ERM - Tape 024 - 12 Various New Testament Q&As







1. The hidden wisdom that YAHWEH ordained before the foundations

of the world.

2. Why was Paul feeding with milk...and

3. What is the Fire of verse 15 of I Corinthians.

4. We are the stewards of the Mysteries of God. I Corinthians 4:1

5. Explain I Corinthians 5:8...unleavened bread.

6. Know ye not that ye shall judge the Angels?

7. Is divorce wrong in the eyes of YAHWEH?

8. I Corinthians 10:1-4

9. I Corinthians 11:10

10. Can you have more than one gift of the Spirit?

11. Is Paul still talking about the gifts in Chapter 13?

12. For if the dead rise not then is not Christ raised?


QUESTION:...This hidden wisdom which YAHWEH ordained before the foundation of the world unto our Glory. What is the hidden Mystery?

ANSWER:...In the second chapter of I Corinthians the Apostle Paul goes on telling these Corinthians that he did not come to them because he thought he was excellent in speech and wisdom but he came to declare to them the testimony that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, their redeemer. That the atonement had been made, that their Faith should not stand as mans wisdom, but in the power of our Redeemer. (vs 5)

This hidden wisdom which is spoken of here is that this Adamic Race is the household of the MOST HIGH, children of YAHWEH'S Spirit, begotten in the Celestial with HIM before this earth was ever laid out. That since the fall of Adams race then it was necessary for YAHSHUA'S ministry, that this was a visitation of YAHWEH in the flesh to his own household. And that this race is Israel of the Bible, and is to be restored to the Glory that we lost in the fall of Adam and Eve. (vs 7) This is just a bit of the hidden wisdom of the Scriptures. The Apostle Paul reveals more and more thru his Epistles.

Now; none of the Princes of the World Order understood this, for if they had they would not have crucified YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh, Why? Because the Prince of this world (Lucifer) and his fallen Angel hosts lost control of all the spirits of the Adamic children in the Netherworld. They no longer are able to hold any of those spirit children. The Law of sin and death still stands, but the curse was nailed to HIS CROSS. The physical body still ages and dies, but the spirit since the crucifixion returns to HE who begat it, who gave it life. (vs 8)

As it is written elsewhere in the Scriptures:...'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which YAHWEH prepared for them that Love HIM.' (vs 9) But the promises were made to Israel, and we know who is Israel by the effect on people who heard these words out of the mouth of YAHSHUA. The truth of the WORD may not be recognized or admitted by one who is not a child of the spirit for they do not have the capacity to understand or accept it. However there are certain evidences by which one who is not a child of the spirit can still know that the Bible is the WORD of YAHWEH. They do not have the inside evidence of spiritual consciousness to receive great spiritual blessings from HIS WORD, or even the ability to realize that YAHSHUA is the 'Living Word', but there is something that the enemies of YAHSHUA cannot explain which is a mystery, it is the wonders of fulfilled prophecy. Because for hundreds and hundreds of years before YAHWEH came embodied out of His race, prophecy was being fulfilled in every detail. In the days when YAHSHUA walked the earth prophecy was being fulfilled, and this is still true today. But these people who are not children of His Spirit cannot understand these great truths the Apostle Paul was revealing and which are still being revealed in our day, for one must have the right picture in your mind, If you...the children of the spirit, do not understand the identity of Israel, and the Jews, you cannot make sense out of the prophecies of the Old Testament, and you cannot fit the Jew into the picture of the New Testament either. But when you understand the identity of Israel and the marvelous prophecies of His plan for Israel thru out the ages, you can see that prophecies have been fulfilled for Israel, but never for the Jews. The only thing these prophecies have for the Jews is the promise that YAHWEH in the flesh will call time upon these great world enemies of righteousness who are seeking to destroy the kingdom of YAHWEH here in the earth.

Remember that Isaiah recorded:...(44:22) 'I (YAHWEH) have blotted out as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, thy sins return unto me...I have redeemed thee.' This is a part of the mystery that the Apostle Paul talks about. This wondrous process of washing away our sins is a continual process for the content of the Greek words here means, a continual washing away as tho you stood under a shower, a continuous spray keeps washing away so that the dirt does not cling to your body. The idea being that YAHWEH'S children of the kingdom are always under a spiritual shower which helps keep our souls clean even in this mixed up world we live in today. But the things of mystery, of promise He hath revealed to us by HIS Spirit which is also in us, for it is the spirit in all Israelites that searched for the answers, to the deep mysteries of this Book. (vs 10)

The Apostle Paul then lays aside all doubts as he says in verse 12:... We have received not the spirit of the world (order) but the spirit of YAHWEH: that we might know the things that are freely given to us of YAHWEH. For these things we speak are not the words of mans teaching, but these are the things revealed to His race by the Holy Spirit comparing spiritual things with spiritual. (vs 13) But the natural man (the man with just a created spirit...not a begotten one) does not understand these things, they are foolishness unto him. He is not able to discern or know them since they are spiritually discerned.' (vs 14)

(vs 15) Reading in the Ferrah Fenton version:...'The spiritual man (or Israel) investigates all, while HE (YAHSHUA) cannot be criticized by anyone. For who knows the mind of YAHSHUA, who could have taught HIM? However we possess the mind of The Christ (YAHSHUA).' This then is the children of the kingdom in contrast to the children of the World Order without the Spirit of YAHWEH in them.

QUESTION:...Why was Paul feeding with milk and not meat, these Israelites of Corinth? And what is the fire of verse 15., of I Corinthians 3 ?

