ERM - Tape 036 - Menassah People Into Central America & The Southwest U.S.


TAPE NO. 36 . . .by Ella Rose Mast







QUESTION:---Why should we be interested in the fact that part of the Manasseh people came into Central America and then on into the U.S.?

ANSWER:---Because we believe in the prophecies which follow our people. That a double portion was given to Joseph in the blessings of Israel (Genesis 48:22) . . . this was so that both sons of Joseph would be leaders of tribes of Israel. And any issue of Joseph after this would also be counted as Israel and they would go with Ephraim and Manasseh. (Genesis 48:6) Manasseh was the first born, but the seed of Ephraim would become a multitude of nations, thus greater in number. Genesis 49 gives you the blessings of the House of Joseph which helps trace these two tribes thru the years. It is written that: ..'Joseph is a fruitful bough by a well whose branches run over the wall. The archers (enemy) has sorely grieved him, shot at him, and hated him. But his bow abodes in strength; and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob from whence is the Shepherd, the stone of Israel. Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee, and by the Almighty who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that lieth under, blessings of the breast and of the womb. The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors unto the utmost bounds of the everlasting hills; they shall be upon the head of Joseph, on the crown of the head of him who was separate from his brothers. Genesis 49:22-26

In the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 33, you find more of the blessings of the tribes of Israel and in verses 13-17 the special blessings of Joseph both Ephraim and Manasseh. The Unicorn is one of the symbols of Joseph, as well as the bullock as they push their people to the ends of the earth to fulfill their Destiny.

In the Book of Numbers, chapter 2, you find the numbering of the tribes was done, and the tribe of Ephraim already was larger, for they were numbered at 40,000 men from 20 years old and upward, where as Manasseh men from 20 years upward were numbered at 32,200. Each tribe was to pitch by the standard of their father and Levi was not to be numbered thus the Biblical number of 12 would be maintained. The Marching orders also place the House of Joseph on the West in the Kingdom line up.

Why then are we interested in this fact that some of the Manasseh people came into Central America and then into the South Western parts of the United States at a later date and were there identified as White Indians? Well, remember that Col. Totten in 1892 traced the Westward march of Lost Israel searching for our roots and the symbolism for the Seal of the United States. The U.S. Congress had commissioned him to do this and he did a thorough job as he then wrote many books telling us what he found. His outline of the symbolism of the Seal of the United States is the most complete of any that I know of, and if any of you do not have the book report of this then I will send you a copy.

We now know that the tribe of Manasseh carried the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle as well as other symbols of the House of Joseph such as the Arrows and the Olive branches. Also this tribe carried as their Destiny under the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle as being the place where a representation of all Israel tribes would be gathered, the symbol of . . . The New Order of the Ages. Thus from the WEST was to come leadership as we move into the theocracy of YAHWEH'S rule, thru the kingdom. Joseph thus represented the protector of the Shepherd, to provide the strength for the Kingdom, the protector of the Throne as well as the True Shepherd . . . YAHSHUA.

The British commonwealth of nations representing Ephraim was set in place as their Destiny, and Ephraim was to reach this Destiny first, and she did become Queen of the Seas, and many nations, thus a commonwealth. But Manasseh was to be a great nation as well, and since Manasseh was the eldest then the British commonwealth was not set in place until after the United States became a nation. Ephraim people went out and set their colonies in place but in 1776 as the U.S. declared her independence the Commonwealth of Britain was not yet in place, would not be in place until 1812-13. You may say today that the Anglo-Saxondom has been preeminently the most powerful force of the kingdom, and the American Eagle has been in poling strength. Thus out of the House of Joseph by symbolism was to come the Shepherd of Israel, this stone kingdom, this kingdom of living stones fitly framed together, the whole thing a Holy Temple unto YAHWEH. And that symbol is the pyramid and this is expressed in a fashion also on the Seal of the U.S. and YAHSHUA is the capstone. Remember the Throne has been in the House of Joseph for a long time, because the 'Green Tree' of old Jerusalem became the 'dry tree', and the House of Israel in the West was caused to flourish. Today we find the United States at the pole, or leadership position between communism and the anti-communistic world. If the U.S. were to fold up communism would sweep the world.

