ERM - Tape 047 - Gospel Of The Kingdom And Symbolism Of The Human Body


TAPE NO. 47....By Ella Rose Mast





QUESTION:...what about the ministry of YAHSHUA..what then did he preach?

ANSWER:...Today we hear that Jesus preached Salvation..that the kingdom he talked about is the church. That anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior is a part of the church and the kingdom. That is all you need to know...heaven or hell.

We have told you much thru the tapes about the literal kingdom here on earth..from the Swift tape lets look at this again for this was the theme of the Saviors ministry. Lets see what the companion Bible has to say as well about Matthew 4:17..'From that time Jesus began to preach and to say:...'Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand'. Since this was the proclamation also of the kingdom let's look at the meaning of these words used in this King James translation.

Preach means to bring word bring it home by setting it make it known by spreading it far and wide.

Repent means to recover ones senses...not only to change one's apprehensions regarding sin, but to change your thinking regarding sin, this breaking of the regret the movement away from God because of not knowing better.

Alright:..YAHSHUA began to proclaim what?...That he brought word down to someone..brought it home to someone who seems to have forgotten it, and HE makes it known by spreading it far and wide. And then we remember that he said:...' I come only to the lost Sheep of Israel'..and he sent his Apostles only to the Lost Sheep. Matt. 10:6. Therefore to his sheep he said:.. 'Repent..or come to your senses, remember the past, change your thinking, your apprehensions regarding transgression of the law because that is what sin is all about. Regret your movement away from YAHWEH because of not knowing any better as you wandered in this World Order. Repent then means a real change of attitude toward this breaking of the law which He gave them, thru Moses, at Mt. Sinai, and which Israel had not been to keep perfectly as they wandered thru that time from Moses to YAHWEH.. here in the flesh walking as YAHSHUA or Savior. Israelites were to now have a real change of mind and attitude toward their transgressions, the reasons why they broke the law, why they became so bogged down in rituals forgetting the main purpose of the law. Thus His being here in earth was to change their thoughts and actions from what by nature was now the exact opposite. This was to come about in association with the Holy Spirit, this connection the Father has with his children. He came to die for this breaking of the law, for none of Adam's race could do this for themselves, and this is your salvation. Only He could redeem his children, and after them the people of his creation and the world. But after all He is the one who allowed Satan to become the great educator as to transgression.

Now; we see this figure of speech:...The Kingdom of heaven...and the explanation is that a kingdom designates a king and his dominion, and this is used in Matthew 32 times, and means sovereignty rather than just territory and refers to the sphere of its exercise rather than to its extent. This kingdom or Sovereignty of Heaven then has Messiah as King. It is from heaven, and is under heaven upon the earth. It is limited in its scope for it is Israelite exclusive in its character. It is political in its sphere. It is national in its aspect and it is the special subject of the old covenant or old Testament.

The English word...testament...thus is the translation of the word which meant covenant, and the collection of books for the Bible then is called old and new Testaments. You will then remember that there was to be a New Covenant with the house of Judah and the House of Israel..and the maker of this covenant was coming to earth to bring this about. At the last Supper YAHSHUA said:...This cup represents my blood of the New covenant. (Matt. 26:28) and (Matt. 14:24). This also fulfills the prophecy of Jeremiah 31:31-34...and is testified by Hebrews 8:8-12 and Hebrews 9:15-21. Thus HIS blood was atonement for sin and the making of a covenant (Exodus 24:6-8) and (Hebrews 9:12). This word covenant translated testament is thus appropriate only as far as these books are regarded as belonging to the New Covenant foretold by Jeremiah as being distinct from the books of the old covenant made in Exodus.

