ERM - Tape 044 - The Mounds and Circles of Britain





1. The Mounds and Circles of Britain


QUESTION:...If the 'Temple of the Stars' is so much symbolism, then what about Stonehenge, for we read that it was used for Human sacrifice?

ANSWER:...I think it has been pretty well proved today that Stonehenge was not used for human sacrifice, if people will just look at the facts. But lets take a look at Prehistoric England, Prehistoric London and its mounds and circles as well as Stonehenge and Avbury, and other interesting types of circles. Then you ask yourself why if these were only used for human sacrifices...why such Ancient people would work so hard to move those great stones and place everything in a circle???

I have a book entitled 'Pre-Historic London, its Mounds and Circles'... and this was published originally in 1914. We will be using this book and its subjects. Some we have covered before, but maybe it did not register so if there is anything you have already heard then you know why.

Old writers say the history of a nation is the history of its religion, its attempts to seek after and serve its God. And in no nation or country is this more true than of Great Britain. The pre-historic remains of open-air sanctuaries, artificial mounds and scientifically constructed astronomical circles bear witness to the vigor and vitality of a national religion.

Oh, there has been circles built over the pathway of the Adamic people as they traveled in their migrations, but the British that small area there is an over supply. We know that Moses erected 12 stones in a circle in the Wilderness, and at the valley leading to the convent on Mount Sinai. This was a small conical mound called the Mount of Conference, or a place of assembly. Then Joshua following YAHWEH'S command erected a circle of stone at Gilgal immediately on the arrival of the Israelites in the promised land. In Palestine there was a circle of Stones on the Summit of Gerizim called..'The Mount of God' was the oldest sanctuary in Palestine, we do not know who erected it, but no doubt some of the Adamites.

Where the city of London, England now stands there were many religious monuments. There is evidence of two circles called Cors or 'Courts of Justice'. There were 4 conical mounds of unknown antiquity which like Cathedrals and churches dominated the Moors, marshes, and water sketches that tell of the outline of the pre-Christian Capital. And in Early Druid times around these places of Assembly all the civil and religious affairs of the district revolved.

The deep rooted custom of erecting circles of stones ties Britain with Ancient Israel. In the Bible an example was the making of a covenant by Laban with Jacob for the welfare of his daughters and their children, he erected a stone called Galeed, meaning a heap of witness. In this Biblical record, the stone witnessed both a business agreement and a marriage settlement.

In London there is still the memory of the Druid College, and there lived the Guardians of the Circle, today this is College Street and it is close to Cannon Street Station. The Druid Sanctuary...or 'place of refuge' attached to the city circle was merged in very early times into the Christian Sanctuary of the Collegiate Church of St. Martin-Le-Grand. The general Post Office now stands on the site of both church and sanctuary. The fact that the privileges of sanctuary survived to the reign of James I., long after the church and monastery buildings had perished is characteristic of the permanence of British Institutions.

About two miles west of the Port of London, or Thorney Island was a second Druid circle with a College and Sanctuary and today Westminister Abbey stands on this spot. These Druid circles symbolic of Eternity were places of worship of the sun as you read so many places today, but this is not true when studying the primitive religion of Britain, for you never lose sight of the fact that the Universe was the Bible of the Ancients. The wonders of nature were to them as the voice of THE FATHER directing their lives and unfolding to their observation the intimations of the circle of the Universal Law on which our earth revolves with the sun and stars in the service of the Supreme God. By the movements of the Heavenly bodies, they ordered their lives, regulated the times and the seasons, the days and the years, as well as fixing religious festivals and all agriculture proceedings.

A study of the 'circles'...the manuscripts of God in the early dawn of civilization brought Adam-man in direct contact with the highest mind and intelligence.

One of the greatest testimonies to the spiritual character of many of our forefathers is the fact that no graven images or inscribed stones of any kind has ever been discovered of pre-Roman origin in Great Britain. Of all the relics of stone, Bronze and Iron ages in the British antiquities department of the British Museum there is no evidence whatever of idolatrous worship as you find in the Assyrian, Greek, and Roman Galleries. There is found however numerous incense burning clay vessels that witness to the use of the Divine Ordinance of burning incense, which is symbolic of prayer in the Druid religion as in the Patriarchial worship of the Israelites.

