ERM - Tape 055 - 1. The Fraternity of the Rose Cross.






1. The Fraternity of the Rose Cross.


When the people preparing this Old Big Book came to the subject of 'The Rose Cross' they ran into this organization known as 'The Rosicrucians' going strong in the 18th., century. Thus who founded the beginning of this school formally called 'The Rose Cross?' Going further back they found that there was a mysterious man in Europe who went by the Initials of C.R.C. Some said this was the organization which was called the Christian Rose Cross which had carried thru from the time of Enoch, so long before the birth of the Christ.

The picture here in the Old Big Book is of an old gentleman sitting at his desk patiently copying from a book. He has long white hair and beard, and there is a feathered pen in his hand, and he is copying from this book which is propped up by a skull, and doing his work by candlelight. On the table beside him is another book, and on the cover of that book is they symbol of that organization. This being a five petal Red rose with a white cross in the center of the Rose. On a wall is another of these same symbols and beside the book is an hourglass said to suggest that in time all shall be revealed. Some of these writers thought this was just a painting, nothing more, while others thought they would disagree. Some tried to deny that there ever was such a man who tried to bring forth in Europe, the spiritual philosophy which the Ancients seemed to know and to practice.

About 1610-1614 writings began to appear in Europe, the first book begins with the reminder to all the world of God's goodness and mercy, and it warns the Intelligentsia that their egotism and covetousness caused them to follow after false prophets, and to ignore the knowledge God has revealed to them. Hence a reformation is necessary, and God has raised up philosophers and sages for this purpose. In order to bring about a reformation, a mysterious person came on the scene to assist in bringing it about. This person was called..'The highly illuminated Father..C.R.C.' He was said to be a German by birth, descendent of a noble family, but himself a poor man, and he instructed the secret society called 'The Rose Cross'. It is said that he had been placed in a Cloister when only five years of age, and had traveled to Damascus to study with philosophers there. He heard of a group of Qabbalists living in the mystic city of Arabia, called Damcar. He was but 16 years of age when he arrived there, but was greeted as one expected. He learned the Arabic tongue while there and was able to translate their sacred book into Latin. When returning to Europe he brought the book with him, and proclaimed that he had now learned how to distinguish between true and false, and this added greatly to his knowledge. As he came back to Europe he fondly hoped that the learned men of Europe would receive with gratitude the material treasures of the Race which he brought back with him for their consideration. This would not be the case for the so called 'wise' were afraid to admit their ignorance lest their prestige be impaired.

Paraclesus, altho not a member of this fraternity of the 'Rose Cross', read the book entitled 'M' and from a consideration of the content of this book, from this information..put into use..became the foremost physician of mediaeval Europe.

After returning to Germany CRC built a house where he could quietly carry on his study and research. He manufactured a number of rare scientific instruments for research purposes. He could have been famous if he had cared to commercialize on his knowledge, but it has been said that he preferred the companionship of God to the esteem of men.

After five years CRC decided to renew his struggle for a reformation of the arts and sciences of his day. He sent to the Cloister of his early years of training and called to himself 3 brethren. They bound themselves together to secrecy and took an oath to preserve the secrets which CRC would now reveal to them. They were to write it down for the sake of posterity, all that CRC would dictate to them. Thus these four men formed the fraternity of 'The Rose Cross' in Europe. They prepared its secret numbers (1 thru 10), prepared language, and a great dictionary in which all forms of wisdom were classified to the glorification of YAHWEH. They began the work of transcribing the book..'M'..but found this difficult because of the demand of the great number of sick who came to them for healing. They completed a newer and larger building which they called 'The House of the Holy Spirit', and then brought four more new members into the Fraternity which increased their number to eight. Seven of these men were Germans, and all members were unmarried. These eight men then speedily completed the work of preparing the documents, instructions, and secret mysteries of this order. Then they decided to separate and visit the other countries not only to deliver their wisdom to others who might deserve it, but also so that they might check with others to correct any mistakes existing in their own system.

They would prepare six rules to govern them while they were separated:..

1. They would take to themselves no other dignity or credit, and would always be willing to heal the sick without charge.

2. They would wear no special robe or garment to call attention to themselves, but would dress according to the custom of the country where they would be dwelling.

3. Every year on a certain date they would meet in 'The House of the Holy Spirit', or if not able or if unable to do so would be represented by an epistle.

