ERM - Tape 042 - Conditions In Our Schools Today





1. The Conditions In Our Schools Today



QUESTION:...Will we be able to stop the tearing down of our schools by those programs set in place 20 or more years ago?

ANSWER:...Well, education is the development of that which is, thus those planning for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, without a United States had to change the education pattern of our children to bring about a different outlook than was held by our forefathers. The system of bussing was a part of the Satanic deal to destroy our race and our society. To bring this about the books in the schools were thus changed to down grade our society, our Faith and to hide our spiritual heritage, and parents have been protesting this all over our Nation. But is has not been having any effect for it was not a coordinated drive.

You will find that we developed as a Nation when communications were very powerful, but today communications has joined the building of a world State. This brought on the drive to change the U.S. into only a part of a one world government thru the use of the United Nations. But it takes a crucible to bring forth gold tried in the fire, and this gold tried in the fire of Scripture is the people of the kingdom and the crucible is your Destiny.

Now; school is out for summer vacation and it is time for parents and concerned people to get interested in the curriculum of the schools for this fall. It is time to find out what is to be taught this fall, and what books are in the library of your schools, what tapes are there and video tapes are available in your area. Find out how much influence the NEA has in your area? We think you will find that the NEA record shows that it is not interested in education of students, or interested in teachers. We think you should know that it if can mold children's minds it has seized a monopoly on the future. Here is what Professor Chester E. Finn Jr., of Vanderbelt University has to say about the NEA's basic strategy:...'It includes the de-legitimizing of all authority except that of the State, the degradation of traditional morality, and the encouragement of citizens in general and children in particular to despise the rules and customs that made their society a functional Nation. It was raw political power which led Jimmy Carter to bow the knee and set up a Department of Education with Taxpayers money, but controlled by the NEA. Unquote.

Now; in this tape I will be using the language of the testimony given in the meetings held in is plain language and since it is what is taught the children then it is what you should hear.

The Pupils rights Amendment known as the Hatch Act was passed in 1974 without any noticeable results. Section 439 (b) was enacted in 1978 and still no results altho parents were still protesting all over this Nation. Then in 1984 seven days of hearings were finally held by the department of Education pursuant to the notice of proposed rule making to implant section 439 (b) which was finally published in the Federal Register on Feb. 22., 1984. All day hearings were then finally held at the following places in 1984:............

Seattle, Washington...on March 13, 1984

Pillsbury, Pennsylvania...March 16, 1984

Kansas City, Missouri...March 19, 1984

Phoenix, Arizona...March 20, 1984

New Hampshire at Concord...March 21, 1984

Orlando, Florida...March 23, 1984

Washington D.C....March 27, 1984


The final regulations were published in the Federal Register on September 6, 1984 and went into effect November 12, 1984. But did you hear of any of these meetings from the National News Media? Was the meetings advertised in your area either? Wonder why? Will now try to show you why....

These regulations of Pupils Rights now make it mandatory that all instructional material, any program used in instructing students, is to be made available for inspection for the protection of the Pupils Rights Amendment. more than 1,300 pages of testimony were recorded by court reporters as parents, Public School Teachers, and interested citizens spelled out their eyewitness accounts of the Psychological abuse of children in public schools. They related how classroom courses have confused school children about life, about standards of behavior, about moral choices, about religious loyalties, about relationship with parents and with peers.

To give you a summary of the anger, disappointment expressed by these parents and others as to what is going on inside many public schools of today in the name of education, Phyllis Schlafly put together a good sample of these testimonies from each meeting. We will try to cover these testimonies as to the example of how these programs have tried to alienate children from their parents, from traditional morality such as the Ten Commandments, and from our American heritage. These hearings explain why the American people are so disappointed with their Public Schools of today. These hearings also explain why you find young people experiencing such high rates of teenager suicide, loneliness, premarital sex, pregnancies and so forth. These hearings speak with the thunderous voice of hundreds of parents who are angry at how their children have been emotionally, morally and intellectually abused by psychological and behavioral experiments during class hours when the parents thought their children were being taught basic knowledge and skills. Parents were indignant at the way educator 'change agents' spending tax dollars have used children as guinea pigs for fads and experiments that have been substituted for real learning.

In 1978 former educator Samuel I. Hayakawa and now U.S. Senator warned that the schools have become vehicles for 'heresy' that rejects the idea of education as the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and instead regards the fundamental task of education as therapy. That such inquiring into attitudes, beliefs, and psychic and emotional problems is a serious invasion of privacy. This 'heresy' had resulted in replacing education which addresses the child's intellect, and teaches knowledge and skills with this so called education which addresses the students feelings, and attitudes, and spends classroom time on psychological games and probing personal questionnaires.

In practice this 'therapy' education is a system for changing the child's values by techniques such as attitude questionnaires which dig into the privacy of the child and his family forcing the child to make adult decisions about such matters as suicide, murder, marriage, divorce, abortion and adoption.

The originators of this 'therapy' education began peddling their notions in the 1930's about the time that the teaching of reading started its steep decline. This experimentation existed only in spots around the country until 1965 when Federal funding thru the Elementary and secondary education act began to finance curriculum and teacher training for the entire country.

