ERM - Tape 034 - Book Of Horus; Spiders Web; Worms Of Joel





1. The Book of Horus

2. The Spiders Web

3. The Worms of Joel



Question:...What is this book of Horus that Dr. Swift referred to and what did it contain?

Answer:...Well it is an Egyptian book, and there are some strange things connected with it. A man by the name of Randall Stevens had been doing much research and he was given a vision as to where there would be found the buried writings of Horus under the sands of Egypt. He saw a temple where worship of Ancient Egypt took place. He saw old scrolls buried which would tell the story as to where these people of Egypt came from in Ancient times. Under spiritual inspiration this man then took pen and paper and wrote the first few chapters of this book of Horus altho only small fragments had been found before this. But this man just felt led to go down to Egypt and find a complete set of the scrolls which now make up the book of Horus. War conditions at that time prevented this, but later he was allowed to go, and there after only three days of digging they found the entrance to an old temple just where Stevens had said it would be. And in this temple was an entrance to a tomb and there was the most complete book of Horus ever found. It was in great scrolls. But here was a man who set down after his dream and wrote the first few chapters of something he had never seen. Then he tried to persuade people to back his quest so he could go dig up the original, and then went and dug them up.

Now; this book is not from inspiration given to our race. It is a pre-Adamic inspired version of what happened to these people, and is written by their Priest with the Title of Horus. Each Priest after that was given the same title and the National Geographic magazines in different articles about Ancient Egypt records the name of their Priest in different centuries as Horus, even after Adam.

The significance of this book of Horus is that altho it was written to the Ancient people finally called Egyptians still it is written about the sons and daughters of YAHWEH. Their Priest Horus taught of 'ONE' God of Light called YAHWEH-PUTAH (meaning Savior). He tells of a promise made to these Ancient people as they were getting ready to leave their homeland of Atlatcan or Atlantas as we call it today. But first he writes of this Ancient homeland and how the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH used to come and go from Heaven to Earth. There were Celestial chariots in which YAHWEH'S children came to earth to instruct the people of his homeland. Horus says they could see the Celestial at times, and could always hear them, but not touch them. Horus records that as the Celestial children walked among them they could hear them, and hear their music, but as they moved among them they could not hear a sound from their movement.

Horus tells of how Lucifer after his rebellion in space came into earth bringing with him and his rebellious Angels the dark skinned and curly haired people, and how they started to mongrelize them with the people of their part of earth, thus destroying their Ancient culture and civilization and society. Horus tells of the great orgies and how lots of his people did not want to join that evil. He says that the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH informed them that YAHWEH was angry with all this evil and that a great catastrophe would come to this land because of the evil that the Luciferians brought to pass. He records that finally came the earthquakes and water ran into the volcanoes and the tops of the mountains blew off. And that YAHWEH then began to take his Celestial children away, and no longer were they seen in those Ancient Temples. Horus describes those Ancient temples saying they were built like Pyramids with high altars inside like a great amphitheatre. They had a high dias inside the pyramid and the pattern of it was a to way of ascent into the Light and Glory of the Most High. This was the seat of the instructors, and the children of Light would teach in this temple. And their music was called the symphony of the Universe. Music came in by areas of reflecting Light, the tone value of the blended sidereal systems were used by them in skills to produce music which was challenging to the whole consciousness, and very stirring to the soul.

Then Horus records that suddenly the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH were not there, and as YAHWEH took His children away from this continent then the people of Horus led were left alone with a temple without any spiritual administration except for men in their communities who had served their people before the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH from spiritual planes. But before these sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH left they advised Horus to lead his people from this sinking land which was now under judgment. A promise was also made to these Ancient people which assured them that in time the sons of YAHWEH would return to earth, but this time they would return in bodies of flesh and blood like these Ancient people had. The reason for their return was that in YAHWEH'S plan these HIS children, in the proper time span and under HIS guidance would overthrow the darkness, and its evil, and set the other races free and restore the earth. Also these sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH would build in earth a great altar which would be similar to the Temple they had on Atlantas before it went down.

