ERM - Tape 043 - The Temple of the Stars in Britain






1. The Temple of the Stars in Britain


QUESTION:...What was the Holy Grail that King Arthur’s Knights were said to be searching for?

ANSWER:...The Christian Grail was the dish in which YAHSHUA and his disciples partook of the 'Last Supper.' This was the inside cup of the Chalice and was said to be the vessel used to catch the blood of YAHSHUA as He hung on the Cross. This vessel was supposed to have been brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea.

Now; we have told you much about the 'Gospel of the Stars', its symbolic meaning from the Swift Library. Of all the Identity Ministers I have listened to, Dr. Swift was the greatest witness as to this fact that the Adamic Race came out of the Spirit into physical bodies for the definite purpose of building the Kingdom of YAHWEH on the earth, as it is in heaven. This was always Dr. Swifts message, and I have tried to pass it on to you. Everything we learn confirms this fact, that we are spirit of His Spirit, and this is all in the Symbolism that you must understand before you can understand the Scriptures.

Did you know that long, long ago before Joseph of Arimathea came to Britain after the Resurrection, in fact long before YAHSHUA was born in earth, that Master Builders of our race built in Britain, in a circle, the symbolic meaning of the circle being Immortality...they built in Britain what was referred to as 'The Temple of the Stars'. This was simply the 'Gospel of the Stars' inverted on to earth using waterways, buildings, mounds, hills and so forth. This Temple of the Stars was in the Somerset area, and it represented the great vault of the Heavens inverted in earth with the beginning and end of the story of the 'Gospel of the Stars.' Virgo, Leo, Taurus and Orion were to show up in the area which would become later 'The Hides of Land' given to Joseph of Arimathea when he came with Mary, the earthly mother of YAHSHUA, after the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Why would these Ancient Master Builders do this if it had no meaning for our Race?

These highly imaginative people of profound experience and vitality who built this 'Temple of the Stars' had a God who was so real to them. They believed that He was with them always, in their daily work, in the very ground they trod on and was of course permanently controlling the Universe around them. The drawings of these effigies, or figures is free, powerful, realistic and not in any way conventionalized. These effigies, or figures, built were definitely to indicate a sanctuary, not made by strangers, who were practical enough to apply their religion to fructifying mother earth.

Now; back thru the years traces were found of this written copy or story called 'The High History of the Holy Grail', and this book I have is translated into English from the early French. It is written as a Romance, in a way, but it is also written in symbolism or it would not make any sense with its Knights, dragons, and all kinds of animals and so forth.

The book begins:..(Quote) Hear ye the history of the most holy vessel that is called Grail, wherein the precious blood of the Savior was received on that day that HE was put on the rod and crucified in order that He might redeem His people from the pains of hell. Joseph set it in remembrance by annunciation of the voice of an Angel, for that truth might be known, by His writing of good worshipful men how they were willing to suffer pain, and to travail for the setting forward of the Law of Jesus the Christ, that He willed to make new by His death, and by HIS crucifixion.

The High History of the Holy Grail beginneth in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost, these three are one substance which is God, and of God moveth the High story of the Grail. And all they that hear it ought to understand it, and forget all the error they have in their hearts. For the sake of the worshipful men and good Knights of whose deeds shall remembrance be made, doth Joseph recount their holy history, for the sake of the lineage of the Good Knight who was there at the crucifixion of our LORD.

This Good Knight was Joseph who asked Pilate for the body of YAHSHUA then laid that body in his tomb. He kept the Lance whereof HE was smitten in the side, and the most holy vessel wherein they that believed on HIM received with awe the blood that ran down from HIS wounds as He was upon the rod. (Unquote)

Now; we have told you of the coming of Joseph of Arimathea to Britain, so this was a pre-arranged site was it not? Finally today it is being admitted that King Arthur was a real King in Britain, and that his castle Camelot, and his Round Table in that castle was also authentic. Many of course do not want to understand the symbolism of that story, or connect it to our race, but still the truth comes out.

The Round Table was constructed not without great significance upon the advice of Merlin, the High Priest of King Arthur’s court. It signified a round world, a round canopy of the planets, and elements in the firmament where you find the stars. The Zodiac and its significance in symbolism there are found in the Round Table were 12 emblems of the 12 tribes of Israel were located. These emblems, remember, came from the Star Bible and from the Scriptures, and were also represented in this great circular 'Temple of the Stars' built there in the Somerset-Glastonbury area so long ago. Built in a circle which was ten miles in diameter.

