ERM - Tape 007 - Swastika; Druidism; John Into The Heavens; More

TAPE NO. 7.........BY: Ella Rose Mast



1. The Swastika

2. Druidism

3. Letters IHS

4. Lazarus and the rich man

5. John into the heavens

QUESTION:...The Swastika...this is a hated symbol today, did Hitler design It? Some have even said that Hitler is mentioned in the Bible, is that true?

ANSWER:...The Swastika is one of the oldest symbols of our race, as it turns with the sun, it was a symbol of the Eternal rotation of the 'Light of Life' thru a people YAHWEH raised up.

No, Hitler never designed the Swastika, this was just a symbol those Germans chose to mark the Aryan race of which they were a part. Yes, Hitler is mentioned in the Bible altho not by name, but he does fulfill the history as it was prophesied in the Bible. He was the Governor or leader of Judah at one time. You find this outlined in Zechariah 12. Germany can be identified as Judah altho the Throne thru the House of David was transferred to Ephraim, to the land of Britain where it sits today.

The Bible handbook by Halley states that 200,120 people of the Judah kingdom left Old Judea as the Israelites left Samaria in captivity so where did they settle, for they have all been traced as moving westward in their migrations.

Germany carries the symbol of the double Eagle thus the two Houses of Judah. Germany sits in the place on the east as the Israelites marching order specified. She is one of the protectors of the House of God to the westward. Germany has been in this position since she settled as the Goths into her territory in Europe. After the Resurrection, Rome gave permission and the rest of Judah and Benjamin left Old Palestine and migrated into Europe, and the VisGoth settled with the Goth in Germany for they were all Judah people.

Another identification of Judah as Germany can be found in the stories of World War I., when the flower of the German Cavalry stood facing the Cavalry of the Scottish Highlanders at the battle of Mons. Here were the Israelites, kindred people facing each other when suddenly between these two armies YAHWEH made visible to both sides a great host of white robed warriors who were 30 to 40 feet tall, standing shoulder to shoulder. The German Cavalry stopped, for their horses cried out and would not move.... they were blind. They had to shoot over 8000 horses after that day. But the Scripture says:...'In that day I will strike every horse of the people with blindness.' Zechariah 12:4.

Now;..the Book of Zechariah in the original was in paragraphs and in assembling into chapters and verse some of the paragraphs aren't always together as they should be, but there is also another way to identify Judah as Germany from the Scriptures because of what is now history. This is also in this 12th chapter of Zechariah and it says:...'I will make a governor of Judah like a house of fire among the woods, and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right and on the left.' From history then Germany had one Governor who was able to bring together and stabilize all the House of Judah...Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Prussia, so say what you will, Hitler was the Governor who gathered all the people of Judah round about.

There was a reason for you know organized Jewry after W.W.I., after forcing Germany into War, and Poland with Jew masters in their government dividing up Germany. Then Germany grew her own fifth column after one of the crusades in the old Holy Land, when some of the German men brought home Jewish wives. But they divided up Germany after W.W.I. and the city of Dansiz was cut off from Germany with only a corridor for passage back and forth thru what is now Poland. And then Poland under Jew masters killed German nationals all the time. Even on Christmas they killed a great number of German citizens as the people went to High Mass. Poland then gave an ultimatum to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, those three little Israel states...3 days before Germany finally marched into Poland in W.W.II. The records show that after W.W.I. there was this treaty of Versailles, and a copy of that was in the Swift Library, and in studying this you see the whole design of both world wars, and then the iron curtain came down over eastern Europe. For the Red Revolution of 1917 was financed by men in our nation here in the U.S., but the Governor who gathered those of Judah round about was Hitler, that is his place in history, and there never has been another like him. He was for Germany first, last and always, loyal to his own people. Today we could use a few leaders like that, but Poland ended up in the communist camp, and little Finland (Issachar), East Germany and the Slavic nations of Zebulon are all behind the iron curtain.

But in this chapter of Scripture talking about Jerusalem, it is not old Jerusalem but New Jerusalem which shall be witnessing in Gods Kingdom for 'all of ye are the living stones which grow into a holy temple unto God'. All the white race of Israel by that time will have left Old Palestine and settled in Western Europe, and the British Isles then came over to this country and Canada and so forth. 'After this then Jerusalem shall be inhabited in her own place, even in Jerusalem.' This is talking about the whole structure of the House of God, about the condition at the end of the age, and the people are to be followers of The Christ...known as Christians. 'Then God is to save the tents of Judah first'...then the Glory of the House of David, and the Glory of the whole House of Israel.. called Jerusalem so that others of Israel will not magnify themselves against Judah. Thus Judah will be known...all the House of Judah, even the descendants of those 200,120 who left with Israel from the Judah Kingdom in the early migration, long before the birth of YAHSHUA.

