ERM - Tape 013 - Good/Bad Figs; Great Star of Rev; Isaiah; More




1. Good figs and bad figs

2. The Great Star of Revelation 8:10-12

3. Isaiah 26:20-21

4. Isaiah 53:3

5. Isaiah 43:15-19

6. Where do you find Israel called an Olive Tree?

7. Why do people not want to know more?

8. 'Son of Man'

9. Deuteronomy 23:8

10. Leviticus 18:21


QUESTION:...Who were the good figs and bad figs of Jeremiah, chapter 24?

ANSWER:...Back in the days with Jeremiah this was referring to those who dwelt in figs. Remember the moment that a false religion takes over a city or community, it is then tied to the false religious emblem...which is the fig. For the fig is the fruit of the Fig Tree which is that tree of good and evil, or the emblem of Lucifers kingdom. Thus the religion of Jerusalem in the days of Ahab became a false religion. In the days when Zedekiah and his sons were taken by Babylon, then Jerusalem was under the religion of Baalism, and the people there in that old city were worshiping many strange and evil gods. But Jeremiah was to write that some of the people within the city under this system of false religion were still good. But some he called bad, very bad, in fact there wasn't one thing they preached or stood for that could be used, everything about them was evil. Thus there is a division here of the people caught in the web of Baal religion. The evil ones were to be scattered over the world as a taunt, a byword, and a curse. These people, the SHEENIE, Yehudin were the bad figs to be driven out of Jerusalem, and they were dispersed finally in 70 A.D.

Now; remember that in the translation of scripture the word Jew had replaced the words Judean, or even Judah or Israel, or Judea. This is very true of the King James Version, and some facets of the Douray Version and others taken from the King James Version. Thus people sometimes think that the Jews running around today are all from Judean-Israel stock originally. Nothing could be further from the truth. But in the days when YAHSHUA walked in Judea these people were Cainanites, Amalakites, Hittites and so forth, all tied back into ancient people, even before Adam. But the people of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi living in Judea and Galilee were not of these same people, these Yehudin or Sheenie and today called Jews. Everyone however who lived in Judea no matter what his race could be called a Judean, but you couldn't call all the people in Palestine Negroes, Jews, or Israelites just as all Americans are not of the same race.

But here in Jerusalem in the days when Jeremiah is talking about the good figs and the bad figs there were many Israelites caught in the web of this false religion of the Luciferian kingdom, which carried the symbol of the fig tree. Thus the fruit of this tree which was good would be sorted out and removed from this environment, and this was the people of the Judah kingdom. Later YAHWEH as YAHSHUA would curse that fig tree, and there was not one good fig on that tree, and remember that the Priesthood who were running Jerusalem knew he was talking about them, so they immediately began planning how to kill Him.

Back in that time YAHWEH was in secret moving his people Westward...the remaining Judah Kingdom would go to Babylon and only some of them would make the return to old Judea. But HE was removing the throne line of the House of David to the west, and it would never return to that old area even as the Israelites came back for their work there to be in place when HE came born as a babe.

Notice verse five, for YAHWEH said of these Israelites of the Judah Kingdom that they were like good figs which He sent out of old Jerusalem for their own good. verse 7...but He would redeem them for He is their God and they shall return unto HIM with their whole heart.

HE said He was giving Zedekiah and his sons, and any who assisted the evil figs, over to destruction. Why?....because some of Israeli's leaders always thru the years joined, or helped the bad figs, and they go into punishment for their own sake, and for the sake of Israel. Many of the leaders of Israel even married outside their race, and their offspring were thus Sheenie, a curse to the world for they do not possess the capacity to think like you do. In other words they are tares among the wheat just as Cain was.

QUESTION:...Jeremiah 27:6...All nations were to bow to Babylon. Why?

ANSWER:...The Judah Kingdom was going into Babylonian captivity and all nations were also to be under the Babylonian yoke around there because this is the last of the Judah kingdom in old Judea, and they are going into captivity for chastisement. But this old land of Judea will remain almost empty until Jeremiah's mission is carried out as he moved the throne (Stone) to the West. This was all in YAHWEH'S plans. His people were being chastised but also He controlled the nations in that chastisement for they were not to be wiped out just because they couldn't seem to obey here in the world order.

Oh, they tried a one world government at old Babylon, and then YAHWEH brought it down. But remember as He brought it down He used some of the Adamites to do it, for the Medes and the Persians were mostly Adamites, at least their leaders that planned the downfall of Babylon were of the race, as were most of their armies.

In the promise to Zedekiah...that the Judah kingdom should bow to Babylon, this was a double promise because they would be maintained in Babylon, and then they would go back at the end of the 70 years to maintain a place and try to hold it in Judea, because that was where YAHWEH, as YAHSHUA would be born...a babe out of HIS Race.

As for the overthrowing of Babylon it is a continual process until its final end which we are looking for today. This time it will not rise again.

QUESTION:...What is the Great Star burning like a lamp which fell from heaven (Revelation 8:10-12) why is it called Wormwood? Also I hear some say there really is a dark star which falls?