The mission of YAHSHUA in His ministry at the start was to guide into truth, to turn Israel in their thinking. And the mission of the Apostles later would be to bear witness as to miracle's and confirmation of all things that YAHSHUA has done and spoken of. Over the years language changes have obscured and in some instances changed the meaning of the words of YAHSHUA AS WELL AS HIS APOSTLES. Aramaic was developed from the Hebrew during and after the captivity in Babylon. It developed into what was called the Jerusalem Aramaic, the Samarian Aramaic and the Galilean Aramaic. There was then four languages used in Palestine at the time of YAHSHUA. There was Hebrew spoken by the educated Hebrews, Greek spoken by the educated classes generally, while Latin was spoken by the Romans, and then there was Aramaic in its many forms spoken by some of the people as well. There are then many Aramaic words preserved in what is called the New Testament, so that many old documents found by Archaeologists have been used to lead to a better understanding of the old text. Those are written on papyrus, on pieces of pottery, and found in the ruins of Temples and houses, and in rubbish heaps of towns and villages, and are of great importance. They consist of business letters, love letters, accounts, contracts, estimates, certificates, agreements, bills of sale, mortgages, school exercises, recipes, bribes, pawn tickets, charms and every sort of literary production. Yes, they had all those things back in those days, but when YAHWEH gave men the sun, moon and stars for signs and for seasons to govern the day and night and year, over the years even Adam-man has not made a proper use of those gifts. In like manner YAHWEH gave...HIS WORD...but men also have failed to preserve and transmit it faithfully.

Now; in the scriptures also is the figure of speech..'The kingdom of god' as in Luke talking about John the Baptist it says that 'He that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he'. And now a kingdom is Sovereignty and this has YAHWEH as ruler. It is in heaven, and over the earth, it is unlimited in its scope, and it is moral and spiritual in its sphere and inclusive in its character. It is Universal in its aspect, then in a wider aspect it is the subject of the New Testament or covenant revelation and will be Eternal in its duration.

Now; here was YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA...savior going all about Galilee teaching in their synagogues and preaching this Gospel of the kingdom. (Matt. 4:23). So what was He teaching and where? He went all about Galilee, not in Judea where strangers controlled the temple and the government. He taught in their places of assembly now translated synagogues. These were places called the schools of the Scribes, where Israelites were instructed in the law, and as to their feast days, all the things Israelites needed to know to understand. And now the maker of the new covenant was now with them, and HE was instructing His Apostles who were to instruct Israel in this Gospel of the Kingdom.

According to Hebrews 1...the four Gospels were the time when the embodied YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA-Savior is the speaker...the instructor. In the four Gospels, the King of the kingdom is proclaimed as well as the revealing of the Kingdom...revealed to the nation of Israel in that land. The kingdom then is rejected by the rulers of that land, and the King is crucified in Jerusalem, which was then the capital of that old land. Then the knowledge of the kingdom moves out to the lost sheep of the House of Israel who are dispersed among the nations. Here the King is proclaimed, exalted as head over all things. The church is the spiritual center of the kingdom as now revealed, and the people of the kingdom of heaven, now in earth are revealed as this kingdom builds toward the fulfillment of:... 'In earth as it is in Heaven'.

In the Apocalypse the kingdom is shown as being judgement, power and Glory with the King enthroned. And here it is not especially the Divine speaking by the spirit of truth which is the Holy Spirit but a human being who can put forth sacred scriptures such as John the Apostle instructed by Angelic Agency.

Thus YAHSHUA (Jesus) was teaching his Apostles and the word for teacher or master in the Hebrew was in Aramaic, Rabboni, and this is translated in English many places as Rabbi (in Mark and John 20:16) while today it is used only for Jewish religious leaders. Therefore words and their translation play a great part in our understanding of the scriptures and the part the kingdom plays in that scripture.

YAHSHUA said:..'Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the kingdom'...There was a Hebrew word and a Greek word for spirit, and the root idea is invisible force...power from on high. This was the invisible part of Adam-man given by YAHWEH at Adams formation and birth and it returns to YAHWEH at Adams death. Those who YAHSHUA came to here in earth had almost lost all recollection of this spirit connection, but HE reaffirms it thru the New Covenant. There is then no difference in people of the the old or new testament, they are all the same race, His kingdom people.

