ERM - Tape 056 - 1. The Philosophers Stone. 2. The Rose Cross Symbol.


TAPE NO. 56......BY: Ella Rose Mast



1. The Philosophers Stone.

2. The Rose Cross Symbol.



QUESTION:...What is the Philosophers Stone?

ANSWER:...This stone has many descriptions and it is shown in several different ways, but the Philosophers Stone represents Wisdom and Knowledge which is revealed in the Ancient Mysteries of Israel, and in Alchemy and Astronomy. It is called the Universal Medicine, also the emblem of completion, or the number 10., of the Ancient Israel Doctrines. One of its manifestations is the Emerald Tablet, and another is of a polished and cut diamond, and in the center of this diamond is a double headed Phoenix Bird on its nest of fire. This picture then of the Philosophers Stone is an Ancient symbol for the perfected and re-generated Adam-man whose spiritual nature shines thru as you are in this pattern of moving thru physical earth that you go thru as you are in this pattern of moving thru physical existence. Dull and lifeless when first seen then as enlightenment comes, and after much polishing with wisdom the diamond comes forth out of that dull and lifeless stage, the same way the regenerated Adam-spirit man comes out of that fallen stage, into the hands of Our His purpose. We are the same as the diamond in the hands of a skilled lapidary, and this shapeless stone is transformed into a scintillating gem from whose facets pour streams of varicolored fire, so to upon the lathe of the Divine Lapidary the soul of Adam-man is ground polished until it reflects the Glory of the Father in every atom. The perfecting of the Diamond soul of Adam-man thru the philosophical Alchemical art, was the concealed object of the Hermetic philosophers.

The Philosophers Stone and the Great Temple built by Solomon represents the regeneration and accomplishment of that Ideal. The diamond by polishing comes out of that dull and lifeless stage the same way the spirit rejuvenated Adam-man comes forth, thru the revealing of the mysteries, thus Adam-man is able to reveal to his generation until they reflect the Glory of the Father, and the man himself is reflected. The Philosophical, Alchemical art then was in fact the concealed mystery of the perfecting of Adam-man pointing toward what he once was. In this way the Philosophers Stone, and the Great Temple that Solomon built both represents the regeneration and the accomplishment of an ideal.

In Philosophy the Stone of the Wisemen is supreme and unalterable reason. To find the absolute in the infinite and in the finite, this is Magnus Opus, or the Great Work of the Sages, which Hermes (Enoch) called the Great Work of YAHWEH whose symbol is the sun. He who possesses the Philosophers Stone possesses the Truth, the greatest treasure of all, and is therefore rich beyond the calculation of men, he is immortal because truth takes no account of death, and he is healed of ignorance, the most loathsome of all diseases. The Hermetic Stone is Divine Power, which all men seek, but which is found only by such as exchange for it that temporal power which must pass away. To the mystic, the Philosophers Stone is:..Perfect love, which transmutes all that is base and raises all that is dead.

Now; back thru history Stones have been used to tell a story of a Great Purpose, for instance Stonehenge and those types of designs in Stone. The Adamic Race are then referred to as 'Living Stones'. The body of Adam-man was likened to the Roch (Rock) and YAHWEH was the Great Rock which Israel forgot. Deuteronomy 32. This Race however built altars of Stone and fires on those altars represented the spiritual essence which illuminated the body it surrounded. The square is actually one surface of the cube, and as they likened the body to a rock they considered it would be trued 'into a cube' as in plane geometry, and the earth they considered as an element and spoke of its four corners altho they were fully aware that this planet was a sphere. Because of the Ancient Doctrines of Israel were the sure foundation of all knowledge, the first step in the attainment of conscious immortality, then the mysteries were often represented as cubical or pyramid stones. The unchangeableness of the stones make it an appropriate emblem of God Almighty, the immovable and unchangeable source of existence, and the eternal revelation of Himself to Adam-man.

The Philosophers Stone then is really the philosophical stone, for philosophy is likened to a magic Jewel whose touch transmutes base substance into priceless gems like itself. Wisdom is the Alchemists power of projection which transforms many thousand times its own weight of gross ignorance into the precious substance of enlightenment.

