ERM - Tape 094 - Fall Of Babylon from The Apocalypse by Joseph Seiss


TAPE NO. 94......THE FALL OF GREAT BABYLON From the Apocalypse, By: Joseph A. Seiss 1865...Volume III

Book Review by Ella Rose Mast


(Many were the Lectures given by our Author as he put forth his interpretation of this last Book in the Bible. He was considered a great Minister of his time and has some interesting observations.)

As the Angel (Eagle) having the Everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell upon the earth says:...'Fear God, and give to Him Glory because the hour of his judgment is come.' The second Angel (Eagle) then announces that Great Babylon has fallen. The third Angel (Eagle) announces that anyone who worships The Beast and his Image, and receives the Mark on his forehead or hand shall drink of the wrath of God.

As you know the darkest storms often give way to the loveliest sunsets. The wind and the thunder exhaust themselves, the clouds empty and break, and from the heavens behind them comes a golden light. Since these in ancient writings were called Eagles and not Angels we understand the part now played by the Eagles of Deuteronomy 32...these Israelites in the great drama which will unfold as the time of Judgment comes. We have witnessed the sealing of the 144,000 (Rev. 14:1-13) and realize these are the tribes of Israel by the multiple of 12, they are redeemed and now will play their part as the scene changes. We have witnessed the part played by the Anti-Christ, and listened to Satan's angry cry, and shuddered at the shadows, the distress and darkness he has cast upon the world. We have seen his Power and Tyranny. But finally the scene begins to change, this terror cannot last. In the heavens we begin to see the light breaking from behind the clouds. Where Perdition has been holding court, the symptoms of a better order are beginning to appear. Over the pathway of the 'Abomination of the Desolation' we now see the forming outlines of the arch of beauty, hope, and peace. In place of the Beast system (world order), the Lamb comes into view. In place of the Blaspheming...the Redeemer appears with the name of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA upon His brow. A new song is now to be sung before the Throne by all the Celestial Company. The whole picture begins to look as tho the horrible nightmare of a distressed and helpless world is being swept away. We see in the picture these 144,000 who are representative of all the true people of God of all ages. These are the whole body of the sanctified and saved (thus all Israel) and they have the Mark of their Father in their forehead. (Perfected Adamites are 777...when with Him completely then He is 888) The Beast marks his people by the number 666.

The reign of the Anti-Christ is the reign of harlotry, both literal and spiritual. But the 144,000 stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion. To be with the Lamb shows their Redemption. They are the 'First Fruits' to the Lamb in that New Beginning with the Israelite people, for their Fathers sake, which is to follow the ending of the present 'Times of the Gentiles'...(Nations). These 144,000...the restored..redeemed children of Abraham are the true confessors of The Christ. They were the Witnesses of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in these last days of Jacobs Trouble, and they take the first rank with The Christ in His special relations of Administration in the final redemption of the Hebrew (Adamic) Race. The Truth of God, and His claims must be spoken. If men are silent then other means must be found to testify for God. When Anti-Christ succeeds in hushing up, or burying away in caves, mountains, and wilderness all testimony of the Eternal ONE who he seeks to abolish, then the heavens speaks, and the Angels (Eagles) become the preachers. These the Anti-Christ cannot touch for the 'Mid-Heavens' is their pulpit. Here as ministers the Eagles proclaim:.....1. A Gospel Everlasting. 2. The Doom of Babylon, and 3. Eternal damnation upon the worshipers of the Beast and they who wear his Mark.