Another interesting word you should understand then is prophecy, for prophecy is the WORD OF YAHSHUA...(II Peter 1:21)...'He who was and is to come'...thus prophecy must partake of, relate to, the past, present and future, and must have this three fold interpretation. Prophecy is always associated with Adam-man's failure from Genesis 3 onward. There was no place for prophecy until Adam failed, or for prophets until the Priests became absorbed in their rituals and ceased to be YAHWEH'S spokesmen, and the teachers of HIS WORD have always been opposed to the pretensions of the Priest's. Some Prophecy is spoken, some written, and there is a difference, if you substitute the one for the other, then you are creating, for prophecy is the utterance of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and has a past, present and future reference and fulfillment. In Isaiah 7:14 you read of the Messiah, this testimony concerning YAHSHUA (Jesus) ..this is the spirit of Prophecy...(see Revelation 19:10)

Another word...this word Christ...this is a Greek translation of the Hebrew word meaning Messiah. Christos means anointed and is the Greek word. Hence the noun is of and of the Messiah, and should always be translated in the Gospels as Messiah-Savior. The same in the book of Acts, and sometimes in the later books of the New Testament. Jesus in Hebrew is YAHOSHUA or Joshua and in the Greek is YaZeus, and all mean salvation or savior. Thus the words Jesus Christ is the combination of these two names, the former is emphatic by its position, and the second being subsidiary and explanatory. In the Epistles it means YAHWEH WHO CAME AS YAHSHUA humbled himself, but is now exalted and glorified as Christ. Care should always be taken to note the various readings for HE CAME...He assumed transgression, He was crucified and then arose, the job has been done so accept it, and move forward in His program for his household, his kingdom, his earth and his creations.

There is then much mystery about this Gospel of the Kingdom and only Israelites have been given the understanding for:...'It is given unto you to know the mysteries of this kingdom of heaven, unto them it is not given'. (Matt. 13:11) and in Luke we learn that these mysteries will be spoken in Parables so that for some 'in seeing' they will not see, and in hearing they will not hear'. But you Israel were to understand, and the enemy was not to understand for then they might suddenly profess conversion and join Israel earlier than they did to work within the kingdom to change and destroy. Evidently this was not the design of YAHWEH for 'the Holy Spirit added to the church daily such as should be saved:...(Acts 2:47). And then YAHSHUA said:...'I call my sheep by name...I lead them out'..thus he was calling only to His sheep and not to everyone. And it was not such a catastrophe as some people think that all people are not selected, for salvation is saving people from their error where they think. God made this very clear as He said He came to save HIS people from their sins which is transgression of the law, and from the conduct which is the result of that error. This makes the 'sin' question a very important thing, for He did not come to save people from some torture or perdition, some imaginary hell, or even to save them from Himself. He came to save them from the error of their ways so that they might approach HIM. Of course YAHSHUA understood that there were some who would not come to HIM, but they knew what they were doing because they were of their father.

One of the first mysteries of this kingdom of Heaven was that a kingdom is an administration, a ruling program, when YAHWEH transferred his kingdom from heaven to earth the reason for this move was that His kingdom would in this program of restoration...rule the earth. That is its specific reason for being here, and if you are of that kingdom then the reason you are here is that the program of HIS kingdom is to put this planet back into proper relationship with our Father, and when the program is completed we have heaven here in earth. The mighty development of the administration of the kingdom will see the setting free of bondage to Satan of all those who have been captives under his rule for so long.

As YAHSHUA was instructing his disciples, he was making them understand all the trouble they would go thru as they scattered this Gospel of the kingdom far and wide. There was to be many of the enemy who know they have a mystery knowledge, and will always try to block this knowledge from reaching Lost Israel.

YAHSHUA said he that sowed the good seed was the 'Son of man', and that the field is the world, could it be more plain than that? The figure of speech...'Son of man' Incarnate Deity in the flesh. The sower of the tares is the devil, and the tares are to be gathered and burned. The sower of the tares is also symbolism, and the universal language is actually symbolism, but those who hinder the kingdom will be removed. When that is accomplished then, 'The righteous shall shine forth as the the kingdom of their father. He who has ears to hear let him hear.'

Now; as long as people believe that God is gathering up people to torture them somewhere, and that salvation is to save them from that torture, they become disturbed when they hear that there are some people that YAHSHUA did not want added to the church which is the spiritual center of His kingdom. But the Word is:...'Those that should be saved:...and they question this word as to whether it is practical. But when they finally realize that He came to save His kingdom people from their errors, their depression, from all the troubles when living in this world order, when their thinking is straightened out our people realize that yes...this was practical and that under His plan all the worlds people will benefit.

