ERM - Tape 023 - Romans and More






1. Romans 10

2. Has God cast away His people? (Romans 11)

3. Explain this living sacrifice (Romans 12:1)

4. They that resist shall receive to themselves damnation (13:2)

5. Romans 14:5

6. Romans 15:3

7. Salute Rufus, chosen in YAHSHUA

8. Who shall also confirm you unto the end (I Corinthians 1:8)


QUESTION:...Romans chapter ten...Brethren my hearts desire and prayer of Israel is that they might be saved?

ANSWER:...Remember that Salvation to Israel is being brought back to the sheepfold, so that they may hear the Sheep Call, grafted back on their own Olive Tree. Then at a promised time all Israel will act right, do right, and never be ashamed anymore. 'For I bear them record that they have a zeal of YAHWEH, but not according to the knowledge (of the kingdom). For being ignorant of YAHWEH’S program of the kingdom they go about trying to establish their own program for reaching him. But YAHSHUA is the end of the law of righteousness to everyone that believes. (vs 4)

O.K., so what were the Israelites to believe? That YAHWEH himself came as YAHSHUA-Messiah to redeem His people, to graft them all back on to their own Olive Tree, so as to bring them back to the Sheep Fold as they hear the Sheep Call. If you confess with our mouth that YAHWEH came embodied as YAHSHUA-Savior...and believe in your heart that HE raised His physical body from the tomb by the power of His Spirit, this is Salvation for Israel. This is not being 'born again'...this sets Israel apart, brings them to the recognition of the 'Sheep Call'.

The word ashamed in verse eleven means you will not be opposed or in opposition to the program of the kingdom. There is thus no difference in a Judean or a Greek if they are both of Israel for the same YAHWEH in the flesh, and HE is over all. And whosoever shall call upon YAHSHUA shall be saved. (Brought back to the sheep fold) But who are they to believe in HIM is they haven't heard? And how shall they hear unless someone comes to tell them? And how can someone come to preach or to teach them unless they are sent? (vs 15) How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of Understanding (kingdom), and bring these glad tidings of all good things. But they have not all obeyed the Gospel. Even Isaiah complained:...'YAHWEH who has believed our report?' Yet Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the WORD of YAHWEH. The WORD...the living WORD is YAHSHUA, and again you must look past the printed word unto the Living Word. (vs 17)

But I say:...'Have they not heard? Yes, verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world. This verse takes you back to Psalm 19:1-4.....And here as with the Apostle Paul it is telling you that the story of Israel begins in the heavens, begins in the Star Bible of the Heavens. Israel has been told also by Moses, by Isaiah... been told all these things, and that always YAHWEH stretched forth His hands unto Israel who are a disobedient people, and who substitute other things for His program.

QUESTION:...Has God cast away His people?...God forbid. Romans 11)

ANSWER:...The Apostle Paul made this declaration concerning Abraham and the children of Israel. No HE did not cast them away. After all Paul was a Benjaminite of the Seed of Abraham. He knew where the ten tribes of Israel were located. He knew that as far as Israel was concerned that Israel would receive the Gospel of the Kingdom. He knew Judah and Benjamin would be driven out of Palestine into other lands. That they would accept the Messiahship of YAHSHUA where as the Jews who remained in Palestine would not. So therefore the Apostle Paul said in his Book of Romans that there was thus no casting away of the children of YAHWEH. There are other passages you will find that take on added significance such as the grafting in of the wild Olive branches to their Tree. So there is no place where the Apostle Paul loses or casts aside the promise that 'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.'

Even tho Israel has been a disobedient people as they stumble thru this physical life, still YAHWEH has always had a group of His people who have not bowed, and the Apostle Paul tells you that in his time there is a remnant, according to the Election of Grace. (vs 6) This election is the selecting by YAHWEH, and the word remnant means all Israel who are alive at a certain time. (vs 5) This election is then by Grace not by works or it would not be of Grace. Some of Israel have not received that which they search for, but certain persons have been selected to receive the knowledge of the kingdom so as to keep this story alive. Thus Israel always had leaders even tho many were blind, even as they moved out on their migrations unto their destiny.

The Apostle Paul then says:...Have they stumbled that they Should fall? YAHWEH forbid, rather thru their fall, their migrations will come...and their Salvation...because in the program of YAHWEH...'All Israel shall be saved.' Thus thru the fall of Israel the world is richer, and if that be true then how much greater will be the richness of the world when Israel (the kingdom) comes to its fullness. (vs 12) For I speak to you Gentiles (Ethene..the nations of Israel) in that as much as I am the Apostle to Lost Israel. If I by any means may awaken them by provoking their thinking then I will bring them back to the fold. (vs 14) If by casting them away was to fulfill destiny then the awakening of them is as life from the dead. (vs 15) Now Israel is the first fruits of the Spirit, and if the first fruits are Holy then the whole Tree of Israel is Holy, and so are the branches. If some of the Olive Tree branches are broken off, and a wild Olive branch is grafted in to the Olive Tree, and partakes of the root and the fastness of the Tree, then don't any of you of the old Judah Kingdom think to say that these wild Olive Branches are broken off and lost. Remember that these wild Olive branches are broken off and lost. Remember that these wild Olive branches were grafted in...YAHSHUA is able to graft them in. (vs 23) For if thou wert cut out of the Olive Tree which is Wild by nature, which wert grafted contrary to nature into a good Olive: how much more shall these which be the natural branches be grafted into their own Olive Tree (vs 24).

Paul then goes on to say:...'I would not brethren that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceit that blindness in part is happened to Israel until the fullness of the nations come in.'

Now; how do you prove that you are Israel? Well, look to your heraldry. The Olive Tree is one of the heraldry seals of every white Christian nation in the world today. The Apostle Paul remember was talking to the Romans these followers of YAHSHUA who were being grafted back into their own Olive Tree. When the Apostle Paul talks about the natural branches he is talking of the old Judah Kingdom. Thus Paul does not want these Israelites of the old Judah Kingdom not to be ignorant of the fact that Lost Israel forgot who they were, but they are grafted back onto their own Olive Tree as they turn to YAHSHUA. Thus all Israel will be saved by being grafted back on to their Olive Tree. Thus all are then back in the Sheepfold as they turn to him and hear His call. He said:...I will take away the ungodliness of Jacob...thus prophecy is just following its course.