ANSWER:...The Apostle Paul was just using the example of milk as these Israelites were as tho infants in their understanding as to why YAHSHUA came, was crucified and rose from the tomb. Instead of searching for that understanding Paul says they were trying to follow men, some following the teaching of Paul, some Apollos, and others, in fact they were just following men and not YAHSHUA. We see this even today as many follow ministers not THE LIVING WORD. The Apostle Paul thus said:...I planted, Apollos watered, but YAHSHUA prospered it, thus the planter or the one who watered are nothing, only the one who prospers is the ONE to follow. The planter and the waterer are equal, each will receive his own pay according to his own work, for both are the workmen of YAHWEH'S kingdom, but you... the children are HIS KINGDOM.' (vs 9) In otherwords Paul says that he laid the foundation like a skillful architect according to the talents given them, and another builds but everyone be careful how you build, for none can lay a different foundation to what is laid in YAHSHUA. (vs 11) 'But if anyone builds upon this foundation, builds of gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw the work of each will be made known, for the Day of YAHWEH will show it, when it is revealed by fire.' This fire (spirit) will show what the work of each individual is made of. If someone works and that work stands they will receive a reward. If an others work is burned up...then all is lost, it was not for the kingdom, but the individual is saved as by fire. (vs 15)

Now; going further what is this fire? In 700 places in the Scripture where the word fire is used, then many people think of this as perdition or HELL fire. But in these 700 places this word 'fire' is translated from the very word as Shekinah Glory, or a Light, a white light of the Holy Spirit of YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh. For instance in the Book of Revelation in both chapter 20 and 21 the devil that has deceived all is cast into the lake of fire, and the Beast and false Prophet are also tormented day and night there forever and forever. In chapter 19 those with the mark of the beast (world order) are cast into the lake of fire burning with brimstone, and again the meaning is the same as Shekinah Glory. And Death and Hell are cast into this lake of fire, and the fearful, and unbelieving, the Whore mongrels, sorcerers and idolaters and all liars have their part in this lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. But all those passages are exactly the same development as in the third chapter of Matthew in the eleventh verse where John the Baptist said:...'I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but HE who cometh after me is mightier that I whose shoes I am not worthy to bear.' (Speaking then of the Majesty of YAHSHUA he said:)...'He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire.' And the words Holy Ghost and fire are the exact same substance of translation as given for the fire that the beast and false prophet are thrown into. This is a spiritual fire, a cleansing fire. It will be a refining fire, a trans- forming fire, the same kind of fire that John the Baptist said that YAHSHUA would use to baptize men.

Now; take your Strongs Concordance that great massive concordance of Scripture, and turn to page 352, to the center column and look at the pattern, for this is a pattern of a purging fire. No wonder then that there will be weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. There shall be agony for in America today there are masses of people who do not love YAHSHUA, who do not want anything to do with HIM. They will be cast into this Shekinah Light of YAHSHUA,...AND WHAT IS BURNED OUT OF THEM WILL BE ERROR. But they will be angry, and in an area of torment as they are forced to let loose of these errors they have hung on to for so long.

Now; we the children of His Spirit can understand how he can activate the consciousness, and bring on a guilt complex, and how that would make an individual act as tho tormented by this conviction of the Holy Spirit until they turn from their transgressions, turn into the path of the things of the MOST HIGH.

Here then in the third chapter of I Corinthians the Apostle Paul then talks about the Majesty of YAHWEH how you can build on no other foundation then that which is laid in YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh. He then likens men's works to a foundation of gold, silver, and wood and hay, but says that every man's work will be made manifest by this fire. In otherwords the fire will show what sort of work it is, by what is left after the Shekinah Glory touches it. This Shekinah Light removes all error, but if everything an individual did is all error then their works will be burned up, but now they can start to think right. This is the work of the purging fire, the Divine influence of the Holy Spirit of YAHWEH for it is the Holy Spirit that carries the Shekinah Glory of the MOST HIGH.

Now; this word forever which you find at times connected with this Shekinah Light comes from the word A'ion, and it means a time or a season. For remember that 'Every knee is to bow and every tongue confess that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh.' They are even going to sing hymns in the heavens, and above the earth and down in the Netherworld.

Isn't it rather strange then how this word HELL, and how it has been used and used to scare people, when the word HELL is just a matter of translation and comes from the word Sheol meaning the grave? I would remind you to look up again the word Hell in Peleubets Bible Dictionary, and then think of all the books and pamphlets and sermons over the years which have described this place called Hell. Oh, there is a Netherworld but those writing and preaching about Hell don't know anything about the Netherworld or the confinement of spirits. Hell has been used as a scare word perhaps to make people behave as they should, but the world had gone forward into Great Babylon as Prophecy outlined even with all of the scaring of the people.

Remember also this tremendous stripe which YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA Savior-Messiah has taken for sin, this mysterious stripe is 'death', but the gift of YAHWEH to His household is Eternal Life. Therefore since 'the wages of sin'...this violation of Divine Law which is sin, brings death, and the grave is the penalty for the transgressor at his death, still there is a difference for the children of His Spirit. We when Absent from this physical body, now that the price has been paid are present with YAHSHUA. As the first generation of Martyrs for His Name left their physical bodies then YAHSHUA was there to meet them. And what the enemy did to their physical bodies must have pleased them very much, but since the soul consciousness had joined with the Celestial then the hurt of the physical body for those Martyrs did not register.

Alright then, the Fire is just another Mystery which the Apostle Paul is unveiling in his Epistles, and you will see this referred to more and more thru the rest of the Scripture, so remember it is the Shekinah Glory, a refining, purging light.

Remember the Nethermost realms still receive the children of Lucifer, and in this area they also carry out their work against the MOST HIGH. But HE promised to penetrate even this Netherworld. And as far as translation is concerned then YAHSHUA went into Hell, and David had told us that He would 'not leave my soul in hell', but in spite of all the sermons preached that at least some of us are going to go there, still....not one Israelite spirit has been in the Netherworld since the Resurrection, and the physical body is only laid in the Grave, and Our Father has promised restoration even of this physical body. Not one element of the physical entity of a child of YAHWEH will be lost because of our battle with Lucifer and His hosts here in earth. This will be brought out more and more as we study the Epistles.

We are then faced with the fact that the Scripture proclaims the Glory of THE MOST HIGH, which is the Shekinah Light that will remove all error from the mind. The promise is that the renewing of the mind comes first. And in our work here in physical bodies, our race has held out the opportunity to know Our Father, held out this hope to the ends of the earth, for always people can come to know Israel’s God. But these children of Lucifer will not see, because they cannot at this time understand. Remember that YAHSHUA said:...'I tell ye the truth, and ye will not believe because your father would not believe.' But the time will come when the refining influence of this Light and Glory will purge out the errors, and it is within the power of YAHWEH to make new creatures out of those beings.

Now; the Apostle Paul was fulfilling prophecy as he battled to bring forth truth. We today are still carrying on that fight while these Satanic sons in their areas of error create depressions, wars, and so forth. But they have also brought us into a pattern of prophecy until we stand at the door of the climax of Armageddon. We are in World War III, have been for sometime, we are just moving into a climactic period in this battle for the mind. But the children of the spirit in our determination to carry out the program of YAHWEH will resist these powers of darkness. There are many ways for doing what is necessary to save the kingdom, and liberate our people even tho some do not seem to deserve liberation.