It was upon Mount Sinai that Moses received two tables of Stone bearing the characters of the Decalogue traced by the very finger of Israel's God. These tablets it is said in the Zohar were fashioned from the Divine Sapphire removed from the Throne of the MOST HIGH. This Sacred Stone formed of heavenly Dew was sundered by the Breath of God, and upon the two parts were drawn in black fire, the figures of the Law. These precious inscriptions aglow with Celestial Splendor were delivered by YAHWEH upon the Sabbath Day, into the hands of Moses who was able to read the illuminated letters from the reverse side because of the transparency of this great Jewel. These Ten Commandments are of the Sacred No. 10., the number of perfection, the key to creation, the proper symbol of God...Adam-man and the Universe. Because of the idolatry of the Israelites which Moses found as he came down the Mountain he deemed the people unworthy to receive the Sapphire tablets, and Moses destroyed them so that the mystery of YAHWEH should not be violated. From this original set Moses substituted two tablets of rough stone, and into these he with the aid of YAHWEH cut the ten Ancient letters. The former tablets partaking of the 'Tree of Life' blazed forth Eternal Glory, the latter partaking of the fallen state..or the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil' revealed only temporal or earthly truths. The Ancient traditions for Israel were said to have returned again to the heavens leaving only its shadow with the twelve tribes of Israel. It is said that one of the two tablets of stone delivered by the Lawgiver to his people stood for the Oral, and the other for the written law upon which their priesthood was founded.

The Ark of the Covenant was said to be patterned after the sacred chests of Isis and Hermetic mysteries, and contained three holy objects..the pot of Manna, the Rod that budded, and the Tablets of the Law. These three are the appropriate images respectfully of the Qabbalah, the Mishna, and the unwritten law, thus spirit, soul, and body of the Ancient Faith of Israel is also marked.

According to the writings of Hargrave Jennings, the ten commandments are inscribed in two groups. The five on the right looking from the the law, and the five on the left looking or meaning the Prophets. They correspond to the two pillars in front of the Temple which were 18 cubits in height, and beautifully ornamented with wreaths of chain work, nets and pomegranates. On top of each pillar was a bowl, one containing fire, one water, and the one containing fire signified the terrestrial Adam, the one containing water signified the physical Adam and between them was the door leading into the House of God.

In the Sephiroth tree these two pillars symbolized mercy and severity. Standing before the gate to Solomon's Temple these columns when interpreted Quabbalistically had the same symbolic import as the obelisks before the sanctuaries in Egypt. The meanings of the names of these two pillars meant:...'In strength shall my house be established.' When the High Priest of Israel stood between these two pillars he personified the Divine nature of Adam-man this mysterious atom in his dual nature. Thus one side..was the pillar of spiritual intellect, and on the other side was the pillar of flesh, and in between was the true Adam-man. This Israelite Priest however could not reach the high estate and redeem the people, thus a Redeemer had to suffer on the Cross so as to draw these two pillars together after the fall of the Archangel Lucifer. It is said that Lucifer was like a crown Jewel, like a great Sapphire, but after that rebellion in heaven then Michael the Archangel of the Hidden God of Israel at the head of Angelic hosts swooped down upon Lucifer and his legions of rebellious spirits. During the conflict Michael with his flaming sword struck the flashing gem from the Coronet of Lucifer, and the Green Stone fell thru all the Celestial rings into the dark and immeasurable Abyss. This allegoric story says that out of that gem was fashioned the Holy Grail from which YAHSHUA..The Christ..drank out of at the Last Supper. (unquote)

We believe that YAHSHUA came because there could be no other sacrificial lamb to bring redemption to Adam-man and to the world. We believe that this event was set in place long before Lucifer was even allowed to rebel... for a purpose.