ANSWER:...Lets take the question of the dark star first. There are Astronomical bodies which are rather strange. Some of them may be the results of the violation of law. In 1964 there was reported that an opaque object was hurtling thru space which reflected no light. The Scientists are unable to explain this as they think of all substance as having some ability to reflect. But there are some substances which absorb all known light in the spectrum. But this object traveling thru space does not reflect any light, and the reason we know this is because it blocks out the light of other stars as it cuts its path across the star map. Sometimes you see this recorded in scientific publications, but we are not told of these things very often.

Now; there is no mention of this dark star in the King James version, but there is this star called Wormwood, meaning bitter death, and it falls into the sea...Revelation 8:11. This is of course symbolic in nature, but we do believe that this is also literal as a cyanide potassium meteorite of great size, burning with fire which will cause a great catastrophe to the spot where it falls. This is why it is called Wormwood, or cyanide, it will bring great catastrophe to the spot where it strikes. This Black Star we believe is a reality in significance and measure. Maybe only for a minute would we be able to measure certain events by it, if we were fast or sharp enough, but yes there is such a star.

Now; Lucifer is also symbolic of this dark star. Lucifer the Great Archangel known as the star of the morning. He was the light of that part of the Universe he ruled over, under YAHWEH. He was the Guiding Illuminator or the light-truth instructor under YAHWEH over that portion of the Universe before he fell. After Lucifer rebelled this Solar system was picked for the place to corner this rebellious Archangel and his fallen comrades. This is confirmed in these 66 Books of our Bible.

There is reason to believe that the last wave of this battle was about 11,000 B.C., to 73,000 B.C., and there were terrific battles in the heavens and here on the earth, and the Negroes were involved in this. Lucifer at that time was referred to as Tiamat, the Chaos monster, which is the ancient Assyrian word, and his symbol was the Dragon and the Serpent.

When the mind goes out of adjustment with the originator of Divine Law, it forgets the sovereignty of that which created the law,...the law giver HIMSELF. But Michael and his Heavenly Hosts turned the Great Light Disc's (the eye of YAHWEH) on the space crafts of Lucifer and his hosts and they spilled his Nubians all over space according to the old Books of Enoch. Lucifer then was confined to this Solar system, but he continued to destroy continents and planets as he was driven out and confined to earth. He could conquer anything men and beings had but he could not conquer or destroy the Hosts of Heaven. But in rebellion then Lucifer turned away from the truth, and no longer can he instruct in truth, he can only destroy or mutate.

Now; every so often we see publications saying there is no such thing as a literal devil who was a great Archangel before he rebelled. They tell you that the devil is just in you, when your evil nature takes over. This is just a doctrine that come from misunderstanding of Scripture. We even see this fallacy creep into some Identity groups at times. So we will call your attention to Scripture which explains more fully this verse of Revelation which confirms that this star fell from heaven.

First turn to Revelation twelve and start with verse 3...and you will read of this battle in the heavens and how Lucifer was cast out. How Angels symbolized as stars followed him and were cast out of the heavens with him.

Then turn to Isaiah 14, starting with verse again the Great Red Dragon, the serpent, the devil Lucifer is recorded as falling from the heavens because he said he would set his throne above the stars (children) of YAHWEH. If he had a throne then he has a kingdom, and Lucifer says he will set in the mountain (meaning kingdom) of the congregation of the sides of the north. Here it is talking about the story in the Star Bible, and this position in the heavens from which the Dragon, or Lucifer was driven out of. This is reserved for the expansion of YAHWEH'S Kingdom, and Lucifer will never go back there as Satan, the Serpent, or the Dragon.

Many times as people pick up pen and ink they come forthwith literature explaining this verse of Revelation, or even of Isaiah 14, and they never seem to connect the different areas of Scripture or the symbolism of certain events. Never seem to see this great and continuing struggle between the children of YAHWEH'S Kingdom with its truth, its light, and this Luciferian kingdom filled with darkness and error. They refuse to accept the fact that Angels did mix physically with people, even tho Scripture does say that:...'Angels did not keep their first estate'. (Jude 6) They refuse to believe that the offspring of this integration produced the 'seed of the dragon'. The ancient symbol for the seed of the Dragon was the interwoven six pointed star with the serpent woven thru the star, the tail of the serpent in its mouth. This being the scene in this great struggle between the 'children of light' and 'the children of darkness' is symbolized by this great star which fell from heaven, with all the consequence of that fall. This star is also referred to as a Burnt Mountain, but this six pointed star woven with the serpent is the symbol of world Jewry and their Cahilla.

In the British Museum you find the outline of their Cahilla and the people marked as the Yehudin, in the religions of ancient Assyria long before Adam was ever thought of in the earth, you find those people.

Some always explain this verse of Revelation 8 as some Volcanic mountain which explodes. And yes, they do cause great catastrophe in the areas where this occurs, like mount Vesuvius did at one time. But this star which fell from heaven is likened to a burning mountain, and a mountain symbolizes a great kingdom, and that kingdom is to fall into the sea, which is people. This great evil kingdom then is to fall into the people, who will bring an end of a chaotic chain of events which has effected history over a long, long period of time.