Now, we have told you of the great white civilization in South America, that moved into Central America and lasted perhaps for 1000 years or more. Have you ever wondered why YAHWEH had this civilization built in South America, but no trace is found of it in the U.S. and Canada? Did He have something else in store for this nation? ...We believe that He did.

Oh, yes people lived in North America over the centuries, and this area suffered in the ice age, but there has not been found any great white civilization here like they did in the time of Enoch and Job in Egypt. Then the Spaniards came to South and Central America and they established their type of Christian religion with its headquarters in Rome. I have always felt that there was a purpose in all this, for this land was to find established in it the last nation of the kingdom, the furthermost Westward. And here He planted the Great Redwoods and the Myrtle trees as symbols. Isaiah 55:13. Thus the development of this land would come when the people of Destiny came to do the job at the right time. Isaiah 18.

Now, as the Manasseh people came into Central America, they were the in flow of the Race to keep traces of that great civilization alive. When Dr. Swift told his listeners 20 years ago that some of the Manasseh people came into the Caribbean on the ships of the Danites and Phoenicians about 800 years before the Birth of The Christ, and some were sure this was impossible. Today after the work of the archaeologists we know they were not the first of the race into that area, for a great civilization had been established long before they came, and traces of it were still there. Thus the Mayans welcomed the Manasseh people because they had white rulers before them, and it was thus not long before the Manasseh people were the Priests and teachers of the Maya people, a gentle Pre-Adamic people from Atlantas. Thus this explains why the Maya called them the Queechie (Quechu) or sons of Quetzel the Great White God.

Thus there was a part of the tribe of Manasseh like the tribe of Dan who would decide to travel the world to make it bow to YAHWEH. They did not want to stay and battle for that little spot of land in Palestine so instead of going into Assyrian captivity as did the rest of the tribe of Manasseh, they joined the Phoenicians and the tribe of Dan who sailed together, and now with the Manasseh people they scattered their heraldry other places.

As this 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh decided to leave that old land they lifted up their symbol of the Eagle, loaded their great bows and axes on board ships of Dan and left that old so called Holy Land. The Heraldry of the Eagle on the staff was first carried by the Manasseh people. Oh, these people knew of this land to the Westward beyond the waters, Westward of Africa. They knew that the earth was not flat long before Columbus sailed in his time to prove it. Some people have interpreted the Scripture as tho 1/2 of Manasseh dwelt in one place and 1/2 dwelt in another but that is not true. One-half of the tribe of Manasseh went into captivity but the other half of the tribe also went across the waters, and this explains where they went. This is also how the Eagle symbol came into the Mayans land. This is how it came into the Seal of Mexico, and Ancient Mexico had this symbol of the Eagle as the Serpent killer, and it stayed their symbol thru the years. Lucifer was also identified as the serpent, sometimes called the flying serpent. The Pre-Adamic who loved the Great God were afraid of Him, and were always looking for the white Gods to return to protect them from the flying serpent they called Coatal. Later he would take the name of Quetzal Coatal and declare himself as the Serpent God . . . the Great God of the Universe. Thus there was this image of the serpent god, the flying serpent rather than a flying reptile, but originally he was Lucifer.

Quetzal to these Ancient people was the Great White God of the Universe, thus a Quetzal people would be Gods in earth. And as the Manasseh people came into Maya land they were welcomed as children of Quetzal.

We can trace this arrival of the Manasseh people by the Mayan records, according to the great time clock of the Mayans when we can read it correctly, but it was about 800 to 750 B.C., when they came, and this is when the Bible also tells you that some of the Manasseh people crossed the great waters, and the Eagle in Mexico was then the symbol of White Deity.