The arguments are many..was the Grail a cup or a platter? In art it is generally depicted as a Chalice of considerable size and of great beauty. According to legend, Joseph of Arimathea brought the grain cup to the place of the Crucifixion, and in it caught the blood pouring from the wound of the Nazarene. Later Joseph of Arimathea who was custodian of the Sacred relics..of the cup and the spear carried them into a distant country. And according to some versions his descendants finally placed them in Glastonbury Abbey in England. According to another legend under the name of Prestor John Parsifal...the last of the Grail kings carried the holy cup high into the mountains of northern India, and it disappeared from the western world. The search for this Sangreal was the motif for much of the Knight-errantry of the King Arthur legends, and the ceremonies of the Round Table. But the Quest for the Holy Grail as well as the Quest for the Golden Fleece is a symbol of the Redeeming blood which descending into the condition of death, overcomes the last enemy, and brings immortality. To the Israelites this search for the Holy Grail is the search for his inner or real self, and when found it is the ultimate goal of the mysteries. In this mystic poem..'The Vision of Sir Launfal'..James Russell Lowell discovers the true nature of the Holy Grail showing that it is visible only to a certain state of spiritual consciousness. Only upon returning from the vain pursuit of haughty ambition did the aged and broken Knight see the transformed 'lepers Cup' as the glowing Chalice of his life long dream.

One of the most famous of the blackened stones is the legend about the one in the seat of the coronation chair in West Minster Abbey, which is declared to be the actual rock used by Jacob for a pillow. Another Stone is the black stone in the Aaba at Mecca, it is revered throughout the Mohammed world. It is said to have been white originally and of such brilliance that it could be seen a days journey from Mecca, but as ages passed it became blackened by tears of the pilgrims, and the sins of the world. Thus Stones and Gems have played a part in the mysteries, and many Alchemists also have listed gems and stones as corresponding to the various planets and zodiacal signs.

The Pythagorean signet ring contained a five pointed star in gold on a great Gem. The one point up and the two down. This to them was a symbol of health. It was like a Talisman placed at the beginning of their Epistles, as a greeting to invoke health to their correspondence.

As to the magic mirror and the crystal ball..first sorcery and philosophy have nothing in common, altho they are often confused by the unenlightened. The Persian Magi carried mirrors as an emblem of the material sphere of Adam-man which reflects divinity from every part. The Crystal Ball long misused as a medium of so called psychic powers was originally a three fold symbol. It signified the Universal egg of the mysterious in whose depth creation exists. Then it is the proper symbol of the deity of Adam-man previous to immersion into a physical world. And three it signifies the preserved image of all terrestrial activity where-in Adam-man moves. (unquote) We would call your attention to many more stones which have played a part in the marking of the destiny of Adam-man, but that is a fair sample to show what an important part stones have played in our history.

QUESTION:...The Rose Cross or Croix...what is it the symbol of?

ANSWER:...To the Brethren of the Rose Cross..The the Jewel of the 'Rose Cross', it is the symbol of THE CHRIST. The picture with this article is of course symbolic. Here we see a nest enclosed with a blue ribbon on which is printed in gold letters..I N R I..which is symbolic of THE MOST HIGH. In the nest are seven little birds and a pelican stands in front of the little birds. It is said that the Pelican in symbolism was listed as the symbol of self-sacrifice. This nest seems to be by the Sea Shore and there are birds in the sky above as well as clouds. Above the nest stands a measuring instrument on two legs, and on its top a gold crown, and behind the Pelican but in front of the measuring instrument is a white Cross about one inch in width over all, but not as high as the measuring instrument. Entwined around that white Cross is a Rose bush with the blossoming the center of the Cross piece of the Cross. The outstretched wings of the bird is shielding the baby birds..and on the breast of the bird is a torn place and the blood is pouring out and the little birds are feeding on its blood.