Jeremiah describes this Star as a burning mountain...a kingdom (Jeremiah 51:24-25) 'Behold I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all their evil that they have done in Zion (My Kingdom) in your sight'. 'Behold I am against you O destroying mountain (kingdom) saith YAHWEH. Ye that destroyeth the earth. I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, but I will make thee a burnt mountain before I cast thee down'. Then verse 26:...'And I shall not take one stone of thee for a corner, nor a stone for a foundation; but thou shalt be desolate forever, saith Almighty YAHWEH'. This great Luciferian kingdom is to be thrown down as a burnt or destroyed kingdom. Never again will any part of it be used for building anything new, it will be totally destroyed.

Yes, old Babylon was overthrown by the Medes and the Persians, but the destruction at that time did not quite fulfill all the types of destruction described here. For this great kingdom continues in symbolism as Great Babylon...Mystery Babylon the Great of Revelation 17 and 18. Thus this Luciferian kingdom continues right up to the climax of Armageddon in this final struggle as Lucifer throws all the Dragon seed at the kingdom of YAHWEH thinking to overcome them.

Today communism and socialism are arms of this same Cahilla found back at old Babylon. They have led the same forces of evil thru the centuries beginning long even before the Adamic race came into the earth. But John in Revelation however records that this great Luciferian kingdom will be thrown down with violence.

Remember how YAHSHUA cursed the fig tree for its oppression of His kingdom? This was done by the manipulation of money, and such. But in that day this was symbolic of an Asiatic philosophy suppressing the truth of HIS Kingdom. And when HE cursed the fig tree this fig tree was the symbol of this kingdom of evil in Matthew 21:10-20. Remember YAHSHUA said to His disciples:...'Have faith, and ye shall not only do as I have to this fig tree, but you shall say to this mountain move and be cast into the sea, and it shall be done.' Matthew 21:21. What mountain? This ecclesiastical evil of Lucifers kingdom which was holding sway over the nation of Judea, and over Jerusalem. As the Israelites of Judah and Benjamin and Levi came back to Judea to rebuild, their religion was termed as Judaic, and now it is called Judean-Christian but think that it was Jewish in the beginning.

The next day as YAHSHUA delivered another parable it was to show how strangers had taken over YAHWEH'S vineyard. Scripture says that knowing the parable of the fig tree, and now the parable of the vineyard, the false Pharisees and the Sadducees plotted to put YAHSHUA to death anew. Matthew 21:33-46.

Remember that Jesus called attention to our subject for He said:..'I beheld Satan as Lightening fall from the heavens', and then He identified the Yehudin for you at that time. And whether he knew it or not, Herod was a part of this Luciferian kingdom, for he tried to destroy YAHSHUA at His birth. And later this Luciferian kingdom, thru their Cahilla control of old Judea thought if they crucified YAHSHUA and wiped out the Apostles and disciples that they would put a stop to this great Faith of Israel, but YAHSHUA arose from the dead, they had missed the fact that He said:..'I come only to the Lost Sheep of Israel..and other Sheep have I'...other than those here in old Judea, so of course Lucifer failed again.

But you see this Mystery Babylon always continues, these great Internationalist who control the world with their manipulation of money had moved from old Babylon as it fell like rats from a sinking ship, and they were soon upon the Isle of Pergamos doing business as usual. But John records that is where Satans seat is located. Revelation 2:13. They then moved on from there following Israel westward until finally they established 'a city within a city' in London, England and from the heartland of Israel they reach out like the arms of an octopus to control Politics, religion, the social life of the western civilization using their manipulation of money. Thus this Great Star...this burnt mountain, Mystery Babylon the Great is Lucifers kingdom. But it is to be cast down, and there will never be any of the stones of the Dragon seed used again in any kingdom being built. The stones of Babylon are symbolic of what Babylon is built of, what has made it the mystery of the ages. These stones of Babylon are people as well, they are Internationalists with no personal spot or throne. They move all over the world with their cabal or Cahilla with its symbol of the serpent.

Here in Revelation 8 as the Angel sounds...symbolically it is describing a great catastrophe which hit the earth, this caused by this Cahilla of evil. And you see the 3's of repetition which is also pointing out this continued control of Mystery Babylon, of the economic control symbolized by meaning the world. Political control is brought about by control by the economic world wide control, until you neither buy or sell until you put your hands to accomplish the working of this mysterious One World Order which carries the symbolism of 'the mark of the beast'. Thus as the Angel sounded (Revelation 8:10) there fell this great star (a light) from heaven, burning as tho it were a lamp, and it fell upon three parts of the rivers, and fountains of waters. But John isn't talking about streams of water in the desert, he is talking about racial streams...about people. This happened to the ancient people long before Adam came to earth, and since Adam this kingdom of evil has worked night and day to destroy the kingdom of YAHWEH here in earth thru this Adamic race.