A prophecy existed among the Maya and the Toltec that the day would come when Quetzal the Great God of Light would return and would rejoin His children in earth. That HE would bring the mighty hosts of the sky and again the sky would be filled with the hurtling ships of the Serpent god, and the Great God of the sky would defeat the Serpent god, and there would be a great victory . . . as the Great God of the sky defeated the flying serpent who had caused the earth to shake, land masses to do down, mountains to rise because of the rebellion of this flying Serpent. This symbol of the Eagle killing the serpent has lasted until the past few years in Mexico when they have finally stopped minting their silver dollar with the symbol on it of the Eagle killing the serpent. I have one of the last of these dollars that were minted and it shows the Great Eagle with the Dead Serpent in its mouth.

Another symbol carried by these people on the ships of Dan and the Phoenicians was the Phoenix bird and you found this in Central America and South America as well as the Winged Orb such as Enoch and Job carried into Egypt.

The Mayan records show great catastrophes their people went thru over the ages, but they have no record of any flood covering all of North America, and Central America or South America, as a flood that wiped out all the civilization, society and so forth. The oldest records of the Maya calendar shows no such flood. But they then later knew of this flood of Noah's time, and they were great mathematicians and they had tremendous measures of the sky, but they did not have Venus in their solar system at that time when they worked their original calendars. They put the entrance of Venus in their calendar somewhere around 1470-1450 B.C., it all depends on how we measure the decan to find the exactness of the measuring point of the Mayan calendar. In other words they show Venus coming into our solar system about that time, and they show that as it came in there was accompanying catastrophe, but the catastrophe did not affect them. They only knew that the sky above them became filled with dust and debris. That the sky became red, and they thought that the Mighty God of the sun was angry and would bring another catastrophe upon their Ancient land which had been swept away, a whole continent had been swallowed up with fire in the past. It was not until white men arrived in ships and were received as the sons of Quetzal, the Great God of Light from the sky, that their hopes were raised that perhaps the hour had come which would turn the Serpent from the catastrophes which he had set in place.

Thus again as the children of Manasseh who according to the Scriptures had gone to sea in ships and sailed across the Atlantic, brought to the Mayans as the Mayan records show, the whole Biblical records of Moses, in fact everything right up to the time they left the old Holy Land. Thus the Mayan records have this story of the coming of the sons of Quetzal, the children of the Eternal God whose battles had been fought in the skies, and which had affected the background of their history, and as the Manasseh people came they also were welcomed as the children of Quetzal.

Now, there were Pyramids in Pre-Adamic days on Atlantas and elsewhere and there were pyramids in South America and in Central America. The Pyramids on Atlantas became pyramids to Demon Gods when the worship of the ONE Great God of the sky faded with the end of the white teachers. There is also an Ancient pyramid, a very high one in China. It is now covered with dirt and trees grown on the sides of it. And it is way up in the North land of the High Steppes. It has a tunnel into it so there must be something inside of this high mountain like structure, and it will be interesting to find out what is inside.

Now, the Manasseh people as they came into Central America preached the Gospel they had up to that time. They were looking forward to the great God who was to come as Messiah, and you find that also in Mayan records. Since they were considered the sons of Quetzal then the Manasseh people were soon teachers and leaders of the Maya people, and they built great cities and taught those people how to fortify their cities, enclosing their food supplies and water inside the walls in case of siege. There were Asiatic Indians who were always warring against the Mayans trying to destroy all traces of the worship of the White God and the civilization that the children of Quetzal had built. Since the Manasseh people had come, this would help keep alive this civilization, and then when Cortes came much later in history then they also would be welcomed as the 'sons of heaven' because this knowledge still existed as a legend.

The Toltec and Aztec in their history had the story of the coming of the White Gods, the Illuminated ones, those bringing the Winged Orb. They also tell of the challenge by Coatal or Anezal, the flying serpent as he declared he was now Quetzal-Coatal the God of the Universe. They tell how that civilization was then under attack.