Some of the people of Judah did settle in Scotland and other places, but Germany carries the symbols and is located on the east in her place in the marching orders given to Israel for the protection of God's House.

Yes, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Czar Nicholas of Russia, and King George of England were all first cousins at the time of W.W.I. They were all from 'The Lioness'...the House of David, and the Throne of David will remain in the House of Joseph, where it was transplanted, until The Christ comes to take it. The Eastern half of Germany is behind the Iron Curtain as Scriptures said she would be, this will however be corrected. Little Hungary tried to break out of the iron trap, but rascals in our State Department betrayed her.

Today Germany as well as these other nations of Israel behind the Iron Curtain are still important, for they are a part of Israel and many of our people thus are under the communist yoke. But remember it was the German Princes who led those fighting men of Israel who stopped the mongol hoards of Genghis Kahn from sweeping into all of Western Christendom to destroy it, so don't sell Germany short, for pride of race is planted deep and we will need every German as the hoards come against white Christian civilization once more.

QUESTION:...We hear so many things, so can you explain what Druidism is?

ANSWER:...The organization known as 'The Druids' according to the old records was founded in Asia by a man said to be the Seth of the Mosaic genealogy. It started with using the symbol of Taurus, the white Bull, which much later would mark the House of Joseph. It was brought to the Isles of the Sea (Britain) by the Aryans who built Stonehenge. The organization was established on the principal:...'The Truth against the World'.

The Latin word for Druid is Magi, and you will remember how the Magi were instructed by Enoch after his trip into the heavens, for when he returned they were instructed to build their great sighting plains so as to watch for the Star which would announce the birth of the Messiah, the redeemer of His people.

Yes, the Magi....the Druids came early to the Isles of the sea as the Aryan people spread out after coming out of the High Tarim Basin as the sons of Seth, the tall white Aryans as they were called. Some built their great observatory high in the Himalayas, others built Do-ring's on the Persian Gulf. And others came on Westward to the Isles of the sea later known as Britain. There they built Stonehenge and other markers and always they studied the stars. They marked off the years, the seasons, and the movement of the planets thru the Constellation, and always they watched for this promised Star to come into the sign of Aquila in the heavens.

We are told in the old records that when Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeans as YAHWEH moved him out of that area of mongrelization, that a man by the name of Hu Gadarn...a tall Aryan led a group on into the Isles of the Sea. Thus this Druid-Aryan concept was reinforced thru the years by the migration from the East.

No, the Druids were not pagan as you have been told. The established civilization would tell you that, for this was a high civilization in the Isles of the Sea in those days.

When Olla Fallah came to Ireland in about 583 B.C. this was none other than Jeremiah fulfilling the program of YAHWEH...moving his people with the Davidic Throne to the West. He brought a daughter of Zedekiah the last king of Israel in Judea, and married this Princess, his own granddaughter to the king of the name of Eochaidh II..with the title of Heremon who was a descendent of the Zerah line of Judah. All this was accomplished long before the birth of YAHSHUA (Jesus) in Bethlehem.

We are told that Jeremiah ran the snakes out of Ireland, but you know who the symbol of the serpent belongs to. Forty Universities were established with as many as 60,000 students in those Universities. It took 20 years to master the circle of Druid knowledge taught there. For mostly they taught natural Philosophy, Astronomy, in which they surpassed all other schools of thought. They taught Arithmetic, Law, Geometry, Medicine, Poetry, and Oratory. They taught that the Universe was infinite, being the body of the being who created it. The essence being pure 'mental light' which they called Du-W (the one without darkness). They taught:...spirit, soul and body, for the Creator and His Kingdom people, and the Mistletoe with its three white berries was the symbol of the triad of the Druid religion.

The Druids were exempt from bearing arms, yet they finally determined concerning peace and war. Some of them were allied to the kings, and many were kings sons, and a great number of them were drawn from the highest level of the people. We are told in tradition and record that as YAHSHUA at the age of 18 or 20 visited the Isles of the Sea that He came with His great uncle Joseph of Arimathea and that He visited these Universities and confounded their masters. That the Druids welcomed Him and accepted Him as the MASTER of all Truth, and Knowledge. Thus the Druids were able to merge with Christianity easily.

Yes, Druidism was also in Scotland. Some writers not understanding or accepting the identity of the Aryan race said that Druidism was the religion of the Iberians who were the aborigines who inhabited that country. But history reveals that the Iberians were from the House of Simeon, and from Spain, yet a branch of the same race. These were well identified in the work of Col. Totten. They will also tell you that as other races came into the Isles and conquered, that they accepted Druidism. Of course this does not make sense for a conquering so called more civilized society does not adopt the religion of the people conquered, but if both are of the same background of course they can merge together.