At a meeting of the British association in 1836., held at Stonehenge the first professor of Geology at the University of Oxford pointed out that the Altar-stone was a Fire stone. Professor Petrie proved this to be true many years later and pointed out that the probability that here, as in the outer court of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, may have been a round altar of burnt Incense.

In 1901 they found as they were trying to raise the great stone of Stonehenge which had fallen on the last night of the last century, that the Druids used only instruments of flint in cutting for religious purposes to guard against the making of Idols. Deuteronomy 27:5-6...I Kings 6:7... Joshua 8:31.

The footprints of these early settlers of Britain can be traced by the remains of their religious monuments...those circles and mounds, and from the migration routes of the Adamites from the district north of the Persian Gulf, along the trade routes of the Phoenicians, to the shores of the Mediterranean and so forth. There is much testimony to show that these original colonists came from Accadia the southern Province of Babylonia. They brought with them what is today considered a primitive religion, but this wave of the Aryan family overspread Europe before Greeks and Romans were heard of. It was to Ancient Chaldees these earliest settlers in Britain traced their origin, and these Kymry or Kimbri-Keltic people possessed from the earliest period of their existence a knowledge of the true God, and embodied it into their theological code as one of the fundamental doctrines of Druidism. And like the sacred Vedas of India carried by the Adamites, the Triads of Britain were handed down by oral tradition. Many people have wondered as to how the people moved the great stones to build the Pyramid, and then those gigantic un-hewn rocks weighing seventy or eighty tons employed in the construction of the circles of Avebury and Stonehenge. How were they moved and fixed in their respective positions? We see how they removed one of the Winged Bulls of Sennacherib's Palace gates by the process of using rollers, ropes and unlimited amounts of human labor and a lever, but at Stonehenge it seems to have been different as it was at the Great Pyramid.

There is no way to get away from the link of these people of Ancient Britain with the east as an origin of their migration. In October of 1907., Dr. Collins the Bishop of Gibraltar, when on a long journey as a bearer of a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the patriarch of the Assyrian Church...he came across a Kurdish village in the district of Ararat where it reminded him of the numerous circles still existing in all parts of Britain, especially in Cornwall. He made this entry in his diary:...'The village is like a large burrow, consisting of a series of earthen mounds of a large size. there are some with solid roofs that can be walked on, others the owners anxiously worn one off. The whole thing strongly suggests the underground dwellings at Chysauster in the land's end district.'

It is only within the last century that fresh light has been thrown upon the religion, and civilization of Ancient Britain, from the affinity that has been found to exist between our own and eastern languages. The Majority of the British words are of Celtic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic and Persian origin, and many place names, rivers, more especially are derived from the Sanskrit. The name of the river Avon for instance that forms the eastern boundary of the prehistoric cemetery on the Wiltshire Downs, comes from the Sanskrit root...'AV' which signifies water, and 'ON' is expressive of distinct unity, until Avon means literally...'a river'. In fact there are 10 rivers named Avon in Britain.

From Celtic lore as we have told you before, it appears that Hu-Gadarn the Mighty was the leader of the first colony of the Kymry into Britain about the time of Abraham. In the triads he is described as one of the three benefactors of the race of Kymry. One of the three pillars of the race in the Island of Britain, and Hu-Gadarn's successor...Edd Mawr... 1000 B.C. is reputed to be the founder of the Druid Order in Britain. The Druid Order is the oldest religious and educational institution in Europe. In Britain the Druid Order numbered 31 Chief seats of education, each seat was a city, the capital of a tribe. Today many these seats of the Chief Druids are capitals of counties with just a slight change in the original Celtic names. For instance:...'Caer-Caint' is Canterbury, and 'Eaer-Wyn' is today Winchester. The Universities of Britain were originally seats of Druid learning. The students of these Druid Colleges in different parts of the country are said to be numbered at times with 60,000 students, among those included were the young nobility of Britain and Gaul as well as Romans and others.