Now; remember it is Lucifer and his immediate echelon of fallen hosts who do not go into this Shekinah Light during the millennium period. Their baptism in this Light does not come until after they are released and allowed to deceive once more, and to gather their hosts to come against the kingdom one more time. Then comes their baptism in Shekinah Light until they are totally defeated. How long will it take? Our Father knows and that does not matter to us, but the goats, this Beast System all this described as Great Babylon will be totally destroyed because there is nothing in it worth saving for the kingdom. All those things are subject to this Shekinah Light until all error is gone, and in those cases nothing is left.

We are then talking about a refining force, in a Celestial plane, a Light, a Glory. An illumination which removes from the mind all error of thought in the seat of consciousness. There may then be a certain amount of anguish in all this for some even of the kingdom, as they are forced to adjust their thinking. But remember this 'judgment seat of Christ' which we hear so much about is in the spirit, and there you will automatically think right, so it won't take to long to adjust.

Remember that YAHSHUA still reaches out to redeem to save according to the great magnitude of this fire, or Shekinah Glory, and we know it is a punishing, refining fire because these Satanic forces today battling the kingdom will even scream if you mention HIS Name. They don't want to walk thru the shadow of a Cross, don't want prayer in schools, things like that for any thought or symbol which shows that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh disturbs the way they think. Alright then this Shekinah Glory of Our Father is the fire of I Corinthians 3:15...This is what cleanses the error, the wrong thinking out of the minds of the people.

Now; go back to verse 13...'Every man's works shall be made manifest'... because it is to be revealed by the Shekinah Light. So what does this work consist of that is to be made manifest? It is important for you to realize that there is a period of time when...'All things'...not just some, but all things are to be made manifest. In this area then even the concept, the thoughts of men who are conspirators, who work against the kingdom either blindly or behind the scene, these concepts of thought which they had concealed unto themselves shall be open to public gaze. Even these children of the kingdom who have worked in blindness is lifted, we then think they will be amazed at what they have been thinking and doing, many of them profess to be 'born again' Christians, and yet seem to be working for the wrong kingdom. In this salvation...'as by fire' if it were as they teach and preach...a perdition, flames, eternal punishment which comes after death then this would be of no value, for according to their thoughts a person never gets out of perdition, is totally destroyed by it. But that is not what is meant when an individual is saved, is cleansed by this fire, be- cause the individual is still there. But here we are concerned with 'every secret thing', so what is to be made manifest that is thought to be a secret? The Scripture says that the 'day' shall manifest it. And as the manifestation is going on a lot of people will realize how deeply and completely the enemy has penetrated our society. Thus those who would dissolve our American nation and fuse it into a One World Order under the control of Lucifer and his children, will realize they have been so wrapped up in the politics and power of the Satanic force that they no longer retained in their minds the true picture portrayed by the Scripture. But we have this assurance that this fire shall destroy all in opposition to the kingdom. This fire is like what will once more envelope the children of the kingdom when all their wrong thinking is taken away. Remember when this 'Day' shall reveal all these works so as to see if they can stand the Light of the Shekinah fire, then you are talking about the works of man. And what is made manifest is whether these works are for the program of YAHWEH, or against it. Thus we will see a complete, and absolute revelation as far as the reason is concerned, the motives by which all these things are done. And only those things which are done for the kingdom shall survive. This is what the Apostle Paul is talking about as he records:...'They shall be saved as by fire.'

Now; none of the children of the kingdom are going to get out of their responsibilities. No one gets out of carrying forward the program of YAHWEH, the standards of righteousness, the work of His kingdom. Sooner or later all perform in earth for HE has ordained that 'All Israel shall be saved', and there is no way to abridge what HE proposes to do.

In verse 16., the Apostle Paul tells you another Mystery which he will talk about in other Epistles. 'Know ye not that ye are the temple of YAHWEH, and that the spirit of YAHWEH dwelleth in you?' In otherwords this physical body is the temple of YAHWEH because His Spirit lives in your physical body. And if you defile this body that helps destroy this temple. So don't let people deceive you, don't look to men for leaders of your nation who the enemy has already moved into their process of thinking. In talking about this temple of YAHWEH, this is a translation pattern where as violation of Divine Law destroys this physical body. Violation of Divine Law brings judgment upon the physical body because this is where the spirit dwells. Thus mongrelization does destroy this temple, and this is the process the enemy used to bring into the structure of the household of YAHWEH, this force which will destroy it, wipe it out, leave ti without the ability to ever come back. This is why YAHWEH has never permitted his race to be wiped out. This kingdom household has divine qualities. It possesses Eternal Life and shall never perish altho our race has always had casualties.

In the struggle for the mind so as to stop the rise of YAHWEH'S kingdom the enemies always tries to wipe out any leader who points out truth. They tried to stop the Apostle Paul and the other disciples and apostles, and they still try today to stop any area of truth which might wake up our people.

Back in March of 1966 they almost succeeded in stopping the correlation of all these truths brought out by Dr. Swift. In their morning service in an auditorium in Los Angeles someone, some how was able to set off a canister of an ammonia type gas. Dr. Swift kept on preaching altho he smelled the stuff, He kept on talking until he almost blacked out, and some people in the front of the congregation were also feeling faint. The gas was diffusing itself by the time it reached the back of the auditorium. When they investigated they found the canister behind the podium leading to an anti-room, but the gas could not be analyzed as it had all evaporated. Once before in this same auditorium a man with a knife attacked Dr. Swift as he went back to that area of the restrooms. But that man did not come as close to stopping Dr. Swift as they did with this attack using this type of gas because this was designed to effect the mind. It was not visible but it was blacking out his thinking. The same evening he was still having problems speaking and thinking, and finally he had to take a vacation to recuperate. Dr. Swift took lots of harassment from Satans children, and even from his own race because like the Apostle Paul he was bringing us some of these mysteries of the Scripture which he had been given the understanding of. It has seemed strange that the enemy did not work harder to destroy the taped sermons because altho Dr. Swift passed away at only 60 years of age, still he left a legacy of all this thoughts and understandings..on tape..for a later time. We think that YAHWEH had a hand in all this ..why?.. because speaking of Israel...'All things of the kingdom belong to you the children of the kingdom, the children of YAHWEH'S Spirit. And ye belong to YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh.' (vs 23) Thus remember that the Apostle Paul was given this great commission of expanding and explaining the great vastness of YAHWEH'S Grace as a great spiritual and physical transition force...into the children of the kingdom.


