ERM - Tape 035 - Worm Symbolism Cont'd; Whites In Central & South America






1. Continue the symbolism of the worms.

2. White people into South and Central America.



This mystery of the symbolism of the Worms is the Bride of Lucifer, it is the symbolism of his power, it is his kingdom, and the woman sitting upon the scarlet colored Beast full of names of blaspheme, and upon her head the name of Mystery Babylon the Great. And Babylon the Great is the mother of harlots and abominations of earth, and she is drunk with the blood of the Saints and the Martyrs of the time of Jesus as well. The beast which is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and then go into perdition is of course this system of the World Order, and this false religion (woman) that rides upon the back of this World System. Remember Israel was a widow when in Chastisement, but this great Mystery Babylon..the woman now sitting on the back of Red communism...Zionism..this Beast System said:..'I sit as a Queen..I am no widow and shall see no sorrow. Thus Lucifers kingdom, his rule seems to him and to his people to be forever. And they keep up their work against the kingdom of YAHWEH to destroy it if possible. When Mystery Babylon falls it shall be this symbolic mystery system that controls all pagan religions, and false theology, and philosophies, and economic manipulation, all parts of Lucifers kingdom and great will be the fall of that kingdom.

Now; what can you do against this invasion of insects? What is the promise? ..'I am going to pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters.' So what is that Spirit? It is the wave length of Divine energy, life, knowledge, understanding, coming down from the MOST HIGH upon His children. It will not only illuminate for them the whole picture, but they will come out of their sleep as this great vibration, this cosmic perception for understanding of YAHWEH'S own consciousness descends upon His people. He has promised there will be a deliverance in the land..when my people have this wave length of spiritual power descend upon them. Then you will eliminate these insects from the kingdom. We take great hope in that. We see that every parasite that hates our God, our Race, our Faith, our Nation, will leave these United States or be crushed right here, and then YAHWEH will restore unto His children everything the insects have taken from us. Yes, we know the process seems so slow, but we are also an impatient people. But we also believe that people have been stirred more than they realize, their protests have just not been channeled down one path. But Almighty YAHWEH can stimulate and you will do things you never did before. After all he has told us of these powers that were to come against us, and that they are also controlled, that He is in control and has been in control from the beginning. Told us that they did not come with His blessing but to destroy His kingdom. Told us also that those that come against us are going to fall.

Listen to the promise:...'No weapon formed against thee shall prosper, and every tongue which shall rise in judgment against you..thou shall condemn.' This is the heritage of the servant of YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh. You therefore don't have to fear, you don't have to have a guilt complex, for our Father took your transgressions from you and remembers them no more. He nailed them to His Cross. He said:...'you are free, there is nothing for you to fear as far as the spiritual dimensions are concerned.' Even if the enemy destroys your physical body still he cannot destroy your spirit. And then He goes further and promises to raise this body and balance the soul consciousness until spirit, soul, and body we will be perfect before our Father.

He has given you an outline of all that is going to happen, then has promised to awaken every white nation of Christendom. And that we the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and all other white Adamic people of this earth are going to stand together, and He is going to give to you the greatest victory the world has ever seen. After all..'The Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take the kingdom and possess it for ever and forever.'

Now; turn to Jeremiah and it says:...'YAHWEH shall be King over the earth in that day and there shall be one Eternal Father, and His name shall be YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...He is our Father and He is delighted to bless us, and to make the Universe as well as the earth secure.'

Now; you are not in a strange place which is unknown to the Father. You have not walked into an unknown historical period when nothing was going according to prophecy. Everything surrounding you in this time you are passing thru has been prophetically stated as the strategy of the enemy, yet the backdrops show the hand of YAHWEH who is going to bring in a great victory. The greater and bigger the enemy looks, the bigger the victory will be.

There is something you can't see altho you can feel it, for there is a wave length of cosmic energy out of YAHWEH'S own life and nature, and the very essence of the tremendous power of His Holy Spirit sets up the whole vision of His plan and purpose that is automatically received by everyone of your race because you are His children. First it will spread out to everyone of His sons and daughters who are expecting it, then to everyone of His children until they will stand on their feet with vision, knowledge and understanding. This to be a short work of Righteousness, for His altered sons, and with it comes spiritual power and great patriotic determination to do something for the kingdom.

Many will say:...we are against communism, we are against this trying to do away with The Christ. Well then start standing up for HIM,...oh, they say but that may hurt some feelings of some of our friends. Well, then we think you have the wrong kind of friends, for they negate your thinking.

