ERM - Tape 012 - Rahab; Jael; Judges 9; Who Are The Jews?; More





1. Rahab

2. Who was Jael

3. Judges 9

4. Who are the Jews?

5. II Kings 17:6-23

6. Ezekiel 17:22-23

7. Nehemiah 13:23


QUESTION:...Who was Rahab? And if a Harlot then why is she listed in Hebrews 11:31?

ANSWER:...In the Ferrah Fenton Bible she is listed as an Innkeeper, so the word, Harlot, is bad translation. This was a woman of the Adamic race living on the wall of this old city. Her father, mother and brethren in fact her whole household would be marked to be rescued as the Israelites take the city. Why? Because she helped the Israelite scouts who came to see what it was like in that city. But notice Joshua 2:9...for this lady said:...'I know that YAHWEH hath given you the land. We have heard how YAHWEH dried up the Red Sea for you'. Then verse 11...'Our hearts did melt for YAHWEH, your God is the God of heaven above and in the earth beneath'. She not only hid the Israelites but she let them down outside the wall, and told them how to escape those hunting for them from the city.

Now; remember this is a very disciplined fighting force that Joshua is leading here, but the writ of circumcision had not been kept in the wilderness so the Israelites were encamped here after passing over the Jordan on dry ground as YAHWEH held back the waters of the Jordan. And while they were camped for this writ of circumcision then Joshua meets this great warrior (Joshua 5:13). Joshua was astonished but he goes near this great figure and said:...'Art thou for us or against us?' Joshua sure didn't need any more enemies. But then Joshua had caught the vision, had seized the sword, and was ready to launch this crusade and whether he knew it or not the enemy would not be able to make the Israelites break rank or fall. But then there stood that great warrior before him so of course Joshua wanted to know if he was for him or against him.

This ONE spoke and Joshua fell on his face. Joshua is told that this is Holy ground so this was YAHWEH as YAHSHUA standing there to give instructions to Joshua. If this had been an Angel, even an Archangel then Joshua could have stood in the presence for Joshua was the son of YAHWEH, and in perfect obedience. Besides YAHWEH as YAHSHUA is King of the Kingdom, thus Commander-in-Chief of His army, and this campaign was to retake this old land, and it will require the help of the Commander in Chief.

The day came and the Israelites are ready to take Jericho as instructed. The Israelites in their chain of command as instructed marched around the city of Jericho one time each day for six days. Then on the seventh day they marched around the city of Jericho seven times. The Zohar tells of how the Glory shown from the box as the Israelites carried the Ark of the Covenant in their march around that city. Thus after marching around that old city for 13 times in all, the walls came down, all but that part where Rahab the Innkeeper lived. And her mother, father, brethren, all that she had were brought out of the city with her before the Israelites burned the city.

Now; the Israelites were instructed exactly as what to do as they destroyed the city, what to take, and what not to take, and of course some one disobeyed. So they tried to take the next city and this time they did not win. This was the way things went as the Israelites cleaned out this old land of Canaan so it would be a fit place for them to live. Moses remember had outlined the area where each of the tribes of Israel would dwell. The tribe of Reuben and Gad and 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh were to dwell on the East side of the River Jordan, the rest on the West side. The Tribe of Dan only had a small space next to the Mediterranean Sea, and they were soon going to Sea on their ships fulfilling their prophecy of blazing a trail for migrating Israel. Some of the 1/2 tribe of Manasseh went also on the ships of Dan, which had been going out long before the Israelites even settled in Canaan. Those of the Manassehites went out on the ships of Dan about 800 B.C., and came way over to the West and into the Caribbean Sea, and into Central America to the Mayans, so Israel was always on the move. They had to do this for they always soon outgrew their little area of land.

But the Israelites also did not destroy completely those who lived in Canaan land as YAHWEH had instructed them to do, so they had the tares to contend with all the time they established their kingdom in Judea, and finally the split came and the Northern portion of the kingdom then went into captivity, and then later also the Southern kingdom was taken to Babylon. Of course this is marked as a part of the program of our Father, because He was moving His people to the Westward, and it would be long years before they were to fulfill their Destiny.


QUESTION:...Who was Jael this woman blessed above women...when she killed a man? Judges 5:24.

ANSWER:...In the Book of Judges, chapter 4 and 5, you are being told about the Cainites who swept down on the Northern flank of Israel ever so often. The leaders of these Kenites (another word for Cainite) was Sisera, and his chariots were of Iron and there was great rotating blades on the wheels of his chariots, and with those he chopped down the men of Israel everytime they swept into do battle. They would then take a spoil and a prey and go back to the cities of the Kenites, and the Mongols.

The day came when another raid was planned, and Sisera rode out with many chariots following him. His mother waved to him as he passed by. She knew he was going to go to the land of the Israelites who lived on the edge of the Kenite country, but she expected him to return soon with spoil, and prey. She watched and waited and wondered why he was so long in coming. But little did she know that as her son moved into Israelite country that he stopped by a cabin for a drink of water. Jael lived here, a mother of Israel and realizing that here was the chief leader of the enemy she brought him milk to drink, and things to eat, and as he laid his head down to take a nap she killed him, with a nail thru his temple, drove it in with a hammer.

Oh! you say, ...she killed a man, I couldn't do that. But the Scripture says: 'Blessed above all women of Israel was Jael, blessed shall she be above all the house and tent (all the household and dwelling places) because she brought down the enemy of YAHWEH. Her name shall be known forever'. And is for it is recorded in our Bible.

Oh! you say, you could not have done that? But if you had lived there on the border of the Cainanite land, and the enemy came every so often to take a spoil, and a prey you would have felt differently, for there is more to the story.