In 1978 the protests of parents were so great that Congress added the Amendment to the General Education Provisions Act. But still the department of education refused to issue regulations which would enforce, or provide an opportunity, a procedure by which citizens could file complaints or be a remedy for violations. Some Congressmen charged that the Federal Bureaucrats did not issue these regulations because they did not like the Statue, and did not intend to enforce it. Consequently all citizens, parents brave enough to try to file complaints when schools violated students rights were given a royal run around, and many times the students were even harassed because their parents complained. Finally in response to a crescendo of complaints from parents including an organized effort by the National pro-family organization...'Eagle Forum'...the Dept. of Education published proposed regulations in the Federal Register for Feb. 22, 1984 and then announced that it would hold those seven days of hearings to receive Public comments. The testimonies given at these hearings were by men and women who for the most part were total strangers to each other, yet the message was the same from each section of our Nation. Teachers, and nurses as well as parents testified, with teachers telling how they were forced to administer 'therapy' programs and were themselves victims as well as the children. Victims of a National disease carried to every state by the Typhoid Mary of Federal Funding.

It is only today under the Reagan Administration that all instructional material, including teacher's manuals, film's, tapes, must be made available for parental inspection.

Strangely then altho there was no Media coverage of these seven days of hearings, still the Department of Education issued appropriate news releases and the word got out, and parents and concerned citizens came from far away places to testify. No T.V. coverage, and fewer than half a dozen newspapers carried articles in the entire country. The NEA..the National Teachers Union was also absent and silent.

On September 15, 1984 President Reagan told the National Eagle Forum conference:...'I am happy to tell you today that the new regulations to enforce Protection of Pupils rights amendment, sometimes called the Hatch Act have been completed by the Department of Education, and were published in the Federal Register on September 6, 1984. Like you, I believe that parents rights in education must be respected.'

These new Pupil Rights Regulations went into effect November 12, 1984. They are strong regulations which the witnesses in the March hearings had demanded. The American people did not want Federal Agencies to develop text books, and curricula for local schools. That kind of Federal thought control is not consistent with a free society which our forefathers established. Before the 1930' it was private publishing houses who offered their wares and local school boards made their selection of text books, and set the curricula without pressure to use federally written or federally approved material. The NEA which fought the act and regulations all the way began publishing hysterical attacks on the regulations as soon as they became final. The NEA newsletter of December 3, 1984 proclaimed in oversized type:...'The Hatch Act could change the way you teach forever.' To the NEA academic freedom is that schools should not be accountable to the parents for anything.

Now; we will try to give you a summary of the testimony from these hearings to show you what people have been so disturbed about, and I will be using the plain language found in the testimonies. From the North West of the U.S. at the meeting in Seattle Washington...Archie Brooks spoke representing parents of students in Lincoln county Oregon. He spoke of a program called 'Preventive Guidance and Counseling' Parents found that their children came home more stressful on days when the Guidance Counselor was in the classroom. Parents investigated this program and they found that they did not know their children were even in a Guidance counseling pro- gram. They did not know what the program consisted of. Even the Principal confessed to having no knowledge of what the Guidance Counselor was doing. They learned that the children were threatened with a discipline action if they did not cooperate. They found this program was in all grades of the schools in North Lincoln County using the same Counselor and the same material not approved by Principal or school districts. Going further parents found they had signed slips as they enrolled their children which gave all inclusive permission to allow their child to be involved in speech therapy if needed. Permission for Fluoride treatments, permission to participate on field trips, permission to have their pictures taken, and put in the paper if needed. Guidance counseling with no explanation of what this was. In fact the parents thought this was only on an individual basis not in a classroom setting.

Here are some of the questions asked in the group setting, and remember these are questions to children:.......

1. Do you have a close relationship with either your father or mother?

2. Have you ever taught a Sunday School class, or otherwise taken an active part in your church?

3. Do you believe in a God who answers prayers?

4. Do you believe that tithing, giving of 1/10 percent of ones earnings to the church is ones duty to God?

5. Do you pray about your problems?

6. Do you read the Bible or other religious writings regularly?

7. Do you love your parents?

8. Do you believe God created man in his own image?

9. If you ask God for forgiveness are your sins forgiven?

10. Have you ever had problems so bad you wished you could die so you would not have to face them?

11. Would you rather live with someone else than your parents?

12. Would you like to have different parents?

13. What chores do you have at home on a regular basis?

14. What do you fear...real or imagined?

15. If you could change one thing in your home and school what would you change and why?

16. Why did your parents get married?

17. Do your parents ever lie to you?


Now; how many of those youngsters know how they felt about a lot of these issues? Their reasoning ability not being developed left them open to accepting any answer that was acceptable among peer groups. Parents now realized that this preventive Guidance Counseling program was simply manipulating the values, feelings, emotions and attitude of the individual student.

Mrs. Janet Brossard from Bellview, Washington testified that her daughter was told not to tell anyone about what was said in her class. When this mother began to check as to why...she found that this program material said:..'Parents are untrained, and unskilled therefore cannot handle their children’s problems and the school must teach the children their values.' Mrs. Brossard found that an 11 year old girl was placed in front of her counseling class to tell her feelings when she found her father dead. Then another child answering questionnaire said:...Daddy sometimes pulls down my pants to spank me,...and that Dad was then taken to the Police Station for questioning.

The District Administration, curriculum planners then used much the same material in the New Health Education program for grades thru 8..including peer influence on safe practices...different and unique individuals and a child’s role in a family.

Grade 2...has communicating feelings, and dealing with hostility and aggression.

Grade 3...Has self regulation, biofeedback and coping with Peer pressure.

Grade predicting consequences of behavior.

Grade 5...teaches coping with stress and biofeedback.

Grade 6-7...has biofeedback, coping with personal loss, and techniques for resolving conflict.

Grade coping with personal loss thru death and divorce. Here one parent found that 'Planned Parenthood'...the material from that old organization, was being used with much in favor of abortion. The students were given Dear Mabel letters, and then the group would decide what the answer should be to different questions. Here is a sample:...

