ERM - Tape 058 - The Star Of Destiny


Tape No. 58  -  By Ella Rose Mast





In this tape I decided to do something different. There are many more things I plan to tell you from the ‘Old Big Book,’ but we will take a break this month and go back to the Swift Tapes and my understanding and talk about events connected with Christmas.

We have talked much about the stars. And we believe there was a Star of Destiny. And that this star did signal the birth of our Redeemer and there will also be a ‘Star’ of the New Order which is the Kingdom Administration over the earth. We have been assured by the Apostle Paul, after his trip into the dimensions of spirit and back that we are kinsmen of this ONE who is the ‘Star of Destiny.’ We believe that HE came, took a physical body like we dwell in, so that He could be ‘One’ with His kinsmen family. Explaining this further, the Apostle Paul tells us in his Epistle to the Ephesians, that we are ‘flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone.’ Going further with this explanation, the Apostle Paul (Eph. 3) tells us that now Israel is called Gentile, or nations, and these Israel nations are now hidden, in dispersion, but still they are as well as those of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who, remember, who they are---all Israel. And now these others are to hear these unsearchable truths spoken by YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA Savior. The Apostle Paul thus reveals that he was the one chosen and prepared for the mission of taking these ancient truths hidden since the beginning of the Adamic race. These great truths from the mind of YAHWEH are now to be revealed to the Kingdom people of the earth, today called the Church. Paul also worked hard to impress on you that this Great Spirit or Mind created all things. And the first thing He did was form a body for Himself. Thus He had a spirit body. And when He came into earth, He had both a physical and a spiritual body. And He then walked the earth, embodied as Savior, translated today as Jesus the Christ. John tells us that ‘in the beginning was the ‘WORD’ and this WORD was with God.’ Then ‘the WORD’ that was with God, in fact was GOD. And then the WORD was made flesh and dwelt among us. Thus there is ONE GREAT SPIRIT, the Father of Creator of all things. And HE is also the HOLY ONE of Israel. And He came to earth for a purpose which had been explained in the mysteries and hidden as tho behind a veil to even most of the Adamic race thru the first approximately 5000 years.

Now comes the Apostle Paul, after he had been awakened and instructed to explain to the church---the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, the manifold wisdom of YAHWEH according to the Eternal purposes. We would say, explain the plan of the ages. Paul then explains why it was necessary for the WORD, YAHWEH Himself, to come as YAHSHUA-Savior to be the Lamb of Sacrifice. Then Paul says, ‘I bow my knees to this Great Spirit who planned all things, even prepared the body for Himself to dwell in as He spent this time in earth. Thus Paul bows to this Great Spirit of whom the family in heaven and earth is named.

Here you have a begotten family, a family for administration according to the program. A family in heaven, or spirit, and now in earth. This family according to Scripture and confirmed in the ‘Old big book’ was thus a father and mother with a begotten seed capable of multiplying and passing on to their posterity this Divine Spiritual Seed. Thus a Kingdom people could be brought into the picture.

Long after the fall of Lucifer, and after his being confined in earth, then after the great flood of Genesis 1, the time arrived in this plan of the ages for the earth to be taken from under the administration of Lucifer and the Kingdom of Heaven came to earth to finish the great purpose.

Now, the Kingdom in earth starts with Adam and Eve. And the record is carried in the Scriptures. Adam and Eve fell as the veil of flesh came over them. But they were corrected and set on course by YAHWEH Himself. And they did not lose their ability to pass this Divine Seed to their posterity when that posterity remained heredity pure. With the birth of Seth, the development of the Kingdom in earth began. The struggle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘sons of darkness’ continued. And finally the time arrived in the program for the coming to earth of the Great Spirit as Redeemer of His people and His world, which had fallen under the misguidance of the fallen Archangel. The Kingdom people had struggled to expand. They had established a golden age of about 2000 years in the beginning here in physical earth. But they could not hold course under the control of Lucifer. By the time the Kingdom, being small, was almost engulfed by darkness, and when Israel cried for an earthly King, their wish was granted. For this was also known and planned for. Israel had to learn, here in the flesh, they could have no other King. They could not redeem themselves. Only the ‘Holy One of Israel’ could come into the physical, and here in this physical world defeat Satan with all his temptations. Only the ‘Holy One of Israel’ could be the spotless Lamb of Sacrifice, as the great mosaic of antiquity has shown.

