ERM - Tape 059 - Alchemy; Bembine Table of Isis; Mysteries & Secret Societies


TAPE NO. 59.......BY: Ella Rose Mast


1. Alchemy and its exponents.

2. The Bembine Table of Isis.

3. Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies..Part III.


Can the modern world afford to scoff at this so called legend that the Alchemist could by transmutation turn base metals into gold. We need to go back to Alchemy for more information on this subject. Since the time of the immortal Hermes (Enoch) there is ample evidence that brilliant philosophic and scientific minds over a period of 2000 years did actually prove this metallic transmutation and multiplication. We then remember that with Enoch there was a golden age set in place, and yet here even in the 1500's up thru the 1600's and beyond in Europe and in Britain there was again many great Alchemists and this was because of the 'Rose Cross' knowledge that was once more brought to view. There are legends that King Solomon and Pythagoras were also Alchemists and that King Solomon manufactured by Alchemical means that gold used in the Temple that he built. Albert Pike of Freemasonry then declared that the gold of Alchemy philosophers was a reality, more precious than can be found in the mines of earth.

At the time when William and Mary jointly ascended the throne of England in 1689, there were many Alchemists in the kingdom, for during the first year of their reign they repealed an act made by King Henry IV., in which the sovereign declared the multiplying of metals to be a crime against the crown. They encouraged the study of Alchemy.

The picture here in the Old Big Book is entitled Paracelsus performing the experiment of Palingenesis. And this word Palingenesis means a 'new birth'..or regeneration and reproduction of ancestral characteristics. Here in the picture is an older gentleman seated at a table. He has an Ancient book open before him and another closed lying on the table. He has three bottles with corks in them, two are sitting on a base with a fire underneath the base, and the other he holds in his hands. The first bottle has a mist in it, the second has a form beginning to show in the mist, and it is a tree growing from the bottom of the bottle. The one in his hands has a tree growing in the bottle and it appears to have fruit and blossoms on that tree. To the un-enlightened the term Palingenesis was equivalent to the metempsychosis or reincarnation. But to the enlightened, the Alchemist he sought to prove that by reconstructing plants from their own ashes, that this would prove that not only consciousness and intelligence survive the annihilation of the physical structure, but that they retain the individuality they formerly possessed, and remain as organized forces. The term Palingenesis was also used to indicate the rebirth of the Universe from its periodic sleep, or the replenishment of the earth after a cataclysm such as the great flood. The Ancient philosophers considered the planet earth as a living organism, and attributed to it those various phases of life thru which all forms seemingly pass, such as birth, growth and decay. (Unquote)

In otherwords when you look beyond the physical meaning then the Adam-man philosophers and Alchemists were trying to show thru the physical experiments that even tho the body of Adam-man is born in earth, develops then dies and decays in earth, still that it would be possible to resurrect that physical body even at along interval after death, with the same characteristics or inheritance. These Ancient Wisemen of the race knew what they were trying to portray, to the human body was the Hermetic bottle, and with everything in the one bottle now reduced to ashes, and vapor, then in the second bottle after being heated by this mysterious blue fire, we would say Spirit, we see the beginning of a tree rooted in those ashes, and in the finished bottle he holds in his hands is a tree now even bearing fruit. Thus in the eyes of these Ancient Alchemists, the soul of this 'Tree of Life' is burned by human degeneracy; but by Palingenesis that they have proved that no matter how low Adam-man descends in vice and degradation still the spiritual element is not lost, and can be re-assembled by this Alchemy art, which is the symbol of Almighty power of the Father, and the 'Tree of Life'...Adam-man is thus caused to grow again within this child of the kingdom. The work of the Grand Masters of this lost art are recorded by their pens, and by contemporaneous disciples of the so called 'Hermetic Art'.

One of the most famous of these Alchemists and Hermetic Philosophers was Paracelsus as he called himself of Hohenheim, born December 17, 1493. He also was an only child and he as a youth traveled widely. He visited many European countries and in Russia as well. In Constantinople he learned the Great Secrets of the Hermetic arts, he came in contact with the Brahmin of India, and perhaps went into the High Himalaya mountains. He became an army physician and his skill and understanding brought him great success.

After he returned to Germany he also began his long dreamed reformation of the medical arts and sciences. He was opposed on every hand and criticized unmercifully because he declared that improper ingredients were used in Dr.'s prescriptions, that they did not consider the needs of their patients, that they considered only the desire of collecting exorbitant fees for their concoctions. The remarkable cures which Paraclesus wrought only made his enemies hate him more. He not only treated the more common diseases of his day but it is said that he cured leprosy, cholera and cancer. His system of healing was so simple, but slowly his enemies overwhelmed him, and again he was forced to leave the field of his labors and seek refuge where he was not known. His enemies claimed all sorts of abnormalities in connection with him, even to being insane, but he left 'The Strassburg Edition' of his collected works, in three large volumes and each contained several hundred pages, which is a monumental contradiction of the tales regarding his use of alcohol. He was the first man to write scientific books in the language of the common people so that all could read them. His enemies hated him with a vengeance and it is said he died as assassins, hired by his professional enemies, disposed of this man who had dared to expose their chicanery. The slab of stone over his grave bears the following inscription:..'Here lies buried Philip Theophrastus the famous doctor of medicine who cured wounds, leprosy, gout, dropsy and other incurable maladies of the body, with this wonderful knowledge, and gave his goods to be divided and distributed to the poor in the year 1541, on the 24th., day of September as he exchanged life for death. To the living..Peace..Eternal rest.'

The people came to his grave to pray, and when the Cholera threatened Salburg in 1830, the people made a pilgrimage to his monument and prayed that Cholera would be averted from their homes. It is said that the dreaded Cholera passed away from their homes but raged in Germany and the rest of Austria.

