the Apostle Paul, and you can find it in Colossians. This mystery has been hid for ages and generations, it was to be made known to the Saints (believing offspring). This mystery to be scattered among the nations of Israel was that as translation says:.. 'It is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory'. In otherwords it is the embodied spirit in your physical body which is the hope of Glory. And the Apostle Paul goes further as he says:..'I bow my knees before this Eternal Spirit of My Father of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.' Ephesians 3:14. Yes, His Spirit in you is the real you. Therefore there is only ONE body, and this race is all of ONE Spirit. And we are all called with ONE hope of our calling. One YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, ONE Faith, ONE Baptism, ONE Eternal above the head of ONE family, thru all, and in all of us. Why? Because we are HIS offspring, HIS seed, HIS kingdom. This explains then the mystery of why it was necessary for HIM to come into earth HIMSELF ...embodied in a body like we have so that He might take captive all His race who had been captured by the Luciferian ideas, and for this reason their spirits were confined in the Netherworld. But by taking HIS children out of captivity, captive HE then ascended and brought forth out of the Netherworld, or lower parts of the earth everyone of HIS Race... Ephesians 4:8.

Yes, the message of the true church today is a new covenant. And you are to understand these mysteries and arrive at the consciousness of a perfect individual under the measure of the stature of YAHSHUA. Yes, every last one of the race because you are the people he did foreknow, the people he did predestinate (pre-determined) to conform to the image of YAHSHUA His embodiment, translated....SON. When this mystery is fully comprehended then this pattern will be reversed, and you will move forward toward your destiny of immortality, and all that will bring.

Your aura is the Light of your Life. It connects the Celestial and the physical, this is the Glory of the Spirit. It can be reconnected because the spirit is still inside you, and one of these days it will cover you like it did Adam and Eve before they fell. And yes, the Spirit (Christ) in you is the one begotten of His Spirit, and understanding this the mystery of His kingdom, His church, the body of Christ in the world today is thus revealed. For you are daughters and sons, born in the heavens, your name put in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. And because the mind of our Father exists in your Spirit then we are His embodied sons and daughters and we are to use this mind to reach our fellow Israelites, to establish His Kingdom Administration in earth, for no power on earth can stop us when we move under guidance of our Father.

After his experience, no wonder the Apostle Paul could not stop talking. He traveled to where Lost Israel was to be found, telling them that the Messiah had come and they were redeemed. He left his great works of Scripture for those of the race coming in after him, so that you would have a record of these great mysteries, and be able to understand them in due time. The enemy has tried to side track these great truths but have only been partly successful. Today they work night and day trying to keep you from learning who you are, and why you are here. They know that if you ever get a glimmer of your destiny that you will be harder to stop.

For those of you who are old hands in the Identity movement this will be repetitious, but for those just beginning maybe this will help in understanding the Epistles of Paul found in the Bible...bad translation and all.