Thus a great number of people of Atlantas began to migrate before the last of the land bridge would go down. They were trying to get away from this terrible wickedness which was going on. The people under the leadership of their king with the title of Khufu and their High Priest with the title of Horus began their preparation to leave their homeland. Showing the standards of righteousness which the sons of YAHWEH had implanted, then Horus recorded that he blushed to speak of this great evil even as he passed this knowledge down to those who were to come after. He tells of how their country had been once a land of Light, for YAHWEH-PUTAH ruled over them thru His children. He then records that he and his people began their migrating to the eastward. They crossed what is now known as Northern Africa and at that time it was a lush and beautiful land, not like it is today...a desert. They kept moving however until they entered the Nile River area and here they established themselves. They built many things but never achieved here anything like the Golden Age they experienced before the coming of the Luciferians, and the dark curly headed ones.

Today under the sands of Egypt are found the ruins of what they built, similar to what they had before it went beneath the waters of what is now the Atlantic Ocean.

Plato and others wrote of these things he learned in Egypt about this land that lay to the westward, that went below the waters. He introduced this story into classic literature, and gave the title of their king as Khufu. Then people thought there was only one Khufu and when one came along and put his cartouche on the Great Pyramid, and the Greeks called him Cheops then people thought he built the Great Pyramid. But Khufu was just the line of kings or rulers starting from the land of Light who ruled over these Ancient people.

One of the Great Egyptologist in the days of Queen Elizabeth was Wilkerson, or Wilkeson. In the Swift Library was a set of the complete works of this man telling the story as to what they found as they first entered into some of these tombs in Egypt. These volumes have hand painted copies of the things found because they did not have the photography as skilled as they wished for that work. But from these books we learn that these Ancient people worshiped ONE God of Light. They finally adopted the word RA for Light. They did not believe that the sun was that God,..only HIS symbol. They thought the sun was HIS Day Star going by. Their astronomers are smarter than some of ours for the sun is a Day Star, the only one in the Solar system, and we revolve into its light. The rest are planets, but the sun is a 'Day Star.'

These Ancient Egyptians then looked for the children of Light to return thinking they would teach them the 'right way'. They looked for the children of Osiris, the LORD of Life and Resurrection, to come in bodies of flesh. In their theology they knew that eventually even RA would come into earth to overthrow the evil, this devil they called Sette. They saw this mongrelization as a great curse, for Sette was mixing not only people of earth, but people with animals, and this mongrelization changed the worship of YAHWEH-Putah to devil worship. The story in their Ancient prophecies said the children of Light would also fall as they came into bodies of flesh, which would make it necessary for YAHWEH Himself to come as Putah... Savior and He would cross the River Styx (meaning go thru the channel of death) to redeem His people so as to restore them to power so they would go on with the building of HIS kingdom, and eventually with HIS help they would defeat Lucifer completely.

Then Horus wrote:...'Lift up your eyes unto the apex from whence cometh your help. For your help comes from YAHWEH-PUTAH by obedience to His laws, but His scepter rests with His people.'

In Psalms 121 we find almost a repetition of what Horus recorded 11,000 to 12,000 years before The Christ. For in their theology they also believed in restoration of their race as well.

As the excavations were continued in Egypt they started moving the old Temples and they found more and more copies of the works of Horus. They found one copy not far from the Karnac Temple, and another not far from the two obelisks for the sons of Joseph set up by Queen Hatshepsut. In each of these old books (scrolls) they found this Ancient theology, and this prophecy that the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH would come to earth in the flesh, and then later Osiris LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION would come to redeem His children and thru them the other races.

Now; having been reviewing the history of our people by the facts dug up by the Archaeologists, let us now look at events which have taken place here in our lifetime in this effort to bring down the kingdom of YAHWEH which he established in the earth thru His children.

As we consider this we are thinking of the warning given by Isaiah in chapter 59...about symbolism of the weaving of the Spiders Web. This is a warning to Israel of the grave danger which was to come, and the tremendous problems we would face as the Weavers of the Spiders Web attack our nation, and lay their Cockatrice eggs of symbolism. Dr. Swift called attention to this in one of his sermons back in 1967, entitled...'The Weaving of the Spiders Web' and we will sort of bring it up to date.

The children of Lucifer of course are the weavers of the Spiders Web, and the layer of the eggs of entrapment. They weave this web over the western Christian world seeking to engulf all the western world in their 'one world' massive conspiracy. We can certainly understand why they would work on our nation, for YAHWEH ordained this one to be a great nation of the kingdom under the symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle as a covering, a protection..also the one furthermost westward to be established.