Now, from the writings of the prophet Isaiah, we are told that He came forth, in the earth, born of a Virgin, emerging as Incarnate Deity. Came to us, His Kingdom people. To no other people on the face of the earth was this coming, by intent. However, from His coming, there comes betterment for all earth. Thus Isaiah would record in 9:6, ‘For unto us a child of born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders, and His name shall be called, Wonderful, Councillor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’ Here you have YAHWEH as YAHSHUA the Redeemer-Savior. Who then are we trying to fool? Neither Gorbachev or President Reagan can be the ‘Prince of Peace’---a real peace maker, for there is only ONE Prince of Peace. He will here in the flesh, taught us to pray:--’Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.’ As we pray this prayer, we also bow our knees to the Great Spirit who planned all things. We realize that we are here in earth to occupy, to work for the Kingdom until He returns to lead this Kingdom administration until it is in earth as it is in heaven.

If there was any event that had an impact upon this race it was this one of ‘His coming.’ If there was any event that effected the course of our destiny, it was this coming. It was a reunion of our Father out of the spirit, with a physically embodied family which He had formed and begotten, and to whom He had promised to come. It is thus reasonable to believe that as such, an event took place it would be marshaled by all the evidence of its greatness. And the whole Universe held together by that spirit, held together as He inhabited that body born of the Virgin out of our race, the whole Universe would thus be involved. For ‘all things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made.’

Yes, Wisemen came according to Roman records still available as well as the record of the Scriptures. Wisemen came who had been searching for this sign---looking for this sign of His coming. This ‘Star of Destiny’ had been searched for these many, many years because they were expecting the birth of their Savior-Redeemer. And this was to occur in Judea. They came to see this ‘ONE’ born of the Virgin, born King of Judea, their promised Messiah. They did not come seeking an earthly King. And with this understanding then, we feel there must have been poor translation by men, in the Gospel of Matthew 2:2. These Wisemen said, ‘We have seen His star in the East, and have come to worship HIM.’ But how would they know which was His sign, His star? How did they know the Constellations of the Heavens which were involved with this Star? What strange wisdom would have given these men this knowledge? We hope we also have given you this answer as we traced this strange knowledge in our reports out of the ‘Old big book’ as well as thru the Scriptures and thru the Swift tape ministry. We hope you now have a better understanding of the work outlined for the Kingdom here in earth, and your part in this program.

Now someone is sure to say, ‘But HE was not born on December 25, our Christmas day. This is strictly a pagan holiday.’ True, to a certain extent. But altho He was not born as we consider birth today, still on December 25th, our people have hung on to that date. And going back in time almost 2000 years now, then back in that era of time, it was the custom of the Israelites to count a child’s age from the date of conception. And looking back from the fall of the year of October 1, then the date of conception would be about December 25 of the year before. Thus right in the midst of that pagan celebration, Mary became pregnant. The body for the Prince of Peace to dwell in was conceived and Mary was told that this child she carried, was for the Messiah to dwell in. Scripture bears this out, for Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth who was also pregnant with a special child, for a special purpose. Today Roman records, modern archaeology as well as the Scripture carry the story of what happened in the land of Judea at that time when YAHSHUA as a tiny babe joined and identified His Kingdom people. His birth is true even on the basis of civil evidence produced since we have established a closer look. Thus since we have established that He came. Then what about Christmas today?