A man came to a Swift meeting and he said:...prove to me that there is a spiritual realm, prove there is such a thing as God, prove that there is Eternal Life. Well there are many things you cannot prove to someone who has knowledge and it can be received. We can catch the picture and it does not come thru the senses. We can add to that what we get thru the senses and we then know the distinction. We know today that the only thing we are waiting for is the great wave of power which will prove the manifestation of the sons of God--in the flesh. This is the coordination of the spirit, and the mind to do the work in the body that God put you here to do. We are going to see one Great and mighty kingdom and all the nations of the world are going to come under the administration of that kingdom. They won't all be brothers, they won't all be of the same family, and we will not marry with them, but we will give them justice, righteousness and fairness of administration, and we are going to hear every voice sing the praises of Our Father. We are to proclaim liberty thru out the land which means setting people free inside the vastness of YAHWEH'S Grace and His program. Our Liberty is the Liberty of the Spirit of YAHWEH, NO BINDING, NO CONDEMNATION, AND NO UNKNOWN TOMORROWS.

When some people talk about moving out into the great beyond, across the river into the unknown tomorrows, out into the shadows, there is no such place. My Spirit and yours goes back to where it came from, that is not an unknown land. Just because 5/6 of the population of the world is pagan does not mean there is a great unknown future for the children of the kingdom are going to take the kingdom and rule.

If all the Christian Americans who love the United States, love the Flag, and all it stands for, who love the origin and destiny of the U.S., who love YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, if all those Americans spoke out with their cry of Praise, and Hosannah, with their cry of Patriotism then their cry would move like the waves of the ocean until those who hate us would hardly be heard.

NOW: up to this point we have let the enemy make the cry over our vast communication system. But when the children of God do speak out it will be like the call of the trumpet, it will be a mighty cry of:...awake out of your sleep. This will be YAHWEH'S hour, then fear, superstition, and doubt will vanish as life, power, immortality becomes ours.

We therefore believe that this great nation will be used to accomplish HIS purpose, that at the time of the rising of the kingdom there will come a desire for justice, for righteousness, and America will disarm the world. As the kingdom comes in it will only be because the children are awakened as to who they are. My does no good to fight communism, to fight the Anti-Christ trying to keep America free, unless you expose the enemy.

Now; as I have told you before I have been doing some research to back up the things I will be telling you from the Swift tapes about the white race civilization in South and Central America so long ago, and why some of the race then came on into the South Western parts of the United States. As you know the name Indian for the population of the United States is only what Columbus called them, because he was searching for India. Thus as we call them Indians ..keep this in mind.

It has been known for centuries from Indian legends that at some point in time...way back there that white people of our race landed on the shores of the New World. Every Indian society of which we have any knowledge records the arrival of the white men who brought them their system of science and engineering, gave them their legal codes, and helped them achieve their high level of civilization, and became to the Indians their..White Gods. Thus who was the White God, and how did He and His people cross a vast un- known ocean to arrive in this so called..New World? The Book:..'In Quest of the White God' set out to help answer this question as it establishes facts by Archaeology. It is a probing and provocative examination of the mysterious heritage of the Ancient civilizations of the Maya, Aztec, Inca and other so called Indian societies.

The Author:..Pierre Honore investigated, researched in Archives, and was able to point out in identification the parallels between the culture of the Ancient Mediterranean world of the Phoenicians, who were descendants of Enoch, and the so called Indian Nations of Central and South America. The evidence submitted is most convincing and we now know that white men reached the New World with their families, long, long before the birth of YAHSHUA (Christ). From the photos included in this book as well as the established facts it is plain to see there was and is a difference between these so called..White Gods..who were Aryans, Caucasians, and the so called Indians of the different civilizations.

It is pointed out as well that Asiatics came to the Americas crossing the Bering Straits, and migrated south in migrations lasting 1000 years or more. That Negroes were also to be found in South and Central America as well as those people from the Pacific Islands who migrated there, and all left their trail of identification. But from all legends and Archaeology 'finds' it was the white men who came bringing knowledge for a great civilization. Also the legend of a particular White God has survived, coming from all the Ancient civilizations of Central and South America. The Toltecs and the Aztec of Mexico called HIM...Quetzalcoatl. The Maya called HIM...Kukulcan, where as the Inca called HIM Viracocha. The Aymara people of Peru called HIM Hyustus, and to this day they will tell you that He was fair and had blue eyes. They will tell you that His children of heaven brought their laws, their script and were worshiped as Gods by the Indian people.