Then came the great attacks by the demon gods and the Serpent against their cities, and we find that the Manasseh people had taught the Maya people to build tunnels out from their cities as escape routes, and these tunnels were over one mile long. Thus they came out of their cities led by the Manasseh people and went tribal to survive. Some of the Maya went south to report what had happened, but the Manasseh people now a strong tribe moved to the North into Toltec land where some of them had already established themselves, and that civilization also spread into Aztec land. As long as that civilization was strong and led by the white men they held in check the practice of human sacrifices by the pagan priests.

The Maya people who went to the south were always looking for the return of these white people who had taught them so many things. They said it would be at the end of the age, when their Messiah-God would return to destroy the flying serpent.

Yes, some of the tribe of Levi came with Manasseh people into central America because Levi was given unto all the tribes of Israel as ministers. And yes, the Mormons had some of this story at one time. They were looking for White Colonies in Mexico, and they thought they were of Levi.

Now, the Toltec civilization seemed to be the last great civilization in Central America. It was built or reestablished by the Manasseh people who had come first into the land of the Mayans then on to them. Here they established again a belief in the One Great God of the Heavens, and under the worship this civilization also prospered. The Manasseh people multiplied as they ruled over these people, and were accepted as the great and mighty representatives of the god of the deep blue sky.

In Central America at a later date the Austrians tried to build a great Dynasty in Mexico, and this brought more white people into that area. Then as the Spaniards came, they also brought forth an aristocracy into Mexico thus there was and has been much white race influence in Mexico over those early years.

But always there were those Satanic Priests to contend with, for the Asiatic were in bondage to these Priests. Thus the Toltec civilization in the time of the Manasseh people would have trouble with these Priests who served the serpent. Finally we find that the Asiatic Indians surrounded the capital city of the Toltec and they spread sulphur around the city and as they set the ring of sulphur on fire then the flames were overpowering inside the city, and the people were forced out of their city. They came out thru the escape tunnels and then the Manasseh people and some of the Toltecs went north, while some of the Toltecs went to he south to tell others what had happened and to keep alive the legend of the return of the White Gods. The Manasseh people gathered their people and they moved to the north, finally coming into the south western part of the United States. You found those who were called Quechu (or Queechie) and they talked about how their ancestors had crossed the great waters, and would some day go back where they had come from, where their ancestors had come from.

Now, remember it was the Manasseh people then who produced the white Maya, the white Toltec, white Aztec, and then came on into the SW part of the United States and they built those seven cities of Cibola that Cortez learned about and wanted to find. These cities were said to have temples, and other buildings which were overlaid with gold. These cities the Indian legends said were built by the sons of the God of the Sun. In the Swift Library was a diary kept by a Priest with Cortez and one of the things he said was that Cortez was looking for those lost seven cities of Cibola. They believed that those cities held great treasures but the tradition of the cities was 300 years older than the time of Cortez. However visitors had been to those cities and described them and then left this record. Thus Cortez undertook to find them, but they had already been destroyed by some great catastrophe when he was looking for them. However, you can find traces of a much older civilization in northern New Mexico. There are records of cultures and traditions which described this civilization and those cities.

As the Manasseh people then once more went tribal they became more war-like, and were fighting for their lives, but they still revered the Great White Father, still remembered the symbols of their heritage and believed in White Supremacy. They refused to integrate with the Asiatic Indians who had their devil gods. Thus there were White Apache tribes, and Asiatic portions of the tribe of the Apaches, and this was also true with many of the Indian tribes. There were more bronze than the white men from being in the sun but still not as the Asiatic. And under their blankets their skin was as the skin of a white man. These white tribes in their battles with the Asiatic Indians would become Cliff dwellers, building their homes in Canyon walls for protection.

The Nez Perce Indians were not Indians at all, they were just some of the Manasseh people who had gone on northward, and then joined with the Scandinavians who had come into the Northern and Eastern part of the United States and then also went tribal. This is why the Nez Perce Indians had weapons like the Scandinavians . . . who had those broad axes and bows and spears.

Did you know that by the time of Columbus it was estimated that 25% of the people living in the North American continent were white men? Generally when the Asiatic Mongol tribes and the white tribes formed a union the leadership positions fell to the white tribesmen.