The Druids and Bards were trained for 20 years in the accurate repetition of the tenets of oral teaching, or their order, for the Druids did not consider it lawful to commit their doctrines to writing or to communicate them outside their own pale. No one but a Druid Priest could offer sacrifices, nor was any candidate admissible to the order unless he could prove his genealogy for 9 generations back.

In Druidism the British nation had a high standard of religion, justice and patriotism presented to them, and a code of moral teaching which never ceases to influence national character. All national events were then recorded in the Triads. And in matters of history the Welsh Bards have ever been consulted as the faithful chroniclers of their times. The writings of some of the Triads show them to be of unquestionable antiquity, and like the sacred Vedas (or Hymns) of India, the Celtic aphorisms and verses were handed down by oral tradition. It seems our ancient forefathers believed that pen and ink had a tendency to become corrupted. Thus these unwritten Celtic records, again being regularly recited at Bardic assemblies were retained for centuries in their original purity. It was the Druids intimate knowledge of nature that caused their predictions and utterances to be regarded as truth.

In the east the name of these learned men were Magi, they were skilled in Divine matters, and mere ministers of the Deity. In the west the name was Druid and they often said that these people were worshipers of the sun, moon and stars, but remember these learned Magi of the east were able by careful observations of the movements of the heavenly bodies to be guided to the cradle of the Savior to worship this 'Star' which would rise out of Jacob. Numbers 24:17. The Sun of Righteousness, which the Prophet Malachi foretold 500 years before...should 'rise with healing in his wings.'

As we've learned from the work of Dr. Swift the Wisemen of the East communicated with their brethren, the Wisemen of the West, and after their first sight of 'The Star' they were in contact with the West for their influence stretched over a great area. From these Wisemen it was said:.. we learn that in another world the Spirit survives still, and death is just the passage to enduring life.

The Motto of these Magi left recorded by the Druids was as we have told you ..'Truth against the World'..and this embodies the principal of the Ancient Faith which survives today, and on no doctrinal point was there any antagonism between Druidism and true Christianity. Yet today as I was reading the Archaeology magazine for May/June of 1985 I had to smile as I read: ..'In excavations in England on the Roystone Grange (an archaeological trail) of the White Peak Range district, they found near Nimminglow the remains of a 'head cult' dating about 1600 B.C.'...isn't it strange that with all our so called knowledge that everything before the corruption of our Christian Faith...seems to be called a 'cult', when actually we learn from the Celtic lore that the religion of this Island of Green Hills was the worship of 'The Great Lord of Hosts', this Creator of the Great Lights of the sun, moon, and stars, but not the worship of the heavenly bodies themselves?

Now; lets look for the functions of the four great seats, and two circles in the civilization of pre-Christian Britain. On the North Downs standing in majestic solitude the two great world monuments of unknown antiquity, the circle of Avbury, or Avebury, and Silbury Hill unrivaled for size, and scientific construction, and then due south of Avebury, 20 miles is the great circle of Ambresfiri (the holy anointed ones) better known to us as Stonehenge. The title of Ambresfiri (the holy anointed ones) may be traced to Scripture where the earliest instance of anointing stones is mentioned in Genesis 28., when young Jacob on his journey to his unknown relations, sleeping one night with a stone for his pillow had a Celestial vision and a promise from YAHWEH of the highest importance to him, and to his race. He took the stone and set it up for a pillar and poured oil on it and called the place GETH-EL...the House of YAHWEH. Tradition always maintained that this stone was the one taken to Egypt and then to Ireland and from there to Scotland and to England where we find it now in Westminister Abbey under the Throne Chair.

Now; this great solar clock called Stonehenge today was the measurer, the regulator of time. It is only within the last century that Archaeological excavations and Astronomical computation have yielded reliable information about its origin, history and purpose. Stonehenge stands today as one of the sign posts left along the way that identifies with the Builder Race. Stonehenge was a circle of Monoliths...great stones, on the Salisbury Plain about 60 miles southeast of London and eight miles north of Salisbury. It differs from all other British circles in its construction. And from the sun itself the date of the building of this wonder has been fixed about 2000 B.C., or about the time of the death of the Patriarch Jacob and his burial in the land of Canaan.