Dear Mabel,

I am fifteen years old and I am having sex with my boyfriend. Sometimes he used birth control and sometimes he doesn't feel like using anything. I'm a little afraid of getting pregnant but I figure that its not likely to happen at my age. What do you think I should do about my boyfriend?

Next four or five students would make responses to this letter, and then the class decides which was the best answer. In fact this was having children teach each other about morals, when the parents tried to protest this program they got nowhere.

Mrs. Bossard then attended the Sex Education classes for three weeks in the fall of 1982. She found that the teacher would perhaps have done a better job if she could have followed her own feelings, but was given directions by 'the District' as to how activities were to be carried out. Most parents didn't know what those activities consisted of. When these parents asked they were informed that these were 'activity oriented' classes but parents would not understand them. However she found that the activities included the..Dear Mabel..letters. Other questions such as this one given to a 13 year old girl were entitled:...'Adolescent sexual behavior instructions'...(quote) The student is to indicate in the space below the minimum age at which each of the behaviors listed is considered appropriate or acceptable in your value system. There are 25 items listed and these are:...holding hands, kissing, french kissing, petting, masturbation, petting but not going all the way, love making with a person of the same sex, smoking tobacco and marijuana, drinking booze, getting drunk or stoned, using swear words, seeing explicit sex in movies, having intercourse, having a variety of sexual partners. Living together, getting married, creating a pregnancy, having an abortion, taking birth control pills, becoming sterilized. (unquote)

In the instructions to this questionnaire the teacher...after the questions were answered, then sectioned off the room with this question:..Is it o.k. before 14 years of age or after 14 to have sex? The students were to get out of their seats and go to those sections which indicated how they answered the question.

In another class the kids were actively acting out their answers, a center line was drawn the center of the room as the teacher read a series of statements. If they believed the statement true, the children took a giant step to the right, if false they took a giant step to the left. Here are the statements the teacher was to read:..........

1. All sex education should take place at home.

2. There should be sex education in schools?

3. Guys prefer to marry virgins?

4. Girls would prefer to marry virgins?

5. If two people are engaged it is O.K. to have sex before marriage?

6. If two people are in love its O.K. to have sex before marriage?

7. You should have sex only with someone you love?

8. Sex should be romantic?

9. Sex should be spontaneous..just happen, when you feel it?

10. Our society puts too much emphasis on sex?

11. Young people today have a healthier attitude about sex than their parents did?

12. Men have more sexual partners than women do?


To the teacher the instructions were:..if you feel the climate at our school and in your class room would allow, do the voting a second and perhaps a third time. On the last vote ask the students to vote as they feel their parents would vote, and then as their grandparents might vote, then discuss the reasons for the difference.

Some of the parents after attending this class and reading the instructions were outraged, for they felt this was trying to get the children to form their own opinions without the parents opinions taken into consideration or their religious beliefs, these were never mentioned.

Here is another example of things being taught that concerned parents found. The teacher is instructed to present an overhead transparency, uncovering one at a time from the top to the bottom:...On the left side of the picture are these words:..Nose, elbow, breast, penis, vagina, and intercourse. On the right hand side the teacher is supposed to write the slang words for each. The instructions to the teacher here was to ask the student to write down ways they learned what they know about sex. Then go over the list and put a plus by the source if it is a positive message, such as sex education in school, and a minus sign if it is considered a negative source, such as from your parents.

Another example of what these parents found as so called education:.. this called for butcher paper and felt markers. The teacher instructed.. if you feel your students to be able to deal with this half way maturely then divide the class into two groups, segregated by sex this time. Ask them... the boys to draw an outline of a female figure, and the girls to draw the outline of a male figure. Give each group a list of the names of the parts of the reproductive system, males to the girls and vice versa. Ask them to draw them on their body pictures. Allow them about five minutes for this, then tape the answers to the wall and ask the boys to correct the girls drawings and the girls to correct the boys drawings. Then the teacher checks them all.

Mrs Brossard brought out in her testimony how ridiculous this whole program is, as it never mentions love and marriage as a pre-requisite for sex, and goes on the assumption that everybody is doing it so why not?

In the exercise in regards to sexually transmitted diseases here is an example of the questions, and students are to rank these situations from the least to the most distressing ones:........

1. You discover you have a STD (sexually transmitted disease) and you have had intercourse only with a steady boy or girl friend?

2. Your best friend tells you that he or she has STD, and it came from your boy or girl friend?

3. You discover that you caught STD from a stranger that you met at a party, and now you have to tell your boy or girl friend that he or she may have it?

4. You are scheduled for a regular physical examination with your family doctor, and this morning you noticed some small sores on your genital region, you are sure the Dr. will tell your parents?

5. Right before sexual intercourse your partner reveals he or she has STD?


Now; dear are getting the reason why there was no T.V. or Major Media coverage of these hearings. Bet they knew what would be reported? Mrs. Brossard pulled no punches as she testified as to what she and other parents of that area found in their schools, she was stating facts as she found them.

Another instance:..One teacher in the Bellevue area would call on each boy in his class to say out loud the word..vagina. And the girls were to say ...penis. One girl was so embarrassed that she could hardly say the word, and this man teacher had her stand in front of the class and say Penis ten times.

Mrs. Brossard wound up her testimony saying she felt this was a way to break down the natural sense of modesty of the child. She was talking plainly for she felt parents should know what was going on in those Washington State classrooms in the name of education.

