ERM - Tape 010 - Adm. Byrd; Inner Earth; Eden; Tarim Basin; Noah's Ark




1. Admiral Byrd

2. Inner Earth

3. Eden

4. Tarim Basin

5. Where is Noah's Ark?

QUESTION:...What was Admiral Byrd looking for at the South Pole?

ANSWER:...Admiral Byrd was looking for an entrance into Inner Earth. He was very curious as to this. Admiral Byrd used to discuss this at the Explorers Club and tell of the things his expedition had uncovered in the Antarctic. He said on one of their trips they could see under the ice great stone buildings..way frozen ice. The Byrd expedition came on this spot twice in their transversal of Antarctica, and unless the snow would blow away in drifts they could not find the spot. But they knew that at one time there was a civilization at the South Pole of this globe.

Admiral Byrd had a tremendous notebook of all they had found, and he thought that they could find this area of the frozen city again even tho there was nothing to mark it as it was not close enough to any high mountains to use the peaks for markers of the place. Admiral Byrd reported that there were areas down there covered with perpetual vapor and mists. This means that there is warm air coming out of the earth at all times. Birds fly out of the opening down there, and they found fresh twigs and some leaves and plants scattered around on the ice.

Admiral Byrd believed there was a large opening at either end of the earth and thought that at times these were covered over. He had studied all these things and he knew there was supposed to be a land entrance at the South Pole, and a cold land entrance at the North Pole. And that the seas there were also to be a part of the entrance in the north before the shift of the earth's axis.

Admiral Byrd was probably more of a student on this subject of the inner earth because he believed so thoroughly in this that he went looking for the entrance. He knew that with birds flying out of areas down there with thousands of miles of ice and snow around that there had to be some area from whence the birds came carrying those pieces of sticks and grass. Some where other than those cities frozen in ice.

The Byrd family have all the notes left by Admiral Byrd, but there are areas of science which wants to suppress what they cannot control. But all the scientists in the world can't sit here and argue away what we have been telling you because there is no way for them to get into areas of spiritual knowledge, even if it relates to the entity of people, unless they accept the patterns of facts, and the evidence of them, the background knowledge of people thru out the ages even tho they come on evidence of various facets of this.

After Admiral Byrd died the scientists gathered up all his papers they could find and took them out of circulation and transferee his staff all over...separating them. The government then got into the act and tried to suppress the notes that he left. They don't want them published because they knew why he wanted to do more explorations of the Antarctic. Admiral Byrd believed that altho there was lots of ice and snow at the South Pole and thru out the Antarctic that still there was an entrance that was not thru the ice. He thought that the entrance was kept covered with clouds so that you would not see it. He thought that clouds were on the mountain peaks surrounding the entrance, and he thought he could find it. He believed there was a huge wide tunnel which went into the inner earth. He believed it to be much larger than many had thought it to be. He thought the one at the North Pole was quite large also, and that centripetal force held back the water at a given point. Only a limited group have read the Byrd diary, they will never publish it anymore than they will publish the Patton diary, for there is to much truth there. QUESTION:...Do you believe that there is an inner earth, and if so what do you know about it?

ANSWER:...Harvard Astronomical Magazine in 1964 was talking about trying to bore thru the crust of the earth, to get into the inner earth. They got their idea from Admiral Byrd as he believed in the hollow earth, and many geologists support this, and of course it is Biblically supported. The Scientists tell us that the density of metals between outer and inner earth crusts make up the bulk of the earth's weight, and that certain combinations of material and metals and pressures produce the heat, we have in the volcanic areas with their internal pressures. But they know that the pressure does not come from the center but it works from both ways. They can establish this because temperatures are not the same all over the earth.

There are very old volumes on Arctic exploration and the entrance to inner earth. Scandinavian explorers found a cavern entrance and they tell how the land sloped in, they say it was almost like a glass entrance, and there was a change of gravity there. Many are the reports of what explorers have found at the poles as well as land even in our continent as to openings in the earth. Yes, we do believe there is an inner earth, Enoch spoke of going down there and coming back out. The Bible has much to say about people going in and coming out. As to the physical characteristics of those who live there we can't say, but we do know that demons can come out of there, that watchers can release and they can come out like bees out of a hive. Revelation 9.

What then are some of the things that we can really know about the inner earth from the many sources available including of course the Bible? We know that the inner earth is also termed the Netherworld, it consists of caverns and inner hall ways. It is probably several thousand miles across with a land surface that could be greater or as great as that on the out- side surface because it is unbroken with great seas. Yes, this inner earth or Netherworld is on the inside of this earth we live on, and there may be the same on other planets of our solar system such as Jupiter.