This book...'The Guide to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars' is written by K.E. Maltwood and was published in 1969. It is a new edition of an already widely known book. It is an investigation into a remote civilization in a little corner of England at a very period..very early period of history, and concerns these gigantic earth monuments of a so called primitive people. Nature Giants built by early men are not so uncommon in other parts of the world, but seldom are they found in such abundance and of such complexity as in the Vale of Avalon.

Today these strange and mysterious effigies can be photographed from the air, they then take on a new and quite unexpected significance. In fact they appear to be a land chart of the sky. The lady who wrote this book is thoroughly convinced and produces proof to that effect that we can now localize the King Arthur Grail legend. She was convinced that these great nature giants of Somerset were to be placed with the High History of the Holy Grail, so as to understand the Grail, and she put the two together, and we have tried to carry out this theme so that you would see the symbolism of this great effigy, or what the Giants built so long ago.

It was not until the air age that it was possible to localize the legend of King Arthur by means of photographs from the air. On the scale of 6" to 1 mile the maps of the district between Somerset and Glastonbury were found to portray these Prehistoric earthworks and artificial water courses which now reveal Merlins secret, which was this 'Temple of the Stars' and its connection to the dome of the heavens called 'The Gospel of the Stars'.

As you look down from the air using these maps you now see the Zodiacal creatures are laid out in a circle. They differ very little from the Constellations figures, and their corresponding stars fall in their boundaries. Thus you see that someone long ago built great earthworks, made artificial waterways, and constructed great earthen figures in a circle and the Romance of the King Arthur Adventure is tied into these mysterious figures.

Our Author wrote other books on this same subject bringing out more of the symbolism of her subject, but this should do to convince you that there is a connection between the work of Ancient men, the race, the Scriptures, and 'The Gospel of the Stars'.

The word Grail means a container, or vessel, and the Grail of the Christian era is tied into an earlier Grail which was called the 'Cauldron of Wisdom'. This former Grail was already famous ages before Joseph of Arimathea brought this message of the Crucifixion and Resurrection to Britain. We have no doubt but that he chose this remote spot because of destiny. It is a matter of history that Christianity came to Glastonbury prior to any other place in the British Isles.

Since the air age we now have three definite sources of information besides the legends of King Arthur, these are the ordinance survey large scale maps, the pictured Astronomical figures of our present globe, and these photographs taken from the air.

It would be impossible to find a circular traditional design of Zodiacal and other Constellation figures arranged in their proper order, and corresponding with their respective stars, unless they had been laid out in sequence, according to plan. Yet, here in that part of Britain it was laid out on the ground in a great circle, this story of the Gospel of the Stars, and it was called the 'Cauldron of Wisdom', for this story of the Scriptures starts in the circle of the heavens. Unless you understand the symbolism of that 'Cauldron of Wisdom' you cannot understand your heritage. And the pre-Christian stories of the stars was adapted by the later Chroniclers and interwoven with the Christian Grail legend. Thus those who had been initiated into the mysteries of this Island Valley were obliged to coerce their secret knowledge in Romance, after Christianity swept the field. But neither that reformation, or any other was able to destroy the Map of the Stars our forefathers modeled amongst the hills and river beds of Somerset, and which still testifies to the Ancient Religion of this land. Some suggest this story was brought to this land of Britain 2800 B.C. by early Phoenicians, but you know that the Phoenicians were descendants of Enoch, and Master Masons, or Master Builders. Archaeologists then did not have to excavate in order to reveal the imitation of the Divine Plan in Somerset, for this story lies on the surface, and will be there as long as these Zodiacal Giants retain their beautiful proportions.

Since a heavenly Sanctuary is portrayed here on earth, here where King Arthur lies buried, then one of the Constellations would represent King Arthur and this ties the High History of the Holy Grail, and the Temple of the Stars together. Since this pre-Christian Temple located there in Somerset-Glastonbury area was man made to resemble the Dome of Heaven inverted on earth, then the Christian Grail in which the blood of YAHSHUA was collected took the place of an earlier, and vaster conception from The Gospel of the Stars. The world being unworthy or qualified to see it. And thru the romance of the 'High History of the Holy Grail' it is now possible to reconstruct this earthly 'Temple of the Stars', this Zodiac Circle, and its story from the text by aid of modern air maps.