The name of this great star is recorded as...Wormwood, which means bitter death. This was decreed when he rebelled, and since Lucifer is referred to as an Illuminary of the heavens then of course the translation thus is a Star which fell.

Remember that Jesus also confirmed this for He said:..'I saw Satan fall from the heavens, and then he turned to His disciples and said:..'I have given you power over all Serpents (devils) so don't be afraid'. 'We threw Satan out of the heavens, and we will help you throw down his power in earth.' Luke 10:18-19.

Now; since Lucifer is referred to as a light then Scripture also records that it is no great thing if Lucifers ministers also be transformed as ministers of light or righteousness. But it is a light of darkness and of error, and they are false prophets doing the work of Lucifer. II Corinthians 11:14. The way to tell them is that they will deny YAHSHUA, deny His deity, His kingdom, His program. They seek always to weaken the kingdom even if they come in with sheepskins (diplomas) out of your seminaries.

In the Book of Zechariah then YAHWEH said he can see right thru those sheepskins, and He is going to remove them because they have had their way with HIS come? Because there are no shepherds. Thus you have let them come in talking Peace...thru the U.N. which has turned out to be a trap. You have let the goats take over your economy, become teachers, and even ministers while telling you they are brothers.

Alright; back to Revelation 8...again we see a repetition of the 3's in the form of Three Woes for the inhabitants of earth. And again this Great Star...Lucifer is involved...for in Revelation we see the materialism, the physical control over earth, and John records this as Seven heads, ten horns, and seven crowns. Here are the great kingdoms taken over by this Luciferian manipulations. They are Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome and then the same manipulators brought forth Genghis Khan, and his Asiatic hoards. After them came communism the arm of these same International Manipulators. They brought forth those out of the Kazzar kingdom of Asia, dressed them up by calling them the 'chosen people'... Jews...and they threw them into western civilization and the church was used for this purpose. The scream they are persecuted, and of course Christian people want to help everyone. But behind the scenes in Asia they were saying:...'The campfires of Genghis Kahn burn again'..from the Asiatic radio networks late at night came this message. Thus this Great System, this kingdom of darkness has used these people, these Asiatic, mixed, mixed people to try to destroy your Faith, and they have done a good job for their masters. No wonder they laugh in their publications as they say we are the 'Chosen People', but never telling the Christians that their God and our God are not the same.

Now; Chapter 9 of the next Angel sounds the key is given to open the bottomless pit, and out of there, which is the nethermost parts of the earth comes demonic forces. They are symbolized as locust for there are so many and they come so fast until they look like smoke coming out. As the fallen Angels followed Lucifer they also deified YAHWEH, and they violated Divine Law, and became disembodied so they lost the continuity of their life cycles thus existed in the Netherworld. But John sees the time when they would be released to come against the people of earth, but especially against the kingdom of YAHWEH for this final battle, and the one who leads these demonic forces as king is Appolyon in Greek, or Abaddon in Hebrew. But Again, this is that Luciferian kingdom and their king is Lucifer. They come out of the inner earth in flying crafts, it is translated with hair like women, but this means their crafts were shinning, or reflecting light, for a woman's hair is called her crowning and when cared for, it shines. The stingers in their tails means that they are armed, they have weapons with which to hurt people. You this yet to come? Not necessarily for great areas of Satanic power had been used thru out history. The State Department has reports from the time of Stalin that would shock people if they were to read or hear of these demonic forces who were seen by our Ambassador while he was near to Stalin's home on the Black Sea. We would think however that the major area of this attempt for the demons out of the pit to overrun us would be in the time when the enemy tries to engulf the Christian nations completely about the climax of Armageddon. However they have been seen coming out of the depth, for some of our pilots have also reported seeing some of these crafts, and even the pilots of those crafts. They reported what they look like, and the difference between the good U.F.O.'s and the Satanic ones. But we have an advantage over them. They are somewhat aware of this, for we have seen the sign of 'the son of man' (the kingdom) in the heavens, and they saw this sign and they mourned, but since the earth didn't fold up that day they stopped mourning. Our own people have a tendency to do this same thing, if events don't happen fast they lose interest, and go back and join the world. But the enemy thinks they have moved into a climactic time, and they were disturbed until we passed the sign on February 4, 1962. But this was not speaking of a day, it was speaking of an era, and we are told that we are going to see the Mighty Hosts of Heaven coming in to help. And as the Great Flagship, this symbol of authority appears, then these demonic forces of Darkness prepare to even make war with YAHSHUA as He comes in. So with all these demonic forces coming out of the pit..all at once..we will require great assistance. But these heavenly hosts coming in are equipped to stop these demonic forces coming out, and even those walking the earth today. Here in our nation we see the results of the control by this Great fallen Star...Lucifer..the serpent, the Red Dragon, and we as yet have not seen the destruction of this great kingdom, it is not as yet as a burnt mountain, but its destruction is assured.

