ERM - Tape 037 - UFOs


TAPE NO. 37.........BY:  Ella Rose Mast



Subject: U.F.O.'s



QUESTION:...Here in the space age what is the enemy afraid of? If they were not afraid of something you would not see all this propaganda drive against the Star Wars program and things like that?

ANSWER:...Yes, we often wonder why this idea that America must be able to protect herself from space should scare the enemy so badly, and worry men even in our nation as well.

Why also does it scare the enemy to hear a different message by some small identity group such as Aryan Nations? After all they are a small group altho vocal? Why worry if a small church or some parents decide to teach their children, and not send them to the public schools? Why all this drive to remove prayer from our schools? What is wrong with our society that they want to change it even tho they clamored to come here to live? Is it not The Christ they really want to do away with?

Alright this is the Air Age, the Age of Space, and the Eagle always flies the highest of any of the birds. When a storm comes the Eagle takes to the skies and rides above the storm. Is the enemy, the conspirators, afraid that the people are beginning to look up? In the sixties as they began to talk of space, and of U.F.O.'s then some in our Government were able to suppress all evidence of Ships of space, why did this worry them?

A little over thirty years ago Captain Ruppelt former head of 'project blue book' issued his report of the fact that there was strong evidence of intelligence guided space crafts. General Samford of the Pentagon stated that there are credible observers of relatively incredible things. But someone in Washington D.C. closed down all information, their official reason being that they...the hierarchy was afraid there would be mass hysteria if the people thought there was such a thing as unidentified flying objects. Thus all private investigations were to stop.

What then is it that the Serpent and his children fear? Is it the 'WORD' of YAHWEH? Is it that they fear a people awakening and humbling themselves before their God? Is it that they are afraid that our race will one day start to believe, to really hear the words they only point out today, such as the President when taking his Oath of Office with his hand on the following text? In 1980 and then again in 1984:...'if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them, and I will forgive their sins, and shall heal their land.' II Chronicles 7:14. the enemy afraid of the belief's and ideals of these sons and daughters who even in blindness hold fast to their belief in their heavenly father? Are they afraid that YAHWEH'S WORD will come true? We think so. Therefore we thought we would review a bit of history as we talk about space, for the Scriptures are full of talk of ships of space and we believe there are such things. Have you ever wondered why men in our Government would want to bury all the information about U.F.O.'s, those unidentified objects that are flying around, are they afraid of reality?

There is much interest in space once again but why did our Government then almost close down our exploration of space after we put men on the moon? After all we were spending the money here in our nation, as we explored, and this made the economy boom?

Today in the 80's we once more find this interest in space again, but why did this take a back burner? There is even today an interest in the Pleiades altho all the Ancient civilizations were much more interested. The Pleiades are those seven Islands in space, this is where the Crystal Palace is located according to Enoch, and the whole Universe revolves around them with Orion being the balancer, and all the Ancient civilizations knew this. There are 250 suns in the Pleiades cluster, and many thousands in the space beyond. We see only six stars of the cluster, but for some reason the seventh is masked from the view of the inhabitants of earth altho always it was known to be there. For instance;....'As seven, their fame is on the tongue of men, altho six alone are beaming on the eye.' This is a quote of old times. Different Indian tribes considered themselves direct descendants of the inhabitants of the Pleiades, such as the Hopi as well as some of the Navajo Indians and others. The Creek Indians claimed to have come to earth from the stars in spirit form to become flesh and blood...but where did they get that idea? The Dakota Ehanni spoke of the Tayamnie...the home of their ancestors, and the reason for the seven tribes...thus the Pleiades. The Iroquois believed the twinkling orbs represented young people who guarded the holy seed thru the night. Prayers for happiness were addressed to them, after all these stars were the home of their ancestors. The Hokokam, a Pima word meaning that which has vanished...disappeared from the Arizona desert, they had so successfully irrigated and tamed. Altho no one is certain of why they vanished or where they went, still legend says they returned to their home in the sky. Why these stories...why have they now been buried, never investigated? Does the enemy fear this investigation would be to their detriment? This is why we have told you of the White Indian Tribes, and now want to tell you a bit about some stories of UFO's and things like that to whet your appetite.

