ERM - Tape 009 - Antichrist; Identity; Grace Not Law; Born Again; Black Pope

TAPE NO. 9 - By Ella Rose Mast



1. The Anti-Christ

2. Identity of People

3. Under Grace not under Law

4. Born again

5. Black Pope

QUESTION:...Scripture talks as tho there will be an Anti-Christ in the last days who will take over the world and rule with evil powers. Is this just one man or many? For instance as in Daniel chapter 8?

ANSWER:...The seventh and eighth chapter of Daniel are overlapping and Daniel is explaining, using much symbolism as does John in Revelation, the rise and fall of great powers over the years. This is symbolically describing the continuing battle between the Luciferian kingdom and this Stone Kingdom set in place by YAHWEH which was set in place as a great stone cut out of a mountain without hands.

Some of the symbolism used here is of the horn, this would be as on the headdress of leaders, and kings, and Daniel always refers to this symbol of the horn. Sometimes it was Rams horns, sometimes twisted horns of other animals, but always a symbol of leadership and of military powers. And the Asiatic ruler would always take over the kingdom that rose and wage war against this 'Stone Kingdom' which YAHWEH set in place. Thus the prophecies that Daniel was seeing...many of them came true a long time ago and they keep coming true until the time decreed for the fulness of transgression to be reached by the transgressor who is of course Lucifer, and he leads his kingdom people. Lucifer and the people of his kingdom are Anti-Messiah...translated Anti-Christs, they have always been since the Luciferian rebellion started.

Here in Daniel then is a literal fulfillment of history being described symbolically as you are dealing with these prophecies about the Anti-Christ leaders of Empires which rose and fell, and which are now history, all except this last one which comes to its fullness and is then destroyed. But here in particular passages in this Book of Daniel it is referring to the situation in the latter part of the time span as Lucifer's transgressions come to its fullness. The significance of this is that it is the climactic time when all powers, all forces of evil will be in their all out battle against the kingdom, when they make their final attempt to destroy Western Christianity, and then they are to be totally defeated, by none other than YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA.

This then is what Daniel was seeing in his vision, he saw the events leading up to Messiah, saw the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and the final defeat of Lucifer as he is broken by the Prince of Princes (Daniel 8:25). Then in verse 27...Daniel fainted for he saw all these events take place, and sees that climax is so far in the future. So many things have to take place before his people and the kingdom is restored, thus Daniel fainted. The symbolism of the sanctuary here is very important. You know of course that Old Jerusalem was literally destroyed...that is history. But the Sanctuary in symbolism is:...'The living Stones' growing into a Temple unto YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA, I Peter 2:4-9. This is all Israel, the people of the Great Stone Kingdom, cut out of the mountain without hands in the time of these kings spoken of here in Daniel 2:44-45. This prophecy then is to reach up until the fullness of the transgressor (vs:23) has come. It is significant for us today for we seem to have reached the climax of what Daniel was seeing, and always the prophets, and YAHWEH'S people have cried as we still do today...'How long O long'. We must remember that at this climactic time as all the forces of Anti-Christ are thrown at the kingdom that it is also the time when these forces come to their judgment, and they are finally defeated, we look forward to that time.

Now;...Anti-Christ then is not necessarily one person for we are told that there are many Anti-Christ's. But who ever happens to be the leader among them in his day is the top dog. Stalin had his day as did others. But who ever the individual is for this climactic time will still be an Asiatic Yehudin (Jew), all of these leaders of Lucifer's kingdom have been and they all run in their cycles.

We are told here by Daniel that when the transgressors have run to their fullness that there will be a last king of fierce countenance, under- standing dark sentences...who will stand up? This is always a vision of a person who is vicious, cunning, who is blaspheming and is subtle. This of course Stalin and others have fulfilled in their day. But it now speaks of the fact that each of these leaders of darkness by Stans power therefore would destroy wonderfully, and shall practice, and destroy the mighty and the Holy People...meaning those of YAHWEH'S Stone Kingdom. Each of these leaders magnifies himself in his heart, and by the pronouncement of Peace, Peace when there is no Peace will by this method do great damage to the kingdom. The Soviet Union of today is behind all these Peace movements that spring up. This is an arm of communist aggression, and many of the Christian people fall for this line.

But here in the Book of Daniel you see how much time is covered in these two chapters, there were events which would take place several hundred years before the birth of Messiah, and would continue on up into our time, and yet still future when Lucifer and his forces are totally stopped. But the description of this leader with the fierce countenance is symbolic of any communist regime leader. One thing they always do is to wipe out all areas of things that are old, and then the state controls the replacement. This has been happening all over the world, and even here in America. Every conqueror wiped out the old so as to control the future, but the Soviet Union of today, is a good example of this. The significance of this Socialistic design is that all labor is controlled by this master of the Anti-Christ program.

In the Book of Revelation the symbol John used for this system of the forces of the Anti-Christ program is Mystery Babylon the Great, and it controls everything. Controls all industry, all labor, economy and even the souls of men. But Daniel thus says that a contemporary, powerful master rises up in the climax of the struggle against the Stone Kingdom and he will be the Head of this kingdom of darkness. He will be a Satanic-embodied Luciferian, maybe even Lucifer himself in that body. And this final leader will actually try to wage war against YAHSHUA himself as he comes as King of Kings. But then Lucifer and his kingdom will be broken, utterly smashed as far as the power of his kingdom is concerned. These words:..'Broken without hands' describes the tremendous forces to be used against the Anti-Christ powers as their strength is destroyed in earth. The one we are looking for today will be the one who is leading these people, who are even trying to take the babe out of the manger in the nativity scene. Yes, Daniel had in mind that Lucifer would have a supreme embodiment, a top, evil person who would be the supreme leader in this final battle against the kingdom, and all it stands for.

John in his Epistles says that:...'They who deny that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh'...are Anti-Messiah...which is translated Anti-Christs. Thus who will be this final leader depends on the timing of YAHWEH'S program, when exactly was this Stone Kingdom set in place, and how long does it take for Lucifers kingdom to reach its fullness of iniquity? Daniel just said:.. 'in the time of those kings, that this kingdom would be set in place and never be destroyed.'

Remember when Lucifer tried to tempt YAHSHUA (Jesus)? Lucifer said to Jesus reasonable, this is my world, you gave it to me years ago, and now you come down here and I perceive that what you have in mind ends in death. So lets just bury the hatchet and you recognize me as king of this earth, and I will recognize you as the LORD of outer space. But here in earth of course you bow to me. I will even make you Prince of Princes, or king over the other kings in earth...subject only to me. There is an alchemy purpose here that reaches into some design to overthrow my kingdom because as you know I am king of death, so why don't you just recognize me right now and it won't be necessary for you to die?

This is when YAHSHUA blasted Lucifer and he ran. YAHSHUA said:...'Thou shalt not tempt YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA' and this is translated as 'The Lord thy God'. But here YAHSHUA made it plain that HE was still the supreme ruler of the Universe altho he was here in the flesh. That He still had that catalyst of strength even tho He had been fasting. But actually even tho HE had been fasting it had just clarified all spiritual occupancy of the physical, and catalyzed the resistance like unto a blast of flame which came out before Lucifer and he ran. This is found in the writing of Clemens as it says:...'So bright and so flaming was YAHSHUA in his denunciation of Lucifer that Lucifer fled.'