Now; the Bible tells us in the book of Job, chapter 38., that there is an inner earth, and how YAHWEH closed over the entrance in the north. Talks about the frozen gates with their covering of ice which was supposed to be a bottling up place. We realize of course that there are whole areas of people who go thru their lives and never understand the spiritual forces who exist, the species, the factors, the influences. They know nothing of these things thus would probably think of this as fallacy. But actually they do not speak from an area of literacy as they think. It is actually an area of illiteracy just because they never came in contact with the subject. Yet such Universities as Cambridge and Oxford at one time used to be well aware of the ancient past. They used to have volumes dealing with witchcraft, with things which have happened in the past. You found it woven all thru out literature, thru history, thus all world religions, and those Universities had records of what they found. (Today perhaps those volumes are on the back shelf because we find that a child psychiatrist at Harvard University, a Dr. Francis C. Welsing, a Negress when addressing the National Medical Association said:...'At one time the world was all non-white, and now it is 9/10 non-white. Altho at this time we cannot prove this..but we will..a mutation of Albinos came out of the non-whites and this is where the white race came into existence. The term for white people is 'genetic mistakes', and this genetic deficiency caused whites not to be able to produce offspring in color. Thus because whites then feel inadequate they become aggressive and try to control those who make them feel inadequate. (Unquote) Our only comment to this is that this speech makes it quite clear that non-spirit beings cannot discern things of spirit. Now; we do know that in South America there was a great mystery as to where did the Incas go? The Priests with the Cortez expedition wrote much about the Incas, and copies of those writings were in the Swift Library. They told of how the Incas had a kingdom which stretched from the inner earth to far out under what is now the Pacific Ocean, and when trouble came the people just followed the Great Inca of their Priesthood into the inner earth and they never came out. We also know that English explorers recorded that they were south of San Diego and they went inside the earth thru a tunnel system there. But the best authority is the Holy Bible for it records much about the inner earth, or Netherworld. Lots of people will not be able to accept this because their chief religion is to save someone from hell, and their idea of inner earth is not what is down there. But turn in your Bible to the book of Jude to verse 6., and you are told that 'Angels who kept not their first estate but left their habitation (meaning came out of their natural or spiritual dimension) those YAHWEH hath reserved in chains of darkness until the judgment of the great day'. and....'Thus YAHWEH has bottled them up in the Netherworld which is also the Pit of Revelation 9...'Even as Sodom and Gomorrah'...those cities of the fallen Angels and the cities round about on the plains of Shinar....'Gave themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh'. In otherwords here Angelic hosts mixed with the races of earth and produced different species. And in their mongrelizing they mutated (changed) not only themselves, but the created races and so great was the judgment that YAHWEH followed up this violation of law by confining spirits to the Netherworld as their bodies they had taken died. As we have told you before there has not been one new spirit formed among the created races since their fall. But there is a process of birth, and there is a cycle of return, but it is from the Netherworld that the spirit of life comes into those now born on earth under that situation. This is true for those who 'My Father' never planted in earth as well. And those YAHSHUA pointed out as He said:..'Ye are of your father the devil'. Remember Judas of Iscariot? His spirit came out of the Netherworld and then he killed himself to go back to where he came from. The early church understood this well, and of course they were informed, but we lost much of what our forefathers knew.

Now; there was within the earth a civilization which served Lucifer before his fall, and of course they were under him during and after his fall, and they take instructions from him. They used to come out upon the face of the earth and then go back in whenever they wanted to. They knew the cavern systems of the inner earth, and knew the routes as to avoid the hot spots. There is much about these people in different records, but they were also pre-Adamic people.

The Greeks knew much about the Netherworld, they learned this at the city of ON, in Egypt. And for the Greeks the word for this place was Hades. The Apostle Paul used the word when talking to the Greeks. In Greek literature there were two levels of hates, one of the deepest was for the demonic forces defeated by Jupiter...who was YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. The lower level thus was where the great Titan, the unassimilatable offspring of the mongrelization of the fallen Angels who intermingled with people of earth were confined. And here in this sub-world were those monsters and powerful Angelic hosts who had Watchers placed over them to hold them there. They were connected to Lucifer and his fallen Angelic hosts and had oracle wisdom. All of this is contained in Greek mythology which was based on fact. Greece had much paganism, many pagan temples, lots of Babylonian doctrine of hells, fears, and superstition. If the people didn't worship Baal they were told they would be put down in those great prison chambers of the inner earth. Now; from the Bible we know that demon spirits are also able to move into people. Scripture records this...for instance remember that as YAHSHUA came by the cave where this man was dwelling and behaving like a wild man... that as YAHSHUA cast the demons out of the man the demons cried out:... 'What have we to do with thee?' They then asked YAHSHUA to cast them into the swine? Why? So they would not be disembodied. You find this story in the Book of Matthew chapter eight. Understand that these demons can't get into a physical body of their own, thus they have no impact of spirit unless they get into flesh. When they asked....then YAHSHUA let them enter the swine, and the swine were forced to run down the hill and they drowned, and these spirits thus went back to their place in the Netherworld. Read this passage of scripture and understand that those demons spirits came out of the Netherworld and wanted to go back there, and the death of the body they inhabit is the way back for them. But going deeper into this subject, the king of the Netherworld is Beelzebub, and he was one of the Angels who rebelled with Lucifer. Then here in earth Lucifer and Beelzebub got into a fight over power, and Lukii and Beelzebub made a deal thinking that together they could take over control of the world from Lucifer. But what is so strange about that? They had tried to help Lucifer kick YAHWEH out of control of the Universe. But to make a long story short Enoch tells us that Lucifer found out what was being planned and proved he was more powerful by confining Beelzebub and Lukii to the Netherworld, and there they were to serve him. Another fallen Angel who was sort of on the sidelines was Voodoos, and he had his head-quarters in Africa. This is where Voodooism came from with its rituals and superstition and witchcraft and so forth. The Negroes brought in on the ships of Lucifer were put under the control of Voodoos. Lucifer established for himself the Asiatic field and there he set up a great kingdom and his court. There he made maps of the earth dividing up a great world into ten parts, and each part numbered for the take over of the world, in this great struggle with YAHWEH'S kingdom people. Lucifer knew that YAHWEH would send his kingdom to earth to put him out, but he made great plans for their coming, and how he would win this fight. Of course he lost the fight when he rebelled, but he was no longer capable of thinking this way. This is much evidence of great antiquity cris-crossing all thru the ancient records of theology. We find this all thru the Scripture as well, thus there seems to be no doubt that there is an inner earth. That there are different openings over which YAHWEH has set Watcher Angels, and also there are times when certain openings would be opened. Revelation 9:1. There is a report of a shaft pattern that was found up near Eugene, Oregon. Somewhere in those hills according to ancient tradition they think there is a particular entrance to inner earth. And because of this particular pattern, and where it is located they think it effects the balance, the magnetic tables in that area. This then is why levels don't work right in that area, as well as other things like that. It is thought that earth- quake patterns have closed off an entrance to inner earth there. And they have talked of doing geological exploration in that area. The government at one time wanted to do this, but they hated to admit it. I guess they were afraid that people would laugh at them, but remember people laughed at Noah also. But there is a hesitancy on the part of scientists as the more they go into areas of physics, the more they experiment in the light dimensions of measure, the more they develop sonar and radar, the more they discover things showing up on light measures, crossing them...these things they can't explain and they get panicky. In otherwords ships go by, people walk thru dimensions where they are not supposed to be, but they show up on screens in our laboratories in our higher electronic developments of today, and they are not from around here, are not people of earth. In our positive and negative areas of operation we are picking up objects which cannot be seen by the eye, and yet they are things which are solid in their form, just not in the same wave length as we are. And these mysteries have reached the point where scientists have put a curtain over all these mysteries, and more discussion, no reports...all this goes into the archives and is sealed up because our tender brains are not supposed to be able to comprehend all this. There is only one explanation for all these mysteries and yet people just let Lucifer try to explain all of them, and thus this binds people to slavery of his suppression. Isn't it high time for Israel's Shepherds to probe into those mysteries and make clear to the people of YAHWEH'S kingdom that not only are we a part of this, but that the all powerful has established all patterns of law, and we shall move as he directs. That HE holds all things together and all are subject to it whether in the heavens, on earth, or even in the Netherworld as well.