As this scene changes, the voice now is no longer one beseeching men to reconcile to God, now it is a great thundering from the sky, demanding the nations to fear the Great God instead of this false god they have been adoring. They are to worship the Great God, the maker of all things, instead of this one who only plays his tricks on things already made. The reason for the change of scene is that finally 'THE HOUR OF JUDGMENT IS COME'. And with this hour comes the work of judgment. A colossal system of harlotry and corruption holds dominion over the nations. There is no country, no people, but are now won to it, intoxicated by it, and induced to cast off all the bonds of sacredness for the delusions of the Anti-Christ, and his false prophet. Remember that God has allowed all this for the punishment of those who would not have Christ for their LORD, but now HE will allow this no longer. Therefore another Angel (Eagle) comes with the proclamation:...'FALLEN, FALLEN IS Great Babylon which hath made all the nations drunk from the wine of the wrath of her fornication.' The announcement is by anticipation of the accomplishment and fulfillment. The particulars of this fall are given in the 17th., and 18th., chapters of the Apocalypse. Then a further word of warning is given:...'Come out of her O my people that ye may have no fellowship with her sin, so that ye receive not of her plagues.' The third message is that whosoever is found worshiping the Beast and his Image, or has the Mark of the Beast in his forehead or on his hand will drink of the cup of the wrath of God. The fourth message tells of the suffering of those who are faithful..but they are told to come out of Babylon and be with the Blessed. Death to a good man at any time is more blessed...if there is no peace for us...but in death..then why should we wish to live. They that 'Die in the LORD' go on thru death...not a word of faithful testimony, not a sign or a prayer shall fail in its contribution to the Blessedness. Here is the comfort of the Saints, whatever they suffer, their peace is sure. The heavens speak of it, the spirit confirms it. The Apostles of God have written of it.

And now the scene shifts to the man on the white cloud (Rev. 14:14-18), and in his hand is a sharp sickle. The Angel (Eagle) comes out of the temple and cries to HIM on that cloud...that the time is ripe to harvest the earth. At his time according to the record here in the Apocalypse... the 'Living Ones'..the Elders, the innumerable multitude...all of the good seed are with before the harvest of earth begins. This then is the harvest of judgment the harvest of 'WOE' to Babylon:...'Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of Decision for the Day of the LORD is near.'

When you see...the Christ appear on a cloud..the work immediately at hand is always a judgment. But when it is recorded that Israel is with HIM this means protection for Israel in that time of Judgment. The man on the cloud has a crown of gold on his head, and he is sitting on a throne thus this is for the judgment on the earth, (Matthew 25:31-32) and he is a king for he has the power to destroy those who corrupt the earth. HE destroys so that he may set in place his own glorious dominion. (Rev. 11:17-19 and 19:16). The sickle is a symbol of reaping, thus the earth is to be cleared of all that hinders the kingdom. The sickle being sharp signifies one of vengeance and judgment.

Now; the Angel (Eagle) comes out of the temple in earth...out of the spiritual center of this kingdom which keeps the commandments of God, this Faith re-established as HE came as Savior..Jesus The Christ. It is the very place where the Anti-Christ has practiced his greatest wickedness from Abel to this day of Judgment. This HE who sits on the cloud comes as a cry of Righteous indignation because of the abominations being done against this earthly Temple and its God. 'Know ye not that you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit?'

What an experience for the Race (of Adam) as they watch the Savior thrust in His sickle and the earth is reaped. What an experience as they play their part in this mighty drama, as Eaglets of the Great God. Mighty Judgment...a final judgment falls on those who bear the Mark of the Beast and worship his Image. This judgment cuts from their foundations all the sinews of the Anti-Christ, and Great Babylon then comes down with a great crash. All the riches, and glories of a godless world fall in one common ruin, never to rise again. This will clear this planet of all rebellion against the Throne of the GOD of Israel. This harvest means the end of the whole present order of things called here:...'The end of the world (order)'. (Matthew 13:39). This is however but only one phase of this harvest, for there is also the harvest of the grapes, and this is the destroying of the people who have corrupted the whole earth. The grapes referred to here are the 'grapes of Sodom!' They are sour grapes..clusters of wickedness now fully ripened, thus the grapes of Gall being ripe...and the time has come to cut them down. 'Thou master...Holy and true Judge and avenge our blood from that dwelt on earth'. (Rev. 6:10) This vine of earth is the Anti-Christ...the branches his followers. These to be reaped at this time are born from the seed of the Devil's sowing, the children of the wicked one. (I John 12) The grapes of this vine of earth are now matured children of wickedness, and their wine is the poison of Dragons, and the cruel venom of the Asp. (Deut. 32:32-33) They have at this time gone as far as allowed to go, thus they are said to be fully 'ripe' and the sharp sickle of the Great Judgment strikes, and the 'Vine of Earth' is cut and its clusters gathered into that great winepress of the wrath of Almighty God. You read of this scene in chapters 16 & 19 of this Book. The Treading of the Great Winepress is by this KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS...Himself while His children look on.