Ancient legends tell us that these White Gods arrived in huge strange looking ships with Swans Wings, their hulls gleaming so brightly that they looked as tho they were giant serpents gliding over the water. And when they reached shore strange men emerged from the ships who were fair skinned and had blue eyes, they were such a contrast to the so called Indians now a mixed people of different races with their dark skin and hair, thus this was so noted.

Yes, every history book lists Columbus as the discoverer of American shores in Central and South America, but Archaeologists have proved this to be false even tho the history books have not been changed.

The Author of the book 'In Quest of the White God' entered Indian huts in the Yucatan jungle, joined the elders around their fires on the icy Bolivian plateau; talked to the Indians of the jungle on the banks of the Amazon; and everywhere he went he heard this legend of the white men with beards who came to the Indians 'in the dim past' and became Gods of the New World. Thus even tho history books say Columbus discovered America and have not been corrected still the Spaniards provided evidence against this belief for they also heard as they came this legend of the White God and His children. Besides the Spaniards met white men and spoke to them, and recorded that these people looked almost like themselves or rather northern Europeans...definitely not Asiatics. Columbus himself was greeted as a son of heaven, by the Indians of San Salvador, and he recorded that he had often seen Indians who were nearly as white as the Spaniards.

Pedro Pizarro...Archaeologist records that the Incas of Peru had a ruling class definitely Nordic. He wrote saying he met an Inca woman and her child which were both fair skinned and their countrymen called them...'children of the Gods'. That the ruling Inca were one large family at one time, which furnished all the countries governors, generals, dignitaries, and reigned over an immense territory inhabited by natives now called Indians. They were White people with fair hair and they spoke a language of their own, and they were better educated than their subjects. There were still 500 members of this Royal family even when the Spaniards arrived. So who were they and where did they come from and what happened to them?

Many travelers accounts refer to White men among the Indians of the Amazon. The older chroniclers say that the eighth ruler of the Inca Dynasty was a white man with a beard, and his wife was said to be as white as an egg. The Incas called this ruler...Virococha...or white man.

The Spaniards as they came in the Cortes expedition in 1500 plus A.D., found not only white men, but thrones, heraldry insignias, the art of weaving, the color purple for Royalty, and many such things that you would find in the old world. Cortes and his men wore helmets and the Aztec said this helmet was exactly like their...White God...wore, who had left them long before this. The Spaniards found at the Aztec capital which is now Mexico City fabulous buildings, vast parks and gardens, irrigation systems which brought water from vast distances, all the work of their white Gods when with them. Montezuma II the Emperor of the Aztec kingdom told the Spanish Conquistadors that a white man had led his people to this land in the dim past, and had given them their laws, their technology and taught them all they knew. Everywhere the Spanish went thru all the Indian civilization they heard of this white God and His people, they heard how white men came and became Gods...sons of the Indian masses.

Now; I have a typed copy of the interesting things found in this book... 'In Quest of the White God'. It is long, in fact 32 pages on legal sized paper which can be copied for anyone who wishes a copy for their libraries. There may be some mistakes in typing but I think it is readable, and the best I can do at this time. But here in this tape I am just stating...from the back of the book after some background work, and will try to show you that those of our race established a great civilization in South America then thru migrations moved this civilization into Central America. I am speaking also with some knowledge of the identity of the people of the Bible, this Adamic race. It is a fact that we have forgotten more of the achievements of our race than we have retained altho Archaeology has uncovered much for us in our life time. But as of today most of our race runs around living their daily lives thinking the people of the Bible always were Nomads, living in tents, wandering in the desert, and probably ate with their fingers, not knowing how to read or write. Archaeology has proved this wrong, has given us a glimpse of a 'Golden Age' in the years of Enoch's walk in earth. Legends about the Golden Age of humanity can be found in virtually every culture. This was a dim moment in the past when humanity lived in a virtual paradise, in a world ruled in those times by the Gods, then the heroic descendants of the gods, and finally kings who were superior beings, thus that Age lasted for a long time, altho it was declining.

The Inca legend says the first Inca and his wife manifested themselves at dawn on the Lake Titacaca, and announced that they were children of the Great God...the Sun god of the Indian thinking, and that their mission was to teach civilization to the backward tribes of South America. And now we know that some where perhaps between 3000 B.C. and 4000 B.C., white men came and built a great civilization in South America along the Amazon River. Today this area is known as the 'Green Hell'. It is a jungle so dense that you can walk within two feet of great stone buildings and never see them.