Now; this blindness of Israel in their migrations as they scattered thru the pagan nations, they did not forget who YAHWEH was, or that HE promised to come as YAHSHUA...embodied as Savior, they just sort of thought that He was a might God of the heavens, who had the Shepherds staff. Maybe he was Jupiter with the big stick, or Thor the Mighty God of the Heavens of the Scandinavians. The Supreme God was up there somewhere, and they believed that when they died their spirits went into the heavens somehow. Actually our ancestors weren't as pagan as you might think, in the days of their wanderings. Among the Anglo-Saxons the Priesthood of Israel continued on down thru the Druids for many, many centuries. In fact clear up to the days when they were battling Rome, for Christendom had already been established in Britain. There they still held to the traditions, the Druids still held to the rites of the Old Mystery Schools, and Merlin the Magician (Priest) had the Breastplate of Israel, wore it on his chest with the 12 stones such as the High Priests wore, and he had the Urim and Thum'min also. They knew that they were Israel...Olive branches, in the highest orders of the race, but the rest of Israel forgot who they were even tho they carried on their traditions which identified them.

Tradition does suffer some violence, but still throughout the Epistles of Paul the translators could not quite cover up the depth of the story be- cause it overlaps, and overlaps thru the various Epistles. Lots of times they have Paul saying things that weren't in the original text, or in the Alexandrian text. And yet the facts come thru that those of the old Judah Kingdom could not hinder the wild Olive branches of Israel from being grafted back into their own Olive Tree.

Now; there is to come out of Israel the deliverer who turns away ungodliness from Jacob, and this is still His covenant with one else. Even tho Israel does not do all they are supposed to do still the election pertains to Israel, the gifts and calling of the Spirit, comes to Israel. And even tho Israel in times past have not obeyed their Father still they have now obtained mercy even in their disobedience. (vs 29) Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of YAHWEH, How unsearchable His judgements, and His ways past finding out. For who hath known the mind of YAHWEH? or who hath been His counselor? For of Him, and thru Him, and to Him all things belong, to whom be Glory forever.' (vs 36)

QUESTION:...Romans 12:1...Explain this Living Sacrifice?

ANSWER:...'I beseech you brethren by the mercies of YAHWEH, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto YAHWEH in a reasonable service.' The Living Sacrifice means that as you live in this body you serve YAHWEH by working for the kingdom, there are many ways of doing this. If you resist the program of Lucifer you are serving HIM. In the flesh you are to serve or to be conformed..not conformed to the World Order, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect which is the WILL OF YAHWEH who came as Messiah-YAHSHUA...Redeemer. There is one thing that we would caution you this living sacrifice to Our Father, in the resistance to the World Order, still we do not concentrate totally on that and leave off learning, for if you do then you also stop advancing and start around and around a Maypole as so many in the world do today. Victory for the kingdom means that we in resistance also keep advancing, we spread the word, and keep learning, and getting ready for the kingdom rule.

In the New Order of the Ages, the Kingdom age, the mind is renewed first, and the new body comes at resurrection. Thus Paul would what is the Will of YAHWEH, don't think highly of yourself, remember that YAHWEH has given to every Adamite a measure of Faith. (vs 3) Because we are all of the body of YAHSHUA in the earth today. He is not here, but we...embodied children are many members in His Kingdom, but not everyone has the same gift. Not everyone does the same thing for the kingdom, some will be called to minister, some to teach and so forth, but no matter what gift you are given just do your best in your field of work. Do it simply, don't let yourself feel that you are above your brethren, just do your work with cheerfulness. (vs 8) Resist evil, all the evil that the Luciferian kingdom throws at you. Remember all that you have learned of the program of Our Father.

Now; (vs 14) is used many times to try to persuade you that all people are to be in the Administration of the Kingdom, if only they confess they believe in Jesus Christ. But the Apostle Paul is talking about the Saints, the Adamic race as he says:...'Bless them which persecute you, bless and curse not.' He is talking about blind Israelites who have fallen under the delusion that the Yehudin are the 'chosen people'. Paul tells you not to give evil for evil, be honest in the sight of your brethren, live peacefully with all Israelites. (vs 18)

We would say that no matter how discouraged with the work of blind Israelites that you just as well forget it because only YAHWEH can take care of that situation. He will take the steps necessary to wake up Israelites, and to punish those who lead Israel astray.

In verses 20-21..again the enemy is one of Israel who in blindness works for Satan instead of the Kingdom. Remember Paul is talking to the brethren, to Israelites, so if this is one of our race who is opposing you then feed him, and if he is thirsty give him a drink. And this is not necessarily referring to food and water, but to the knowledge of the program of the kingdom. By doing this he has been told even tho at times he does not listen. But someday he will hear the 'sheep call' because he is an Israelite. Therefore you don't become discouraged and join blind Israel and work for Satans kingdom yourself just to be like other people. No, in time we will overcome good works, with the knowledge of the kingdom in earth to rule the world, and restore the world, and its people to their rightful place in the program of Our Father.

Blind Israel does not seem to realize that there is a struggle for the minds of our people in order that they might control them thru error. But the controllers of the Luciferian kingdom realize that if they cannot keep these children of the kingdom who have now grown into a great nation, and a company of nations in the earth, if they cannot keep them confused, brainwashed in their thinking, and dislocate them from their purpose in being here, they cannot take their inheritance. To do this they must remove from the minds of our people this relationship to Our Father. They have set up different standards and try to weave them into our Faith, to try to make it appear as the philosophy of our times. What better way to do this we ask, then to take over the theology of the Christian Churches. But since some of Israel know more of the facts of the Scriptures in their original form, more of the background and inspiration of our race, then we are sometimes sad that we cannot give what we have learned to others of our race so that it will gladden their hearts and increase their Faith as it has ours.