This is a war scene...we find the kings of the earth gather for this Great battle in 'The Day of God Almighty'. It is in a military sense that the kings of earth come, seduced, drawn, and impelled by uncleanness that issue out of the mouth of the Dragon (Satan), out of the mouth of the Beast (World system), and out of the mouth of the False Prophet (false religion).

Here the place of battle is called Armageddon. Here the symbolism is of the mountain and city of Megiddo, or the great Esdraeton plain...'The valley of Megiddo which has ever been one of the great battle grounds for the judging of the wicked. It was in that area where Jabin's hosts and their 900 chariots or iron were completely overwhelmed by the influence of YAHWEH. There the children of the Midianites, Amalek, and those of the east (Cainanites) were routed before Gideon's 300 men with pitchers and lamps. There Samson triumphed with his crude instrument over the might of the Philistines. It was also in this spot that the son of Jesse (David) met and slew the great Goliath, and opened a breach of destruction upon those who defied Israel's God. This place would be fitting symbolically for the seat of the winepress which crushes out the last evil from the earth. Joel calls it the valley of Jehoshaphat, because it was always with the aid of YAHWEH that evil is put down. Here also YAHWEH puts down the rebellion of the Edomites. (Since the abominations of the desolator are in that old area, then his feet are to touch the mount of Olives.) The Beast (world order system) is there, the false prophet (false religion) is there, the kings, captains, mighty men,...all in league with the Anti-Christ are gathered into one great pen for slaughter.

Wherever this place may be..all slaughter is outside the Holy City (New Jerusalem for there is nothing left that is holy in Old Jerusalem.) There is this great judgment coming on many in the land of Old Palestine who have denied the Christ. Edom is especially mentioned for it was the Cainanite line into which Esau sowed his seed. Since according to prophecy the Heavenly Kingdom has now begun to display its connection to the kingdom in earth then of course 'The Son of Man' see the mustering of all the power of earth, and the Netherworld against HIM and His Kingdom. Before they are able to strike a blow we see the 'Lion of Judah' is upon them in this exterminating Judgment.

Ah! Yes, men in their unbelief may laugh at the Almighty threatenings, because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily. Their hearts may be fully set in them to do evil, but it will be no laughing matter as this final judgment hits. 'Seek ye out of the Book and read:...not one of these things shall fail'. Isaiah 34:16. Child of Adam..hear..God is not not join in with those of the world (order) whose deeds have not as yet confronted the judgment scene. Those gathering in the gaming halls, and drinking shops of Satan, those who sneer and wily jests at sacred things, don't join in, all are written down in the account Book of Eternity. The blood of the wronged and murdered innocence will not always cry in vain.

Here in this scene before us stands YAHSHUA...The Redeemer with the sharp sickle, for all His enemies, and beside HIM is the wine-press of destruction. You who are in the city (New Jerusalem) with HIM remember that outside is only death and damnation, nothing can make it different for the time of Judgment has arrived. (Why then, Oh! why would you give away your inheritance which is with HIM?)

Here then in symbolism this harvest, and the crushing of the grapes, brings an end of this present World (Order). Following this will come the setting up of the Eternal Kingdom, and then the new heaven and new earth.

There is however more to those closing scenes as the fate of the Dragon, the Beast (system) and the false prophet are more fully described before we even come to the time of the millennium, and the New Jerusalem. Here in Revelation...the same ground is covered as the description of the Harvest, and the Wine-press are described. Here also the seven plagues are described.