Next Carrie Brooks testified of other programs carried out in Lincoln, County Oregon besides those in Washington. In this area was one of the five counties chosen in the U.S. as a test site to change the thinking patterns of America's children. This program..TITLE 9., funded by the taxpayers was the 'Sex Equality' program or the Women's Educational Equity program called WEEA. Mrs. Brooks became aware of this program when her third grade daughter came home singing a song she had memorized from a record brought with TITLE 9., funds. Money from the sale of that record went to the 'Ms' foundation. The song the third grader was singing:...'I hate housework. It is just no fun. Ladies on T.V. are paid to smile.' Mrs. Brooks testified that as she was trying to teach her daughters the joys of keeping a home clean, her daughter was being brainwashed by Marlo Thomas and Carol Channing on this record. She then began to investigate and realized she had no idea of the years of groundwork women activists had given their pet project, funded by the Federal Government. She went to the demonstration site where teachers from all over the U.S. came to see how Lincoln county was implementing the TITLE 9., program. One of the demonstrations was in the first grade room. The students had two naked paper dolls, one a male and the other a female. The children were asked to dress the dolls in work clothing to show that both genders could work at any job. But the thing was that there were no dresses only work oriented clothing. Then the teacher had the children sit in a circle and would hold up different articles such as a pancake turner, or a tape measurer and she would ask..who uses this? If a child didn't answer the way she wanted she would say...Well, who else uses this? Finally a little boy raised his hand and said:...'I don't care ought to be doctors and women nurses.' The teacher then asked how many students agreed with him, but the tone of her voice portrayed her feelings, and no one raised their hand. The little boy was humiliated and began to cry.

As Carrie Brooks kept investigating she found that questions were being asked the children about family values, self analysis, opposite role playing, unisex ideas, discussions of family roles in students homes, and sex role values were also discussed. One book used in this program said:... 'Students are no longer to be called helpers, or boys and girls, and not even students. NOW THEY ARE CALLED WORKERS. That is socialistic language, and definitely against parents wishes.

Carrie Brooks testified she had been called biased, was put down and discriminated against by faculty and administrative officials because of her investigative work. The children were however being taught to be nonjudgmental, and to go against family teachings. Our school she said was granted Federal Funds to teach..Sex funds are coming now, but the teaching is firmly intact in the system after five years of funding. Teachers are required to attend Sex-Equity workshops sponsored by North West Regional Laboratories in Portland, Oregon which received Federal Funds. They provide resource material to the teachers. As Carrie Brooks read this material she learned that women were exalted in all the material she viewed, with make minorities almost ignored. The goal of the Sex Equity program was to eliminate the traditional roles of male and female. She was told by the principal of the school her children attended that there was no real difference. Mrs. Brooks went on to say that she wanted her daughters to be proud they were females, and not just second class males as this teaching promotes. This type of teaching was bringing a lack of respect for authority, and was creating tension in the homes.

Carrie Brooks also learned that this..TITLE 9..project was a pet project of 'Women's Rights' groups which received millions of taxpayers dollars to brainwash the students. The children were left with no identities, no absolutes, no father or mother roles of family life. No satisfaction, no fulfillment.

Marcella Warila, a housewife from Portland, Oregon and the mother of four children and a former teacher, testifies as to what she had observed in workshops for High School students in the Talented and Gifted program in Area I...Portland Public Schools. She witnessed in December of 1975 in a so called...risk taking workshop..a professional communications consultant make statements to 50 students aged 14 years and up that would tend to alienate them from their parents control and influence. She told the students that their parents values were different than their's because they grew up at a different time and have had a different field of experience. She told them they were now beginning to make decisions that their parents might not approve of, that up to now their parents had gotten away with... directing and controlling them...but no more.

In January of 1980 Mrs. Warila attended a 'problem solving-decision making' workshop called 'effecting change'. It was put on by two men, one from the Oregon Department of Education, the other a young teacher very highly skilled...sensitivity leader. He quickly established a rapport with the students by telling them how smart they were and how much they could teach others. Then in this 'Values Clarification' session he encouraged them to air their gripes and discuss the restraints and restrictions that parents and society placed on them. They were left with the impression that they were smart enough to make all their own decisions without parental interference. They told these receptive teenagers that there was no objective standards of morality, which is untrue, that truth is relative and can mean anything they want it to mean. When Mrs. Warila interjected that truth does not change, morals do not change, only attitudes toward morals change, the teacher replied:...'Yes, on one level I think I hear what you are saying, but I have a real difficult time with that because my truths change day to day.'

Mrs. Warila took her complaints to the assistant Superintendent of curriculum of the Portland Schools and he made an appointment for her with the coordinator of this 'Talented and Gifted' Program. She met with three coordinators, and they told her that society is now Humanist, and they must work with that. She tried to attend Futures Workshops where her son attended and they tried to prevent her attendance. The teacher informed her that she would be unable to summarize this 'Futures Conference' altho Mrs. Warila was a college graduate. They were right however for she had trouble understanding the speakers, but the 'gist' of the message was that society has always been controlled by the 'elite' and these students were destined to be 'elite' and must be trained to control the future lives of all of us.

Now; parents were notified before students participated in these programs, but it is not an informed permission. least most parents whose children are recommended for the program think that they are just going to be given advanced academic education. They do not know that in these workshops that attempts will be made to alienate their children from then on will be taught to substitute the judgment and will of the group for that of individual judgment and responsibility. Parents don't realize that unelected planners are manipulating these bright teenagers to serve as conduits of their planned change. These programs funded with hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer's money are in violation of Oregon's revised statute which says that special emphasis shall be given to instruction in honesty, morality and respect for parents and home.