Dr. Swift maintained that there is nothing wrong with keeping Christmas Day as our special day. This keeps HIS NAME before the world. What we need to do it throw out some of the added things, and go back to basics. Think of the story we could tell the children who are big enough to understand, and are young, my friends, in this sex addicted world of today. Tell the little ones the story of the birth of the Baby Jesus, explaining that this was His birthday according to old calculations. For He was coming to visit His people and to save HIS world. To the older children, explain this plan of the ages, and that the time had come for HIM to come to earth in a body like we live in. As you read the story of how a Virgin was to conceive, then you have a great opportunity to explain Cosmic Conception, the thought process, as the mind of God planted the Seed for the body of Jesus in this physical world. How since Adam and Eve fell under the temptations of Lucifer then it was necessary for the Redeemer to come and to make the Atonement. As promised, He would come as a tiny babe, as we do, but born of a Virgin out of the race He had established in earth to build His Kingdom. His birth in earth would in the same pattern and time scale as human babies now born in earth. Since the people of this race, He established in earth celebrated the start of the growth of the baby as His birth date, then we today celebrate on December 25, the birthday of the HOLY ONE of Israel, THE KING OF KINGS. We are to keep in mind why we celebrate this day, keep in mind why HE came. If our children could only be taught the symbolism of our Faith, they could fill their minds with the facts of their inheritance and quit bowing to the World Order. We say, here today, in the midst of all the false and worldly celebrations, then remember, there were the same conditions back in the days when Mary conceived. For right in the midst of that world celebration, His beginning in earth to identify with His begotten family, also began. The whole Israel story has been fulfilled right in the midst of a world order that would destroy if it could, we would expect that as to HIS coming into earth.

Let us then go back to how did the Wisemen know, and from where did they receive their knowledge? Today, we learn that the Star prophecies were outlined by the great Patriarch Enoch, who YAHWEH singled out for the unusual honor, to show knowledge and wisdom, to become the great teacher of his time in this area of YAHWEH’S plans for His Kingdom. This great teacher some 400 years after Adam left the Garden, a descendant of Adam thru Seth, helped establish the great mysteries thru the Ancient Mystery Schools established at that time. Enoch’s knowledge was not something guessed at, for he was instructed by the Highest. There was one great truth Enoch imparted to this race which was that each and every one of His race was begotten of the Father, this Great Spirit, and are the entity of God’s purpose and Love. There is nothing that God has not known or planned concerning your destiny that He wrote your names in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the creation of this Cosmos and has a direct relationship in understanding with you who possess today, spirit of His Spirit, live of His Life, which is a force of the essence of His own consciousness. There is then a portion of this Divine quality in each and every one of His begotten family thru that process we have outlined before. Enoch was to tell his kinsmen in earth that all these things were true, that they had lost a certain amount of their Divine power when their first earthly parents violated Divine Law. But that YAHWEH had promised to restore this mighty power of soul Sonship to His people of the Kingdom. Thus to every man, woman and child of the race, an absolute and consummate redemption, a mighty program of restoration. Why? Because as Enoch was told, you are the children of the MOST HIGH. You are of the family of the Kingdom. Things were brought back to Enoch’s memory so that he would tell his kinsmen in earth as to this event to come, in this mighty program set in motion long before, of the establishment of the Kingdom in earth to overthrow the darkness and lift up the standards of Light. Enoch was to tell his kinsmen of the mighty event that was essential to start the fullness of this development of release. This mighty power to descend upon His Kingdom in earth would require the He--YAHWEH--the Great Spirit--be born in earth as Savior and there to join His race, His Kingdom family in identification. Join this very family begotten in Spirit, in the very creative purposes of establishing this Adamic household in earth.

Enoch then instructed his kinsmen. He told them of this plan, that the Eternal YAHWEH would be born as a babe among men. But this Child would be Incarnate YAHWEH-YAHSHUA---Savior of His people, and thru them, His world. This would fulfill the prophecy made later by Isaiah under inspiration:--’A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and thus shall call Him Immanuel, or YAHWEH with us.’ This message was not something guessed at by Enoch, for he had been instructed by the HIGHEST. There was one great truth Enoch imparted to this race that always leads to other knowledge, and this is that this people, his kinsmen, were form the family in Heaven, and were begotten of the Father or Spirit. And are the entity of His purpose and Love. There is nothing He did not know or plan for connected with your Destiny.

Enoch was told that there would be signs which would announce this great event. These signs in the heavens would show planets moving in conjunction as a certain ‘Star’ came thru certain constellations. This Enoch was told would occur long after he came back to earth. But Wisemen of the race were to watch for the coming of a bright Star that would come into the Constellation of Aquila, the Dying Eagle of the heavens. That this Star would cross from Aquila to the head of Virgo to the womb of Virgo before it moved back into its orbit of the earth. Enoch was told that this Great ‘Star’ had come from the Constellation of the Southern Cross, then had gone far out in space before it finally came back into view of the watching Wisemen, as Virgo was in the Measure of Promise. As they watched from earth, the Wisemen would know that the hour of this great promise was close. Enoch was told that three months after YAHWEH started the miracle of His birth, they would see a conjunction. And then three months later another such conjunction in the sky as YAHWEH enter earth by route of the birth of this babe in Bethlehem. Enoch instructed the Wisemen of the race as to the different factors, measures, and sighting instruments necessary to conclude that the ‘Star’ was in its proper place. He also instructed that in a chosen generation, some of the Wisemen would be rewarded by being guided to the presence of this Miracle---YAHWEH in earth.