This then has been the great nation of prophecy from the beginning. From 13 colonies we rose to a great declaration of Independence, to a free nation, a free society, where justice ruled and reigned, where men were tried by juries or a judge which ever they chose, and where the Supreme Court was held in bonds by the Constitution. A nation of private enterprise and a nation stretching to the pacific, growing strong. A nation with the trees of prophecy such as the 'myrtle trees' growing here. Yes, the great and final nation of YAHWEH'S emerge as a nation worshiping YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh.

Thus speaking for this end of the age as well Isaiah records:...'Behold! YAHWEH'S hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear.' Isaiah 59:1. 'But your iniquities have come between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you that He will not hear. For the hands of many people have been defiled until their fingers are smeared with blood, your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath uttered perverseness. None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth, they trust in vanity and speak lies, they conceive mischief, and they being thus bring forth iniquity, and YAHWEH is displeased.'

What has happened then to our nation so that YAHWEH is so displeased? In symbolism the power of the serpent has moved into our country and the spider is weaving his web. Weaving it over the many parts of this nations as well as the other parts of YAHWEH'S kingdom, interlocking the web lines, and in this web of iniquity lays the cockatrice's eggs. Those eggs hatch into Adders, and those who try to eat those eggs die. This is symbolism for the work of Lucifer, the serpent..and symbolized here as a spider. The Cockatrices eggs are something which causes our people to lose their search for truth, and then Israel turns from her God.

Now;..Isaiah says that these weavers of this Spiders Web cannot use this web for a garment, or cannot cover themselves with their work, for all their work is of iniquity. They act with violence against anyone who gets in their way. They know not the way of Peace, there is nothing 'right' in the doings, for they have made a path like a serpent, and any of Israel who follow this path shall not know Peace. They weave the spiders web over your nation, and you walk in darkness as you wait for light. You grope for the walls that obscures that light, grope as tho you had no light, and you stumble at noon as tho it were in the night. The Spider (Lucifer and his children) send out this web and it enmeshed your nation, and the Cockatrice eggs are rolled into the midst of your society and these eggs bring destruction.

This description in symbolism in the 59th., chapter of Isaiah may seem as a strange description of some type of evil which is effecting the kingdom, but here the serpent or Lucifer is pictured as having his children weave a web to entangle YAHWEH'S people until they and their Faith are destroyed. Always this has been the program of darkness that they use against Israel. But here in our time then what would be these fruits of this poisonous snake, the viper symbolized as Cockatrice's eggs, but this great program of evil that Lucifers kingdom people turn loose on the Christian Western civilization. Thus these eggs are communism, socialism, the drug scene, patterns of immortality, all these evils that are slowly destroying our civilization and our Faith. This has been a very carefully designed program and over it all is a carefully designed programed web which moves out hoping it will entangle, and hold YAHWEH'S people in blindness while still giving sufficient cover for the spider in the hour when he is observed.

Yes, we are and have allowed this evil which YAHWEH says He is against, and thru this evil our transgressions have multiplied against HIM. Thus we as a nation have departed from the ways of YAHWEH. We have turned judgment backwards and truth has fallen from our courts, and from our government. The great drive is to amass great wealth no matter what you have to do to acquire it. Self indulgence in all ways is pushed as the accepted way of life for our society, no thought of how it effects our society, only be sure it does not hurt the third world, or those who are weaving the web around us.

Looking back we notice that a massive influx of Spiders moved in to our country to spin this web. In the years from 1884 to 1924., two and a half million spiders came into this country, and they brag that they came in here to spread thru out the large cities to gain a foothold for their conspiracy. Some of these spiders at one time were exiled for their conspiracy inside the Roman Catholic Church, and sent to the Island of Sicily, and there they multiplied into great numbers. Some of these spiders then came into the United States from Sicily and the leading gangsters in the U.S. were from this Sicilian stock. As they spread into our nation they began to bring in Eastern European Spiders out of the Khazar kingdom of Asia. They beginning to spread over this nation a massive area of iniquity. They did exactly what the Protocols of Zion said they would do, and tho they disclaim the Protocols still they are literally fulfilled by these Spiders. They moved early to make their sons into lawyers, and doctors, and from those positions to move into the areas of the pharmacies so they would have massive control over our society. As they move out from their headquarters that existed in Britain with their powerful banking houses they moved into the drug business. They owned the poppy fields of North China, the poppy fields of North Korea, and during the Viet Nam War they were influential enough to keep out troops out of certain areas so their poppy fields would not be destroyed there.