But if you had lived there on the border of the Cainanite would have know what was meant by a prey...and being a mother you would have felt differently.

The mother of Sisera is disturbed, the Queen of the Cainanite power said: 'Why does my son not return? Her ladies in waiting thought he must be gathering great spoils and many PREY.' And they prey, the mothers of Israel knew, was a damsel or two for each of the victorious men of this Cainanite and Mongol hoard. Thus they cutting down the number of Israel women by kidnaping them and taking them prey. Didn't YAHWEH say, He would have war with Amelak from generation to generation? The spoils were the fine needle work, and the clothes of many colors, and things of that sort that the Cainanite mother was waiting for.

Deborah, a mother of Israel, and also a Judge of Israel said: 'Let all the enemies of YAHWEH perish but let them that love HIM be as the sun when He goeth forth in His might'. As Deborah was saying this the mother of Sisera was saying:..'Why does not my conquering son not return with the spoils and the prey?'

Yes, Jael...this mother of Israel was fighting for the daughters of Israel, and perhaps if you had watched your daughters being taken away as prey to the Mongol-Cainanite camp you would have thought differently. A great burden has always been laid on the hearts of the Mothers of Israel as their sons have marched off to war, and even their daughters were used as prey.

Here in the time of Jael, the enemy was trying to slow down the kingdom by carrying off the Israelite women, for without the Israel women there would be no kingdom.

QUESTION:...What is chapter 9 of Judges all about?

ANSWER:...Using the symbol of trees here is a Israel wants a king like all the nations round about...this parable tells about the consequences of this turning from YAHWEH to be like the World Order. I Samuel 8:7....YAHWEH then tells Samuel to go ahead and set a king over Israel, for they have not rejected Samuel, they have rejected YAHWEH as the one to reign over them. Samuel warns Israel of the consequences of their desire for a human king, and under instruction of YAHWEH then Samuel anoints Saul of the tribe of Benjamin as the King of Israel. And Saul tries, but he violated so many instructions and laws that he couldn't get thru and find guidance anymore. He became very materialistic, and he was out of touch, and wasn't getting any spiritual guidance. So Saul then violated one more principal, and he went to see the witch of Endor for he wanted to get in touch with Samuel who had died, and see what he was doing wrong since Samuel was not around to guide him.

Now; the witch of Endor was a Luciferian, and she knew that as she called that the devil would come looking like Samuel, even with the same whiskers, and would give Saul bad advice. So she called for Samuel but YAHWEH threw her a curve, and out of the dimensions came the real Samuel, and the witch of Endor passed out. But Samuel scolds Saul saying it was too late for Saul, he was not to be king over Israel anymore because he couldn't handle the job. So as you know David became King eventually over all Israel, and then while standing in Jerusalem YAHWEH made David a promise concerning Israel. He said:...'I will appoint a place for MY people Israel, and I will plant them that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them anymore as before times'. II Samuel 7. And in the Alexandrian text it reads:...'Neither will they be conquered in their new fortress'. And this enemy who moves in on us as refugees then gain high places in our society and government, are never quite to accomplish their plan. We are just getting our education, for without the KING OF KINGS we do stumble along.

QUESTION:...Who are the Jews in II Kings see them mentioned as being driven out of Elath, haven't seen them mentioned before?

ANSWER:...notice verses 5 and 7...Ahaz is king in Judea, but there is a king of Israel involved here also. This is after the time when under Solomon the Israel Kingdom became great and built the Temple in Jerusalem. But as Solomon grew older he violated the law, and later the kingdom split into two parts. Now it was only the Judah kingdom at Jerusalem, and the House of Israel was the Northern kingdom. This was all in the plan of YAHWEH for he was moving his people on in their destiny to their new land where they would move no more. But here in II Kings 16:6...the king of the northern House of Israel came with the King of Syria, and they drove the Judahites out of Elath. And here you do find the word Jews for the first time in Scripture. If translation had been Judahites, or Judeans this would be correct translation for they were from the Judah kingdom, and of course they were still Israelites, Adamites...YAHWEH'S Israel. And up to now these people from Adam, thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and then the 12 tribes of Israel...even thru David and Solomon these people were not ever called Jews, yet all of a sudden how did the people of the Judah kingdom become Jews in translation?

This my friends was the beginning of the drive by translators of the English Bible to take your inheritance. Some say:...But Judah married a Cainanite woman, that is where the Jews come into the picture. But you are forgetting that according to Scripture that as a man of Israel produced a child outside of his race that the child is not of Israel, it does not receive the spirit of YAHWEH. Just as Esau's offspring could not be Israelites, neither could this be true if Judah had children of a Cainanite woman, they would definitely not be counted. And only one of them was supposed to have lived and after marrying back into its mothers people then a few generations later they did try to come back and claim they were Israel. But according to the law laid down by YAHWEH this is not true, they would only be usurpers.

Now; this word Jew or Jews is a misnomer, it is an English slang word, and it is not an old, old word. Today the word Jew means what anyone implies or imputes to it. But when we say Jew we mean the enemies of YAHSHUA (Christ) with their synagogues, and their emblem of the serpent, and always they work against the kingdom. Thus the word Jew or Jews has been sown into the English translation of Scriptures, and is used at times in place of the name of Judah, the country of Judea, and even at times for the word Israel. Therefore it is very confusing as you try to follow the path of ancient Israel unless you understand translation, and search out as to who is being talked about every time you come across the word Jew. When you reach the New Testament you will have lost your way unless you under- stand who the people of the BOOK really are.