To realize at all the magnitude of this Prehistoric 'Round Table of the Grail' is obliged to think in miles instead of inches, in thousands of years instead of hundreds, for this Temple is 10 miles in diameter, and it is about 5,000 years old, and this counterpart of the heavens corresponds with the Constellation figures recognized by Astronomers of today.

'The High History of the Holy Grail' thus makes King Arthur and his Knights perform on this original Giant stage of Somerset where these effigies or figures have been lying for thousands of years. No doubt our star Gazing ancestors thought by symbolic magic to realize Heaven on Earth, when they fashioned these woodland figures with skill Divine. The reason why we are still able to trace the Zodiacal creatures in the land where they still lay is because this was once the property of the first church in Britain, the Hides of Land given to Joseph of Arimathea. Up to the time of the Reformation the Monks of Glastonbury were careful to keep the Ancient landmarks and waterways intact. No doubt they had the whole history from the beginning to the end.

Now we have explained the Zodiac Circle of the signs, one of each of the twelve tribes of Israel carried a sign for an ensign. We explained this in earlier tapes, and now we find that in 'The High History of the Holy Grail' that each of those characters has now been identified with the 12 Zodiac figures on the ground here in the Somerset and Glastonbury area, and the Constellations which go with each other are there also. The Stars which agree with their corresponding Constellation figures on the ground also lie along the Celestial path of the sun, moon, planets, with the notable exception of the Giants, Hercules and Orion, whose stars also fit their correct effigies. When transferred from the modern planet sphere on to the map of Somerset thus we read:...'Heaven above, Heaven below; stars above, stars below; all that is over, under shall show. Happy thou who the riddle readest.'

And in this circle of the heavens built there in earth the entrance or beginning to this story land was as in the Star Bible, in Virgo. There are 3 land gates, and 3 water gates which lie in the radius of 3 1/2 miles in this figure of Virgo, close to her hand where she holds out her Sheath of Wheat. Then along the Cary River which outlines the profile of Virgo is Wheat hill, thus we suggest she holds in her hand WHEAT, instead of corn as is sometimes suggested.

In 'The High History of the Holy Grail' in this effigy, is the Chapel the Queen sent Arthur to which was in a 'combe of the forest'. The church that was built in that area of this effigy was called Wheat sheaf and was later dedicated to the memory of Mary Magdalen. If you come to this church in the heart of September you would find..what? Sheaves of Golden Wheat, rows of rosy cheeked apples, and lovely flowers. A harvest festival had been celebrated here in Virgo's Wheat sheaf church for nearly 5000 years. Spica, her first magnitude star, falls in the front of her skirt.

I hope you noticed the symbolism in 'The High History of the Holy Grail' it talks of the Sepulcher that lays between the forest and Camelot, and this Sepulcher is where one of them that helped to un-nail our LORD from the Cross is buried. Today we know that Joseph of Arimathea is buried there, and we also know that this Pre-historic Castle of Camelot which guards the mystical kingdom of Lorges on the south and east was no myth. Today we know there was really a Camelot and a King Arthur. There was also a Round Table in the great fortress of Cadbury (or Camelot) and to the south of Cadbury Castle there was a Mount Carmel. It was only 1/3 the height of the Palestine Mt. Carmel, but this one was a natural altar. Mount Carmel in Palestine was where Elijah built an Altar. It was where the fire came down from heaven and burnt the offering for Elijah. Here in Britain Mt. Carmel was a natural Altar dedicated to YAHWEH (God).

In 'The High History of the Holy Grail' there was what was called a mystical Light in that kingdom of Lorges. It is very possible that the name Lorges for the kingdom in 'The Temple of the Stars' was LOGOS..or THE WORD. For the WORD is a more brilliant Light than fire. In otherwords the Light of YAHWEH'S Kingdom comes from HIM, and is more brilliant than fire which is not a pure light. Satan uses fire as his light thus there is a great difference in fire and the LIGHT OF YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. There was no wealth buried in this kingdom of Lorges, in this 'Temple of the Stars' in Britain. Its wealth consisted of the gold of the suns rays, and the jewels of the stars, for its treasure was in the heavens locked in the secret recesses of the heart.