In the 1960's from their headquarters in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco they engaged in the mightest drug traffic the world has ever known. The design was to totally break down the western world by destroying the Christian young people. Thus the Cockatrice eggs in the 60's were to be used to capture the minds of our young people in high schools and colleges. Out of this design came the emergence of the Hippies, and the depravity of the drug scene. Then a College Professor began advocating the use of LSD to activate the mind, and many young people tried it and some became casualties. then came the advertised..LOVE IN..and this was a part of the Spiders Web of immortality. Its purpose was to destroy all patterns of morality and ethics of our society thru the plan of educating and turning a generation against the Christian values held by their parents.

We saw the Spiders take over Hollywood years before to start this pattern to numb the minds of our people on all types of moral dereliction, with each new picture the mind of our society was being softened while at the same time anyone who criticized this was looked upon as a square, someone out of step with progress. They were selling the American people on immorality, and getting their minds softened, they then begin to sell them on socialism and communism...some of the eggs of the Cockatrice.

In another direction the Spiders were weaving a web around and over the massive system of Denominational worship. They were using their tools the 'National Council of Churches' and later then World Council of Churches; and they called it a procedure for progress. They moved thru this process to capture the heads of these organizations, and then began appointing people from the staffs of communists who had moved into the denominations to learn to live with communism, and with the world, just combine the good of all religions and all learn to live together. What they failed to tell you is that if you combine the two you must do away with your belief that YAHSHUA who walked the earth...was YAHWEH in the flesh, and that He came to redeem you and thru you the whole earth.

Yes, we have watched this development in this great Christian Nation in our life time. We listened in the late sixties to a minister say that the Hippies of today are on the same plane as the Christians in the days of Jesus. He was speaking of those whose minds were enslaved by LSD saying we should learn a great lesson from the Hippies because the disciples of Jesus were unkept as to hair and their garments. They were Zealots, and all they wanted was 'Love'; they did not want war or trouble of any kind. This man with his twisted mind was putting out the lies of the Cockatrice's eggs for there was nothing unclean or unwashed about the disciples of YAHSHUA as you know. Those disciples were not brainwashed by drugs, and my friends there is a great difference in being guided by the Holy Spirit, and being carried away by the hallucinations of the devil drug racket. But some ministers went so far as to say we must follow the same path laid out by the Hippies, Love everybody...and if the communists do take over then we will just love them until they either join us or go back where they came from.

Now; these policies moving out of organized religion were entirely contemptuous of YAHWEH, but He declares thru Isaiah that they do it with unrighteousness (unbelief). At the same time they are promoting dozens of programs all advocating Peace, but stemming from Communism, and all building for your destruction. And behind all this planning is the Spider... and his children for they are the ones spreading drug traffic. They supervise the drugs coming into the United States and other western nations thru different channels. Did you know that LSD was introduced into your schools that 92% of that LSD was manufactured in Israeli, then brought into the U.S. to be distributed to the school students with professors pushing this drug to their own students. We know of a church financed University which has been penetrated with some of their professors saying that the greatest area of spiritual revelation comes to students who take the proper amount of LSD in controlled circumstances. They can then travel off and look at the concept of God which can never come thru their conscious mind. In other words they are teaching that only thru these strange trips while on this drug can God come thru to your conscious and subconscious mind! This was being taught by professors in the 60's who had no concept of the spiritual connection with our Father. This web of the Spider is an interwoven pattern over the nations of the kingdom. As they operate their programs of socialism, communism and mongrelization of our society, and race, they seek to bring you...YAHWEH'S Israel people to the areas of the condition from which there is no return.

Also in the program of the Spiders as it always has been, in the 60's, an attack was made against all the 'right wing' leaders in America, to frame the leaders and get rid of them one way or another as an example to the people coming after them not follow the right path. Only by this way can they bring this nation into submission, neutralize the people so they will not stand for God and Country.