Of course it pleases the enemy when they see the brainwashed instructors of Israel teach that the kingdom of God is somewhere up in space and the only worry is just somehow to get up there. If today you proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom you find them declaring...this is heresy. But remember they said this about the Apostle Paul (Acts 24:14) and he replied:... 'After the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of Our Fathers'.

Now; some will even argue that science even disproves the Bible, and they would have you to think otherwise. But based upon the Scripture, its contents, and the wisdom, knowledge that His spirit brings to our race we know there is a true science. Based as well upon the biological, the patterns of anthropology, the testimony of our theology, then there is a connection between true science and the Author of all Creation, who made all true science which does exist. We would have you know that the word science is from the root word meaning to know, not to just theorize, or to think. Thus He who put all things together will bring all things to your remembrance. Does this...thru the revelation of the spirit, and in this final experience we will know as HE knows. Our sojourn in earth is to be finalized in triumph, in victory, for the kingdom will rise, and rule. We his embodied children are HIS voice by testimony, HIS ears listening to the cries of the world. Our lips proclaim HIS mighty Gospel of the Kingdom, and as such there is enough spiritual energy, enough power to change the world. But we must have the vision, the belief to know that as His offspring, that we are capable of inheriting the kingdom. We must unite in our thinking to accomplish this objective against evil, until we set the world free. That is our purpose in being embodied in earth. However Our people will never understand the Gospel of the Kingdom until they understand their Bible. They have to repent, change in their thinking, and this is one of the reasons the Apostle Paul said that you are not to conform to the way the world thinks.

Actually Lucifer and most of his children know who the children of YAHWEH are, that is the reason why the persecution of those 'called out' ones now translated as church. Look at the number of the followers of YAHSHUA that were put to death in their homes, in the coliseum and other places. If this Faith was not a danger to the children of Lucifer and to Lucifer himself, they would not have did this in trying to stop the Faith from going to Lost Israel. But the more they persecuted the faster the church grew, and they were then to change their tactics, and they moved inside the church to change and to twist the doctrines. Today by letting the children of Lucifer help translate your Scriptures, the Gospel of the Kingdom is almost a total area of perversion. We then have this warning by the Apostle Paul not to join the world order in their thinking, but to be translated by the renewing of our minds.

YAHSHUA also stressed this as He said:...'Unless ye become as a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.' (Matthew 18:3) In otherwords unless you accept HIS word with the humility of a child, accept the LIVING WORD...the Will of the Father, and believe these things then you will not be able to participate in the tremendous activities which cover the measures, and scope of the kingdom in these climactic days.

QUESTION:...Romans 13:2. 'They that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.'

ANSWER:...The word damnation has a meaning that you will be called on to think. The Apostle Paul goes on instructing these Romans who are Israelites. He is outlining how they should live and think, reminding them of the commandments...for Greater is the Love of YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA, so follow Him in your thinking and turn to hear the Sheep Call. The next greatest is LOVE for your neighbor...who is to be an Israelite like yourself, because in the instructions...Israel was to dwell alone. Paul starts in verse one telling them that there is no power that is not subject in some way to the power of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA for all who become ministers are ordained of HIM. So how can you resist His power, His program without bringing chastisement on to yourself. (vs 1)

This chapter of Romans has also been used to preach hell and damnation, but the Apostle Paul is speaking of true ordained ministers who continue in the Faith, basing their ministry upon only one foundation, this being YAHSHUA who completed the atonement, was crucified, and then raised His physical body from the tomb. (vs 6)

The Apostle Paul tells these Roman Israelites to 'owe no man anything' but love one another, for he that loveth has fulfilled the law. (vs 8)

The Apostle Paul tells these Roman Israelites that ordained men were called to the ministry as was the Apostle Paul. But YAHWEH knew this before the foundation of the world, knew this would be their task as each came into earth. And during their lifetime He may have fitted them with their developing pattern of knowledge, but there are lots of people who become preachers that probably were never pre-ordained. There is a big difference between ordained as a minister before the foundation of the world, and a person who becomes a preacher by some mechanical process of today. No doubt that most of them felt a calling to do good, but if they were not pre-ordained to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom then they cannot do it.

Now; (vs 10)..Love worketh no ill to his neighbor; therefore Love is the fulfilling of the law. Here the Apostle Paul is quoting YAHSHUA in Matthew he answered the lawyer who asked which is the great commandment in the law? The first Commandment being:...'LOVE YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA-Messiah, with all your heart and mind.' The second is Love thy neighbor as yourself. And remember that Israel was to dwell alone so your neighbor you are to Love is another Israelite. And if you keep these two commandments based on this love, will fulfill the rest of the law.

Now; remember that as you study the writings of the Apostle Paul that it is essential that you understand the events of history, and the events which are transpiring. Remember it is a matter of translation as theology translates texts to make them conform to the doctrines and the concepts of individual denominations. We thus have a lot of ideas which we call Orthodox, and this was why the Apostle Paul was preaching that some called him a heretic. Here was a man YAHSHUA stopped on the road of error. A man called of YAHSHUA himself, taught the truth, taken into the heavens, and there taught much wisdom, then brought back to teach the nations of Israel, and when he started to speak of heavenly wisdom they called him a heretic. Why? Because he was telling them things that wasn't Orthodox, according to those in power. One of the things hard to understand is that truth is hard to bring forth if people have their thoughts set in a form which makes YAHWEH smaller, or even inferior. And of course the enemy wants to suppress every truth as it appears.

Here in Romans 13...The Apostle Paul was quoting YAHSHUA about the commandments, and if you love YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, then you are not going to mix this Holy Seed by adulterating it with another race. And you are not going to go out and steal from or abuse another fellow Israelite either. So as you keep this commandment of Love then you will keep all the law. It is only when one does not perceive this in its fullness that a person breaks the other commandments. The greatest commandment that YAHSHUA gave his household was for them personally to love one another. Why? Because this builds strength, for if you love the brethren you will defend the brethren against the enemy. We will thus build a solid society this way so that we can carry on. Remember the sermon on the Mount is a law for the kingdom, it is not a law for the outside, for the world order. So you walk the last mile for the brethren, and after that you probably can't do any more. But the important thing is that you are battling the darkness to capture the earth, and return it to the rule of rightness. Always the enemy resists and this you should expect. The Apostle Paul, remember, were all Martyred but John and yet the society hung together. There was fault finders and backbiters even back there in the early church. These are natural human frailites and this was another reason for the admonition to loe one another as you also love YAHSHUA.