Ancient calenders list the date of 4000 B.C. when the Aryan conception of the Astrologic monogram for the divisions of the 'Gospel of the Stars' was listed as Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo, these four cardinal points when looking at this circle of the heavens. These four cardinal points would divide the circle into four equal parts. This monogram was still used as a standard much, much later by the Aryan Assyrians.

The signs of the Zodiac held in reverence in pre-Christian days were retained after the establishment of the new religion..Christianity, and were introduced into its churches in Mosaics, stone carvings, and other decorations. Star symbolism is everywhere traceable in the symbolic language of church and state for those two were inseparable, they are the kingdom. And the story of the Adamites from heaven to earth is the secret of the Grail in its ritual. There are still to be found Astronomical signs on old Inns in England. There were scores of Inns displaying the Eagle and Child of the Somerset Zodiacal circle, in place of Gemini the twins. The flying Bull on Inns represented Taurus, while the Red Lion, the Ram, Fish and Ring, Wheat-sheaf and so forth were also easily recognizable.

Now;..'The High History of the Holy Grail' says that King Arthur obtained the Round Table of the Stars thru his marriage with Guenievere. That this Table was in the Isle of Avilion, or Avalon. And Avalon means passage residence, that here flows the Blood Spring. For those who laid out this Temple of the Stars were water lovers, water was their Queen. And water is symbolic of Spirit, and then we find that the water bearers effigy, this Isle of Avalon resembles a Phoenix with outstretched wings turning its head to reach the Life giving water of the Chalice Well, or Blood Spring. That this Druid Well forms the Urn of Aquarius and has always been associated with the Holy Grail. Did you notice the symbolism used there? The Urn of Aquarius which pours out the water (spirit) to children of YAHWEH symbolized as Fish in 'The Gospel of the Stars' and the symbol here in the Temple of the Stars was of a Phoenix symbol of Immortality, as is the circle. And from the Astronomical point of view the Aquarius Cup received the rays of the sun at the Winter Solstice, and those of the moon at the Summer Solstice about 3000 B.C. This Cup recalls the Universal Legend of the Cup of Immortality.

Now; the first Grail was not the Christian Grail. The first Grail was 'The Gospel of the Stars' in the Starry Universe. The second Grail was this 'Temple of the Stars' in Somerset, this vault of the heavens inverted in earth. The third Grail is in the Virgo Constellation, this Cup of 'The Temple of the Stars', and the fourth Grail or Cup was the Blood Spring in Glastonbury, the Holy Well. It is said that this Druid Well is a radioactive spring, the iron in the water stains the stone over which it flows, golden red, also a rare fungus floats on the surface resembling clots of blood. It is said that this huge stone used in its construction is the same formation as those at Stonehenge. One single block encloses three sides of the Well mouth. And now the fifth Grail was the Cup into which dropped the blood of our Savior as He hung on that Cross.

To put it more clearly:...Grail number one is the symbol of unity, for all stand in need of YAHWEH. He is no. 1, the beginning Alpha, this Cup of the Heavens called 'The Gospel of the Stars'. Then is its story and the beginning of our Faith.

Grail number two is this 'Temple of the Stars' built so long ago in Somerset as the complete story. No. 2 signifies there is a difference, there is another, thus these two may be, altho different in character, yet one as to Testimony. Thus this 'Temple of the Stars' marks Divine completeness and perfection,

As to Grail number three, where as it is a Testimony to number one in its place as Grail No. 2.

Grail number four:..this fourth Grail is the Blood Well of 'The Temple of the Stars', is the spring that feeds the race, the Blood Clan, and it is the number of creation, it is the 'city' Jerusalem, and here in earth thus marks this race..this Blood Clan, and completeness in earth.

Grail number five is truly Divine in its source and character. It is Father (Spirit), Son (YAHSHUA)...YAHWEH embodied, thus spirit, creation and redemption as well as spirit, soul and body.

I have told you before that there was a Phoenix Bird in Britain, and we find this symbol of Immortality in this 'Temple of the Stars'. Chalice Hill forms part of the body of the Phoenix, the Sacred precincts of the Abbey lie on its tail. Two old roads to wells outline its west wing: the terraces on South Down Hill, model the East wing. Paradise land indicates the breast. Norwood Park farm stands on the outer edge of the East wing; and the Linche's form the upper joints of that wing. The road that outlines the beak turns east along Ashwell Lane, and then north, in order to outline the top of the head and the back of the neck. The cultivated terraces called Chapels form the crest.