The testimony of Joanne Lisac, a housewife from Milwaukee, Oregon, was about a guidance and counseling program curriculum used in School District 12. Her son had participated for two years in this program and was very confused as to right or wrong of stealing from a store. He would play stupid at home when either parent gave him a chore to do. Some of the questions were:......

1. Do you have a bedroom?

2. Are you going to practice religion just like your parents?

3. Who has the last word in your family?

4. Draw a picture of your home and family occupants:..write what each is saying.

5. What is your parents income?

6. The trouble with being honest is-----------?

7. What would be the hardest thing for you to do...steal, cheat or lie?

8. (This question was for group discussion down to the third grade)... How many of you ever wanted to beat up on your parents?

This then is the testimony of Michael Lisac, father of the four children, Advisory Board member for the North Clackamas School System. Here are examples of two courses which caused Parents to file complaints:...MACOS (Man, a course of study) and TA for TEENS. MACOS was a very subtle way of teaching the children genocide, homosexuality, and euthanasia. It goes thru the story form of the Eskimo culture in Alaska. TA for TEENS is Transactional Analyses which devastates the relationship between parents and children, and not only between parents and students but all authority. It leaves the children thinking they can set their own rules and regulations. One way as an example of this teaching...the students are told they can bring out the parent in people by destroying things of value. Now do you wonder why vandalism is on the rise? Instructions are given the children on ways to get a rise out of parents. When the child comes out of this program he will not respect any authority but his own. He will kill, push drugs, rape, murder, for there is no right or wrong answer. When my wife asked our son:...what does all this mean he answered:...You know what we share is confidential. Yes she replied:...but what about mon and dad, you can tell us? He replied: ..'No, I don't think so.' This is another thing they are taught...keep everything from their parents.

Cris Shardelmae testified that those involved in the 'Gifted Student' project called 'Life', are being trained in the concept that this is a world view (globalism) no longer are to be loyal to your country. And Dungeons and Dragons is a game played in the 'Gifted Classes' but in other Washington Schools they are playing it as well. This game has been named as a reason for several suicides in the U.S. There is another project called REACH, it is a series of four small books concerning Indians, Asians, Blacks and Mexicans. Each book is derogatory to the Caucasian race. The Indian booklet is the most controversial, the source seems to be mostly Indian activist writings. Children have been told to go home and ask their parents beliefs about the Indians. During the year of 1984 the Washington State Legislature was asked to fund the 'Here's looking at you'...two drug education programs. Governor Spellman tried to have it in all classrooms. But this program had 13 years of game playing, role playing, questionnaires and so forth for evaluating student-parent beliefs and attitudes. Fortunately so many people protested that it became only voluntary.

Under the guise of Mental Health a program called WOW developed at the Northwest Regional Laboratory was brought out. This program would have primary children exploring their attitudes, beliefs, and values concerning such things as a double standard, sexual exploration, guilt, and embarrassment about sexual activity, masturbation, homosexuality, and recognition of such words as STUD and PROSTITUTE. And yes, I said Primary children. This program required a knowledge of toxomony (poison in the blood). I believe that at least one suicide was the result of the implementation of the suicide section of the Mental Health Program.

The testimony of Reverend Ronald Watson, an ordained minister of Evangelical Church of North America, a Pastor of Lincoln city Oregon, his wife a teacher's aide in the same school where their three children attended. This Pastor was also active in the Parent's Advisory Council, and he testified that his fifth grade son was given questions to answer without regard to a moral right or wrong. That Homosexuality was presented as an alternate lifestyle, that sexual activity among fifth graders was not discouraged because it was feared that students might be embarrassed and not ask additional questions. Pastor Watson testified that he was present when a plastic model of female genitalia with a tampon inset was passed around to these boys...why? So that they might understand how a tampon fits. Birth control pills were also passed around and explained, and intercourse was described, and at no time was any mention of abstinence as a desirable alternative for fifth graders discussed. The morality for fifth graders taught that day in the classrooms was completely promiscuity.

Pastor Watson went on in his testimony to a result of this kind of education without morality, we are experiencing pregnancy among 13 year old girls with resulting abortions. Our school district answer to pregnancy is to supply more information of birth control and abortions.

Pastor Watson testified:...last Friday I sat in a Health class that taught the supposed benefits of alcohol. The reasoning is that if taught that alcohol is hurting the children then the parents might be offended or embarrassed. My son is scheduled to be instructed in the idea that the ideal age to start having sexual intercourse as he starts grade this year. In Mental Health next year he will be required to complete this sentence:.. In my Value system the ideal age to start having intercourse is----------. By leading the students to assume that age is the criteria rather than the Christian system of love and marriage, then atheistic Humanism is being taught. As a Pastor I help people whose marriages need strengthening to realize that our creator has established moral laws for their benefit, while our schools teach an irresponsible sexual behavior worse than that found in cats and dogs. Their Humanism being taught our children is actually subhuman.

That my friends is a short summary of some of the testimonies taken from the North West portion of the U.S. at Seattle, Washington. One of the questions one teacher decided to leave out of a questionnaire was:..'How do you feel about premarital sex? Are you a virginal Virginia who wears white gloves everyday, or a mattress Millie who wears a mattress strapped to your back?......THAT MY FRIENDS IS EDUCATION????????

From Pittsburgh, Penn. hearings came more and more of such testimony plus this from Marcy Neeman. The children are required to keep a diary, supposedly to check grammar and punctuation. But this mother in reading her daughters diary found that her daughter said she was angry with her mother and she wanted to kill her. The teacher responded...IN RED this child’s remarks in the diary by saying:..'Don't kill her, just punch her out.'

