ERM - Tape 048 - Matt 24:28; Philosophy From The Old Big Book (Seiss)






Question:..Matthew 24:28; Who are the eagles and those slain?

Answer:..The disciples were asking many questions as to what was to happen as they moved out on their mission. And YAHSHUA replied:..'for wheresoever the carcase is...there will the Eagles be gathered.' This is bad translation and according to the Companion Bible the meaning here is to be that as portrayed in Job 39:39; for this is a field of battle, and you remember that the field is the world, whereas YAHSHUA was talking about things pertaining to the kingdom. This was a battle here in earth between the kingdom of Satan and his children of darkness, and the kingdom of YAHWEH and his children of Light.

The word Eagles should be vultures since this is a field battle and vultures are the symbol of death and feed on carcases. Eagles do not feed on Carrion, however Eagles are symbolic of YAHWEH and his kingdom children where as Satan and his kingdom children are guilty of all the blood of the Righteous...or Eaglets as YAHSHUA informed you.

There were three questions asked here by the disciples:...1. when shall all these things be? 2. what is the sign of His coming? 3. what is the sign of the consumption of the age? YAHSHUA answered the first question in verses 4 thru 6. He warned His disciples that as they would move out to take this Gospel of the Kingdom to Lost Israel that this would only be the beginning of much trouble. There would be many so called Anti-Christs who would try to side-track them in their mission. But they were not to let any man deceive them. The word man in this interpretation is a negative negation...independently and absolutely. We read in I John 31:18 that 'he that believeth on YAHSHUA is not condemned'. Why? Because...he is not condemned because of his own ignorance, but he that believeth not is condemned already. The idea here being that those who did not believe in YAHSHUA did not wish to know who He was or what the Scriptures said, but they could not understand what the Scriptures said anyway. Thus YAHSHUA warned His disciples that men would come professing to be in his place, thus were trading on His name. Therefore the disciples were not to let such people fool them because those that went out from Israel were not of Israel to begin with, and you were to expect them to show themselves so that you could see them objectively.

Yes...many would come trading on 'HIS NAME', but this is not the end of their troubles or the end of the troubles for the kingdom, it is only the beginning. Nations would still rise against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms, there would be much turmoil ahead in the coming years. There was much tribulation ahead but this was to signify the birth pains of the kingdom as it struggles to rise in the earth, now that YAHSHUA has identified the children of the kingdom, for he had announced that he came only to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Matthew 15:24....'I am not sent but unto the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

There are other words and figures of speech that may help in the understanding of this chapter, for instance 'Famine and Pestilence' is a description of circumstances in different places. 'The beginning of sorrows' has the idea of birth pains of a new age. Since this was the time for the proclamation of the kingdom in earth, then there was to be much stumbling by Israel for false prophets are already at work and they will keep coming and preaching deception until this proclaimed kingdom is rejected, and Israel's inheritance is hidden from most of the race, in fact they will try to give it to others. And because of this iniquity and lawlessness will be multiplied and many will grow cold to the 'Truth', while those hanging on to their inheritance, their place in His Kingdom here in earth will be hated because of HIS NAME. Many will still be killed as the children of darkness try to destroy True Israel. However those who hang on to this Truth will see this Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed in the nations of Israel.

Now;....'When ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel, stand in the Holy place, who so readeth, let him understand.' In Daniel 12:11, this abomination of desolation is a special idol, something which comes trading on HIS NAME, but at the same time denying HIM. In Deuteronomy 7:26; this graven image of other gods, and in the Hebrew it is a thing devoted to your (Israel's) destruction.

The Holy place was the sanctuary of the Temple, this is also the meeting place of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA with His people. Remember that when Satan tempted YAHSHUA (Matthew 4:5) he sat YAHSHUA on the pinnacle or wing of the temple where the abomination of the desolator was to stand, and there Satan tried to get YAHSHUA to worship him. The desolator of course is Satan, and his children try to get the children of the kingdom to worship Satan as they set themselves in place of Israel's inheritance.

Now what is the sign of His coming? The word..coming..signifies ...presence. From the time of Ptolemy down to the time of the second century A.D., the word translated in English traced in the

east as a technical expression for the arrival or visit of the king or emperor, and also other people in authority, even troops. It is not a New Testament word as some have supposed. The time of this tribulation is supposed to be shortened...the idea is as tho that time will be curtailed, or cut YAHWEH Himself. And as to the fooling of the Elect (vs:24) this is not possible, there is to be no doubt of this. And as HE gathers His Elect, they are those who received...the otherwords the ones He came to Redeem. They are the ones He sent His Apostles to as they proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom.