Now; we were told by Enoch that in the inner earth there is an area called 'The Mountain of YAHWEH'...Paradise. And in this area was the Tree of Life. The Scripture tells us of this Tree of Life in the Garden. Then in the Gospel of Nicodemus there is much about the inner earth. There is the report of what happened as YAHSHUA stormed the Netherworld and liberated the spirits of Adams race being held there waiting for the atonement by the Messiah. Because the Adamic race is spirit of His Spirit then their spirit, and soul consciousness, because of the fall, were held at the death of the physical body in what is termed a prison chamber in the inner earth. Remember Beelzebub was the keeper of the Netherworld, termed the keeper of mens souls. He was not allowed to torture this Adamic race but because of the violation of Divine Law, and their own lack of spiritual responsibility they were subject to the pressure of mental anguish and fears. The early church had this Gospel of Nicodemus, and they understood that the spirits in captivity of the Adamic race there in the Netherworld were waiting for the message from those coming in was thought that Messiah was born on earth. The expectancy then was high for they knew that soon HE would come to rescue them. They knew they would recognize HIS voice and follow HIM out of that prison chamber of bondage. Thus is established that the consciousness of the Adamic people were thinking, expecting, and when they heard the cry:...'Open ye the Pearly gates, the King of Glory shall come in'. They knew who was coming. We are told that they saw a great light coming into that place. The Gospel of Nicodemus will give you the full story, but also David there in that prison chamber would also remember how he so long ago had in inspiration recorded this for Israel. Psalm 24.

Scripture also tells us that YAHSHUA after the crucifixion went to the Netherworld and took Captivity captive. Ephesians 4:8. What does this mean? HE led a multitude of those in captivity out of there. In otherwords HE stormed the Netherworld and took HIS man sons and daughters...these Adamic people held there in captivity, took them captive and escorted them into the area of the Netherworld known as the Mountain (kingdom) of YAHWEH,...Paradise. There they met the Thief from the cross to whom YAHSHUA had promised:...'Today thou shall be with me in Paradise'. Luke 23:43. Thus this thief on the cross was an Israelite but the other was not...thus the division of people, and it was not because of what they did so much as it was as to who they were, one was an Israelite and one was not thus a different place for each when they died.

According to the old records then we are told that at YAHSHUA'S Resurrection then Hell was enlarged, no longer was there a dividing gulf in that area where the Adamic sons and daughters were held, and the other areas of the Netherworld. Now this area of Adamic captivity could also be used, for never again would a soul consciousness or spirit of an Adamite be held there. But that area of the Netherworld wherein is located the Mountain.....or kingdom of YAHWEH...Paradise, this is always restricted to the Luciferian forces. We have often wondered if this place could still be the area of rest for those spirit children coming into flesh bodies as heaven is transferee to earth continually until Great Babylon is finished and the kingdom rules from pole to pole???

QUESTION:...Where was Eden, what was it like, where do we locate the Garden on the map???

ANSWER:...In searching for Eden which means beginning then you should read Psalms 139...especially verse 15, for David under inspiration is telling you of a great mystery.

We believe that the original Eden was in the inner earth in that area called the 'Mountain of God'. Here was located the Tree of Life, and that it was here that YAHWEH said to the Elohim (His children)...'Let us make Audaum (the physical body) in our Image'. And according to the old records this verse of Genesis 1:26, belongs at the last of Genesis 2:5. Thus as it says there is no one to till the ground...then YAHWEH said:...'Let us make Audaum in our image, after our likeness; and let them (Adam and Eve and their descendants) have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over the Enosh (other races) and over everything on earth.' Remember that Audaum was both make and female, and Eve would be taken from this body as well, so that Adam and Eve were one flesh. And this of course was looking forward to the expansion of the Kingdom. The work this Adamic race was to do in earth is now started. You say:...but you are tearing the Bible up to fit your explanation. But remember that the Bible was put together from scrolls, put into chapters and verses as the translators tried to piece the story together, and at times had helpers who had no inspiration to guide them, therefore it should not be surprising if some verses are not in their correct place, and we find that some are not. After all this was a big undertaking, and we are thankful that someone attempted it, for it does help in your studying this wonderful Book. But there was also a mystery being explained as the program of YAHWEH progressed from the time Lucifer rebelled in the heavens, Revelation 12:3, until the bringing of heaven to earth to complete the total defeat of Lucifer and the end of sin (transgression) once and for all. As you know Eve was taken from Audaum....rather this body for Eve was taken from Audaum and now Adam and Eve were one flesh, and ready for the great work to be done to establish this Adamic race thru which would come YAHWEH'S kingdom children, until they would rule in earth in His Kingdom, as the heavens...which are in perfect order. You read in Genesis two that the body was made of dust, and that YAHWEH breathed into his nostril's the breath of Life and man became a living soul. But in understanding, some of the purpose of the program of YAHWEH in bringing His kingdom from heaven to earth we say that the word Bara in Hebrew means to begat, thus in that part of the Netherworld called Paradise, when the family of YAHWEH were gathered who fit into His purpose of that hour, the body of Audaum...for Adam and Eve...was begat. It was formed of the elements of the Universe, and then a living child...spirit of His Spirit came into the body of Audaum, and this was Adam. As the female portion was removed, and formed into a body for Eve again from Celestial to flesh came a child of spirit, and this is as he programmed. Adam and Eve had full consciousness and Celestial bodies, but neither had ever been in physical bodies before. This was to be a new experience for them. Adam and YAHWEH had walked the earth, as YAHWEH showed Adam why he must not mix with the other fallen races. He was shown the conditions of earth brought about by Lucifer's rebellion, and he knew why YAHWEH was showing him why he must not mix with these fallen races. And when Eve was presented to Adam he recognized her as the wife to produce the beginning of the Adamic race. Adam would tell Eve many of these things he had learned, but he had been showed by YAHWEH himself. Adam and Eve had a covering of aura which was surrounding their physical body, and this made them immune form all the diseases of earth which Lucifer had brought forth after being confined here.