4. Each was to search for a worthy person to succeed him at his demise.

5. The letters R.C. would be their Seal, Mark and Character from that time onward.

6. The Fraternity should remain unknown to the world for 100 years.

Five of the Brothers then left for distant land, and a year later two more left, and C.R.C. was alone in 'The House of the Holy Spirit'. Then year after year they returned for their meeting with great joy for they had quietly and sincerely made public their doctrines among the 'Wise' of earth. When the first of the Order died in England, it was decided that the burial places of the members should be secret. Soon after father CRC called the remaining members together, and it is supposed that he prepared his own symbolic tomb. No one seemed to know when he died, but 120 years later one of the Brothers decided to make some architectural alterations in 'The House of the Holy Spirit', and a tomb was discovered. In making these alterations the Brothers had discovered a memorial tablet upon which was inscribed the names of the early members of this Secret Order. As he tried to remove the memorial tablet on which these names were engraved, then plaster and stones broke loose and the door to a tomb was found. The Brothers gathered and they entered a vault which had 7 sides, and each side was 5' wide and 8' high. This vault was also or seemed to be as tho mysteriously lighted from the ceiling. In each of the seven sides were small doors which being opened were seen to be filled with a number of books, secret instructions, and supposedly the lost secrets of the Fraternity of 'The Rose Cross'. As the Brothers moved the altar in the center aside, they revealed the body of CRC directly beneath which was also the mysterious light from the ceiling. Altho the body of CRC had lain there for 120 years still it was as well preserved as tho just interned. In one hand was clasped a mysterious parchment, which next to the Bible was the most valued possession of the society. After investigating everything, the Brothers put everything back in place, sealed the door of the vault, and went their way. Their spirits were raised, and their Faith increased by what they had seen.

In accordance with the wishes of CRC the report was prepared and went forth to the 'Wise' of all Europe in five languages, so that all may know and understand the secrets of the 'Rose Cross' Fraternity. All sincere souls who labor for the Glory of God were invited to communicate with the Brethren, and were promised that their appeal would be heard regardless of who they are, and how the message was sent. At the same time those of selfish and ulterior motives are warned that only sorrow and misery will attend any who attempt to discover the mysteries without a clean heart and a pure mind. (unquote)

Now; many are the explanations as to this secret society, but some do trace the Fraternity of the 'Rose Cross' back to Ancient Egypt, where we have told you that it was established by Enoch. This was the Mystery School that taught Spiritual Wisdom in conjunction with the School of the 'Master Builders'..ancient masonry with its knowledge of physical things necessary for the building of the kingdom in earth. This school was established by Job for this definite purpose. We would say that in Europe there was a rebirth of the Society of 'The Rose Cross' as this article outlines, and many of the Race were no doubt reawakened to their teaching, but because of the secrecy the Ancient Order was not widely known in the outside world. Then came the name..Rosicrucian..and men began to link the Rosicrucians with this Ancient Order of the 'Rose Cross', but the Rosicrucian society was a counterfeit society started with the purpose of destroying the Ancient knowledge altho they borrowed most of the Ancient symbols to begin with, then changed their meanings as the years went by.

Dr. Franz Hartman described the Ancient Society of 'The Rose Cross' as a society of men possessing super human, if not supernatural knowledge. They were said to be able to prophesy future events, to penetrate into the deepest mysteries of nature, to transfer Iron, Copper, Lead, or Mercury into Gold, to preserve their youth and manhood, and knew the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone, which was..this substance..which made those possessing it all powerful, immortal, and supremely wise.

Thus during the middle ages the 'Rosicrucian Society' was born but the tracts they issued were spurious, being issued for their self aggrandizement, by unscrupulous men who used the revered and magic name of the 'Rose Cross' in hopes of gaining religious and political power. The original symbol of the Rosicrucian Society was a Hieroglyphic Rose, with many, many petals crucified upon a cross, and the cross often raised upon a three stepped calvary, but unknown was the secret of the numbers one thru ten (Unquote) And the true symbol of the 'Rose Cross' was a five petal Rose, or a ten petal more petals than these. The True 'Rose Cross' symbol was found upon the Round Table of King Arthur, but today it is called a Rosicrucian Rose. The order of the garter in Britain has a connection also with the Ancient 'Rose Cross'.

Here in the Old Big Book they tell us that a person who, by the spiritual awakening process has attained a practical knowledge of the Significance of The Rose..and the Cross, as well as a real Mason cannot be made by rituals, he must grow to be one by expansion and unfolding of the Divine power within his own heart. The inattention to this truth is the cause that many churches and secret societies are far from being that which their names express. Here in the Old Big Book they finally begin to use the names 'The Rose Cross' and 'The Rosicrucians' as tho they were one and the same, and as their research brought them down to modern times this was noticed, just as in Biblical literature with Jew and Israel, but their beginnings tell the story. Thus this is why you see the Rose of many petals crucified upon a cross which was just opposite the symbol of the 'Rose Cross' with its five petal Rose..and the white Cross in the center is representative of our Salvation and Redemption.