One of the teachers of Paracelsus was the mysterious Alchemist who called himself Solomon Trismosin, not to much is known of this individual save that he is said to have secured this knowledge of the formula of transmutation of metal to gold. A beautiful illuminated manuscript of this author, dated 1582...and called 'Splendor Solis' is in the British Museum. It is said that he lived to be 150 years of age because of his knowledge of Alchemy. One very significant statement appears in his works entitled:... 'Alchemical Wanderings'..this work is supposed to narrate his search for the Philosopher's Stone. This is some of what it says:...'Study what thou art, whereof thou art a part, what thou knowest of this art, this is really what thou art. All that is without thee is also within.' (unquote) Very simply..these men were again telling us that there is a Spirit within us, and that Spirit never dies.

A great Spanish Alchemist was Raymond Lully, he had quite an eventful life and found that even kings would promise him anything for his knowledge of turning metal into gold. He became very disillusioned, and left the west and went to Egypt and then to Jerusalem, and there he was martyred by stoning, and taken him to Spain for burial.

Another Alchemist was Nicholas Flammel, and the world is indebted to him for his work entitled:..'The book of Abraham..The Hebrew' modern translation of course the title is Abraham..the Jew..but here Flammel tells of this Ancient book coming into his hand, and that it was very old, very large, and was not of paper nor of parchment, as other books be, but was made of delicate rinds of tender young trees. The cover of it was brass, well bound, all engraved with letters, and strange figures. He thought these characters to be an ancient language, but could not read them. There was three times seven leaves in the book, and on every seventh leaf there was a cross, where a serpent was crucified, and the last seventh leaf contained a painting of a wilderness in the midst of which were many fountains from which issued many serpents that ran up and down here and there. Upon the first of the leaves was written in capital letters of Gold:..'Abraham the Hebrew, Prince, Priest, Levite, Astronomer, and the Nation of the Hebrews, by the wrath of God dispersed among the Gauls..I sendeth health'. After this was the word:..Maranatha..and this means an invocation or 'LORD Come Thou'.

On the second leaf of the book Abraham comforted his nation, urged them to fly from vices and idolatry and await with patience the coming of the Messiah. For Messiah would in time vanquish all the kings of earth, and reign with HIS people in glory eternally. In the third leaf Abraham taught His people in common words the transmutation of metals, altho no man could understand what was contained here as well as in the rest of the book unless they were skilled in their Babala, which goeth by tradition, and with out studying their book.

In the fourth and fifth leaves was a picture, no writing, this was a young man with wings at his ankles and in his hand a caducean rod upon which two serpents were entwined, and on his head a helmet. (Unquote) We would say this was a picture of Hermes or Enoch, but here in the Old Big Book they think this was the god of Mercury of the pagans.

On the other side of the fourth leaf was painted a flower on top of a high mountain which was shaken with the North Wind, the foot pad of the flower is blue, and the flowers white and red, and the leaves were shining like fine gold. Then around about this mountain were dragons and serpents who had their nest and abode there after they came out of the North. (Unquote) We would say that here is pictured the kingdom of God, and round about these serpents and dragons, are the symbols of the Luciferian rebellion, for remember he was driven out of what is called the North Parts of the heavens.

On the fifth leaf of this book (quote) was a Rose Tree which was flowering in a beautiful garden, and this Rose was climbing up a hollow Oak tree at the foot of which boiled forth a fountain of most white water which ran down into the depth, but it passed first among the hands of infinite numbers of people who digged in the earth seeking it, but they were blind. None of them knew it except here and there one who considered the weight. (unquote) Here then is The Rose (Christ) in the midst of a garden symbolized by a rosebush climbing on an Oak Tree, and from the foot of this rosebush and the Oak Tree in symbolism comes a fountain of white or spiritual water, and even tho this passed thru multitude of hands, none will understand that symbolism unless they have the full story we would say of THE GREAT MOSAIC OF GOD'S PROGRAM.

On the last side of the fifth leaf there is a picture of a KING..with a Great Sword, and he has made to be killed by some soldiers..a great multitude of little children as their mothers wept at their feet. This bit of history did represent the innocents slain by Herod in Bethlehem, and this is why I placed in that churchyard these hieroglyphic symbols of this secret wisdom and science of the first five leaves of this Ancient Book. (unquote)

Nicholas Flammel then goes on saying that he studied all the rest of that book, but he did not understand where to start to unravel the rest of the mystery. He studied for many years and even painted the pictures from the book all over the walls of his house. Many learned men who came could not explain their secret significance either. At last he started out to find an 'adept' or Wiseman who could explain these diagrams, and he met a physician named Master Canches who was very interested in the old book and explained many of the principles of the hieroglyphics to Flammel. Then Master Canches became ill and died and was buried and after this Flammel was able to perform this Alchemy experiment successfully several times. Before he died he caused a number of hieroglyphic figures to be painted upon an arch of St. Innocent's churchyard in Paris wherein he concealed the entire formula as it was revealed to him from the 'Book of Abraham..The Hebrew.'

Here again we see the story of the Great Mosaic being handed down generation after generation thru secrecy and symbolism, we see also that if you seek then someone comes along to explain, and you in some way find the answers you are seeking for.