The circles of Avebury and Stonehenge and the west mound of Silsbury Hill have been called the British Pyramids because of their Astronomical construction and because like the Pyramids they are surrounded by the tombs of Kings. Thus we see the striking resemblance traceable between the pre-historic British cemetery on the Wiltshire Downs and that of the Israelite leaders in Palestine. The embalmed remains of Joseph remember was brought back to Palestine. The embalmed remains or ashes of Eleazar, Phinehas, Joshua, Barak, Jaeil, Heber, Jeroboam and others lie around the sanctuaries of Bethel and Gerizim in Samaria twenty miles apart as are the sanctuaries of Avebury and Stonehenge in England.

The most prominent feature of Stonehenge was a 97' 4" ring of 20 to 40 ton uprights and horizontal slabs known as the Sacred Circle, surrounding five high archways and forming a horseshoe. Inside the sacred horseshoe are found blue colored stones that once formed another circle and horseshoe. In the center another blue stone now buried in the ground beneath the fallen stones of the great Sarsen Gateway. The outer boundary of Stonehenge is about 100 feet outside the circle. Originally it was 6' high, thus Stonehenge also had a moat around the outside.

From the entrance an Ancient roadway known as the avenue, runs downhill and Northeast to the River Avon at West Amesbury which is about two miles away. The Avenue is bound by a small bank and ditch on each side. At the entrance of the earthwork is a large gallen stone known as the 'slaughter stone'. It originally stood upright together with a similar stone now missing to form a Ceremonial doorway to the site.

Some 100 feet outside the entrance and in the Avenue was erected a third stone, now called the 'heel stone'. A narrow ditch filled with chalk surrounded the Heel Stone. Nearby are four holes and then two larger holes which all are now filled in with chalk. Within the bank and almost in a line with the circle formed by the Aubrey Holes are two smaller stones, one on the east and one on the west. They together with two similar stones, now missing that also stood within the bank on the north and south sides are known as 'station stones'. The North Barrow and the South Barrow each surrounded one of the missing stones.

But Stonehenge remained a mystery until early in the present century. Then it was realized that only a more objective Archaeological investigation of the site was to solve this Ancient British riddle. It is thought that Stonehenge was built over quite a period of time but no where else in Britain or Europe can there be found the first stages of an Architectural building comparable to Stonehenge, this great surveying instrument, for ob- serving the motions of the heavenly bodies.

In 1965 Professor Gerald Hawkins went to Stonehenge and looking thru one of the narrow trilithons, or alignment archways in the outer ring he said he felt his field of observation was being tightly controlled as by sighting instruments so that he could not avoid seeing something. He came back to the United States with accurate charts of Stonehenge and he fed his data into a modern computer programmed to compass directions established by 120 pairs of such positions and the points where a line drawn thru them would meet the horizon. The computer yielded some tantalizing results and confirmed the earlier conclusions. Many of the Stonehenge alignments did accurately point to the summer and winter solstice positions of the rising and setting sun and moon, the extreme north and south latitudes reached only on midsummer day and on midwinter day...or the shortest day of the year. Hawkins reached the conclusion that Stonehenge was locked to the sun and moon as tightly as the tides. It was an Astronomical Observatory and a good one too.

Scientists and Scholars in our day have far too often assumed that little if anything was known in early days about true Astronomical factors such as the actual length of the Solar year. Yet there in Britain we find Ancient structural devices indicating the builders to have been in possession of similar Astronomical knowledge so long ago. Then further back the builders of the Great Pyramid in Egypt by the same race of Master Builders conformed precisely with Astronomical factors indicating the principal points of two recognized forms of the Solar year.