Alright;...we have reached the moon with missiles, and the depth of the Solar system with satellites, but as yet we have not reached cosmic space. Thus the UFO phenomena is a challenge to mankind. It is the duty of scientists to take up the challenge, to disclose the nature of the UFO's and establish scientific truth, is it not? Time for men in our Government who have withheld such findings to be exposed. Lets face facts, everything is to be made known so lets take off our blinders, and take a long look at what has been happening.

Now; did you know that there is a space Island much, much closer to the earth than the Pleiades. This one goes in an orbit around the earth at the Equator. At first the experts who observed this thought this was an asteroid but they found that it did not operate as tho an asteroid. It has been observed Astronomically, thus we are certain it is up there. Once it left its orbit and came up over New York City. Our fastest jets were sent up and they couldn't reach that great height. Later it went down and appeared over Sidney Australia. Then men in Washington D.C., were very disturbed and wondered if the Soviets had developed something powerful we didn't know about, but then the great platform went back and resumed its orbit at the Equator.

This may be some outpost station that YAHWEH set in place long ago since earth was to become the theater of the Universe. Perhaps this is what the Scripture is talking about as it says we are always under the observation of HE who sits upon the circles of the earth (Isaiah 4:22). 'It is HE that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants therefore are as grasshoppers; that stretches out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.' Remember when Lucifer came to YAHWEH to complain about Job? We think this circling platform was where Lucifer came to talk to YAHWEH because at that time Lucifer could not get out into Cosmic space. He only had access to this Solar system, and not all of that. The story of Job can be compared to the struggle of Israel in setting up the kingdom. And after all Lucifer did to Job still Job said:...even tho my body go into the grave and worms destroy it still...'In my flesh I shall see YAHWEH'...for I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth (Job 19:25-26). Job was looking forward to the resurrection of his body as well, and Lucifer could not shake his faith no matter what he did to that body.

Now; Ezekiel tells us of Flying ships of space and that they came from YAHWEH.., they were the fleets of heaven, and were circular in shape. They had wheels or landing gear and they moved in formation:...'Their wings were joined one to another; and they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward' (Ezekiel 1:9). Ezekiel said these were many and they were undoubtedly moving at supersonic speed using electro magnetic force and they made quite a noise...sort of like a great waterfall.

Dr. Swift was very interested in the UFO phenomena as you know. In the sixties he reported on many sightings of the UFO's in his tapes. He told of the promises of Scriptures, of the fleets of heaven under command of Michael that were to come to the aide of YAHWEH'S people in earth. Every available chance he and some of his friends studied the heavens to see what was out there. They saw many of the circular crafts with the wheels, some had even more than one deck and the wheels circled around. The vast amount of the crafts they saw disappeared in the direction of Alaska. Dr. Swift was very interested in the fact that pilots on airliners would turn in reports of UFO's then in a few days they were instructed by men from Washington D.C., to forget what they saw, for it was only stress from night flying. After John Glenn returned to earth from his mission he said he saw hundreds of Unidentified objects to one side of his ship. But after the Government men got thru with him he said he was mistaken, he didn't see anything.

Dr. Swift talked to the great test pilot...Joe Walker, who had flown many high test missions. He reported that high up in space UFO's flew on both sides of him and there were cupolas on the top of the saucers. He said he saw movement inside, but there seemed to be something like frosted glass between him and them. He said he tipped his ship and there were saucers below as well as on both sides. Then when he brought his ship out of the stratosphere the UFO's zoomed off and disappeared. Joe Walker told Dr. Swift that on two different occasions these types of saucers flew with him side by side. That the speed of these saucers would out distance planes flying over 3000 miles per hour. He thought they left him at the speed of 7000 miles an hour. Then the Government sent men to talk to Joe Walker, told him he didn't see any saucers. He was not to repeat his story to newspapers or reporters, not to tell anyone or this would become a reflection on his ability to fly and they would question his intelligence. But Joe Walker was fascinated by what he saw and he did talk to a few such as Dr. Swift who also was fascinated and excited. Then one day soon after there was a strange accident when flying over the desert and the great test pilot Joe Walker was dead. But as far back as W.W.II., there were reports of UFO's. Then over the Pacific a pilot reported seeing a cigar shaped UFO. When he came along side, the one at the controls of that cigar shaped UFO was very frightening to look at. Thus there are different kinds of these mysterious flying ships, but remember that something which has never been experienced is also considered a great mystery. And Scripture mentions wonders in the heavens, where as a wonder is merely the spiritual force expressing perfection. But all to often the human conceals a wonder behind a mysterious veil, because he lacks any possible logical explanation.