There are fifteen diagrams here in the Old Big Book, which says they must be Rosicrucian or Cabalistic drawings. They are the work of Hargrave Jennings who is pretty consistent with his following the Mosaic, and it says here that one of the charts correlates to the emblematic tomb of CRC or..the Christian Rose Cross. These fifteen are taken from the published writings on 'Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury' by Von Welling, at Frankfort and Leipzig in 1735-1760. Von Wellings work being very good will try to give you a glimpse of what is revealed here by symbolism thru diagrams. About Lucifer this is what it says:...'Lucifer is the greatest mystery of symbolism. The secret knowledge of the 'Rose Cross' now called Rosicrucianism concerning Lucifer is nowhere so plainly set forth as in these plates, which virtually reveal his true identity, a carefully guarded secret about which little has been written. Lucifer is represented by the number 741.' Von Welling does not give a complete explanation of the fifteen charts, to have done so would have been contrary to the principals of Quabbalistic Philosophy. The deeper significance of the symbols is revealed only by profound study and contemplation. It is here that I have found some of the answers for the symbols creation, the relationship between existing elements. The outer circle thus is the supreme deity who controls all. All creation reflects the Divine Glory of the Supreme deity which filters down into the spheres of the elements thru the windows of the stars and planets. The Alchemists call virgin earth..or 'ares'..quicksand, and the true mystic foundation of the solid earth.

In table one the Quabbalistic symbol of elemental water, air, fire, spiritual and visible earth. A white pyramid pointing downward is the symbol of elemental water. A white triangle or pyramid pointing upward with a mark across it is elemental air and spiritual air. A white pyramid pointing downward with a mark across it is elemental earth. And no. 5 is Elemental fire which is simply a white triangle pointing upward. No. 6 is a white triangle pointing upward with a smaller one inside of it, and this is called spiritual and visible fire. No.7 is the same as three..elemental air and spiritual air. No. 8 is a white triangle pointing downward and there is a smaller one inside, and this is spiritual earth and visible earth, and there is also a line across both the inside and outside triangle. No. 9 is a triangle pointing downward with a smaller triangle inside also pointing downward, this is spiritual invisible water, and invisible air. We are told that numbers 6,7,8, and 9 symbolize the four elements before the descent of Lucifer. It is also said that these are the four rivers spoken of in Genesis, having their source in ONE River. There is also No. 10., and this is a circle with two triangles, one pointing upward and one downward thus making the six pointed star and in the center is the symbol of the source of all elements on a line drawn between the inner joints of the star. They all symbolize the beginning and the end for all things, since all proceed from one source, and all returns to become one with Divine understanding, the light, and the darkness of creation and God's program.

Now; the Philosophers of old, the Alchemists looking at their diagrams would then understand the Divine program, but ordinary people without the stirring of Spirit would find them just diagrams, would they not?

In table II the sphere is a symbol of motion, of fire, water, and air, and the cube is the symbol of the weight or earth. The sphere rests upon a point, the cube upon a surface, thus the sphere represents also..or symbolizes spirit, and the cube matter. Going further the cube represents salt which is said to have six sides, has four triangles (elements) on each surface. In Alchemy then salt is said to be the first created substance. The cube is composed of 12 bodies, each has 6 sides and the magic number then is 72...remember that?? The wise have said that nothing is perfect until it has been dissolved, separated and again united so that it becomes a body composed of 12 bodies such as the cube. The cube consists of 6 triangles with six surfaces of the cube as their basis. The points of the six triangles meet at the center of the cube. These six triangles thus each consist of 4 triangles signifying the elements, yet produce the magical number of 24 which refers to the Elders around the Throne. The six surfaces of the cube, and the point in the middle produce the magical number of 7. And if 7 be multiplied by 7 and the product by 7 again, and so on for seven times, the answer will reveal the method used by the Ancients for the measuring of the periods of Eternity, but this was not to be taken as earth years or time. It tells us that the last numbers represent the great hall year, and the great Sabbath year where in all human beings gradually gain true understanding, and become heirs to their original and eternal inheritance which was lost when they became enmeshed in the lower elements, after the fall of Lucifer.

There is a number given here of the number of fallen Angels, and the one year signifies the liberation of Lucifer and his return to his original Estate. The Dot in the middle of the circle is Spirit, or Gold, the sun is in physical language, the gem of life. If it is removed or moved before itself it becomes a line. The motion of the Dot is the first motion. The beginning and the end of every line is a Dot. The circle is the second motion and the most perfect of all lines. Out of the circle are formed all figures and bodies. From this then comes the outpouring of the upper and spiritual life into manifestation, which also symbolizes day and the reaching upward to the circle with the the symbol of night.

No. 10., is the complete Universal character of Light and Darkness. The upright triangle is YAHWEH, the inverted triangle is the earth, and this is the first day of creation, or the separation of YAHWEH and the earth, and you thus have the 6 eras of creation represented by the circle with the six pointed star in the center of the circle, and the lines thru the center of the circle both ways, and the tiny dot in the center thus proves that the elements are all an outflow from the Divine Fire, and breaking up it becomes the substance of the tangible Universe. There is then a symbol of air, as a triangle pointing upward, and water showing the triangle pointing downward...thus shows that the water is not the highest. Altho it does not lack the Divine element, for it reflects the heavenly influences like a mirror. There are symbols for salt, fire, and water combined, for gold and for the sun, and even for the greater and lesser worlds. The greater being YAHWEH..the lesser being Adam-man, his inner world is likened to gold, it is the Eternal indestructible spiritual body we are talking about. (use your diagram with Tape #57 for this tape as well)

Now; there is a Quabbalistic chart here describing the creation as it occurred, showing the 6 eras of creation and the German words in the outer circle are extracts from the first chapter of Genesis. The human form in the center of the circle and square is marked the sixth era. Do you follow what they are telling us about the first chapter of Genesis in Scripture??