We believe then that this Mountain of YAHWEH in inner earth that was called Paradise was where the children of YAHWEH came to dwell before making their way into the flesh bodies of the Adamic race. We believe that records will show that the it stretched Eastward in Eden (in the beginning) had an opening somewhere in the area of the high mountains called the Tien Chen Mountains of Asia. The ancient writings refer to these as the Celestial Mountains, and they form the Western rim of the High Tarim Basin. It is evidence thus in the early portions of Genesis that there was an entrance between the inner earth and the outer earth, and the Coptic Aramaic is probably more clear on this for it tells of Adam and Eve being placed in a garden (meaning a place for growing) Eastward in Eden, and thus an entrance into the inner garden could well have been because after Adam and Eve transgressed, they were driven out of Eden, on to the outer surface of the earth, and Watchers were placed to keep them from going back in. For it was inside that the Tree of Life was located, and if after their transgression YAHWEH had allowed them to partake of the Tree of Life which was the children of YAHWEH coming in...then they would have lived forever as a fallen race, and right there would have been the end of YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth. There would have been no Adamic race with the spirit of YAHWEH to build His Kingdom in earth, and you would have had no need of this Bible. This was not allowed of course because this was all in the foreknowledge of Our Father, as He had told us that we would fall as He outlined this program. And now Adam and Eve in this new experience in physical bodies had allowed their consciousness to surrender to error, and they fell in the flesh, but the spirit which is of HIM did not fall, it just withdrew its Glory, and as a result there was no Light on the outside of their bodies. The spirit Light retreated within to the area of the 3rd., eye. The spirit still had its cognition in the inner surrounded the physical body and immunized it. This transgression of Adam and Eve was then made in the flesh, and now that required that YAHWEH step in to preserve the race. He made it quite clear by driving Adam and Eve out on the area of mystery which would perpetuate their transgression, or their transgressing in the flesh. The 'TREE OF LIFE'...the wisdom of this 'tree of life' was the mystery of maintaining flesh thru out all kings of conditions. This was a spiritual law which they could not now comprehend unless they found it where they were, which now could only be shown by Lucifer and certain of his hosts. Thus YAHWEH clothed Adam and Eve with skins of earth and took them out upon the surface of the earth, and no longer could they go back inside thru the tunnel entrance to Paradise, and the 'tree of life'. However YAHWEH had promised before He ever told them of the program for the restoration of the earth, that he would restore them after they fell. Promised this before the foundation of the world. But from this contaminated womb now came forth Cain who was of 'the wicked one'. I John 3:12. And even none of the children of Adam and Eve would be able to carry a Divine Spirit until the seventh gestation, after which the womb would be considered clean. This seventh gestation is a law for Israel, and it took 10 generations later to cleanse the blood. Seven is a Divine number even with the animals taken on the Ark, for they took 7 as it says for they were to produce themselves after the flood. This seventh gestation is explained in the old Zohar, and other records and the number 7 has much to do with this Adamic race. This is the law which YAHWEH was using to preserve the race seed of His kingdom, where as later He would come forth Himself from this race for a mighty work of atonement.

From the original Books of Adam and Eve we learn of the struggle to maintain their life on the surface of the earth, and how YAHWEH had to intervene at times to keep this first family alive in this harsh environment they now found themselves. As to how long Adam and Eve were in flesh bodies before they fell it is hard to tell, but the age of innocence we believe was not in the old records. The old records tells us a bit as to how Adam and Eve used to come out on the surface of the earth, and how they looked over the things of earth until...they came to the number of judgment. In the old Zohar the number of judgment was 9, so perhaps a multiple of 9 years, or maybe just 9 years or less it is hard to tell. The Pyramid dating for Adam out of the Garden is 5407 years B.C.

There is a trace of this story in the ancient writings of Asia and in India as to how Adam and Eve would come out from the inner earth, and then go back in. They tell of strange and powerful gods who ruled in the inner earth as well as on the outside surface. They tell of how the Light from this Celestial couple was so bright that it hurt the eyes of these strange gods and their hosts, and oh how they complained to Lucifer, until he assured them that he would destroy this Light. These records also show that Lucifer had a great kingdom and court in Asia. That he seduced Eve, and she undoubtedly did not understand that she was greater than Lucifer for he appeared as a great king decked with jewels, and brilliant colored clothing. Eve apparently after the seduction told Adam:...'see I didn't die like you said, so we can mingle with these people, and know all these things'. In the Book of Seth we are told that Adam was distressed, but he then took Lilith unto himself. And remember that Lilith was the consort of Lucifer, she was a fallen Angel herself. Adam did this lest he lose Eve and be alone here upon the face of the earth, so said his son Seth.

Yes, I know many people will say it was Eve who caused Adam to transgress, but Scripture tells us that the woman (Eve) was deceived, but Adam knew better (I Timothy 2:14). Adam had been instructed so he knew that he could not cohabit with this race tree which knew both good and evil. As to where the idea came that Eve ate an apple is hard to say, but our forefathers knew that the Zohar had stressed that this 'tree of good and evil' was a race tree....the Luciferian race. They knew that the apple symbolized the fruit of that forbidden tree. Enoch talked a lot about the glory that Adam and Eve had and how the children of Lucifer were so distressed by this their Light.