With his great faith it was easy for Dr. Swift to rejoice in thinking the saucer shaped UFO's were ships of Space under control of Michael, they would take care of the Cigar shaped ones of darkness out of the inner earth. After all we battle here not only against flesh and blood.

Dr. Swift also told us of the strange and peculiar story about Col. Charles Lindberg being summoned by our Government to take charge of the experimental program where they were trying to build some type of space vehicle after W.W.II. Col. Lindberg thought over the offer and then made the request that if he took charge of the project there could be no Jews working on the project. He knew that any secret they obtained would be transferred to the Soviet Union. Col. Lindberg remembered, he had been in Germany, he tried to keep the U.S. out of that war which was shaping up. He had met Hitler and the German high command. Col. Lindberg took the job and then one and one-half years later the Jews discovered what was being done and demanded to be allowed to work on the project. They had their way and Col. Lindberg resigned and went to Switzerland. They never forgive, nor forget and you remember how the Lindberg baby was kidnaped.

Of course the Soviet Union was very interested in UFO's, for they to were seeing some, and they were trying to build them, and they were anxious to know if the U.S. had learned the process of what made them fly. After all the parties of the Unholy Alliance did not trust each other to deliver the secrets they had agreed on.

Now; going back to the end of W.W.II., we knew the Germans were working on an invention they thought would turn the course of the war. The missiles we knew of when they shocked Britain. But there were other inventions being worked on and the allies moved to capture factories and inventions. Whole factories were transplanted to Russia as well as German scientists, who with their families were held hostage so the scientists would work for the Soviets. What then was this mysterious weapon the allies were looking for?

Some of the German Scientists were enticed to the U.S. as well, and they were offered a low wage, citizenship or war crimes trails if they did not produce. One of the these famous scientists was Werner Von Braun who worked in space exploration. The U.S. also seized German factories and drawings, but what were they looking for?

Now; this is a proven fact,....the Soviets took 275,000 specialists and their families to the Soviet Union to work for them. When the German scientists protested at being taken into forced labor they were shown documents in English signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill of Britain granting the Soviets the expressed right to utilize any of the Germans they saw fit. These were the two same world leaders who had wailed at Nuremberg about the Germans utilizing forced labor in concentration camps. These captured German scientists were to serve the Soviets for five years, but after those five years in which many died, the others were condemned to slave labor camps for life. But all submarine construction, torpedo development, tank building, rockets, missiles and so forth were set in place for the Soviets by the forced labor of German brains, and they fulfilled the agreement made by Churchill and particularly by Roosevelt under control of his advisors at Conferences held in Potsdam and Yalta.

Dr. Swift told us many things...thus my friends the U.S. Government in the hands of our enemy made a pact with Satan and England under the same control joined this Unholy Alliance. Counting the Soviets as allies they agreed to give the Soviets under Stalin and he to them...any microfilm copies of each and every German patent, of each secret document regardless of who captured them. So what were they looking for?

Dr. Swift told us many things about W.W.II., and altho we would not approve of all Germany did in their drive to unify the German people, still they were of our race, and we should not have entered the pact with the Soviet Union, of fought in that war.