There is no question of the fact that Lucifer will be broken, his power removed. It is as certain as tomorrows sunrise. This was set in place in the program so long ago and history has recorded the events up to now. What seems to still be holding Lucifers grip on our world today is the fact that the people of the Great Stone Kingdom do not know who they are. Their blindness seems to be their being taught that the Jews are Gods chosen people. It does not seem to register with most Christendom that YAHSHUA pointed this out to them so long ago as He said:...'Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do'. Who then was He talking to but the people of Lucifers kingdom who denied Him then and still deny Him today. When they say they are the 'chosen people', then that is true but who is their god, and who chose them?

To the people of the Stone Kingdom then we know who our God is, He is YAHWEH who is our YAHSHUA and we are his 'called out' people. But if you want a conformation as to who the god of these who deny the Messiah really are then you should read the article...'The Hidden Tyranny' which was taken from the tape interview with the Administrative aide out of the office of the then Senator Jacob Javitts in 1978. This gentleman who was a Jew as is Jacob Javitts confirmed as he laughed and made fun of the dumb Christians, and he told of how the Jews manipulate us, but he confirmed that yes their god is Lucifer and they are his 'chosen people'. The Hidden Tyranny had been published by the Western Front...but that old gentleman is now dead and I do not think anyone has carried on his ministry.

QUESTION:...I really don't see how you are going to identify people today, they are so mixed racially, how would you tell a Jew from a gentile?

ANSWER:...This is another controversial subject, but there are lots of ways to tell an Adamite from a Yehudin, but scientists have told us that there is a way to identify every race as well as a mutation. This method was discovered years ago at Heidelberg, Germany. Remember that Germany raised her own fifth column, and when they were trying to weed out the communists out of their government they found that most of the communists were Jewish. But their scientists then found by experiments and study that there is a great difference in fingerprints.

About 1962 the Jerusalem University made their claim that there are loops, swirls and whirls in those fingerprints which identify people of every race. The Jerusalem University had been conducting their own research on anatomy because they knew that Germany had discovered this identification by fingerprints before W.W.II., and were using that method of identifying Jews, and of course the Jews had cried out about it. But in Israeli they were using the fingerprint method to identify as they said:...their own people.

In the Swift Library in 1964 were the documents from the reports out of the Jerusalem University. These documents outlined the research they had done on fingerprints, and this report agreed with the report from Heidelberg and other research. They declared that whether an Asiatic Jew who came from the nature of the Asiatics and Lucifer, whether a Cainanite, or even a Negro Jew still there were loops, whorls, and swirls that will identify them as Jews. They reported that certain of these marks follow even a type of mutation. Thus all of these forces have something in common which can be found in their fingerprints. And in 1962 here was the Israeli government taking fingerprints of everyone in Israeli so as to determine who could be a citizen of that Jewish State. Today most people think of this Jewishness as being determined by religion, but your fingerprints are not determined by your religion.

In the days of the Judah kingdom, then later at the time of Jesus the YEHUDIN were Hittites, Cainanites, Amalakites, and so forth, a mixed people. But most of the people called Jews today are of that same lineage as the Yehudin of old. These writers even tell you this, and yet Christendom never hears.

But that still doesn't change the fact that Angels did not keep their first estate as the Scripture tells us, and they intermingled with people of earth, and this intermixing has left its mark on all of them thru their fingerprints. In Israeli then in the sixties the Israeli government was using this method to determine who was a Jew so as to tell who could be citizens or even who they could marry.

Now; if we deal with the Jewish question only by religion that does not necessarily mean that a person is a Jew by birth.

In Europe at the time of W.W.II., most of the orphanages were run by the Catholic church, and when the Catholics found out that these Catholic children from those orphanages were being adopted and raised as Jews they were outraged, and proceeded to stop that adoption practice. Even here in the U.S. the orphanages were being raided and children were adopted and raised as Jews, the orphans are a source of supply for the Jewish religion. They adopt these children and fuse them into their families and raise them maybe as reformed Jews, Orthodox Jews, or Talmudic Jews. These children raised this way don't know where they came from anymore than those Catholic children did in France and other parts of Europe. The Jews like to find children out of France, and other parts of Southern Europe like Greece, Italy or Romania because these children are more apt to have sort of an olive complexion and blend in better with the adopting family. But if these Aryan adopted children then marry Jews their offspring carry forward the mutation and they breed back into Jewishness.

The Jewish Encyclopedia in the early 60's said that 20% especially of the European Jews were adopted.

And now here in Israeli altho they had denounced the practice when Germany tried to find the source of their fifth column, still then Jerusalem comes out with their claim that they have a perfect codex of fingerprints that will mark a true Jew anywhere in the world. This is their claim that fingerprints will identify every race, and even mutations.

QUESTION:..When are we under Grace only, what time did we come under it and not under the Law? And what about the Melchizedek Priesthood are we under it now?

ANSWER:...Whoo there! Lets consider the whole picture, this great Mosaic of the program and the purposes of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA then you figure that one out. This picture includes the Melchizedek Priesthood, the law, the promises, the Grace of YAHWEH, the covenants, salvation, and yes even the idea of 'born again'.

Now; The Melchizedek Priesthood...when YAHWEH assumes an area of Priestly responsibility in the earth, embodied in his own person as YAHSHUA thus this is the Melchizedek revelation. This is the Priesthood of the Eternal Father...'Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life:...abides a Priest King (Incarnate YAHWEH) continually' Hebrews 7:3.

Then when the body of YAHWEH came forth from the Virgin birth as produced by the Virgin Mary, it was by Divine participation and preparation and was now an offspring by the process of birth. Therefore this is the same similitude of His original being, thus the being who resides...YAHSHUA.. was before Abraham, but the same yesterday, today and forever. This was a Melchizedek Priesthood in that this was the Patriarchial Eternal Father now residing in the flesh. The actual passage that dealt with the original thus said:..that Melchizedek was without father, mother, without days or end of life, abides a Priesthood forever.

As we turn back into the endless hours of yesterday, and into the vastness of YAHWEH'S creative purposes, looking at His creation of sidereal forces as HE stood out in those vast areas of the expansion of space, and see each one of the majesties of his creation that he placed in form and motion in all the things of the Universe, in those days when the sons and daughters of YAHWEH sang for joy..we watched all this creation as he set everything in their order, and their courses and everything was in perfection and harmony. He was 'King of Kings' and in the Priesthood Omnipotence of the Sovereignty of the MOST HIGH there stood forth a declaration that HE was indeed 'The King of Kings'.

In the ancient books we discover this pattern, that YAHWEH embodied as YAHSHUA emerges with the great encasing of His presence into the Melchizedek Priesthood. Only ONE could measure up to this, for YAHWEH alone is without father, mother, the Eternal existing, Everliving. All this reaches beyond the perimeter of things we are capable of thinking about in their purity. The endlessness in existence, the Majesty of His power, the effulgent Glory in His countenance, all this is in the Priesthood of Melchizedek. Then when He became embodied in earth He was in similitude of His former Priesthood. He had a mother, he was fulfilling prophecy, and identifying with His household, but this did not take away the fact that the body Mary carried had been a TOTALLY INCLUSIVE SEED, prepared and developed to bring forth at its completion and fullness...YAHWEH in the body of YAHSHUA. Thus the body of YAHWEH existed before the foundation of the world, but it was re-synthesized in the body of the Virgin Mary by a Miracle, and this body emerges the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, or forever.

Now there were some men with the title of Patriarchial Priesthood who were in similarity to the Melchizedek Priesthood for the Priesthood of the Patriarchial service which was of a father over his family, this was similar but not exact, for it was YAHWEH himself as YAHSHUA who met Abraham and to whom Abraham paid his tithe. Genesis 14:20. The Bible makes this quite clear in the Book of Hebrews as well. For when one pays tithe to or renders a spiritual service to...the lesser pays tithe unto the greater in the escalation up to greater deity.