In the Book of Deuteronomy YAHWEH tells his family that here in earth they are not to intermingle with the sons and daughters of earth round about them because....'My Spirit will not cohabit with another race'. If they did this then the offspring produced would only carry the earth spirit of another society. Remember the Asiatic race had fallen under the power of Lucifer long before Adam and Eve. In India 10,000 years before they were using the symbol of the serpent. 24,000 years B.C., the Assyrians were recording the emblem of the serpent in connection with Lucifer. 73,000 years B.C., as Negroes were coming into the Summerian land the people were carrying the symbol of the Serpent.

This then was the situation in earth when YAHWEH planted that Garden Eastward in Eden which was high up in the mountain of Central Asia with the opening to the outer surface in that High Pamir Plateau which is now just on the border of the Soviet Union. Remember after the fall that as YAHWEH came into the Garden and called...Adam was hiding. Scripture says that Adam and Eve were naked, but that means they had lost their Light. As YAHWEH challenged Adam as to why he did this thing then Adam said:...the Woman (Lilith) tempted me and I did eat (partake). Adam knew his body carried the seed for the offspring of the Adamic race, this had all been explained to him. Thus Eve was deceived and seduced by Lucifer and her first child was Cain. We have heard many times that Cain was a twin with Abel. Have hear this explained as to how this could happen that Abel was the son of Adam and Cain was the son of Lucifer, but the old Books say nothing about Cain and Abel being twins. They say that Adam said to Eve...where did you get this one, and she replied:....from the lord, but the word lord meant...Baalie. This is what the Scripture is telling you also (Genesis 4:1) even tho bad translation...but you already knew that Cain was of the wicked one.

Adam had cohabited with Lilith and that child went with Lilith where as Cain remained with Eve and Adam for some time. But in the tradition of India some still refer to Lilith as the seducer of Adam and some of the people of India still trace their lineage back to Adam in this way.

This was all in the foreknowledge of YAHWEH, He knew the conditions He was sending His children into. He told us how the fall would occur as we volunteered to whip the devil and return in time for we thought. We were very self assured but we were only thinking as our Father thought, and did not realize how our thinking would be impaired by this veil of flesh, or how our Father would shut down our remembrance so that each time we became discouraged we wouldn't go home before we had fulfilled our purpose in being here in the flesh. Back there in the perfection of the Celestial we didn't quite understand that the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve, was necessary so as to set up the program for restoration and atonement, because only YAHWEH himself could make an end to this sin (violation of law) question.

Yes, when YAHWEH came into the Garden after the fall, the Scripture says that Adam and Eve were covered with fig leaves. But this symbolism meant that they were wearing the tunics worn by the Luciferian kingdom Priests with the fig leaves embroidered on them. This is the covering that YAHWEH removed from them as HE as High Priest of His race made the sacrifice, and secured the covering for His children. He was not going to let Lucifer destroy the beginning of His kingdom in earth, and thru these 8400 years of Pyramid time...we find he has over the years had to rescue them many, many times. He has reached down and lifted Jacob above the mire and set him on his path many times, or we wouldn't be here today in this great nation of ours.

Yes, Lucifer also knew that Adam and Eve were the beginning of the household of YAHWEH in earth, this is why he was working to contaminate, to destroy the kingdom household from the beginning here in earth, and why he continues to this day, in every way he can to destroy this race from the face of the earth. And we can well understand how he must have made a great impression on Eve as he tempted her with the wealth and the majesty and the glory of this Luciferian kingdom. But without their Light then Adam and Eve had no way of keeping their bodies balanced, no way to stop the rapid oxidation, the dehydration thus they needed the clothing which YAHWEH provided. And of course death could not work on their physical bodies for there was no protection now against the disease germs which Lucifer had let loose in earth ages before as he had crossed animalcule and Protozoa, and bacteria to produce those germs. Being perfect then the bodies of Adam and Eve would not die immediately, but no more would they have that total immunity they once had. But before their physical bodies died they would produce a great civilization first in this High Mountain area, because the Adamic race started with a written language, with all the technology for the development of agriculture and so forth. Remember that YAHWEH said:... 'There is no man (Adamite) to till the soil', thus all other races were already in earth, had been for a long time, but they were not with the knowledge of agriculture. This is still an identification of the race today, for who grows more food than all the rest of the races put together. Yes, we know much from the Scripture as to where Eden was, where the original beginning of the Adamic race took place, and that the Garden was connected to the High Mountain of Asia, the Celestial Mountains. And as the Adamic race expanded they came down out of these mountains into the high valley rimmed by mountains, and today that is called on our maps the Tarim Basin.

Before we find out what we know of this Great Basin we should remember that because of the seduction of Adam and Eve, then there was a judgment pronounced on Lucifer as well because he had tried to destroy YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth with the beginning as he worked on our first parents. This judgement is spelled out in Genesis 3:15:...'I shall put enmity between thee (Lucifer) and the woman (Israel-Eve the first mother) between her seed (children) and thy seed (Lucifer's children). Thus the war was on between the children of YAHWEH and the children of Lucifer, but also later YAHSHUA himself would come out of this race, and Lucifer was to bruise his heel. This great struggle must go on until eventually Lucifer's kingdom is destroyed, and we are so much closer to that time than we were, for we are looking for the fall of Great Babylon as it is termed today.

QUESTION:...Where is the Tarim Basin....What was it like in the days of Adam and then in the time of Noah?

ANSWER:...You can find this Tarim Basin very easily on your map of Asia. Look for the border between Russia and China, in the high mountains and then in the Sinkang province of China. The Tien Chen mountains rim the west and north of this great basin called today the Tarim Basin. The area is much changed today from what it was in the days of Adam and Eve, for the Pamir Plateau to the west has risen and the Tarim Basin sunk. Great Earthquakes which hit that area at the time of the flood of Noah raised mountain ranges and sunk the Tarim Basin. From ancient Asiatic records we know that the Tien Chen Mountains were called the Celestial Mountains, and these mountains were connected to the great civilization which grew in that area after Adam and Eve came out of the Garden.