Here then in symbolism we see The Christ both of sacrifice and resurrection, and here feeding the Adamic Race..No. 7., of the mysteries thru the sacrifice of his own blood. In the mysteries this bird is a Pelican, or we say a Phoenix bird and represents the resurrection from the dead, also represents those divine institutions which possess the secret doctrines which reveal the spiritual life of Adam-man. In Ancient times it was said that the Pelican bird would kill his young and then three days later the mother would wound herself and let her blood flow over them, and this would resurrect the young birds. In Ancient Masonic symbolism the blood of the Pelican represents those secret works by which Adam-man is raised from the slavery of ignorance to the condition of freedom conferred by wisdom. In Alchemy this Pelican represents one of the vessels in which the experiments of Alchemy are performed, and its blood that mysterious tincture of which the base metals are transmuted into spiritual gold. Both the Rose and the Pelican or Phoenix signify the highest expression of..Divine Love. This love of the Pelican for the little ones typifies the emotion of the creator for his children which HE BEGAT, and thru them for his creations which he fashioned during the seven sacred eras. The Rose is thus a symbol of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA on the Love because of the fall of Adam-man. Here the Rose is not a crucified Rose of the Rosicrucian organization, instead it is portrayed as part of the Great Mosaic. It is just a simple White Cross with the Rose growing around it, and the flower in the middle of the Cross-bars, no nails are portrayed here.

Now; Birds were also used many times in the philosophic symbolism. Cruelty was signified by the buzzard; courage by the Eagle, and self-sacrifice by the Pelican; and Pride by the Peacock.

There has been much argument as to if there was a Phoenix Bird..for the Phoenix bird is the most celebrated of all the symbolic creatures fabricated by the Ancient Mysteries for the purpose of concealing the great truths of secret philosophy. Modern scholars of natural history however declare the existence of the Phoenix to be purely mythical, but there was one of those birds on exhibition in the Roman Empire during the reign of Emperor Claudius. It has a bill very similar to the Pelican if you remove that big pouch, and is mostly shown seated on its nest of fire.

The Eagle was linked to Jupiter in symbolism, it was considered to be the Lord of Birds. It was also the Hermetic symbol of Sulphur, or Fire, and was said to be the Gateway to the Great Mystery. Among certain American Indians the Thunderbird was held in peculiar esteem. But to the Israelite the Eagle was the one who lived above the clouds.

In Ancient Egypt mysterious Hawk-like birds with human heads and carrying in their claws the symbol of Immortality (The Rose) are often shown hovering as emblems over the liberated soul, over the mummified bodies of the dead. Ra and Osiris as well as Horus were often depicted with the heads of hawks. The White Rooster was a symbol of Dadmillus (Adam-Cadman) in some of the mysteries it typified watchfulness and defense. Both the Peacock and the Ibis were thought highly of because they destroyed the serpents, and Crocodile eggs, the Crocodile being the symbol of the detested Typhoon.

Nocturnal birds were appropriate symbols of both sorcery and secret doctrines, or sciences..sorcery however became black magic and cannot function in the light of truth, it is powerful only when surrounded by darkness, and the divine sciences because they possess the secret are able to see thru the darkness of ignorance and materialism. In the mysteries of the Universe..then the Universe is likened to an egg which the Cosmic Goose has laid in space because of its blackness then the Crow is the symbol of Chaos and darkness preceding the light of creation. The Swan was the symbol of spiritual Grace and purity of the illuminated. The Scavenger, the Vulture and the Buzzard and the Condor are symbols of the disintegrative process of refuse and other matters dangerous to life and health of humanity.

And now the Dove:...accepted by Christianity as the emblem of the Holy Spirit, is however an extremely Ancient symbol, because of its gentleness and devotion to its young..the Dove is then looked upon as the embodiment of the maternal instinct. It is an emblem of wisdom and has long been accepted as a messenger of Divine Will. The name of the Dove has been given to the Oracles, and to the Prophets, it was a very sacred emblem, it was adopted by the Hebrews as a symbol, and since the days of Noah all those who were of the Church of God revered the Dove as a messenger of God. In Ancient Masonry the Dove was a symbol of Purity and innocence. In the Ancient Mysteries the Dove was shown crucified upon the four spokes of a great wheel, foreshadowing the mystery of the coming crucifixion. The pagans in reaching the meaning of symbolism tied Venus to the Dove and crucified Venus upon the wheel. Mohammed is pictured at times with a Dove sitting on his shoulders as the symbol of Divine inspiration. In Ancient times the effigies of doves were placed upon the heads of scepters to signify that those bearing them were overshadowed by Divine Prerogative. In medieval art, the Dove frequently was pictured as an emblem of Divine Benediction. (Also the Dove in Noah's time signifies the two covenants)