Another mystery of the kingdom of Heaven is that the spirit in you us unchangeable, immortal, incorruptible because of who you are. Even in the Identity movement some will not come to this knowledge even tho they quote....'spirit of my spirit', and then try to trace this to all people, and ignore all scripture before Abraham.

Another mystery of this kingdom of Heaven is outlined in the book of Ephesians. This is the Mystery of Christ and His church. This is a mystery because of the hidden truth in this statement. Yes...most churches preach and people believe that this means the great multitude of people gathered everywhere who come to worship the MOST HIGH this ONE called Jesus Christ who walked the earth. They accept His atonement as their savior even tho they do not quite understand what they have been saved from. They talk about this mystery of... 'The Christ in you is the hope of Glory' which is also a part of the Mystery of 'Christ and His Church', because of the expression of thought and its relationship to YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA when in the flesh. Thus the mystery of YAHWEH married to Israel, and as YAHSHUA married to His church which is the spiritual center of the kingdom. The true church today consists of all the awakened people of the kingdom who are conscious of this mystery and it involves the embracing eventually of all His race no matter where you find them, and these are the people who are His body in the world today.

Now; YAHSHUA never talked about this body in the world today, before His ministry, before He visited and redeemed his people. Today He is not in physical body in the world, and thus refers to His people as 'His body in the earth today'. Many therefore do not realize that there is much more to what is termed 'The Church' today than this visible organized body which the enemy has been able to penetrate.

Yes, there is much mystery in this Gospel of the Kingdom which YAHSHUA taught. We know now the purpose of this kingdom, and we find the mystery of it sown thru all the scriptures when properly understood. We believe also that the GRACE OF GOD is beyond anything which man can comprehend. We believe that there was a portion of the Universe under the control of a rebellious, fallen Archangel who revolted and caused a great catastrophe which corrupted the world. Then the grace of YAHWEH sent His children, His Kingdom into the world to correct this situation. And that all this rebellion in the first place came about because YAHWEH informed His Archangel that His spirit children were greater than he. How do we know all this?...because Enoch had it all brought back to his memory when he was taken back into the heavens from whence he came so that he could return and inform his race. We believe that the fall of Adam and Eve has effected our race down to this time, for the Light of Spirit retreated into the body and the outward protection of the spirit for this physical body was gone. But after the resurrection then this law of 'sin and death' was no more. (Romans 8). For the law of the 'Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from this law of sin and death'. From that time on you have been closer to the time of the restoration of the Lost Light and Glory. No more does the spirits of the race dwell in the Netherworld, for from then on at death the spirit returns to He who gave it, and there awaits the fulfillment of this restoration.

We believe that there will come a cleansing of the mind, this 'Water of Life' which Jesus spoke of cleanses anything that needs cleansing, and any time you cleanse a person with spiritual truth then you cleanse them where they think, for you drive out the superstitions and darkness from the mind. This symbol of water baptism is the acceptance of this knowledge which will eventually come.

Now; many of these mysteries have been made known thru the scriptures, thru the Epistles of the Apostle Paul, but they are hidden today by a blindness which we believe is brought about at least in part by the Judeo-Christian philosophy, for a this time. But in time our people will understand these mysteries and know that the old covenant led into the new covenant and the people of the old testament, and the people of the new testament are the same people. They are Israel, they are the church, the wife and the bride of YAHWEH..WHO IS YAHSHUA in the flesh. They will understand that this Holy Jerusalem John saw coming down out of Heaven thru Adam until this time are the people who make up the twelve tribes of Israel, the New Jerusalem. For in Adam 'all die', but in the second Adam 'all are made alive'...and the circle is complete, one family in heaven and in earth. Thus we understand and accept our inheritance.

Another thing to remember is that when you are looking for fulfillment of prophecy that the time does not always start at the date when the prophecy is given..or announced. YAHWEH announced a forty year sentence of wandering in the Wilderness, nevertheless He did not start counting of the time to the first act of disbelief just three days after the crossing of the Red Sea. If He had not done this then Israel would have entered Canaan land later than they did, in fact not until another year and three months had elapsed. Thus we have problems when we try to date prophecies and find out what is to happen next. Instead of trying to guess in this fashion we decided we should just concentrate on learning all we can about the mysteries, the allegories and symbolism in the books before us.