And now the expression...'the end of the world'...has the meaning of the end of an age and the beginning of a new age as they overlap, still the message continues as from the beginning.

This talking about 'HIS presence' it is not the mere act of looking, instead this signifies the actual perception of His coming or presence. The word 'See' used here is different than where it is used in other verses. Thus this 'coming of the Son of Man' signifies a shinning forth, a final battle where the buzzards gather thinking Israel...the slain are finished. But remember, the Elect, His children are not fooled, for all Israel shall come to HIM, this is a warning that many events will still happen as HIS presence is felt in Power and Glory.

Another thing:...verse 40....this... 'ONE shall be taken and one left', the grinding was woman's work in the east and was done in the mornings. This being taken here has the meaning as tho being taken to HIS side in peace and blessing, it is not as tho taken away for judgment, thus we would say that it is the gathering of HIS Elect, where as those left are to receive HIS judgment as prophesied. We hope this will help a little in the studying of that part of the Book of Matthew.


We again turn to this Old Big Book and we get the question of what is Philosophy? I will answer it from the Old Big Book as well.

ANSWER:..According to the introduction of the Old Big Book, then philosophy is something that occurred in the past, but now is openly ridiculed by the so called 'Intellectuals of the Twentieth Century'. Rich as the English language is in media of expression, it is curiously lacking in terms suitable to the conveyance of abstract philosophical premises. A certain intuitive grasp of the subtler meanings concealed within groups of inadequate words is necessary therefore to an understanding of the ancient mystery teachings. This was the reason it was decided to place this Old Big Book in the hands of those particularly interested in the subject matter it contained. Friends then helped in the successful distribution of the Book. The research work of years thus brought forth many great truths to Manly Hall and others as he put it all together. The whole enterprise of the Book discovered a multitude of friends whom otherwise he might not have known. We thought we should outline for you the growth of philosophy thru the years, as we mention a few of the great minds you find who tried to carry forward the symbols and allegories of ancient mysteries, and some who even corrupted it as they tried to conceive that man was greater than YAHWEH-God Himself. This is a simple and brief outline of this subject, but it brings to mind many of the things we have learned, and shared with you from the Swift tape ministry.

Philosophy then is the science of estimating values. The superiority of any state or substance over another is determined by Philosophy. Over the years philosophy was regarded by such as Plato, as the greatest good ever imparted to by Divinity to man. In the Twentieth Century this has been adulterated until the heavenly meal would be quite unrecognizable to this great philosopher of the past. Today philosophy has been broken into 'ism' ...the great truths known by the old philosophers as the basis of their thinking has been hidden or lost and this was happening before the birth of The Christ.

Plato, remember, traveled widely and was initiated by the Egyptians as we have told you before, by the Adamic Priesthood established by Enoch and Job. Thus Plato defines God as:...Quote--'a being who lives immortally by means of HIMSELF alone, sufficing for His own blessedness, the Eternal Essence, cause of HIS own goodness. The ONE is the term most suitable for defining the absolute sense..the whole precedes the parts, and diversity is dependent on unity, but unity is not one with diversity. The ONE moreover is before being, for 'to be' is an attribute or condition of the ONE.... Unquote. From this developed belief in reincarnation by those who were not capable of understanding. But remember that Plato studied in Egypt learning where the race came from, and why we are here.

At the entrance of the Platonic school in the Academy were written these words:...'Let none ignorant of geometry enter here'. This is not surprising when you remember that Plato studied in Egypt where geometry was a subject, where the great Temple, the Pyramid and the Sphinx were built by Master Masons using the power of the covenant.