The ten petal Rose..with five petals and then around those..five larger petals, and five tips of leaves showing around the edges has in the center a golden heart, and on the heart is a Cross. This is a symbolic diagram, and we are told here that this diagram was found way back in Hindustan. We would say as the Aryans came in migration, and this diagram was said to be associated with generations and purity. Thus what was in the Adamic heart would carry them thru the generations. Thus this was not a Rosicrucian rose, for the Rosicrucian society did not come into being until thousands of years Europe. The fact that flowers blossom by unfolding has caused them to be chosen as symbolic of spiritual unfolding. The Red color of the Rose refers to the blood of Christ, and the golden heart concealed within the midst of the flower corresponds to the spiritual gold concealed within the nature of Adam-man. The number of its petals, ten, is also a subtle reminder of the perfect Pythagorean number. The Rose symbolizes the heart, and the heart always has been to the followers of YAHSHUA the emblem of virtue, the love and compassion, as well as the nature of The Christ.. the promised..who was and would be the very personification of these virtues. The Rose as a Religious emblem is thus of great antiquity.

It is said that a Hieroglyphic or symbolic Rose was upon the Shield of Martin Luther, here in the Old Big Book they wondered if his reformation had any connection with the 'Rose Cross'..or The Rosicrucians? We would say that the true symbol placed upon his works should tell the story. For in the Rosicrucian work, their theory is that the Cross is symbolic of the human body, that their Rose on the cross signifies that the soul of man is crucified upon the body where it is held by three nails. (Unquote) This my friends is not the 'Rose Cross' of Ancient Egypt set in place by Enoch to carry forward the Ancient Doctrines of Israel. The crucified rose, being the human body of all men has no connection with the Ancient Mystery Schools. The word Adam ..was not extended to include everyone until the French Revolutionaries translated the American Declaration of Independence from English to French and mis-translated the Hebrew word of Adam...He who as to include all men. The Ancient Egyptians colored the figures in their tombs so there would be no doubt as to their Adamic descent. You find this custom followed other places as well.

Here in the Old Big Book, in their many discussions, many writers..tell us that the Rosicrucian society had much to do with the development of Freemasonry. That Freemasonry has little idea as to where they got their symbols from. We are told here also that Dr. Ashmole, a member of the Rosicrucian Fraternity is revered by Freemasonry as one of the first Grand Lodge members in London, England. That he is but one of the Intellectual links connecting Rosicrucianism to Freemasonry.

The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that Elias Ashmole was initiated into Free Masonry in 1646. That he was the first amateur to be accepted. Speculation even goes so far as to state that modern Freemasonry has completely absorbed Rosicrucianism and succeeded it as the worlds greatest secret society after taking over its symbols.

Now; the 'Rose Cross' Fraternity seemed to have started in Europe in the 1400's, and altho today many writers think of the 'Rose Cross' and the Rosicrucians as the same thing, still there are others of equal learning who declare that the 'Rose Cross' Brotherhood still exists, preserving its individuality as the results of withdrawing from the outside world, and with no contact with Rosicrucianism or Freemasonry. The rise of Freemasonry then took center stage and blotted the world-knowledge of the Ancient Mystery Schools. But did it?? For we read here from an unpublished manuscript in the 18th., century..this statement (Quote)..'Yet will I give the over wise world a paradox to be solved, namely that some illuminated men have undertaken to found schools of wisdom in Europe, and for peculiar reasons called themselves the 'Fraternity of the Rose Cross'. Then soon after came false schools into existence and corrupted the good intentions of these wise men. Therefore this Order no longer exists as most people would understand existence. (unquote) There you have the story..for the 'Rose Cross' to exist it must go into secrecy, but you can be sure the truth does exist yet today, for we still are allowed in this country to have Bibles, read old literature, and so forth, even tho our people for the most part are still blind to our inheritance.

Now; political aspiration of the Rosicrucians were said to be expressed thru the activities of Sir Francis Bacon, the Comte de St. Germain, and Comtre di Cagliostro. But again the mixing of the true and the false is seen. And as we have told you before, the Rosicrucians were as least partial instigators of the French Revolution. In fact the bad seed of the Rosicrucian society was interested in the betterment of the world. Many are the arguments as to what did the Rosicrucians know, but always it is admitted that this knowledge came further back, than the advent of the Rosicrucian society. Thus again we see how a false organization tried to take over the true 'Rose Cross' mystery school which dated back to Enoch. We see how they failed as they based all knowledge on a physical basis. This you cannot do with spiritual knowledge. Always they do admit that in the True Temple of the 'Rose Cross'..then Adam was able to permit the divine nature to come thru. The three symbols of this ability were:......

1. the casting of the Molten Sea.

2. the making of the Rose Diamond.

3. the achieving of the Philosophers Stone. (unquote)

We have told you before of the casting of the Molten Sea, how the enemy tried to corrupt it, and how the Israelite Priests poured it out and started all over again. Will tell you of the Rose Diamond and the Philosophers Stone as time permits.

(Quote) 'A thousand times the unworthy may clamor, a thousand times may present themselves, yet God hath commanded our ears that they should hear none of them, and has so compassed us about with his clouds (Glory) that unto us..his violence can be done, wherefore no longer are we beheld by human eye, unless they have received strength borrowed from the Eagle. By this is explained the inability of the unregenerate world to understand the secret order of the 'Rose Cross'. Where as the Rosicrucians declare that they are not servants, but descendants of..Tubal Cain and Hiram Abiff (Unquote). Could it be more plain than that? The world does not recognize YAHWEH the Great Eagle of Scripture, or even the symbols of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, except to battle constantly against them.