In 'The High History of the Holy Grail' it says:..'over against him was a pillar of copper whereon sat an Eagle that held a cross of gold wherein was a piece of the true Cross.' And in the old arms of the Glastonbury Monastery was a white shield on which was placed vertically the stem of a green tree with the branches lopped off, a similar stem was placed at right angles to form a Cross. This confirmation of the idea of the Eagle sitting on the pillar of copper holding the cross thus found accurately displayed in 'The Temple of the Stars'. We then have the Royal Star Cross combined with the Pole Tree Star or Pillar of copper on which sat the Eagle. And on the detailed map made from the air you can draw a line from the Royal Star called Fomalhaut, as it is transformed from heaven to earth here in this 'Temple of the Stars', and between the tip of the west wing of the Eagle and the fountain wall. Then draw a line from there to the Star Regulus in Leo, and it will pass thru the birds claw, the center of the Royal Star Cross, and the center of the Christian Leo the Lion, and the Golden crest or comb of the Phoenix called an Eagle in 'The High History of the Holy Grail' is made of five or more great terraces called the golden tablets in the British Edda. These great effigies, or figures, of this 'Temple of the Stars' was purposely designed to be invisible, and now the key having been lost thru the Adamite loss of understanding of symbolism, or where they came from, can now be traced on the large scale ordinance survey sheets or from the air. From the ground these great figures became hard to find. It is easier to see the Phoenix outlined on the O.S. sheets than from the top of Glastonbury Tor.

Now; I have a postcard picture of Tor Hill, that Christine brought back from England, and it is just a round grass covered hill with trees and shrubs around the hill about half way from the top. It was always considered a landmark for the hill is 500 feet high and is crowned with a tower. A magnificent view can be seen from this hill if you climb the Pilgrims path, but the other figures of this Zodiac is still easier to see from the air, for they are so vast, and you lose the sight of them hidden in woods, under hills, or by houses, and it would be exhausting to follow them on foot for they are ten miles in diameter, rather that circle on which they rest is ten miles in diameter. Thus only those who understand symbolism can see the true story of the Holy Grail.

The curves of the rivers and hills suggested living creatures to early man, but it needed a race of artists who understood how to measure the heavens as well as the earth to resolve these existing natural forms into a circular design to fit the stars; it was an art founded on the principal of Geometry. Half of the outlines of the giant figures are drawn by natural water courses which point to the idea that someone formed mother earth with the suggesting of the design, but the scientific knowledge required to adapt it undoubtedly came by the same route that Joseph the tin merchant used...from the east.

St. Michael's Tower crowns the famous hill, called Glastonbury Tor...high up on the Tower in the fourteenth century was a stone carving of an Eagle, and due south on Wooton Hill farm a very fine one is represented again with the head reverted and wings fanning out as in the effigy of the Phoenix. This Tor with St. Michael's Tower commands a fine view of the greater part of the area occupied by the effigy Constellations, and this Druid Tor must be the Castle described in Branch 35..Title 15 of 'The High History of the Holy Grail', because it belonged to King Pelles before Sir Perceval took it.

The 12 Knights, coffins, altars, hermits, chapels, and houses described there refer to the 12 Zodiacal Constellations, all are outlined as we have described them to you before. And at the pole of this circle is the head of the fire-breathing Dragon or Draco. For Adam is not to forget that it was this Dragon, or Serpent, that would be his downfall. Thus with these twelve Zodiacal effigies laid out like a dial in that part of Britain were also the Constellations that complete the story even the Dragon, or Serpent, and Orion, the big and little bear, or big and little dippers which are actually the Sheepfolds. And even the great Ship just to the outside of the circle is also there.

Most of the writers of today say that these Ancient people were 'sun worshipers' but the Ancient writings the sun was the symbol of YAHWEH warming the earth. And it was said that the sons of Sol (YAHWEH) were distinguished from other men by their education, their knowledge of Astrology. It is recorded that the Persians, the Aryan Chaldeans, and Egyptian rulers as well as the Syrians were those that knew they were sons of Sol. Thus our Author asks:...'Did the sons of Sol (YAHWEH) of Heliopolis leave their names below the Tor of Britain, or is the land named after HIM? If so, why and by whom? For in Egypt a soul was said to make its transformation into the Phoenix which flew to Heliopolis.'