Enoch moved quickly after his return to earth, to go with the other great ‘pillar’ raised up who was Job, and they went into Egypt to build that great city of On with its Temple in the center of the circle. Then to build the Sphinx, and that mysterious structure called the Pyramid which in itself holds the measures of the ‘Star Bible,’ as well as many other measures men have struggles to understand all these years. Then thru the generations, the Wisemen of this race taught the great secrets and symbols to look for in their ancient mystery schools. Job the great ‘pillar’ of wisdom, said he wanted to set in stone---of the Rock, to inscribe with a pen of iron which would last forever, this testimony, that his Redeemer would live and stand in the latter days upon the earth, and that the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH would be an Eternal Kingdom. And the measures of that Kingdom would be thus sealed. The ancient Aramaic text tells us that Job as well as Enoch, knew that YAHWEH would visit the earth, be crucified upon the Cross, be resurrected with Almighty power, for HE is the EVERLASTING KING.

These Wisemen then knew exactly what to look for as they waited and watched the heavens for HIS STAR. They knew that this Star had been traveling in the heavens for millions of years, before the construction even of this part of the Milky Way, had been planned for by the MOST HIGH for the events that were to happen during the time of the living in earth of the children of the Kingdom of heaven. Here we remember once more the prayer that YAHWEH-JESUS taught us to pray, ‘Our Father which are in heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ This is what is called the ‘LORD’S PRAYER’ today.

One of the measures in the great mosaic appears in Revelation 12. This is the Dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his head. His tail drew one-third of the stars of heaven and cast them to earth. Here then is the story of Lucifer’s rebellion. And then the dragon would stand before the woman (Israel) who was bringing forth a man-child who was to rule the nations with a rod of iron. He would be caught back into the heavens for a time as the empowering ruling God. Thus here in the book of Revelation, in allegory and symbolism, the Dragon is now the symbol of Lucifer in his fallen state. All the symbolism of Virgo, the Virgin, the seed of the woman, all these are involved in the Star Gospel, and then explained by Enoch who was taught directly of YAHWEH and His Archangels. These great truths then came down thru the generations, and were known in the Temple of Solomon’s time, and on down even to our time, in spite of all the work of the kingdom of Lucifer to bury them. But back in the days of the coming of our Savior into earth, the Wisemen knew exactly what they were looking for. They had watched for almost 5000 years. But they still looked forward to His coming. Tell someone today a great truth like that, and if they do not see results the next day, they probably lose interest.

No doubt the Wisemen as they watched and saw the Great Star almost at the head of Virgo, were greatly excited. As last this was coming true. And now they could see that with the naked eye, this symbols of Saturn and Jupiter, for YAHSHUA, were also in progress. And as they watched closely, they would see finally the flooding of Mars which indicated trouble and war, a time of great danger for the King of the Kingdom. The Wisemen were of course on the move. They had gone into Egypt as planned. From there they went to Jerusalem in Judea to the birthplace of the Great King, as Messiah or Savior. When not finding Him there, they again followed the Great light to the place where He lay.

How do we know this is true? Well, from ancient records, backed up by the Scriptures. Gabriel had visited the Virgin Mary, visited Joseph. And six months before this, had visited the Israel Priest Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth. The Archangels were visiting the earth. They weren’t telling the world order anything. But quietly they were visiting certain men and women telling them to get ready for this promised event.