Max Heindel, a so called Christian Mystic, believed that the invisible order of the 'Rose Cross' and its 'House of the Holy Spirit' would be moved to the American continent. (unquote) We have wondered if the Apostle John could have had anything to do with the instructors of this Fraternity of the 'Rose Cross', for it is said:..(quote)..that the leaders of this Society were so advanced in the science of life, that 'death' had forgotten them. (unquote) We have told you before of the visits to the Swift congregations of a strange man who seemed to come and go, and who informed them that their knowledge was on the right track. We have also told you that Dr. Swift investigated the Rosicrucian Society in California. He found that they did write some things which might be of interest for people looking for knowledge of spiritual things, but on examination this proved to be bait to bring in money and people, for the Rosicrucian society of the 60's was mostly an occult organization.

There was also another picture in conjunction with this article. This is a picture of the inside of the Tomb of CRC which the 'Brothers' found as we have told you before. What we did not tell you was that the inscription upon this circular altar they moved to find the body of CRC was (quote):.. 'I made this compendium of the Universe as a sepulcher for myself alone. The brass plate also bore five other inscriptions and all but the first was enclosed in circles......

1. YAHSHUA (Jesus) is everything to me.

2. By no means empty.

3. The Yoke of the Law.

4. The Freedom of the Gospel.

5. The intact Glory of God.

The Sacred book 'T' was found in the hand of CRC and it closed with these remarkable words:...A SEED SOWN IN THE BREAST OF JESUS. (unquote)

CRC came from a Noble and Illustrious German family of a father by the initials of R.C. He was a man who in his lifetime was by Divine Revelation and the most subtle imagination and indefatigable laborer admitted to the Celestial and human Mysteries. He preserved his more than Royal and Imperial secrets collected during his travels, from scrutiny of his generation which was not ripe for it, and kept it for the eyes of posterity. He organized the most Zealous followers of his art, name and faith, and built a little world responsive in every way to his great personality and having produced this compendium of the past, present, and future, at the age of above 100 then not by reason of sickness which he had never experienced, nor allowed to infect others around him, but summoned by the Spirit of God, he yielded up his bright soul unto his God, the safe and steadfast Creator. This most faithful brethren, teacher, and incorruptible friend lies hidden here from his own...for 120 years. Then follows the signature of the Brethren, and the book 'T' concludes with:...We are born of God, in YAHSHUA we die, and in the Holy Spirit we live again.

In the book 'Fama Fraternitiatis'...the Fraternity of the 'Rose Cross' seeks to justify their existence and explain their purposes and activities. This book has 14 short chapters, and is translated here in the Old Big Book. We will give you a short summary of each chapter:.......

1. YAHWEH beholding the decadence of civilization seeks to redeem humanity by revealing to the willing, and by thrusting upon the reluctant those secrets he had previously reserved for His Elect. By this wisdom the Godly shall be saved, but the sorrow of the Ungodly shall be multiplied. Much misunderstanding has arisen about this order, and by these documents we hope to clarify our position, that the learned of Europe will be moved to join us in putting forth this Divine Knowledge.

2. While it is alleged by many that the philosophic code of our day is sound, we declare it to be false, and soon to die of its own inherit weakness. Our Fraternity has provided a remedy for the infirmities of the worlds philosophic system. The secret philosophy of the 'Rose Cross' is founded upon that knowledge which is the sum and head of all faculties, sciences and arts. By our Divinely revealed system, which partakes much of theology and medicine, but little of jurisprudence, we analyze the heavens and the earth, but mostly we study Adam-man himself, within whose nature is concealed the supreme secret. If the learned of our day will join themselves to our Fraternity we will reveal to them undreamed of secrets, and wonders concerning the hidden workings of nature.

3. We cannot describe fully the marvels of our Fraternity lest the uninformed be overwhelmed by our astonishing declarations, and the vulgar ridicule the mysteries which they do not comprehend. We also fear that many will be confused by the unexpected generosity of our proclamation, for not understanding the wonders of the Sixth age they do not realize the great changes which are to come. Like blind men living in a world full of light they discern only by material senses.

4. We believe that because of the great depth of the mysteries that you must grow in understanding and knowledge before being able to grasp it all. now that God has lighted for us His 6th., Candelabrum is it not better to seek truth in this way than wander thru the maze of worldly ignorance? With this knowledge the whole world shall become as one book, and the contradiction of science and theology shall be recognized. The time has come when the members of this fraternity shall increase, the doors of wisdom are now open, but the right to receive truth cannot be inherited, it must be developed in the soul of the man himself.