Now; we would like to bring you an outline of something we found in the Old Big Book which we now have in our library...entitled 'The Symbolism of the Human Body'.

We have told you much about this man Enoch from the Swift Library and tape ministry and elsewhere. We have told you that the word MAN can be used interchangeably in the world today for all men of earth, where as for a long time people understood that Adam was the beginning of Spirit-man...Hu Man, the man who could blush in the face. This old book does not make a distinction as to the word man, but attention is called to the knowledge of the early Adamic man as it refers to the wisdom of the Ancients, the children of God, and the Ancient Mystery Schools. The book was put together by Manley Hall and many others helped in the process, with translations and research, but Manley Hall was an old friend of the Swift family.

As I bring you this account of the 'Symbolism of the Human Body' I am going to use the term Adam-man so that you can follow my chain of thought. We have told you of the migration of Adam-man and how they were called many different names over the years such as Persians, Greeks, British, and so forth on into the United States.

Here is a quote from the beginning of this 'Symbolism of the Human Body'.. 'The oldest, the most profound, the most universal of all symbols is the Human body, for the Greeks, the Persians, Egyptians considered a philosophical analyses of man's (Adam's) triune nature to be an indispensable part of ethical and religious training. The Mysteries of every nation taught that the laws, elements, and powers of the Universe were epitomized in the human construction, that everything which exists outside of Adam-man had its analogue within that man. The Universe however being immeasurable in its immensity and inconceivable in it profundity was beyond mortal estimation.'

Now; since the fall then even Adams descendants can no longer behold the Celestial effulgence, but this old book points out that in one period of greatness most Adam-men had a greater illumination, however few were able to imprint upon the substance of their rational soul a perfect image of the multiform expression of Celestial activity. However the earlier philosophers found that there must be a connection between God and Adam-man. To them God was the Grand Diviner, the God-man and Adam was the little god, thus Adam-man was a miniature Universe and the body thus symbolized the great world and the spiritual entity controlled...its functions. Over the years we have seen the paganizing of all such thought until the parts of the human body were worshiped and the symbolism lost. But this Mystery of the Ancients was primarily concerned with instructions to Adam-man as to the true relationship existing between God and Adam-man. Thus the key to these analogies between the organs and functions of Adam-man and YAHWEH-God constituted the most prized possession of the early initiates to these Mysteries.

In the Ancient Mystery Schools, we would say in the time of Enoch...the Priest caused a statue of a man to be placed in the sanctuary of the temple. This human figure of Adam-man symbolized the entrance of Divine power...we would say spirit in all its manifestation in earth. Over the years of course idolatry came into religion and Adam-man was led somewhat astray also. But these early Priests accepted this symbolism of the spirit of God in Adam-man as their text book, and thru him learned to understand the greater and more obscure Mysteries of the Celestial program of which they were a part.

This Ancient statue of man may have opened showing positions of the organs, muscles and so forth, and every part had its secret meaning. The measurements formed a basic standard by means of which it was possible to measure all parts of the cosmos. It was a glorious, composite emblem of all the knowledge possessed by the Ancient sages. In otherwords we would say that Ancient Adamic-men were most interested in understanding this 'spirit' of YAHWEH that now dwelt within them.

The age of idolatry swept away the meaning of these Ancient Mysteries and they decayed from within and were lost until not many knew the identity of the Mysterious man who stood over the altar. It was only remembered that the figure was a sacred and glorious symbol of the Universal power as the ONE in whose image Adam-man was made. Having lost the knowledge of the purpose for which the man was originally constructed, the Priests in Pagan religions then began to worship this effigy until there was no spiritual understanding in their temples and the statue they now held crumbled with the civilization that had forgotten its meaning.