But what about this ‘star’ the led the Wisemen? Well, stars do not come down and run around just above the earth. Men have puzzled over this for years. But from Roman records as the Wisemen arrived in Egypt and made their final check, then a great light came into the sky above the Temple in the city of On. As the Wisemen left the Temple to go to Judea, this great Light came down closer and went before them. The Bible in translation calls this Light a Star. But it was a Great Light. And it was not so unusual, for this was the way the Kingdom of YAHWEH had watched Divine guidance and operation in the past. The Wisemen were said not to be surprised at the appearance of this great Light. They were expecting something of this sort, for they knew they were the servants of this Divine family which could say ‘our Father, to the Eternal One. They knew where and how this knowledge had come. They knew that the great King, the Holy One of Israel, was to be born in the land of Judea where some of their people still resided. They knew also that the covenant children were scattered, that some of them were residing in England, for one of the Wisemen had come from England to join his brethren here in the journey to Judea. They had been in touch with the Wisemen of that land for years as they watched for this STAR OF DESTINY.

Now, as the Wisemen came into Judea, they went to the palace of the King of that land. But Herod was not an Israelite and he did not know of the expectations of some here in the land from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, as to the coming birth of their Savior. Roman records tell us that three men of great position and strength came from the outside of this Roman Province, that a fourth one had been delayed. But they came with the permission of Rome. They were great Potentates of Wisdom, science, and understanding. And Herod had been ordered to treat them with great respect. Rome called these men Wisemen---not three kings of the Orient, as we have so often heard.

As these Wisemen left the court of Herod, this great light came in close again to lead them to the house where now the baby Jesus lay. This was not the manger. For by the time the Wisemen arrived YAHSHUA was no longer in the manger. After the visit of the Shepherds on the first night, Joseph had moved Mary and the babe to the home of her cousin Elizabeth there in Bethlehem. And there they had remained for four days. The Wisemen thus came to the house where YAHSHUA lay, and there left their gifts of gold for His ministry, the frankincense and myrrh for His burial. Then after warning Joseph and Mary, they left hurriedly, going home another way. For now the enemy had become suspicious and there was much danger for this ‘One’ born KING in Judea. Mary and the babe were moved quietly to the home of Joseph of Arimathea on the outskirts of Jerusalem as we have told you before. There plans were hurriedly made to go into Egypt for safe keeping. This Great Star of Destiny had now played its part in the Great Mosaic, for the Savior was now in earth.

The fourth Wiseman also after many delays had arrived in Bethlehem just in time to protect the babe, John the Baptist. For here also another prophecy was fulfilled. The Spirit of Elijah was again in earth---TO PREPARE THE WAY OF YAHSHUA.

Therefore we say celebrate Christmas joyfully. But keep in mind the nine months necessary for this drama to be played out here in earth. Be happy. For on time---HE CAME--. And the world is enriched because HE CAME. And you are thus to occupy and keep HIS NAME before the world for the sake of future generations. Remember, that Wisemen of this Adamic race watched, and with precision and accuracy measured, saw and came. And they knew they were a part of a great Destiny. They knew that the Hosts of Heaven were bending low, had been since the Babe was conceived by immaculate conception, for Almighty YAHWEH was coming into physical earth for a great purpose.

Agnostics will try to tell us this nine month drama never took place. But the records of ancient Rome tell us that it did. The Biblical records bear this out. And the Spirit of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA bears witness in our hearts that it happened. YAHWEH---the Great Spirit now embodied in earth as YAHSHUA-SAVIOR, then said to His disciples:--’Ye who have seen Me have seen the Father.’ Then, ‘Before Abraham, I AM.’ The 12th chapter of Revelation tells the story of the hoards out of the Dragons mouth who are to make war with the Kingdom of heaven now in earth, who are identified by this visit of the Great I AM.

Today, we are almost 2000 years beyond that event and are looking for the Mystery of the Star of the New Order---the Kingdom Star to unfold. The enemy is also looking for a new age. And their plans according to the ‘Global 2000' calls for internationalism to be in control by that time and Christianity and the belief in Jesus Christ to be wiped out of the world, especially here in the United States. We have twelve years to go yet in their plan. They have thrown everything in their arsenal at the Kingdom people. And we still sing ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ and ‘Silent Night’, because we are the children of the Kingdom. We are watching for the unfolding of events at this time. Fleets have been seen moving thru the heavens for some time. There is a mysterious black object. And because it does not have any radiation, it does not shine like a star. It is not reflecting like a planet would shine on it. Dr. Swift reported this in 1961, that scientists reported this object was moving toward our Solar System. In the past few years we have seen a report now and then of some stars being blotted out by an object. One German scientist said that as this object moves into our solar system, there will be a burst of light and glory such as never was seen before.