After the days of Plato the Philosophers set up many lines of thinking and this was the way Truth was divided into many channels. In the years from 300 B.C., forward you would find this happened fast. The Truth they retained was then divided into many channels, and Greek Philosophy thus passed the Zenith of its splendor, and the mass of humanity was awakening to the importance of physical life and physical phenomena. The interest of earthly things began to assert itself, and then reached maturity of expression in the Twentieth Century as Materialism and commercialism, even tho many still tried to hang on to old truths, and ways, to preserve for posterity those secrets, and many times it was in 'unwritten' doctrine. They recognized the existence of the secrets which from the time of the earliest (Adamic) civilizations had been concealed withing the rituals, symbols and allegories of religion and philosophy. Those secret schools into which those first philosophers of antiquity were initiated were then forgotten and the view point today ignores the institution of those mysteries. As we moved into the Christian era we found the term...Patristic as the philosophy of the early church. (Pa-tris-tic) This pertained to the theology and writings of the Fathers of the Christian Church. And this was divided into the Ante-Nicene and post-Nicene epochs. This saw the effort of some to reconcile evident truth of paganism with Christian revelation. The men eminent among the Ante-Nicene Fathers was St. Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria and Justine the Martyr. In the Post-Nicene period more emphasis was placed upon the unfolding of Christian philosophy along the Platonic and neo-Platonic lines, resulting in the appearance of many strange documents of a lengthy rambling and ambiguous nature, nearly all were unsound as they tended to emphasize the supremacy of man thru out the Universe. Patristic philosophy then culminated in what is called 'Augustinianism' for St. Augustine elevated the church and its dogma to a position of absolute infallibility.

In the latter part of the Christian first century came agnosticism, and this interpreted Christianity in the terms of Greek, Egyptian and Persian Metaphysics. St. Iranaeus was totally opposed to this line of philosophy.

Next came Manichaeism, a system of Persian origin which taught that good and evil were forever contending for Universal supremacy. This line of thought ended in the conceived philosophy that Christ is conceived to be the principal of redeeming good. In contradiction to the man Jesus, who was viewed as an evil personality, thus showing the breakdown of mens thought.

The death of Boethius in the sixth century marked the close of the ancient Greek school of philosophy. The ninth century then saw the rise of the new school of 'Scholasticism' which sought to reconcile philosophy with theology. The Zenith of this era was reached with the advent of Albertus Magnus and his disciple...St. Thomas Aquinas who sought to reconcile the various factions of the Scholastic school. This resulted basically in the concept that FAITH is a projection of reason.

Next the doctrine of Voluntarism brought forth by Joannes D. Scotus, a Franciscan Scholastic, emphasized the power of 'individual will'. Eventually the scholars descended to the level of mere word mongers who picked the words of Aristotle so clean nothing but words remained. It was this meaningless verbiage against which Sir Frances Bacon directed his shots of irony. Then the Bacon scholars in their process of reasoning brought forth the schools of modern science.

Thomas Hobbes...Bacon's secretary, then declared the matter to be the only reality and scientific investigation to be limited to the study of bodies, to the significance of words, thus declared understanding to be the faculty of perceiving the relationship between words and the objects for which they stand.

Modern philosophy then later developed into 'Humanism' where as man is the measure of all things, rationalism then makes the reasoning faculties the basis of all knowledge. Political philosophy then holds that man must comprehend his natural social and national privileges. Realism and phenomenalism restrict knowledge to facts or events, which can be scientifically described or explained.

The emanate Dutch Philosopher, Baruch de Spinoza, conceived truth to be a substance absolutely self sufficient, and needing no other conception besides itself to render it complete and intelligent. The nature of this Being was comprehensible only thru its attributes which are extension of thought in endless aspects and modes. The mind of man is one of these modes of infinite thought, the body of man one of the modes of infinite expression. Thru reason then man is unable to elevate himself above the illusionary world of the senses and find Eternal repose in perfect union with the Divine Essence. Thus Spinoza deprived God of all personality, making Deity synonymous with the Universe.

Philosopher after philosopher then took his turn in conceiving his idea of man, of the Universe, of mind, and matter...with God always an unknown quantity who did not quite control 'All things'.

Then came Freudianism and relativism often called the Einstein theory. The former system of psychoanalysis thru psychopathic and neurological phenomena, the latter attacks the mechanical principals dependent upon the present theory of velocity.

Reme Decartes stands at the head of the French School of Philosophy and shares with Sir Frances Bacon the honor of founding the system of modern science and philosophy. Bacon based his conclusions upon observations of Eternal things, so Decartes founded his metaphysical philosophy upon observations of internal things. The philosophy of Decartes first eliminates all things, and then replaces as fundamental those premises without which existence is impossible. He defines an idea as that which fills the mind when we conceive a thing. That a distinct idea must be true, no matter where it comes from. This became the positive idea or Positive philosophy of Auguste Comte...with the theory that the human intellect develops thru three stages of thought. The first and lowest stage is the theological, the second metaphysical, and the highest...positive. Comte's theory is described as an enormous system of MATERIALISM. According to was formerly said that the Heavens declare the Glory of God, but now they only recount the Glory of Newton and Laplace.