It was not until Professor Hawkins was making his investigation of Stonehenge that it was discovered that eclipse data run thru a computer and discovered the use of those 56 Aubrey Holes that ring the massive arches. By placing a stone in each of the six appropriate holes and moving them at appropriate times one hole around the circle the Stonehenge Astronomers had probably been able to tell accurately the dates when Solar and Lunar eclipses were apt to take place. Thus Stonehenge was the calendar by which the early Britains planted, and harvested their crops, a shrine where they worshiped their God and buried their dead. The existence of a distinct trail of stone circles and monuments from Central Asia, via both sides of the Mediterranean, the Spanish Peninsula, from France to the Scandinavian countries, indicate a westward moving people. From Avebury in England to Dorab in Persia and from Carnac in Brittany to Do-Ring in Tibet are thousands of miles and yet the similarity of the monuments show that they were errected by one and the same people for a special purpose.

In the writing of Josephus, the historian, in reference to the Adamic origin of Astronomy and Mathmatics...The Sethites were also the inventors of Astronomy and Mathmatics..called that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies and their order. Ancient Persian and Arabian traditions also ascribe the invention of Astronomy to Adam, to Seth, and to Enoch.

The Book of Jubilee contains valuable information concerning the years of Adamic history up until the time of the Exodus. In the fourth chapter of Enoch:..'He was the first one among the children of men (Adam-men) that was born on earth to write of signs of heaven according to the order of their a book, that the sons of Adam might know the time of year according to separate the months, and made known to them the days of the year and arranged the months and explained the Sabbaths of the years as we made them known to him.' Thus Stonehenge as well as scores of other stone circles were designed to observe the heavens. The Universe was the Bible of the Adamic Astonomer Priests, and they recognized that the Celestial creation contained revelations from God.

These Ancient Star pictures were designed to preserve, expound and perpetuate a record of how God would deal with mankind, from the foundation of the world to the end of time as know it. By this means God revealed His plan to the Adamic race before the Bible was written, before the Great Pyramid was built in Egypt.

Now; the number 8 is the number of The Christ, thus the 8 Rayed Star and this Star that appeared to the Magi...known as the Star of Bethlehem... will it also be the sign which will announce the return of YAHSHUA? Where is it today? In the sixties it was in the sign of Leo which contains the end of the story.

Now; Avebury, the Caterbury Cathedral of Kymric times...only the vast earth circle, a mile in circumference and 44' high which was calculated to accomodate 44,000 worshipers remains intact today. The two circles were constructed of unhewn rock, some weighing 70 to 80 tons, and were destroyed at the beginning of the 18th century. Ten only of the 100 stones of the outer circle remain in their original position. 90 of the great stones were brought low by the simple process of digging a trench around them; this was packed with straw and then fired, the flames flaring up the sides, the stone soon became red hot and when the trench was filled with water splashing against the sides of the stones they then cracked and fell into pieces. People not understanding the significance of this work of Ancient times then used these pieces of the broken stones to build the cottages, and pig-sties that now occupy the site of one of the finest pre-historic monuments in the world.

You have seen many pictures of Stonehenge but Avebury was different. Altho a great circle of stone and a ditch around the outside, and if filled with water symbolized the site as a Holy Island. Still Avebury had the great circle of stones then inside the great circle were two smaller circles and inside these smaller circles was a still smaller circle and then inside the final circle was two great stones. Thus the use of this site was for a different purpose, perhaps like a great Cathedral for worshiping people.

In the Cathedrals of England the signs of the Zodiac were to be found. In Waltham Abbey they were represented upon the flat beams of the roof. When the Abbey was restored in 1859-60., these were re-painted. In the vestry of this magnificent Abbey was the Scripture reference showing that the signs of the Zodiac are not necessarily connected with pagan worship. We now know that the signs of the Zodiac were represented upon the Breastplate of the Israel High Priest. The stones represented the twelve tribes of Israel as well.

Silbury Hill is another sacred mound. It is artificial as all the British sacred mounts were, with a trench around them symbolizing the whole earth surrounded with water. This Silbury Hill like the other mounds and high places of the same kind were raised in remote antiquity of men whose ardent piety prompted them to make these herculean efforts to draw nigh unto their God. No where in the western world are sacred mounds found in such abundance as in Britain.