Yes, the struggle to adapt to the earths surface completely by Adam and Eve was intense, but remember this was the beginning of YAHWEH'S kingdom on earth, and you may be sure he was watching over his family, for he had already shown Lucifer that he could not destroy them. Then Cain was born to Eve and Scripture tells us (I John 4:12) that Cain was of the evil one, meaning Lucifer. And the old records then tell us that Eve brought forth a son and called him Cain...from the lord Baalie...and then later Adam and Eve had a son and they called him Abel. There was a great difference in these boys as they grew up. Abel followed the teaching of his parents but Cain was always in rebellion. From the Zohar and from the writings of Seth it seems that Cain when he grew up consorted with a Negress which was classified as among the beasts of the earth, and was not acceptable. This was one the things besides being Luciferian that deemed that nothing Cain could produce would make an acceptable sacrifice for he was always in violation of this principal law. Genesis 4:3-7. Thus YAHWEH talks to Cain about this violation of Divine Law and notice he charges Cain and his companions in plurality. This is interesting because it proves that Cain and his companions have to absorb their own transgression as he runs them out. So it is plural in the statement which is made to Cain...Genesis 4:7. This was discussed among the Patriarchs, and among the religions or religious teachers later, about the fact that one of the first things Cain had done was mix with the lower Bestial orders. But remember he is the son of Lucifer, and what did Lucifer do when he first rebelled?

Cain in jealousy then killed Abel and was removed from this area where the Adamic family were living. Cain went into the land of Nod and took a wife of the Akkad people who were of a higher station in life, but still a mixed fallen people under the Luciferian fall.

You are given the genealogy of Cain because it is important in Scripture to point out the difference in people. Cain was afraid for he was being driven forth from this area where Adam and Eve lived. He said:....My punishment is more than I can bear:....'Thou hast driven me out from the face of the earth.' This is translation but the word earth is 'erets' meaning from one country to another. And we know that Cain went into the land of the Akkad people and there took a wife from among the Akkadian people so there were lots of people around this area where Adam and Eve lived weren't there. The Akkadian people were descended from the Turanian, an ancient people of Asia. There Cain founded a dynasty which records of history were later to call the dynasty of Sargon, an Asian conqueror, for Cain became Sargon the Magnificent, a mighty ruler over Assyria.

The mark of Cain was an identification of who he was, but also in symbolism you start being told that the seed of the Dragon (Lucifer), and the seed of the woman (Israel-the kingdom) shall go until the time of judgment on this Luciferian kingdom. Even after YAHWEH came as YAHSHUA still this time was not finished. Pyramidology says the program for the earth for the Adamic race was 8400 years after Adam was put out of the Garden. The seven times judgment (Genesis 4:15) will be finished as the Adamic kingdom comes into rulership of earth, and Lucifers kingdom is finished. One of the measures of this is tied into Daniel 3:44-45... 'In the days of those kings then YAHWEH shall set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, and this kingdom shall never be left to other people.' This is the 'Living Stones' of His kingdom cut out without hands, meaning begat by YAHWEH himself. Adam's number is seven, and seven means perfection of what is outlined here. Also we think this ties in with Romans 11:24... 'Until the time of the Gentiles (nations) be finished.' Now; look back to this time of Adam and Eve, they of course had other children, and as their family grew we learn that there was a great civilization which developed in the Western end of what is now this Tarim Basin. There were 40 ancient cities built here called the Takla Makan cities. They were fabulous cities of the past, and the Asiatics speak of the wisdom and manifested understanding that existed in these original cities of Takla Makan that existed upon the upper areas of this Tarim Plateau. Today they are marked by the Takla Makan desert. The ancient writings speak of the science, the worship of these people from the Celestial Mountains. And how people of the older races were awed by the knowledge of these Takla Makan people which was greater than that possessed by any other people. We are told that the people of Asia sent their emissaries to these cities, and more than this the priests of the Asiatic religions sent their Priesthood, and they viewed those who dwelt on this Plateau, and it was decided that those who dwelt on this Plateau must be absorbed into their civilization, or they would rule the world. This is found in the writings of the Chinese as well as the writings of India.

Now; geologists and students of the patterns of history of Asia tell us that all this part of Central Asia was once a great inland sea, but before it became an inland sea, it was a subterranean sea, and in certain places on the land above this subterranean sea there were great Artesian wells, natural wells, as well as bubbling springs of great size. Thus this area which saw the expanding of the Adamic family had a pleasant climate, and it was from this seat of civilization that the Adamic race started their migrations. In the Ferrah Fenton edition of Scripture it talks also of the 4 rivers running out of Eden. The original translation says:...'By a great lake or sea were the 4 rivers fed.' At one time the story told was that most of the basic rivers of Asia started in this Great Tarim Basin which once was an underground sea, with a great lake on one portion of it, that it was from this that the waters of the rivers came. But in symbolism then these 4 rivers produced results that history records, and from that great civilization on the Plateau of this Basin came the Adamic migrations, one went into India, one into the areas of land between the Tigris and Euphrates River, another later went into the land now called Palestine, and one went on into Egypt as they moved out. Remember that Adam and Eve had other children before Seth but they were not acceptable to carry on the seed of the kingdom, but they also grew up in this area. And then with the birth of Seth this Bible becomes the story of the Adamic Race ...Genesis 5:1. 'This is the book of the generation (race) of Adam, in the day when YAHWEH begat him in HIS own image, or likeness'. There is constant, continual evidence in Scripture of the distinguishing qualities that marked the difference between the Adamic and the other races, and the ancient history of Asia bears this out. Today the encyclopedia will tell you that the strangest phenomena of all times is how this great Tien Chen Mountain range has been breaking up throughout the years. That today it is disintegrating at a faster rate than any mountain chain in the world. It is breaking up, falling apart, crumbling, and it will also tell you that they are still probing for those ancient patterns of civilization, for the riches, the wisdom, and the power found in those cities that once existed on this great Plateau. Even the Soviets are trying to find where these ancient cities were, for they know that somewhere in that rubble there must be great treasures, for there was once a great civilization there. This was the area where Alexander the Great was searching for, as the learned men of Greece had learned about their beginnings at the city of ON, Egypt. But in the time of Alexander the Great the Himalaya Mountain ranges were a high and foreboding place hard to get up into, and on the other side as they sent out scouts they found there were millions of Mongols to contend with, so Alexander did not go any further.