There was a word in Hebrew, in Greek, and Aramaic for these usurpers. Each language had a word to designate those people. In Hebrew the word for those who fight against the kingdom is Yehudi, or Yehudin. And they were also called Sheenie, and both words mean accursed. The Jews have a name for each other at times, and this is a Jewish word, but when they get angry with each other they call each other...'Kike'. This word is like the word devil, only a black mask devil, a shrouded ghost, but still a devil. Remember there is such a thing, for Jesus called those who had taken control of Judea and Jerusalem from the Israelites...called them devils and He said:..'Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.' He also said:...'I am of God, and ye are of the devil, thus you cannot understand my words'...then HE traced them back to Cain.

Today as you know there are Chinese Jews, Black Jews, and so called white Jews from the Cain line and mongrelization. But remember Abraham's children thru Isaac would be all of ONE race, not a mongrel society. Now you see why when people talk abut Jesus being a Jew, this is fantastic, it is almost Blaspheme is it not?

This translation of the word Jew for Judah, or even for Israel is an misnomer, and is just sown into the English translation of the Bible by the usurpers. So where did the Yehudin, or devils come from? Some of you may remember the Joe Pine show which originated from Hollywood, California, back in 1965?...different people were interviewed on that show. And one night a Negro woman came in to the booth to be interviewed, and as she came in to the booth she had documents in her hands as tho she had some fact she wanted to establish. She said:..'I am a black Jew...all Jews were black at one time.' Well of course Joe Pine and his producers soon had her off the air, so we didn't get to hear the facts she wanted to document, but she had opened up a big question mark.

Today we know that in antiquity Lucifer rebelled, and then went to a planet and mongrelized the people, and gathered them to worship him. The Assyrian record and those left by Job and Enoch referred to these people as the dark and curly headed ones. Debris and asteroids are still in our solar system, and may be from this one planet which was totally wrecked in these battles which took place as Lucifer and his hosts were finally driven to our earth and confined. Much is now known about the degeneration which occurred on that planet as fallen Angels mixed with people of that race. We have covered much of that before in your tape...'The Black Madonna' so will not go into that now. (But here in late December of 1983 we have been reading about an opaque object in space just out of the figure of Orion. The scientists say it is opaque, and maybe it is another planet so they are watching it. Dr. Swift was telling us about something like this back in the 60's, so it will be interesting to see what the scientists do report.)

Now; after being driven to earth then Lucifer continued his path of mongrelization and established also the religion of Baalism, and Baal was the embodiment of Lucifer, ruling embodied in earth. Thus the Baal Priests were Yehudin, they were offspring of Lucifer and his fallen Angels whether you found them in Africa, Asia, or wherever, they were always against YAHWEH, and of course against Him as He came as YAHSHUA. They always work against the kingdom, and this is one way you can identify their descendants today.

You probably read of the Dalai Lama of the upper Mongolia or Tibet? There were around him Yehudin, yellow devils who were offspring or descendants of offspring of Lucifer and his fallen Angels, and they worshiped Lucifer. The upper core of their Priesthood are truly devils. The controlling power of that Priesthood are always devils. If you have read of the travels of Lowell Thomas you will know that he was very curious about this factor. And once in the upper Tibet region he and one of his men had quite an experience. They bribed one of the Shaman to lend them the standard garb to wear in one of those meetings where the devil did materialize in the middle of the circle. But then the devil looked around and said:...'There are two white devils in our midst, destroy them.' So these men got out of there in a hurry. But he did witness the materializing of the devil. He also recorded that the Priests of those upper Lamasaries open the top of their skulls and pullback the skin very carefully and cut a hole in the skull, and then stretch the remembrance back over the hole and let it heal up. The reason they do this is because Lucifer knew there was a third eye area, and they were searching for a more clear perception, but of course the perception they get is a Luciferian perception because it is Lucifer they worship. Actually the development of the third eye is your gift. It is not for the Luciferians, but that is the ritual they practice looking for it, and it is the reason they keep their heads shaved.

Now; the Yehudin adopted areas of the religion of the Israelites, but not with purity, and they changed it and used their Rabbi leadership to trans- form the areas of Scripture into how they thought it should read. The areas of the administration of the kingdom, the areas of the laws which belong to Israel they have sought to claim, but they corrupt as they write their Bible, and keep revising it which is 'The Talmud'. And always they hate The Christ and Christianity and seek to destroy it. They do not bother other religions as those are pretty much under their control, but it is that 'BABY' in the manger of Christianity that they want to get rid of.

Now; the Zionist Cahilla in their drive for a One World Government and total control of the earth have been able to move fast since they declared that Jesus was a Jew, and Abraham was a Jew, and of course they are the 'chosen people', and Christianity let that stand. But remember they are not completely to take over our country until you are run out of here as Israel was out of the Middle-East. For YAHWEH has different plans, and back in the days of David he promised the Western world for a dwelling place for His people. Remember that today almost every pagan religion carried the emblem of the fig tree, and the serpent, thus this leaves only one religion to work on and that is Christianity. They have been successful in helping translate the word as much as was allowed, but just as they planned the murder of YAHSHUA, they did not understand or realize that they were not allowed to stop the Resurrection.

Yes, I know the King James Bible says He was born King of the Jews (Matthew 2:2), but this should not bother you, for actually HE was born Judea. He was the symbolic Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Strongs Concordance was written for the King James version of the Bible and of course carried the word Jew, but in its meanings of the word it suggests that it means a country such as Judea, or the Judah kingdom. Thus check history, and even Roman records and they tell us that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA was born 'KING' in Judea, in the city of Bethlehem. And that Wisemen came searching for HIM who were of the white race, and who had been watching the heavens since the days of Enoch for this Star which would signal the time of the birth of their Redeemer. These men came to worship HIM born KING in Judea, and they brought Myrrh, Incense and Gold...the gold for His ministry and the Myrrh and Incense for the preparation of this body He dwelt in until the Resurrection. But the Yehudin in power in Jerusalem sought to kill all the babes of Bethlehem so as to try to destroy HIM.