At Stonehenge we find a description as to what happened in that circle on the morning of midsummer as the rays of the Life Giver Sun shown direct upon the altar within the Holy of Holies. The Sacred Ark..Narvis..or boat shaped symbol formed by the massive trilithons has been described by a Welsh writer thus:...'We behold the hundreds of Druids on their knees at four o'clock A.M. June 21., waiting for the rising sun to appear, and when he arrives suddenly flashing his beams like a Winged Cherub into the Most Holy of Holy...these flashes of June 21., symbolized the descent of the Holy Wings, the Druids name for the Holy Spirit. The arrival of HIM was greeted with the words HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, by the kneeling multitude on the Downs outside and the sounds of Praise was like the murmering of the ocean. Today Stonehenge is the only one of the pre-historic sanctuaries that carries on the continuity of its tradition as a place of assembly, for every June the white robed Druids come. The summer solstice now as of old is a magnetic attraction to hundreds of sightseers who gather together from all parts of the world at eight minutes of 4 A.M., on the longest day June 21., to watch the sun glide upward from behind the consecrated pillars or hele(sun) stone. It is not until the whole Orb, slightly flattened by the reflections of the air has come into view that the requirements are fulfilled, and then the coincidence is exact, and the sun appears as if balanced on the apex of the stone. It is perhaps possible to imagine the effect, but to an actual spectator the picture is impressive, and the dark masses of the bowing stone, as seen thru the frame formed by the upright and center lintel of the circle, adds brilliancy and completeness to the effect of a sight never to be forgotten.

With the coming of Christianity we are told that missionaries are said to have come over from Glastonbury only 50 miles away, soon after their arrival in the Isle of Britain to instruct the guardians of this Ancient circle in the Christian Faith, which was readily accepted.

We learn from the Welsh Triad that at these prehistoric circles there were as many as 2,400 Saints, one hundred for every hour of the day and night in rotation, perpetuating the Praise of YAHWEH without intermission.

Now; it may interest you to know that the only visit that Royalty appears ever to have paid these Sacred Mounds was when Charles II was escourted to the top of Silbury Hill in 1663. The King was taken to the summit and as the Welsh would express it...'to the top of the world'..and there would be pointed out to his Majesty the earth circle, together with the countless tombs of the mighty dead.

No city in the world probably ever presented a more majestic appearance than did Kymric Porth of Llanden..Old London, on the occasions of these great solstitical festivals, when the 'fires of YAHWEH' blazed upon the summits of the four sacred mounds, these open air sanctuaries of our forfathers roofed by the heavens and floored by the bare earth. When the sun reflected in the water as tho 'pillars of fire', the white clad Druids moved in a circle..east to tho following the path of the sun, the image of Deity. The voices of the Bards sang and played upon their harps, shed abroad the praises of the MOST HIGH. Ivy was used as crowns for Ivy was believed the earliest creating attitude of YAHWEH...THE HIDDEN ONE. The Druids regarded mistletoe as a symbol of Holy Love, which descended from the air as a heavenly gift. It was known to them by the name of Pren-awur or air plant. From the many medicinal virtues attributed by the Druids to mistletoe it is called to this day in Wales...'all heal'.

There is another thing we should mention, this is that many writers think the winding paths up the high hills or Tors are the path of a serpent, and they call them serpentine paths. But those were paths of the travelers, the worshipers, and besides serpentine paths would never reach the top for the serpent never reached the assemblies where YAHWEH reaches His people. It is only when man..Adamites..accomodate the serpent that he comes into their assemblies, but not where YAHWEH reaches His people.

In the Book 'Prehistoric London' you again find the story of the coming of Joseph of Arimathea and his companions to Glastonbury. Then when Joseph and his companions died they are said to have been buried on the south side of the little Wattle Chapel. From this time the cemetary of Glastonbury took the place of Wiltshire Downs as the Westminister Abbey of British Kings and Saints. It was held in such awe and reverence that scarce anyone dared to keep vigil there by night. No one built near it so as not to obstruct the Light. Many of the early Saxon Kings and Queens were then buried at Glastonbury as well as King Arthur whose tomb is there. It is also remarkable that neither Romans, Saxons, or Danes ever made an attack upon Glastonbury and that church that claims that it alone never has failed in the worship of the true Faith.