QUESTION:...'As the ministers of Christ we are stewards of the mysteries of God.' I Corinthian 4:1. Why are not these mysteries then explained by the ministers of today?

ANSWER:...Because they do not understand them. The Apostle Paul explained these mysteries and Dr. Swift and others in our time began explaining these mysteries and yet most of the ministers turned against them, and denounced that teaching. Why? Because many, many ministers today are not ministers of YAHWEH, they do not have the vision of the spirit, therefore can never be the oracles of YAHWEH, never can explain these mysteries, and it is just much easier to just bypass them. The loser in all of this is of course the people who are never introduced to these great truths of the Scripture.

Once Dr. Swift was invited to meet with the man who was the head of a noted Bible Institute. The man asked many questions and listened to the explanations. Saw the Scriptural proof of what he was being told. Then the gentleman said:...'I admit you have more Scriptural proof for your message than we do for ours but I cannot go that way. Look at this great library of books for our students to use in study. If I was to teach what you have showed me what would I do with these Books? Row on row about the Rapture ...born again...God is Love..What would I do with all these men's works, some of them are a lifes work of great men of our denomination, what would I do with them?' Dr. Swift reminded him of this great mystery of the Shekinah Light which will take care of mans works.

Now;...the Ministers of YAHWEH are to be oracles of His mysteries, and these mysteries are spiritually discerned. The Apostle Paul told us that we receive these mysteries by revelation, but then we can tie down this fact with evidence, and with science, for the works of YAHWEH, and the LIVING WORD must agree. Thus judge nothing before the time, because YAHSHUA will bring all these hidden things out into the light. All these hidden things of darkness will be exposed and will be no more. How do we know this? Be- cause as the Scripture says:...'Believe all things'...this does not mean believe error. It means you believe every vibratory spiritually endorsed truth which comes out of the Throne of YAHWEH.

There is a secret that you will discover, as you develop an understanding of the 'Spirit of the law of life', and start applying it, you will then find that the spirit of discernment will come down over you. And that discernment separates the right from the wrong, the good from the evil. It gives an identifying factor which protects you thru life, and you will never be taken in again by one of these rascals because as they talk you will know something is wrong. This also helps you in your study of Scripture so that you always keep growing in your understanding because this is a great mystery, and you do not exhaust this Bible.

The Apostle Paul then says in verse 9, 'For I think that YAHWEH hath set forth the Apostles last, as it were appointed unto death; for we are to be a spectacle (example) unto the world, to the Angels and to men.' Why did the Apostle Paul say this? He goes on to say:..'We Apostles are fools for YAHWEH'S sake, but ye are wise in YAHSHUA; we are weak, but ye are strong, ye are honorable but we are despised.' The Apostles went hungry, thirsty, they were abused by the sons of Satan and finally Martyred, all but John, thus they were an example to the race, and to the world order as they took their stand for YAHSHUA and suffered death willingly as they proclaimed HIS NAME, and HIS Resurrection. They however made Lost Israel wise in Identity. And the Mysteries of this Book, which increased the kingdom and made it strong. Thus the Apostles did their work well, they bore their suffering with a majesty that the World Order could not understand. For instance even the later Martyrs did the same thing, and the World Order could not under- stand that at all. Remember the minister Polycarp who said:...86 years have I served HIM, and HE has done me no wrong. How then can I blaspheme my KING, my Savior? When this aged minister would not deny YAHSHUA they took him to the arena to be burned at the stake. The criers of the arena went to the center of the arena and he cried three times:...'Polycarp has admitted to being a follower of YAHSHUA' at the criers words the whole audience, the heathens, and the Jewish students of Smyrna broke into loud yells of un-governable fury, and yelled for the death of this 86 year old man who followed our Savior. As Polycarp took his place on the wood at that stake he said:...'I bless thee for granting me this day and hour that I may be numbered among the Martyrs to share the cup, and to rise unto Life Everlasting. May I be received this day into thy presence.' The old story tells us that as they lighted the fire it was as tho a vacumn formed around this figure at the stake, no fire came near I, and seeing this the people rushed in to pull the fire away and use swords to kill this Ancient gentleman. And others of our race watching said it was as tho a white dove arose from the figure and he was gone, and it did not matter what they did to that physical body.

Thus many besides the Apostles were Martyred for an example to show the World that these children of the spirit could stand as well, as they were seeing the wonders of their former life, and ignoring the evil of this physical existence.

In verse 14., the Apostle Paul tells these Israelites that he does not write these things to shame them, he writes them to give them strength, to warn them what to expect as they stand totally for YAHSHUA and the kingdom.

There is some mistranslation here but what Paul is telling them is that there are many instructors of Israel, but only one Father, who is YAHSHUA, HE being YAHWEH in the flesh, and it is His Gospel of the Kingdom which he Paul is bringing to Lost Israel. (vs 15) But ye be followers of YAHSHUA as I am (vs 16). The Apostle Paul would not say:...'Be ye a follower of me altho it is translated this way in two different places that I recall.

In verse 17., Paul sends Timotheus to the Israelites at Corinth to help them understand the depth of the message. And of course Timotheus or Timothy was not the Apostle Paul’s son, he was the son of Rufus Pudens and Gladys-Claudia...but a relative of the Apostle Paul. In fact they were 1/2 his half brothers child. Paul had instructed Timothy and was sure he could help these Israelites understand these great Mysteries which are a part of their heritage. For this kingdom of YAHSHUA is not in words, but is in the power of the Holy Spirit...THE LIVING WORD. (vs 20)

Now; there are a lot of people dwelling below the middle of their consciousness of spiritual power. If you were to become aware of what YAHSHUA wants you to do for this hour, and what He has in store for you these great white nations of His kingdom would rise and you would find that these people have stored up in them the most explosive transforming, for some things go thru the crucible, some go thru the forge, but there is enough power, enough fire to put the world order thru it, including those behind communism. You won't make Christians out of them, but they will get on their knees. No you do not do it with a revival, you do it with a victory for the kingdom.