In the next table this is marked as the symbolic tomb of the 'Rose Cross' but notice the story portrayed here:...'There is an upper circle, which is the Divine sphere of God, and the triangle in the center of the circle is the Throne of God. There is a seven pointed star in this circle, and at the points of the seven pointed star are little circles at each point. These seven little circles at the points of the seven pointed star in the circle are the symbols of the seven great spirits before the throne mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and in the midst of which walks the Alpha and Omega, called the 'Son of God' in translation. The center triangle also contains 3 flames, thus spirit, soul, and body...a triune God. From here then descending downward into many circles each one inside of the other...there are 20 in all, into a seven pointed star and a five pointed star, and in the center of all the circles..thus signifying..thus descending downward from the throne of God, is a double line, the dot moving before itself on a twofold purpose makes a double line down into the small center circle where at one time Lucifer was overseer of this area of the heavens where this solar system is located. Here Lucifer that Archangel proclaimed the Divine program of God, and here you find the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the orbit of the seven planets.'

In the next table..No. 5 of this story we find the same diagram except this time we see another circle added to the top diagram, one circle inside the small circles, and one outside the outer circle, and in the middle this time is the six pointed star instead of the seven, and a circle this time instead of a triangle. Here we are told that Jupiter now represents the down flow of spirit. And different letters now represent the world of the 'Sons of God' and others represent the world of Lucifer. We see here that Jupiter was now to be the symbol of YAHSHUA, and we are seeing that the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness are now being outlined. Here we are told that now Divine Light ceased as Lucifer reached power and his light turned to darkness and chaos came into existence.

In Table VI is the symbol of the chaos of Lucifer, then the separation of light from darkness. The diagram is of a circle and within that circle is a dark sun. Then the next circle shows the separation of light and darkness as a small circle of white in the center of the dark sun. The next diagram of the circles is the symbol of Lucifer in his control over this area, and with his evil spirits and demons he is thus in control, and then we are shown attached to one of the 8 circles a small circle called The Garden of Eden. Thus we are now coming to the time in the story of the coming of Adam-man as shown as on the Great Mosaic.

In Table VII is a circle outlined in Glory, inside are three circles, and a triangle all intertwined. Here we are told is the All Perfect-Spirit. And here in Alchemy we find sulphur, salt and mercury, and all metals of the solar system, and we are told that in figure 8 of this diagram, that this is the last judgment. The sun has been removed from the center of the solar system and replaced by earth which becomes the theater of the Universe. This changes the respective positions of all the other planets except Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn which retain their respective circles in the program that is coming to pass, thus inward from this sphere are the great circles of damnation or judgment. There are seven of these circles of judgment with the earth in the center. The circle of earth shows the bottom half of it in darkness while the Divine Name is in the upper half of the circle. Diagram 8 marks the center of Eternity, this is the triangle, and in Alchemy this is Water (salt), Light (mercury), and Fire (sulphur)., and here also is the tiny circle marking the Throne of God. The seven circles around the Throne are the seven spirits before the Throne. And in the circles below this diagram..the outer circles are said to be the Angelic world of 'The Sons of God'. Then comes the circle of the visible constellations of the Zodiac, and their fixed stars; and within this the solar system with the sun in the center.

In Table 9., is a complicated drawing of circles and triangles, and it is said to be the synthesis of the Old and New Testaments and represents the inner-blending planes of being. The words in the right margin of seven outer circles contains the names of the Planetary Angels. The words in the graduated circles from the top triangle downward read:......

1. Abyss of compassion.

2. Zion.

3. the heaven and a new earth.

4. New Jerusalem.

5. Paradise.

6. The Bosom of Abraham.

7. The Outer Court of Our LORD.

From below the circles of darkness reach upward, each Divine principal being opposed by an infernal opposite. The small circle on the left has a triangle pointing upward and a cross upright, this is named the TREE OF LIFE. Then to the right, the same small circle but with the triangle pointing downward with the cross downward, this is THE TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL... for it has the knowledge only of material and earthly things. In the center of the superior and inferior plane by lines of activity, for He is after all...the Supreme God, and His attributes, thus join with the superior and inferior planes by lines of activity.

Table X is most interesting, it shows New Jerusalem in the form of a cube, and the names of the twelve tribes of Israel are on the 12 lines of the cube. In the center is the ALL SEEING EYE, and a circle out around the cube carries the words from Revelation 22:13...There are many symbols and ciphers at the bottom of this table. It is suggested here in the Old Big Book that these are ciphers and symbols of the plagues, the name of the Antichrist which is Summa...666. And the signature of the Beast of Babylon. And the name of the Woman riding on the back of the Red Beast. These are so small you have to use a magnifying glass to see them. I do not have them figured out, and if I find more on these I will make you a diagram with their explanation, but figure 10 does end with the word Summa...666.

The next table is more complicated, but here one diagram is the solar system according to Genesis I. The circle on top of the radius of the circle called Eternity, the beginning of beginnings. The whole diameter is the outflow of God manifesting first in the heavens in which region human understanding cannot function. Here is shown Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun, Moon and Earth. The second diagram is the globe of earth with the signs of the Zodiac. In the third diagram is true saltpeter purified with quicklime and alkali. Diagrams show the exact degree or angle of the planets as their places as well as the individual fixed stars of the Zodiac, and in diagram No. 6 there is a human figure and the words upon this figure which is presumably Adam-man are:...'Know thy self. In words, herbs and stones lies a great power.' The seventh diagram is a complicated design. It is the Universal character from which all characters have been taken. Figures 8 and 9 and 10 are not explained, for you are to figure them out for yourself. I have marked them on your diagram, and figure eleven is the radiating Universal mercury, or in other words the Fire of Heaven.

Table twelve is called a mirror of Astrological aspects. It is circles and triangles some superimposed upon each other. Here is what is called an Astrologers Wheel, the so called secret Alchemical formula which is on your diagram. The words around the outside of the circle reads:...'Out of One is all.'