In the late 1970's we found a strange book, published in Toronto, Canada. We are sure that you would not be able to find it there today. The two men who put that book together dedicated it to the often maligned heroes of the second World War. The title of the book is UFO's...Nazi secret weapon.' I thought it time to share some of the things of this book with you. We learn from this book that the futuristic plan of Germany under Hitler’s leadership was to establish a space station rocket re-fueling base revolving as a satellite about the earth at a distance of 4000 miles in height. The American air forces high ranking officers always believed this to be feasible. Thus the Germans were poised for space development back at the time of W.W.II. Later altho German scientists came to America still the U.S. under the Unholy Alliance with Stalin, and the enemy here who worked to hamper any advancement in our space developments thus the Soviet Union was kept ahead of the U.S. to launch the first Sputnik.

Again..what were some of the things the Germans working on that we have not seen used as yet in modern warfare. Oh, the allies found the sun cannon, their high truck with a mounted mirror able to rotate at will. The suns rays to be collected, concentrated and sent back toward the sky blinding enemy pilots and gunners. This was not used until or because of the weather conditions in Northern Europe...for Germany was in clouds to much, but they used it in Africa and found it worked very well. But perhaps it also explains why our Air Force did their bombing of German cities at night.

Where did the Germans get their idea for the Sun Cannon? Remember the great discs that Enoch and Job and their company carried into Egypt which they called the 'Eye of YAHWEH'? The Germans were well versed in Greek mythology and they knew who they were, and who the enemy was. Did you know that German planes at the end of the war were being painted with a superb camouflage paint capable of absorbing radar waves, which would make them unintelligible. The U.S. much later with great fanfare and probably after lots of tax payers money announced that an American paint company had invented this paint. But remember this invention had long been in the U.S. hands, they only re-invented a German invention. This was just one of the secrets brought home after W.W.II.

At Nuremberg then the Democratic order that...'Might is Right' was introduced and Europe’s Elite were hanged for alleged crimes while similar crimes were bing committed by the allies every day. But in spite of all the stealing of German inventions one prize had eluded both the East and the West. This mystery weapon was Germany UFO's. Some plants and their installations were located, but the staff with their machinery for production and the prototypes had disappeared. From Sweden at that time came reports of flying saucers called by the Swedish Press...'Germany's Secret Weapons'. And members of the Unholy Alliance were in a rage, had the secret weapon slipped thru their hands after all their maneuvering at the end of the war?

Then soon after the end of the war came the claim that Adolph Hitler had not committed suicide, that he and his wife had flown to Norway and from there an entire convoy of German U-Boats moved out and most of them were never found. And the secret Mystery Weapon, Germany's UFO's had also disappeared. But Germany had these UFO's as early as at least 1940, the reason they were not used was because in German military thinking, for every new weapon you introduced you should have a defense for it should be captured by the enemy, and as yet they did not have this defense ready, as they did the radar jamming, and the ground to air missiles and others. Germany needed more time which she was not to get, or the outcome of W.W.II., might have been quite different as some of the experts think.

Now; in this book put together in Canada from the records they found could this UFO mystery be the weapon that the enemy fears? Does this explain why our Government has covered up all knowledge of UFO's? We are reminded of a remark made near the end of the war in a speech which Hitler made:...'The inevitable and automatic clash between the east and the west will come sooner or later, and we Germans will be as the proverbial tip of the scale.' Could this still worry the enemy? After all the U.S. and England must throw off the Babylonian yoke, they must come out of this Unholy Alliance. The Soviet's being of a different breed cannot trust their Western partners and must try to prevent the breaking of this pact. Over the years many men have fallen under the spell of this Unholy Alliance but it brought us into the time of Jacobs trouble, and until we come out of this pact with the World Order under the control of Lucifer we will continue to have problems.

Now; we saw a little movement in 1982 in this process of trying to come out of that alliance, and that may be the reason why so called 'star wars' disturbs the Soviets, and even those in our nation who have worked so hard to support that Unholy Alliance of 1917. Today they are putting Band-Aid’s on Babylon to hold it together instead of looking to the future. Yes, we believe 'star wars' is a feasible defense as does many of the military men. What then is holding the U.S. it this Unholy Alliance where as any secret you have is to be given the Soviet Union. The men holding the Alliance together use the fear of nuclear war to keep the people in line, so what would they use if 'star wars' made the U.S. safe from nuclear war?