But proceeding from this assumption the first theologians then taught that Adam-man is actually fashioned in the image of YAHWEH. And those initiated minds of past ages erected the stupendous structure of theology upon the foundations of this HU-or spirit man's body. The religious world of today is almost totally ignorant of the fact that the science of biology is the fountainhead of its doctrines and tenets. Even most of the creation myths carry back to this origin of theological speculation, even the use of certain symbols such as the fish is found way back there. The philosophies of antiquity realized that Hu-man or Adam himself was the Image of the Divine Plan, and the Ancient words were:...'The proper study of mankind is thru Adam-man. That God and Adam have a two fold constitution of which the superior part is invisible and the inferior visible. In both there is also an intermediary sphere, marking the point where the visible and invisible meet. As the Spiritual nature of God controls objective Universal form, so the spiritual nature of Adam-man is the invisible cause and controlling power of his visible material personality. Thus the spirit of life was within Adam-man's body. Later philosophers of course see this much, much differently.

Another concept of this Ancient wisdom is that the body has three centers ...the upper, middle and lower controlling centers. Thus the heart is symbolically the source of life, the brain and the link by which the body is united, and the generative system when controlled by the intelligence produces the Hu- or spirit man. This mind bears witness of this spirit or heart which gives the body life, and the lower section bears witness to the intelligence of the mind. The spiritual nature is thus symbolized by a heart, the intellectual power by an opened eye symbolizing the Penial Gland and the generative system by a flower, a staff, a cup or a hand.

There were three degrees in the Ancient Mysteries concentrated on these three centers of the body, and from that came those immortal words;..'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.'

Now; the Ancient teachers warned their disciples that an image is not a reality, it is merely the object explaining a subjective idea. The image or picture of God was not to be object of worship..only regarded as an emblem of invisible power. The body of Adam-man must then be considered as only the house of the spiritual individual. In regeneration it is the house or sanctuary of the Deity by whose creative powers it was fashioned. From this came 33 degrees of so called mystery and many, many theologies and ideas as to the symbolism of the human body, parts of which were then worshiped. But these Ancient Mysteries were established for the purpose of unfolding the nature of the nature of Adam-man according to fixed rules which when carefully followed elevate this human consciousness to a point where it was capable of recognizing its own constitution, and the true purpose of its existence, and how this constitution could most quickly and most completely be regenerated to the point of illumination concerning the secret doctrine of antiquity.

Now; dear Friends:...another reason why I have translated this account as to it belongs to Adam-man even tho that distinction was not clearly brought out is because of this...(Quote)..'Because of the possibility of misused intelligence these secrets were not quickly handed down, and thus became the sole possession of those worthy' (unquote) Why? (Quote) 'Lest that knowledge be lost, however it was connected to allegories and myths which were meaningless to those who were not trained, but self evident to those acquainted with the promise of redemption' (unquote). Do you not find that the Old Testament as well as the New contains an ingeniously concealed exposition of the secret process of Adam-mans regeneration, thus the personification of certain processes which take place in this Adamic body when the process of liberating himself from the bondage of ignorance and death is completed.

In Antiquity the garments even of the Priests of Adam-man figured in the whole picture of the mystery. The white robe symbolic of purity, the red robe symbolic of sacrifice and love, and the blue robe of integrity. The primary purpose of the achievement of the Mysteries is that Adam-man shall become aware of and consciously be reunited with the Divine source of himself without tasting of physical dissolution.

Now; there is a color picture connected with this article on the Symbolism of the Human body. It was redrawn from an early 18th., Century water unknown. In each corner of this picture is an eye in a circle of blue, and the eye supported by wings. In the center of the picture is the right hand of an individual. In the palm of the hand a turquoise blue platter with a yellow banding as tho flames of fire. On this platter is a fish with the four Roman numerals XXXX below the fish. Above the little finger is an old fashioned door key. Above the next finger a carriage style lamp, and above the middle finger the face of the sun, above the first finger what you would call a six pointed star, but not as we see it pictured today. It is as tho two triangles or pyramids were fastened together so that each point of the star has two sides thus 12 altogether. And 12 is as you know a Divine symbolic number where as 6 is human man. Above the thumb is a crown. This is termed the hand of the Ancient Mysteries. When the disciples of the Mystery schools first beheld the hand it was closed and they must find a way to open the hand before the mysteries were revealed. In Alchemy the fish is Mercury...and the flame bounded sea in which it swings is sulphur. Each finger then represents a Divine agent thru which the combined operation of this work is accomplished.

The unknown artist said:...The wise take their oath by this hand that they will not teach the art of opening this mystery without parables. The figure symbolizes the hand of a Master Mason with which he raises the Martyred builders of the Divine House.