Abraham was blessed of YAHWEH, he was called of YAHWEH TO FATHER a race, even tho he had come down thru the lineage of Adam, but out of Abraham was to come Isaac and out of Isaac shall thy seed be called. And thus from Abram (Abraham) came the seed from which the nations of the kingdom were to develop, then Abraham as he paid the tithe was all the Great House of Israel, and the People of Israel to complete the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth. Thus Abraham could not have here paid tithe to Shem as some would have you believe, for the Priesthood of the House of Shem was not greater than Abraham. There was none greater than Abraham, but YAHWEH himself, thus that is who Abraham paid his tithe to.

Now; as Abraham came out on the plains there was a great battle raging, and Abraham was miraculously spared by the storms which confused the enemy, made them destroy themselves. Thus Abraham emerged with the wealth of these forces of battle. Abraham met the king of Sodom but would not have anything to do with this kings offer, because Abraham knew he was made wealthy by the work of YAHWEH. Abraham had only moved away from the king of Sodom a short distance when suddenly a great illuminated figure with a great company was seen approaching. Abraham said as he approached him:..'Who art thou?' and this figure replied:..'I am Melchizedek' which means King of Peace. So Abraham fell before HIM and he paid tithe to HIM, and we are told that Melchizedek broke out to him, and served Abraham bread and wine. In otherwords YAHWEH EMBODIED AS YAHSHUA served Abraham communion. In no place do we see the communion served except in these strange records of these instances of the embodied YAHWEH because before this was over Abraham paid his tithe to HE who is greater. In the Zohar it says that the Abiding Presence embodied in the flesh sat and break bread to Abraham, break unto Abraham, His body, and His flesh. Therefore this could only be one personage who ultimately embodied would sacrifice HIS own body, and His blood, who was the Passover Lamb...yet here before the Passover. Who was the fulfillment of the synthesis of His people with HIM in all he was to do. This again identifies this as the Priesthood of YAHWEH...who is our YAHSHUA-Savior.

Now; this city of Kings...Salem...the city of Peace, this is a Living city, a New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven prepared as a bride for her husband, descending now thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and on down thru this race, thus a city of Kings. The Apostle Paul was later to lift his voice in praise unto the Eternal Father, the Majestic YAHWEH who is incarnate...'on whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named'. Thus we behold that Abraham paid tithe to this ONE, then out of Abraham came Isaac, then Jacob and eventually Levi who would be the established Priesthood of the Old Testament, so now Levi could take tithe of men. And yet Levi was paying tithe while in the loins of Abraham, and thus in that manner paid tithe to this ONE who was greater than all men. The Apostle Paul would later state that the sons of Levi get old and die, but HE that received the tithe of Abram..HE liveth..HE never dies.

Alright; by the various works of YAHSHUA this is among the mysteries of the atonement. He took a body a little lower than the Angels so that he might take death for every man. Had HE permitted His body to be completely covered with the enveloping Glory which HE possesses as the Eternal YAHWEH then He could never have been crucified. Therefore in the program of YAHWEH, He would predestinate (Pre-determine) the death of His own embodiment. The Melchizedek Priesthood was laid aside until His death was accomplished. By His becoming the substitute of His own household and race, under the sentence of death, this means not only physical death but the holding of their soul consciousness from the freedom of the Celestial world, and Celestial occupation, then YAHSHUA paid the price of atonement. He bought the world to set the treasure hidden in the field (world) free. This treasure was His own children in this world, embodied, and in doing this He eliminated all the judgments,....oh, break the law and you still get chastisement here in the physical, that is the purpose of the law, but when you stand before HIM then you are guiltless and without judgment. Thus again:...the leadership of the kingdom can in turn, or in a sense say that having been begotten before the world was framed, then these Celestial children have had an atonement which covers their own Resurrection, and frees them from this law of 'sin and death' for now at death the spirit returns to HE who gave it, no more is it confined to the Netherworld waiting the atonement...all that is finished.

And now the actual price has been paid for all the race, thus the spiritual center of the kingdom..the awakened, illuminated, liberated assembly is now free, and as such are called the body of Christ in the world today. And as the spirit of endless life raised up the body of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA then once more the Melchizedek Priesthood was in operation. This Melchizedek Priesthood is a spiritual Priesthood, has the spirit of the Living YAHWEH enveloping the body, it is reserved for HIM alone, but He will also be enveloped with Light and Glory. He remains however the only...Melchizedek (High Priest) until the hour of restoration of His household, and in that hour there will be Priests according to the order of Melchizedek that will go out to the ends of the Universe. Yes, shall sit with HIM in the which is the bride of YAHSHUA will be the city of Salem, the city of the Kings, the city for the King of Salem. Thus under this mystery of the light, therefore restored, redeemed..and will see full redemption at the putting on of immortality.

We have arrived to the similitude of the Melchizedek Priesthood and every priest of YAHWEH who continues to do the things of YAHWEH...fulfilling this a heavenly transition to a physical life in a physical body, being thus the synchronization of spirit, soul and body.

Now; step back a moment and look at the whole program and see how foolish it is to argue...are we under Grace or the Law? For this relationship with the Priesthood of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA is that we are the continuity of HIS household, we are HIS posterity, we fit within His program and His purpose...HIS WILL BE DONE.

The Apostle Paul said that this One, because He continues forever, was an unchangeable Priesthood. Then he points out that the Mosaic Law was not perfect but there was a new covenant which come forth out of the Melchizedek Priesthood. This is not a law of conditions but it is a law of destiny. It replaces the old covenant because it was not perfect. It did not contain as much as the second covenant will contain, for in this new covenant HE Promises...'In My Melchizedek Priesthood I will call the working of the law forth out of the heart of my people, and they shall all be righteous. And every one shall know then as I know, and understand as I have proclaimed.' Thus the sons and daughters of YAHWEH can come in similitude to the Priesthood of Melchizedek. They can take a Priesthood alike unto Him with HIM being alone above all, and to all of the abiding kingdom, this being a kingdom of Peace, the kingdom of Righteousness. There might have been a time before this when a man of our race entered this Priesthood...for instance Enoch, for he did not see death, but was carried from earth by a chariot of the MOST HIGH. But in that instance then you can understand why Adams transgression was the greatest of all transgressions, for Adam was the begotten image of YAHWEH Himself. He knew that the spirit within him was the spirit of the Eternal ONE which came from heaven to earth. YAHWEH had walked the earth with him, had told him certain things, had explained that since he was the son of the Eternal One that he could not intermingle with the people symbolized as the (race) Tree of Good and Evil. But Adam fell as YAHWEH had decreed he would, and there was no one higher than one except YAHWEH Himself..thus the Eternal Priest of His household made the atonement for Adam, and thus for the whole race. Only He could restore the race He had begotten. Only He could bring back what they had lost thru Adams violation of Divine Law, thus the atonement was made, YAHWEH as YAHSHUA would come...the first begotten deity out of His own race, yet still High Priest of His people, and the race would then be restored to a position of eventually a kingdom of Priests. Enoch was told of the Royalty of his Priesthood, that there was not one of the occupied planets of the Universe which would not be governed by the family of YAHWEH. That they would be received as Elohim...blessed forever. What does this then mean...simply that as the children of YAHWEH you will be received as Divine seed.