So this creature, this physical body is waiting for us to become sons and daughters of YAHWEH in power, in earth. This power will correct all error, this power is the application of the 'Law of the Spirit'.

QUESTION:...'Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity of truth.' I Corinthians 5:8?

ANSWER:...Well! Let us see what the Apostle Paul is talking about here in this fifth chapter of Corinthians. The Apostle Paul is warning these Israelites of Corinth that in their group are some who are not living according as they should, maybe not as bad as the people of the world order (gentiles) around them, but certainly too tolerant of things that are not right for a child of the spirit to be doing. They are to remember that a little leaven spoils the whole lump? (vs 6) Paul tells them to purge out the old errors, leave the old ways of thinking which are in error, so they may be a new 'called out' group because YAHSHUA was our Passover. He is the one to follow, drop the keeping of the old days and keep the new Passover which is one day earlier than the Jewish Passover. Keep the day when YAHSHUA at the Passover...the Last Supper with His disciples. Thus keep the Holy Day not with old leaven, but keep it with unleavened bread...with sincerity of truth. Thus follow YAHSHUA for he was the Passover Lamb without spot or blemish. In otherwords now that he has come, and became the Lamb of Sacrifice don't concentrate on the old things which have had some corruption creep in, just look forward with the Gospel of the Kingdom, to the things which YAHSHUA has established. And don't try to live with corruption for it will take you over. This is a lesson for our day as well for we allow so much corruption and just try to get along, to love everybody, find some good in them somewhere. Just embrace the whole world order and everything will be fine. No wonder things are in a mess in our society. You cannot tolerate this leaven in the kingdom administration, it has to be rooted out. Today you even hear the words:...we must hasten the day when all Faiths are rolled into one. But this is just the strategy of the brain- washing of our times. It is not the responsibility of the children of spirit to work, to roll all faiths into one so as to Love everybody. But it is your responsibility to proclaim truth, to roll back superstition and darkness. It is your responsibility to look forward to the hour which Scripture has declared will come. You are to participate and help bring it in until every tongue will proclaim that Our Father is the ruler of the whole Universe, and recognize that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh. That every knee shall bow to this truth which rolls back superstition, and gives men the concept of basic life and liberty in which YAHWEH himself paid the Price of His own embodiment as YAHSHUA..Messiah in one great consummate atonement, to justify the purpose of HIS creation. In one single act He died to set men free where they think and live. Thus HE expects you to dedicate yourself to liberty and freedom.

Remember that as children of the kingdom we are responsible to Our Father for the building of the kind of earth He intends to be built, the kind of kingdom He intends to set up.

There is no modification of the Scriptures concerning this pattern. We have been told concerning the Philosophies of errors we are not to embrace, and we have been told that there is no God except ours, thus we accept no other. We know that a fallen Archangel made a great drive to force people to worship him, but he is no god at all, thus we are to beware of trying to embrace other gods.

The Apostle Paul reaffirms that YAHWEH had children who reside in earthen vessels, and we also are talking about children of Eternity whose spiritual beings existed with Our Father in the antiquities of yesterday. And who by HIS Grace and Mercy are now dwelling in earth, that they might bring His kingdom into reality in the earth. This my friends is a struggle for the earth, and we need to be realists at this time, to recognize just what is happening today.

We need to measure again, the thinking as to the great importance of the birth of YAHSHUA..THE CHRIST..this embodiment of YAHWEH (God). This is a fundamental status of the history and culture, the background of our race, for this was the visitation of Our Father...YAHWEH. This is the process which gives spirit and life to our society. Woe, to the materialists who thinks he can save America, and our Christian civilization while at the same time set aside the great values of our Faith, and the great truths of our destiny. You would not today be a people in the earth, nor would you have had the vision that has lifted you above all the people of the world, had it not been that we had the guidance of His Spirit. There is nothing which can be accomplished without His Spirit.

Dr. Swift talked to a very intelligent man in certain fields of economics and political upheaval way back in 1961. This man was very disturbed at that time with what was going on in the U.S. He wondered how to awaken people to do their part to save their nation. How to make them realize they must take a stand, and not measure it against the personal values of their fortunes, but he was dedicated to saving our nation, our Faith, and our kingdom. We find that every generation faces this same struggle, has since Adam and Eve were put in Earth. This was the problem when Paul was writing His Epistles to the Corinthians, the struggle for earth is thus continuous. Dr. Swift told this gentleman that there is only one solution for our troubles, we need a great spiritual recharging of the consciousness of men, to once more bring back their attention to the great cultural inheritance of the 'truths' of YAHWEH (God). This has always been the answer throughout time, but when Dr. Swift suggested this the man he was talking to said:..'I don't want any part of that for the Bible is a Jewish Book. I therefore don't want anything to do with religion, this is not the solution for our nation'. Then Dr. Swift replied:...I thought that you in your concept of political leadership and development understood the background and history of our nation, and the people of our race. Long before our people settled in the continent of Europe they emerged out of a monotheistic theology of the worship of ONE God. They had been led, guided by the prophets, and by inspiration, had received visitation whether you wish to accept it or not. There had been incorporated into our race a deep recognition of the spiritual values of our relationship with that God...Our Father. He had the power to intervene, with the forces of the Universe for they are balanced in his hand, and out of that background we have watched the movement of our race thru the Caucasus Pass into Europe. The power to intervene lies with Him, with the forces of the Universe for they are balanced in His hand, and out of that background we have watched the movement of our race thru the Caucasian Pass into Europe. They settled as Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavian, Nordic, Lombardic, Basque and Germanic peoples, all of common heritage with their symbolic measures of the 12 fruits of the tree, the 12 sons of Jacob- Israel, all under the movement of the destiny of our Father. We are not interested today in the claims of those who are usurping your authority because by this usurpation they have challenged your Birthright. We are not interested in those who deny our God, but seek to claim that they are the 'chosen people'. We are however interested in a people, in a race, and we want you to realize that the great awakening of the people of Western Europe occurred when the Apostles made known to our race the knowledge concerning the coming of the Messiah. Then having completed His ministry He sent the Apostles to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. The Apostle Paul said:....The spirit forbade me to go into Asia, so he carried the message to Western Europe, and from one end to the other the message was ...Messiah has come, and the race received it with gladness. Out of this came 1900 years of a great Christian civilization, and we have been building that kingdom in earth of a great white throne, a great white administration to fulfill this prophecy of a kingdom of Priests and a Holy nation, for the ruling in a new day. But to any individual who thinks that the salvation of our nation can be materialistic and deny the world of YAHWEH by accepting the propaganda claim of his enemies, thus throw out their own covenants and history is very foolish indeed. Take away the Bible, take away the Christian culture, the things of spirit, and you do not have the dynamics necessary to accomplish a victory against the powers of darkness who have their way of warfare. But God has unveiled the knowledge of this warfare so that you and I might not be caught unawares. There is no secret of victory unless you predicate it upon a foundation.