You have asked...will all the individuals who are leaders of this kingdom die? Well they lose their power which will seem as death to them. They will be broken if they resist the power of righteousness, and they will resist, so in that hour their destruction is thus self inflicted. At the fall of Babylon which is to be with violence, every secret thing the enemy thinks, has thought, everything he thought he had hidden so well will be revealed. We think we find out more each day as to this great conspiracy with its control over our nation and our Faith. YAHWEH is revealing more and more and people are rising up to throw off this great economic yoke. (You remember that David Rockefeller when speaking for the dinner for Robert McNamara said:...we have built a great World Order, a New World Order which we based on an alliance between Wall Street, and Washington, and now radical conservatives are trying to destroy that, and seeking to serve first and foremost the National Interest of the United States.)

If we were to go into a total Nuclear war with the Soviets this would thin our people pretty fast. But Scripture says that HE will step in before this happens. There may be a few bursts of this war, but it is the cities of Asia that will be powder and dust under the light of those horrible stars (missiles).

Now; communism is the 8th., world (Beast) system for this Luciferian kingdom to throw at YAHWEH'S kingdom, and it is of course out of the seventh as Scripture records because the power is there behind the scenes. And the Kazzar Jews have been a perfect communist tool, always every chance they try to destroy Christianity, but the simple process of claiming they are the people of the old testament..the chosen. But where did America get this idea of Separation of church and state? It is not in the constitution, so where did it come from? The first thing that Stalin did as the communists came to power in Russia, was to take over for the state all private and religious schools, thus a strict separation of church and schools was ordered, and religious schools were forbidden. Before this education was largely a function of the church. You go back and see how our education system has handled this situation. In the beginning of our nation schools were largely the function of the church, then trace how it gradually was changed until today you even hear Christian Ministers arguing for the separation of the church and state. We see the Christian church today trying to embrace the Anti-Christ while out with binoculars watching for an Anti-Christ to emerge, but will they recognize him at the climax of this battle.

Now; we have this promise, that YAHSHUA said that some day He would take the crown, and His servants would fight and the kingdom would no longer be left under control of the Jews.

And yes, Lucifer can be embodied, he has been many times. He was once the King of Tyre. He was once as Antioch Epiphane who was a Sadducee, and he put a hog on the altar at Jerusalem, this was at the time of the Maccabees. But at the time of the final climax of Armageddon we do expect Lucifer to be embodied, and whoever is the top man of the Cahilla at that time will be Lucifer himself. But then he will be penned up for a time in the bottomless pit with his fallen Angels. And then Mystery Babylon with its usuary system will be finished, and the Kingdom of YAHWEH can shine forth.


QUESTION:...Isaiah 26:20-21. 'Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee; hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation is past. For Behold! YAHWEH cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants for their iniquity; and the earth also shall disclose her blood; and shall no more cover her slain'. Please Explain??

ANSWER:...Indignation is the sheer animosity of evil being cast down, this is YAHWEH casting it down here as he interferes with the affairs of man, the time has come for this to end. You...His people, are to be more careful at this time, perhaps not try to do to much by yourself, such as in challenging the serpent. Rather stick with your friends of like thinking, don't try to go it alone.

But remember this YAHWEH does not punish those whose sins are forgiven, this He accomplished on the Cross. 'The earth will know her blood'..notice the reference column in the center of the page..there is a difference in people, and no more will it be concealed as to who has slain His people. Jesus pointed this out...who had slain His people...from Abel to that time.

And Isaiah 17:1...'in that day YAHWEH with his sore and great, and strong sword shall punish Leviathan the piercing serpent, the crooked serpent, and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea (meaning among the people). So this is the down fall of the Luciferian kingdom for they carry the signs of the Serpent, the Dragon, and of course the fig tree.

QUESTION:...Isaiah 53:3. 'He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief, and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised and we esteemed him not'. What is this all about?

ANSWER:...Isaiah is talking about YAHWEH as he comes as YAHSHUA, the Messiah. Here the creator of the Universe is in the world order, and the world order does not receive HIM. The only ones to receive HIM were the children of the kingdom. He came to redeem His children, but He bought the world to take them back after their fall, for they were in the world which is out of order. But the Luciferian hosts hated Him, despised Him and always they work to destroy Him and His children.

Here Isaiah in inspiration sees YAHWEH walking in earth embodied, and the world order walking in darkness comprehends Him not. As far as prophecy is concerned then instead of coming and establishing His Kingdom with Majesty and Splendor and taking the throne of His Father David at the time of His ministry, it was prophesied that therefore He would humble Himself to assume the work of the Atonement. He was the Lamb without spot or blemish, but as a Lamb before His shearers was dumb. This means that he made no move to protect himself or defend himself, for he said not a word. Thus He came to Jerusalem with all humility and of course the Israelites had horses, beautiful horses, and they planned to bring YAHSHUA into Jerusalem with pomp and splendor because they hoped that He would take the Crown. But He identified and fulfilled prophecy by on a little donkey. This however identified Him, and He came to make an atonement for His household as a father for His children. And He will be Crowned upon the Throne (Stone) of David. He is the KING OF KINGS, the Eternal King of the Universe, and He comes back as this Eternal King. Isaiah has much to say of His coming for the Atonement, and then for the Kingdom reign. For instance: (Isaiah 11) 'Ye ask a sign of YAHWEH...hear ye of the house of David, is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary YAHWEH also? There- fore YAHWEH himself shall give you a sign, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel'..which means YAHWEH with us!