(vs 11) 'And that, knowing the time that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light.' Back here in this time when the Apostle Paul was writing this to the Romans it was time for those Israelites to wake up to the fact that YAHSHUA had come, the atonement had been made, and Lost Israel was being grafted back on to their own Olive Tree which is Salvation for Israel. Thus they were to cast off the errors of darkness and put on the whole armour of Light (which is truth). Don't spend your time in error or doing fruitless things, but go all the way learning all there is to know about YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh. Be baptised with YAHSHUA into His death and raised with Him in His resurrection. Live your life in total service to HIM. (vs 14)

Now; for our day this is also relevant. It is time for our people to wake out of their sleep and know who they are, and what they are here for. Time is running out for the work of darkness over the world, so put on your light as children of YAHWEH and walk honestly as you really are. Take your place as a son or daughter, and think not of the flesh but of the Spirit. Why? Because you are spirit of His Spirit. Remember the spirit thinks right, it is only as we think of things which pertain to the flesh that we get into trouble. That is the warning the Apostle Paul was giving to the Romans and it still pertains to our time of today.

QUESTION:...'One man esteemeth one day above another, and another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.' Romans 14:5.

ANSWER:...In this chapter the Apostle Paul is still instructing the Romans persuading them that they must accept all Israel. Some may be eating things that they should not eat, or keeping a day that is no longer kept, they may have forgotten many things they should not be doing, but Paul said that over the years man has added things which have just developed beyond the scope which they were to cover, and people get interested in doing things as rituals rather than advancing in knowledge, accepting the atonement, and helping all Israelites to awaken to who they are and what YAHSHUA has now done for them. We have told you before that the Sabbath in Judea at the time of Christ and even many years before was not an Israel Sabbath as kept by the rulers and the Priests of the Temple. It was a Saturday Sabbath set in place by the Yehudin, it was not the Mosaic Sabbath to be established every year as the moon crossed the equinox. Perhaps the Judean Israelites had even forgotten this. Paul tells you to be assured in your own mind, and then regard the day as the time of worship. For Adamites from the time of Adam have always broke one day in seven not only for physical rest, but also to worship YAHWEH. 'For whether we live or whether we die, we still belong to YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh. (vs 8) To this end Christ died and rose so that HE might be Savior of both the dead and the Living.' (vs 9)

Now;...since the atonement is finished and He raised His body so that He is savior of both the dead and the living (children) why do you then judge your brother?....'Because we are all Israel and shall all stand before the Judgment seat of the Christ.' You are to remember that YAHSHUA told you (in Matthew 22:40) of the two great commandments to Israel. First to love YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, and then the greatest of commandments between Israelites is to love your neighbor as your self. Because (vs11) every knee shall bow to me (YAHSHUA), and every tongue confess that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh. Everyone of us shall give an account of ourselves unto YAHSHUA. So lets not judge one another, just see that no one puts a stumbling block in front of a brother to cause him to fall. I know and am persuaded, said Paul, that we should not let what they eat or drink be it clean or unclean in our eyes, stand in the way even in our thoughts of accepting our fellow Israelites into the sheep fold. (vs 14)

No wonder they called the Apostle Paul a heretic, for some of Lost Israel were found even eating meat which had been offered to idols, but the Apostle Paul is still warning those of Israel who know better that they first accept the Lost Sheep into the sheepfold then try to show them differently. For after all the kingdom of YAHSHUA is not meat and drink, but righteousness and understanding, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Paul goes on to say (vs 21) that it is good not to do anything whereby your fellow Israelite may stumble or is offended, by which weakens his faith. Thus you are to have Faith in YAHSHUA, in what He has promised. Do not condemn yourself by things He allowed (vs 22). In otherwords remember all Israel comes back to the Sheepfold, to their own Olive Tree. So don't you feel better than any of your fellow Israelites who may have done something in their migrations that you would not do. This works for today as well as for the Romans of that day. Certain experiences have been had by some Israelites which you should be glad you did not experience. Thus instead of condemning or pointing a finger at them, just be glad it is not you. Thus whatever is not built on the foundation that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh, that He bought the atonement for 'all Israel' against His program.

QUESTION:...Romans 15:3....'For even Christ pleased not himself. But as it is written the reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on Me?'

ANSWER:...YAHSHUA did the Will of the Spirit, not the flesh, and the reproaches of those who come against His family fall on HIM as well for He is the head of the household, the head of the kingdom. And whatsoever things that were written earlier in the Old Testament for instance are for our learning. So that we have patience, and also take comfort and hope from the Scriptures. We are to take our example from YAHSHUA (vs 5) by doing HIS WILL, going HIS way then you Glorify YAHSHUA (vs 6) who is YAHWEH in the flesh. The Apostle Paul is still telling the Roman Israelites that they must it his way, receive All Israelites because HE came for All Israel to be their Salvation-Savior. Thus YAHSHUA was a minister of the total Truth of all the promises made unto our fathers. So that the nations of Israel might Glorify YAHWEH for His mercy. For this cause then the Apostle Paul says:...I will confess thee among the nations, and sing unto thy name. Here Paul was quoting David in Psalm 18:49. He then quotes Moses in Deuteronomy 32:43..'Rejoice ye nations with His people,' and again he quotes David:... Psalm 117:1 and Isaiah 11:1 And always it is about his people, how YAHSHUA shall rise to reign over the nations, and in HIM shall all the nations of Israel trust. When quoting...'The root of Jesse'...then Jesse is the symbol of the House of David, and YAHSHUA comes from this part of the race. Thus YAHWEH the flesh the root and trunk of the Olive Tree, and the nations of Israel are the branches. In some places HE is said to be the vine and we the fruit of the vine. Thus the Apostle Paul has been reminding the Romans to look to their roots, and let the fact that you are children of the MOST HIGH fill you with joy and understanding, for the hope found in this knowledge which you have learned thru the power of the Holy Spirit is for you. (vs 13) Thus these Romans are full of goodness, and knowledge which they can share one with another. But he has written boldly unto them because of the Grace given to him of YAHSHUA. Paul always remembers how he had persecuted his own people while he was trapped in Judaism. But he was so thankful that by the Grace of YAHSHUA he was topped in his tracks and turned around in his thinking. Thus it takes a renewing of your mind before you follow HIM. But Paul by Grace was chosen to be a minister from YAHSHUA to the lost nations of Israel so that All Israel shall be an offering unto YAHSHUA (Isaiah 66:20)...and because of the coming of the Holy Spirit. (vs 16) Just remember that when He calls the Sheep will respond.