The Author of 'In Quest of the White God', himself, not being satisfied just to read of this made a trip back into the jungle with two guides to see the great stones which were recorded by another to be just like a picture book telling the story of this great civilization, when we learn to translate them. Much has ben translated by men with no knowledge of the identity of the people of the Bible and more is uncovered each day.

In inspiration I would say that in the 'Golden Age' of the time of Enoch and thereafter, white people came to South America bringing the knowledge of Enoch's time. They built great cities of stone and adobe, they used laser beams or some advanced technological technique to dress and move those great stones as did Job and Enoch. For instance one stone found in the Priests House at Machee Piccha contained 32 separate angles. And they found fitted stones so precisely that mortar was not needed. Archaeologists found that these pictures and carvings in the art work of these people proven by chemical analyses is thousands of years old. That these people knew Arithmetic, could figure, read and write. That there were sketches of horses, wagons, and wheeled vehicles. That the art work was similar to that produced by the Ancient Egyptians in 4000 B.C., or earlier. There is another book 'Lost Cities of the Ancients'...written by Warren Smith that also contains much information that the Archaeologists have produced. Thus we find that Archaeologists have concluded that this great civilization built in South America can be traced to the Phoenicians, but my friends the Phoenicians were descendants from Enoch. They also trace this civilization built here in South America back to the Caucasus Mountains, and they use the word Semitic in their identification where as you now know this identifies them as from the Adamic race.

In South America a primitive age had lasted from 10,000 to 20,000 years then all at once what was termed 'the Chavin Civilization' started. Then in Mexico the Olmec civilization started just as suddenly. In a few decades great advances were achieved as migrations were made connecting these civilization with trade between them being carried on. Then over the centuries this South American civilization had spread over Central America as well. When the Archaeologists studied the Olmec civilization they found that here was a paradise where cocoa and rubber grew, where rare birds were flying such as the Quetzal bird, gold and silver. The Olmec people were clad in robes with magnificent ornaments, and on their feet were leather sandals or those made of rubber. They were familiar with secret sciences, astronomy, and they had one who was considered a magician for a king. At the capital of La Venta in Central America they found Mosaics laid in asphalt, yet asphalt was a trading commodity of the area between the two rivers...the Euphrates and the Tigris. The Phoenicians had also used asphalt in their art work on Crete. The Archaeologists found bronze and gold axes here at La Venta just like the ones on Crete. They found here huge altars weighing from 20 to 50 tons that were hewn from great chunks of stone, and that stone had come from the volcanoes 80 miles away as the crow flies. They found giant heads carved from stone 6 feet tall, and 18 feet in circumference. They also point out that these statues do not represent Indians, they wore flaps protecting their cheeks like the Phoenicians of old. All this and much more was found in Central America, but this civilization was not as old as the one in South America along the Amazon.

In South America their capital was named Tiahuanaco, where as in Central America the capital of the Aztec was called Teotihuancan, and Archaeologists tell us both were so gigantic that only giants could have built them, still they were both established by the same people but at different times. And to the natives these six foot or more tall white men perhaps seems as giants as they performed these marvelous tasks and moved those monster slabs of stone.

In the book by Warren Smith, he brought out other 'finds' which the book 'In Quest of the White God' did not go into. And we can ask the question:.. did these people of Enoch's time, in that golden age, have airplanes, radios, and even T.V.? How much of the knowledge of that Age has our race lost that is only now being brought back? From things found in South America connected with that first great civilization we believe that they did have those inventions in some form.

Yes, modern interpreters will tell you that these Ancient people worshiped the sun and the moon, and followed occult practices but just consider the fact that they do not understand the Bible, its people, or know what they believe, so you must take this into consideration as you read their interpretations. There are reports that say these white gods brought the gift of the Vision Stone with them. You find also a story of a crystal in several Peruvian temples that had sound and pictures. Thus we should not scoff at the idea of more knowledge found in Ancient civilizations than we have today, for there is..nothing new under the sun, and we will learn as we turn back to our heritage.

In Peru, European Archaeologists were digging up Ancient burial grounds near a village on the Peruvian coast. An Indian lad watched them lift the skulls out of the soil. They showed the body the square holes in the skull, ...marks of trepanning or the relieving of pressure on the brain. And the bulge of bone matter formed around the edges indicated the patients survived this surgery. The boy asked these white men if they could open up skulls that way? When he received a 'no' for an answer the boy said:..'So the Indians are smarter than you are.' This boy was Julio Tello, and he became the only notable Indian Archaeologist, and gave his country six museums of anthropology and early history. He called this ancient civilization 'Chavin' because of the nearness of the ruins of the village of Chavin de Huantar. It is 600 miles north of Lake Titicaca at the foot of the mountain range, but still ten thousand miles above sea level. These ruins were of a magnificent temple-fortress with terrace steps leading up the slope to it from the River Pucca. The walls were built of square and oblong stone blocks. The cornices had representations of Jaguars and Condors. In the temple was a system of air conduits supplying fresh air to all rooms.