Then Chapter 9...'Unto us (Israel) a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders and his name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty YAHWEH, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government, and Peace there shall be no end, upon His kingdom to order it, and to establish it with judgment, with justice from henceforth and forever'. This is a multiple prophecy, He came as a babe out of Israel, not quite 2000 years ago. His kingdom has grown and since then it seems at times as tho His people have lost their way in the world order, but all this shall be accomplished as it is written, and His kingdom with judgment, with justice will come forth and reign forever.

QUESTION:...Isaiah 43:15-19..where it says Jacob Israel is still blind to their identity..will this blindness be removed?

ANSWER:...verse 15...'I am YAHWEH your holy one, I am the creator of Israel, I am your king. Remember not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth, and shall ye not know it? I even will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.'

Now; go back to Isaiah 42:18-19...'Hear ye deaf, and look ye blind that ye may see. Who is blind but my servant, or deaf as my messenger that I sent? Who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as YAHWEH'S servant?' Here Isaiah in inspiration is telling us that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the time comes in. Then Paul in the New Testament talks of this blindness of Israel until the fullness of the tribes is come. But Israel accepts her Messiah, and they identify with Him, even if some get mixed up as to who he is. He led us to this great nation which was mostly wilderness and there were the great rivers...and incidentally in Hebrew the word wilderness is land where cattle roam.

Isaiah 43:19...One of the new things was the activation of the consciousness, this being restored unto Adamites by His Spirit, this is the area of cognition lost under the fall of the race. But He promised He would write His laws on our hearts and give His people a new land, a new name, and lead them across mighty waters.

Isaiah 43:25...'I am he that blotted out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins any more.' Yes, the MOST HIGH declares that He will restore Israel, and New Jerusalem is not like old Jerusalem. The hour of history is still to be fulfilled in that YAHSHUA will move with judgment upon his enemy. He will split the Mount of Olives, and He will destroy the abominations of the desolator there now.

Dr. Swift tells us that the Book of Isaiah is a Book basically pretty good in translation, one of the best in fact. And in the Book of Isaiah we have some of the greatest areas of prophecy, but they are somewhat hard to understand. For the Book of Isaiah does not run with continuity. Isaiah is a prophet who caught, as He walked day by day, all kinds of things. One moment God would fill his consciousness with a great vision of what He was going to do when he returned. In another moment He was telling him about how bad Israel has been to elect those socialists to their government. He is talking about Israel back in his day, and yet it is for our day also for we are making the same mistakes as they did. They had mixed multitudes coming in all the time to surround their kings trying to set up the same situation they are trying for today, and they tell us they will give us more, as they take more from us. They want us to recognize all religions, be brothers to the devil, want your sons to marry with the Negroes and the other races, and they are doing the same things as was done back in ancient Israel when YAHWEH was telling his people not to do those things.

Some of the things that Isaiah talked about is prophecy, also for the end of the age as well. And you have to sort them out as you read the Book of Isaiah, as to whether this is something which is ahead of us today, or something which happened back there so long ago. This Book of Isaiah thus goes back into the explanation of the foundation and reaches forward, in the very same verse.

Isaiah 53:3-6...'The eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as a hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing; for in the wilderness shall water break out in the desert'. This is telling you some of the things which YAHWEH says he will do. Some of this has happened, did happen during His ministry as YAHSHUA- Messiah, some has happened as this country was settled, and thus it goes as the program of YAHWEH develops and He moves His people.

QUESTION:...Where do you find that Israel is called an Olive Tree?

ANSWER:...All thru the Bible the understanding is that Israel is the Olive Tree. But since we have been studying in the Old Testament we will call your attention to Jeremiah 11:16-17...Jeremiah is to prophecy to the men of Judah..this Judah Kingdom and to the people of Jerusalem. He is telling these of Israel, of the Olive Tree, to quit following these people who are in this conspiracy against them, who are leading them in the wrong direction. In fact leading them into the worship of Baal, which is worship of Lucifer. Here the tares are leading Israelites astray, and YAHWEH called those of Israel here a green Olive Tree. This was symbolic for the throne was still in Judea at this time..still functioning there thus they were the green Olive Tree. The House of David which came from the House of Judah carries the throne line...the king line of Israel, and Jeremiah is trying to warn his people of this king line to stop leading the people into Baal worship. But you will remember that they will not listen, and even put Jeremiah in prison. This is not however the end of the Judah people. Notice Jeremiah chapter 12:10 for the people were led astray. Then verse 14... YAHWEH takes the House of Judah out from among all this evil, and eventually will have compassion on them. But those who lead Israel astray, if they do not obey YAHWEH, then they are destroyed. (verse 17)

Now; Jeremiah 18:6...'O house of Israel cannot I do with you as this potter? Saith YAHWEH, behold as the clay is in the potters hand, so are ye in MY hand, O House of Israel'. This is all the House of Israel, the Judah Kingdom as well as the northern kingdom which has been in captivity for some time. Verse 7....The program of moving His people westward is in progress, the throne even is to be plucked up and moved out of that old land. The reign of the Pharez side of the House of Judah is over. But of course it is not the end of YAHWEH'S People...the Israel of this Bible... those of the Olive Tree, and we will go into that deeper as we go into the New Testament.