Anyone standing on top of the Tor there at Glastonbury then can witness the last flaming movements of the setting sun, and its rising after a night of starry splendor, and you would also have seen the Constellations of the pole star. As you came down this pilgrim's path you could go to the Abbey grounds where a few feet from St. Joseph's Chapel stood those tell-tale Pyramids that are said to mark King Arthur's Grave. On was 281 feet high and one is 26 feet high, or at least was that height in the time that William of Malmesbury saw them. Then almost opposite was the Golden Wheel Tea room which displays the signs of the Zodiac. On a side board, as a museum is a little of what has been recovered from two British Lake Villages lying in the Moors below Glastonbury. In the book:..'The Lake Villages of Somerset'...the author tells of objects found such as flint, amber, glass, jet, pottery, tin, lead, bronze, iron and much else including the hearths from the round huts. These hearths were ornamented with circles which he dates at least 250 to 300 B.C. And all the skulls dug up belong to this same race you found in Spain, France, Greece, North Africa, Egypt and further to the east.

In the 'High History of the Holy Grail', King Fisherman's Castle approached by Fisher's Hill was called 'Weary all' because here in 'The Temple of the Stars' the pilgrims who came to Glastonbury had reached their journeys end, like the setting of the sun.

Now; the Ancient Pole Star when in Ursa Minor was marked by a serpents head on a crown. In Parkwood is a wide path among the trees, the perfect drawing of a snakes head. Jaws yawning toward the west, and it is in the center of the circle of the effigies or figures found there. This is in 'The Gospel of the Stars' as well, for at one time a star Constellation of Draco was the Pole Star. It seems that there has been seven Pole Stars, and as we have told you before, in time, Vega will be the Pole Star. It is significant that Pole Stars never set. The symbolic seven headed snake comes from the Pole Stars...for Satan or Lucifer is represented in the Star Bible as a pole star, or Draco..or Dragonis..the great Serpent, then on the outside of the Ecliptic after he fell. And Addadian cylinder seal of a seven headed snake or fire dragon was found in 2500 B.C., so the symbolism was always known by the Aryans.

Now; in 'The High History of the Holy Grail'...the Knight sees three drops of blood fall upon the table. One points east, one west, and one south, but they join together to form a triangle. The one on the south is the apex of the triangle and was called 'THE LOGOS' ..or 'World of Ideas', it being the basis of the geometry, astrology and religion of this 'Temple of the Stars'. And the great Ship which was symbolic of the travelers returning home and the mast of that Ship touches the apex of that triangle. The original designers of this chart of the heavens certainly knew the symbolism of the story, did they not? And they also knew the place of the pole of the ecliptic, otherwise the Zodiac stars would not fall within their correct effigies when transferred from the heavens.

Another interesting thing about this Sacred area which is laid out with such geometrical exactitude, is this Great Ship...of the returning pilgrims which has three lines which come to one point, and it surely is no coincident that the cottage nearest to the spot where the lines meet, should be called 'Bethel', which means 'The House of the Supreme God'.

In the middle ages they called Ursa Major the Chariot of Elias. It has been called Thor's Wagon, and the Wagon of Osiris. In Ireland the Druids called it King Arthur's Chariot, and the Scandinavians called it Odin's Wagon. The French called it the Great Chariot of David. And the effigy here in this 'Temple of the Stars' appears to hold the old vicarage of Barton St. David, with the church and cross of St. David in its back. This Constellation of Ursa Major pictured on many maps of the heavens as a big dog but is really the Prince and He is just ahead of the Great Ship in the Zendera Zodiac. There he is called the head, and is pictured as a hawk or Eagle coming swiftly down, for he is the natural enemy of the serpent. In the Persian planetsphere it is pictured as a wolf, but its meaning is Leader. This Constellation contains the oldest star symbol, the fiery wheel or cross called the Swastika. This country of Somerset once held this meaning for in the 'High History of the Holy Grail', the car that the damsel leadeth after her..signifieth the wheel of fortune which is the Swastika. This sign was on early British coins and was the symbol of the woman, Virgo, of the silver wheel who guarded the opening of this 'Temple of the Stars'. But my, my look what they make of the Swastika today. Isn't that just suggestive of most everything today? Turn everything around which pertains to the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth, anything good is now changed to mean just the that not so?