National Geographic put out an Edition some years ago entitled 'Indian Life in these Americas'. This edition pointed out that 39,000 years ago people were setting in this country, and then their descendants were called Indians. These were Asiatic people from the Steppes, Mongols coming across the land bridges, some were from the continent which had gone down to the Westward. Since it was only some 2700 years since the Manasseh people had come into Central America, and then finally into the U.S. to later go tribal as White Indians then much research would have to be done before the origin of the Indians would be established.

The Heritage Foundation then about 25 to 30 years ago did a massive work and wrote volumes that divides these tribes into White Indians and Red Indians. Then in Louisiana in the Everglades they found black Indian tribes. There were black Indians in South and Central America as well long before the Negroes were brought over on the slave ships. There were also black Apache altho they were only part Negroid, but you did find some in breeding. Thus there were Black Apache, the Red Apache, and the White Apache but the white Apache were the aristocracy of the tribes. In fact Cochise the great warrior was a white Apache and their theology was woven way back into the legend they had of the entrance into the U.S. of the Manasseh people.

Further North in these United States there were seven nations and White Indians were the brains in their battles. There were white Sioux, and then there were the Steppe Sioux who had come down thru Canada, and they lived in Washington and Idaho for a long time, and then the Sioux were established in the Dakotas and Northern Nebraska. And the white Sioux were some of the most brilliant of military strategists. There were some mutations of course thru the years, but the white Sioux were masters of the horse, and they out genera led our military, and few of them were ever matched as far as Calvary was concerned. In fact Custer was a fool to go against those Indians gathered against him. Egotism has been the downfall of many people however.

Now, the Indians also themselves knew there was a difference between them. For in Council they used to sit in two different groups, there were many wars fought between the white tribes because they had more intelligence in architecture, and technological development. They worshiped the Great White Spirit and would not worship the Witchdoctors gods. The Witchdoctors came from the Asiatic, and the more advanced Indian tribes did not have Witchdoctors for they had been touched by these various white tribes. Doing research you then find that in Alaska you had the Asiatic Steppe Mongols, and the lower generation of them produced the Eskimo, but there were not white tribes in Alaska.

In my Library and in the Swift Library is the book . . . 'Indians' by the Heritage people, and it outlines all the Indian Tribes of Central America, and thru out the United States. In this book looking at the maps you then see how these white tribes from Manasseh people spread out from their first foothold in New Mexico. In this book we find mention of the Queechie (Quechaua) who we now know were the Manasseh people, and they called them the sons of light, children of Quetzal, that Great Deity of Light as the Ancient people said: ...a great bird coming out of the sky bearing light. This in symbolism was the Phoenix bird, that symbol of Life and Resurrection, the bird of the spirit of the Indestructible ONE. We now know what happened to the descendants of these Manasseh people who came into Central America some 2700 years ago. We now know that as the white tribes disappeared in Central America that the winged serpent replaced that which was older, and the Great Deity of Light was no more.

Ivor Lissner that great explorer and Archaeologist as he studied the difference in the Indian tribes said of the Asiatic Indians, speaking of the Cheyenne especially . . . these Northern Cheyenne are Asiatic Indians in their concepts, their methods of living, their theology is almost like that of the Steppe Riders of the Ancient Tungus people. These were people with their concept of the God who supplied the reindeer, and like those Ancient Steppe people they used the symbol of the bear. Then he realized that further to the north along the Canadian border he found that from the east had come the impact of those that must have been white men.

Now, another fact, the Manasseh people were not the only white people who were classed as Indians in the United States. About 1220 years ago migrations out of Scandinavia in flag ships of the Norsemen, with their great Dragon and Eagle heads spanned the North Atlantic. They came west to Greenland then on down to the entrance of the St. Lawrence River. They sent out their expeditions over this country especially the eastern part. Apparently there were 12 migrations of these Scandinavians that sailed their ships into the setting sun. Some even managed to return to tell their story of the great land they found, and of those powerful savages who watched them from the forests. On these ships coming to America were the children of the tribes of Asher, Dan and Naphtali, and they came into the eastern part of this land and went up into the Great Lakes area. They found the Iron ore, and they set up their foundries, and made their great axes and swords as strange savages looked on from the forests. They also told of finding others who were like their own kind with a language similar to theirs and who were light skinned and fair of hair. Those who had come over before, and still had some of the same words in their language altho they had been in tribal life for some time.