Paul wants people to know that he is teaching them only the things that YAHSHUA instructed him to teach them. He would never speak anything which YAHSHUA had not taught him, thus the nations of Israel are to be only obedient by word and deed to YAHSHUA. Because with mighty signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit he has preached fully the Gospel of YAHSHUA...which is the Gospel of the kingdom. (vs 19)

Paul said that he did not preach the Gospel at Corinth lest he build on another mans foundation, for there others had started to work. But as it is written (Isaiah 52:15) 'To whom he has not spoke of, they shall see; and they have not heard...they who have not heard shall understand.' (vs 21) For this cause...for preaching of the Gospel of the kingdom he has been hindered from coming to Rome. But now since there is no place else in this eastern area which he is supposed to reach he hopes to go to Rome to meet again with his relatives and friends there. (vs 23)

The Apostle Paul has also wished to be able to go once more to Spain so when he goes to Rome he hopes then to go on to Spain. But first he must make one last visit to Jerusalem taking some contributions to help the Saints who are still working there. Paul is now sure that when he comes it will be with the full blessing of the Gospel of YAHSHUA. (vs 29) And he asks for the prayers of those at Rome, that he be delivered from those who do not believe in YAHSHUA who was born in Judea, and that his service for Jerusalem will be accepted by the Saints still working at Jerusalem. (vs 31) Then Paul will be able to go to Rome with joy, and by the Will of YAHSHUA, so that those in Rome may be as the Apostle Paul...renewed in their minds by all the Holy Spirit brings back to them.

QUESTION:...Salute Rufus chosen in YAHSHUA...and his mother and mine?

ANSWER:...This statement by the Apostle Paul is self explanatory. Rufus and Paul had the same mother but not the same father. Paul in this chapter salutes those of his relatives and friends who have helped in his ministry. Remember the man who carries the cross, the father of Rufus and Alexander? Did you really think that these events in the Scripture just happened, or were they all outlined in the Adamic time table? And even before that in the total program of Our Father.

We find this Book of Romans is quite an identity story. When we understand it then we cannot help but thrill to the realization that YAHWEH is our Father. That he took a body of flesh like we have, so that He would come out of our race and dwell among us in identity. Here in YAHSHUA then dwelt the fullness of YAHWEH (spirit), and yet He looked at those of His race and called us Kinsmen, family. Then He took his transformed resurrected body into the planes of spirit, into the heavenlies from whence He came, leaving us as strangers and pilgrims in earth looking forward to a great new day. We now know that He...Our Father...dwelt among us in a human body, met all temptation, was touched with all feelings which you can feel, but He met all these things with incarnate, triumphant Deity and righteousness.

Since this be true then of course everything about His coming into earth was timed, and perfectly planned, and you can say the same for His ministry, His short time in earth. After He left earth He sent the connector for the Spirit to renew their minds and to sustain the Apostles and disciples thru their ministry as they searched for Lost Israel, and the persecution they faced in those days of Martyrdom as Satans kingdom threw everything....threw their whole weight to try to stop this Faith of Our Race.

Now; lets go back into history and see if we can find out who these people are that Paul is saluting in his Epistle to the Romans. You will remember that the Apostle Paul said he was a Roman citizen from the tribe of Benjamin. He had lived in many areas and was very well educated, and had not been back to Rome for some time. But at Rome at that time was what was known as the Platum Britannicu or 'The Palace of the Britains', and that in this palace the people were followers of YAHSHUA long before the Apostle Paul wrote this Epistle to the Romans. How then was it possible for the Roman Empire to be at war off and on with the British for 300 years? Roman records tell of the battles fought between these two factions of Israelites and tell of how the British women fought alongside their husbands, and that their golden hair and blue eyes were a great distraction for the Roman men who were more of the type of Gad and some of the other Israelites with darker hair and eyes.

We are also told in history that the Roman soldiers were never allowed in the area of Britain where Joseph of Arimathea had established a headquarter, this was also the place where YAHSHUA had prepared a place for his earthly mother, where she was to live out her earthly life, and her body was to be at rest. Altho this was continued between Rome and Britain on and off for 300 years still Rome was never allowed to fully impose total authority over Britain.

Now; from the Book...'The Drama of the Lost Disciples' we are told that the British ruler Avargius...a Christian king married Venessa the daughter of Emperor Claudius of Rome. Venessa in British records is said to have changed her thinking when Joseph of Arimathea came to Britain.

Then Aulus Platius a nobleman of Rome and a British girl...Pomponia Graecina were married, and he having great wealth, and she with her golden hair and beauty became the social leaders of Roman society. Pomponia was a sister of Caractaus....a British king.

Then in one of the battles between Rome and Britain hostages were taken to Rome. These were king Caractaus and his two daughters, Eurgain and Gladys. When they arrived in Rome, the Roman Emperor Claudis was very impressed with this little golden haired beauty from Britain named Gladys. The Emperor knew she was a follower of YAHSHUA, but he adopted her and she did not have to recant from her faith, which was surprising at that time because of the persecution moving against the followers of YAHSHUA in Judea and other areas. Thus Gladys was adopted and her name changed to Claudia, but she did not remain long in the home of her adoption because in her seventeenth year she was betrothed and married to Rufus Pudens Pudentius, but he after this was commonly referred to as Rufus Pudens. He was now a Roman senator, a former aide-de-camp to Aulus Plantius Pudens in the war between Rome and Britain. He had seen this golden haired beauty grow up from a girl of 9 years to this 17 year old beauty that he married.