Notice Jeremiah 31:20-40...Jeremiah in inspiration is telling what is to happen to Israel. The northern House of Israel is symbolized here as Ephraim...the House of Joseph as leaders of his people. And YAHWEH says:.. 'Ephraim my dear son, and tho they have gone into chastisement'...still you are to know that YAHWEH remembers them, they are moving ever westward, and leaving their marks with their circles of stone, with their artifacts, and their graves. Jeremiah is recalling that the Judah Kingdom is also in captivity, and the time has come for the birth of the Messiah, and in verse 22, we are told that there will be a new thing in earth...what is it? 'A woman shall compass a man'. A better translation being that a woman shall bring forth by cosmic conception this body for YAHSHUA to dwell in, and then a new covenant is made with the House of Israel (verses 31-34). And then HE remembers Israel's sins no more. This is the atonement, it has been completed. Verse 36-40...tells us that this new covenant does not depend on our keeping the laws. Oh, yes we still receive chastisement when we break them, that is their purpose, but the atonement redeems us as His people, and then the story goes on that eventually that land of Palestine will be a great memorial because of all that has happened there, and it will remain that way forever. But remember that always YAHWEH tells His people thru His prophets that HE is going to do something...tells them long before He does it. This is what prophecy is all about.

QUESTION:...Why will our least many of them not accept these many things which so enlarge and enrich our Scriptures?

ANSWER:...There are many being that 'Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the nations has been accomplished', as the Apostle Paul tells us in the Book of Romans. But remember that fact almost in secret YAHWEH moved His people, and the throne of David to the west because many, many years, and many events would take place before even HE came as Messiah, and then a long, long time after that before He came to reign as KING OF KINGS. So of course only certain people would know this, and the worlds theologians of course would not know that this took place, so to them Lost Israel is still lost, or even absorbed.

One reason why our people do not look for these many things to enlarge and enrich our Scriptures is because of the things they have been taught over the years. They refused to believe that usurpers came in and tried to hinder the kingdom thru even translation of the Scripture, because they do not know anything about the Gospel of the kingdom which Jesus preached. They have been taught that the Scripture is the Word of God, and they will say:...'How dare you change even one passage of Scripture?' They do not seem to realize that it does not measure up to the majesty of YAHWEH, because they do not understand this Majesty of YAHWEH, the deity of YAHWEH WHO IS YAHSHUA. Remember that translation would have him even at times sorry that he even made the world. But in antiquity there is no indication of this. In other words YAHWEH could not be sorry about anything, thus their theology is not complete. Remember if translation does not measure up to the MAJESTY of YAHWEH then you cannot limit HIM to human fallacy.

The more you become acquainted with 'THE WORD' the more you realize the Majesty, the completeness of His program for the restoration of HIS family, and HIS world as well, then the more you see of HIS GREATNESS. Thus your world is limited by your concept of your God.

The World Order does not want you to quote:..'Thus saith YAHWEH' as you talk against the program of integration for instance, and even the left leading churches want to put words in HIS mouth rather than accept that HE has ordained certain things. They say...but this integration is now Christian, this is love, this is what Jesus preached. However they do not like to argue or lock horns with someone on the basis of the facts as to what the Bible really says, they will walk away from that.

Richard Butler had quite an experience one summer as he was teaching a group of young people. He taught them what the Scriptures said on several subjects. And the minister in charge kept coming into the class to listen. Finally the minister said:..I am not going to dispute the fact that what this man has taught you is exactly what the Bible says..but..we have advanced beyond this to what Jesus wants, irrespective of what the Bible says. He then substituted mongrelization for separation, and union with the enemy of YAHWEH, because this is now what the church wants taught irrespective of what the Bible says, and we must now teach what the church wants, so this is where we take our stand. And they thus refute the things that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA has said based on the facts of it as delivered by Paul, and in all the areas of the Prophets. But when they make an error in interpretation, they don't have conformation by all the prophets. But then this is why they try to scale down certain areas of the Bible which they do not want taught. They interpret it as they desire the facets of the Gospels to be interpreted.

As you know, Priestcraft wanted terrible torture chambers and punishment so that people have to come to them, for a way out. Even tho they have in their theology 'the atonement' still they want to set up a regulation scale, an area of obedience to Priestcraft. And when we say Priestcraft we don't just mean Rome, for this holds true in all denominations to a certain extent.