The United Nations is in the symbolism of the Spiders Web, and we think they have the right flag for that organization, for it shows the web over the whole map. Isaiah says that 'as they weave their web there is no justice, no truth, for their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood.' Their thoughts are not thoughts of truth, but always of iniquity as they move out to destroy YAHWEH'S kingdom. The way of Peace is not known to them, there is no judgment in their doing. They have made the crooked paths for you (true Israel) to walk down. This certainly fits our time does it not? The Negro revolutions of the sixties with the burning of cities was even planned and manipulated by the Spiders as they pushed for 'Civil Rights' legislation which are not God given rights, only manipulated programs with which to hold people in bondage. This is a bondage of the mind, when religion becomes husks of created Priestcraft it then becomes a barrier to spiritual perception. And yet we must also remember that the education you are getting here in this experience is preparing you for administration of the earth, and even for life in the dimension you came out of.

Here in the 1980's we see how our nation with its symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle is caught in this Spiders Web which is already woven around us. There no longer is justice in our nation for anyone who will stand against evil. Most of our people do not seem to realize as yet that there is even a Spiders Web, let alone the fact that they are caught in it. Only a few are struggling to be free. We see the denominations in the hands of the hierarchy advocating socialism and communism while most ministers altho so blind to who they are...still consider themselves as good patriotic Americans. But it is those who speak out for these programs of evil that get the media attention, and they become the chief spokesman for the Faith. No wonder then that as YAHWEH spoke of this condition effecting Israel in this time of the Great Apostasy, that he gave as one of the signs...'As it was in the days of Noah'..or like Sodom and Gomorrah. Yes, we are caught in the Spiders Web because we as a nation of the kingdom did not stand together to oppose the evil and our transgression thus multiplied even as we see prophecy fulfilled.

But here we stand in the first part of 1985 realizing that we have passed almost thru these 75 years of the Great Apostasy and in spite of all these evil programs worked by the Spider..we are still a nation altho we have had many casualties. As we wonder what next? and how long YAHWEH?...we turn back to Isaiah 59., to see what YAHWEH will do about this situation since Israel seems unable to help herself. And we find that 'HE' calls for judgement...according to deeds, and by that method He will repay. So shall they fear the Name of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...from the West, and His Glory from the rising sun. Isaiah 59:18-19. Thus from the kingdom and from heavenly places the enemy must fear.

A standard is to be raised in a Christian Nation behind King YAHSHUA.. a standard of the Cross for the extermination of all evil in the westward world of His kingdom. 'For the Redeemer will come to Zion (the kingdom) unto them who turn from transgression..who are of Jacob'...'As for me, this is my covenant with them saith YAHWEH; my Spirit that is within you, and my words which I put in your mouth shall not depart out of thy mouth, out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seeds seed from hence forth and forever.'

Now; Lucifer is not going to win...we shall come out of this Spiders Web called Great Babylon in Revelation. Dr. Swift was so sure, and I agree... that we shall retake America, and it will be Christian ruled in spite of the Great Spider who is also the Dragon and the serpent, and his children as well.

We suggest that if you need further assurance that you read the following chapter which begins:...'Arise and shine for thy Light is come, and the Glory of YAHWEH (spirit) is risen upon thee.' This signifies the manifestation of the sons and daughters of YAHWEH does it not? Remember that theology has set a trap and walled men in and until they are set free in their minds they will never see the history, the semantics or the ethic patterns of this Bible. We have been under this final attack on the kingdom since the Great Apostasy began in 1909, the outcome is for control of the earth. We feel that this final attack is concentrated on this great nation to the westward, because this is where YAHWEH planted the great trees like those of the Redwood of Lebanon, for here He planted the Myrtle trees also, the only place in the world that they grow. Yes, they grew as a brier in Palestine but He planted the Redwoods, and the Myrtle trees in the U.S. long before the U.S. became a nation. And here is where He said he would walk, where His sanctuary is to be...Isaiah 55:13 and Isaiah 6:13.