Now; in 1950 a UFO sighting showed the pictures of the famous German smokeless, soundless UFO's which was thought to operate on the electro magnetic propulsion method, perfected by the German scientist Victor Schaulberger. Again the men of the Unholy Alliance were is distress, for where did these saucers come from? They knew that some of the plans for the saucers were taken to the Soviet Union. And the former designer Miethe came to the U.S. and worked on flying saucers for the U.S. and Canada. Finally our Government was able to put a lid on any talk of flying saucers. The Avore Company in Canada where this work was being done was driven into bankruptcy, and the top scientists were then out of work, and Miethe disappeared along with the flying saucer he was helping to build.

Oh, the Soviet's did not trust their Western partners even tho they had that infamous agreement, and yet the West kept their part of the bargain. But Soviet sympathizers always sent any secret to the East, but still the Soviet Union could not build a flying saucer altho they have been able to be quite successful in other areas of space.

We always remember that YAHWEH still has the final say in this battle between East and West. We remember that Scripture says:...'I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim and the tribes of Israel with him even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be One in my hand.' Ezekiel 37:19. He did not include the Soviet Union in his statement, and He will have the last say. Remember that Germany is Judah...standing on the East as protector of the kingdom. And of course would be very involved in this time of Jacob's trouble. No wonder the Unholy Alliance is worried about the possibility that UFO teams left Germany and went int the general direction of the Southern Hemisphere. As none surfaced for sometime they would relax, then as reports came in they must have become alarmed and again we hear about those wicked Nazis. This still continues even after all this time.

Now; Nostradamus remember prophesied of Hitler’s escape from Germany in a submarine:... 'The leader who shall lead an infinite number of people, Far from their homeland to one of strange manners and language.

Five thousand in Candia, Thessady finished,

The leader escaping shall be safe in a barn on the sea.'

Another verse:......

'Wild beasts for hunger shall swim over the rivers,

most of the land affected shall be near the Danube,

into an iron cage he shall cause the great one to be drawn,

when the child of Germany shall see nothing.'

Well, wild beasts are obviously the raping, all devouring allies of the Unholy Alliance, forbidding the Neisse, the Elbe, Rhine, Moldan, and the Danube river where it all ended in April 1945....or did it end there?

You will remember James Forrestal the U.S. secretary of the Navy who supposedly jumped to his death from the 13th., story window of Walter Reed Hospital after he had revealed that the German U-530 submarine was chiefly a transport submarine? Two months after the war one of these German U-530 subs gave itself up, but not before all scientific instruments and weapons on board had been destroyed. The U-Boat calmly slipped into the harbor of Rio de la Plata. The U.S. immediately demanded that Argentina was to turn over to them the instruments of the sub and the crew, and they were brought to the U.S. where an icy silence settled over the whole incident. However Argentinean authorities did learn that this U-Boat carried a crew of 54 men where as the usual size of the crew was only 18 men. There was unusually large stocks of food on that U-Boat as well as 540 large tin cans, all sealed, and when opened found to contain only cigarettes, where as none of the U-Boat crew members smoked. All the members of the crew of the U-Boat were also less than 25 years of age on an average.

The world however soon forgot about this U-530 and its fate, and the uncertainty of whether or not Hitler had escaped as Rear Admiral Karl Donitz designated as military leader of Germany by Hitler...was arrested. Now Rear Admiral Donitz was not named as the New Fuehrer but only military leader. But he and his entire cabinet was arrested and shipped off to the Nuremberg War crimes trials. Germany thus became a country with its entire Government behind bars.

But behind the scenes the allied naval intelligence units were engaged in trying to locate Hitler’s submarines. After the Japanese surrendered a number of those German subs were turned over to the U.S. and another of the U-530 subs berthed in Argentina. From the two logs of both those U-Boats they found that both had left Kristiansund, Norway...May 2, 1945. From the same spot where earlier reports stated Hitler had been taken after his departure from Berlin. The captain of the second sub, Capt. Schaffer wrote:....'we were whisked out of Argentina with great haste, but not until every square inch of the U-Boat had been examined, probed for a trace of the Fuehrer, this then clearly showing that the Unholy Alliance felt that the Fuehrer was still alive.