Now; there are three signs given to Moses, Gideon, Saul, Elijah, and also mentioned in Matthew 24., as Heralding the LORD'S coming. These are:... 1. The Sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens. 2. The putting forth of leaves by this withered fig tree. 3. The lapse of the world into the condition in which it was at the time of the flood. (of Noah's time)

These seven plagues we understand as the last ones and now the wrath of God is completed. At this time when the wicked are cut off...THE RIGHTEOUS WILL SEE IT! When the plagues fall upon the Anti-Christ and his hosts, those who thru suffering and death are kept clear of the worship of Darkness are singing and giving Glory to God as stroke after stroke from the Heavenly 'Temple' smites their oppressors. The Sea of Glass, like unto Crystal is best taken to symbolize a sea of 'JUST' judgments poured out in the seven final plagues. This is also a sea of blessed vindication and joy to those 'Faithful Ones' whom the Beast (system) has persecuted unto death. The victorious ones are standing on the shore of this Sea...singing the songs of Moses thus identifying themselves. They sing:..'Great and Marvelous are thy works, O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY..Just and True are thy ways. Thou the King of the nations..who shall not fear O LORD and glorify thy name, alone Holy...because all the nations shall come and worship thee, in thy presence, because thy judgments have been made manifest.'

John then sees the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony in Heaven opened, and there is the very Ark itself...'And then one from among the Living Ones (Leaders of Israel?) gave the seven Angels the 7 bowls full of the wrath of God.' This is not the first time we hear of these Living Ones taking part in the actual administration of judgment. 'Do ye not know that the Saints shall judge the world?' These bowls are shallow pans used in the Temple to hold the FIRE as incense is burned. Here we see Priestly censers which give vitality to the prayers of the Saints and sustains the worship of YAHWEH, at the same time carries the burning coals of judgment upon the wicked. That which seethes, and smokes in these Holy censers is God's punishment upon transgressors. Remember when the first tabernacle was dedicated, a cloud filled it, and Moses was not able to enter because of the Glory of God? (Exodus 40:34-35) When Solomon's Temple was dedicated the cloud of Divine Glory so filled the house the Priests could not stand to minister because of it. (I Kings 8:10-14). It was a cloud in those days, and here in place of the cloud it is FIERY smoke, the same that Isaiah in 6:1-4., saw in his vision of the enthroned YAHWEH. But here in Revelation we are interested in seeing finally the punishment of God upon the transgressors.

As we come to the drying up of the Euphrates River we remember that this River has always been noted as a boundary between the people of the east and the west. In the time of this judgment this river is said to be dried up. As we look at this picture we remember the Red Sea proved a trap for the persecuting Egyptians. Here in this instance the kings from the east are a part of the World order and the False Prophet, and they are coming for Judgment. Those who will not hear and follow the Christ will join the army of the Devil's worshipers, and they are led captive by the Devil, and his emissaries.

As the Kings of the whole habitable world are gathering for the battle of the Great Day, then John hears a voice which says:...'Behold I come as a thief; blessed is he that watches, and keepeth his garments, that he walk not naked, and they see his shame.' This is the voice of Jesus to his people. It is a note of instruction and direction to keep themselves in strictest readiness by watchful expectation and careful severance from the defiling abominations around them. Being naked means that someone is not covered by their protection of belief in the program of THE ALMIGHTY GOD. From east to west, from north to south the call to battle sounds and kings, nations, and armies are on the march to the scene of conflict. Going to this place for this event called in the Hebrew tongue..Armageddon. The name is from a Hebrew word meaning cut off, to slay, thus a place of great slaughter, just as was Megiddo of the Old Testament.

As this seventh Angel poured out his bowl over the air there comes the voice from the Temple saying:..'It is done'. And we realize that this is the end of the Judgment...'It is finished.' You now remember that as the two witnesses, church and state, ascended there was a great earthquake and then Great Babylon falls. And even greater earthquake now comes (Zechariah 14:4) as the Mount of Olives is to cleave in two from east to west leaving a great valley between. Some tell us that the Mediterranean sea will then flow thru this rift and on into the Dead Sea, and on any case there will no longer be a Dead Sea.