Among the French Schools of Philosophy are Traditionalism which was applied to Christianity which esteems tradition as the proper foundation of philosophy; the Sociological school then regards humanity as one vast social organism, the Encyclopedists whose efforts to classify knowledge according to the Baconian system revolutionized European thought. Voltarism which assailed the Divine origin of the Christian Faith adopted an attitude of extreme skepticism toward all matters pertaining to theology; and to Neo-criticism a French revision of the doctrines of Immanuel Kant.

Then came the premise of creative evolution with Bergson. Later came Unitarianism with Jeremy Bentham which brought forth the philosophy where in God takes a back seat to intellectual thought. Darwinism was the doctrine of natural selection or physical evolution. It has been said that Charles Robert Darwin determined to banish spirit altogether from the Universe, and make the infinite and Omnipresent mind itself synonymous with the all prevailing powers of an impersonal nature. Agnosticism and neo-Hegelianism are products of this period of philosophic thought.

Herbert Spence's so called great work:...'First Principles'...made him almost the most famous philosopher of his time. His definition of Deity is: 'God is infinite intelligence, infinitely diversified thru infinite time and infinite space, manifesting thru an infinitude of ever-evolving individualities.'

That My friends is so called 'Intellectualism' that tries to tell us that God is something which sits out on a cloud somewhere and can't seem to control His Universe thru individuals have just evolved over time and space. At this time in philosophy the symbol from Bryant’s:...'An analysis of the ancient mythology' is listed here as the 'Orphic egg'. This ancient symbol of the Orphic mysteries was the serpent entwining an egg. This was to signify the Cosmos...the world encircled by the fiery creative spirit. The egg represents the soul of the philosopher, the serpent represents the mysteries. At the time of the initiation, the shell is broken and man emerges from the embryonic state of physical existence wherein he had remained thru the fetal period of philosophical regeneration. (We have another explanation but this is for the philosophers)

The most important of the modern Italian philosophers is Benedetto Croce. He conceived ideas to be the only reality. He is anti-theology in his view point, does not believe in the immortality of the soul and seeks to substitute ethics and aesthetics for religion. Sensationalism is also an Italian philosophy, with the sense perception as the sole channel for the reception of knowledge. Criticism or the philosophy of accurate judgment; and the neo-Scholasticism which is a revival of Thomism were encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church.

Now the two outstanding schools of American philosophy are Transcendentalism and Pragmatism. Transcendentalism exemplified in the writings of Waldo Emerson emphasized the power to the Transcendental over the physical. Many of Emerson's writings show a pronounced Orientalism (we would say far eastern influence) of his essays on the over soul and the law of compensation, this is especially true.

The long residence of the America causes him to be listed as an American philosopher. He seeks to lead mankind into a more apprehending state dominated by reason.

Now; having traced in a small way the development of philosophy let us go back and find the source of its beginning if possible. Altho the Greek philosophers challenged their nation and were thought to have originated philosophy, still the most learned of them acknowledged it to be derived from 'the east'. Thus the magnificent institutions of Hindu, Chaldean and Egyptian learning must be recognized as the actual source of Greek wisdom, patterned after the shadow cast by the sanctuaries of Ellora, Ur, and Memphis, upon the thought substance of a so called primitive people. Thales, Pythagoras, and Plato in their philosophic wanderings contacted many distinct and distant cults and brought back the lore of Egypt and the mystic orient.

From indisputable facts, philosophy emerged from the religious mysteries of antiquity not being separated from religion until after the decay of The Mysteries. Thus he who would fathom the depth of philosophic thought must familiarize himself with the teachings of those initiated Priests designated as the first custodians of Divine Revelation. The mysteries claimed to be the guardians of a transcendental knowledge so profound as to be in-comprehensive save to the most intelligent, and so potent as to be revealed with safety only to those in whom personal ambition was dead, and who had consecrated their lives to the unselfish service of humanity. Both the dignity of these sacred institutions and the validity of their claim to possession of Universal wisdom are attested by the philosophers of antiquity who were initiated into the secret doctrine and bore witness to its effect.