The key represents the mysteries themselves without whose aide Adam-man cannot unlock the numerous chambers of his own being. The Lantern is Hu-man knowledge for it is a spark of the Universal fire captured in a man fashioned vessel. It is the LIGHT of those who dwell in the inferior part of the Universe, but with the aid of the LIGHT they seek to follow the footsteps of 'Truth'. The sun may be termed 'the light of the world', and represents the illumination of creation thru which you may learn the mysteries. The Star is the Universal Light which reveals cosmic and Celestial knowledge. The crown symbolizes absolute light...unknown and Unrevealed, whose power shines thru all the lesser Lights that are but sparks of HIS ETERNAL EFFULGENCE. Thus is set forth the right hand of Deity whose works are contained within 'the hollow of His hand'. Above the thumb and the crown is a square but the lower side of the square is partly open and it points downward toward the crown. On the left side of the square at the bottom of that side is a filled in orange circle with a cross below it. On the top side of the square, and in the middle is a circle with a cross below it, then a little larger circle, and then a circle which is about 1/3 open or not complete. In the open space on this fourth side of the square is a smaller orange in circle with a cross on top of it. Thus only two of the circles are orange color, the rest are clear. This diagram is not ex- plained, however we do know that all things move out from YAHWEH in a circle, and that the cross is the symbol of His sacrifice.

We also know that because of transgression of the law that Adam and his generations to come would produce children who are three months short of the cycle of cosmic conception. I would say that the orange circles with the cross below and above may signify the sacrifice in earth, and that all is in Divine order with the cross on top. On the fish there is also a cross on the bottom, then a circle and then the top circle is open to the top. Will have to think about this and see if we can find more of an answer to these Ancient mysteries as we figure out the Alchemy symbols of these mysteries.

Now; another instance of symbolism found in this article is of the human heart which has the Tetragrammaton in this inverted heart. Beneath the name of YAHWEH (God) is shown the transforming of the name into YAHSHUA (Jesus) by the interpolation of the radiant Hebrew letter W with the heavier marking on each point plus a comma, and then in smaller letters...shin. According to this article this represents...this drawing as a whole represents the throne of God and his hierarchies within the heart of Adam-man.

In the first book of his LIBRI APOLOGETICI...Jacob Bohme describes the meaning of this symbol this way:...'For we...Adam-men have found one book in common which points to God. Each has it within himself which is the priceless Name of God. Its letters are the flames of His Love which He out of HIS heart in the priceless name of YAHSHUA (Jesus) has revealed to us. Read these letters in your heart and spirit and you have books enough. For all the writings of the children of God direct you unto that one book, for therein lie all the treasures of wisdom. This one book is...'The Christ in you' (unquote)

Now; there is also more to this drawing picture of this heart and if I can find someone who is good at drawing perhaps I can in time send you a picture of this, but as of now I am too tired to undertake it and the book is too heavy to try to copy it. But perhaps this will give you a better idea... draw a hart with it upside down, and in the point end of the heart you draw a triangle which takes up about 2/3 of the heart but do not extend it out to the sides of the heart for there it is as tho there were flames of fire. In the triangle is the illuminated Hebrew letters of the name of YAHWEH. Below the triangle is the name of YAHWEH transformed by the addition of letters into YAHSHUA. WITH THE EYE BETWEEN THE NAMES. Below that beneath the fire ring and in a narrow band of white around the heart is the letters E L. In the flames around the heart are these letters or the name of God running as we would say inverted..N... written thus, and the next letter is a capital N, an A M M. At the point of the triangle is the letter I and going on from there is the letters E S U S ending with the S opposite the name of YAHSHUA. THEN outside of the narrow white band which is around the heart are tiny lines going out until a circle is formed, and in this circle you find these letters starting with the tip of the heart, for the heart remember is upside down. There the letters C H R I S T with the S being below the center of the heart, or below the eye, then going on is the T and then the letters..N and S...these are spaced around the outer rim of this circle but just inside the circle formed by the narrow lines going out.


This is just a sample of what I found in the Old Big Book, will be sorting out more of it later...until next time...May YAHWEH BLESS.