Here is an attempt to show the sizes of the suns, planets and their distances from each other. One diagram is the solar system with its internal and spiritual heavens. Here is the solar system, the sphere of fixed stars, the systems of the spiritual worlds; and the throne of the Living God, then the Great Beyond which is unmeasurable. Here also is the creation of the solar system out of the Divine Eternity. The first revelation of God out of the Abyss, the spiritual hierarchies; the upper worlds; or constellations; the distance of Jupiter to the upper worlds, the solar system and its planets and their heavens, and the throne of YAHSHUA which is the outer court of circle of full Glory. Figure 18 describes the division according to Genesis of the waters above the heavens, from the water below, and the mercury of the philosophers, essential to material existence.

Table 13 is showing the Incomprehensible Abyss of Divine Majesty, and endless welling up, limitless in time and space. The three Divine principals...spirit, soul, and body. Around this triangle in the center of the great circle, and the smaller one is written. 'I shall be that I shall be' at the apex of the triangle is the word 'crown' and in the left point is the word 'wisdom', and in the right point is the word 'understanding'. The words above the upper sphere are:...'Revelations of the Divine Majesty of YAHWEH Elohim'. In the lower circles are the names of the hierarchies controlling the lower worlds. The words within the circle of stars reads:... 'Lucifer, son of the aurora'....or morning.' There is a diagram of Universal mercury, the words within that circle are:...'The beginning...the first beginning of all creatures.' The last diagram in this table represents the abode of Lucifer and his angels, the chaos spoken of in Genesis, there are 4 circles with dark suns around them, then there is another circle out around these four, and the words around this circle are:...'Thou..YAHWEH'S Lucifer'...this is to represent the chaos and the abode of Lucifer and his fallen Angels. But still..notice that this is YAHWEH'S Archangel, and he had planned his ending as well as his beginning.

Table 14 shows the Divine triangle of what they say is trinity, but we would say triune Divinity in the midst of a Cross. At the left is a small triangle containing the words:...'The secrets of the Elohim' the right is another small triangle with these words:...'The secrets of nature.' On the horizontal arms of the cross are the words:...'The Tree of Life' and the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil', figure seven is called the road to Paradise, and this is marked as coming from the center to an outer world, and then back again. It shows the position of the sun, moon and planets as tho this was the theater of the world. Here also in the next diagram is the earth in a circle, and a triangle before the flood when the earth was watered by a mist or vapor, and the words on the right here are: ..'The Tree of Life' and on the left 'The tree of good and evil'. The diagram with the symbol of Mars tells you to devote yourself to the consideration of the rainbow and its promise for Mars signifies War...chaos.

In Table 15...there is much complicated drawings. Here are the circles called the secrets of nature, the secrets of the upper world, and the secrets of the lower world with the triangle pointing downward, for this lower world and pointing upward for the upper world. Figure 9 is the solar system, and around the central part are the words:...the place of the damned. Then figure 10 shows the Dot at the center of the circle, and this is listed as the point of rest. This center circle is surrounded by a triangle and the circle contains the names of the 12 tribes of Israel (Revelation 21:12). Number ten thus represents once again the completion of the process and the regeneration, and the consummation of the Great work of YAHWEH. (Unquote)

If I have done a good job of explaining you have then seen in these diagrams the unfolding of the Great Mosaic as we have tried to outline it many times.

At the last of this tape, I will again include a diagram to help in a small way. Since I now have the big copy machine I can copy this diagram for this tape as well as the one originally I attached the diagram.



Have you ever wondered what is the background of the deck of cards you use to play Pitch and other games with? Are they a modern invention? Again we go back to Ancient Egypt for our answer, back to the time of Enoch and the Ancient mysteries. We have told you about Isis the daughter of Enoch and the her place in the Ancient mysteries. Here in the Old Big Book there is what is called...The Bembine Table, and this is a system of symbolism for exhibiting the mysteries. Here in a double page is a picture of this Ancient Tablet in hieroglyphics. In the pavement they show the physical world using minerals and stones, streams of water and so forth. The walls show the starry world, the Dome of the world. In the center is the altar suggesting the separation of the supreme mind, the center of knowledge. The entire interior of the picture shows the Universe and the worlds. The Priests are shown wearing raiment, and making the sacrifices. The Priests are pictured as divested of all material cares, and as practicing the strictest chastity. Their heads are veiled to indicate their charge of earthly things. They stand before the Great Spirit of the Universe wearing the same symbol of that figure and HIS attendants as they offer their sacrifices. By the singing of Hymns of Praise they believed they drew the attention of the Almighty. This was also the beginning of the science of the Oracles which would later become so corrupted. As these wisemen stood before the altar and communed with the Almighty Father they believed, and we see no reason to doubt that they received the gift of prophecy, and could foretell future events and impending evils. They believed that since their human mind was absorbed in the Supreme mind, they would then receive Divine knowledge.

In this table of Hieroglyphics is said to be the formula for curing diseases of all kinds. Thus they consulted with the Almighty Father about all sorts of doubts and difficulties, and believed that HE then communicated with them, and helped them understand.

We are told here in the Old Big Book, from the manuscript by Thomas Taylor, that Plato learned these Ancient mysteries at the age of 49 years, while in one of the subterranean halls of the Great Pyramid. Here before the altar where this Ancient Tablet rested, received that which was always his, but which the ceremony of the mysteries kindled and brought forth its dormant state. (Unquote)

Since Plato was an Israelite then he had inherited all the knowledge of his lineage of the race back to Adam. It was there in the unused part of his brain, and just needed to be brought back. After Plato had spent three months in the halls of the Pyramid he was then sent out into the world to do the work of this great order, such as Pythagoras and Orpheus had done before him. This Ancient Tablet is traced here in the Old Big Book as being still to be found up until 1809 A.D. It had passed thru different hands, but carried forward thru the generations.