Now; as to the Phoenix Bird:...Clements one of the ante-Niaecian Fathers describes in the first century the peculiar nature and habits of the Phoenix Bird this way:...(quote) There is a certain bird which is called a Phoenix. This is the only one of its kind and it lives 500 years. And when the time comes for its dissolution, as this time draws near that it must die, it builds itself a nest of Frankincense and myrrh, and other spices, into which, when the time if fulfilled, it enters and dies. But as the Flesh decays a certain kind of worm is produced which being nourished by the juices of the dead bird, brings forth feathers. Then when it has acquired strength it takes up the nest in which are the bones of the parent, and bearing these it passes from the land of Arabia into Egypt, to the city called Heliopolis and in open daylight...flying in the sight of men, it places them on the altar of the Sun, and having done this hastens back to its former abode. The Priests then inspect the register of the dates and find that it has returned exactly as the 500th., year is completed.

Admitting that he had not seen the Phoenix Bird (there being only one alive at the time) Herodotus amplifies a bit the description given by Clement:...'They tell a story of what this bird does which does not seem to be credible, that he comes all the way from Arabia, and brings the parent bird all plastered with Myrrh; to the temple of the Sun, and then buries the body. In order to bring the parent bird, he first forms a ball of Myrrh as big as he finds that he can carry; then hollows out the ball and puts his parent inside; after which he covers the opening with fresh Myrrh until the ball is exact same weight as at first; so he brings the ball into Egypt and deposits it in the Temple of the Sun. Such is the story they tell of the doings of this bird.'

Both Herodotus and Pliny noted the general resemblance in shape between the Phoenix and the Eagle, a point which the reader should carefully consider, for it is reasonably certain that the modern Masonic Eagle was originally in the Ancient Mystery Schools a Phoenix. The Phoenix Bird had a peculiar tuft of feathers at the back of its head, a fact that has been overlooked by most writers and symbologists. It wore a coat of many colors, of blue, red, purple, and a gold circle of feathers was around its neck. The years of its life was taken as a standard for measuring the motions of heavenly bodies but also, in the mysteries to designate periods of existence. The diet of the bird is unknown; was never known to eat in the presence of man. The bird is described as using sprigs of Acacia in the manufacture of its nest.

The Phoenix bird is also the mythological Persian Roc, it is also the name of a southern Constellation therefore it is an astronomical phenomena. It in all probabilities then was the Swan of the Greeks, the Eagle of the Romans, and the Peacock of the far east. To the Ancient Mystery Schools the Phoenix was a most appropriate symbol of the immortality of Adam-man for just as the Phoenix was reborn out of its own dead self, 7 times 7 as in the Ancient Israel Doctrine, so again the spiritual nature of Adam-man rises triumphant from his dead physical body. (unquote)

Alright:...What is the symbolism and riddle of the Phoenix bird really telling us? Clement an Ante-nicaean Father from Egypt explains this riddle so that you might understand the symbolism of the story of the redemption of the Adamic Race. The Phoenix Bird is the only one of its kind, thus the symbol of YAHWEH..the Great God of Israel. However it is also a parent bird for as the parent dies it is brought to the Sphinx, in Egypt, brought from Arabia. The Sphinx was called the temple of the sun, but the sun was also a symbol of YAHWEH. Here you are also to learn that you should go back to Arabia, and pick up your story...'Ask your fathers and they will ask their fathers for this Israel story of your beginning.' Deuteronomy 32. And as you learn of your background then you will realize why YAHWEH had to come as a little child to grow in earth and then die for his people, and the world. We find that after being born in Bethlehem of Judea, that he was taken by Mary and Joseph for safe keeping into Egypt, and there protected in the Temple between the Paws of the Sphinx, at the time when Herod playing the part of Satan (Revelation 12:3) was trying to destroy him. Israel even at that time still had the seat of the Ancient Mystery Schools still there in Egypt where they started in the time of Enoch and Job. A white Priesthood was still there in the city of ON to fulfil their part at the time of the birth of the Savior. But in the riddle of the Phoenix bird flying YAHSHUA to Palestine is the fact that it is noted that the Phoenix Bird used sprigs of the Acacia plant in making the ball for the parent birds ashes so they could be brought to Egypt, where later we would see the Christ Child protected. Then later still YAHSHUA in Jerusalem would wear a crown of thorns from this very same plant at the time of his crucifixion.