For some years the Jewish World Cahilla has been gathering the people called Jews in the world today of all colors, races, and creeds, and have been trying to send them into Israeli, and into the Western world, and calling them Abraham's seed. But this is an impossibility for Abraham's children thru Isaac, Jacob and the twelve tribes of Israel are all of one race, and Judah is one of those so don't forget it. You don't take a child out of the twelve and make him of another race and yet keep him an Israelite.

According to the dictionary there are two distinct types of Jews today, but there are many branches and types of them even in their religion of Judaism. But mainly they are classified as Ashkenazim, and Sephardim. And the Ashkenazim are mainly the round headed Mongolian strain, and the Sephardim are the long faced Hittite type. But remember that they married into all races so this is sometimes hard to tell, but the Kazzar Jews are mainly round headed, and smaller. The Jewish writers say that about 90% of their numbers were converted to Judaism about 900 A.D., and these are the Kazzar Jews. This is the way they become Jews, they are a mixed race of people going back even to pre-Adamic, and they are more of the Mongolian type and they gathered out of the Cahilla...were thrown at the Christian Western World. These are many of those who are in Israeli today. Begin the Premier is one of these today, thus there are many types of Jews and many colors, and they have many religions as well, but the average Bible reader of today does not know that, and they fell for the fallacy that the Jews of today must be the chosen people, and that Jesus was a Jew, just because they were the last people to leave the old land of Palestine in 70 A.D. True Israelites do not know their history, do not know that the Throne was transferred to the West, do not know that the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., was prophesied, and that there was not left an Israelite in that old city.

There are many things we could say here, but dear people from now on in your reading of the Scriptures you will have to decide what the English translation of the word Jew stands for. Does it signify the descendants of Lucifer and his fallen Angels, or is it speaking of the House of Judah, the land of Judea, or the House of Israel. And remember that the House of Judah will be joined with the House of Israel in these latter days. The Scepter and Throne then was transferred to the West before the last of the Israelites came back to be in place for the birth of YAHSHUA, and thus the Throne ended in the East long before 70 A.D., and New Jerusalem moves with HIS people, and old Jerusalem is in for chastisement in a big way.

Remember that you are a child according as to your birth. Either you are born an Israelite, a Jew or any of the other races. You could be born an Israelite, and adopted by those of another race or religion, and you are still an Israelite only caught in another religion. But if you are born a YEHUDIN you are always a Yehudin altho you try to adopt another religion.

QUESTION:...II Kings 17:6-23...It sounds as tho God let Israel be carried away, and doesn't count them anymore doesn't it?

ANSWER:...Yes...but Norther Israel, called the Northern Kingdom was led away, and they left that land, and 200,120 people of the Judah Kingdom went with them. They were taken by the Assyrians, and they were settled in the cities of the Medes and the Persians around the Caspian Sea area, but who were those Medes and Persians of II Kings 18:1-13???

The Judah Kingdom would later also go into captivity as most of those left in Jerusalem were taken to Babylon. But remember there were some left in Judea (II Kings 25:2). But that story carries the transfer of the Throne, and a Princess to the West by Jeremiah.

But what happened to that great multitude of Israelites taken into the land of the Medes and the Persians?...Incidently Zoroaster was a Persian and Adamite, one of those who watched for the Star to signal the birth of The Christ. Most of the Medes and Persians were Adamites. Josephus speaks of these so called lost Israelites as being a great multitude of people beyond the Euphrates River. Actually there were no lost Israelites, just blind theologians. Almost as soon as the Israelites were loaded in their carts and wagons going into captivity, they begun to turn back to YAHWEH. Then in the Book of II Esdras chapter 13, starting with the 40th., verse Esdras is troubled as to what is happening to his people, and he records: ...'These are the ten tribes of Israel who were led away captive in the days of Hosea the king.' These are those Shalmaneser the king of Assyria led captive and took across the river into another land. But they formed their plan for themselves that they would leave the multitudes of those nations of the near East and go to a most distant region where mankind (Adamites) had not lived. There at least they might keep their statutes they had not kept in their own land. And they went in by the narrow passages of the Euphrates. For at that time the MOST HIGH performed signs for them, and stopped the channels of the river until they passed over. There was a long way to go thru the next region, and it would take a year and a half to cross into another land.

Now; from Archaeology and from old books we know that the Northern part of Mesopotamia was called Assyria at that time, and we know that the king decided to let the Israelites go for they were a talented and good people. We know that as their caravans were being prepared for their trek to the West that scouts were sent out to sweep thru the surrounding area to see if any of Israel in the area wanted to join them. Tombstones and artifacts mark this Westward migration, as they went thru the Caucasus pass as well as by more Southern routes. They left in the spring of the year, and YAHWEH delayed the spring flood of the Euphrates River until they had passed over.

No, those Israelites of our race weren't absorbed in the Mid-east as you sometimes hear. They were just moving Westward into their permanent homes. Some would be required to find their way over to our land before they found their permanent homes, and always situation and conditions kept them moving until this was accomplished.

Yes, this migration to the West can be traced thru the Bible, thru history, and thru Archaeology, for it did take place, it is just blind Israel that as yet does not realize that our ancestors accomplished their destiny.

QUESTION:...Ezekiel 17:22-23...What is this all about?

ANSWER:...'I will also take of the highest branch of the cedar, and will set it, I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one, and I will plant it upon a high mountain, an eminent one; in the mountain the heights of Israel will I plant it; in the land of traffic; in a city of merchants; in a fruitful field; by great waters.'