One of the German U-Boats was sunk in the straits of Malakka, Indonesian waters. Sunk by a British sub and some of the crew of that sub were rescued and imprisoned. Then 30 years later as one of those men was dying he revealed that this U-859 had taken a treasure to its watery grave. This treasure being 33 tons of Mercury. An expedition was organized and they located the sub and divers went down. Sure enough they found large black tin crates. They were brought up and opened, and there was the 33 tons of Mercury, none of the worse for its 30 years at the bottom of the ocean. But what was a German U-Boat with a large crew of men...actually 67 in number, doing half way around the world with that treasure of Mercury? What was it to be used for, and where, one seems to know.

Oh, you say:...but that is so long ago, any who escaped would be real old today. Well one of the things the Allies found was that Germany kept extensive records of their people. We know this because the Allies used these records to ferret out, so called, Nazi war criminals. They discovered from these records that 250,000 Germans had disappeared completely and this figure remains consistent. They were called:...'The cream of the crop'... saved they said for the day when East meets West in mortal combat, when Germany would be the tip of the scale as Hitler proclaimed in several of his speeches, and what would they use to tip the scales with? wasn't recorded. Someone asks, did Germany have the Atomic bomb? Well, Professor Oppenheimer is reported to have said that the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany.

One of the reports which fell into the hands of the Allies reported that before the collapse of Germany that Capital had been sent abroad. That treasure was safely hidden away in a different land. And this land was said to be in the South Antarctic area. The Reich land treasury (all of Germany's reserves) disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin before the end of the war. Guinness World Book lists this story under...'The Greatest Unsolved Robbery'.

My friends I am just telling you some of the facts that have been covered up for so many years. Could it have been possible that a large number of young Elite of Germany escaped the net of the Unholy Alliance? Could they be in our land as well, at least some of them? Perhaps this explains this fear of the Nazis until it has become an obsession of some people?

Upon investigation we find that back in 1938-39 a Polar expedition had been undertaken in the area of Queen Mau Lands in the Antarctic. There they found ice free Oasis's (warm water lakes) and Alp like mountains. This land was claimed by the German Government. Thus Germany was reaching out early. And in the Antarctic there is no rust, no germs, very little illness, or decomposition, and food remains edible forever since it is a veritable giant deep freeze. Admiral Byrd discovered these facts in his exploration in the Antarctic.

Another question:...did the Unholy Alliance discover that Hitler had escaped, thus the Nuremberg trials, were they stages in the hope this would force the 'Lost Battalion' to come out of hiding? There were some UFO flights at that time recorded but no armed conflict clashes, no incident of that nature took place. But the U.S. got into the act and sent Admiral Byrd with an expedition to explore Antarctica. An English and Norwegian force operated in a support capacity, and a Soviet contingent also participated in this research. Admiral Byrd when questioned was found to suggest that they were trying to find the German resistance center in the Queen Maud land region. One flight over that land when Admiral Byrd was on board ran into trouble. All their instruments on the plane went totally haywire. The gauges and altimeters behaved in a most erratic manner, and the flight returned to base on visual control where all instruments then returned to normal. Different reports in different papers at that time was that Byrd had located the secret Nazi base and dropped an American Flag, others said a bomb was dropped. But within 48 hours the Byrd expedition planes ran into trouble...four of the planes were lost without a trace. The expedition was then abandoned and Admiral Byrd was called home. But on board his Flagship 'Olympus' he gave the following interview as reported in the paper in Santiago, Chili, March 5, 1945. This interview was with Lee Van Alta:.... and Admiral Byrd declared it was imperative that the U.S. initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. He stated that in case of a New War, the U.S. could be attacked by flying objects which could fly from Pole to Pole at incredible speeds. Earlier Admiral Byrd had repeated that point of view resulting from his personal knowledge gathered in his expeditions to both the North and South Pole. After Admiral Byrd arrived in the U.S. and the significance of his findings had found their way into the press, he was hospitalized. No hard information has eve been unearthed but it seems his final statement to the press in South America while on board the 'Olympus' was not appreciated by the powers behind the scene in Washington D.C. Remember that the Byrd records were frozen after he died. Was he also a victim on the long list of prominent people removed from circulation because of their honest belief in UFO's those unidentified flying objects which fly at incredible speeds?