But this second wave of Scandinavians also built foundries and beat the iron ore they found along the Great Lakes. History records that the Indians were amazed when they saw these Norsemen with their great blades of iron and their mighty swords. The Asiatic Indians did not at first challenge this second wave of Norsemen in open battle, but with their arrows they would snipe at them as they came out of their stockade cities for supplies and material. They watched from the forests as these white men established themselves in the land as they had seen others of this race do before, and to them they were an enemy to be disposed of.

Some of these colonies that were established realized that they would not be able to return home for sometime, so they opened the pet-cocks of their ships, filled them with rocks and sunk them in the clear waters of the St. Lawrence River. They intended to raise them in the spring, or some spring but undoubtedly this colony was wiped out by the Asiatic for these ships were never raised and some years back one of these was found, and was raised and it was still in good condition after being under water for that long.

Thus wave after wave of white men came into the north eastern part of the United States before even Columbus, and long before the days of the colonists. And always the Asiatic Indians would attack them until they were forced to go tribal to survive. But here was other Caucasian people who also had the urge to plunge out into the unknown areas, and find what was on the other side. This was built-in instinct for the Adamic race, for after all they were to expand and take back the world from the devil and eventually establish the kingdom rule over the earth. These people were metallurgists and when they found ore they of course built their forges. They would settle together and establish themselves, and then send out expeditions into the wild beyond. Thus some of them went south from the Great Lakes into the Blue Ridge mountains, into Pennsylvania and on into the Ozarks and other areas. And they left their marks on rocks where they carved their messages for others they hoped would follow.

One instance of this is to be found in Heavner Oklahoma. There to the east of the little city, in 1968 when we were there they were making a state park out of the area. A Mrs. Gloria Farley with the help of two sons and her husband had devoted 20 years of research on the subject of the Vikings visit to America before Columbus. One day when out hiking in the forest to the east of the city, the sun had shown thru the trees until there in the bottom of the little valley was a great stone standing tall. On examining it they found writing of some sort. Other stones with writing on them were found, and then it was found that some people had taken some of those stones home and were using them for a back porch into their home. So work was soon started to preserve this great Rune stone, and when we were there it was protected by a fence so that it could not be destroyed, and as I said they were making that area into a historical park. We went down the side of the gully and on to the stone . . . there were eight runes on the big stone . . . they start with an X and the fourth one is an M and the next to the last is an F, and the last is a seven, and others I do not know what they represent. I would like to visit that spot again and see what historical evidence was uncovered and perhaps learn more, but there were so many places to see in these United States, and we did not get back there before we quit our roaming. This was to me however one more instance that showed the roaming of our people over this country long ago.

Now, these white tribes could not teach the Asiatic Indians as the Manasseh people had taught the Mayans and the Toltec people. There was not an affinity of purpose for these Indians followed their pagan gods and Witchdoctors. Thus there was always a resentment on the part of the Asiatic because of the knowledge that the white Indians possessed, and they would not work together.