The Apostle Paul, wise in his knowledge, trained and taught, a brilliant linguist, acquainted with the writings of Plato and all the philosophers of Ancient Greece, acquainted with the mathematics, these men brought from Egypt, from the early days was himself caught for a time in the trap of Jewry, but released to become the Apostle to Lost Israel and he said:...'No other foundation can we lay except that which is laid in this embodiment of YAHWEH...visiting His people in earth, this one who is YAHSHUA-Messiah is YAHWEH in the flesh.' Thus you cannot build or accomplish except you accomplish it upon this foundation. And unless this culture, this knowledge of your background is understood then this great battle for the kingdom cannot be won by people who are already defeated, for lack of a challenge, and already looking out upon tomorrow as a lost cause. We are looking for Daniels, for Joshua's, and Gideons, for men like George Washington, Patton, or Douglas MacArthur to lead a people. But you say you have only a political objective in mind, and just want America free and minding her own business. But we tell you that this is our business, and minding your business is doing the Will of Our Father which has been outlined from one end of the Scripture to the other. There are those who say we should appease, be peace-makers, that we should turn the other cheek, and we should in all these processes never enter into the pulpit to discuss these mundane events of political, economic and social and world warfare.

That we should carry out our thoughts far away beyond the clouds to spiritual heights, which someday if we are good enough we may attain, but my friends is not the Gospel of this Book. By the time Dr. Swift had reminded this gentleman that the battle is for the mind, and the first awakening comes, this is the renewing of the mind, the gentleman was ready to learn what up to now he had ignored, because he thought that this was a Jewish book.

QUESTION:...Is divorce wrong in the Apostle Paul’s eyes, and what about the eyes of YAHWEH?

ANSWER:...Chapter 7 of I Corinthians is the Apostle Paul’s idea of marriage and of celibacy. He thought it better for the Apostles such as himself to not be distracted from his work of spreading the Gospel of the kingdom by being married. But for others a man should have a wife and a husband. He said he only spoke this way by permission, not by commandment. (vs 6)

The Apostle Paul felt that since the children of the kingdom had been bought with such a price then the important thing is to concentrate on spreading the gospel of the kingdom where as if married the wife must think of things which would keep the home going, and to please her husband, the same for the husband and the time in their work for the kingdom is thus shortened.

As for divorce for today, Dr. Swift has these thoughts:...marriage is a sacrament, made in the heavens, for the family is all important to the kingdom. But here in the physical he said that he did not think that just because a preacher said a few words that this is always a binding marriage. If it is not bound with love, has not been ordered by spiritual destiny, and isn't a part of the great Divine building program of the kingdom, if it is not good for either individual this thing should never have been.

QUESTION:...'More over brethren I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed thru the sea, and all were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud, and in the sea, and did all eat the same spiritual meat; and did all drink the same spiritual drink; for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that rock is ..was.. The Christ.' I Corinthians 10:1-4

ANSWER:...Again the Apostle Paul is identifying the people of this Book. He is reminding these Israelites that all our fathers were under the cloud of Shekinah Light as the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt. They all passed thru the Red Sea and were with Moses at Mt. Sinai, and all did eat of the same spiritual meat. They...our ancestors all drank of that Spiritual Rock which followed them, and that Rock was YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH IN THE FLESH. Thus the children of Israel in the Old Testament are the same race that followed YAHSHUA in the New Testament. And this ROCK the Israelites carried was that Jacob-Stone, symbolic of YAHWEH with His people, and water even came from this Rock while they were in the desert. Paul goes on to remind these Israelites that many of our ancestors fell under the influence of the snakes among them, and they then perished in the desert for their unfaithfulness. But now the Cup of blessing is the communion of the blood of YAHSHUA. (vs 16) And Israel here in the flesh is not to eat meat that has been sacrificed to idols. You cannot drink the Cup of YAHSHUA, and the Cup of the devils, you cannot partake of the communion table, and of the table of devils at the same time. (vs 21) But whatsoever is sold in the market place, that you eat, asking no question for your conscience sake for the earth belongs to YAHWEH, and the fullness thereof. (vs 25-26) But if any man say unto you, this is offered in sacrifice to idols then do not eat. But what ever you eat or drink, or what ever ye do, then do all to the Glory of YAHWEH. Give no offense either to the Judean Israelites, or to the Greek Israelites nor to any of the followers of YAHSHUA, for some may think one way and some another. Just try to please all your brethren so that they may understand this message of the Atonement.

QUESTION:...'For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the Angels?' Please explain. I Corinthians 11:10

ANSWER:...In this chapter the great philosopher is talking and sometimes the translators were not understanding the symbolism he is using. He lines out his thoughts this way:...The head of every man is YAHSHUA, and the head of the home is the man. And as the man prays he should take off his hat, or his head covering for he is in the image and Glory of YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh. But the woman is the Glory of the man, she is the homemaker, thus the family is very important in the kingdom, without her there would be no kingdom. There is a big difference in the co-equal partners of the family and both should compliment the other. A woman’s hair is a glory to her, it sets her apart from her partner. And now remember the lady of the Star Bible, the woman chained and then free, and the long golden hair even of Virgo the symbol of the kingdom, Israel of the heavens who comes to earth. YAHSHUA is thus head of the woman-Israel...the kingdom, and the Apostle Paul the great philosopher is not only talking of physical life but also of the spiritual symbolism. Thus the family in earth is the carrying forward of the program of the kingdom as outlined in the message of the heavens.