5. The book 'Fama' was translated into five languages, but still only the worthy will be able to understand. God has decreed that we of the order of the 'Rose Cross' can no longer be seen by mortal eyes unless they have received strength borrowed from the Eagle. We further declare that the governments of Europe shall change. All men desirous of obtaining knowledge shall receive as much as they are capable of understanding. That the rule of false theology shall be overthrown and God shall make His Will known thru His chosen philosophers.

6. CRC was born in the year 1378 and departed at the age of 106 having us to spread the doctrine of philosophic religion to the entire world. We declare that God has protected our Fraternity, and all who seek to do it harm shall have their evil design return to destroy them, while the treasures of our Fraternity shall remain untouched, to be used by the lion in the establishment of His Kingdom.

7. We declare that before the end of the World (Order) that God shall create a great flood of spiritual light to alleviate the suffering of mankind. That all falsehoods and darkness which has crept into the arts, sciences, religion, and governments making it difficult for even the wise to discover the path of reality, shall be forever removed, and a single standard established so that all may enjoy the fruitage of truth. We shall not be recognized as those responsible for this change, for people shall say that it is the result of the progressiveness of the Great God. But Great Reforms will take place, and we do not take to ourselves the glory of this reformation since there are...not members of our order, but honest, true and wise men who by their intelligence, and their writings shall hasten its coming. We testify that 'The Stones' shall rise up and offer their services, for there is no lack of righteous persons to execute the WILL of God upon the earth.

8. There is no doubt, we declare that YAHWEH has sent messengers, and signs in the heavens, namely the new Stars in Serpentarius and Cygnus to show that the Great Council of the Elect is to take place. This proves that God reveals in visible nature, for the discerning few..signs, and symbols of all things that are coming to pass. He has given man two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, but only one tongue. Whereas the eyes, the nostrils, and the ears admit the Wisdom of the mind, the tongue alone may give it forth.

In various ages there has been illuminated ones who have seen..smelt, tasted, and heard the Will of God, but it shall come to pass that those who have seen, smelt, tasted, or heard shall speak, and truth shall be revealed. Before this revelation of righteousness is possible, however, the World (Order) must sleep away the intoxication of the poisoned chalice, filled with the false light of the theological vine, and open her heart of virtue and understanding, and welcome the Rising Sun of Truth.

9. We have a magic writing copied from that Divine Alphabet with which God writes HIS WILL upon the face of Celestial and Terrestrial nature, with this new language we read God's WILL for all His creatures, and just as astronomers predict eclipses, so we prognosticate the observations of the church, and how long they shall last. Our language is like unto that of Adam and Enoch, before the fall, and though we understand, and can explain our mysteries in this our sacred language (Symbolism) we cannot do so in Latin...a tongue contaminated by the confusion of Babylon.

10. We tell you that certain powerful persons oppose and hinder us, because of which we must remain concealed, but we exhort those who would gain knowledge to study unceasingly the sacred Scriptures, for such as do this cannot be far from us. We do not mean that the Bible must be continually in your mouth, but you should search for its true and eternal meanings, which is seldom discovered by theologians, scientists or mathematicians because they are blinded by the opinions of their sects. We bear witness that never since the beginning of the world has there been given unto man a more excellent book than the Holy Bible. Blessed is he who reads it, more blessed

he who understands it, and more Godlike...he who obeys it.

11. When a man is given power to heal disease, to overcome poverty, and to reach a position of worldly understanding, he will become a terrible menace to mankind. The Alchemist who attains to the act of transmuting base metals can do all sorts of evil unless his understanding be as great as his self-created wealth. We therefore affirm that man must first gain knowledge, virtue and understanding, then all other things shall be added to him. We accuse the Christian Church of the great sin of possessing power, and using it unwisely. Therefore we prophesy that it will fall by the weight of its own iniquities, and its crown shall be brought to naught.

12. We earnestly admonish you to cast aside the worthless book of pseudo alchemist and philosophers, of whom there are many in our age, who make light of the Holy Triune (spirit, soul, and body) and deceive the people with meaningless enigmas. Believe us when we tell you that 'Truth' is simple, and unconcealed, while falsehood is complex, deeply hidden, proud and its fictitious worldly knowledge seemingly aglitter with godly luster is often mistaken for Divine Knowledge.

You who are wise will turn from these false teachers, and come to us, who seek not your money, but freely offer you our greatest treasure, we desire not your goods, but that you become partakers of ours, we do not deride parables, but invite you to understand all parables, and all secrets.

13. Now that we have made our position clear, that we sincerely confess The Christ, and disavow the Papacy, devote ourselves to true philosophy, and worthy living, and daily invite and admit into our fraternity, the worthy of all nations, who thereafter share with us the Light of our God. Will you not join with us to the perfection of the developments of all arts, and the service of the world. If you take this step, the treasures of every part of the earth shall be at one time given unto you, and the darkness which envelopes human knowledge, and which results in the vanities of material arts, and sciences shall be forever dispelled.