Now, did you know that the Narraganset Indians built a great settlement? They had stockade farms, and stores and good homes, and their leader was King Philip. Eventually these people who were Scandinavians were also forced to go tribal into the forest to survive. But King Philip was the father of Pocohantas the Indian Princess you studied about as a youngster. When Pocohantas married the Englishman and went with him to England there in that climate within six months she was as white as any lady of that court. She blond hair and blue eyes, and her skin was just tan from being exposed to the sun. In that short time being in the cloudy weather pattern in England she had then become fairer than lots of the women of the Court. The English were amazed with her looks and decided that she was white . . . and if that be true . . . then there had to be a white race in America . . . her father and mother had to come from a white race. These were Narraganset people, and they had learned that if they went tribal they could match the warfare of the Asiatic Indians and they could sustain their numbers and even grow in numbers. Thus the north eastern part of the United States was found to contain white Indian tribes as did the rest of the United States. The Delawares were also a white tribe, and there were white Mohican, Senecas, Iroquois and many others. Thus the Scandinavians had spread out over the continent as did the Manasseh people from the south and west. In some instances we find that they linked up with each other. The Cherokee people for instance some were from the Scandinavian people, and some were of the Manasseh people, and then you found Cherokee that were of the Asiatic type and always some mutations. But these white tribes had tried to build a society like they had in their other home lands, but they found that they could not do this because of the harassment of the Asiatic Indians under control of the Pagan gods and Witchdoctors. But the white tribes retained their concepts of the Great White Spirit, their symbols and stories of their background for some time. They did not readily blend with the Asiatic of their neighbor tribes, but even when they did they carried some of the more knowledgeable traits with them, and held themselves above the worship of the Devil gods.

The white Cherokee made contact with some of the rulers of Europe as they knew who they were and they were able to write in their own language of old. As the colonists came these White Cherokee soon learned their way quickly in the colonial life, but after all they were of the same race. And as the Colonies spread out it was the white tribes that tried to help them, where as the Asiatic Indians tried to destroy them. Remember how some of the Indians taught the Colonists to plant corn using a dead fish for fertilizer. You find that method all thru the history of South and Central America as well. The Colonists were Anglo-Saxons . . . which of course was Manasseh people as well as some of the other tribes of Israel.

Now, remember the celebration of the Nations roots, the 400th birthday of the English settlers being established in these United States which was held July 13, 1984? This brought new clues as to the fate of the so called 'lost colony' . . . what had become of the 116 men, women, and children who had arrived from England in 1587? When an English convoy returned to that site and the whole colony had just disappeared leaving only the letters 'CRO' and 'Crotan' . . . carved in wood. Scholars now believe they had discovered the old Croatian village, and that the English people merged with these people, this is indicated by carvings found in North Carolina. Reports that at least a few of the Lost Colonists had survived in various locations, reached the next wave of permanent English settlers after their arrival at Jamestown in 1607.

Now, Adolph Dial the chairman of the Department of American studies at Pembroke State University North Carolina, a Lumbee Indian was asked what happened to that Lost Colony and he replied: ...there is overwhelming evidence that after the colonists were left on their own, and possibly faced starvation that they joined friendly Indians and eventually married with them. Very strong oral tradition handed down from one generation to the next holds that the Lumbee who were centered in what is now the South East part of North Carolina are the Colonists descendants.

The word Croatan found by the next wave of Colonists was taken to be a sign that the first group had moved to an area called Croatan, which was occupied by the Hatteras Indians, ancestors of the Lumbees. It seems that John White the Governor had discussed this plan to move with the Colonists before he left three years earlier. This time as he returned, he was not unduly concerned about the groups safety but was unable to locate them before a storm forced him to leave.

A man by the name of Morgan Jones claims he walked across the Carolinas in the 1600's and he said he was captured and then befriended by Indians who spoke the English language. His report and description sounds like Robeson country of South Carolina the Heart of the Lumbee settlement.

When the first wave of Scottish immigrants reached the Cape Fear Valley in the early 1700's they were astonished to find a group of English-speaking people living there in European style houses, and tilling the soil in European fashion. Many of them were blue eyed and had light hair. Those people had, and their descendants still have English family names that were exactly the same as the lost colonists had, such as Brooks, Sampson, and Jones. They had also passed along their English language that was spoken in the 16th century.