Now; in this story of the 'Temple of the Stars' we have told you just a few of the things about these twelve signs of the Zodiac and their accompanying Constellations. Just think of the task to lay out this 'Temple of the Stars' exactly, and with each head looking toward the sea, and sunset. This looking toward the west of all these figures, could there be a reason for this? Could those Ancient people of our race be calling attention to the fact that beyond the sea to the West was to be established the last Great Nation of the Kingdom?

Another thing most interesting is that the effigy of the Ram blocks the floods which keep the high tides from swamping that Giant Ram, guards His returning children, keeping them from being destroyed by the flood of the World Order.

Again, how would you understand the Scriptures as the Apostle Paul says: 'you are strangers and Pilgrim's in earth', unless you understand the symbolism of the Star Bible. If that Star Bible which is, the picture of the heavens is so important then why would not those Master Builders of our Race be expected to build this 'Temple of the Stars' on that circle in a certain part of Britain so we could, with the coming of the air age, bring it to life again? We find that these Ancient Master Builders, or Masons were most careful to carry out every detail to keep the story intact.

Tradition has always said that the Templars with the Knights of the Round Table were the special Guardians of the Holy Grail. They held the tradition that there was no other religion than the religion of nature preserved in the Temples of Egypt in Zendera, and in this 'Temple of the Stars' here in Britain. The Ancient aprons worn by these ancient Master Builders were made of an entire lamb's skin most carefully dressed.

There is a list kept of 91 properties in Somerset which used to belong to St. John of Jerusalem, who succeeded the Knights Templars in the guardianship of the Holy Grail.

Now; about 2700 B.C. the Vernal Equinox lay in the eye of the Bull (Taurus) in the 'Temple of the Stars' in Britain. This Taurus is the sign of Joseph, and his sons Ephraim and Manasseh, and the effigy finger marking the center of the Royal cross star points to Taurus--this earth sign. And as you stand on top of the Bulls neck, on Collard Hill, you look South toward Dundow Beacon, and it can be seen that the road draws the outline of its lower jaw. The Manor of Ivy Thorn on the west adorns the shoulder of the Bull figure. Ivy was considered Sacred in Ancient days because of the resemblance of its flowers to globes of stars, and the Holy Thorn of Glastonbury.

The Pleiades corresponds with the remaining of the earthwork on the west side of Somerton road near the turning to the Manor.

The ear of Taurus on Windmill Hill commands an interesting view, from here the Pilgrims path up Glastonbury Tor can be seen outlining that sacred mount against the sky. Looking down the road below Hood Monument (in the bulls ear) draws the curve of his nose while beyond you can see the Great Giant--Orion. You can climb the hill to the gate by the tip of the horn of Taurus, and you are suddenly on top of a natural amphitheatre looking down upon the Giant Orion. A lane by the name of Withy Lane leads to the bulls nose; and is it just a coincidence that a rifle range is marked on a former man--O S sheet 63 N.E.--crossing the field of the Bulls eye? Then Withy Lane divides near Laws farm, branches off to the two Redlands, and joins the flagstones leading to St. Andrews church. It is interesting to note that in the Hebrew Zodiac that Taurus was before Joseph and understood to be the sign of Adam--Sol's Son. After the equinox ceased to take place in May, the Druids changed the time of the equinoctial festival from the first of May to the first of April. Many writers then not understanding symbolism think the Druids worshiped the Bull, but no--they were not sun worshipers either, altho the sun seemed to rise in Taurus. It was just that they considered the symbol of the Bull as representing the Adamic Race, and the sun representing YAHWEH--Lighting the way of His race in earth. Only the head and shoulders of this Great Bull are shown in the pictures of the star Constellations because the Great ship of the returning travelers has taken haven there, and Orion is connected also with this great ship to show its importance. The Mast of this Great Ship which sails into the WEST, marked the May equinox in 2700 B.C., and this may be where the Maypole idea came from.

The stars of the sky river, also fall on this ship as well, and on the rudder of the Ship is a Falcon, and was also this way in the 'Temple of Zendera'. The bronze Falcon's head reproduced in color on post cards at the British Museum strangely resembles this one in outline. The Zendera Bird is crowned and in 'The High History of the Holy Grail', King Arthur gave the crown to Sir Perceval, and this Falcon was one of Perceval's effigies. The tail of the bird lies between the paws of Leo the Lion, thus these figures are closely connected here in the symbolism laid out in this area of Somerset-Glastonbury. The important star, Sirius when transferred from the planetsphere to the may, corresponds with two springs below Bradley Hill lying on the edge of the Falcon's west wing. The Cary River after delineating the effigies of Virgo and Leo, outlines the back and the front of this bird of the Great Ship while supplying water to that vessel also. The under part of the body and back of the leg are shown by different roads, and footpaths, and the river then outlines the bird's claws. Somerton Door Bridge leads to Somerton Door Grove along the poop deck of the ship to the knees of the Giant Orion, thus in symbolism, these returning travelers---to their father---are on their knees, or worshiping the one True God.