There are bombs, wars and interceptions of truth. But there will also be judgements and destruction of the enemy. YAHWEH as YAHSHUA has charged us to stand with this basic responsibility in earth, to believe, to trust and to stand with courage and vision against HIS enemy and ours, while at the same time you believe and trust in the outcome. He asks for you to proclaim the oracle of YAHWEH and His Kingdom. Therefore don’t try to make a business deal with the enemy.

The bursting light of the Star of the Kingdom age will be so much brighter than the Red Star of Communism, that the Red Star and it hammer and sickle will be swallowed up in its brightness, as the Kingdom Administration shines forth to complete the ministry started by the ‘Babe’ in the manger, for this will electrify the world. This is a part of the story of the ‘Star of Destiny.’ And it will come to pass, nothing can stop it. Therefore we say, ‘Celebrate the conception and birth of YAHWEH among us, for He redeemed us back unto Himself. Then go forward in thought as to how He will accomplish this next miracle for another promise is that ‘upon the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end.’

This Babe born of a Virgin, also when understood then, is the Son of David, out of the tribe of Judah, and leads us to look to the symbol of Leo in the heavens as the proper place to look for signs for this closing pattern of Destiny for the Kingdom. Therefore lift up your heads, for it is from above--this place from whence cometh your strength. Read once more the passage from the writings of Isaiah 9:6--and catch the meaning of:--’Unto us a son (Savior) is given.’ To these people who are the descendants of Adam, to those of His household, HIS Elect, as the Apostle Paul tells us:--’According to His foreknowledge.’ And according to Peter:--’To living Stones.’ He the Chief Cornerstone, the Capstone of the Kingdom, Elect and Precious.’ He thus came as YAHSHUA---today called Christ----came to us the Living Stones of His Kingdom altho also stumbling stones at times. A Divine family begotten in the heavens for a purpose, with the power to produce offspring for the Kingdom. This offspring would carry that begotten spirit seed thru the generations so that we could say, ‘Our Father.’ And when the time came for the establishment of the Kingdom in earth, did you expect to play a great part in this Royal Priesthood, a chosen generation of Scripture? Who would play that part but the family in the Heavenly Kingdom?

What other personage could turn and look our people in the face and transform them with one look? Who else could say ‘Peace be still’ and calm the wind and the waves, or say to Lazareth ‘Come forth.’ Who else could be the Master of life and death, but this embodied personality---our Father---the very YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, Himself, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, which the world could not receive. Unto US was given to guide US into all knowledge. Thus we celebrate quietly but with joy, the conception and birth of our Savior, as we keep His name before the world and in our hearts.

We know that there are signs and much knowledge coming forth. And we who recognize the relationship of the Father, and the Majesty of the Justification of HIS Grace, have a peace that surpasses all understanding because our hearts and minds are fixed on Him. The Star of the Kingdom Age then challenges you to build a Kingdom like no other kingdom built on earth before. This Kingdom calls for standards of integrity and righteousness and justice. This Kingdom will set men free, under the righteousness of Divine Law. This is the Day Star arising in your hearts. This is the Star then of the New Order of the Kingdom. It is not interwoven with a snake which the world order tries to bring forth as the ‘star of Destiny.’ The Star of this New Order of the Kingdom is the rising, abiding presence of the ALMIGHTY, THE ETERNAL GOD OF ISRAEL. And we await the return of this Star in all its Glory. May the magnitude of the victory ahead stand out in your thoughts. For we have passed the first milestone, and the second will bring reinforcements from above. This time for all to see. This is why we say, ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’

Again we say, enjoy this Christmas season, but also keep the name of YAHSHUA or JESUS THE CHRIST, before the world. It is the knowledge of why HE came that the enemy wants to destroy here in these United States of America. So that we will be a godless nation. So enjoy this your Christmas holiday as a child of understanding should. For unto US, the Kingdom people of earth, our Savior came. Unto US, will this Star of the Kingdom administration shine forth. The world order will then fall under the brightness of this New Star, and as the world order fades away, people will absorb the True Light.

Until next time----may YAHWEH BLESS.