This is symbolism, the highest branch of the cedar tree is the king line, and a tender twig would be the daughter of the king line of Judah. She is to be moved to a land of traffic, in a fruitful place by great waters. Here you are reading about the transfer of the Davidic Throne out of the Mid-east, out of old Jerusalem to the West. Because now YAHWEH was transferring His people to the West, and the Throne of course would also go with them.

Col. Totten as you know was commissioned by the U.S. Congress to research our roots. They were trying to find and establish the correct symbols for our United States Seal. Col. Totten did his research, and he wrote several series of books on this subject...'Our Race'. They were published in 1890-92, and those traced so called Lost Israel Westward as well as the Davidic Throne. There were six of those Totten books in the Swift library which we reviewed for you some time ago, to help in tracing our people moving in their destiny. Scripture says the Green Tree, this Throne in the East thru the Pharez line was to dry up and the Dry Tree was to grow. Thus in symbolism the dry tree was the Zerah line of Judah which early moved to the West. In fact the Zerah line moved out of Egypt even before the Exodus under the leadership of Moses. Today the people who think that Israel is lost think under the concept that these children of YAHWEH wandered in the desert barefooted and living in tents. They do not even seem to realize that in the 40 years of Solomon's reign that his fleet of ships made voyages as long as any made today. Once every three years his merchant men came home bringing gold, silver, ivory, and things of interest. All emblems of civilization advanced to a great degree of luxury. The borders of the known earth were colonized, and this is a literal fact, the seed was sown, was planted for a purpose far beyond the compass of this Great King with his human wisdom.

The most adventurous tribe of Israel was Dan, and Scripture says he will abide in his ships. Their work thus shaped the very destiny of Israel's Empire. This Exodus of the Tribe of Dan started also before the Exodus. They established colonies, and later came the Israelites in their migrations following the paths left for them. Scripture is telling us of the scatter of the power of the Holy people, and when this time came in old Palestine for their power to be broken, a place already had been prepared for them. Meantime the colonies kept secret silence, by command of YAHWEH lest any should betray the secret till the end of days. Isaiah 61:1-2. But in the time of Israel’s greatness under King Solomon, the ships of Dan were finding new fields of enterprise. There are arguments even to prove that Samson of the Tribe of Dan was Hercules. That the Greeks were called Dani by their earlier historians, more often than not went by that name rather than any other, for they were the sons of Dan. That Macedonia was but another colony established by these same people. That they sent presents and brethren to Jerusalem bearing letters sealed with tribal arms, and their genealogy was acknowledged by the High Priest of Israel, and is a matter of record in the sacred archives.

Col. Totten found that Spain was ruled by Solomon's Prime Minister whose tomb is there today. Found that Ireland was judged by the Tautha de Danaans from the halls of Tara, and that the language of the Welsh is almost Hebrew still today.

Oh, the golden age ended for Israel in the Mid-east, but the split of the kingdom according to Scripture was from YAHWEH. The Northern kingdom became the Lost Tribes but the Holy One of Israel went with Lost Israel. And altho they became lost to both secular and sacred history, still their civilization worked its way across Europe. One name replaced another, but they were also setting up way marks along rivers and streams as they rested before moving on.

In 1630 in the Diocese of Rypeny in Denmark a farmers daughter found a golden trumpet. The Hebrew inscription identifies it. Today it is in the Royal museum of Copenhagen, and it weighs 102 ounces, and measures two feet nine inches in length. How did it find its way from Jericho to Jutland unless it came with Dan and his kindred? Many are the artifacts which mark the Westward movement of Israel, and they have been recorded by Col. Totten and others. They are there for Lost Israel when she starts searching for her roots.

We find from Roman records that even the tribe of Benjamin the Light Bearers who were left in old Palestine for their work until after the Resurrection would also sooner or later flee to the North and West following those of the race who had gone before. Those also of Judah who were left in that area such as the Mother of The Christ, and her little group made their way West. But as the Green Tree of Israel was dried up in the East, they must have come forth in the re-established kingdom, in a new place for Jerusalem moved with HIS people. And YAHWEH'S program as he moved His people Westward was also to move the Scepter and to obliterate the path of the Scepter, and replace it over this transplanted Israel in a very secret way so as to utterly escape attention until centuries later.

Yes, YAHWEH had prepared a man of Israel from the womb of this great mission of transferring the Throne to the West. This man was the Prophet Jeremiah. The father of Jeremiah was High Priest of Israel when Josiah was king. And Jeremiah married a Levite maiden, and King Josiah then married a daughter of Jeremiah, and their son was Zedekiah who was the last king of the Davidic line in old Judea. Zedekiah has several sons and three daughters. The youngest...the great granddaughter of Jeremiah thus became the Tender Twig...her name Tea Tephi, or Taphath. I Kings 4:11.

Jeremiah was in chains when the Throne era ended in Palestine, and when released we imagine he hurried to this home about 25 miles South of Mizpah where his daughter resided. He would want to put those granddaughters in the hands of their own grandmother. Today Archaeology finds the little town of Beth Taphuah on the hills of Judea, the original name being the House of Taphath or Tephi.

The Captain of Nebuchadnezzar’s guard was a white man, and a friend of Jeremiah, and he was worried about leaving Jeremiah, his wife and daughter and granddaughters in Judea as he left, so he urged Jeremiah to take them to Mizpah where he would leave a military guard to protect them. Jeremiah also asked for the release of Baruch who was of a very eminent family, and very skilled in languages, and Baruch was released and joined this little group. Jeremiah learns that a foreign vessel is in Joppa Harbor, and the crew has been taken in chains by the Babylonians. Jeremiah was strangely excited as he interviewed the leader of this ship. They appeared to be merchants of Tarshish on their way home from Egypt. But among them was a young Tartesian of a striking and commanding presence and Jeremiah was drawn to this young man. He explained how this ship of further Tarshish rarely traded this far East which they left to the Phoenicians as they guarded the secrets of the West. And Jeremiah, the Babylonian Captain, and the young Tartisan by the name of Eochaidh, or later Heremonn were finally left alone and Jeremiah said to this Babylonian Captain:..This young Prince is from the domain near the 'Blessed Isles', and the destiny of Babylon is mysteriously linked to the safety of these mariners so let them depart in peace, and they will return to their own land, and none will visit these shores again until much, much time has passed.