Many such things are taken to have only a literal earthly meaning and people thus set up man made customs which YAHSHUA did not ordain. And in chapter eleven verse 18., the Apostle Paul is referring to some of these many divisions that are springing up as the Israelites came together to worship. They are setting up man made standards instead of following the lead of YAHSHUA, and leaders among them are claiming powers for themselves that they do not have. They are thinking only of their own ego and not following the teaching of YAHSHUA at the Last Supper. For it was YAHSHUA- YAHWEH in the flesh that set in place at the Last Supper His communion table, and if you do not understand the significance of His Messiahship, of His atonement then even when you partake of the communion table it is more or less meaningless.

Now; the Apostle Paul is leading up to the Mystery as outlined in translation as 'of Christ and His church'. This is YAHSHUA..the husband..Israel the Bride, the wife...Thus the Adamic family in earth is the symbol of the spiritual family of the heavens. He said he would go further into this Mystery as he comes to visit them. But 'if any man is physically hungry let him eat at home, so that as you must keep first things first, and not get carried away with man made theories.

QUESTION:...The gifts of the Spirit can you have more than one? I Corinthians 12

ANSWER:...You may have what or how many the Father gives. Each individual Israelite is given at least one whether they use it or not. The Apostle Paul tells these Israelites that there are spiritual gifts, that they were carried away as Lost Israel, and have been led astray among idols, and idol worshiping people. But no Israelite can say that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh unless the Holy Spirit has revealed this to them. Then he goes on describing these many gifts of the Spirit which come from ONE HOLY SPIRIT. Verse 4., there are differences of administration, but the same YAHSHUA... who is YAHWEH in the flesh. There are diversities of operation, but it is the same ONE who works it all. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man (Adamite) to profit withal.

These then are the gifts of the spirit:......

1. The gift of the Word of Wisdom.

2. The gift of the Word of Knowledge.

3. The gift of Faith.

4. The gift of Healing.

5. The gift of prophecy.

6. The gift of discerning spirits.

7. The gift of divers kinds of tongues (languages).

8. The gift of interpretation of tongues.

9. The gift of the working of miracles.

And you developments these gifts of the Spirit by meditation, communing, and prayer, these are rather synonymous. For instance this gift of the knowledge of the Gospel of the Kingdom, once you receive this gift of knowledge you are never satisfied unless you are digging and learning more and more. After a person has studied this Gospel of the Kingdom for 5 or 10 years, then you know more than a person who does not have this gift of knowledge. This is simply that YAHWEH is bringing more things to your attention, and this has been going on all the time. This is a gift that descends on people when they reach out for it.

This is also true of the gift of Faith, because Faith is believing that YAHWEH can, and that HE WILL. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, but YAHWEH confirms them, witnesses to them by the Spirit. Faith grows on you, it just grows and grows until nothing bothers you. Faith is an overwhelming thing, Faith is a gift of the spirit which fills your life.

The gifts of miracles and prophecies let you see things coming to pass. YAHWEH may give this gift of prophecy to His ministers, or others, but there is an adeptness to this, for you will feel it.

The gift of tongues...or languages came at Pentecost. The Apostles were Galileans and were speaking in the different languages of the people assembled there. But of all these gifts, they come from One Holy Spirit, and are divided to every Israelite as HE WILLS. (vs 11) And this body of Christ in the world today has many members. This is referring to the household of the MOST HIGH, but all are led by ONE who is YAHSHUA and He is YAHWEH in the flesh. (vs 12) Thus all Israelites are baptized in the name of YAHSHUA, One body. Whether they are of the Old Judah Kingdom or of the Lost House of Israel all are to partake of the One Spirit, all are spirit of His Spirit. (vs 13) Thus the body, of Christ, is not one member but many, in fact they are Israel. Remember YAHSHUA redeemed Israel, all Israel so there should be no divisions between these children of the kingdom who are termed by translation...'The body of Christ in the world today'. 'Ye (Israel) are the body of Christ because you like YAHSHUA are embodied in the flesh. And He set some in this spiritual center of the kingdom which is translated church. He gave the Apostles, the prophets, and teachers, gave them the gifts of the spirit which you also should earnestly strive for.

We think you should also consider this word redeemed, for YAHSHUA redeemed only Israel. And this word redeemed appears 36 times but always refers to Israel. Redeemer appears 20 times and it refers always to YAHSHUA. Then the word redeemed appears 60 times and in 55 of those times this refers to the whole House of Israel, so is it outlined by Crudens concordance.

QUESTION:...Is the Apostle Paul still talking about the gifts of the Spirit in chapter 13?

ANSWER:...Yes, and he cautions these Israelites that altho they had all those gifts, yet even he who has been given so much knowledge only sees part of this wondrous program, and is able to only prophecy in part. But when that which is perfect is come then that which is in part shall be done away with. Thus as perfect knowledge comes...when the whole story is revealed with YAHSHUA this which we have learned in part will then developments into perfection. (vs 10)

The Apostle Paul said that of his time:...'we see as thru a glass darkly, but when YAHSHUA comes then we will know as He knows, that is the promise.' (vs 12)

The Apostle Paul says:...'And abideth Faith, hope and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is Charity. (vs 13) I always wondered about this word charity, but in the Ferrah Fenton version of this Scripture the word Charity is translated as Friendship, and is a much better translation. Thus the greatest of these is friendship, and speaking of the Gospel of the Kingdom that has a much greater meaning.

Then in chapter 14., the Apostle says:...follow after friendship and desire spiritual gifts so that you may prophecy. For he that speaks in an unknown tongue speaks unto YAHWEH, and no man understands him even tho in spirit he speaks of mysteries. But he that prophecies is speaking to the children of the kingdom, and it is for an education for thee, and a comfort. He that speaks in an unknown tongue edifies only himself, but he that prophesieth edifies the spiritual center of the kingdom. (translated church) Thus it is better for the church if you prophecy or teach the mysteries. For except ye utter words easy for people to understand how shall it be known what is spoken? (vs 9) And if seeking gifts of the spirit then seek for those which will be of help to the 'called out' or spiritual center of the kingdom. (vs 12)

This speaking in tongues of verse 18 is the language of The Almighty, this is the communing of the spirit. But the Apostle Paul said that when speaking to the 'called out ones' Israel he would rather speak five words that they could understand so that he could teach Israel these things they should know, than ten thousand words they could not hear or understand. Thus tongues, this communing with the spirit is the language of the Almighty and is for a sign to them that believe not; but prophecy serves those who believe...such as these children of the kingdom. (vs 22)