We here are seeing pictures of great convulsions, of an ending World (order) and even the face of the earth will be changed. No, the Globe itself will not be destroyed but there will be great changes on the face of the earth and one place for those changes will be Old Palestine. The Anti-Christ and his people will never repent no matter what destruction they see, and you are not to expect it. They will hold true to their present character and be blaspheming God on account of this destruction which is called a Great Hail. There is Eternal security for you if you believe what is written, and obey and trust as He counsels and directs. You may go thru some sharp trials but this will bring you thru, as a skeptical and blaspheming World (order) goes down under His 'Just Anger'.

THE JUDGMENT ON THE GREAT HARLOT Revelation 17:1-17. 'And he bore me spirit...into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet beast, having seven heads and ten horns, and the woman had upon her forehead the name Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of Harlots, and of the abominations of earth. And I saw the woman drunken from the blood of the saints and from the blood of Martyrs.'

Now we are to learn of this mysterious Great Babylon which has been off stage for so long. We saw the woman (Israel) of chapter 12:1-3., who brought forth the man child who was to rule the nations, and this woman is her counter-part for the opposite kingdom., she...this Mystery Babylon is the mother of harlots, and the abominations of earth. Both women are splendidly dressed. The first is clothed with the light of the sun, her raiment is Light from the Heavens. The second is clothed in Purple and Scarlet and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls. The first lady has the earth under her feet, the second has a kingdom with rule upon the earth. Here again we see these two kingdoms (seed lines) running side by side, and it is the leader of the Dragon kingdom (Satan) who stood ready to devour the man child (Redeemer) of this first lady (Israel). He drives her into the wilderness and sends his seed to destroy her seed. The Stream of the Dragon...the Great Serpent comes like a river trying to overwhelm her (Israel). These two women (kingdoms) are counter-parts of each other. The first is hated by the powers of earth altho she is a pure woman (Israel). The second is loved, flattered and caressed by the World (order). The first produces Masculine Nobility, the second produces effeminate impurity which calls down Divine Wrath. The first is sustained and helped by Celestial Wings likened to the Outstretched Wings of a Great Eagle. The other is supported and carried by the Dragon (Satanic) power. The first has a crown of 12 Stars (the names of the 12 tribes of Israel) her Patriarchs and Apostles of her Race as her Royal Diadem. The second has upon her forehead the name of the Great Destroyer, and oppressor of the Holy People. She is drunk with the blood of the Saints, and to blame for all who have been slain upon the whole earth.

The first woman (Kingdom-Israel) comes out of a Heavenly City...made up of imperishable Jewels and arrayed in all the Glory of God and the Lamb. The second woman (Kingdom)...Mystery Babylon comes forth as a city of this World (order) which suddenly is to fall under the wrath of the Great God, and becomes the habitation of Demons, the hold of every unclean spirit. Since Anti-Christ is the antagonist of Christ, then Great Babylon is thus the antagonist of the woman (Israel) who brings forth the Man Child. Beyond question the sun clad woman is God's symbol of Israel from whence comes the true Faith. She is the Lamb's Bride, she is then His wife, bone of His bone, and flesh of His flesh, and spirit of His Spirit. She is the mother of the Saints, and the Prophets call her Jerusalem, the Bride, Mt. Zion, the Temple, and the Tabernacle of God. She is not the church of one period over another but she is the Faith carried by a people from the days of Adam and Eve on to the last victory over the and mark of the final Anti-Christ.