Now; is it not strange that a British king...Caractacus would permit his favorite daughter to be adopted by his enemy who brought about his defeat in Britain. Also would see his sister and his daughter married to these leaders he himself opposed in battle for nine long years? Surely the hand of YAHWEH was at work in a mysterious way to set in place the people who would be involved in the drama of His purpose in the city of Rome, Italy?

Now; this marriage of Rufus Pudens and Gladys did not take place at the Imperial Palace of her adopted father, but at the palace of her natural the Palace of the British which was a Christian household. The marriage was performed by Hermas, who was the pastor of these followers of YAHSHUA. The couple were then given this 'Palace of the Britains' for a wedding present. Strange as it may seem these marriages between Britains and Romans were affairs of the heart, and the Mysterious WILL of our Father. These Britains had come to Rome as hostages, but were to be in place for the many things which would take place for the Name of YAHSHUA. Even the grandfather of Caracaus came to Rome, and at his death then his son 'the blessed Bran', the Arch Druid, the father of Caractacus voluntarily offered himself as hostage to replace his father..the Llyr..or King Lear of Shakespear.

Now; you see the assembling of the household in Rome for here at the 'Palace of the Britains' was thus assembled...a Druid King Priest, King Caractaus, his wife, his daughter Eurgain and her husband the Lord of Salisbury. Prince Linus a Christian Pastor, Claudia and her husband Rufus Pudens the Senator, and Priscilla who was the mother of the Apostle Paul and Rufus Pudens, and Pastor Hermas, a kinsman of the Pudens. Oh, there were other members of this Christian household but these are the names to remember. Also here in Rome living nearby was the sister of King Caractacus, the Princess Pomponia Graceine and her influential husband Aulus Plantius.

For some years these followers of YAHSHUA here in Rome lived a very tranquil and glamourous life, and many notables came to visit at this 'Palace of the Britains'. Gradually this home of the Britains became a meeting place for the followers of 'The Way' of YAHSHUA. To this household were added the children of Gladys-Claudia, and Rufus Pudens. The oldest child was Timotheus, the youngest child was also a son-Novatus. Two girls were the other children of this family. Timotheus became Timothy of the Scriptures, and he is an associate of the Apostle Paul who refers to him as the beloved son in Christ.

Now remember that the Apostle Paul had not been in Rome since some time before 33 A.D., and 25 years would pass before he would come again to Rome as the Apostle to the Lost nations of Israel. But the mother of the Apostle Paul was married a second time to a Roman, an Israelite of distinguished birth, and of this second marriage came Rufus Pudens. He inherited the estate of his father showing that he was a legitimate son. This explains the connection between the half brothers...Paul and Rufus for their mother Priscilla was not to be found in this gathering of disciples in Rome.

Here in the last chapter of his Epistle to the Romans the Apostle Paul then salutes these many relatives and friends who have worked in his ministry to Lost Israel, who have been followers of YAHSHUA for some time. And when Paul finally arrived in Rome there must have been quite a reunion in this 'Palace of the Britains'. By this time this Palace had become an openly declared Christian household, and here was the first Christian church above ground in Rome. The first Bishop of this church was a Britain ...Linus a son of a British king, and he was personally appointed by the Apostle Paul. Linus, you remember, was a brother of Gladys-Claudia. Later when the persecution became so bad, then Linus was Martyred, and the second Bishop by the name of Clemens was ordained by Peter in the year A.D. 58.

Who was this Clemens, this second Bishop of Rome? Remember Clemens Romanus or St. Clemens of the companions of Joseph of Arimathea? This is the second Bishop of Rome. Remember that Paul after coming back to Rome after his trip to Spain and to Britain was Martyred at Rome, and Peter was by then also in Rome, and he ordained Clemens as the second Bishop of this Christian church at Rome. Incidentally the Roman Catholic church was not established until 350 years after YAHSHUA.

Now; when the Emperor Claudis died the persecution started to increase against these followers of YAHSHUA and the first Martyr of this Royal British household was Linus. Rufus Pudens was murdered, and the following year Gladys-Claudia died. She did not live to see her four children also Martyred. In fact Rome became drunk with the blood of the Martyrs for the Name of YAHSHUA. Priscilla the mother of the Apostle Paul and Rufus Pudens were buried in an underground cemetery named for her memory...'The Catacomb of Saint Priscilla'.

But the Puden family...Claudia and Rufus and their four children had rescued the murdered body of the Apostle Paul and buried him in the private burial grounds of the Puden estate. They had used their influence to claim the mutilated body of the Apostle Paul just as Joseph of Arimathea had claimed the body of the crucified Christ. Finally all those of the 'Palace of the Britains' were Martyred except Claudia who had died of a broken heart the year following the death of her husband Rufus, who was Martyred for HIS Name.

In the year 1970., at least you could still read the authentic record of this great drama on the walls of the Ancient former 'Palace of the Britains' in Rome. The carving on the wall reads:..'In this sacred and most ancient of churches known as the church of Pastor Hermas, dedicated by the Apostle Paul, formerly of the house of Sanctus Pudens, the Senator, and the home of the holy Apostles, repose the remains of 3000 blessed martyrs who those two daughters of Rufus and Claudia, their names Prudentiana, and Praxedes....these two virgins in Christ with their own hands interred.' (unquote)

Now; how many tourists visiting the Imperial city of Rome take time to go along the 'Mons Sacer Way' to view this tragic memorial to their Faith, and perhaps humbly breathe a prayer of Thanksgiving for the thousands who lie beneath...martyred for HIS sake and ours. No. Instead eyes are fascinated by the splendor of the Vatican Palace, and the other sumptuous buildings, not one Christian stops to view this hallowed place which played such a majestic part in making the Faith they possessed...YOURS TO ENJOY. Two of the greatest of YAHSHUA'S Apostles...Paul and Peter trod within those time weathered walls. The 'Palace of the Britains' in Rome, thur represented the greatest gift of the British to our race and posterity. Unlike the great Abbey erected at Glastonbury, the church in Rome was drenched with the blood of Martyrs because of the influence of Satans children, but British Arms prevented this in Britain.