The Apostle Paul cautions these Israelites, because as they come together every one has a psalm, a doctrine, a tongue, or a revelation, in otherwords much division in their worship service. Don't be like that, let all things be done to raise up this Gospel of the Kingdom. (vs 26) For YAHWEH is not the author of confusion, but of understanding, and this is as it should be in all gathering for these children of the kingdom. (vs 33)

Now; read verses 34 to 37....for much has been written and preached about that which is in these verses. Then remember there were many women of Israel who helped awaken Lost Israel, they were in all the gatherings of Israel. But the Apostle Paul was an Apostle to this spiritual center of the kingdom, he was an Apostle to Israel which of course included the women of the race, He was the Apostle to the nation, the race. And this spiritual center of service and worship did not begin in earth. It began in Celestial areas in the heavens in the ages of yesterday. Even before this Solar system was rolled out there was a celestial center in YAHWEH'S Universe. There was a spiritual center among those who were His children, among those who constituted His Household, because on one else could truly make up His church, that spiritual center of His Kingdom. We will go into this more thoroughly in the Book of Hebrews, but the first fruits of the spirit were His first Celestial issue in the heavens of yesterday, and then they were transferred into earth thru the physical bodies of this Adamic race. This comes on down to our day, and there are both sons and daughters all the way thru the story. Thus we explain the words of the Apostle Paul in these verses some what differently than you will hear today.

'Let the woman (Israel) keep quiet, and listen to YAHSHUA speak. The woman (Israel) would learn of things...and is commanded to be in obedience as the law says. If the woman (Israel) would learn of things then let her ask YAHWEH who is the husband of Israel, for it is a shame for Israel to speak as tho the WORD of YAHWEH comes out of them instead of to them.(vs 36) Just remember that the things which the Apostle Paul has thus written are the things which YAHSHUA taught him, and it was YAHSHUA who then sent him out to teach things to the woman of the heavens who is Israel. (vs 37)

QUESTION:...For is the dead rise not then is not Christ raised? I Corinthians 15.

ANSWER:...This fifteenth chapter of I Corinthians is the great Resurrection chapter. The Apostle Paul reminds these Israelites of this Gospel of the kingdom which YAHSHUA preached and which Paul is to deliver. How YAHSHUA came as Messiah to His race, and died for our sins. (vs 3) That His physical body was laid in the tomb but He raised this physical body, and more than 500 people saw HIM in His resurrected boy, and a large number of that 500 were still alive altho some had fallen...He was seen by all the Apostles and even later by the Apostle Paul who was as he tho born out of due time. Verse 8

Paul reminds the Israelites of how he at first persecuted these 'called out' followers of YAHSHUA until the Grace of YAHSHUA stopped and turned around his thinking. Then Paul labored even more than the others because he also had this guilt complex to whip. And whether Paul or any of the other Apostles, all preached the same message...that YAHSHUA came, was crucified, and then arose from the dead. (vs 11)

Now; if YAHSHUA be preached, that He arose from the dead how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? (vs 12) In the Book of Ephesians the Apostle Paul will go into this more deeply but the reason why some would say there is no resurrection of the dead is because they still don't understand who they are, and what they are in earth to do. In other- words they do not understand the great Mystery of the family of YAHWEH. We would remind you that if you do not like this fact of a chosen race then it is because you do not understand YAHWEH'S program, or why HE came, was crucified and arose again. And if you of this white race reject the idea that the Adamic race are the children of the MOST HIGH then you are giving away your own inheritance, you are ignoring the stated facts.

'By HIS stripes ye are healed'...In the atonement was total coverage of sin, sickness and death. This was the promise looked for as being in the atonement before HE came. If you reject the fact that you are the Adamic Race of Scripture then you are just giving away the knowledge that this Adamic race is the race who has witnessed to the manifestation of YAHWEH to His people throughout history of our race. This is what the Apostle Paul is talking about when he asks:...If the dead rise not then is not Christ raised? If HE did not raise from the tomb your Faith is vain, ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are persuaded. If in this life only we have hope in Christ we are of all men most miserable. In otherwords if we in this life only have hope, if all we have is this belief in Jesus Christ...we are saved and go to heaven when we die this is all we have then we are not children of His Spirit, if we are not this Israel of the Scripture then all these promises are not to us, we are not in the mainstream of His purpose, we are not even in tune with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Apostle Paul goes on with his message:...with YAHSHUA now risen from the dead. He is the first fruits of this Adamic race which slept. And since by Adam came death of the physical body, then by YAHSHUA...came resurrection of the physical body. For in Adam the physical body dies because of violation of Divine Law, but in YAHSHUA all the Adamic race shall be made alive. (vs 22) Resurrected...yes, but everyone of the race in their own order, the first resurrection was YAHSHUA, HE RAISED HIS PHYSICAL BODY, then the Adamic race who are His children...resurrected at His coming. Then will come the end of this program when the Kingdom of YAHWEH is set in place to rule after He has put down all rule, all authority, and power of the enemy, all are under His feet. (vs 25) The last enemy which shall be destroyed is death, this means you are given back immortality.

Now our people look for Eternal Life which is immortality altho they do not quite comprehend how it comes. But the Apostle Paul is asking these Israelites to expand their thinking, see the whole great Mosaic as outlined in the Scripture. After the Apostle Paul had even fought with beasts in the arena of Ephesus it pained him to still hear some of the race question for instance the resurrection or some facets of it, or to even ask questions wondering what type of body will be raised. Don't they realize this is all in the program of YAHWEH. The spirit which is perfect will raise the physical body so what would you expect? Thus it, this physical body, is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. (vs 42) It was sown in earth a natural physical body and is raised a spiritual body. Thus there is a physical body and a spiritual body combined in perfection, this is immortality.

Here in the Book of Corinthians we find this Mystery of Eternal Life. We have made it clear that the household of YAHWEH has a spiritual capacity the other races do not have, for YAHSHUA said:...(I give my sheep Eternal Life, and they shall never perish.' Then YAHSHUA according to the Scripture is given all power over all flesh, and all flesh thus will have a resurrection because of that power. Thus those who do not understand YAHSHUA or understand that He is YAHWEH in the flesh, do not understand His Messianic destiny, and can't understand because they do not possess Eternal Life. However He gives Eternal Life to His sheep, and for this time and thru these agencies He does just that.