The Druids taught the necessity of belief in 'ONE' God, in atonement, and in immorality. Not one single discovery has been made by the Archaeologists which would lead us to believe that graven images were used by the Druids. They had an elaborate Priesthood and ritual reminding you of the Old Testament things. At the head of the Priesthood stood the Arch Druid (Magi) who held his office for life. His official dress was one possessed of much splendor. The Druids had a written law, and a traditional or oral law. They had a long and ancient doctrine, and that doctrine was the background of the theology of the people of western Europe as well. This Doctrine said to be pagan by some writers was that the Great God of Spirit had put together the whole Universe, created it out of his own MIND, and the energy of HIS thoughts. They not only believed that HE existed in spirit, but that the great triad of HIS being was spirit, soul and body. This body of Deity was called YAH...and Yeshu, one thousand years before YAHSHUA (Jesus) as a young man came to the Isles with Joseph of Arimathea. The people out of this same Sethite background in France, Britain, Scandinavia knew these names, and it was no hard task for them to accept the name of YAHSHUA even as the ONE of the Universe. But remember they were all of one race, and the Prince from the line of Tea Tephi went to Scandinavia and became a leader, as did others and Odin carried the names with him as did the others carry the name and the traditions of this Aryan race.

Thus in studying history we see a constant stream of this race moving ever westward. They carried their Faith with them and as they came into Western Europe and into Britain in their many waves of migration they may have fought a bit at first but gradually blended in with those of the race already established. And the Druid teaching was the foundation of that Faith which reached back to the teachings of Enoch, and even on back to Seth, and to Adam. The language of these ancient people so filled with Hebrew words, makes it a fact that the significance of this ancient language has not been lost. The words and language, the meanings were carried forward into our basic English until today the basic factor of our language is the ancient Hebrew meanings. It is said that in Britain when the darkness was over the earth (Luke 23) at the time of the crucifixion that the king inquired of the Druids as to the meaning of this, and they told him that Messiah had been slain. That the great YAH of the heavens now embodied....had paid the price, and his children were redeemed.

Does Druidism exist today? Well, there are some intellectuals in Britain today who could take you thru a huge Oak tree, thru a door into an underground grotto where there is one of the finest Temples of Druidry today, and could show you there the whole story of Israel.

In 1982 in the magazine 'Sky and Telescope', an article on Stonehenge made this statement:...Every year white robed Druids visit Stonehenge... what are they watching for? At Stonehenge I would think they were looking for a sign in the heavens. We know that the Star of Bethlehem was in the sign of Leo in 1962, and moving out, so where is it today?

In the Swift Library was a Druid Bible, and in the tape ministry is the account of a mans experience. This man was high in the educational system of California, but started attending the Swift lectures, and he heard the story of the two Obelisks which marked the story of Joseph in Egypt, and the birth of his two sons named Ephraim and Manasseh. That one of the Obelisks called today 'Needles' sits in New York city in a park and one sits along the Thames River in London, England. This man heard other stories about the history of our race, that Joseph's wife came from the Magi line, and he decided to check out the story. He went to New York, and yes there was the Obelisk but he couldn't read the inscription on it. He went to the Museum and yes they had copies of the inscription on the Obelisk, but no they could not translate it. However they would take it to their Egyptologist, and if the gentleman would return in a week, they would have the translation for him. But first why all the interest in this weather worn Obelisk which had sat for so long without creating much interest? Well, the man from California told them the story he had heard from the Pastor in California then he promised to return in a week and see what they could tell him. One week later he returned and was told:...we are amazed, your Pastor is right, that is the story of Joseph in Egypt, and the inscription reads:...'To Manasseh, may you follow his path'.

The man from California went on to England, to the British Museum and there he asked if they knew what was on the Obelisk that sits along the Thames River. They said no, but we will check it out for we have plates drawn of all the inscriptions. Sure enough this one started out by saying: ...'The Mark of Ephraim, may you follow his path, then went on with the rest of the story.

Remarkable?....No, this was a Masonic secret carried on down by the 'Light Carriers' from the ancient Wisdom Schools started by Enoch and Job long before Joseph came into Egypt. This was a secret the Druids knew, and also George Washington and others. This is why the George Washington monument is an Obelisk, the tallest one in the world, making these Needles erected in the time of Queen Hatshepsut look like toys. But George Washington was a Master Mason and he knew that these two 'Needles' existed somewhere in Egypt, knew also that Queen Hatshepsut was an Aryan Lady.

The man from California was to have an even greater experience before he returned home because of his great interest in this subject of history of our race. He was taken to Glastonbury and there introduced to the Chief Druid who now held the title which much, much earlier had belonged to Merlin in the days of King Applestain, who was the legendary King Arthur. Merlin at that time was Chief High Priest of Israel in Britain and he wore the Breastplate of 12 stones. He was called a Magi so you see the whole interwoven pattern of our tradition and history. But the man from California then was by permission taken into the Oak tree, and he beheld the events which took place that night with the Druids in this walled woods. He saw leaders, statesmen who came to this assembly. He came home and reported all he had heard as to the history of Israel he had witnessed. He said:...Dr. Swift I will never doubt again. Dr. Swift have confirmed for us this which I had never doubted. But your experiences have just established how accurate is our tradition even with all the attempts to destroy it.