The question they asked is why if these ancient mystical institutions were of such a great center and movement of Truth, why is so little information now available concerning them, and the Truth they claimed to possess? The answer is simple, the mysteries were 'secret doctrine... secret societies..binding their initiates to total secrecy, and avenging with death the betrayal of their sacred trusts. Altho these schools were the true inspiration of the various doctrines put forth by the ancient philosophers, the fountain head of these doctrines were never revealed to the profane. Furthermore in the lapse of time the teachings became so linked with the names of their dissemination that the actual source of the mysteries came to be wholly ignored.

Symbolism then is the language of the ancient MYSTERIES; in fact it is the language not only of mysticism and philosophy but of all nature, for every law and power active in universal procedure is manifested to the limited sense perception of man...while thought is manifested thru the medium of symbols. Every form existing in the diversified sphere of being, is symbolic of the Divine activity by which it is produced. By symbols then, Adam-man has ever sought to communicate his thoughts which transcend the limitations of language. Rejecting man's conceived dialects as inadequate and unworthy to perpetuate Divine ideas, thus the Mystery Schools of the ancients chose symbolism as a more ingenious and ideal method of preserving their transcendental knowledge. This is knowledge that was outside the range of the human intellect or experience, thus knowledge which came from YAHWEH-God in a single figure...a symbol may both reveal and conceal, for to the wise the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable. Thus he who seeks to unveil the secret doctrine of antiquity must search for that doctrine not upon the open pages of books which might fall into the hands of the unworthy, but in the place where it was originally concealed.

Far sighted were these initiates of antiquity. They realized that nations would come and go, that Empires would rise and fall, and that the golden ages of art, science and idealism are succeeded by the dark ages of superstition. With the need of posterity foremost in mind, the sages of old went to inconceivable extremes to make certain that their knowledge should be preserved. They engraved it upon the face of mountains, and concealed it within the measurements of Colossal images, each of which was a geometrical marvel. Their knowledge of chemistry and Mathematics they hid within Mythologies which the ignorant would perpetuate or preserve from extinction or total oblivion. They also hid their symbols in spans and arches of their Temples, which times has not entirely obliterated. They wrote in characters that neither the vandalism of men nor the ruthlessness of the elements could completely efface. Today men gaze with awe and reverence upon the mighty structures standing alone on the sands of Egypt or upon the strange terraced Pyramids of Palanque...mute testimony these are...of the lost arts and sciences of antiquity, and they concealed this wisdom until this race of Adamic-men has learned to read the Universal language called ...SYMBOLISM. This Old Big Book is thus dedicated in its introduction to the proposition that concealed within the Emblematic figures, allegories, and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of life, and that this doctrine has been preserved in 'toto' among a small band of initiated minds since the beginning of the world. As they departed, these illuminated philosophers left their formulae that others too might attain understanding. But lest these secret processes fall into the uncultured hands and be perverted; the great arcanum or mystery has always been concealed in symbols, allegory and such, and those who can today discover its lost keys may with them open a treasure house of philosophic, scientific, and religious truths. Unquote.

This My friends ends the introduction as to the origin of philosophy. We feel this also verifies the many things we have told you that came from the Swift tapes and Library as to the story which is in the Scriptures as to the origin of Adam-man and his march over the earth from the High Tarim Basin in ancient Asia.

Another thing, the knowledge of the Hindu is mentioned as a source of this ancient mystery. And if you will look up the word Hindu in Websters Dictionary, you find that a Hindu was a native of Hindustan and that land was once governed by the Aryan Race of which was a stopping place of the race in migration. Webster also tells you that a Hindu thus a native of Hindustan belonged to the Aryan Race. This was very true for in Hindustan the Aryans left many symbolic structures and symbols, for they were Master Builders from their beginning.

Today Hindustan’s religion is just a pagan religion, but again, pagans have by their myths also carried forward some of the ancient symbols of truths down thru the generations, and thus concealed them even in their paganism. This then seems to have been the way YAHWEH chose to bring these truths down to our time, and we must have all the keys to unlock all mysteries, but in the meantime we unlock those he gives us access to.

Now; we are thus to remember that Symbolism is the Universal Language. We have noticed thru the years that there is to be a pure language returned to us in earth. Many have guessed as to this language. We would now say that when all the Symbolism is understood then the true story in a language that will be understood World wide will be used. For with the Kingdom in place, a government of total justice, then all will understand what they are capable of grasping as to the ancient symbolism and its story, and what the symbolism has always taught.