Today a Roman Villa is marked on the 6" OS sheet 63 South West at Lugshorn. Remember Lug meant 'God of Light', thus this Roman Villa is located in the head of this effigy of Orion which is outlined by the two artificial loops of the Cary River. And you now see how the use of the air maps have helped identify these figures built so long ago in this land, and it was the head of this Great one which was especially mentioned in 'The High History of the Holy Grail'.

Orion was once the most celebrated of all the Giant Effigies, most important all the nature figures in 'This Temple of the Stars'. In Egypt Orion figured as both Osiris, and Horus, but here is South England this great figure of Orion looks as if he were supporting the 'Round Table' of the Somerset Zodiac on his right arm, like Atlas. In the writings of Homer it is said:--'Keep the tall pillars which hold heaven and earth asunder'----These pillars were thought to rest in the Western Sea, and Atlas was said to own the Garden of the Hesperedes which turned into the Rocky Mountains. Orion’s uplifted arm is bent in the form of a Mason's square, and is outlined by the road from Compton to Redlands farm, beneath which the hand lies, with the tip of the thumb touching stepping stones, and two fingers are almost touching as tho holding something. The bend of the elbow is marked by the remains of an Ancient Cross at Castlebrook Hamlet. Looking up from the Cross, the camp, seen against the sky, draws the outline of Orion's ear, for his head lies half buried in the ground with the right ear in position to hear the music of heaven. And his Face looks toward the WEST, it is 3/4 of a mile long at the point of the chin to the top of the head. It is a marvelous work of are; the jaw is finely drawn by the flagstones called---Church path.

Our Author included pictures from the maps she has drawn of these great effigies showing where they lay as to the rivers, paths, hills and inhabited areas explaining each and every effigy she has listed. As for the origin of these great effigies of this 'Temple of the Stars' you read this in the history of the Kings of Britain--by Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Brute, past the realms of Gaul, beneath the sunset lieth an Island, girt by ocean, guarded by oceans, erst the haunt of the Giants. Desert of late, and meet for thy people, seek it------SEEK IT---for this is thine abode forever. In another place it is written:---'At that time the name of the Island was Albion, and of none was it inhabited save only a few Giants.'

Again---these natural effigies born of heaven and earth, no skeletons of these Giants were ever found, but these nature giants existed in Albion long before Brutus, the Trojan, came to Britain about 1103 B.C. to this land that had been erst the haunt of the Giants.

The question then is not---unto whom one serveth the Grail, for it was served originally to the Supreme God of the Starry heavens.

Now;--the Bardic sign for God was OIV, but who were those who served this God first, who makes these Giants? Whose were these of genius that could see in the rivers and hills a complex circular design, and have envisioned it as a Zodiac? Who was able to command such skilled labor to carry it out, so that the stars of the Ecliptic circle, as well as those of Orion and Hercules fit the picture so nicely? And if regularly interlaced, form equilateral triangles representing----earth, fire--and water, and laid on the center of a circle of Giants their 12 apex points to their respective effigies or figures.

These ancient Master Builders envisioned that their God, altho small in the worlds judgment, yet He is the Greatest, and LORD over us. They believe HIM a God of Mystery---His Light is His source, and swift, a particle of sunshine is His car. HE is the greatest on land and sea, and believe HIM much greater than the world.

In the mythology and rites of the British Druids, their Bardic conception of their God was that the Worship of HIM was carried from the summer country to the Isle of Britain in the ages of ages.

Today the Identity people of America are more interested in that 'Temple of the Stars' built in Britain so long ago, much more interested than most of those who live there. I wonder why?----Oh! many are the books written in Britain telling about these interesting things, but I am told that they sell better in America than where they were printed.

Again we also wonder why all those figures face to the west? We also wonder why and if those Master Builders of our race did no work in our land---or has it not been revealed as yet? For where did they go after that building in Britain, when that Island was considered only the 'Haunt of the Giants?'