Professor Totten of Yale University had also recorded these ancient things, as he searched for the symbols for the Seal of the U.S. But it was also well to have it confirmed by one mans experience.

QUESTION:...What do the letters I H S stand for?

ANSWER:... I H S, is the symbol of Deity enthroned, empowered in earth. It is entirely related to the full embodiment, the full investment of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA in the element of communion. The ultimate stamp is:... 'ONE with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the fullness of the Universe, the investment of all life, vitality, and power. That is what is involved in these letters.

QUESTION:...Lazarus and the rich man, especially the bosom of Abraham. Please explain.

ANSWER:...You are talking about the story in Luke chapter 16, verses 19-31. This is quite a story, but I think with research into the old records and Scriptures you would find that this statement about the rich man trying to persuade the spirit of Abraham to go and warn his brothers, so they would not be in anguish for not having discharged their responsibilities while in earth was the results of translation trying to put an area of penitence, area of Priestly control to keep people in fear. This concept of limbo and purgatory and such is a phoney doctrine, was never there until the church was penetrated, and Babylonianism sown in. Do you suppose that the devil tries in every way by temptation to get people to violate the laws of God, so as to follow him? Then after they come over to his side he would right away torture them? In otherwords would the devil maintain HELL to please YAHWEH?

This story of Lazarus and the rich man is the story of the separation of the people according to their obedience to the law, under how much or how little they were at the mercy of Lucifer in their separation. In otherwords there were gulfs in the Netherworld until YAHWEH as YAHSHUA-Savior conquered the Netherworld and emptied it of Adamites leaving it as just one area after that.

This area of Scripture is philosophical symbolism because spirits do not consume water, spirits in the Netherworld were not devouring liquids, and then knew no temperature, no cold, no heat, so this has to be symbolic.

The rich man was in an area of mental anguish because he realized his error as soon as he got back into the plain or dimension where things were no longer obscured, for he was now thinking where spirit was the agent. And Lazarus who he had reviled for his simplicity of truth was dwelling now in the bosom of Abraham, which simply means...dwelling in the serenity of Faith.

QUESTION:...How was the experience of the Apostle John different from that of Enoch or Paul? Did he die?

ANSWER:...John is the third witness of our race we have record of being taken into the heavens for instructions. John the Beloved disciple was always listening to YAHSHUA and never left his side if he could help it. John wanted to know every thought that came into the mind of YAHSHUA. John knew everything which was functional as far as the vision pattern was concerned. He probably caught it better than any of the disciples, in his way, for what he was 'called' to do. He knew more about the Jews than any of the disciples and this is why the Book of John is so filled with these facts.

The Book of Matthew is what Matthew saw as the great pattern of government here on earth. He saw the administration of the kingdom, and the Great King. But John this was the 'Eternal'...this was the Messiah..YAHWEH as YAHSHUA the King, now come down to earth, and we are his children, His is Savior of His family, this is the pattern that John caught.

Then one day John was on the Isle of Patmos for the WORD, and for the testimony that this YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh. The Jews had banished him, imprisoned him on this island thinking that would shut him up. But as John was meditating it was as tho a door opened in the dimension of spirit and he heard a voice say:..'Come up hither'..and being a son of THE MOST HIGH this was possible for John, and his experience is an example for you as well, because your spiritual body was begotten as well, it consists of Light because YAHWEH begat it in Light. And since that which comes from Him is 'LIFE' therefore your Celestial being is made of Light, it is Life, and is also so solid in that dimension as the electronic organization is in this dimension. Your consciousness, your thinking while using the senses of the body to take in these wave lengths of vibrations, to translate these patterns of ideas into your mind, are something apart from this electronic body, or the Celestial body which resides in the physical. Your conscious- ness which stores, and accumulates knowledge can move into any of these plains or dimensions. It requires a Celestial being to move into an actual dimension of the heavenlies, but you are capable of this, when you re-learn how...because you are spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life.

YAHWEH opens or shuts doors into the dimensions, or has given them into the hands of watcher Angels because to travel into the tomorrows you of today have to be either a prophet or called for His particular ministry. This holds true until we attain the climax of these events set in place to bring restoration to Israel. There were certain things, certain key words, key points that you were briefed in out of the Omniscience of YAHWEH'S WORD, HIS MIND, these things relate to you, but physically embodied you don't as of now remember. This was what John was reaching for as he listened to every word YAHSHUA said. He was getting the picture as he meditated that altho he was here in a physical body that the spirit within him was on a far longer time track. And if this physical body were to crumble, the soul consciousness would move into the Celestial body, and wouldn't even know it was happening, and it would seem no less real. Altho the YEHUDIN had abused his body because of his testimony, still John knew that no sickness comes from YAHWEH, it comes from the evil. And as far as spiritual power is concerned, the spiritual entity which is the real you has power to put all things in order. Thus the synthesis of the Kingdom is to destroy death and replace it with life.