His program for restoration of His family, of earth, of all flesh, was laid out before the world was framed, it reaches to the restitution of all things. You are a part of this program, you as children of His spirit are to rise and deny this catastrophe which Satanic forces have designed for the end of this great nation of YAHWEH'S kingdom. You are to rise the standards of YAHWEH'S kingdom, go back to the laws for the administration of that kingdom, and there won't be a Cainanite left in the House of YAHWEH. Zechariah 14:21.

QUESTION:...The Law??

ANSWER:...Psalm 19:7-11. 'The law of YAHWEH is perfect converting the soul, making wise the 'living stones'. The statutes of YAHWEH are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandments of YAHWEH are pure enlightening to the eyes. The fear (love) of YAHWEH is clean, enduring forever, the judgements of YAHWEH are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than fine gold, yea more than much fine gold, sweeter than honey, and the honeycomb; moreover by them is thy servant warmed; and in keeping them there is great reward.'

Now; there is only one source or origin of all basic law, whether it governs the material Universe, the physical creation, the spiritual, moral or economic life of man, and that source is YAHWEH who is our YAHSHUA, all others are man made and they are the ones that get us into trouble. Divine Law is the way things are put together and kept together. And whether it is moral law, economic law, ethical law, mathematical law, or race law, all are ordained laws. This is the way YAHWEH put things together, the law then is immutable, it does not change.

Thus what then is sin but the violation or transgression of the law? (I John 3:4) The law reflects its own penalty in the area where the violation is committed. You do not sow in the physical and reap in the Celestial. The law exists, and backing it is judgments. For instance violate the law of proper rotation of the soil and you soon destroy its life and vitality. Violate the economic law, and the mechanics you create starts the shortage within the structure of the circulation of money. Thus Usuary is a violation of Divine Law, it always destroys itself with depressions, and then crashes. It can only build so far, and then it wipes itself out, thus carries its own judgment.

Here in the areas of moral law this always happens, it leads to broken homes, areas of upset social patterns. Violation of Divine Law by Adam brought about disintegration of the body, conditions of death as Adam learned the hard way.

There were food laws which were given so that you could retain better health. There is a law of biology, 'Kind begats Kind', seed having life in itself. The life is in the seed thus passing from generation to generation. Thus the law covers everything from and thru the Celestial as well as the physical.

People get confused not realizing the scope of Divine Law, they seem to think it started with the Mosaic Law, and then they think that law was given to the Jews, and as they try to follow the Jewish explanation of the law it doesn't seem to make sense to them so they say we are not under the law. Possibly this also leads to more confusion as they try to decide from the writings of the Apostle Paul as to whether we are under the law or under Grace, and they still think of Paul as a Jew as well. Thus the Divine Law which holds everything together should never be questioned or mis- understood, for it comes from YAHWEH who holds all things in the hollow of His hands.

Now; Adam came to earth under Divine Law. He fell which then called for a restoration, an atonement. But the Mosaic Law given to Israel at Mount Sinai identifies YAHWEH'S children. This was a physical kingdom, and there had to be a law for this kingdom in earth. It was not the beginning of the law, for that came in with Adam, but it was the reinstating of the law, and the beginning of the kingdom administration to show HIS children that they could not keep it in force without the KING OF KINGS at its head. Now; ordinances and rituals were added to the Mosaic Law as a schoolmaster because Israel kept breaking the law. But these ordinances, rituals were what was nailed to HIS Cross, and the atonement removed the bondage of not being able to keep the law. But the rest of the law for the administration of the kingdom is still very much in force, and will be reinstated for the operation of the kingdom.

Now; the Mosaic Law was very strictly observed, even to the point that when a person was known to violate these laws he was considered unclean, and could not enter into the place of worship. One of the reasons why these laws were made like this with ordinances and rituals was because they were good for Israel. One of the oldest laws we know of was the one which segregated a person with a disease until they could determine what it was, this way the disease could not spread so fast. YAHWEH told Israel, if you keep my laws then none of the sickness of the world will come nigh you. If a man violated a pattern of these laws and brought on himself these sicknesses, then realized he had violated law and was repentant of his error, then this was an area where the Grace of YAHWEH followed him still. Israel was a nomadic society largely in the Old Testament days, they were a minority people living in the ancient world which had fallen under the kingdom of Lucifer so long before. Every type of evil existed all around them. Thus YAHWEH gave them certain laws, certain patterns of conduct for their own good. Today you still live in the midst of this world order, and these laws and patterns still exist for they are good for you. But the individual who violates law is not cut off from the Grace of God, or from His identity or the plan for him in the kingdom and the program of YAHWEH. He simply becomes a casualty to areas of temptation which has brought on his problem. He has just in blindness followed a wrong path. Even the pacifist stand is against the law, it is unscriptural, but many people even think they are helping YAHWEH as they stand against the law. But the law has to be upheld, there would not be a society or a civilization without law. Practically all the English common law in England and the U.S. have for a basic foundation that which came out of the Old Testament Mosaic Law as it is called today. Some of the finest patterns of law were extracted originally from the Mosaic law, and the long patterns of interpretation of that law.

But since the atonement then YAHWEH'S children are not under the bondage of the law, no longer does the spirit consciousness of the Adamic race go into the Netherworld to await the atonement. This is finished, and now as the physical body dies the spirit returns to He who gave it. And Our Father always deals with His family with Grace as well, if He did not we would be faced with bitter chastisement as death comes on the physical body.

Now; He gave His covenants to Israel, and He gave His law to Israel, and if you are not Israel stock then this does not apply to you. But out of this was to come the law of wisdom, of righteousness, technology, and a great civilization. There are laws that govern the proper conduct of man, there are laws that govern mans relationship to earth, his relationship to agriculture, to economy, and the morality of the nations of Israel. These are laws given to a race 'called' be set apart, so they might bring the kingdom to reality. Every secret thing is to be made known unto the race as they desire it, the household of YAHWEH-God.

Alright then; you couldn't give the law then to people already bemused in their minds with Luciferianism, who were worshiping idols, pagan gods and superstition. Therefore the law could only be given to a heaven sent people form the spirit into earth. These people only would have the capacity to establish a government that would be under the process of Divine Law. There are...two great parallels of Scripture which are Grace and the Law. And the Apostle Paul said:..'Let no man judge you by what you eat or drink, but in all things give thanks'. But you still obey the law and you will be better off, for YAHWEH knows more than we do, and the only way thus to be guided is by the spirit. So therefore what the law could not accomplish then Grace does. Besides if the Christian is not bound to keep the law then how can it be written on your heart? (Hebrews 10:16) There is then another maybe confusing statement of the Apostle Paul...for he said he was 'dead to the law'...but what law? Of course not the law written in his heart by the Holy Spirit. So therefore what he meant was that he was dead to the ordinances, and the ritual added to the law given to Israel as a result of Israel's sin. These ordinances and rituals became a schoolmaster to bring you to Christ. And now that HE has come then the schoolmaster is not needed, for after the atonement you are no longer under the bondage of the ritual of sacrifice and so forth. That is what the Apostle Paul said he served no more:...the ordinances no longer were to be observed, but the commandments, the statutes, the judgments...all the law...this Divine Law, the laws for the administration of the kingdom on earth, until it is as the kingdom in heaven are still to be observed, otherwise you would have nothing but fact the Universe would disintegrate as would earth which is a part of the Universe.