This woman on the back of the Red Beast can only be the rival of the Woman (Israel) from the Heavens. With her you will find the Bride of Satan, the congregation of false believers, false worship, the teaching of Satan's lies. One of the most characteristic features of this woman is her Harlotry. That is the standing symbol in the Word of God for Idolatry and false devotion, when people worship for God that which is not God, or give their hearts to idols, or institute systems, doctrines, rites or administrations, to take the place of what God has revealed and appointed the Scripture calls this whoredom, adultery, fornication; the reason...this is the breaking down of Divine Laws, and Ordinances and necessarily carries with it the dishonor of the marriage institution, and all supports of godly chastity, and pureness, accordingly all religions are even attended by such in their most honored rites. The sacredness of marriage has no place with this woman and her associates. We are told by Divine Law that we are to love our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. This is His due and requirement of all His Saints. Bestowing that affection on any other object, putting this case...a great spiritual harlot in HIS place can only bring great unrest and trouble.

Going back in history we find that in the time of Nimrod a city was built called Babylon. Into that city of Aryans came those of the rival kingdom, and the Mythical Semiramus became the Queen. She was of this other kingdom, and there began a combination of both blood and evil. Nimrod is credited then with beginning a new and oppressive style of government, and as a part of it was the inauguration of a new and idolatrous religion. Nimrod the the Bible is called a Mighty Hunter before the LORD, but he also became a mighty rebel..mighty in sin, urging men to leave their God and judgment of Shem and follow him in rebellion against God. Nimrod became known as the Heaven defying founder of a new system of rule and worship, instituting a government by brute force, and full of earthly wisdom and policy, and a religion which abolished the true God, set men to adoring the sun, moon, and stars impersonated in himself, his wife, and relatives and chief associates, and represented in the idol standards of his kingdom. Babylon was converted to counteract the will and worship of the true and known GOD. It was the creature and handmaid of power for the deification of the 'lust' of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, in place of the creator.

The wine of Babylon's fornication was a system of idol worship, carnal self-exaltation, self gratification over and against the revelations of and institutes of YAHWEH. This 'Wine' of Babylon moved out and into every nation of the world. In fact we still find it yet today, affecting if not controlling their thinking, their policies, their faith, and their worship. All the kings of the earth, and all the governments under heaven have more or less joined in the uncleanness, the fornication of this same old Babylonian harlot. It is this same old Babylon and her harlot daughters from the banks of the Euphrates who rule upon the earth today.

The cup held out is golden, to the sensual, but the world's religions are sometimes bright and glorious, but in this cup held out by this woman is not only abominations, but spiritual prostitution, of Empires, kingdoms, or established authority. Thus the LORD says:...'I am against thee oh destroying mountain (kingdom) which destroyest all the earth, and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks and make thee a burnt mountain.' Jeremiah 51:25.

The kingdom of the Messiah is likened to 'a stone which became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth'. Daniel 2:35. This destroying Satanic kingdom is said to have seven heads, who are seven kings or Empires, great ruling powers. Five had already fallen at that time when John was writing and 'one is' or was standing at that time. These powers are:...... 1. Egypt 2. Assyria 3. Babylon 4. Medo-Persia 5. Greece 6. Rome....was the one ruling at that time. Number 7...would be the coming of Genghis Khan from the Steppes of Asia, and the 8th..., Beast or system would be Communism by the same power that brought forth Genghis Khan.

The Vision of Daniel and John were both from the same Divine Mind. Both see this vision of the great harlot riding on the back of the World powers. John was just writing at a later date. These great powers started out as Good Empires but true religion and uncorrupted church never suited them long. Dragon followers are ill at ease without some form of Dragon Worship. It is a sad commentary but it is truth...all the great world powers, from the first to the last became paramours of this Harlot Woman (Kingdom).