As John is told to 'come up hither' then he went right into a light dimension altho it could have been a soul dimension as well were it not that many Celestial plains were involved. But his consciousness was now in his Celestial being and whether he took his physical body with him is not known. But remember the Apostle Paul said he could not tell whether in the body or out of the body.

The Apostle John was taken into the dimensions and was shown things which happened before he came to earth, and he would now remember things which happened back in those times. He traveled backward and forward on the 'thought' plain of YAHWEH'S purpose. He saw people, he ate food, and he did this in a Celestial plain which was just as real as the physical plain we live in.

Yes,...John went to the Throne, and he also saw that only ONE sat on the Throne, who was none other than YAHSHUA who he had loved so much as he walked as His disciple. John hears HIM say:...'I AM Alpha and Omega, the first and the last'..Revelation 1:11. In other words:...I AM YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA your Savior. In places this is translated as LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, but John fell on his face, he is trembling in fear and awe. This is the first time remember that he has seen HIM in all HIS Glory. But YAHSHUA said:...Come on John stand up, you didn't do this when we walked on the shores of the Sea of Galilee as my disciple, you weren't afraid then so stand up now. And John stood up and he looked into the face of HE who is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA-Savior. Then as John looks around he sees the synthesis of the energies of the dimension of spirit radiating out toward the earth. And John records that it was as tho a rainbow were around the Throne. He saw the color Green...coming out of that light, and chlorophyll in earth is the symbol of that color of life. But in the dimensions of spirit you see color because the Celestial plains are in color.

Now; do you realize that your ability with your Celestial being to move into Celestial plains or to dwell in the physical plain is well established by John's experience? The Oneness of synthesis will move you in and out just by acceleration or deceleration in the vibratory field. This is what YAHWEH as YAHSHUA did any time he chose to protect his physical body from being harmed. One of the things made known to our Patriarchial forbearers is that since their bodies were made out of the sheer energies of YAHWEH'S mind, that all chemicals were composed by these energies grouped together by HIS WILL, that He could send energies into areas where they could catalyze, and send thru out the body these waves of energy for a purpose. They were thus catching the picture that they could thru meditation, under certain conditions, send wave lengths of energy thru the body which would in effect heal that body. Thus as John saw the Green Light coming from the Throne, this has a deep symbolism, for strangely enough the area that transmits the highest area of energy as composite energy for the human body, out of the light waves into the physical formation is the color...Green.

But John stood up to be instructed in the heavens, and here was YAHSHUA who took this same body he had in the physical back into the dimensions. This was a phenomena of a trans-migration of substance. This was the transportation of elements changed from one dimension to another, as an example even for you. John was carried forward in time in the mind of YAHWEH. And remember that there are plains and dimensions of heavens, and what ever plain you are in there you are...with all your being. You are living in it just like you live here in the physical, it is just that real. Even the time track of tomorrows was just as real. We do have a separation from this area of consciousness now but there is nothing which bars this at the proper time. There are these heavens or plains, and they are areas of instructions, and YAHWEH was to say to John...'come up hither' and a door opened and John walked right in. And John then sees that YAHWEH is YAHSHUA, and then our Father starts to show to John the things he must know to be able to record his experiences. So he takes John then from the physical plain into the first Celestial plain which you know surrounds us here in earth. He shows us over this second heaven with its perception of the earth abstractly from the physical plain. John learns that there is still evil in this spiritual plain around us altho it is on the lower level. Sometimes in meditation you see something like auras standing out on people, or something as tho a shadow was passing by altho it is in another dimension. This is because of the closeness of the first and second plain, and some- times someone might stray over the border. This is done in the lower areas of the second plain by these who are Lucifer's fallen Angels who now have demon spirits. They sometimes appear as does Lucifer when trying to fool people or make them fearful.

Then John moved into the third dimension and there saw all kinds of Celestial beings. He learned that we have a great cloud of witnesses moving in the third plain who are to help us in the physical. We have little knowledge of how much influence is maintained to help in guiding us in our thinking, altho there is both good and evil in this second dimension, the third dimension cannot be entered into by any fallen Angel, or any Angel carried out of second heaven cannot get back in.

The fourth heaven, or dimension was not so much a briefing, a time of remembering as it was the synchronizing of John's consciousness with the Great Mind of YAHWEH for the writing of this Book of Revelation which was his most responsible activity.