All thru the Ancient civilizations of Central and South America the Archaeologists found the Jaguar motif on reliefs and stone statues. But it was not until our day of the airplane that men flying over realized that Lake Titicaca was in the shape of a Jaguar. This then was one of the symbols, an identifying mark of a people who established this civilization and spread it to the north.

Thus it was that it was on the shore of this great Lake Titicaca in the Andes that the city of Tiahuanaco was built. Here these people were carpenters, Master Masons, Artisans of every craft. One building was made of stones which were 37' long by 15' wide and had been prepared without the aid of lime or mortar in such a way that they fit together without any joints showing. This was the same as the great Pyramid of Giza. The size of the buildings in this city were much larger than those of the world from which the Spaniards came, more like the Pharaohs of Egypt or Ancient Babylon knew. Gold nails were used in the buildings, and gold was used in the streets and gardens. Aqueducts brought water to all the city, and under ground drains were found as well as air vents for air ventilation. A modern city in every way. And here on the shores of this Lake Titicaca still lingers traces of the majesty of these people, their religion, their understanding of the Star Bible, for one building was an observatory with the slits in the stone marking certain Constellations. They seemed to know of the Pleiades, and the Southern Cross as well as other stories of the heavens. Great obelisks were found here as well as gateways carved out of a single mammoth stone carefully placed with their carvings, telling a story in pictures if only we could read their symbols. They were so far advanced in their understanding of the symbols of our race that to these Ancient people the message left to those to follow seemed so plain.

You say...but how did they do this, they didn't have ships in those days, so how did they come? But they did have ships, we know for a fact that in 3000 B.C., the Egyptians and their ships reached Somali land. In 1300 B.C., they sailed around Africa and discovered a country of gold they called Punt. In 1500 B.C., Queen Hatshepsut the lady Pharaoh in the time of Moses equipped an expedition to Punt which sailed around the tip of Africa. Ancient literature contains many reports of great voyages and expeditions, some of them might have come to America don't you think, for they knew of this land. Even tho our race by that time has lost much of the knowledge of the 'Golden Age' still they were ahead of us today in many ways.

Plato for instance mentioned a large Island beyond the pillars of Hercules with a great sea behind it. Theopompas describes a big continent which was supposed to be behind the Islands of the Atlantic, which was called Meropes; he said it was ruled by Meropes a daughter of the king of Libya. The Greeks got their knowledge from Egypt as they sent their students to study there at the temple of ON.

In A.D. 45., even the Greek historian living in Rome...Diodorus wrote of a great country far away from Libya, many days voyage in the Atlantic. This country had navigable rivers and big houses, much forests and an abundance of fruit which were ripe all year around. It was said that the Phoenicians had discovered this country when a storm drove them far out into the ocean. Ezekiel in writing of the history of Tyre, that Ancient city of the Phoenicians which was taken over by the serpent, as Lucifer became the king of Tyre...writes of the rowers taking the great ships into great waters. Ezekiel 27:26. Thus when we unravel that chapter of Ezekiel we will probably know more of this mystery.

According to Aristotle the senate at Carthage decreed that on pain of death for disobedience no ship was to sail to the great unknown Island in the Atlantic. Just why...the Phoenicians were then hiding this great land only YAHWEH knows.

In one of the big libraries of San Paulo, Brazil there is one of the strangest books ever produced. Altho only 40 years old this is one of the rarest as well. Only a few copies are left because most of the people who acquired a copy soon threw it away thinking its author's claim completely incredible. But Ramos had seen so many things in South America in the Amazon area, and he photographed and drew pictures of these inscriptions and letters, animals, demons, cat like creatures, figures of gods and so forth that he found on stones that were covered with these letters of the Phoenician alphabet, and Ramos...'Read'..those drawings as we read a book. The outline of the bird for instance he broke up into Phoenician letters, the beak became one letter, each feather and talon another. In this way he arrived at whole texts which are found in his book first in Phoenician, then in Portuguese translation. All the texts seem to show surprisingly so that these so called savage Indians of the Amazon spent a great deal of time calling on the Great God later called Zeus, who is continually turning up in those readings. Other explorers in the Amazon and other parts of Brazil had found these inscriptions on rock faces and stones. Today there is a whole library full of their reports and they too are firmly convinced that the inscriptions were Phoenician texts. They are also sure that King Solomon, 975-935 B.C., had once come to the Amazon with his ships. They also tell us that the gold countries of Ophir, Tarshis and Parvaim were not to be looked for in the old world at all, but here in the Amazon region on the River Solimoes or Solomon's River. They point out how the inscriptions and frequency of complete Semitic names for rivers, mountains, hills, for people, animals and plants is remarkable. There were two monoliths found in the Amazon region which the Indians worshiped as gods, and called Keri, and Kamiso. These are also found in the old world.