How little do the Christians of today realize that it was the Royal House of Britain tied with the Noble of the Noble Pudens household that made it possible for the Apostle Paul to accomplish his mission, to fulfill the destiny of YAHSHUA ordained for him in establishing the Faith permanently among Lost Israel Brethren. No wonder the Romans proclaimed in Awe:... 'What women these British Christians have...what women!' For these gentle hands alone at the old Palace of the Britains in Rome laid at rest the staggering total of 3000 butchered Martyrs within the precincts of their church. How many more they secreted and buried within the underground catacombs is not known.

Today only crumbling, uncared for walls remain to remind us of the triumph and the tragedy. Yet the modern Christian bypass it all without a look, without a twinge of gratitude, or admiration, as tho they could not know...while passing on to thrill to the glamour of the Vatican, its Cathedrals basking in wealth and luxury which had no part in the original planting of the Faith. Even the names of these first Martyrs have been dropped from the calendar of Martyrs, in the modern church, but they still remain in different publications, and the old Vatican records, which still carry their names.

This dear friends is the record of the Illustrious Royal British Martyrs at Rome. They were first to house and openly protect the Apostles. First to teach the Christian Faith in Rome. First to found a Christian church at Rome. First to suffer Martyrdom, for the Name of YAHSHUA, at Rome. Therein lies the Glory, the tragedy, the drama, and the triumph of those born to the purple, who died in the purple for YAHSHUA. Here the Royal Princess and Princesses born of a fearless race, turned to our Savior in Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, then welcomed this Apostle to Lost Israel who came bringing the Name of YAHSHUA-Messiah...YAHWEH in the flesh. These noble Britains sealed their pledge to YAHSHUA with their lives, to the last pro- claiming the deathless motto of their Druid ancestors:...'The truth against the world.'

Now; you know...the first Christian church in Rome was this British church of Covenant people. Their covenant in YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the Christ was thus untainted. Now you know why the Apostle Paul speaks as he does to these Romans. Now you know why the Ancient writers affirm that the children of Claudia were as tho brought up at the knee of the Apostle Paul. Now you know that Paul spent two years in Rome in a provided house among his relatives and the followers of YAHSHUA. There is an eight year gap in the history of Rome before the Apostle Paul came back to Rome to be Martyred. But we have shown you that before that in those years then Paul was in Spain, in Britain and in Western Europe speaking and reaching out to Lost Israel. By the year 140 A.D., all this glorious group at the 'Palace of the Britains' in Rome who had established the foothold above ground for the followers of YAHSHUA were all buried, their mission in YAHSHUA was finished and the 'Palace of the Britains' in ruins, but the memory of an underground cemetery, the catacomb of Saint Priscilla still lingers on. And now dear friends in this bit of history we are not trying to detract from the Roman catholic church which has so many followers, but we are simply pointing out facts of history which all Israelites should know, because you are to go back to your roots, to find out who you are, and this is but one blind spot on the way back.

Here in the last chapter of his Epistle to the Romans the Apostle Paul had warned the Roman Israelites before he came to Rome tom make those who caused division...who cause offenses that are contrary to the doctrines they have learned....make them to cease. For they serve not YAHSHUA but their own greed, using good words, and fair speeches to deceive the hearts of the people. (vs 10) The rest of the Roman world had begun to hear of this 'Palace of the Britains' and their Faith for that the Apostle Paul is glad, but he also cautions them to be wise as to what is good, and recognize that which is evil, that is trying to creep into the Faith. But he tells them that YAHSHUA will trod the enemy under their feet. (vs 20) This is referring to Genesis 3:15....this age old battle between Satan and his children and YAHSHUA and His children, in this kingdom race, for YAHSHUA IS GOING TO WIN!

Alright then what is this Mystery revealed? What did these followers of YAHSHUA proclaim that made the enemy hate them so much that they even fed them to the lions, burned them at the stakes, things like that? What did these followers of 'the way' now know that gave them so much strength as they stood fearless before the onslaught of all Satans children, now in control of Rome, could throw at them? As you read this old history you know that the Holy Spirit has revealed something to them which made them stand tall and firm thru all this persecution in that generation. Many of them lived in the Catacombs of that city, but they held on to the Name of YAHSHUA, their redeemer and ours.

No they did not march around with HIM nailed to a Cross, but they made the sign of the crossed fish as they met those of the Faith. We believe that these Israelites now knew they were children of the Eternal King. We believe that they proclaimed as did the Apostles and disciples that the one nailed to the Cross was YAHWEH in the flesh, their father and ours who came and fulfilled the atonement, rescued HIS children in the Netherworld. Raised His physical body from the grave and showed His children the WAY. Then went back into the planes of Spirit taking all the race who had died in the flesh up to that time. We believe they now knew that the enemy still had power to kill that physical body, but as they did then the real child of Spirit went home to their Father. We believe that these children as they faced death here in this time of the 'former rain' were now thinking in the Spirit and did not feel the death of the physical body so much. After all life on earth was not greater than what they were allowed to see in the future. They, like Abraham, were looking forward to the fulfilling of the promises, believing the kingdom would rise and rule. But for that time they would hang on to HIS Name and HIS promise, for in YAHSHUA they were redeemed. If the enemy succeeded in killing their physical body then no longer did the spirit live in bondage in the darkness of the Netherworld. We believe they now knew this, that since the atonement had been made, that as the enemy succeeded in destroying their physical body they just went home, and YAHSHUA was there to greet each Martyr as they stepped thru the veil. We believe that they now knew that the Mystery was also...'The Christ in You'...that embodied spirit in you is the real child of the kingdom. That generation was an example for all of the race who came after them. The same strength was seen as all thru the Adamic history...for some were called, and they stepped forward and did their job.