The Ancient writers noted the general resemblance in the shape between the Phoenix and the Eagle, and we agree that the Eagle of Deuteronomy 32:11 symbolizes power, and that both the Eagle and the Phoenix are symbols of YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA to redeem His people, and thru them the whole creation. Being born of incorruptible seed my friends is a process of the Father, by which you were begotten, in the beginning, before this world was framed. We are thus resident in this body, but now absent from that dimension and plane where we actually came from. We are thus waiting for the completion of the process of regeneration, and the consummation of the Great work of YAHWEH as outlined in symbolism and thru the work of the Alchemists as He brings this part of the Great Mosaic to completion as outlined in No. 10., of the Ancient Doctrine of Israel.

Now;..back to this Old Big Book. (quote) The medieval Hermetists regarded the Phoenix as a symbol of the accomplishment of Alchemical transmutation, the process equivalent to Adam-mans regeneration. The name Phoenix was also given to one of the secret Alchemical formulae. The Pelican of the picture of the Rose Croix, feeding its young from its breast is actually a Phoenix which can be confirmed by an examination of the head of the bird, for the ungainly lower part of the Pelican's beak is missing entirely. The Head of the Phoenix is far more like an Eagle than a Pelican. In the Ancient Mysteries it was customary to refer to the initiates of the Mysteries as Phoenix's or men who had been 'born again', for just as physical birth gives Adam-man consciousness in the physical world, so to this mystery to which YAHSHUA the Christ referred as He said:..'Except a man be twice born (translated born-again) he cannot see the kingdom of God.' John 3:3. The Phoenix then is a fitting symbol of this spiritual birth. (unquote)

As we have told you before, the Israel Mysteries were not dead at the time of the U.S. founding. This is pointed out as you study the Seal of the U.S. Benjamin Franklin was very emphatic that the Eagle was in the background..a Phoenix Bird..and in the Great Seal design by William Barton in 1782 the Eagle was indeed an actual Phoenix sitting on a nest of flames. Gillard Hunt in his 'The history of the Seal of the U.S.' brings forth much material to substantiate the belief that the original Seal carried the emblem of the Phoenix Bird. (unquote)

Since the Eagle is the symbol of power then our great Eagle symbolizes that the last great power of the Kingdom is located here. But you are to remember that behind the Eagle in symbolism is the Phoenix which is also the symbol of spiritual victory and achievement. Perhaps it WAS our Fathers wish that we only show the Eagle to the world order, or these United States would have had more trouble in developing as a nation than we have had. Both the single headed and the double headed Eagles however are really Phoenix's, thus the symbol also of transmutation and regeneration, commonly called...'The accomplishment of the Great Works.' This great Seal of the U.S. was the work of a mostly secret group of men who helped establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to a few. The Seal symbolically is setting forth the accomplishment of what the U.S. Government was dedicated to do from its inception. (unquote)

Now; there is another symbol, a supreme symbol which is also related to the Phoenix Bird and the Eagle. This is a picture of a double headed Eagle which has a crown resting on both heads. In its claws it grasps a sword. This is said to be the emblem of completion, representing the total knowledge of the Philosopher's Stone, the Mystery Schools and No. 10 of the Ancient Doctrines of Israel. And yes, I know the Free Masonry claims this as the symbol of their 33 degrees, and they show it with the 33 above the double headed Eagle...remember is the fact that it is portraying the Phoenix Bird which they do not recognize as a great power. For here is the Great God of Israel coming as YAHSHUA, coming with the sword of judgment to rule and to reign. The Phoenix Bird then has every right to claim its place as a representative of a new country rising out of an old. Someday we will thus understand all this symbolism from the Ancient days, will we not?