But modern scholars laughed at Ramos for believing these inscriptions were Phoenician so they disregarded the 'finds' even tho the drawings showed clearly they were a script from the old world carved into these stones, and if not Phoenician then what??? One thing is certain...between the outer world and the secrets of South America a veil has descended and the explorers who seek to penetrate this veil must be prepared to face hardships and dangers that will tax his endurance to the uttermost. The chances are that he will not get thru but if he should, if he is lucky enough to run the gauntlet of savages, and come out alive, he will be in a position to further immeasurably our historical knowledge. As of today none of the white explorers has succeeded in penetrating this veil, but one of these days our race will discover their roots, and all things will be made known.

There are rumors of thousands of Ancient gold plates hidden in subterranean caverns in South America. These gold plates are said to have alphabetical writings, and numerals engraved on their surface. Could there be a secret library that was hidden some time...somewhere? We do know that there are subterranean tunnels in South America, also in Central America, and they were built by these same people. They had floors in the tunnels which were paved with large stone slabs. These tunnels have been found and they run for maybe more will be found with hidden messages in them.

Yes, many people will scoff at this idea of white people in South America so long ago, but there is so much evidence that it cannot be denied. They think there were no white people there until the Spaniards established their rule and religion. But there has been many reports and even the Spaniards themselves have proved this not true because they found white people had been in South America long before Columbus, and in fact there are many reports of separate pockets of white people still to be found, they have been seen and they have no connection with the coming of the Spaniards.

Thus you should remember that the Amazon was not always a 'Green Hell' hostile to man. This great rivers isolation is historically a quite recent phenomena, thus the chroniclers reported its banks were thickly populated. The 'Great Death' set in after the Conquista expedition, for these people were not used to the old world diseases, and people were easily stricken. Tuberculosis consumed whole tribes. But as late as 1911 these great buildings of massive stone were seen, and then the forest became so dense that it now hides all traces of the greatness of that long lost civilization.

For some reason this must be in YAHWEH'S plan, to keep this area hidden for a while longer. In the last ten years expedition after expedition has tried to penetrate 'the Green Hell'...many never returned, and nothing has been heard of them since. In fact of 20 expeditions only five of them re- turned decimated, ravaged by mosquito bites, all sick and exhausted. The rest just vanished and never returned. Thus this 'Blindness of Israel' is for a purpose and we look forward to the day when everything is to be made known and understood.

The Author of 'In Quest of the White God'...felt he must see for himself some of the traces of this lost civilization. He had to go to see for himself things Ramos had seen and photographed and drawn, for his book. Thus one day he was lucky for two Indians came out of the jungle bringing things to trade and when he asked as to what Ramos had seen one of them said:..Yes they had also once seen such stones called..'The Stones of the White God'. They offered to take him to see those stones, saying it would take four days rowing up the great river then a turn into a big tributary and follow it for two days, then it would be simplest to hack out a path so as to shorten the way. Well, the Author and his two guides left the very next morning while the mist was on the river. One of the authors guides had come from the region of the Apurimac, the river which makes a frontier with Bolivia...3000 miles further in the jungle. He had once come down the Amazon to stay in the rubber town. On this trip the two guides addressed our author as 'Viracocha', and at their campfires each evening one talked about the Great White God, the Ancient God of his country. This one Indian told of this great legend he had always heard, of how once upon a time a white man with a beard had come to his people, from the east, and had brought them all knowledge, all higher skills, and how this one became the God of the Aymara people, the white, the bright, the shinning God, and then one day he had gone away but had promised to return. For six evenings around the campfire the author heard of the great deeds of this Great White God called Kon Tiki Illac Viracocha. On the seventh day they tied up their canoe in another creek and started on their jungle march. The air was humid and sultry, the sun blazed down but they could not see it in that green twilight. Mosquitoes got into their mouths, nose and ears, thorns tore at clothing, arms and faces as the way was cut yard by yard thru bushes and bamboo. Day after day they went on to the place where the stones were to be found. Finally they found a narrow path which Ramos had used, and in another two hours they had reached the bank of a broad river bed, and there lay those stones they were seeking. Our author forgot the hardships he had been thru, forgot the hunger as he stood there scrutinizing the symbols on the stones, line after line, page after page like a great picture book. Now he had seen for himself what Ramos had found and photographed and recorded. There was sketch after sketch of fishes, birds and jaguars, some stones showed boats, great ships, boats with keels not known to the Indians of the Amazon. Among others the head of an Ox with horns turned up which was most surprising because it was thought there were no cattle in America until the Spaniards came.