Marcy Neeman was the chairperson for parents representatives in Pittsburgh schools. Complaints of all sorts came in...for example: a child is asked in a test what they would do if they only had $1.00 to buy a gift for their mother, and the gift chosen cost $4.00...what would you do? A. Steal the gift? B. borrow $3.00 from a stranger? C. Change the price tag to read $1.00?

Another example:...what would you tell a mother whose daughter was told that she was a 'racist' because in class and in front of her classmates she would not discuss whether she would date a black man or not? Each day until she decided to change her mind she was asked to leave the class five minutes earlier than the other students of the class. The teacher worked on her until she broke down and admitted she was probably 'a racist' but now would consider such a date. This is a form of therapy to promote social change. There are change agents in the schools, lets face the fact that they have been there for some time, and are working hard to change the thinking of the children.

Another example:...survival games are played and children are made to decide who can live and who must die. Abortion is represented as tho a contraceptive, and contraceptives are presented as something you must use when you reach fifth and sixth grades.

Another example:...plays presented to students with actors dancing on the U.S. flag are not uncommon. The children are definitely being programmed to accept a new global perspective.

From the testimony of Alice Leidick comes this:...My position is that the Public Schools are, though perhaps unknowingly, promoting the religion of Humanism. Here is a quote from the Humanist paper of November-December 1978, Issue and I will let them say it for me:.....(quote) 'For sometime now moral education programs have been conducted in the Public Schools but not without vigorous opposition. Many religionists who object and reject moral education programs in the schools maintain that secular Humanism is being introduced and that this constitutes a violation of the separation of church and state. But earlier objections to sex education, and the teaching of a theory of evolution drew similar criticism. In spite of strong opposition, moral Education and Values clarification programs are making rapid progress in school curricula.' (Unquote)

Then Alice Leidich testified and also quoted from the Humanist magazine of Jan/Fed. 1983., entitled 'A Religion for a New Age'...(quote)..I am convinced that the battle of human kind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of a new faith; a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of that which the theologians call divinity in every human being.

These teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preacher, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in what ever subject they teach regardless of the education level, preschool day care, or large University. The classroom must and will become an area of conflict between the old and the new, the rolling corpse of Christianity together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of Humanism, resplendent in its promise of a world in which the never realized Christian idea of 'Love thy neighbor' will finally be achieved.' (unquote)

The testimony of Gloria Lentz, a newspaper woman, lecturer and author of two books on schools, and the changing values of our children had this to say about the school programs she had witnessed and recorded over a 20 year period. In the 60's our Public Schools at first with timidness and then with galloping boldness, introduced a sex education, population control experiment that was taught in a moral vacuum with a secular humanist philosophy that undermines God and parents. As this..Value Free..children then may choose sexual, social, population control engineering program was set in place and it excluded those already in place, it was inevitable that academic achievement would thus grind to a halt. Today we see the results, but to remove those programs has been a monumental job even with the help of the Hatch Amendment.

Every atrocity that has befallen our schools and our children can be traced directly back to the time when the schools veered away from the world of academia and skills and took the role of experimenter with this sex education, population control obsession. As I lecture across this country I see the anger and the frustration of the parents as they tried to fight the government on these issues. But more important as I heard again today, is the cry of the children and the parents as they live through and recount the anguish, the damage done to them thru these experiments.

Next...some of the testimony of Flora Rettig from Center Line, Michigan, which is two miles north of Detroit, she is mother of 8 children, seven had graduated from Center Line High School, the last child was to be a senior in 1985. Her husband was a retired Postal Clerk. Her objections were to a course called:...Senior semester, sociology, psychology...which was implemented in 1983, and which uses the book by Charley Chase who happens to be a minister. Sounds good but much of the material used in this class, the questions and Values Clarification techniques, is the same old thing, and deals with the personal and family life of the students and his social problems. Much of the material used in this class concerns sexual activity and many of the situations question parental authority. The whole course gives a humanistic approach to living and ignores the fact that probably most of the students are Christian.

Mrs. Rettig then went further sharing tragedy that struck their family and brought them face to face with what had been taught over the years in their school when they were not aware of such programs.

On Labor Day September 7, 1981 their 22 year old son committed suicide. He had used Marijuana since Junior High School and about a month before he died he told his father he was giving up smoking pot. He then went into a deep depression, and took his own life by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. His note said he did it because he could not think or cope anymore. His parents knew that Joe used pot, and that he even sold it but closed their eyes and did not realize to what extent until after his death. While going through his personal belongings they found that he was obsessed with Marijuana. Then as they investigated the 'value clarification' program used in his 7th grade Physical Education class they knew why the teacher had not called to tell them that Joe was obsessed with Marijuana. The course objective states:...'We will attempt to teach the different categories of drugs, their effects and hopefully how to make a knowledgeable choice using your individual value system.'

A week later going thru more of Joe's things, Mrs. Rettig found papers and notes taken in his psychology class. These notes were about experiences such as ESP, Psychogenesis, and Projection as well as Dream Analysis and notes on suicide. Mrs. Rettig then asked her younger son Greg who had just graduated as to what he had learned in psychology class and found notes identical to Joe's. She then asked her daughter who was a junior to bring home the psychology book from the school. And the book used was by Sol Gordon, it was the 1975 edition. And Sol Gordon, ladies and gentlemen is a signer of the Second Humanist Manifesto.

As Mrs. Rettig looked thru this book it seemed to be a 'HOW TO' manual to the occult world. It explained how to do meditation and T.M. and how to do Yoga and experiments with a Ouija Board. This brought to her mind the words of Wilhelm Von Humboldt a 19th., century scientist and explorer as he wrote:...'What ever we wish to see introduced into a life of a nation, must first be introduced into our schools.'