Levi's key to the Bembine Tablet states that the Isis tablet is a key to the Ancient Book of 'Thoth', and is still pictured after all these centuries in the Ancient set of Tarocchi cards. To him this book was a resume of the secret learning of the Egyptians, after the decadence of this Ancient civilization, this hieroglyphic Tarot (future) having been forgotten, or misunderstood, and after these pictured symbols fell into the hands of sham diviners they became a game of cards for the amusement of the public. The modern Tarot or Tarocchi pack of cards consists of 78 cards of which 22 form a special group of trumps, of pictorial design, the remaining 56 cards are composed of 4 suits of 10 numerals and 4 court cards:...the King, Queen, Knight or Knave or Valet. The Suits are Swords (meaning militarism) Cups (socerdocy) Clubs or wands (agriculture) and Shekels or coins (commerce) answering respectfully to our Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds of today.

Here we are just interested now in the 22 trumps, these form the special characteristics of the pack. They are the lineal descendants of the Tarot. These correspond to the letters of the Hebrew, and are also a part of the initiation into knowledge. To those familiar with the fundamental principals of the Hermetic philosophy they will recognize in these tables, the key to Chaldean, Egyptian, and Greek theology based on the Great God of Israel.

There are many explanations here in the Old Big Book of this Ancient Bembine Tablet from which came the Tarot cards, and our modern cards, however this Ancient Tablet like those we have examined before has the circles, triangles, the signs of the Zodiac, the planets, the Pyramid, and the Almighty is always the center..yet moving through out the circumference of the Universe. He the ONE SUPREME MIND with three attributes,...spirit, soul, and body. He is the foundation of all things. Here then is set forth HIS program of the heavens, and on down to the foundation of the earth, showing of course HIS moving from the center out to the circumference in all things. Here is set forth HIS program of the heavens, the foundations earth, and the route of wisdom which through the laws of nature are to control the earth as the last four sets of Levi's cards show.

The numbers one thru ten are much in use, and 8 is here also as a Divine number. According to the secret doctrines of the Chaldeans, the Universe was seen as divided into four spheres, each reveals the other with the Superior controlling the inferior. Goodness thus takes precedence and all things partake of its nature. Goodness is in all things, nothing can produce that which it does not have in itself. And after the rebellion, Lucifer then could no longer produce light, all white light had left his teaching. Only the Supreme ONE can produce White Light, and only those he determines can set it forth to man. Plato explained it this way and Aristotle set it forth as well with these words:...We say that this world is an image of another, and since this world is vivid and alive, how much more than that other must shine. Yonder therefore above the stellar values stands other heavens to be obtained. Yonder to exists an earth not of inanimate matter, but vivid with animal life, and all natural terrestrial phenomena like this one, but of other kinds and perfections. There are plants, gardens, flowing water, and there are aquatic animals, but of nobler species. Yonder is air and life appropriate to it, all immortal, Life there is like unto ours, only it is nobler seeing that it is intellectual, perpetual, and unalterable. They such as intellect and soul suffer no defect such as waste and corruption, since they are living in a life sublime, being the issue of one fount, they do not move violently about, or intermix, nor corrupt each other, but each perfectly preserves its own

character; they are simple, and do not multiply as corporeal beings do.' (Unquote)

Now; Zoroaster declared that No. 3 shines thru out the world, and the Bembine Table portrays this as the creative process. And Levi's explanation is an introduction to a collection of teachings followed by the mysteries as put forward by Isis, and the Ancient Quabbabal. According to the Hebrew system of Quabbabalism the Tree of the Sephiroth was divided into the upper invisible and the lower visible worlds. The upper divided into three parts, this according to the Egyptians of Enoch's time and was the program of the Supreme Mind, described in the Zohar as 'Hidden and Unrevealed'. The Lower World was divided into seven parts, thus in the make up of the No. 10 of the Qabbalah. The symbolism of this table shows that the supreme mind communicated with the lower spheres thru the Universal power of nature, thus as nature is revealed to you, then you are to search for the true meaning. Understanding this..then Zoroaster said:...'Oh, what vigorous rulers this world truly has.' Zoroaster then tells us that the Chaldean and Egyptians taught that there were seven of these worlds ruled by the Intellectual powers, the first is pure fire, the second, third and fourth are Ethereal, and the fifth and sixth are material and the seventh also material, but the one called terrestrial...the hater of light is located under the moon. These seven plus the One invisible crown, constitutes the eight worlds.

Plato would explain this further:...the first circle under the above ONE is fire and denotes life, the second is water, the third is air, and from the fire was the heavens created...from the water came earth, and air was the mediator between them. In the Sephira Yetzirah (as we have told you before) from these three originate the east, west, north and south, and the Holy Temple, and the height and the depth. Going further bringing this symbolism down to earth tones, they say the sun was the ruler of the solar world, the material Archangels ruled the lunar world. Saturn ruled by the foundation of the senses, this symbolism then of Saturn being the symbol of Satan as Jupiter is the symbol of YAHSHUA THE RULER OF JUDGMENT. Mars was to become the symbol of War showing this as lightening, a clash of power between Jupiter and Saturn. Venus is said to symbolize the reflections of mirrors of events, and the power of YAHWEH. Mercury then became the symbol of the characters of the Mysteries. Plato was instructed by great teachers, and his philosophy also carries these same teachings of Ancient Israel, and this Bembine Tablet is a diagrammatic exposition of the so called Platonic philosophy found in the Secret doctrines of Ancient Israel.



Part II from the Old Big Book.