Well, my friends...remember now the great symbol of Taurus of the heavens, the great Bull in which you find the Pleiades shining thru his shoulder. Remember the symbol for Ephraim and Manasseh and how Manasseh was to push his people to the furthermost point.

Here also was carvings of birds in flight, and landing, there was even a rhinoceros pictured, yet the rhinoceros never lived in the Amazon region. There were men represented here in this great stone picture book, the god heads, sometimes were with helmets, sometimes those helmets were shown with horns similar to those shown and known for instance at Crete, from Egyptian stelae and reliefs. The animals of this picture book were so life like thus masters were at work here. There is no other explanation, men from the old world must have once been here on the waterway which led to the White God's kingdom. Thus Ramos had not been carried away, the carvings looked as he had produced them in his book, and those stones are still there today. The author found four stones with the characters which Ramos and his predecessors had taken to be Phoenician inscriptions. They were typical of the Cretan Script as was the double axes they found.

Today we cannot read the stones, but all the same they tell us that the legends of the old settlements outgrown by jungle were by no means as baseless as people said. Expeditions will go there in the future when YAHWEH wants this knowledge uncovered to the eyes of the world, but today we only know enough to whet the appetite and keep the facts alive. But the spade will someday bring to life this Ancient city, and the others that the White Gods built, suggestive of a life style perhaps 3,500 years or more old.

Yes, this great civilization started by the white men was a virtual paradise for years. It spread over a great area, everything for a great civilization was taught to the inhabitants of the land. This area of South America was not all of the area of the Golden Age of course for it started in the old world, and now remember that Adam was to rule earth perfectly. Enoch who was the seventh patriarch however walked perfectly, in fact so perfectly that he did not die, just went home when his work was done, thus any civilization established in that area of time would be expected to be perfect, but of course it would not last in this world where Lucifer was still king, but it would also show the world one day its greatness, and what it had missed.

Now; we know that white men kept coming to South America even in the time of King Solomon, so there was an infusion of white blood over the years. We know that some of the tribe of Manasseh came long before the birth of YAHSHUA (Jesus) and we can prove this by the work of Archaeologists if Scripture cannot be understood.

One of the skills the white men taught was feather embroidery. They taught how to assemble smaller and smaller feathers into carpets, rugs, and coats. Feathers of a metallic brilliance mixed with others ranging from the lightest to the darkest blue, from the palest to the richest yellow, feathers of green, brown, purple, red and orange were joined together to make patterns of the most delicate shading, and of the softest, silkiest, most weightless cloth. These feather coats were so beautiful that long after the Spanish Conquistadors came, their Bishops still had their vestments made from feathers by the Indian women who had formally embroidered the robes for their rulers. No feather work has been found in evacuations in Mesopotamia or Egypt but the Cretans were certainly familiar with this craft.

Rubber was a product of this Ancient civilization and in the cities of the Olmecs you even found 'ball parks', you found the work in Jade, Emerald ...the green stone which Indians attached a tremendous value to. Amber was also found in nearly all Indian civilizations, and in the old world, only the Phoenicians traded in Amber bringing it from the Baltic.

As to the stone craftsmanship all scholars are forced to the conclusion that this stone craftsmanship originated in the beginning of this civilization along the Amazon and spread without a gap thru a millennium or more from there to Central America. From this civilization also came Pyramids found all over that are these big stone altars, the sarcophagus, the script and their figure symbols. However the last Pyramids were those built one on top of the other with the original being maybe five layers down. Statues also were found that prove that the Chimu and the Olmecs were not Indians at least their leaders were not for they carried this knowledge northward. They must have been the White Gods who came to Mexico, to the Maya, the Tolpect, the Aztec, and the Toltec as well and became their 'white gods' as well.