As John is taken to see the Judgment of the Great harlot he is taken into a wilderness. This is the description of where spiritual harlotry occupies the place of the true worship of God. Here is desolation. There may be riches, and worldly power, fullness of power, and dominion. There may be scarlet, gold gems, pearls, and drinks from the golden cups, yet where the WORD..the worship and institutes of God are trampled underfoot, that is a wilderness. When the church (Faith) and doctrines are ignored as an impediment to the true interest of man, the worst hindrance to human progress, and blessedness occurs, when the world believes itself wiser than its maker then it is a Wilderness. When the gospel of the sensual and the devilish wisdom has once had its way in victory as it surely will; when the atheistic materialism to which many are embracing has attained its bloom; when the goodishness for which so large a portion of the professed church is setting its birthright, and have brought forth their inevitable fruits, the results will be a universal wilderness; with nothing but a monster Beast System from the Abyss for government, and self will for law, and the uncleanness of a harlot for paradise. This is the world (order) in its final outcome, when the Anti-Christ reigns, and great Babylon reaches its full development. Remember that John had seen this Woman clothed with the Sun...who brought forth the man-child. In fact John has walked with this MAN-child in physical life. He then sees this other woman (Kingdom) develop to its fullness. He sees the Beast System develop until it takes a red glow as the slaughter of the Saints continues. But here is a two fold judgment described upon this harlot (Kingdom). Her fall is mentioned twice, in chapter 17 where Great Babylon is described as a mystery, but the last shows Babylon in detail. This leader of the Woman (Kingdom) in control of the Beast System (world order) sets up a new religion on the earth. This religion she insists on making as universal as her dominion, and she makes war on all religions both false and true. The record is that no one may live under this system who will not conform to their form of worship. 'No one may buy or sell without accepting their sacrament...or mark.' What riches others possess will be confiscated, all daring to resist will be put to the sword. This is the work of the False Prophet who is a part of this great kingdom called the Great Harlot.

And Angel was quick to point out to John the difference in the two women (Kingdoms). That the prophecy about old Babylon was not all fulfilled, that some reached out into the future unto the end of the prophecy..when Babylon and all its meaning will be completely blotted out. Even in the days of our Author (1856) there was still a city in the area of old Babylon containing 10,000 people. 500 years after the Christ there were Jewish academies there who issued the Celebrated Babylonian the sentence upon old Babylon is not as yet fulfilled.

The emblem of commerce has always been 'the scales' with the figure of a woman on each side. One is surrounded with the implements of navigation looking to the sea. The other is surrounded with the implements of trade, husbandry and transportation looking toward the land. The two mutually supporting what is between them, while above are the wings of some vigorous bird, to indicate the far reaching flight of what is pictured to the eye, and the imagination. The whole modern world has set the seal of approval on this emblem of Commerce. This symbol of Commerce was shown to Zachariah 500 years before the Christian era. He saw a great flying roll of the curse of God going forth over the face of the whole earth to cut off transgressors, and he beholds an 'ephah'..the common bushel measure, and a 'talent of lead'...the flat rounded weight used in the calculation of tonnage put upon the top of the bushel measure, while on each side of it was a woman with wings. These two lifted up the 'ephah' between the heaven and the earth to carry it away, but there was in the midst of this measure... another woman called:...'Wickedness', the lawless woman answering to the description of the Great Harlot of Revelation. This emblem or symbol of Commerce was to be placed in the land of Shinar.

Babylon is to compel the powers of earth to drink of her cup...but she is also prophesied to be the last of the powers compelled to drink of the cup of wrath in the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD. Babylon is under judgment of God to become totally destroyed, no more inhabited forever. Jeremiah 50:12-13. Our Author in his time believed that old Babylon would be totally rebuilt before her fall. (A few years ago we were reading that this was contemplated. But I doubt that is necessary. I can think of a center of a western city which pretty well controls the commerce of the world with their money. Where are they clamoring for a common code, a common currency, common weights, and measures...which is not likely to be stopped until it secures what it takes to dictate to all countries.) This power..'commerce' is the power which is mightier than any Pope, any throne, any government, or human power on the face of the earth. The time will come said our Author when it will settle on its own independent base, where Judaism, Heathenism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Muhammadanism, and Buddhism...with every nationality represents in one great fellowship of commerce????