Now; we can trace the Adamic migrations out of the Tarim Basin thru history, traditions and records. India records the coming of the tall white sons of Seth long before they record the flood of Noah's time. The same... name meaning thinkers from the Tien Chen Mountains, or HU-man--spirit man, or LORDS of the soil. You find recorded along the Persian Gulf these same names for the sons of Seth as they came into that area as well. Thus the sons and daughters of Adam after the marriage of Seth and his sister born after him began the expansion of this kingdom of YAHWEH on earth. They provided a continuous flow of the Adamic race...4 great rivers of migration are laid out in the ancient records, but there is no place on the face of the earth today where 4 rivers run out. They have gone into this area of the Tarim Basin today thinking this was the area of 4 literal rivers, and they have learned that they are not there. They do know that waters of the flood of Noah's time ran out and down the Whang Ho River of China, and down to the west to the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, but the headwaters of 4 rivers has not been found in one spot. But the ancient records of India do tell of the coming of the tall white ones who were masters of the highest civilization and culture in the world. Tell of how these people declared they were the sons of the Great God of the Universe. Then the Vedic writings of India say that these sons of the Great God of the Universe were sent to earth to rule over the dusky people with righteousness. They also tell you that their serpent god sought to destroy these sons of YAHWEH.

The ancient Sumerians record the battle of Tiamat or the serpent god with the Great YAH of the heavens. In fact you find in the theology of ancient Buddhism which has an older foundation than the one called Buddha of today, this pattern of this Satanic one includes a Buddha who would be embodied as their pagan deity, and they always identify their god by the symbol of Tia or the serpent. They tell as does India...this story of these sons of YAH who in India was called Indra...the Great God of the heavens, tell of these who came into their lands, and set up their points of measure so as to measure the procession of the equinox. They were the first to measure the sky to give the correct names to the planets and Constellations in their orbit pointing out in their measure the destiny of Adam-man, and stating that these are but symbols of that Destiny. Oh, the ancients measured the sky and they marked certain events by these line ups of the Constellations that they saw, but never were those connected with a race until these tall sons of YAH came explaining this story. These records also bear the testimony of the fall of Lucifer, the symbol of the god the fallen races serves as being this one who lost the battle of the heavens, but who vows to fight and win another time, so he thinks. And that their first duty is the destruction of the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Remember that Adam lived almost 1000 years, and according to Josephus the Judean historian he begat 52 children. Thus understand that this Adamic race consisted of many, many more than the list in the Bible of the leaders of each generation up to Noah. Thus the 'Stream of Life' out of the Tarim Basin and beyond as they moved thru the migrations was great. And to set the record straight...Josephus was not a Jew, he was an Israelite of Judea, a reporter, a historian, and according to Dr. Swift was also of Benjamin blood. The Romans also Israelites gave him permission to record the happening of Judea as Jerusalem fell in 70 A.D., and from old records he also recorded the history of these Judean Israelites back to Adam. His writings then became the war of the Jews in English translation.

But as the white race kept coming out of the Tarim Basin, remember Adam and Eve has lost their Shekinah Light, this took away their unlimited spiritual power, the unlimited force for governing the earth at that time, and this left Lucifer in control. Then up in the Tarim Basin around this white civilization had come in the seed of the Dragon, the fallen races and worst of all those Priests of Darkness who were fallen Angels. In Genesis 6 in translation they are called sons of God, but actually they were fallen Angels, the word for them was Nephilin, and remember that the name of God is not our Fathers fits Lord Baalie much better. But as these fallen Angels left their first estate they took a body of normal size, but their offspring grew to be great giants. Thus there were giants in the earth. And here in the Tarim Basin these fallen Angels were seizing the white girls and their offspring...of this crossing also became giants. The Spirit norm continued to grow, to develop until there were great giants in that area also, for mongrelization was rampaging in the Tarim Basin, and the children of Adam were leaving there as fast as they could. Judgement was pronounced on this evil and 120 years was determined before that judgment would destroy them.

Noah then as told to build an Ark on the high ground on the West end of the great Basin. The people here in the valley were becoming like in Sodom and Gomorrah, had broken every law, were totally evil. And all but Noah and his family were soon classified this way. Thus in 120 years would come a great catastrophe on this area because Satans children had tried to swallow up the Adamic race...YAHWEH'S kingdom in the earth. And as we speak of the time of Noah, then only Noah, his three sons and their wives were safe in the Ark. And all the unassimilatable sons of Lucifer, the great giants, the peculiar perversions of society were taken away as YAHWEH DROWNED them all. As you know we believe this flood of Noah's time was only in that High Tarim Basin which was like a cup rimmed by mountains. Here where once a great white society dwelt and worshiped and kept the laws of YAHWEH (God). But it became as they say:...a land of wine, women and song, and yes horse racing, and everything else which might tempt the Adamic people to fall, so the 3 times 40 years of judgment was pronounced on the inhabitants of this land because of what they had done to the Adamic race.

Noah remember married the daughter of Enoch, and she was 580 years old when she became Noah's wife. He was 480 years old, and the old records say she begat...brought forth Japhet and Shem. Ham is not listed as from her, so perhaps from another wife, but is listed as the son of Noah, and this was a family of pure lineage out of the white race.

At the end of the 120 years then YAHWEH put Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japhet and their wives on the Ark and delivered the last of this Adamic race in that area. In otherwords when trouble came then Israel was safe in the storm. And as it began to rain, then great geological upheavals struck this area. The Tien Chen Mountains on the west rose, and the Tarim Basin land broke into pieces and fell into that great underground sea which was underneath this area all the time. Yes, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights but a great earthquake broke up the land and dropped it into the subterranean sea. Genesis 7:11.....'The fountains of the deep were broken up'. Today the fault lines of material proves that this catastrophe took place. Today the Tarim Basin contains the great Takla Makan desert. The elevation and climate of that area are quite different than it was in the time of Adam or Noah. Now after that great catastrophe and the thousands of years the land is barren and waste, and almost nothing will grow there. But the Chinese records and the records of India have the story of Noah, and the flood, thus we can trace the migrations from this area from which the Adamic race came. The Chinese records say that Noah who they called Nee Hi in some dialects and Fu Hi in other dialects preserved a certain group of animals which were later used for sacrificial purposes, and those for the preservation of animal life of that area, and they tell how Noah and his family because they performed this task which pleased the Mighty God were preserved. They tell of how the second great earthquake came, and then the flood waters came down the Hwang Ho River in China and drowned people who lived along this river. How do we know this was Noah and the flood of the time listed in the Bible are the same? The Chinese Noah was listed as born in the time identical to the Biblical Noah. We know that the flood came in the 600th., year of Noah's life, and we know this is recorded as the time of a certain Chinese king. The Dynasties of the Chinese we ca trace back 14,000 years in their records, and they have it recorded at the right time according to Biblical records.