There is another sermon that deals with symbolism. This is not of Spiders or serpents or dragons, but is talking about the dame evil force which attacks the kingdom. This is the same battle between the children of Light and the children of Darkness, the battle of Satan and his children against the kingdom of YAHWEH. This symbolism is found in the first chapter of the Book of Joel. This is also for our day altho always this is the same battle thru the generations for you are to instruct your children, and they are to tell their children and so on thru the generations, that it is the same force which has always attacked the kingdom of YAHWEH since it has been in earth. Here the symbolism is of the attack on this Tree of Life which is Israel, or the kingdom in earth, and that of course is on your Faith. 'That which the Palmer worm hath left the Locust has eaten, and that which the Locust has left the Cankerworm eateth, and that which the Cankerworm has left the Caterpillar has eaten.' Joel 1:4

Now; in Revelations find there is a stream of Life which flows out of the throne of YAHWEH where in is the place from which He came... embodied as the Spotless Lamb for sacrifice. Thus this stream of Life is the race stream of His household, and the nations of His kingdom with the twelve kinds of fruit growing for the healing of the nations. That which supports this Tree of Life is this kingdom, and its strength comes from YAHWEH'S power for this is what gives the kingdom LIFE.

Remember Jesus said:..'I am the vine ye are the branches, if ye abide in me ye will produce fruit.' So this Adamic race produces the Tree or kingdom and it grows with this racial stream supporting it because all the Life of the Tree comes out of this God given source. And if you abide in HIS race, do not mongrelize then you can produce fruit for the kingdom.

Joel says that there are four great attacks made on the Faith of the kingdom and on the kingdom itself, and he likens them to worms because they are parasites and they live off the Tree of Life, this kingdom..just like the different stages of worms.

Alright....this Tree of Life is the Adamic race..the kingdom, and even before the first leaves were out on this 'Tree of Life' then Satan struck and Eve was seduced, and Adam followed this violation of the law. The 'Tree of Life' had been hard hit for YAHWEH now came into the Garden as High Priest of His race, and restored most of the damage which the Palmer worm (Satan) had done, as he set Adam and Eve back on course to produce this family Tree.

As this race line grew then Seth from then on these were sons of YAHWEH and they were the tall white Manu, and then by the time of Enoch and Job the World Order saw the increase of this 'Tree of Life' in which the Ancients called the Golden years...for Enoch walked perfectly with YAHWEH. This probably displeases Satan and his children very much as they like to destroy not to build a good life on earth.

But still this Race...this Tree of Life..growing in earth and spreading out kept developing, and then thru Jacob YAHWEH reveals to the World Order that this Tree..this race is His Israel and He brings the world this issue ruling with HIM..brings this out to the gaze of the world. And now at Mt. Sinai the Tree begins to bloom and show fruit buds and the next worm, the Locust does all in its power to stop the kingdom, but Israel did have a brief Golden Age at the time of Solomon before the Locusts were able to split the kingdom, and the kingdom people of Israel went into captivity. Thus the Locust hit as the Israel Tree blossomed out and the green coloring matter was filling the Tree. This green coloring what sustains the Tree..we would say it is symbolic of our Faith.

The next Worm is the Canker worm and it strikes to stop the Light of LIFE as He comes. YAHSHUA said:..'I am the Light of Life which is the Light of men (Adamites).' This Light of Life is the mind of YAHWEH which moves upon this Tree..His household..who have the capacity to receive the spiritual life and uplift which comes from HIM.

Yes, the children of darkness would hit hard, and they thought they had won as YAHSHUA hung there on the Cross. But even tho Lucifer rejoiced, he soon found he had lost control of the Adamite spirits in the Netherworld. But remember the persecution after the Resurrection which would bring on the dark ages. Then gradually the Light came back and the next worm..the Caterpillar begins its work on the kingdom, and remember this worm has many legs. This worm throws out the work of God, throws out all inspiration and puts in a mess of propaganda. This is what the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, and all these left wing people do as they move against the kingdom.

In otherwords this kingdom of God is the Family Tree, and we need to get a flint gun and start getting rid of these insects who work on every part of the kingdom. The sap of the Tree is likened to the Faith of the kingdom, and that is the part of the kingdom that needs so much protection, for without the sap the Tree dies.