Now; the sins of the fathers which were to descend upon the children to the fourth, and fifth generation is a race law violation. This was the mutation of the Holy Seed, and mongrelization of the race in Scripture is the greatest of all transgression, it was considered supreme blaspheme against the Holy Seed, and the nature of YAHWEH WHO IS YAHSHUA. Where as the individual can be forgiven, this does not move to the offspring with the capacity to be accepted in the structure of the administration of the kingdom. This does not mean the offspring will be roasted in a hell somewhere for YAHWEH does not have that type of nature, but the wages of sin is death...this is a physical death and not spiritual death. And since the atonement the spirit returns to He who gave it. Thus if not spirit of His Spirit then you have no affinity with heaven, for their spirit then never came out of this spirit and when they die they return to their own cycle, until the time of their restoration, and the restitution of all things. All this is in the plan and the purposes, in the law of the MOST HIGH, and you had nothing to do with it. But try to work against the law, and you just reap chastisement. Thus only the white Christian nations were given the law because they have the spiritual capacity for it, the other races only obey when forced to obey the law, even tho it is in their best interest. The 'rule with the rod of iron' is the law with total justice for all....enforced.

Again come to the areas of Grace...and the Apostle Paul said:..'Let no man judge you in what you eat or drink, but in all things give thanks'. The Apostle Paul did not want people thrown out of the early church because they had violated a food law. The program was that now having been set free from the bondage of superstition by the work of YAHSHUA then perfect knowledge under guidance of spirit stops men from making errors. So explain things to our people, and if they then do these things their consciousness will know and they will think...I shouldn't have done that. If they come to the full knowledge of truth, then when they see how it effects their society then generally they will stop doing wrong. But only the Spirit of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA brings this cognition. The more one understands the necessity for YAHWEH'S program, for the understanding of its laws, the more they understand the necessity for them, the more people want to keep them. The more you know about YAHWEH the more your spirit mellows toward HIM. This does not mean that you don't fight the evil that effects your society, but you still possess an area of mercy. And altho you permit no looseness in your society still it does demonstrate that we don't see everyone according to their short comings, but as they shall be. This is why the Apostle Paul said:..'I am determined to see nothing among you save Christ crucified.' II Corinthians 2:2. This eliminates all condemnations, and promises that you will fulfill all His purposes as being someday to even conform to HIS image in Light and Glory.

When people realize that they are the children of the kingdom, spiritually destined to rise to power, to rule the Universe, that this is your responsibility, then people start reviewing the areas of human conduct, pettiness, selfishness, for things like this at times may injure our testimony. But it isn't long before you find yourself correcting the patterns of error to Glory until we conform to HIS own image. Alright then...the best thing which can happen to the world is for the kingdom to rise. As it comes to its power people will have a better relationship with YAHWEH who is our YAHSHUA.

In the Book of Romans some read it as tho the Grace of God eliminates the necessity of the law, but this is only churchology. The Grace of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA supersedes the law as to the patterns of determined (predestined) destiny. In other words what was pre-determined was that you would have restored to you...that which was lost. When HE gives you Eternal Life that is a gift of YAHWEH. Everything, every attribute that comes out of that which is Holy, comes out of YAHWEH is a gift. But the law has not ceased to work for 'blessed is the man who teaches the law' obey it? Thus the law is a big packet of knowledge which YAHWEH handed you with Grace. This was so you didn't have to go thru trial and error, to experiment to find what was best for you, and the only people that he gave it to was Israel. Thus the Apostle Paul says in Romans 9:4...'who are the Israelites?' These are people ruling with HIM...Issue. The word adoption is misused in our translation in our present language. It means the positioning of sons and daughters, the timing of birth into the world. Even as parents plan and time the birth of their sons and daughters by timing their conception. The Greek word for this is Huiothesia...meaning the timing of birth. YAHWEH therefore times our birth, knowing our coming in and our going out, all this was foreknown from the beginning. All this is for HIS Israel, to them was given the covenants, the law, the promises. There is nothing in this Bible worth having that does not belong to you who are Israel by this process. Romans 9:4...With Grace then YAHWEH just hands out all this knowledge and says...'USE IT.' But to see that our race maintained a high standard of civil government then there were penalties which our Father imposed to make sure that people respond to HIM, and not yield to temptation. People of the Old Testament obeyed the Mosaic Law not because they were necessarily being spiritually energized, but because there were penalties. Thus the law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, to show us the essentialness of the work of the Messiah.

When YAHWEH as YAHSHUA revealed himself to His people, when he lifted from us the guilt complex and the fears, He didn't destroy the fact that if you put your hand in the fire that you will be burned. Thus the law still works, violate any part of it and you will feel the effects. But the law couldn't make us behave, it just teaches us what happens when we don't behave. The spirit of YAHWEH can make us want to behave, so therefore the lifting of the guilt comes, the quickening of the spirit, tells us that we have Eternal Life, tells us that we are free, that nothing can take that from us. Thus the more you know, the less you break the law. The more you know, the more the Grace of YAHWEH is functioning with spirit, knowledge, and wisdom. The more you desire to comply with it. This again is why Jesus says:...'Blessed is the man who teaches my obey it'. But the law does not have anything to do with your Sonship or Eternal Life. For what the law could not do the Grace of YAHWEH can.

QUESTION:...Grace, Promises, Salvation, HIS WILL???

ANSWER:...As we have said before the Grace of YAHWEH reaches out always, it is the greatest of the parallels of Scripture for what the law does not do, then Grace completes.

Again this is an all inclusive program which brings to completion in the proper time the restitution of all things. For instance consider:...'All Israel shall be saved' (Romans and Isaiah)....'All flesh shall be saved'. 'Look unto me all the ends of the earth and be saved, for I AM YAHWEH and there is none else.'....'In YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified and shall Glory'.....'He shall take away all the ungodliness of Israel'. This isn't law, these are promises and YAHWEH deals with Israel with Grace. He deals with Grace differently with the other races than He does with His children so that He does not have to destroy them when they break the law.

John 14.....'I will send the Paraclete, this spirit of truth which the world cannot receive'. This is a promise to Israel out of HIS Grace. 'I will come unto you'....this is also destiny.

Genesis 17:4-7..He promised, made a covenant, and it pertains to power, to nations, to His kingdom as it develops in earth...that is important. Deuteronomy 7:6...The law which he gave 430 years after could not make His promises of no effect.

Now I do not think there is a question of the theopany of YAHSHUA, there is no if's in this identification of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA. This is total absoluteness, a total victory of atonement. Thus what transpires is that now you live with Grace, with Peace, live while we are battling the enemy who is trying to take the kingdom. There is nothing beyond the capacity of judgment, to do what has to be done, to fulfill every prophecy, all destiny. There is even enough Grace to restore Lucifer, all in the timetable of the program of He who is YAHWEH..who is our Savior. Oh, perhaps there is not quite enough Grace in some of us for we would like to finish off the devil and be done with him, but in the purpose and plan of YAHWEH then even Lucifer is going to be restored....eventually.

Now; speaking of the Adamic race...we were with the Father before the world was framed as the Apostle Paul tells us. Your name was written in the Lambs Book of Life before the foundation of the world. And since HE promised this then you had to be there to hear the promises. If HE is going to bring all things to your remembrance, we had to be there, had to know before this. If HE has promised to restore our minds, then there has to be something to restore. He has promised to restore out Light so that our bodies might put on immortality, then at one time we had that Light. Thus what HE has promised to destroy by the enveloping of us in Light, is all error until we think as HE thinks.

Listen....'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out'.....'Ye have not chosen me, I have chosen you'......'Except the spirit calls no man (Adamite) can come.'....'All that the spirit hath given me shall come.' John 6:37. This is not law, this is destiny, it is the promise of YAHWEH'S kingdom and the law is given for the kingdom, the rest of the world gets it by Grace.