Now; there was at the bottom of the picture of the Rose Croix..many tools of Masonry and this is one of the reasons that Freemasonry of today claims this is the 33rd., degree. But remember that the school established by Job and Enoch so long ago also had these emblems as Master Builders..for they were to build the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx as well as the Great Temple in Egypt and then spread out over the earth with their buildings so these were the marks of their trade, the marks of their Mystery Schools with the ruler, the square, the trowel, and so forth all marks of their trade, and they marked these of the Adamic Race as Master Builders, to enrich the world with the knowledge given to them. This has taken place, and yet the marks of the Master Builders is still authentic today, altho the pride of their work seems to be leaving many of the younger men of the race, because of the race for affluence, for sports, and a good time, until they forget their beginning, this is why we are told to look to the fathers, and the feathers to their fathers, then we go back to what is important in this world and what is not.

From Ella:.......

I did not have the Alchemy tapes ready as yet as there is so much symbolism and diagrams to make so I have just given you some short subjects this month...hope you will enjoy them.

QUESTION:...Why me? What have I done that all these things happen to Me?

Maybe they are marriage problems, or child problems, health problems, and so forth. But first I would say that just because we learn who we are and what we are here for hasn't changed the fact that we are in a physical world which has many problems and we are caught up in those problems. It also does not make us any better than our brethren...since we know what we do, but it brings peace of mind as to the outcome of events. Secondly we do not have a Vengeful God. If you break some rules you set up your own chastisement, but I would also say that did you ever consider that what perhaps has happened to you is just a simple polishing process? As you consider the symbolism of the Philosophers Stone as a great and polished and cut diamond then it takes a lot of polishing and cutting away of error before that stone shines like our Father has Willed. To me it seems that we should learn to take things in stride, it will be easier that way, and always look for the bright side as that eases the mind. And always remember..once be born of die in YAHSHUA is to live again in the Holy spirit.

Remember how the Israelites complained in the wilderness as they were not able to eat as they did in Egypt? Well..YAHWEH sent 'Manna' which was a heavenly food and Israel took it as it came, there was no getting it ahead of time, no saving it up. If you tried to cheat you ended up without any. This was supposed to be a great lesson and it still works today.

Financially we in this nation are in a bind as we did not follow YAHWEH'S rules about Usuary. He outlined that we would do this very thing, and now we wait for the fall of Great Babylon because we seem not able to correct things ourselves. Health wise we also do foolish things, and sometimes we inherit bodies which have troubles, but also along that line the enemy has been busy also. And another thing...we are a long way along this path for the downfall of Lucifer, so much further than Adam was, and there has been more diseases to attack this human body, but this is still an exciting time to live so ignore the tribulation and trials as best you can, look..on them part of the process of polishing, and hang on to our dream of the kingdom administration in earth, until the situation here is as 'it is in heaven'.

Now; I hope you will go back and read the poem 'The Vision of Sir Launfal' as it fits in so well here. Think of the opportunity a teacher would have using this poem if the time was right to bring this message. In the description before the poem, in this Library book today is the story supposedly 'mythology' but still it is there...of the Holy Grail, and how Joseph of Arimathea brought the cup to Britain. And the writings of Tennyson about Sir Galahad is also mentioned here.

Perhaps the old writings would come alive if we were telling the kids the full story. Even the Story of Cinderella when considered in that manner is also the story of Israel. Thus the writers of old had a knowledge of those things at that time which we seem to have forgotten today.


In the poem..'The Vision of Sir Launfal'..did you notice that the gold coin is worthless in this search for the Holy Grail? Here was a soul that had been tried, we could say polished in earth that finds the way to the Grail. Thus it is not what we give...but what we share!

Earth gets it price for what earth gives us:

The Beggar is taxed for a corner to die in,

The Priest hath his fee who comes and shrives us;

We bargain for the graves we lie in,

At the Devils booth are all things sold.

Each ounce of dross costs its ounce of gold;

For a cap and bells our lives we pay,

Baubles we buy with a whole souls tasking,

'Tis in heaven alone that it is given away;

'Tis only God may be had for the asking.


Alright:...think of the message when a teacher will understand and use this and other poems as they are written.