Now; this Babylonian Captain had a strange dream which puzzled him, and he listened as Jeremiah went ahead speaking:..'Behold! I will establish this, that thou mayest know that the words of YAHWEH are certain, and his council sure. Last night thou oh Captain wert troubled in thine heart, and sleep went from thee; for a vision of deep import haunted thy eyeballs. That dream was sent from heaven; nor hast thou mentioned it or told it to another. Nevertheless this is the riddle that thou didst dream. Thou looked and behold a vine of low statute, and of unknown verdure grew upon a mountain high and excellent. And as it spread abroad behold, a single leaf expanded in the midst thereof, and sent its lobes, the one toward the east, another toward the west, and a third toward the north, and yet a last toward the sunny south, and the growth thereof was terrible, and the shadow of the leaf spread over the face of the whole earth. And thou sawest until the strength of the mountain where on it flourished entered into the leaf, and gold, silver, brass, and iron flowed from the bowels of the mountain into the veins thereof, and yet its texture seemed to be of stone, for the mountain also poured its quartz into the leaf which grew. And behold! as thou did view the vine, and its growing lead, one came and plucked a Tender Twig thereof, and gave it to a little child, and lo! the whole earth rejoiced, and all creation dwelt in peace beneath the shadow of the vine. Know therefore O Captain of Babylon that this vision is certain, and its interpretation is true. I charge thee, have this stranger to be searched.' This was done and around the neck of this young man was a chain of gold, and hanging from that chain was a four leafed Shamrock, curiously worked in gold, and silver, brass and iron, and set with quartz, and it glistened in the sun. This Talisman had been the parting gift of his mother when he departed, and was treasured for supposedly Druid virtues. She had told him to wear it always next to this heart, for it was a treasure of great value, a work of art, and an heirloom of great age.

Suddenly the little Princess strayed in at that moment, and the Babylonian Captain, stirred by his dream, took the heirloom and put it around the little girls neck, for her name was Taphah, or Tephi, which in Hebrew signifies a Twig...a maiden, thus a tender Twig.

Jeremiah then spoke again to the Captain:...'You found favor with your king Nebuchadnezzar, and he will make you captain of all his hosts from the North to the South, the East to he West, and thou shall have great wealth, but for now speed these strangers on their way'. But before the merchantman of Tarshish was to leave Joppa, the young Prince was called into a place apart by Jeremiah and blessed. And Jeremiah took a horn of oil and anoint- ed him, and said:...'Return no more into the east and pass the Pillars of Hercules no more. Pause not in thy return voyage; obey the Light thou hast for the legends of thy people are well founded. Seek Empire in the west, for thou shalt be ruler in thy father's stead. The fourfold kingdom of the Sacred Isles shall be united upon the stem of thy posterity. Behold! YAHWEH bless thee, and thou shalt judge thy people, and in the days of thy great- ness thou shalt have a throne of stone, a scepter, and a Princess fair to see. Thy seed shall dominate the earth, or shall it fail in the day of trouble. The Zeal of the Almighty shall accomplish this, and for a sign the serpent shall depart from Erin. Return thou then unto Western Heshborn, and forget not amid the groves of Baal that there is a mighty ONE in Heaven, and that the cromlechs of thy people are to narrow for HIM who dwells in the Universe. Haste not this vision, nor be slow of Faith for many days must pass before these things take place in any phase or form. Finally regret not the gem thou hast lost, it is the price you pay for your escape. But when thou findest one amidst the verdure of some Green real far away; recall these incidents and yield thy scepter wisely in that day'.

The next morning the Western Tarshish ship sailed westward, and the young Prince on returning home told his mother of this meeting with the strange Prophet of Judea. He was the youngest of several half brothers, and his mother told him the words of the Prophet were a repeat of much she had known in her life from the ancient promises of her mothers people. They based their Faith upon the One who looks unto a woman as destined to pre- serve the Danites from the Serpent that bites the tribal horses heels. This was darkly symbolized upon the Royal Heraldry of Dan which came west with the family. And Muiream the mother of this young man was a Danite, and she was married to the Zerah king line in the West. She went on to tell her son something which happened when he was born with an...'arrow mark'..upon his heart. She said:...'The day came when you were supposed to be passed above the sacred fire as was the custom in those days, but the eldest of the Druids came and forbade that act!' It was of course a pagan ritual in Spain at that time, and she said that she did not know that this aged Druid was in Spain, but she had seen him in a dream when her son was born, but his coming then fulfilled the vision. It was the Druid Priest who gave her the Talisman which was given to Tea Tephi in Judea. Then Heremonn's mother produced a ring of great antiquity and gave it to her son saying:... 'In the strength of this child’s thighs, the stars predict, an Empire shall arise. 'But you are not to marry a Milesian (Spanish) Princess for thy star is double, and its second star must compliment thine own. Do not marry a Danite either for your counterpart will come to you'.

The mother of Heremonn died and he took her back to Ireland to be buried, to the land from whence she came. And do you dear friends still think that YAHWEH forgot about his people and then turned to the Jews, and when He came as they rejected Him turned then to someone else? Nonsense, that is not YAHWEH, that is not His purpose or His plan.