There is little doubt but that Glastonbury after the coming of Joseph of Arimathea and his companions that Glastonbury superseeded the circle of Avebury, and Silbury Hill as the headquarters of the national religion now gradually becoming Christian under the patronage of the British Monarchs.

Many of the writers refer to Britain as the White Island, they tell of the coming of the Aryans to the White Islands from the east, from the Caucasus Mountains and connecting areas. And always where ever you found traces of these people you find those mounds and circles of stone. From those Holy mounds, the Astronomer-Priests could study the heavens which 'declare the Glory of God', and the firmaments that sheweth His handwork.' Thus symbolic, all of Englands prehistoric mounds picture the earth rising out of the sea of the World Order and restore the rule of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in perfection. This would be the kingdom rule which is to come..with..out a doubt. Parliament Hill in London today..located on one of those Ancient mounds still carries on its Keltic tradition as a place of assembly.

At the foot of Parliament Hill is Gospel Oak station, a name which connects the Druid with the Christian religion, and links British and Saxon customs. One of the first acts of Edward the confessor after his coronation at Winchester was to renew the charter rights to the citizens of London seated under the Sacred Oak of the Druids.

The Reverend J. Griffith in an article in 'Nature' magazine in May 2, 1907 was the first to point out the scientific significance of a Welsh circle, and to explain the meaning of the three stones pointing outward, that one sees lying on the ground at the entrance to a Gosedd circle. And that Welsh circle consisted of 12 stones set 30 degrees apart with a larger stone in the center. Outside on the east was three stones plaed to indicate the solstices and equinoxes to an observer at the central stone, and he quotes the following:...'The stones forming the circle are called the White stones, or stones of Testimony; the circle itself is sometimes called the White stone. The middle stone or altar is termed the Presidential stone. The stones pointing to the equinoxes and solstices are called...stones of the sun. The Bards stand unshod, uncovered within the circle. The presiding Bard who must be of the premitive order stands by the Presidential stone, all the Bards attending, stand near White stone or the center of the circle, or the middle stone.

This Welsh circle is formed of 12 unhewn stones symbolic of the signs of the Zodiac. In the center is the large stone symbolic of the ROCK..which is YAHSHUA..The Christ. Druidism also was known as the Stone Kingdom. This large stone has to be placed in a central position and must be untouched by human hands, no shaping or carving of any kind on it. And it is supposed to have the same symbolic significance as the Sacred Rock on Mt. Moriah that rises from the rocky platform of Mount Zion. Thus the name Zion does mean stone...the mountain stone, the Stone Kingdom. And from the time of David and Solomon that rocky platform of Mount Zion has been regarded as the most sacred site in Palestine and before the Holy city came into the possession of the Mohammedans the Christians regarded this curious monument of old Jerusalem as the Rock of the Holy of Holies, and it must have formed an essential feature of the Temple area. A great un-hewn mass of Rock is believed to rest on one point of junction only, with the rocky platform of the mountain. The Mohammedans laid intense stress on what they considered the miraculous suspension of the stone above the mount. There is little doubt but that the relic on the Temple area in old Jerusalem was at one time a 'Rocking Stone' rocking in the imitation of the movement of the Sacred Ark, or the great ship of the heavens carrying the Pilgrims home. Thus you find in the Welsh circle that the great stone was also a Rocking Stone.

Even today 12 Bards, one by each stone guard the Gosedd circle as in times past. And two keepers of the Gate are stationed at the entrance which is on the east. The ground plan of the Welsh circle is similar to that of Stonehenge. At the entrance of the circle are three unhewn stones lying flat on the ground pointing outward from the center. These represent the Ancient Kymric symbol of the Holy Wings...or Holy Spirit. Thus three rays or rods of Light, the radiating Light of Divine intelligence shed upon the Druid circle is symbolized there.

In Ancient Welsh writings the origin is given of this Ancient hierogram which analyses into the three Bard letter of His Name..I AM..also answering the Christian device of IHS the emblem which comes down to us along the ages as...Holy Wings..the LOGOS, or the voice of the Supreme YAHWEH. Only three times do we find in Gods word the utterance of the Divine Name, these were at the 'Burning Bush' His words:..'Before Abraham..I AM..and in the Garden of Gethsemane when YAHSHUA said to those who had come to take HIM...I AM HE..and the men and officers went backward and fell to the ground.