As this great civilization began then to deteriorate you can trace the rise of the practice of human sacrifice when those Priests serving Satan took over. Since this earth is the theater of the Universe then those of the Universe know so much better than we of today that it does not pay to try to make an agreement of accommodation with the ruler of the world order. The only way for your civilization to go then is to see it deteriorate as that which happened to South and Central America. When the Spaniards came, under the leadership of Cortes then Catholic Priests traveled with him, and we find that it was the Jesuit Priests who worked so hard to destroy all records of this once great civilization built by white men...wonder why??? It would seem strange would it not if men believing in YAHWEH and His program would want to destroy all traces of this civilization which at its beginning was at least 1000 years older than that at Tiahuanaco in Central America?? Perhaps they did not believe in YAHWEH'S program at all, it seems that they were willing to put up with the Serpent symbol and much ritual worship but the fact of a great white civilization was to be destroyed forever.

On thing Dr. Swift told us has been substantiated by this book:..'In Quest of the White God'. These people of Mexico once had a great flood like that in Noah's time, and how they fled that area. They also knew about the flood of Noah's time, and how he sent out the dove. They knew about the tower of Babel and you found the custom of Baptism among the Indians, a child was sprinkled with water and given a name, we call this Christening, but they were doing this before the Spaniards came. They knew that the Great God was said to be born of a Virgin by immaculate conception, and the Spaniards found this in some of the temples where as in many of the others they found the practice of human sacrifice. But the white men had been there and taught the Indians these many things. The Maya even talked of the Nordic, Valkyrie, thus this story was with them also. Would it not seem incredible to suggest that all these things were invented by the Indians and not brought to them by those they called 'White Gods'..children of heaven?

In summary we would say that this great civilization started early in the Adamic race, in South America and grew then spread into Central America. It brought a Golden Age to that area as well. And white men ruled from the Amazon to the coasts, ruled those called Inca, Maya, Aztec, Toltec and so forth. Then the Golden Age faded into the time of great Patriarchial rulers, kings, and then as it lost its greatness finally faded away, but still the legends live on, keeping the knowledge of its beginning alive. Then in 1500., Cortes and the Spanish Conquistadors came and they found many things still existing from the greatness of that civilization. But in 1562 a Bishop of the Catholic church burned all the illuminated manuscripts of the Maya. He later became the head of the various schools of the Jesuit college in Peru. He was responsible for the destruction of all state achieves, the code of the temple, all historical records were burned. But there are records written long before the Spaniards came that are guarded in great libraries of Oxford, New York, Madrid, Mexico, Vienna and a few other places. Four of these manuscripts are from the Empire of the Aztec, three from the Mayan territory, and one of the Aztec manuscripts deals with history so the story is still there ready to be brought out when the time of the Serpent and his people is over as Revelation tells us will be... 'When time (their time) is no more.'

Thus Archaeology has done its job, it has compiled a great wealth of pictures and facts proving that this great civilization did exist. The 'City of Faith' has also been found, and I would say that even tho our author thought the Spaniards thought this statue of the God was St. Bartholomew, I would think that it was Enoch with his foot upon that marvelous creature. For Enoch was the Dragon Killer. Thus this Archaeological story is more fantastic than any legend, and it also testifies to the mysterious White God.

Now; since we know of this great Civilization built by our race in South America and which spread to Central America, it should come as no surprise then to know that some of the tribe of Manasseh with their quota of Levi also came into Central America perhaps as early as 800 B.C. This then was just an inflow at that time for the same race to keep this civilization alive for a while longer. But we think there was a reason why YAHWEH did not have a Golden Age civilization built in North America. Could it be that His plans for North America was to see that Golden Age come after we under His guidance and with His help have won the victory over the Serpent and his kingdom? That would mean when the kingdom is set in place. There has to be a reason why the Spaniards in their time came only to the South to establish their brand of the Christian religion over South and Central America, where as in these United States we would see Protestantism gain a foothold. Here we did not establish a State church with political power and privileges as did Italy and Britain, for even in Britain there is a state church. Here the hierarchy would have to use a different attack to try to change our religious heritage. Thus would come this attack on the interpretation of our Constitution as to the meaning of...Church and State. Thus the enemy would not establish a 'One World Church' until this situation is changed in the United States. This could be more of the reason why we have always believed that YAHWEH has different plans for our nation, and we believe those plans will be fulfilled with the rising of the kingdom.

As you study and watch events taking place and see what our Government does we should know whether we have to go further under this 'One World Yoke' or whether it is time to come out of the Spiders Web. That coming out will have to be shown to the World Order by the collapse of the enemy and his power. It will be a most interesting time as these events unfold.