Now; these were the conclusions drawn by the men who put together that book about UFO facts as they found them:.....

1. The final outcome of W.W.II., is as yet to be decided if the Germans have their 'Lost Battalion: waiting in the wings as the tip of the scale.

2. Was the Korean and Vietnam War supposed to provoke a premature showing of the hands of the 'Lost Battalion'?

3. That the Germans defended their secret lair until Admiral Byrd was forced to retreat and acknowledge the superiority of those UFO's...the secret weapon?

4. That the New Third Reich has maintained its time, technology advantage over their W.W.II., adversaries, possibly increasing it.

5. That Idealism (spirit) has triumphed over materialism (money) since only the German state was destroyed not the ideology of National Socialism.

6. There has been a more than 30 year cover up by brain and more often by brawn as to the true identity of many of the UFO's. Their origin has been known and deliberately suppressed by the rulers of the Unholy Alliance of 1925-45 between Britain, the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

7. The reason for the insane UFO cover up will have to fall apart as it is built on lies told by both the East and the West about the so called barbaric and sadistic behavior of the rulers of Germany.

Now; after a sort of lull in the UFO story then reported sightings came on April 24, 1970., from the Soviet Union. Those listening heard the report that a supersonic Soviet Jet bomber on a secret mission from Moscow to Vladivostok was lost without a trace over Siberia. The pilot in voice contact with the ground was suddenly interrupted, and then only silence came. Then 200 planes moved into the air to the area of the last contact with the missing plane. And several of those pilots reported to the ground ...'we are not alone up here'. 'There are about 25 or more flying objects up here'..they reported, 'and they are huge and fast and we cannot get near them. That same afternoon at Krasnojarsh a red alert came as silent silvery UFO's in formation circled over that city. German students returning from Mongolia said they were told that the Soviet Union had destroyed a secret UFO base in the Northern area of Mongolia. However no photographic proof or documentary evidence of this exists.

We remember that Admiral Byrd came home from Antarctica and someone in Congress suggested that they turn Antarctica into an atomic test range. No sooner was this idea advanced and announced in the press, when a strange thing happened. Capital Hill in Washington D.C. received an official visit. Historical photographs show the swarm of UFO's flying over the congressional buildings and the White House. They were circular in design as they flew in perfect German formation. The Antarctic test sight was never seriously considered again.

Now; once more conclusion reached by the authors of this book on UFO's was that this information must be true, for there is much evidence in its favor, and the UFO's they feel will undoubtedly be used to prevent atomic war to stop this extinction of the white race. No man believing as did Adolph Hitler in the survival and resurgence of the Western culture would allow that to happen if he could help it, neither would any of those who he had trained.

Now;...this we know, this Unholy Alliance will be broken when the East meets West in that tangle, and that would bring the situation when the 'Lost Battalion' could make their play if such exists, and it be in YAHWEH'S plan as He brings both Houses of Israel to stand together as He has promised to do. Thus we watch and see what does develop.

There is also another instance we would like to call your attention to... another sighting:...The American Astronomer Professor Dr. James Green acre, and four of his colleagues made an astonishing observation from Flagstaff, Arizona, and they reported it in a conference in New York city in May of 1964. Here is roughly what the Professor said:...'On October 29, 1963 we observed several colorful spots on the moon. One month later they observed the same phenomena. He also reported that close to the moon they saw three space crafts of gigantic size. They were in motion when observed, and they then saw numerous small crafts one-half the size, move along side the huge crafts. This seemed to be as a mother craft, and occasionally the lights and colors would change as they watched. Well, remember that the Swift group had also seen such a phenomena. And we know that Ships of Space bend Light ahead of them so that from earth they can show their light or not as they choose. After this sighting was reported from Arizona it was thought for a while that the Soviet Union had beat the U.S. to the moon, but when the Americans went to the moon the Soviet's weren't there. As to who those crafts belonged to as they moved over the face of the Moon there is one thing we do know, they were circular in shape as are the ships of space commanded by Michael, and as the German UFO's. And also if to be believed as were the ships from the Pleiades which the man from Switzerland supposedly came in contact with.