14. Again we warn those who are dazzled by the glitter of gold, or those who might be turned by great riches to a life of idleness and pomp, not to disturb our silence with this clamoring for there is a medicine which will cure all diseases, and give unto men wisdom. Yet it is against the WILL of God that men should attain to understanding by means other than virtue, labor and integrity. We are not permitted to manifest ourselves to any man except it be by the WILL of God. Those who believe that they can partake of our spiritual wealth against the WILL of God, or without his sanction will find that they shall sooner lose their lives in seeking us than attaining happiness by finding us. (unquote)

Now; where did this name Rosicrucian come from which now claims that they are from the 'Rose Cross?' In the late 1600's John Heydon in his writings said:...(quote) The members of the 'Rose Cross' were called..The Rosie Crucians..or those who were searching. They were considered a divine fraternity that inhabits the suburbs of heaven, the officers of the Generalissimo of the world, that are as the eyes and ears of the Great King, seeing and hearing all things. Some say they were of the order of Elias, some say disciples of Ezekiel, for it would seem that the Rose Crucians were not only initiated into the Mosaical theory, but have arrived also at the power of working miracles as did Moses, Elias, and Ezekiel, and the succeeding prophets did, transported where they please, as Habakkuk was... from Palestine to Babylon or Philip after he had baptised the Azorus, and one of these went from me to a friend of mine in Devonshire, and came and brought me an answer to London the same day, which is a four day journey, they taught me excellent predictions of astronomy, earthquakes; they slack the plague in the cities, they silence the winds and tempests, they calm the air, they frustrate the malicious aspects of witches; they cure all diseases. (unquote)

John Heydon’s writings were considered a most important contribution to the 'Rose Cross' literature. He was probably related to Sir Christopher Heydon who was said to be a learned Rosie Crucian, who also had traveled extensively, visiting Egypt, Arabia, Persia, and various parts of Europe. He wrote:...'The Glory of the Rosie Cross'...and in this the major object of this fraternity was said to be, The abolition of all Monarchial forms of government, with the substitution thereof of the rulership of The Elect.

In the early part of the 18th., century the 'Rose Cross' had faded into the background, and now only the name Rosicrucian was widely known but the influence of the 'Rose Cross' was still felt. Both the fraternities turned their attention to the American colonies then forming the nucleus of a great nation, in the New World. The American Revolution of Independence represents the first great struggle in the New World between the fraternities, and the influence of the 'Rose Cross' was still felt for this political experiment resulted in the establishment of a national government founded upon the fundamental principals of Divine and Natural law. As an imperishable reminder of their activities we today have the Great Seal of the U.S. In the French Revolution the 'Rose Cross' men were less successful for the Rosicrucian society was then strong in France, and fanaticism and revolutionists could not be controlled, and the Reign of Terror followed.

The 'Rose Cross' fraternity declared that the material arts and sciences are but shadows of the Divine Wisdom. They called themselves Christians, but they were also profoundly versed in the deepest mysteries of early Hebrew, and Hindustan theology. There is undeniable evidence that this fraternity of the 'Rose Cross' desired to reestablish the institutions of the Ancient Mysteries, as the former method of instructing humanity in the secret and Eternal Doctrines. Indeed in all probability the perpetuators of the Ancient Mysteries, the Rosie Crucians were able to maintain themselves against the obliterating forces of dogmatic Christianity, only by absolute secrecy and the subtlety of their subterfuge. They so carefully guarded and preserved the supreme mystery, that no one whom they did not of their own accord reveal themselves has ever secured any satisfactory information either of the existence or the purpose of the order.

There is ample evidence that the Rosie Crucians were successful in their Universal medicine discoveries. It is stated that Queen Elizabeth was twice cured of the Small Pox by the Brethren of the 'Rose Cross', and that the Earl of Norfolk was healed of Leprosy by the 'Rose Cross Physician'. It is hinted that these Brethren possessed the secret of prolonging human existence, indefinitely, but not beyond the time appointed by the WILL of God.

The 'Rose Cross' medicine for the healing of all infirmities may be interpreted as a Spiritual understanding, the true healing power which when man has partaken of it, reveals truth to him. Ignorance is the worst form of disease that which heals ignorance is therefore the most potent of all medicines. The perfect 'Rose Cross' medicine was for the healing of nations and races and individuals.

The Masters of the 'Rose Cross' hold out the Rose as the remote prize, but they impose the Cross on those who are entering, for without the Cross you cannot reach THE ROSE. (unquote)

Now; when the Rosicrucian organization took over the Rosie Crucian name and confiscated all knowledge they could find and all symbols, and turned it into humanism then in their doctrine the Rose represented the Female and the Cross the Male. It was forgotten in a humanistic world that there was a fact more significant..a meaning concealed under the symbolism that the creative mystery in the material world is merely a shadow of the Divine Creative Mystery in the Spiritual World. While it is quite true that the Alchemical report symbolized the womb, it also has a far more significant meaning concealed under the allegory of 'The second birth'. Thus as we have said..born of spirit, and born of the breaking of the water in physical birth, we then have a twice born individual. Thus they founded their symbolism upon the Rose (Spiritual knowledge with Christ) and the Cross (redemption with Him) but throughout forgetting the reason for the symbols, forgetting also that the 'Rose Cross' was a hieroglyphic figure representing the formula of the Universal medicine..which is the blotting out of ignorance.