Now; you ask:...But does not everyone have to acknowledge Jesus Christ? Yes, every knee is going to bow, every tongue proclaim. I think everyone of our race is in trouble until they find YAHSHUA (this Jesus Christ of translation). No they aren't lost they just haven't found the pasture where the food is. But YAHSHUA knows where they are. 'For those HE did predestinate He calls, and those HE calls He justifies, and those HE justifies He Glorifies.'

'Who shall lay any charge against YAHWEH'S Elect?' ...and this election was before the foundation of the world. This is the program of the kingdom, and the world receives the kingdom rule because of the Grace of YAHWEH because it is best for them.

Now; He also says He will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, for He is to put His Spirit in their hearts, and the law will be written on the very tables of their hearts by the perception coming into their consciousness which they lost in that first violation of Divine Law. Under the mantle of the old covenant then His Spirit fell upon His prophets and His leaders. The New covenant is by promise, He makes His people free because now they are guided by the spirit. But it contains all the old covenant plus the new, thus is called a new or better promise. The only thing taken away which was under the old, and is not in the New is the ordinances, those rituals of the law which were against you. These were nailed to HIS Cross.

We sometimes think that some who teach Grace as they try to abandon the laws of YAHWEH, do not understand what Grace means. They do not realize that Grace gave us the law so we wouldn't have to search for it by trial and error. Grace shows us the advantage of the law. Grace points out the catastrophe of the disobedience of the law. Grace is the way YAHWEH treats His household, His creation. He came and forgave us, and redeemed us which is also under Grace.

We are not talking about your destiny, your Eternal Life, or about where you are going to spend Eternity, altho we are going to spend it where our Father knows is best for us, so we don't have to worry about that. Oh, you say:...suppose he has prepared perdition which is the Netherworld for the Devil and his children, but not for His children. He did not prepare even the lake of fire which is Shekinah to burn out error for His children. He prepared it to restore eventually even Lucifer by removing the nature of Satan from him.

Now; people say that they love God but they are afraid of him, and what is going to happen to them. That isn't love to be afraid of HIM, altho they may think it is, but Perfect Love requires that you have Faith and Trust, thus perfect love casts out all fear. This doesn't dismiss your responsibilities here in earth, or your chastisements for as you sow in the world, so also this is where you reap. But fear keeps you from seeing the program of YAHWEH...The Grace of YAHWEH...the Law of YAHWEH, it keeps you from seeing the error which has you in bondage, this is the way the devil works, he binds the sons and daughters with error, thru transgression.

Now; since discovering the Gospel of the kingdom, discovering who you are, since discovering YAHWEH'S PLAN for occupying the earth hasn't your mind been filled more and more with the things of YAHWEH? Oh, you had a Bible, you believed that Jesus was the Christ, you learned this from your mothers knee, but you weren't saved from your sins. What do we mean by that? The only thing which will take you out of error is the coordination of your consciousness by the spirit of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA with the things of HIS program. As these things roll on you there is a great change in your life. This change makes these things you learn important, and this my friends is salvation, for salvation is a state of being. An Individual who is adjusted with YAHWEH is saved from all error, of being out of adjustment. The salvation of Israel was the grafting back on to their own Olive Tree. YAHSHUA came to the 'Lost Sheep of Israel' and accomplished this, He is our salvation. Thus salvation is the adjusting of the individual to the program and the purposes of YAHWEH. You ask, but don't you have to surrender your will to HIM? Of course, and the more you learn the more you think the thoughts of YAHWEH the more you bend to HIS WILL. The children of spirit only need to be saved in the areas of their physical bodies, this is the area which transgressed. The spirit which is of His Spirit is perfect.

As we have told you before, salvation is not the same for everyone. It is one thing for the children of spirit, and another for the children of creation. But all in the purpose of THE MOST HIGH. Everything works out according to the council of His own Will.

QUESTION:...Pre-existence, Pre-destination, and Born Again???? ANSWER:...Have you had people come up to you and say:...Brother (sister) are you saved?? Are you born again?? They think that being born into this physical life is their birth, but know there is something which seems to be missing. And in searching they realize this is something of spirit which is lacking. This is a part of the mystery as YAHSHUA unveils this to Nicodemus who was a theologian of Israel, and who was trying to understand the mystery of the kingdom.

Now; Isaiah speaks of salvation...45:11-17. 'Israel shall be saved with an everlasting shall not be confounded world without end.' Psalm 82....'Ye are Elohim'....'how long will you accept the persons of the wicked?' In otherwords since ye are sons and daughters then act like sons and daughters. Defend the poor, the fatherless; do justice to the afflicted, and take them out of the hands of the wicked.

Alright then the world is in captivity to this great Archangel...Lucifer who turned to darkness. And after Michael ran him out of the heavens he took over the earth, and in ancient times brought great catastrophe to the created races of earth. But you....children of YAHWEH'S Spirit were then placed in earth in Adamic bodies to overthrow the work of the devil, to rise to power and establish YAHWEH'S kingdom which is to restore this fallen world.

Yes, Adam fell, but YAHWEH told Adam this before the foundation of the world and promised to restore HIS timetable. Thus Psalm 82:..' Ye are Elohim, and all of ye are children of the Most High.' Ye are thus embodied in earth, but still have a Divine nature because of this spirit inside of you.

There is one thing which Ecclesiastical ignorance built around higher Priesthoods, elevated high above the people in order that they might gain more Priestcraft power, this is that they left off teaching the race, that they were offspring of YAHWEH. They did this lest this would place the people on a more even keel with the Clergy who were called to serve, to minister, or maybe classify some of them as prophets or teachers. But they always aimed to keep the Ecclesiastical authority while they held the people down in areas of Ecclesiastical ignorance. This is one of the promises today, the world is in a state of falsehood, the false religions add to this.

Again Psalm don't act like Elohim, ye die like men and the Princes of the fallen world order. Therefore arise O Elohim, judge the earth for thou shalt inherit the nations. This is not law, this is the program of our Father. Your being joint heirs of His embodiment as YAHSHUA, therefore this is your destiny, you were begat of the spirit in the heavens, then 'born again' as you came thru the physical route of birth into the Adamic race, thus you are a 'twice born' people. And because the Race fell this called for HIM also to become embodied to redeem us. When YAHSHUA is talking about His relationship to spirit in the Book of John otherwords His soul consciousness addresses the essential pattern of the spirit only for the record in the Book of John, and in this instance the body of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA is referred to as 'The son of man' when HE comes in His Messianic ministry because He promises to bring forth His Issue out of the Adamic race. We are told that a woman would encompass a man...'A virgin shall conceive and bear a son' His Messianic ministry would refer to Him as 'Son of Man'. The actual words should have been the embodiment of YAHWEH as a man. He had a body, it existed before the world was framed, and 'All things were made by him that were made'. This is the same YAHSHUA who in Revelation says:...'I AM Alpha and Omega...or... I AM YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA-Savior and in translation...LORD GOD Almighty. And as YAHSHUA says:..And what if ye shall see the Son of Man ascend up where HE was before...thus even in the King James translation using the title of 'son of man' it still tells you that His body was before the heavens. Thus HE was there before HE was born in earth. And the Adamites thru the lineage were existent also in Celestial plains before this advent thru physical birth into earth, because you are spirit of His Spirit. This is a part of the mystery which led to the transposition of the passage, by the hierarchy of Rome and continued with the twisting in the Book of John in translation of the King James Version.