In the Methodist Union theological the sixties..they were teaching evolution, and their program was developed for integration and mongrelization, and then automatically they dropped the teaching of evolution and came up with the idea that everyone came from Adam, thus we are all brothers and all can merge into one race. No wonder then that they want to stay away from the Gospel of the Kingdom, even if Jesus preached this constantly. And then also archaeology, and anthropology mark the difference in people, but some of the scientists even believed in evolution until they found that man was before the ape, from which he was supposed to have sprung. Thus people are taught many errors, and unless you earnestly look for answers then you go along with the crowd.

Another reason why people do not accept the many facets of the Scripture which brings it so alive for us is that they have been taught there is an easy way..all you have to do is believe in Christ, that is all that is necessary, then you don't have to learn all these things. But the trouble with that idea is that if you don't try to get in touch with our Fathers plan and purpose then it is so much easier to get caught up in the program of the World Order, and you don't even know that you are told to 'come out of her...Oh, my people, lest you get caught in her fall'. In this path you miss the great realization that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH himself, that this one we call Jesus Christ was YAHWEH (God) in the flesh, that He is our High Priest, and HE finished the atonement, and then in your belief in Jesus Christ you will want to know more and more of His program for you and for the world.

We thus think that a ministry should teach the Gospel of the Kingdom, the occupation of the kingdom, and not make it a kingdom in bondage for YAHSHUA did take the Chalice that day in old Jerusalem. We believe that the true church of the Old Testament taught the embodiment of the children of YAHWEH, and of those things to come. The New Testament church taught the embodiment of YAHWEH..HAS COME..and the powers of darkness were in your midst, and you are to identify them. That the true church today is to teach election, salvation, eternal security, and the patterns of the magnitude of the MOST HIGH. We believe that since YAHSHUA outlined and set in place a ministry...poured out gifts, and meant for this to be the process of instructing His people as a means of quickening their consciousness to things they may not know or remember, so that they accept the finished work of the atonement so as to move forward in the program outlined by Him, then those instructors should know more than the basic philosophy of just 'Accept The Christ and go to heaven some day'. They should not stand between you and YAHWEH, BUT SHOULD ONLY BE AN OPEN DOOR TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE THINGS THAT YAHWEH outlined in His Book. If the minister..the instructor of the people does not bring a greater understanding of the plan, the program and the purposes of YAHWEH then perhaps that ministry is only playing church, and the people do not know the difference.

If you try to explain to a minister that the promises all belong to Israel, and we are the children of the promise and he says:..what do you mean..are you talking about the Jews? And then he goes on to explain that he accepts Christ as his personal Savior, and doesn't even need to know anything else, then he is probably caught in the web of the social world of his church. He probably works hard to perform what he sees as that mission, but he hardly ever in that environment catches a vision of the Gospel of the kingdom. He is to busy in service to his congregation to even realize he may be caught in the structure of the Laodicean age.

QUESTION:...How do you get the embodiment of God what you always read it as 'The Son of Man', or 'The Son of God'??

ANSWER:...In translation the word used for the embodiment of God is.. son.. meaning issue. In the Old Testament the Prophets referred to HIM as the 'Son of Man', but the mark above it was of the tetragon or YHWH..thus meaning YAHWEH with us.

Remember he came to identify with his a babe..the symbolism was as the Lion out of the House of Judah, and the Lamb and such. YAHSHUA said: ...'Ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of authority coming in the clouds of Glory' (Mark 14:62). This was his proclamation that He was Messiah...that He came as YAHWEH..Savior, and his name was YAHSHUA ...or YAHWEH embodied. As you understand the plan and the purposes of YAHWEH as he brings this earth back under righteousness, then this is not so hard to understand. Remember that if you sent your children into a den of evil knowing they would fall, then you as a father would not then just send one of your other sons to rescue them, YOU WOULD GO YOURSELF. That is the great and tremendous story that so many people are missing.

QUESTION:...Deuteronomy 23:8...Here it is saying that children of Edom and others can enter into Israel's congregation in the third generation, and in verse 3 it is the tenth generation or never..isn't that a contradiction?

ANSWER:...This is not a contradiction of YAHWEH'S purpose, but it is a mistranslation trying to side-track your understanding. In the Moffet Bible it says by the third generation the children of Edom will have moved into other races and no more can be traced to the congregation of Israel. The Ferrah Fenton version of the Bible in its translation does not place those children in the congregation of Israel either. For any child of Esau to be acceptable for the congregation of Israel, that child would have had to come from an Adamic wife, and as you know Esau married outside of his race, and moved in with those people, and his children then married with their mothers people.

QUESTION:...Leviticus 18:21....who is Molech?

ANSWER:...he was a fallen Angel, a war god, and human sacrifices were poured out to Molech to keep him from bringing punishment, revenge from Lucifer then back upon the people. The people were told that if they did not worship Lucifer then Molech would punish them, and they attempted to pacify Molech with living sacrifices, and then Molech would pass this on to Lucifer.

Here YAHWEH is warning His people not to join these fallen races in their worship of Lucifer, and his fallen angels, by sacrificing their children to this war god called Molech. Perhaps you would be shocked if you studied as to how extensive that practice of Living sacrifice was carried out down thru the years, for that practice was wide spread.