Now; I will not give you the formulas or explanations of some of the drawings of the Rosicrucians as I find them a mixture of both false and true as you would expect, with the first predominating, for mainly they are only the operations of nature in a physical sense. There is here a large picture that is entitled 'Grand Rosicrucian Alchemical Formula'...some of it is true and some false as we understand, but many of the old symbols are used altho the meanings are changed. I will try to describe this picture to you so that you will see how the symbolism is used by what is now called the Rosicrucians.

At the top of this picture in a half circle, on a blue background is an inner and an outer aura. The yellow radiance of the sun is first then a narrow band in orange then a wider band of deeper orange, the wide band is of a white sun, and in this three circles. The one in the middle has a name said to be that of the Father, altho the supposedly Hebrew letters I cannot find, altho they do say in their explanation here in the Old Big Book that the name is as I gave you last month in your diagram. The smaller circle on the left has a picture of a lamb, and the one of the right has a picture of a dove. This is translated as being Father, Son and Holy Ghost. These are surrounded by a band with pictures of supposedly Angels..with just faces and part of their upper wings. Each Angel face however is white and framed in reddish gold hair. In the center and at the bottom of this half circle, with 1/2 in the upper 1/2 circle, and 1/2 half below, is a circle containing 6 bands of different colors, and in the center is a white triangle. In this triangle is the symbol (see your diagrams) of Mercury, called solar energy, the star of the Planets..a symbol of the Phoenix bird..also the symbol of the U.S. Republic. In this dark blue center circle below the white triangle is a six pointed star formed by one triangle pointing downward and one upward, but with just a heavy outlining to suggest the modern forming of this symbol. Then on one side of the triangle, on the right side pointing upward is a small white triangle, and on the left side is the same white triangle pointing downward..this again is the symbols of the kingdom.

In the circular bands around the center circle with the white pyramid, the first band is violet in color, and there it is said are:...four kinds of fire for the world. The second band is in Red, and it contains the symbols of elementary salt, earthly salt, and central salt. In an orange band which is next is the symbol of Sulphur. In the yellow band we find the symbol of Mercury of the sages, corporeal mercury and common or visible mercury. Next is the tan band and here you find the solar year, the stellar year, and the year of the Winds. No.6 is a band of Greenish blue, and here are the signs of the Zodiac and five of the symbols of the planets.

Around the bottom half of these bands is another 1/2 circle and it has in different compartments these things:.....

1. The crow..with the symbol of Saturn, and in Alchemy this is also lead.

2. Contains the picture of a swan with the symbol of Jupiter, and in Alchemy this is tin. (Remember how as a lad Jesus is said to have gone to Britain as a lad and showed them how to improve their mining of tin?)

3. Carries the picture of the Cock..the rooster, and the symbol of Mars, and in Alchemy it is Iron.

4. Carries a picture of a Pelican, and the symbol of Venus, and in Alchemy it is Copper.

5. Is of the Phoenix bird, the symbols are of Mercury and quicksilver, thus fire of Alchemy.

Below this is another band which contains the regular six pointed stars in gold, these are the fixed stars of the heavens, and with these are the smaller five pointed stars..the symbols of power. In the caption they call the upper part of the diagram an esoteric (secret) diagram of the constitution of the three fold spiritual sun. In church circles this is called the holy trinity father, son and holy ghost. We say this is a symbol of a Triune god who is Spirit, Soul, and Body, thus YAHWEH who came in the flesh as YAHSHUA...thus spirit, soul, and body. From this symbolism in the heavens there hangs down on each side a golden chain. On the right is a woman her right arm fastened to the golden chain, and the left a man, his left arm fastened to the golden chain from the heavens. Between the man and woman is a hill on which a number of trees grow, each said to bear a symbol of an alchemical substance. Thus on the right is a white woman with long golden hair and she has a cape thrown back off her shoulders which is yellow with white six pointed stars on that yellow background. Her covering consists of the symbols of the moon, and a seven pointed star, and she holds in her right hand beyond the golden chain, a large cluster of ripe grapes. In her left hand is a symbol of the new moon. Beyond the woman is the figure of a human but wearing a deer's head with twelve points to each antler, and a six pointed star on each point. In its right hand is a leaf trifoliate symbolizing they say:...the three fold dimension of all natural things. The woman is standing in a stream of water, and further down in his stream stands an Eagle. A circular picture in its right wing is of trees and a shoreline. They say this is the upper and lower worlds.