Now; John 3:....Nicodemus an Israelite of Judea, a member of the ruling Sanhedrin and also a theologian came to Jesus. He does one participate in the kingdom of YAHWEH, how does one get in, by what procedure do I enter into the administration of the kingdom, for I want to participate? Jesus said to Nicodemus:...'Are you a Master (teacher) of Israel and don't understand this?' Then He says:...You an Israelite must be 'twice born'. This is what YAHSHUA said:...Ye must be born from above and born on earth, thus born of the spirit, and born of the breaking of the water, but they transposed this on purpose from the Alexandrian text to the Roman text, and the King James Version follows the Roman text. Thus YAHSHUA were spiritually conceived before you were physically embodied, thus spirit precedes the breaking of the water. Thus ye brought nothing into the world, and as the physical body dies you take nothing out but the consciousness of spirit which you brought in.

As you turn to the Book of John, chapter you read verse 3 where it says you must be born again, then look at the center column which is a quick explanation of words at times as well as reference column, and there is confirmed for you that you must be 'born from above' to enter into the administration of the kingdom of earth. Thus if we came in as spirit then we were spiritually begotten in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed, as the Apostle Paul tells us in the Book of Ephesians, born of spirit before we were physically embodied. To participate in this kingdom of YAHWEH you have to come by this route. You can't pass civil laws...civil rights laws, or any law to change this program, or even do away with the law and claim you are under Grace and change this, no one else can participate in the administration of the kingdom for they are not heirs of the kingdom by inheritance. In other words to participate in the kingdom of YAHWEH in heaven, and now in earth, you have to be spiritually born of this household of THE MOST HIGH, then physically born thru the Adamic race, or you are not going to be able to participate in this kingdom administration. Someone always says:...but that is not fair. What do you mean...not fair? The best thing which could ever happen to this earth would be for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth thru this procedure and bring the earth back until it ruled with righteousness. No other race has ever taught....return to YAHWEH, He is the Master, never mind this devil Lucifer, never mind the serpent god, turn to right God and blessings will return unto you, and all flesh will be saved, for HE has enough Grace to save to the Uttermost. This is our God we have come here to tell you, and you might as well turn now, for eventually you will have to. This is what it is all about, it is just as simple as that.

We have however gone thru a tremendous procedure, in the area of theology to make theology an exasperating, intricate, science which has to take tons and tons of reading and study to understand, where as actually the science of theology is the knowledge of God, and our relationship to HIM. The most important thing you can find out is our authority as sons and daughters, and what we are here for, and how it is to be carried out. We could destroy most of those theological volumes and there would be no real loss. Why all these volumes which explain nothing which has made a simple procedure seem so complicated??? Well, the average theologian doesn't know what is in the Bible. He has been studying these volumes on theology which go round and round the maypole. The idea to make it seem profound as to what the Clergy know as to what the people know, thus they have control over people whether they realize it or not. So as to buy and sell their souls in this great Ecclesiastical racket....this is what Jewry put into Rome and Protestantism has carried on, and the church is burdened with it, and the Clergy confused. It will be the old truth which comes out of the heavens that was not spiritually discerned by the Ecclesiastical authorities that is going to be the Dynamics which YAHWEH has purposed to accomplish this. And when talking to Nicodemus then this is what YAHSHUA was making clear so that he would understand that the entrance into the administration of the kingdom was first by origin and by destiny. It was translated this way in the older versions then transposed in the old Vatican version to say that you must be born of water, and then the spirit.

People have been so indoctrinated that when they hear this message they explode. They have heard over and over again....'You must be born again', or you cannot get into the kingdom of heaven, where as they and ever their ministers mostly know not that you are already 'Twice Born', therefore don't need to be born a third time, but the renewing of the mind is a regenerating of the consciousness by the power of the spirit. Now; the power of spiritual perception was mutated by the fall when the Light went off the Adamic race, but YAHWEH promised to restore it, so there is regeneration, a renewing, but it isn't another birth. We are already 'Twice Born' individuals, we existed in the Celestial plains and exist today in Celestial and physical plains. We have a soul consciousness which can bridge any dimension by its capacity to perceive, even able to project itself forward and backward in the time link of experience, even in the realm of ability to think. It is power to think across the nation and back again in your chair connecting the image of events or the areas of perspectives of tomorrow. This is all tied into the fact that 'Ye are a child of YAHWEH'.

We would also add that which we find in Ephesians:...'He who ascended is HE who first descended, and then descended down to the center of the earth before He again ascends'. He who brought...'Captivity captive', this is one of the things promised to you. The HE promised to do before He ascended back to where He came from. He called certain of the race into the heavens to instruct them, and they reported to you, so you would know what He promised to do. And unless this is your background, unless this is where you came from then you aren't going back there. This is simply the program of our Father, He knows what is best for His children, and for his creations and all the preaching in the world won't change it.

In 1920 a great drive was started to bring down this idea of the white man's God. We were hearing that God is dead, that Jesus was just a man, He was given a drug and then His disciples stole His body...all of that. And always we heard that the white man must be suppressed if he stood for his race, for that was wrong. So they were trying to find ways to bring pressure, by taxes, no tax exemptions, and so forth to keep the white man away from the press, the T.V., and radio, so you wouldn't hear anyone speak of a white man and his God. The government under control of strangers was moving more and more to help accomplish this goal set up so long ago. In fact the government began to try to aide the Negro to climb above the white race. And many programs were set up in our government to accomplish this. Again you say:...but the Psalmist (51) wants conversion...but this was the same plea the High Priest made each day for atonement. This was a ritual he went thru for himself then the whole congregation as well, for the transgressions they had committed since the last sacrifice. But after the Crucifixion of YAHSHUA then all sacrifices have been put away. This ritual of sacrifice was nailed to His Cross. When YAHSHUA is finished... then you don't go back and now plead for Him to die once more to lift your transgressions. He has already paid for them, so accept it, and if the spirit of YAHWEH awakens within you an area of error in conduct then behave yourself, correct it, but don't sit around with a guilt complex and wait for HIM to make a new sacrifice.

You can think of many congregations with theologians sitting around altars saving the same Christians time after time, then a stranger comes in and they have the congregation sing:...'Tell mother I'll be there', and the stranger begins to wonder if he will make it, so he gets a guilt complex and goes to the altar, and the guilt complex is lifted. What is actually lifted is that the accepted the substitutionary work of YAHSHUA (Christ) which is already finished. So straighten out the error in your life, behave yourselves and come out from under condemnation. But you see...instead of His setting us free, we are trying to pull the wagon all by ourselves. Remember the song:...'Take your burdens to the cross and leave them there?' But it wasn't allowed to work that way. As a young Evangelist Dr. Swift said that he learned all the procedures, learned where the emotions come into play, how to build on emotions and so forth. Then the spirit of YAHWEH began to teach him, and the first important thing he now knew was to get truth to you, to set people free, not to keep them conned in a circle of repetition. If your spirit is not connected with your inner consciousness because you are spirit of His Spirit, then there is no other way to grasp this. He says:...'I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear I will come in and sup with them.' And HE enters into the area where you think, this area of perception, this is where the intellect moves, this is where you meet HIM.

Yes, there is an area of satisfaction, and an area of pleasure when one understands these things, and learns more in your association with God, when you realize the closeness of, and the Omnipresence of the Eternal Father, and the responsibility of Sonship. There is also an emotion which rises toward other children of YAHWEH. Some of the greatest areas of emotion is toward fellow Christians especially when they are aware of the great problems in the areas of the kingdom, and when they join with you in this knowledge they become closer to you than your relatives who do not know it. You soon discover that there is a great spiritual catalyst that moves thru the House of YAHWEH. All this effects the areas of emotion, but the areas of perception, and Divine contact have to come from the spirit because HE is spirit and truth, and spiritual things are spiritually discerned, soul consciousness receives and mentally applies and stores an electronic memory, after the recognition has been received by spiritual revelation.