We will go back to the Ancient mysteries again to see what else we can learn. This article we are examining now is called a Cult. Today this Ancient Faith is a mystery, and obscurity, but the name gnosticism means as it did then...knowledge or wisdom, and it is derived from the Greek word...Gnosis. Websters dictionary describes Gnosticism as a religion mixed with Greek and Oriental Philosophy (1st., 6th., century A.D.) immediately between Christianity and paganism, which taught that knowledge rather than Faith was of the greatest good, and that thru knowledge alone could salvation be attained, or a Syncretistic faith. The key word is Syncretistic for this means they were attempting to blend their Ancient knowledge with Christianity since the Messiah had now come to earth as He had said He would. The members of this order claimed to be familiar with the secret doctrines of Israel, thus they were trying to make a union with Christianity, and then go forward from there. Here in the Old Big Book when they say that Gnosticism interpreted the Christian mysteries according to pagan symbolism, remember they do not consider that the people of the kingdom in the Old Testament are also the people of the kingdom in the New Testament, and this that they call pagan is the old Ancient Israel Doctrines, and all the symbolism that goes with it.

Since we have been studying ancient symbolism and its origin we will take a closer look at this Ancient, so called cult, and see what Gnosticism really taught. Here it is said that their secret information and philosophic tenets were concealed from the profane and taught only to a small group of especially prepared people. This is the same course as followed by the other organizations. And we find that this so called cult, proclaimed what was termed Egyptian Hermeticism, Oriental and Chaldean Astronomy, and Persian philosophy. Thus we find that these gnostics merely tried to establish in early Christianity these Ancient Doctrines of Israel, and were somewhat successful, but later the church would throw out those teachings as to the people of Israel. Everything the enthusiasts of the church did not agree with they declared to be the inspired work of the Devil. The sad part is that the enemy was allowed to join the church and then these Ancient Doctrines were thrown out, and all traces of them which could be found were destroyed.

In this article is a picture entitled capital letters. It is a strange picture, and has taken a bit of work to unravel its symbolism. Here on a dark blue background we see the upper corners of the sun, one side, and the moon on the other, the sun the symbol of YAHWEH, the moon the symbol of Israel or the kingdom. There is a chariot drawn by 4 white horses,...they say symbols of the elements, or ethers, by which the Gnostic concept of Deity is proclaimed..ABRAXAS..and this is circulated thru out all parts of the Universe. The person in the chariot drawn by the white horses has a shield on his left arm and a whip in his right hand, and his legs develop thru the sign of Leo...into two serpents who hold the reins of the horses in their mouths. The headdress of the man in the chariot is of a rooster, and below the horses is the concept of Deity according to the Gnostics...the name ABRAXAS. The whip in the hand is the symbol of authority, the shield a symbol of protection, and the headdress of the Rooster a symbol of power associated with Adam-man the head of the family. It is said in symbolism that at one time the Vernal Equinox took place in the sign of Taurus, over the North pole, the entrance place of earth, thus this refers to the coming of the kingdom, this Adamic race...Adam, or the Rooster..head of the kingdom family. The two serpents are not twisted serpents, they make the sign of the Zodiac associated with Leo. At one time the serpent represented the spreading of the knowledge of YAHWEH thru out that section of the Universe. The serpentine path of the sun thru the Zodiac was the symbol represented the adversary or a twisted form. Here in earth also was now both positive and negative, for now the serpent could only put forth a twisted version of the truth, and set forth and upset symbolism if possible. The seven letters of this concept of Deity...ABRAXAS is symbolic of the seven spirits, or his seven fold spirit as we have explained before.

Now; the Druids spoke of this symbolism telling us that the numerological powers of these letters forming this concept of Deity when added together result in the sum of 365. We have told you before as to the so called cult of Mithras, and that name also when treated the same way has the numerical value of 365, or the number of the days of the year, here in earth. Thus His Name...ABRAXAS..of Gnosticism was in Qabbalistical application..symbolic in numerology of YAHWEH'S Divine power, attributes and emanations. Five of these emanations are marked in this picture by appropriate symbols. We have the human body from which come mind and word. The Headdress of the Rooster is the symbol of power and considered another form of the Phoenix bird, which was the emblem of foresight and vigilance. The two arms hold the symbols of the shield of wisdom, and the whip of power. It was Irenaeus, one of the early church fathers of Christianity who asserted that the uncreated father first brought forth mind, and then Logos or Word.

There were writings called:..'The Books of the Savior'..and in them was found material concerning the strange doctrines of Aeons of time, and the different inhabitants thereof. These doctrines were said to have had a wide influence in the early Christian church. Think of how these Ancient theories of the Gnostics, especially those concerning scientific subjects, have been substantiated by modern research and yet widely dismissed by the modern church.

There were several branches formed as the Gnostics after the third century gradually vanished from the Philosophic world. An effort was made in the middle ages to resurrect the principals of gnosticism but owing to the destruction of their writings and records, the material was not available. Today there is still evidence of Gnostic philosophy in the modern world, but it bears another name and the origin is not suspected. Many of the concepts have however been actually incorporated into the Dogma of the Christian church whether they know it or not.

Now; the Gnostics claim to be the only sect to have had actual pictures of 'The Christ', and these were what the early Christians had. In their explanations of 'The Christ'..then HE was the Divine mind, coming from the higher spiritual aeons. He identified as such at the Baptism of YAHSHUA... or Jesus, and left again before the death of the death of the Physical body at the crucifixion. Therefore the Divine Mind was not crucified, for He could not suffer death, thus only the physical body was crucified. The early fathers of the Christian age such as Irenaeus made this statement concerning The CHRIST:...'When the uncreated father saw the corruption of mankind. He sent His first born..HIS MIND..into the world in the form of ..The CHRIST..YAHWEH-MESSIAH-SAVIOR and He wrought miracles.'

Alright:..another translation of HIS first Born..translated as son.. which He sent into the world for a definite purpose.