In the middle of the picture then at the bottom of the hill where all those trees are standing is a lion and it has two bodies, but only one head, and out of the mouth of this lion comes a stream of water. Just above the lion stands a man with reddish brown hair and dressed in a green robe with yellow, six pointed stars all over the robe. This is supposed to be the Alchemist philosopher, and 1/2 of his robe is darker than the other half, and they carry quite an explanation of the light and darkness which is symbolized, here but it is mostly of a material explanation. I see quite a different explanation of the symbolism, for the woman reminds me of the woman (Israel) of Revelation 12:3..and she even had a seven pointed star over her right breast to tell you who she is. The double headed lion is a complete picture of the Lion of Judah..two bodies..ONE head, and water coming out of the mouth is symbolic of truth. In the Hermetic Museum this plate has this quotation:...'By the WORD of the LORD were the heavens established and their hosts by the breath of his mouth. All things are satisfied with thy goodness O LORD, Thou turneth away thy face, and they are troubled, Thou turneth away thy spirit, and they die. Thou turneth and sendeth forth thy spirit, and they are created and reneweth the face of the earth. Thy glory is for everlasting'. (unquote)

I would bet that the word was not used, just translated this way in English for this is a Hemetic found symbolism. Also there is a free translation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, and it says of this picture which I have just described to you:...(quote) 'Only by profound contemplation and familiarity with the principals of mediaeval alchemy may the true spirit of chemical mysticism be discovered. In the above picture is set forth the complete key to the regeneration of the metals, the transmutation of earthliness into celestial splendor, and the mystery of Generation which has been so sadly and ignorantly misinterpreted by the Socialists of the 20th., century. (unquote)

Now; back to our picture..on the hill side around the man of Alchemy and between the man and the woman fastened to the heavens by golden chains are these 19 trees, with a symbol in each tree. Your diagram carries the numbers of each tree and their symbols.

1. Sal tarter..a phosphate, and in the occult would they say it possesses virtue, thus it is used by them for its flash power to convince, but that was not its original use.

2. Is the symbol of creation, or a full moon, used such in Alchemy symbols.

3. Is the earth.

4. Is the symbol of Saturn.

5. Carries the symbol of Jupiter, and in Alchemy the metal remember is tin, where as under Saturn the metal is lead.

6. Is the symbol of salt, a very important part of the creation.

7. Is the six pointed star, the fixed stars of the constellation also.

Thus the story remains in the Star Bible.

8. Carries the symbol of Mars..and the symbol of Iron.

9. Is this is considered the money sign.

10. Is the Sun..and the symbol is gold.

11. Is Cancer.

12. Is Venus..Copper.

13. Is Mercury and there are three types of Mercury, and this also is a very important part of the creation, it is called the star of the planets. There are two signs of Mercury in this picture on the hill.

14. Is a circle with an L marking off 1/4 of the Universe..this we have told you was the portion that Lucifer controlled and influenced after his rebellion.

15. Shows a circle with a cross..marks going across the circle both ways ...thus earth under judgment of the Cross.

16. Is a circle with a mark top to bottom thus dividing the circle in half, the book says that you are to figure this one out for yourself, but it pertains to Adam-man, we say the same old story part divine spirit, part created.

17. Is a new moon and with the moon is associated Quicksilver, or Silver of Alchemy.

18. Is the symbol of Aquarius and this is the water bearer of the Star Bible, where the spirit of truth comes forth to flow down like a river to the fishes.

19. Is also a symbol of a type of Mercury, and this is the symbol we say ..of the U.S. Republic. But the Old Big Book here just says this is an important part of the Plan of God.

On the left side of the picture is the man with the chain attached to his wrist, and his covering also is the symbols of the sun, moon, and regu lar six pointed star, and of the Constellations. He stands on an eight pointed star, and in his outstretched hand he is helping to hold this symbol of the sun, between the Lion and the Man. Just below this symbol of the sun is a Phoenix Bird. In one wing is the picture of fire, and in the other is a picture of blue sky, and clouds, or the heavens. Beside this figure on the lower side of the hill is a bonfire burning brightly.

This picture was found in an Ancient Hermes Museum, but the modernist translation of some of the drawings may be wrong, but even tho called The Grand Rosicrucian Alchemical formula, remember that the 'Rose Cross' faded into the background, then the Rosicrucians came to the front, yet the symbols are still there to tell our story. I noticed that the modernist in trying to explain the Book of Revelation which also contains the Ancient mysteries, said that in the Apocalypse it was not especially the Divine speaking by the spirit of truth, but the showing by a hierophant (this a human being who can put forth sacred mysteries), but where human agency is again employed in the person of John the Apostle, instructed by Angelic Agency.----------

Well! We think that John was taken into the heavens, (spirit) and instructed not only by YAHWEH-YAHSHUA Himself, but Angelic hosts also, thus this should prove that the Ancient Mysteries were carried forward to the Book of Revelation, and we find no break in this Great Mosaic.

There is much more symbolism in Alchemy which will also carry this same message and maybe a little more enlightenment.