Nearly 100 years ago, historian Stephen Weeks studied this Robeson county group and was struck by their extraordinary old speech patterns. He noted that they began telling their old traditions this way:..'Mon (man) my fayther told me that his fayther told him.' Why then since all this has been widely known so long, why is there still a widespread idea that the Lost Colony was wiped out? Adolph Dial replied:..'it suits the purpose of some romantics who are more intrigued by a supposedly involved mystery, than with the facts. The legend defies the findings of travelers and historians who have been saying for hundreds of years that the descendants of the Lost Colonists were alive and well in North Carolina. Someone then asked the question as to what happened to the first English baby born in America called . . . Virginia Dare? Adolph Dial replied:...the oral traditions are clear that her family survived and the Dials of that area today are descendants. If you pronounce Dare with a Southern accent, it sounds very much like Dial. And I believe that I am a descendant of Virginia Dare.

All right my friends, don't you think we should rewrite the history books? For there were many white Indian tribes, many white colonies went tribal and they were the ones who helped the Colonists when they came to start the development of these United States as prophecy declared should be done.

We know that at one time a great historic conference of the Asiatic Indians was held. This was a gathering of tribal chiefs of the Asiatic Indian to see what they were going to do to eliminate the influence of those who were children of the White God from influencing their theology, or standing in opposition the devils who were seeking to establish their gods, those pagan priests who held the Asiatic Indians in bondage in their minds. We find the record even today of a theological force fighting against the leadership of those people who still worshiped the Great Spirit and said HE was their Father. They said they were children of the Eternal sun. Oh, not sun worshipers in its full form, but somewhat significant was that they had an Ancient emblem, and it is to be found in the Book of Malachi:...'The Sun of righteousness to rise with healing in his wings' . . . this of course was the great winged orb.

Now, as the Colonists in this country expanded and settlers moved west they found white Indians for instance in Oklahoma like the white Choctaws and some of those Indians were also dark skinned, but the white ones were from the Manasseh people altho they had probably forgotten most of that by this time. Of the Great Cherokee Nation that was established in Oklahoma and Texas, lots of them were white and the settlers married with them. This happened all over the United States until many of the so-called white Indians were absorbed back into their race. But there was a complete affinity between these people because they were of the same race in their origin.

Those doing research had to admit that there were Caucasian Indians and there were Asiatic Indians and even Black Indians and the difference was well marked.

Today on the Reservations you see only the Asiatic type, for the white Indians were either destroyed or absorbed back into their own race, their part thus in destiny fulfilled.

When John Wesley the Great Methodist leader came to America he set out with his brother to save the Indians, and he found that many of them were easily able to accept that YAHSHUA (Jesus) was the Messiah. But then some of the Asiatic Indians came in to attack these tribes he was preaching to and they chased John Wesley and his brother all the way back to the colonies, and he decided then an there to let the Indians alone and not try to convert them.

Now, America is not a New Land, rather it is an old land which has endured with the Everlasting Spirit of the New. YAHWEH thus was bringing about the rising of His kingdom. And we have shown that the worshiping of the wrong god brought loss of vision, knowledge, inspiration and understanding. This is why we must not let the enemy have their way until the white race is absorbed, and you are not able to carry out the design of a Divine posterity as a Holy Seed. These United States as we stand today as the defender of the kingdom offer the Peace Branch of Gods Kingdom for the recognition of this Racial Tree . . . we a branch . . . as the Tree of the preservation of the world under Kingdom administration. It offers the Arrows of Joseph if this is what the enemy desires, for the bow of Joseph was promised to abide in strength, and his arm remain strong by the mighty hand of the God of Jacob.

When this nation lifts up the standards of YAHWEH'S Kingdom, it will be the standard of Christianity, and the symbol of HIS Cross, and to this Christian Nation will all Christian nations rally against the Dragon, the communist conspiracy, world Jewry and everything else for the world shall know that this is YAHWEH'S country, and that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the Flesh.

QUESTION:...The connection of the Swifts and Kit Carson?

ANSWER:...Dr. Swift said . . . my grandfather had a farm up in Duchess county in Millbrook N.Y. He had been kind to the Indians, would feed them and let them sleep in his barn in winter and eat at the breakfast table next morning. Then one night they came and before they left they had scalped those on the place. He said that Kit Carson married a Swift, was studying for the ministry in a theological seminary. He came home to this wife and family and found they had been murdered, so he went on the war path and fought the rest of his life.