The announcement of the Divine Name is the first event traditionally preserved and it occurred as follows..YAHSHUA in vouch saying His Name said in the printed word:...Three rods of light coming together at one point, and ith the other ends of the rods spread apart, and with the WORD then all words and animations sprang into being and from their shouting in ecstasy and joy, those three rays of Light thus were symbolic of the Name of Deity, thus meaning spirit, soul and body.

You find the sacred symbol of the British circle, the 3 rays of Light, or three rods survived in the three feathers of the Prince of Wales, and in the Broad arrow of the government. When Edward II restored on the Windsor Table mount the British King Arthur's order of the Round Table as a reward for those Knights who had won for him his victories in France, he adopted the Gossedd symbol, the sign of spiritual and temporal power of the Ancient Celtic Kings, and Priests, as the recognition of his son..the Prince.. in the form of three Ostrich feathers, the three Golden Rays have been worn from that day by the successive Prince's of Wales. As a mark of the Royal Household they first appeared in 1386 and after 1693 were stamped on all government stores. In 1900 you found the Awen, or Holy Wings stamped on the ordinance surveys as a landmark, in the form of the 'Broad Arrow' as found upon Solitary Mountain Peak. This is the sacred symbol from generation to generation which proclaimed the national Faith in the Eternal overshadowing of Divine Wings. In earlier days every Druid wore the symbol of the Name of Deity, in gold rays on the front of his linen mitre. As the Druids gathered, proceeded by the Regalia of the order, the members assembled according to their different degrees, and then went their way to the circle. The Arch Druid, an impressive figure clad in white would take up his position beside the great stone. He wears a golden cresent shaped breastplate symbolic of the Ark, or the Sacred Ship of the Pilgrims coming home. He wears a crown of bronze Oak leaves around the linen cap upon his head representing the sacred tree of the Ancient Druids. The Druid Priests like their Chief also are clad in white, and the Bards were clad in blue symbolic of the Celestial Love. The Ovates were clad in green signifying the growth of the human intelligence in the circle of the arts and sciences. Thus the Druid order takes it place with their costumes signifying the divisions. When all have taken their respective positions wthin the circle then a long blast of a silver trumpet announces the fact of a vast concourse. The Arch Druid with uplifted, outstretched arms, then proceeds to open the congress within the circle with a prayer.

At the moment of prayer all the 12 Bards, the guardians of the 12 stones bow the head toward the Arch Druid, and the resemblance of the scene to the Great White Throne described in Revelation is most startling. The mysterious reverence, awe, and silence that holds the vast multitude spell bound while the historic 'solemnities' of the order are proceeded with and gives one an idea of the influence that such 'solemn assemblies' must have exercised upon the nation at large in times past. These three lines, symbolic of shafts of Light..from truth against the world order as the Druids have always maintained, thus this was not a heathen religion as uninformed people have maintained, we must look for the traditional lore of a people to interpret the monuments, circles and mounds found in Britain.

Going further, that Great Flagship also symbolizes...wave after wave of our kinsmen coming back with YAHWEH to stand with the sons and daughters of YAHWEH to stand in earth against the children of Darkness. Isn't it time we stop this following the darkness and remember instead our heritage? Isn't it time for us to start studying our history, ask our fathers, and they will ask their fathers until we trace our Ancient heritage, and our Destiny? The knowledge of symbolism will bring so much to light. Example... Enoch was pictured with wings on his feet, symbolic of the fact that he was carried by some type of Chariot into the heavens. Lilith is pictured with wings on the shoulders, but also with web feet, symbolic of her part then as a fallen spirit until she is a part of the world order, of every foul spirit, she is a part of great Babylon that finally falls. Revelation 18:2.

The Adamic race...finally in the Sheepfold..become the bearers of the Pole a grand power replacing the Dragon which was also symbolic of a great power, thus they are now the Grand Dragonor Power, and are known as symbolic Dragon killers.