John then is carried into the fifth heaven, and this is a protracted dimension. Here he is carried backward in time, then pushed forward in time. He thus traveled ahead of time in the sheer essence of YAHWEH'S WILL in the areas where all things are created. This is His thought power where He shapes tomorrows with Omniscience which is beyond our mind. We can lay out the whole program including multiple millions of plans, or to correlate a written message, but the Father can lay out in details and determine this is the way it is going to be and it then happens in time and is history. He can let the forces of darkness run or control them, and by the sheer reaction of His Spirit bring all things to fruition. And this plain of tomorrow He sets up with complete perception of just how certain amounts of evil will react to certain amounts of good, how people will react to environments, to thought pressure, and ideas, it is just as exact as the chemist who knowing precise amounts, having total experience then knows how much chemicals and how they will react in a test tube. The Mind of YAHWEH knows that a certain delayed power with a certain amount of the presence of His sons...knows how devils will react with a certain amount of evil to this perimeter, thus He lays out the tomorrows. This is a dimension always being formulated in the Mind of YAHWEH because always there are things in the tomorrows that He is forming, planning, even right now. This is why we are told:...'Eye hath not seen nor ear heard all that YAHWEH hath planned for those that love HIM.'

Thus John as he traveled ahead of time saw all of the hierarchies of religion under Jewry. He saw set in place the Babylonian doctrines which effected Rome, and every branch of the church. He saw the type of eras of time when 'called out' followers of YAHSHUA called the church...would pass thru. He saw the work of those he recorded as being Anti-Christ as they tried to destroy the Faith. He sees, and then records for you how the true Faith called the church of Philadelphia would run side by side for sometime here at the climax of the age with the Laodicean church, and this would bring what is termed the Great Apostasy. The message of the Philadelphia church is brother...the together. It is the story of the House of David, from which the Messiah came. He saw the kingdom and its struggle as His people worked to set it in place. He saw that this was the story of the Gospel that Jesus preached, it was the whole WORD of YAHWEH- YAHSHUA. This is a key to understanding the Scripture. John sees the physical church taken over by the Laodicean message which is a New Social Gospel, a new Gospel of Brotherly Love, but this Gospel calls for integration and mongrelization of the race which is producing the kingdom. In otherwords this is One World Religion, for a One World Government and it is embracing the Anti-Christ and denying YAHSHUA the Messiah. John sees the hierarchies of religion uniting for this final drive by the Anti-Christ to deny that YAHSHUA...this one you call Jesus, who John so loved..thus YAHWEH now embodied as YAHSHUA the Savior of the race and the world. They deny, and deny HIM, and John sees this as actually happening as he traveled that time track of tomorrows. (Today in our time this has happened, and in this final drive they are even trying to take the baby out of the manger in the nativity scene.)

John sees nations rise and fall, saw the hoards of Anti-Christ come against the kingdom. He is told to eat the little book, and as he ate it we are told that it was sweet and then bitter. This is symbolic for he was devouring Truth, and some of it would involve areas of the kingdom, the household in earth, and he saw martyrdom for some, saw whole congregations wiped out in this fight with the Anti-Christ. In fact John saw all these things which have happened to the race since his time up to now and even beyond. He knows the events which will climax the coming forth of the kingdom, he was there in the tomorrows and saw it happen. But then John was traveling on that time track of time, and thus he could see the whole picture of the great world Empires taken over by world Jewry. And he saw the catastrophes which followed. He saw world communism, the 8th., and final power for the world order called in symbolism..the Best System. He recorded that this 8th., power came out of the seventh because it is still spawned by Anti-Christ. John saw that this program of World Jewry would call for the kingdom to submit to their plan of One World Government. Saw how it would effect our land under the symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle...why? Because this nation is the last great resistance center of the kingdom. John saw also the grass roots rebellion which said this is our land, and being in the spirit of His Spirit when you realize who you are, that is where the resistance comes from you cannot submit to a One World Government and its consequences, and as you rise to proclaim this the serpent shows how much power he has gained over you. John saw the battles, the wars and even the great climax of Armageddon. This he wrote about in symbolism as Great Babylon, Mystery Babylon, the woman on the back of the Red Beast and so forth. But remember that John knew who the Jews were. He wrote in his Epistles that they who deny The Christ...who deny that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh are Anti-Christ. He warned our race, he told us in symbolism about this great Peace symbol which would be used to conquer you because of your love of Peace, and people. He recorded the work that the United Nations, which is an arm of the Anti-Christ, would do. Recorded how blind Senators would march to sign this confidante with Anti-Christ. How even the churches would embrace this program, and use their idea of world brotherhood to destroy if possible your destiny which is the inheritance of the kingdom. John was instructed to write all these things in symbolism because it was not to be understood by most of the world, was not to be understood by the enemy. And John was to give it to the church...these called out followers of YAHSHUA. Give it to all the churches, the Catholic church as well, for some of the 'called out' ones are found there also. These church eras would be identified in Revelation by their Faith, by their philosophy and by their particular interpretation of God's Grace. He assured you that before the final story is finished that there will be One Faith, One YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, One Baptism, and it will not be predicated upon Popery or Protestant Hierarchy. It will be proclaimed with YAHWEH calling ministers to establish His congregation in the great and mighty Spirit of Truth. Thus this truth shall sweep the world and Israel shall come to its light.