Next came testimony from Lynn Schmidt of Muir and Ionia, Michigan as to the films being shown in their schools such as 'Future Shock' and 'Lottery'. The film 'Lottery' centers around an average family in a small town, mainly the focus was on the mother as she prepared food for the picnic they were getting ready to attend. There was lots of laughter and games, then at the picnic someone said it was time that everyone be a part of a circle, that was now being formed, numbers were then drawn and a number was called and the mother in the film now had a terrified look on her face. The others then started saying things to her with their faces distorted. They all circled around her and started to stone her to death... even her own family. As the film ends and the lights go on, no one understood the film or the reason for showing it. Mrs. Schmidt then went to the school board and demanded a public showing of this film. A few parents showed up and they were sick at their stomachs after the showing for as that film ended this little boy had stood there watching his own mother being stoned. And someone had picked up a stone and handed it to the little boy for him to throw at his own mother and he had such a shocked look on his face as he saw the blood running down his mothers forehead, and heard her screaming. These parents then went to the school board demanding that film be taken out of their school. The answer would be censorship. This mother found that her daughter had seen this film twice but never said anything about it because she thought her mother would go and complain and because of peer pressure she didn't tell her mother, for they do not want mom and dad there at school.

The testimony of Myrtle Kelly of Kansas City Missouri shows that this 'Values Clarification and behavior modification techniques' were used in that area also. She brought out in her testimony that this material is used without parental knowledge. In this material a child is forced to choose which member of his family is to die in a cave, a boat accident, or a nuclear war, and how they will react.

Robert Griggs, a teacher in the Hocker Grove Junior High in Shawnee, Missouri found in that school the teaching of Meditation and Yoga. The students didn't understand this and the parents protested so the school substituted...'Dungeons and Dragons' that we have told you about earlier. Then Robert Griggs moved to Roeland Park School in 1981-82...the nurse asked to show a sixth grade movie about vitamins to his class, so he consented thinking it would be a ten minute movie about vitamins. But the first three minutes of the footage was the actual birth of a baby. It started out with a lady, her legs apart and her feet up in stirrups. It was very graphic and very detailed and the man delivering the baby was a shock to the boys and girls for they saw what a doctor does at such times. The portion about vitamins was short and there was no correlation between the live birth and the vitamins story. He asked the school nurse afterwards why she would show this and she replied that someday they would need to learn these things. In the school year of 1982-83 people considered counselors and social workers were attached to the Shawnee Mission School District, they were connected to the community. And two counselors then came to the school and asked the teachers of grades four thru six to take a long one hour coffee break. Robert Griggs decided to stay for the presentation, to see what it was all about. Well the children ages 8 thru 10., thus the fourth thru sixth grades were gathered in one room. They then numbered the children and then told number one, three, five and so on., to remain standing and the even numbered ones to sit down. The children from Robert Griggs room kept looking at him sort of like, 'do we have to do this?' To those standing they were are the ones who will get into sex, drugs, alcohol abuse and you will do this in Junior High. The kids were shaking their heads and trying to sit down but were told to stand dup. Some were saying:...we want you to know that if you do it is not because you are bad kids, it is just that you will need counseling, and we want you to feel free to come to us so we will get you on the right track.

Another time the counselors came and this time they had a large chart about children, and their value was according to their size. The largest thing on the chart was the word:...LOVE...written ten inch letters. Then there was a house with a family inside and it was rather large. Two things caught the kids eyes, the two smallest things on the chart was a circle with a red dot in it, and the other was a circle with a Jewish six point- ed star in it. The counselors complimented the kids who brought these to their attention and are very perceptive and did a good job discerning. This circle with the red dot what does it tell you? The children is very small does that mean it isn't important? Yes was the reply, Christianity once served our country in a positive way, but students of today seek other forms of religion to study and learn from. Then they suggested Yoga, Meditation, and some of the eastern so called mystic religions.

Another instance of the use of films in the classroom, these are super 8 films and A.V. material that students can check out freely. They can run this film for six minutes and then write a report. This is supposed to be an excellent motivator for short essays, but Robert Griggs testified that one of these films, for three minutes was of only a man sitting, working on some tool, but it was a close up shot of a spread crotch, a naked man exposing himself. You could see his hands working on something just above his male organs. Mr. Griggs then checked out another A.V. source of material and when he complained he was told that he would not be at this school very long. He had complained about the many books in the library that deal with the occult, and where even the witches hardly had any clothes on.

Two years before he had his students do a Christmas poster. The Superintendent informed him that we do not celebrate Christmas anymore, we only use this time as a winter holiday, instead of the words..Christmas or Christ. It is not to be a religious holiday in any way. So he and the children just made a large bulletin board with just stars in the sky, and they made a typical Christian village with stained glass windows and churches, and houses and wreaths. They did not put Merry Christmas or anything that could be offensive on it they thought but did put a bright star of Bethlehem at the very top of the board. The Superintendent looked at the board and said:...well, I don't see where anybody could be offended by that. But then before the day was over three different teachers came to say they were personally offended that he would make a religious issue out of Christmas, it was that star of Bethlehem that offended them.

Robert Griggs then testified that he had gotten in trouble for teaching what was considered 'secular history'. He had mentioned B.C. and A.D. and told how history points toward the year before and after the birth of Christ.

Thressa Todd of Phoenix, Arizona testified that the drug education program for elementary children was called:..project Charley. And this project was simply again 'Values Clarification' and all the things which showed up in the other testimonies plus sex education, with just a little of the drug situation. The main question in the questionnaire had nothing to do with the drug question, for this question was:...'How often do you masturbate? This was emphasized as something very beneficial and desirable.'