A Professor Dr. Phillips of Berlin, a wartime comrade of Hitler claims he knows and he produced charts to how us the timetable of his flights... and this was also reported by the two men who put together the book on 'UFO'S'.

Now Dr. Beter tried to tell us that the Soviets were years ahead of us in space, but we think he was misled in later years, as he tried to uncover events. He knew lots about the conspiracy but he did not lay out the picture of the Unholy Alliance.

Now; remember that the Germans were flying their UFO's in 1941-42. The last known design was their model II with landing gear or retractable shock absorber legs. In many of the UFO sightings in different places these types were seen flying in what was termed German formation which is the 'Y' formation.

We ask then...why has every Government on earth been suppressing the UFO story? If these were from outer space wouldn't the Government have wanted to know about them? Perhaps not...but this worries the Unholy Alliance, but for 30 or more years we have wondered about those UFO's, where go they come from...who flies them? Some of the contact with some of them especially in South America, said that the crews spoke English sometimes, and some said German, and that they looked pretty much as we do.

Now; we have told you these things to stir your interest. We now have three witnesses as to the shape of the ships of Space, they are circular and there are then the cigar shaped ones, and contact with the later are always negative, so the circular ships we would say are the good ones, not to be feared no matter where they came from.

Also remember lots of this talk of the preaching of hate as the message of Identity is called, is just fear on the part of the enemy for they fear it as a threat to their control thru the Unholy Alliance. Today they are trying to put Band-Aids on Great Babylon to hold it together while many people are trying to come out from under the bondage even tho they don't even recognize the bondage. This is thus a battle for the control of the mind. For they even changed the books of history, writing a new history to teach our youth, and yet the eyes of the young still shine as they respond to the theme of Patriotism and our belief in YAHSHUA...the Jesus Christ of translation. This enemy cannot understand and neither can the men who have become so negated by the work of the Unholy Alliance over the years since 1917. No wonder this is referred to in Scripture as the time of Jacob's trouble. Under this Unholy Alliance with Satans children we find that the enemy was able to hurl the House of Israel against the House of Judah one more time in W.W.II, to bring a harvest forth for themselves. After all that is what wars are all about.

The bottom line in the basis of fear for the enemy is this belief in YAHSHUA...this YAHWEH in the flesh. They fear that unless this belief is destroyed our race might begin to believe the other things some of the race proclaims.

When our astronauts went to the moon the first thing they reported was that they were not alone up there. They saw UFO's ...lots of them in space ...but then the powers that be shut down that story, but still the truth leaks out and they tell us that UFO's watch every move that NASA makes. That UFO's are real, that each time they go out on a mission they are followed. The Soviets also have watched as reports confirm, and those ships are up there, so who are they? We know that YAHWEH holds the card that tips the scale. We have been promised that this will be on our behalf, thus we wait for other developments, resting in our Faith.

There is one more thing....there is a human pawn (back there when this tape was written) this UFO game of hid and seek. This is the man Rudolph Hess still in prison because the Unholy Alliance which France has also joined are afraid to let him speak. It is reported that all but the Soviet Union as of today would release him, but bowing to the Soviet demands the British still hold him in Prison. But to you who say that is a long time ago there cannot be anything in the story of these UFO's then we remind you that here is this German still in prison, and still alive in the conditions of that confinement. Wonder what this man who only wanted to stop the war between two white nations could say that causes so much fear, and they hope he will die in Prison?

If judgment comes in the era in which it was started, then time is running out for the Unholy Alliance thus they must try to keep the cover on.

Now; my friends I do hope I have given you something to think about as we wait for the rising of the Kingdom Administration. Knowing in that day all things will be made known. We just thought we would share some of the things we have read, heard and known over the years.

In the next tape we will cover another controversial subject.......The KKK.

Until next time.....May YAHWEH Bless------E.M.