Yes, John traveled this time track of tomorrow, but it was just as real as tho he had experienced it. He was there, he had traveled in this WILL which sent him into a form of tomorrow, thus John has been there and back. He watched as these years and events rolled by and prophecy unfolded and was fulfilled. And we can say that John traveled on a time track against time. In fact he traveled ahead of time and has already experienced these events. He is just waiting for the rest of the race to catch up. And some of these events he experienced haven't even happened as yet.

Now;...anytime YAHWEH inspired a prophet he pushes thru into his consciousness, into areas of spiritual cognition, and thus he didn't have to take them forward and backward in time as John traveled. He didn't take them out of the physical atmosphere as He did with Enoch, Paul, and John so as to partially neutralize the senses around about, so they would get a more clear picture. But then He sent the Paraclete, the consciousness of HIS mind into the Spiritual connection inside the individual. This brings things to your remembrance, and He can carry you into this channel of the fifth dimension if necessary to show you, in the tomorrows, what things shall come to pass. This is the process which leads you to all truth. But with Enoch, Paul and John they were to travel into the dimensions so as to record for you that these dimensions are just as real as the dimension you live in, they are just higher plains. When you start moving into the timeless track of tomorrow then you will find that everything there including people are just as real as this world.

As John caught the patterns of Revelation they told him to 'eat the book'. Whether Scripture is in or out of your hands, you are the living word so devour the Book! This wasn’t talking about our inheritance. John did not eat the book for all of us exactly, John ate the Book of Prophecy, the WORD, because it symbolized the experiences he would have on this time track of yesterday and tomorrow. We then still live by all the words out of the mouth of YAHWEH, and all of them are not honey. There is intense hatred toward us by the Anti-Christ for we have the intensity of the law of YAHWEH that says we must destroy evil, and they know who they are.

Yes, there is a 6th., heaven, and there you are moving into re-creation, and remodification for the pleasure of YAHWEH who is also YAHSHUA, for His Universe and for all physical created forces or any part of it leading up to it.

(Just a about the activity in 1983 that they saw around the Star Vega?)

Then John moves into the 7th., heaven which is the administration area of revelation in Celestial plains, in form and in experience beyond the previously experienced ones. Thus you can say there is no end to His Kingdom. Always there is a spiritual horizon beyond that which you reach with physical creation, being formed in this plain, in fact reaching from the fifth heaven thru the sixth and so see this.

Yes, there is this staggering thought when you think of these things in a time span of three score and ten years, but our Father has been doing this forever. And when you talk about unlimited tomorrows away except as it is reformed in better order, that is all that is allowed.

Yes, there is also a place in the tomorrows for all the fallen races even tho the Anti-Christ has convinced some of even your race to brand the study of 'Identity' as hate Gospel. But past the seventh heaven is a new thing. A new spiritual transition which will apply to the creations, and you His children are spirit of His Spirit, and are going to be co-catalyzers of a great spiritual aura, which in affinity of transition is going to make new creatures out of even those created people. This is in the age to come, but they had a spirit of life given to them, and it was good until they came under the Luciferian rebellion. This spirit of Life will be re-synthesized into spiritual capacities which they have never had before.

Yes, John went into the heavens, he saw, he experienced events, he saw them with the Omniscience of the sovereignty of YAHWEH'S Mind which set up the forms of tomorrow. John traveled those tomorrows then came back and that the Anti-Christ cannot understand all those things he saw and experienced. And we today are still rolling along toward out destiny, which may come at any time, but John has already been there almost 2000 years ago. When Jesus said:...'It is finished'..the devil was already licked, the kingdom was just as sure as if it was already in place. But when we finally reach the tomorrows we will go from one forever to another. A forever is eons and millenniums of time running into the multiple of thousands. In ancient Assyrian language a forever was 12,000 years, the word out of the Hebrew means..a new heaven and a new earth, and John recorded that he saw a new heaven and a new earth, and it was in connection with our race. This means that the sixth heaven is reconstructed or becomes a re-projected energy Universe in its physical form in the electronic world. It is going to be a gradual transition, first Israel must be restored, so don't get the cart before the horse, and only cause catastrophe when you try to make all races, sons and daughters. First Lucifer must finally be defeated, Israel restored, then later all creation touched by the Luciferian rebellion will be restored, all this before new things are done for them.

When Lucifer gets on his knees, as he shall and says:...Oh! Eternal YAHWEH I don't want to be a devil anymore, I am defeated, just let me have any spot you can put me in, then you remember that YAHWEH invested an Archangel in the education of the Universe, and he will get back his Archangel. All things thus run in their circle of creation.