But young Prince Heremonn returned to Ireland where the people knew him, and here in Ireland quite a few later we find him trying to get rid of the worship of Baal which had crept in even to an extent into Druidry.

But lets go back to our Judea, where Jeremiah was also preparing to leave that land so no trace of anything unusual would remain behind. From II Maccabees 1:2, we learn that because of events in Jerusalem some time before this...Jeremiah had already hidden the Ark, the Tabernacle, the Altar of Incense and so forth, in a place where he had held all the symbols of Israel. That he had climbed the same mountain Moses had climbed, and hidden them away. Some had tried to follow him, but could not find him. He had Baruch attend to the title deed, and those records were placed in a safe place. Jeremiah was moving under inspiration as did Abraham, but Jeremiah's mission was to move Westward the Throne, the Jacob Stone..and the Scepter, the Ark, and its archives, as well as the 'Seed' of David for a ruler who was of course this young daughter of Zedekiah. This small remnant is mentioned in Scripture, and by Josephus, and in Archaeology, for they found a dwelling place in Egypt as they waited the time to start to the West. Prophecy then began to unfold and for this read Isaiah 60:9, and Isaiah 61:9....for Isaiah also spoke of this transfer of the Throne to the West, where as Col. Totten then traced its path.

But as this chosen remnant make their way to Egypt (Jeremiah 44:14) only one half of this mission of Jeremiah's life had been accomplished. Even Babylon was under control of the MOST HIGH as this prophecy was fulfilled, and finally the little company left Egypt and YAHWEH the Holy One of Israel was the pilot of this ship in this secret mission. They returned to Joppa, and there collected the sacred treasures which were hidden there. The land being empty by Babylon's work helped accomplish this, and it appears that the ship was a Western bound one that was just going home, but it carried this Royal Remnant. Sitting in the ship sailing ever Westward we hear Jeremiah talking to the little group:...'Verily I myself was often bidden to proclaim YAHWEH'S work unto the north, the very land of Israel's espousal.' Jeremiah 3:12-14. The Spirit also spoke unto Ezekiel (11:16) and to Hosea (2:6-7), and I think that even like myself, my brothers of the Ollam (Prophets) school by no means comprehended what they uttered except perhaps Isaiah the founder of the upper college of the Prophets, perceived the whole philosophy of Israel's history. Indeed I judge now that he did, and that he was looking toward the end. But the true significance of what one labors at, and is prepared by providential circumstance to control, is not revealed until the fullness of time, else it would thwart the very end in view. Thus this planting from the first was ordained by YAHWEH. For Abrahams sake the promise must bear fruit even tho Israel becomes blind to the Rock from whence she came. Deuteronomy 32:18 and Hosea 6:1-11. Hosea spoke particularly to the House of Israel, but in the same connection included Judah in the final harvest.

Jeremiah tells his little group that this Western land to which they are going is inhabited by their own people. Yes, there were some of Israel still to be left in the Mid-east, some would have to return to Palestine after their captivity to play out their role until YAHSHUA came, and the Resurrection was completed, but now you see the crown and everything else connected had been already transferred to the west along with most of Israel. Yes, there was to be silence from the West until the last of the prophecies were fulfilled in the old land. And even from the West quietly would come some to help finish the prophecies in the East, but Mother's of Israel in the West would still be bearing sons and daughters for Israel. And finally that brother Zerah of the scarlet thread of Genesis 38:27-30, and Matthew 1:3, would find his place in the history of Israel. These sons of Zerah were mentioned briefly in Scriptures (I Chronicles 2:4-6-8), they would set up way marks also for others of Israel to follow later.

As Col. Totten traced the Throne to the West he recorded that at 36 years of age this young Prince, now the King of Ireland waited for the ship bringing Tea Tephi, now a young woman, and wearing his Talisman locket to Ireland to become his Queen.

Then came the day when the Druids were all excited, for here was a ship bearing many things, and the company from that ship came into their gathering carrying a crude block of stone, and a heavy chest, and we are told that as the Ark of the Covenant touched the earth there in Ireland..... after the Throne-Stone touched the earth, that all the snakes of Ireland gasped and died, or hastened to the sea and drowned themselves. You know who the snakes referred to, it was these Priests of Baal who had crept in saying they were part of the story, and brought their Baal religion to fool Israel with. This fulfilled the Prophecy Heremonn had heard from the lips of Jeremiah years before in old Judea. The cover was said to have been taken off the box, and the Shekinah Light shown on Ireland. The Druid organization was cleansed and again took their place as the guardians of many of the Israel secrets.

QUESTION:...Nehemiah 13:23...'In those days I saw Jews that had married wives of Ashdod, of Ammon, and of Moab.'...Who were these Jews?

ANSWER:...These are men of the Judah kingdom being spoken of, and they were Jews by translation only. Even the translation as of Judean, or Judah would have told you who they were. And this is Nehemiah an Israelite who knew his people. He is thus talking of these Israelites of the Judah kingdom who while in Babylon captivity had married outside their race, and he is very disturbed about this. Later he would cleanse the race by sending out the men, women, and children of the mixed marriages, for they could not be part of Israel.

Now; Cyrus King of Persia made this proclamation, and put it in writing. II Chronicles 36:22-23. 'YAHWEH had charged him to build him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judea. And then Cyrus asked the people of YAHWEH who would go to Jerusalem and complete this work'. This is the reason the children of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin, Judah and their portion of Levi prepared to go back to Palestine. But some of them had broken Divine Law, and married outside their race, so again a mixed multitude went with them, and always this mixed multitude caused trouble until driven out. Even the Priesthood was contaminated as Nehemiah found, for even some of them... of the Levi had married outside of their race, and had broken Divine Law. Ezra and Nehemiah were the Priests overseeing the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and the time table of this rebuilding was outlined in the Book of Daniel chapter 9.