In the Scripture then YAHSHUA talks of the last days, and says it will be as it was in the days of Noah. And always remember the reason Noah was rescued was because He found Grace in the sight of YAHWEH...He was perfect in his race tree. This included his three sons and their wives as well. If this seed line of these people had not been perfect they would have been exterminated to stop this mongrelization, this turn to brutishness. There is an area of balance of law whereas evil produces a negative principal, and violation of Divine Law thus can kill people. The situation in the Tarim Basin became so evil that the cup of iniquity of the law breakers was full and they were destroyed. Every law had been broken in that land, and today we see our nation approaching this turning point. But even with all that as the 3 times 40 year judgment took place still all Israel in that area was safe in the Ark. QUESTION...Where then would you look for Noah's Ark, and what happened as they came out of the Ark?

ANSWER...Before we answer this...for the New Identity people we call attention to Genesis 6:6...which is a very bad translation. 'And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart'...Now; remember all that had happened up until now. You know that YAHWEH knew what was going to happen by foreknowledge. He told us what would happen before the Adamic race started coming in the flesh. This verse then belittles OUR FATHER, and any time you find a translation like this you know the translation was done by someone without spiritual knowledge or inspiration. He didn't repent....He knew what Adam-man, or even the other races would do, knew what would happen as he allowed Lucifer to rebel. He knew that Lucifer was trying to destroy HIS kingdom in earth up there in the Tarim Basin to begin with, and He determined to stop it, and He did. The judgment that area where the violation was taking place. He has stepped in ever so often thru the history of this Adamic race, and every event which was planned has happened on schedule.

Now; Noah made the Ark as directed, and when the time came for judgment on the Luciferians in that area, then YAHWEH brought the animals to be in the ARK...those animals of that area, and also the extra ones for food and for sacrifice, and then Noah and his family went into the Ark, or the great ship, and YAHWEH closed the door of the Ark, and the rains came, and the fountains of the deep broke up as the great earthquakes came, and the Ark was soon floating. Genesis high then did the flood waters rise? Until the hills and mountains in that Basin were covered. 'The land mass broke up and fell into the subterranean sea below, but the waters did not run out of the high Tarim Basin until another earthquake broke the rim to the Southeast, and to the West. Genesis 8:4...The Ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat, as the rain stopped and the fountains of the deep were restrained. The great Basin rim was then broken open and the waters ran out of both ends of that Basin. The word Ararat is a Hebrew word in an English translation. And in the footnotes in the Ferrah Fenton Bible it tells us:...Translating the Hebrew word as by leaving it in the Hebrew as the current versions do mislead the reader to record clearly proves, was upon the peaks of the Himalaya Mountains in the Hindu Kush, in the region of Kashar, or northern Afghanistan of today. (Another reason why the Soviets are trying to take Afghanistan today?)

Remember that the Adamic race migrated out of that area probably thru the mountain pass in the South Western portion of the Basin. I would think somewhere in there you would find the Ark. For Noah remember sent out a dove, it returned, but he then sent out this same dove a second time and it came back with an Olive Leaf, and of course this olive tree is the symbol of Israel, so I would think that Noah and his sons and their wives were now placed in the path of the migrating Israelites. (Adamites) Genesis 8:20....NOAH the Patriarchal Priest of his family then built an altar unto YAHWEH, and prepared the sacrifice. This was a ritual of the race symbolizing they knew that YAHWEH would come in time as YAHSHUA to redeem them.

After this Noah's family started expanding, they will have a time of growth without the Luciferians to bother them. Was there other Adamites in those high mountains as Noah's family expanded in that area before they went into their migrations? We have no record especially of this except that Olive Leaf that the dove brought to the Ark, but we do know that Alexander the Great found white tribes in the high Himalayas and that was about 300 years before the birth of YAHSHUA in Judea. There was where Alexander the Great found the golden haired Princess who became his wife.

YAHWEH made this covenant with Noah, with the race, set the rainbow in the heavens to mark it, and here today we find the old world people trying to even claim it for their New Age Symbol. Yes, people say, but everyone drowned on the face of the earth but Noah and his three sons, and their wives. Genesis 9:1....and to them God said:. ...'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth'. Then read 9:19.... of them (the three sons of Noah?) was the whole earth to be overspread. ????

Remember the program of the kingdom...the Shem line comes on down to Abraham. After the family of Noah had increased there in the high mountains then they started their migrations and Noah would move with the Shemites. The Japhet people moved mainly east and south, and they after a few generations would be absorbed by the Mongols. This produced the names of Meshech, Gog, and Magog, Tubal and people say that the Mongols came from Japhet people, but no...the Mongols just absorbed the Japhet people. The Asiatics were there long before the Japhet people came into their land. After this mongrelization the Japhet line was finished, Japhet himself did not mongrelize, that did not happen until further down the line, but as soon as mongrelization takes place then the offspring are no longer Adamites.

The Hamites and the Shemites moved in the path of earlier migrations, and a great civilization was built in the areas between the Euphrates River and the Tigris River. Nimrod was a Hamite...ruler of this area and Terah the father of Abraham was his Prime Minister. Shem and Noah established the Cave of the Treasures in their home which we think was in the mountains of Palestine, and the kingdom then expands thru the covenant with Abraham, thru Isaac, Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel...these were Shemites, and they absorbed many of the Adamites left, and this is where you come from today if your a pure blooded white man or woman. However always YAHWEH keeps a remnant who know who they are so that they can keep this message alive, and there will be enough resistance to the program of Lucifer to keep him in check.