Let’s look at this another way...YAHWEH has Lucifer on a leash and he has only so much power, he can go only so far. All the powers of darkness, all the forces of evil can only go within permissible realms. When they plan this destruction then YAHWEH not only knows about it but He also has told you which nations will be involved. He tells us all these things will come to pass if we let people come into our country who deny YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh..embodied. We are warned of his conspiracy, and if we join ourselves to non-Christian nations such as the U.N. then we are in trouble. He warns us using the symbolism of these worms as in the prophecy of Joel thus the Palmer Worm, the Locust, the Canker Worm, and then the Caterpiller of symbolism all come against the kingdom of YAHWEH. They work on the political body of the kingdom, and they move into there religious body of the kingdom, into the economical body and the creative and manufacturing body which is the very life and foundation of our nation. And as one insect eats at the leaves of the Tree, then another worm eats at the heart of the Tree, while the other worm goes for the roots and seeks to destroy the very roots of the Tree..or kingdom. Each onslaught of worms does their part in this design to destroy the kingdom. Each worm does their part, but the last worm in its work as an insect goes right to the roots of your foundation..your Faith! They have thus moved to try to take Christ out of our national life, out of our body politics, out of our schools, and they take over the economy of the nation to use it against you. They parrot the phrase separation of church and state, so that they cover their tracks in their drive to take Christ out of our lives. But they really know there is nothing in the Constitution or the Bill or Rights that talks about the separation of church and state. This constant talk of separating church and state is nothing but propaganda because there is nothing at all American about the separation of church and state.

A Great American..Thomas Jefferson, has been misquoted and misquoted. He said:...'In order to retain our political, economic and social freedom it is wise that we retain a principal of separating the effectiveness of any single church from becoming a State Church. And we should support the separation of church and state.' But as he did this he also pointed out that in England..The church of England was the official church and had special political privileges above all and any other church. In Rome the Catholic church was above every other church and had special political and social privleges above every other church and had privleges that they should not have had. Thomas Jefferson thus was not waging a war against the church in any of its ramifications. He just said:...I think we should separate the political body from the influence or course of anyone segment of the Ecclesiastical order. And after that great speech came forth the great bugaboo of this separation of church and state. We have never permitted anyone church to become a national church, but have always maintained that this is a Christian Nation. But the insects have been trying to make this separation of church and state as being part of the constitution so as to bring this nation to the point where it is no longer a Christian Nation.

In 1961 the Supreme Court went outside the constitution which says they must reserve to the states any procedures not specifically delegated to the Federal Government in the constitution. Here in California they overrode their own election laws to say that a man must believe in God to be elected to a high office in that state. There are about 17 States which have that in their code, and it probably hasn't been challenged as often as it should be. But when an atheist and an agnostic wanted to run for office they challenged this state code, and carried it all the way to the Supreme Court. The ruling then came that the state code must be set aside. No longer is a man required to believe in God before he can run for high office, nor can the government force a man into a position of having to recognize or profess a belief in God, or in anything that relates to God. Thus the Supreme Court now controlled by the Insects came out with a pagan anti-Christ decision to reverse the whole tradition of our society. And actually since 1955 there is no legal value to any directive government activity that is done in the Name of God. Thus if everything that is done which requires the recognition of God is illegal then when Congress passed in 1955 an edict that every piece of American money, minted or printed, or coined must be with the words...'In God we Trust'...then that currency put in circulation since that time is not valid. If you pass that money from one hand to another it is illegal. If any man takes the oath of allegiance, and assumes a high office, even the Presidency of the U.S. then his oath is illegal because he took his oath with his hand on the Bible, and he also said:...'So help me God' as is required. But the Supreme Court in 1955 said this isn't legal, and if they actually try to enforce it then we better begin to question the legality of the Courts.

Back in 1892 the Supreme Court said:...This is a Christian Nation..a religious nation, with deep belief in Christ. Thus today we realize we are in a bad spot as the enemy has moved into our courts as well as other parts of our society, and they try to remove principals and standards even the very Christ child from our society. Since 1961...our Courts have been very taken over, justice almost departed, where as in 1984 we see a small turning back. And now we know that there are Worms and what they are like as they go into the heart of a nation, a Christian society to try to destroy the heart of the Tree and the Life inside the seed. This is the same enemies as always symbolized as the Serpent, the Dragon, the Viper and the Spider and all these worms, and always their purpose is to destroy the very heart of YAHWEH'S kingdom. This is the same bunch of parasites who want to eat all the leaves off the Tree, everything green...all Life they want to destroy. Thus they get into positions of power, and tax and tax more and more to spread it further and further away while the principal of independence and consciousness of the kingdom is being destroyed more and more by the work of the insects.


Will finish this symbolism of the Worms on next tape......