Before that prophecy had all been fulfilled in 70 A.D., the Messiah had been born, crucified and resurrected, and all Israel of that old land had left, before Jerusalem was destroyed utterly, and the Jews were those who remained in that old city, and they were taken and dispersed.

Now; some have tried to take 3 1/2 years from this prophecy and set up a rapture, and all that is supposed to happen in concordance with it, but that time table ended in 70 A.D., according to Dr. Swift and others as well.

Now; 604-586 B.C., marked the war between Nebuchadnezzar against the Judah kingdom, and by 586 B.C., all Jerusalem had been captured and Zedekiah in chains taken to Babylon as the prophets had declared he would be. His sons were all dead, and Jeremiah was carrying out the second part of the program, the transferring of the Davidic Throne. Then the coming back to Jerusalem by some of Israel from the Judah kingdom to rebuild in Judea is described in the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah. The Prophets outlined those events in symbolism, and the story of the struggle in Judea against the usurpers continues in the Apocrypha Books such as the Books of the Maccabees. And yes, the word Jew appears in the English translation of both these books, with no distinction made between Jew, Israel, Judean, or Judah. The word Jew is strung thru these Books as it is in the Bible trying to make it seem that they are all one and the same, but you can clearly see that they are not. However your story does not seem to make sense unless you make this distinction between the people of the Book you are reading. The Maccabees were Israelites of the Judah kingdom, just trying to hold their place in Judea looking forward to their Messiah. The first Book of Maccabees chapter 7:5 and II Maccabees 15:34-36, were used for the bases of this spurious Book of Esther, so the Jews would have their day of Purim Festes to celebrate in March. But the Yehudin were trying to take the Priesthood from the Israelites, and this is outlined for you in the Book of the Maccabees. This man...Judas of the Book of I Maccabees (9:19-22) was a Judahite, and he battled for many years to hold the Yehudin out of control. There were 4 brothers of the Maccabees in this grand battle, and II Maccabees chapter 11, tells of one time when YAHWEH helped them win their battle. But the Jews of today get their 'Chanuka' celebration from this victory of the Maccabees which YAHWEH helped win. They took the celebration of the lighting of candles to celebrate that victory as their own, ad thus they come up with Chanuka to counter our celebration of Christmas as The Birth of The Christ.

Much later the Jews wrote the Book of Esther, and it was canonized as part of our Scripture, but it is one of the spurious books of the Bible and composed from events which took place in the time of the Maccabees. It had a name thrown in now and then to make you think that Jews and Israelites are one and the same. The Book of Josephus has suffered the same fate when it comes to the planted idea that Jew and Israel are the same. But Josephus was from the Hasmonean dynasty leading back to Benjamin, and they were also involved in that struggle of those Israelites of the Judah kingdom to hang on to a place in Jerusalem until The Christ came. They finally lost control of the Temple, and even the Sanhedrin, and the Temple then built was Herod’s Temple with its symbol of the serpent upon it.

Now; maybe you understand again why we said that the Bible is not a story book to be read. It is a library of facts to be studied. And I want you to notice that the Jews back at the time of The Christ were trying to take over what they thought was the Israel kingdom. But remember years before this that YAHWEH had been quietly moving His people to the West, and not only His people, but the Davidic Throne, which is also the Jacob Throne Stone, the Ark of the Covenant, and all the symbols of Israel...moved them quietly to the West. Thus what the Jews were grabbing for in old Jerusalem was actually an empty shell.

After the Atonement was finished, the Resurrection accomplished, then the remnant of Israel left that old land. And yes, the Apostles were to start their work at Jerusalem, but then they would also leave that old land as the remnant of Israel completed their work and moved on. Only the usurpers remained in that old city to meet the destruction that came on old Jerusalem, and they were then dispersed in 70 A.D., but they never lost their identity. Some of the Jewish Priests went to the Kazzar kingdom and converted them to Judaism, and those people became pawns in the game for the Cahilla. But YAHWEH'S people were building their Christian civilization in the West, and have been looking for His return ever since.

There is so much difference in the expectation of our people, and those of the Jewish faith, their Messiah means that they are to take over the earth and rule with many Christian servants in each of their households. We look for YAHSHUA to come as KING OF KINGS, and we with Him rule the world with total justice for everyone.

Ben Hecht of Hollywood at one time in the 60's said:...leave it to a Jew to bungle things. If I was doing it I would have fed Jesus Christ to the lions, and they would have made a Messiah out hamburger. My but he did not understand the crucifixion and the resurrection did he? Then another Hollywood actor said:...'People are talking about the return of Christ, but if he comes we have had it'. So it goes...different people think so very differently, and you today must search out who those people are, and how they are outlined in your Bible. The story is still there, and they cannot fool you as you understand the people of the Book, the purpose of YAHWEH for this blindness of Israel, and why He did all those things. Remember that HE is in total control of the events. Some times as individuals as we move we think we are right on target, but perhaps not. But the main events are totally controlled by HIM, and we are not to be totally defeated here in our own land.

There is a Prophecy we might call to your attention that is still to be fulfilled, this is found in the works of the Prophet Hosea, in chapter one verse ten....'Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered, nor measured, and it shall come to pass in that place where it is said unto them;...Ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them...Ye are the sons and daughters of the LIVING YAHWEH'. Continue then on to verse 11:...'Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel (now both houses together) be gathered together, and appoint themselves one head, and they shall stand up out of their land; for great will be the day of YAHWEH'. In the Ferrah Fenton Bible ends by saying:....'They shall rise up from the earth, for the great day of the Everliving God's harvest.'