Yes, we remember that Jonah needed a bit of a nudge, but he went as he was told, and did his work, didn't he? The many Martyrs of the generation of the Apostles did their work well, and the kingdom moved forward in its destiny. The more the persecution the faster 'the WORD' spread.

Today blindness has again descended on many of Israel, but we are in the Laodicean church age, and again...prophecy is being fulfilled. The prophecy of Great Britain also is being fulfilled, and Babylon is total corruption of everything...even your Faith if that were possible. Political and economic life as well as social life of our society has been pretty well corrupted, has it not? The prophecy is:...'I shall take you to Great Babylon and then you shall be delivered.' (Micah 4:10) Satan and his kingdom people are to be allowed to throw everything they possess at you of YAHWEH'S kingdom. We tell you that it will not be enough, and that we wait for deliverance.

We would certainly agree with the Apostle Paul (vs 27) as he closes his Epistle to the Romans. We might say it with a little different translation but with this YAHWEH our Eternal Father, be the Glory, for by HIS work embodied in the flesh, as YAHSHUA-Messiah we are free from the bondage of sin and death. We the children of His Spirit are redeemed, and we look forward to the restoration of all we have lost. We know that as His Spirit calls one more time, in this period of the 'latter rain' that the sheep will turn and head for the Shepherd.

Yes, Great Babylon has brought total corruption to the world order, and it has effected the kingdom because the Sheep are still scattered among the world order, but deliverance will change all of that.

QUESTION:...'Who shall also confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the Day of the Lord Jesus the Christ' (I Corinthian 1:8) ...please explain?

ANSWER:...Paul wrote this Epistle to the Greek Israelites at Corinth, and he said to those 'called'..and the word Saints you remember means believing offspring. And for a time after he learned these great Mysteries of the kingdom the Apostle Paul was sort of like many of us, he believed that YAHSHUA would be soon returning to establish HIS kingdom. At first many of the Apostles and disciples believed that just as soon as they reached 'Lost Israel' then HE would surely return. Gradually they realized that many things were to take place first, and they then looked forward to Martyrdom and going home.

Now; here in I Corinthians then Paul is reminding the Israelites at Corinth that YAHSHUA shall confirm them. The word confirm is best translated...establish. Thus YAHSHUA shall establish you unto the end (the end of your journey) so that you will be blameless in 'the day' when HE returns as King of Kings, head of HIS kingdom. Quite a promise isn't it? YAHWEH IS FAITHFUL AND YOU WERE CALLED BY this fellowship with YAHSHUA... His Embodiment.

The Apostle Paul is pleading with these Israelites to all follow YAHSHUA, not follow teachers as Paul or Apollos, or Cephas, none of these men were crucified for you, nor were you baptized in any name but that of YAHSHUA who was our Messiah-Redeemer.

Paul reminds these Israelites that YAHSHUA sent him to preach the Gospel of the kingdom not with wisdom of words lest 'the Cross' should be of no effect. To the Israelites...YAHSHUA and His Cross is the power of salvation, but to the world order it was foolishness. To Israel 'the Cross' brought redemption, to the others it meant nothing, and they made fun of Him as He hung on the Cross saying:...'if ye be the king of Israel come down from the Cross.' They had no idea of the meaning of the atonement. So where is the wisdom of the wise, of the world order? They knew not YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh. But it pleased HIM by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believed.'

The Apostle Paul preached YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh. But he also preached identity of our race, predestination, and that we are to conform to YAHSHUA'S own image. He preached the Divine origin of the children of the kingdom because we are spirit of YAHWEH'S Spirit. To the world order this was all foolishness, but not to the Apostle Paul who was stopped on the road to Damascus and blinded with the Shekinah Light. To Paul the first Divine being in the flesh, thru an immaculate conception...out of our race was YAHSHUA. We were thus not only a Divine seed, but also first fruits of His spirit. Adam was the first body of a man for YAHWEH'S own issue to dwell in. But from Adam on down after the fall there was not anyone begotten out of the flesh by the Father (spirit) until He brought forth His own body thru the Virgin Mary. Thus this is why YAHSHUA is called the first begotten of the the flesh. But prior to this we were bone of His bone, begotten of HIS Spirit. Thus the Apostle Paul stated that we were begotten of the spirit, were sons and daughters of YAHWEH thru Adam after the flesh. Thus this race has a very special destiny, and He is capable of waking up HIS children and bringing them to areas of cognition.

The Apostle Paul in his Epistles touches on many deep subjects that are almost unknown today. And yet the foolishness of preaching does play a part for it helps in our day to keep the Name of YAHSHUA or Jesus Christ of translation before the world. The tragedy is that in this great falling away from the Faith our people don't seem to realize why He came, or why HE suffered the Cross. But remember it was the Israelites who were drawn to YAHSHUA by the preaching of the Apostles and disciples, and it was the Lost Sheep of Israel that He sent His Apostles and disciples, then as the Sheep call came they heard His voice and they believed. Thus preaching, teaching was to inform Lost Israel as to who YAHSHUA really was. To remind them of the things they had forgotten, and to bring them back to the Sheepfold, but to the world order preaching is foolishness, something that does not have to deep a meaning.

Now; the Judean Israelites were a little hesitant as they still had the temple in their midst even tho it had been taken over. The Greek Israelites were always busy seeking after wisdom, in fact to busy at the time until they were following after pagan gods in their search for wisdom. But to the Yehudin (Jews) of Judea as the Apostle Paul preached YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, that was the one crucified, this was a stumbling block to them for they did not believe it, did not have the capacity to understand the atonement. However to those Israelites both Judeans and Greeks who are 'called ' those who hear the sheep call, to them this crucifixion is the atonement. This was the power and wisdom of YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh. Not many wise men after the flesh were 'called'. Not many of the mighty or the nobles were called. Thus of the rulers of the nations not many were called because they were not Israelites. Those in power weren't 'called', but those ruled over...those the down trodden followed HIM by the thousands, because they were HIS sheep, and HE their Shepherd. Thus 'If ye are in YAHSHUA'....meaning if you are children of YAHWEH here in the flesh, then the Cross is wisdom to you, it is righteousness, and redemption.