The Gnostics divided humanity into three parts..those who as savages were said to worship only visible nature, those who like the Jews worshiped their god 'Demiurgus' and third those and other similar, so called cults, as well as the true Christians who worshiped 'The Christ' the true Spiritual Light of the higher Aeons.

You'll find this name 'Demiurgus' quoted quite a few times here in the Old Big Book as the name of the god of the Jews. Of course they also think the Jews are Israel, and Hebrews, so they say this is probably Jehovah, but numerology does not bear this out.

We therefore find once again that when the Ancient symbols were traced back to their origin that they fit in with the Ancient Doctrines of Israel. That even mythology is nearly always from the symbolism of the Mystery Schools of old. The so called gods and goddesses of mythology were Adamic men and women who were powerful elders and instructors of the race. Their so called mysteries were similar to those of the Greeks, Persians, Brahmins after which they were patterned. They understood the symbolism of the Zodiac were custodians of the arts and sciences which they revealed to those who were capable of receiving the Doctrines of Israel. The Odinic Mysteries of the Scandinavian countries were like many of the Ancient so called cults which Christianity today would like to destroy. The underlying cause of the fall of the Ancient organizations, today called cults, is the same that has effected Christianity, it was only after the infiltration and corruption of their Priesthood that the Israel Doctrines began to fade and to disappear.

For more information of this subject we recommend the book entitled... 'The Plot against the church' by Maurice Pinay. This was published in 1927, and he outlined very well what was changing and destroying that church, and who started communism in Russia and so forth, but failed to realize the background of those doing this work.

Today there is a religion called 'Odinism' and it attempts to carry forward the Ancient Mysteries, but I don't find to much of the old mysteries in what I have read of their doctrine, but they believe that Christianity has deteriorated into a Jewish religion, and they want to go back to the old beliefs. To my way of thinking, they are missing the one point..that there is only ONE WAY..and that is thru YAHSHUA and His Cross.

Richard Wagner's immortal composition:...'Der Ring des Nibelungen' based upon the mystery rituals of the Odinic mysteries, called a cult, here in the Old Big Book. They report that he took many liberties with the original story called 'The Ring Operas' in English, but these operas were declared to be the grandest connected four musical dreams the world possesses, having caught and preserved in a remarkable manner the majesty and power of the original sagas. Beginning with Das Rheingold..the action proceeds thru two others into an awe-inspiring climax of 'The twilight of the Gods'. The Odin mysteries as well as the other such so called cults carry the message of the Israel Doctrine of numbers one thru ten, with No. 10 being the completion of the earthly kingdom. They explain the 9 numbers as steps or rituals to the regeneration of Adam-man. Their use of the serpent as a symbol is explained as is the Gnostic symbolism the beginning this was the serpentine body of the sun (one of the symbols of the knowledge of YAHWEH passing thru the Zodiac. The Lion head is explained as the exaltation of the sun, another Ancient symbol of YAHWEH, in the constellation of Leo. Thus in the picture with this article then we find the legs of the man developed into the symbol of the constellation of Leo. Thus in the picture with this article we find that Leo is also the Lion of the Zodiac. Another symbolic diagram shows a circle and a serpentine (meaning moving, weaving or winding) body with a lion head, and the symbol of the emanation of the sun around that lion head. One symbol on the right is a crescent moon, and on the left the six pointed star. Here you in symbolism have the same story as we have seen from the Star Bible on down thru the Doctrines of Israel, and the story of the kingdom is thus established in earth.

When understood, that is the story of all these Ancient diagrams of symbolism. There is one such diagram here called 'The Alexandrian Serapis.' This word Serapis is pertaining to a Deity. This picture is of a man holding a ruler in his right hand, a twisted coil in his left, and at the top of this twisted coil is an animal with three heads, one a lion, which represents they say..the present, one a wolf representing the past, and one is the head of a dog representing the future. The figure stands on the back of a crocodile. On the man's head is a basket forming a birds nest and in the nest a dove. This to us is just symbolism of the same story we have been outlining. In Webster's dictionary is this explanation:..the Serapis was an Egyptian Deity, worshiped by the Greeks when in Egypt, and which developed into the worship of Apis, the sacred bull by the Egyptians. When understanding some of the symbolism, we would say that this did develop into the worship of the bull by those who did not understand this Ancient knowledge brought by the Israelites.

Here in the Old Big Book they tell us that the Jews were very much against 'The Christ'. They in no way would acknowledge HIM to be who He said He was. They resisted all efforts to have portraits of his countenance made until all those who had beheld HIM on earth had passed away. The Gnostics then report that their portraits of 'The Christ' were what the early Christians had, after those who had walked with Him were gone from earth, and then the Jews came in to try to help with the interpretations of the mysteries and helped describe the appearance of this ONE..THE CHRIST.. that the hated.

Now; in later years when the 'Rose Cross' mysteries were brought to light we find the Rosicrucians under Jewish control again trying to help in translation of the mysteries. But Rosicrucian translation did not conform to the Ancient Doctrines. Why?..because those trying to interpret were not given the understanding of those Ancient Mysteries. Jesus told us this as He walked the earth. The trouble with some translations, even with the man who wrote the book..'The Plot against the church' the fact that the Jews were not the descendants of the Hebrews..the later Israelites. You therefore cannot expect a true translation from those not given that understanding. The people of the book must be sorted out for understanding of the allegory and symbols of the Bible. The number of Deity in the Old Testament, in the Ancient Israel Qabbalistic system was and is 72..this ties in with the numbers 1 thru 10. All higher numbers can be reduced to one of the original, and ten itself to one. Thus all groups of numbers resulting in the translation of names of Deity into numerical equivalents have their basis in the first ten numbers and this can be used with both Hebrew and Greek.



E. R. M.