Ann McClellan of Phoenix testified that in their High School Health class the children were taught that it is normal to hate their parents.

Jane Schindler of Denver, Colorado testified that the book:..'Show Me' is in many school libraries, but this book could not be sold in a porno shop in Colorado for it violated the child pornography laws, but it is in the Public Schools. She asked:...'How can we object to it in public but condone it in the schools?' And the Principal of her school replied:..'Some of the kids talk like that at home, and we need to make them feel accepted.' Jane then wondered if that means that our Public Schools are to reduce their standards to the lowest norm?

Alan C. Thomaier of Nashu, New Hampshire testified that he was the father of five children, had been a professional baseball player, a coach, a religious instructor of High School Students, and an elected school board member for 8 years. He had been connected with and concerned with the secular Humanist teaching in the schools, which are Federally funded. He found in their school films put out by the National Organization for women, he found their MS Magazine was in the school library, and it contained four letter words, and five pages of ads where as young girls could send away for cordless vibrators, erotic toys with which to have fun with their friends and various other Lesbian ads. One of the books in the library was: ..'The Gay Mystique'..written by a Homosexual who told the readers that sex with men was better then sex with women. And this book was also paid for with Federal funds. Mr. Thomaier donated books giving opposing views but they were never put on the shelves. He testified that between the Federal funding of schools, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Humanist that parents, teachers, school board members are scared to challenge the material they find in the schools.

From Florida came the same kind of testimony, for the same programs were in the schools. The emphasis of education had changed from basic academics of reading, writing, and arithmetic to reasoning and humanism, socialism, social relevance or social reconstruction with academics at the bottom of the list. Again a drug program was still 'Values Clarification'...and the curriculum of the Drug program was simply the spirit of experimentation.

George L. Crossley, Jr. Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Lake Monroe Florida, testified as to how shocked he was at the material used and shown to the students. He found this material attacked the morals and religious values held by most of the parents of the school children. From age 12 up the material promoted homosexuality as an alternate life style. A library book in the elementary school library gave specific instructions on masturbation. Books in the Senior High School were found to be downright pornographic. The material did not generally give two sides to an issue.... for instance:..Premarital sex..just promoted the idea. He found that the Florida Public Health agencies were dispensing birth control pills to girls 12 years of age without parental knowledge and consent. This Pastor who had to counsel young people faced with the struggle as to who to believe, the parents or the schools, found that 'Planned Parenthood' is the Federally supported answer to Murder Incorporated, for they paid for 70,000 abortions thru that organization alone during the past year.

Judy Young who represents a private organization called 'True Life Choice' went to the Orange County Schools and sought an opportunity to present alternatives to abortions. She was turned down for her views were considered as controversial. The pressure and intimidation put on parents for standing up and speaking out against material which manipulates and influences the minds of our children is reprehensible.

Now; my friends this is but a small summary of the mass of testimony taken in the meetings in 1984. With the Presidential campaign in full blast in 1984., with the Women’s Lib baying at the moon, and the press covering every move they made, no wonder the Press and T.V. did not tell you about the testimonies of parents, teachers, ministers, and one Rabbi as well as concerned citizens as to the crud that has been with Federal funding fed into the Public Schools. No wonder pressure is put on parents to keep their children in the Public Schools where it is easier to brainwash them.

Now that school is in recess for summer vacation, it is time for parents to start checking the programs, the material used in their schools, and to be used for this coming fall. Check the books in the libraries, and the films as well.

After the meetings in 1984 steps were taken to implement the provisions of the Hatch Act, but you will have to fight every step of the way for there is much to be done before this cancer on the Public Schools is removed. After all it has been growing for many years.

It was not until Ronald Reagan on August 22, 1980 said:...(Quote) 'The Office of the Presidency must ensure that the awesome power of government respects the rights of parents, and the integrity of the family. If a President can propose taxes, regulations, controls, and embargoes, he can propose as well ways to keep big government out of the schools, the neighborhood as well as the home. As government becomes morally neutral, its resources have been denied to individuals professing religious beliefs, and given to others who profess to operate in a value free environment. I'm sure that many of you remember the controversy over the Federally funded textbooks known as MACOS (man-a course of study) which indirectly taught grade school children relativism as they decided which members of their family were to die for the survival of the remaining ones. I don't recall the government ever granting seven million dollars to scholars for the writing of text books reflecting a religious view of man and his destiny.' (Unquote) It was not until this speech by Ronald Reagan who had experience in the field as Governor of California that those fighting the corruption in the schools begin to have hope.

Dr. Swift was also in the midst of this fight to stop that course of study as well as others, and yet the advent of Federal spending allowed the enemy to have the upper hand. Today the pressure must come against this evil, and be kept on for the enemy never sleeps, they are fighting in every avenue to hold the gain they have attained in the corruption of the youth of America. Now there is a law that will help the parents in their battle, but there is also a well entrenched bureaucracy. When Ronald Reagan became President, he had promised to do away with the Department of Education created by President Carter. But they found that if they did this then many of those programs would automatically be shifted to other departments and it would only be harder to weed out those objectional programs so entrenched in the schools. So it would be better to work within this department and that is what they have been doing, and that is why the hearings were held in 1984., and then the results were a positive beginning. But again, the fight must go on, this is something that our race must continue until the final results and our victory.

Geraldine Ferraro denounced the Reagan Admin..'s Educational policies and called for stronger opposition to censorship and more Federal money for education. Watch out for these people!! E.M.