Again Psalm 51.....'Against thee only have I transgressed, and done this evil in thy sight, that thou might be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. Behold I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me'. Why? This was because having lost their aura of Light, immortality, then every generation of the Adamic children have been born with a lost area of immortality, and by HIS Resurrection has restored this was for HIS timetable. The Psalmist acknowledges the Adamic race fee, that they were paying the the body...for the violation of Divine Law, for death had passed on all Adamites.

Psalm 51:6...'Behold thou desireth truth in the inward parts (inner consciousness) in the hidden parts thou makest me to know wisdom'. This is the area of the 3rd., eye...the perception center. 'Purge me with Hyssop and I shall be clean, wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow'. Here the Psalmist is looking forward to the atonement, as the program of YAHWEH progressed thru its time table.

Now; saves men from error, superstition, violation of Divine Law. Yet theology today says that there is no difference in who Israel is..the only necessity is for Christians to accept the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and want to be good. The Jews are probably a remnant of Israel, all that is left of Israel, so be good to them, but still it doesn't matter. But in Romans 9:4....'To the Israelites pertain the promises of YAHWEH.' Thus it does make a difference, and we read in Acts 2:39....'For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA shall call'. Thus it does make a difference, it definitely matters.

Now; in the place of the Grace of Almighty YAHWEH who promises to restore all things lost in the fall of this great Archangel called Lucifer who is Satan, or Devil....would you rather have a seat in the monstrous Coliseum in the Presence of the Eternal Father and all the Saints, and sit there forever and forever and watch someone torture people who have been bad, would you like that? Would you rather accept that, as a program for people who have done wrong as we all have done, or accept the Grace of our Father, the promises, the program he has outlined for the restoration of that part of the Universe that is out of adjustment? Remember there is still chastisement when we do wrong but that is for our own good, so we accept that, we don't want to keep doing wrong, we want to start thinking and be guided by the spirit so we can correct our errors.

Remember that if any of this man-made theory makes YAHWEH OUR YAHSHUA miserable...and small...then it is not true. If it reduces the image of YAHWEH until He becomes more fiendish than you would do in your worse moment, then it is not true. Because HIS GRACE...HIS LOVE...He himself enacts righteousness and justice and destroys evil, but not the individual, destroys sin (this violation of law) but saves (all flesh). Thus we read in our Bible:...'All Israel shall be saved...all flesh shall be saved.' And if you can tear all those 'alls' out of the Bible then you better get another Bible and start another or new religion for this one doesn't work anymore.

QUESTION:...The Black Pope...who is this?

ANSWER:...This is another sort of controversial question, but the man known as the Black Pope is the head of the Jesuit organization.

Now; remember that the Vatican is a country, altho small, it has armies, forces, and groups under this Roman Catholic Empire. And as long as the Vatican is a country it has ever legitimate reason for having military armies, ambassadors and everything like that.

By the same token as long as the Vatican is head of the church as well as a country then the American Catholic faith must be careful that they don't get implicated into dual allegiance as the American Jews are in Israeli elections. As of now the American Catholics do not vote in the affairs of Rome.

This Jesuit movement was formed by Ignatius Iola who was a Morrano from Spain, and you know who the Morrano's were. This organization of the Jesuits formed an army supposedly to guard the life of the Pope, this army is called the Swiss Guard, and always the Jesuit in place of high power is called the Black Pope, and he is always a Jew and he has absolute economic power in the Vatican. Once he establishes his position he has power over the Cardinals as well as the Holy City, quite beyond anything which ever existed in any normal Ecclesiastical organization. This man must according to the format of the organization be a Jew.

And the strangeness of this situation is found in almost all facets of government. But in this Jesuit organization not all Jesuits are Jews, there are many, many Priests in this organization who do not even seem conscious of the influence of men who crept in as it originally was formed. Others knew the Jesuit organization was a Jewish penetration of the Catholic Church, knew it as the Jewish army against Messiah inside the Church. But the hierarchy of this organization soon became very powerful as a political force, and still is today and can liquidate or assassinate any opposition in its way. The Black Pope thus can control the life of the Pope. If a Pope disobeys this underground, then he just passes away, poison or some method is used and they just get a new Pope. And the Vatican Papacy has been almost an Empire within other countries because of its ecclesiastical power. (Now do you see what happened as the Polish Pope went back to Poland, and it was reported that he made a deal with the communists...who made the deal?)

The leader of the Jesuits is thus tied to a rather sinister group of Internationalists, he answers to the Cahilla, and these Jesuits are supposed to be Jewish converts to the church, but they are there for the same purpose as when the Yehudin came into the early church to begin with, which was to change doctrine or condemn doctrines.

After the Jesuit organization was thoroughly established the Swiss Guard from Switzerland was brought in supposedly to protect the Pope, but actually it was to hold the Pope a prisoner in the Vatican. This has gone on for years. But behind the scene a Jewish institution was now inside the Catholic church which is all powerful in that it carries out assassinations in the area of World Finance behind the scene, using the tremendous information they can gather thru Priestcraft of the Catholic Church. They have used the Statecraft of Rome for their own ends.

There are many, many Roman Priests, and a great many of their Bishops with concern of the church on their minds and hearts as far as they know, and they are very concerned in carrying forward the program of the church. They make up the ecumenical operations of the church, there are a vast number of churches inside of Rome that carry on as best they can, but they don't have the influence with what goes on in Rome to help. And the Black Pope has virtually nothing to do with these officials and Bishops unless there happens to be a Jewish Cardinal or a Jewish Bishop who is in touch always with this Jewish army.

The Jesuit movement has expanded thru the years and there are now many different orders, and lots of these men are not Jews, and are devout and concerned men who serve their church. But behind the scene Jewry rules even this Jesuit movement and the highest official of that organization is called the Black Pope and he represents a false Priesthood of a false church...thus his name.

(The U.S. News and World Report for Sept. 26,1983 had this report:.....'Catholics get a New Black Pope' a headline. The unexpected choice of a Dutch moderate to lead the Jesuit religious order gave Pope John II a strong ally in his drive to tame politically active Roman Catholic Priests. Leaders of the society of Jesuits which for several years bucked the Vatican Pontiff on fundamental issues, needed only one ballot at the Vatican on Sept 13, to elect as the orders Superior General...the Reverend Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. A linguist fluent in eight languages, Kolvenbach served in the Mid-east for 17 years. The 54 year old Jesuit was described as a firm supporter of John Paul's effort to swing the worlds 720 million Catholic's, and especially their Priests back toward piety and away from political activism and issues such as women's right, and proposed relation of Clerical celibacy. Said one Jesuit...the Pope can trust him. A major task for the new Black Pope so called because of the black cassocks worn by the Jesuits will be to reign in Clerics who have joined leftist causes, particularly in Latin America. For example two clerics served in Nicaragua's Marxist government.

For the last two years the Jesuits have been led by two conservatives... Italians installed in an unprecedented move by John Paul, as temporary leaders in place of an ailing superior general. The order showed its traditional independence by rejection of both of these men as permanent leaders. Control of the order is vital to the church because of its role in molding public and Catholic opinion. The 26,000 Jesuits run hundreds of schools and colleges.

But Kolvenbach's election signaled the Jesuits willingness to abide by the vow of loyalty to the Papacy dating back to the founding of their order in 1534 as the Pope's private army against the spread of Protestantism.

(Now I have a picture of this new Black Pope and I would say that the same power is there....) May YAHWEH BLESS E.M.