Babylon as a symbol fits this picture. Her merchants would thus be the great men of the earth. All the prophecies of the Book would be fulfilled in the picture of this great city controlling the whole world. Kings and governments would throw their favors to such a city. The worship of the earth would be controlled. All religions and moral laws which stand in the way of its purpose would be abolished. The worship would make Temples of Banks, Warehouses, and exchanges, and pleasure parks. The worship of the Almighty dollar would supplant all other devotions, thus the Divine description is 'Filthy Lucre'. Covetousness is idolatry and a form of it is the Root of all Evil; Here then is covetousness, deep wrapped in the embracing arms of its god, dazzling and defiling the word with the glory and grandness of its abominations. This is Babylon in all its symbolism...where will its final gathering place be before a total destruction in 'The Great and Terrible Day of the LORD??' (Here today in late 1989 we believe that Satan's seat...a great city carrying the symbolism of Great Babylon is the inner city of London, England. Here is the money capital of the world. Here its seat is in the western Christian world which it must control to maintain rule over the world. The program for a United Europe does not touch countries of the third world, or even the eastern world which they already control. As of now I do not see why another city would have to be established as they set up the United Europe. We have quite a different idea...let them have the gold and silver and the fine linen which they make as their god, we have quite a different Savior...quite another calling.

A mistake is often made if you consider 'The Day of the LORD' as one particular scene, one Armageddon. He did come when he was born in Bethlehem. He did come out of Egypt. He did come as He announced Himself at Nazareth; He did come as a great Light among the people of northern Galilee. He did come riding into Jerusalem on the ass; He did come to the Temple, and drove out the money changers; and He came when He reappeared after His Resurrection. These comings covered a period of 33 years. Just what time is to be covered in this Great and Terrible Day of the LORD we are not told. What we are told is that in this TIME...Mystery Babylon the Great is to be thrown down. 'Fallen--Fallen is Babylon the Great'. Twice is the word Fallen repeated, there are two stages to her fall. Babylon is a mystery, and a system of false worship, and a system of earthly merchants. If the people of God's Kingdom respond to the cry from the heavens:...'Come out of her O my people', they then escape the consequences of the fall of Babylon as the city of merchants. Wealth is the only ticket of admission to this city. She acknowledges no god, no Christ, no holy spirit, and yet proposes to do for the world what she assumes to be beyond the power of the administration of heaven. She makes no claim to sacred prophecy, acknowledges no sacred books, her power is purely earthly, as is her glory and her treasures, yet she...'Saith in her heart I sit a Queen, I am not a widow, and shall see no mourning.'

She has exhaulted herself even above Almighty God saying she is not a widow as were the children of Israel for a time. Christendom waits for HIS coming, where as this Queen's husband is here, and in command. Her lovers are many, her joy full, whereas the children of God have perpetual sorrow and trial in earth. Like their Savior they are despised, persecuted, even when 'they knowest not.'

This fall of Babylon is a marvelous event for the people of God. Whereas those closely associated with this woman wail and moan. They have leaned on her money for so long, all their riches come from her, but now the markets are gone...all gone. But the people of God:...'Rejoice over her, o Heaven, Saints, Apostles and Prophets, because YAHWEH hath judged...'Your judgment' out of her.'

Always the children of God's kingdom have denounced the devil, and all his works, the sinful desires of the flesh, this has been the great controversy ever since the Race (of Adam) began.

Alleluia is then heard from the heavens for this is the salvation of the children of God. The harvest is ripe, the harlot has had her day, she is now finished. This kingdom of the World order has become the possession of Our LORD and HIS Christ (anointed). Altho the World (order) with Satan in control has built their One World system...yet it becomes the property of the only true King of the World.

This fall of Great Mystery Babylon heralds, and begins the political regeneration of the earth. When Adam was in Eden then God was king, but Adam fell, and until this original theocracy is restored, and the powers of heaven take control there is no Peace. But there is an 'All Ruler' who will take the kingdom, and give the Race the Reign of Blessedness promised.

'Alleluia, because the LORD GOD...the 'All Ruler' hath assumed the Kingdom.

Until Next time...May YAHWEH BLESS.