My what an experience John had. He was shown the Universe, and it was not as tho he were looking thru a spyglass or at a picture. It was real, and he was in the midst of it. He saw people scattered thru out the sidereal systems in the Galaxies you see in the Milky Way, and in all the Constellations far out, in the Island Universes on the edge of what you can see with your great lenses...John saw...he was there.

After the records left by Enoch, Paul and John no wonder we are interested in space. Our consciousness is stirring, we have a yearning for something long forgotten. In otherwords we are searching for our roots, for we have been there. We were with the Father when this earth was formed. We with spiritual perception watched history unfold, just as John on a time track of time had now watched the tomorrows unfold. This is why John could now come back to earth and record symbolically all these events, give the Book of Revelation to the spiritual center of the kingdom reach for the plain of total thought consciousness with the Father, they will better understand the Book of Revelation that John wrote.

This Book of Revelation has to many symbolic things to cover at one time, that will be for later explanations of item by item, but the Book ends with a final identification of the children of the Kingdom. We find the same race of people of the Old Testament at the end of the New Testament. It identifies YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, as The Lamb, the Savior, and Israel as the bride and the wife, and as the race now restored. Again we ask, did John come back to earth, and write this Book of Revelation and then die, or is he immortal?

Now; as the disciples walked with Jesus and he was instructing them as to their work when he was gone, then Peter perhaps may have been a bit jealous, or envious as he saw John always staying so close to Jesus, so Peter asked:..What part is John to plan in your program? Remember that Jesus replied:...'what is it to you, if I will that he stay on earth until I come just follow me'. In otherwords do just as I tell you to do. Peter was being instructed to feed the sheep was he not? Jesus was not angry with Peter, He was just making something clear. Jesus never wasted words, when He said this he wasn't joking, he just said:...'Out of all you standing here there is one who will be preaching and proclaiming when the son of man comes'. Translation does not make this clear but that was intended.

Now; we know when each of the Apostles died, but John. There is no record that John ever died. You find records where John was moving thru out Asia, among the Estonian Christians, or wherever lost Israelites were dwelling. We have records of John existing in the days of Genghis Khan, and at that time he was called Prestor John, and was said to be establishing contact with white men in Asia. It is said that wherever white colonies went west, that some were left behind in that migration and then John came and bare testimony. He always seemed to be a older gentleman with white hair, and yet he was full of vitality, never seemed to become aged. Thus up to and into the 15th., Century we have records of John appearing in different places, and always he was talking to Lost Israel. In the books written by Harold Lamb even tho he did not know who he was, still you find traces of Prestor John, and Lost Israel in the high mountains of Asia. He studied at the great library in Beirut, Lebanon before traveling int that land to write his books thus Harold Lamb told us of that great library and we wonder if that library was destroyed when the Israeli's bombed that city. They are good at destroying any of the records of your roots. But up then in the fifteenth Century we have records of John appearing in different places, and always he was talking to Lost Israel. Remember that YAHSHUA as a young man traveled on the ships of his great uncle Joseph of Arimathea, and it is said that these ships went to India, and to the Coast of China, and that YAHSHUA went inland to any colonies of white people, and they knew him as MASTER. So I would expect HIM to send some of the disciples to the lost colonies that were left behind, for the message was to go out to Lost Israel that YAHSHUA had come, and the atonement had been were redeemed.

The Swift assembly at one time had a distinguished visitor to their meeting in Los Angeles, and he proclaimed that he was John. He was dressed in a fine linen suit, and a white shirt, his hair was grey. He was a kindly man, and looked like you would expect John to look like. He attended those meetings off and on for about 11 months. Sometimes he would have one or two people with him, and sometimes he would come alone. Sometimes he would be gone for sometime and when he came back would say he had been to Asia or Europe. He said he was John and they never argued with him. He seemed to know everything about the Scripture. He said he came to hear Dr. Swifts messages, and said they were correct, and if people contested it then he... John would stand by it.

Several other ministers reported that such a man visited their assemblies and he told them that he was John. If any people tried to argue with him saying he couldn't be John, he never got angry, he would just smile and say:...I am John. We do not say this man was John, but he said he was.

We know that Lucifer can come and go, that there are records for instance of St. Germaine living a long, long, time but anything is possible if it be the WILL OF YAHWEH, AND WE WILL LEAVE IT AT THAT.

We have often thought that it would be so like a miracle if John would drop in say maybe when the Presidents cabinet was meeting. Lets say a man would walk in and start talking, and as he spoke they would know he was John. You would see more of a commotion than when Jeremiah ran the snakes out of Ireland. With news as fast as it travels today, all boats and airplanes would be booked in a hurry as a great exodus would start in our land. Ha.

YAHSHUA said that John was going to prophecy again in the climax of the hour, that we expect. But the reason we mention this is that without a doubt John marked the evidence that LIFE was constant, sustaining, thus this marks the difference in the ministry of John.