ERM - Tape 093 - Voice Of The Trumpet; Little Book; Apocalypse-Joseph Seiss




1. The Voice of the Trumpet......The Little Book.


These are subjects from the Old Big Book by Joseph Seiss called The Apocalypse, Vol II


As the seventh Seal of that Book of INHERITANCE is broken we still have a delay in the reading of the Book. Now seven Angels stand in the presence of God and 'to them are given seven trumpets'. In Holy Scripture the voice of the Trumpet is the most significant voice known. God Himself gave His Ancient people very special directions with regard to the use of the Trumpet. It is described as a loud and mighty cry, which related only to important occasions in Israel.

Trumpets were connected with war. (Numbers 10:9 Jeremiah 4:19) Trumpets were for gathering the people and moving the camps of Israel. (Numbers 8) Trumpets proclaimed great festivals. Trumpets are also related to the announcements of Royalty. (I Kings 1:34-39 II Kings 9:13) Trumpets are associated with the manifestation of the Majesty and Power of God. Trumpets are connected with the overthrow of the ungodly. Trumpets proclaimed the laying of the foundations of God's Temple.

Here we have the Messiah breaking the last Seal of this Book of Inheritance and this involves the final consummation of the Great Mystery of God concerning this Lost Inheritance of His people. Here is the number 7 related to Adam and also to perfection, of a part of His Divine program in THE GREAT DAY OF THE LORD which is to bring great gatherings, and mighty changes. A day of victories, jubilee, the opening of the reign of the True Son of David, the end of Great Babylon, the Anti-Christ and his confederates to be removed from this earth. Before this seventh Angel sounds, the Great High Priest of His Race comes forward and the prayers of the Saints are put into His Hands. This signifies that the prayers of the Saints will now be answered. The time has now come when HE will avenge His Elect. (Malachi 4:1) The Saviour then casts the Censer now filled with Fire (Shekinah Light) of the Altar...casts it into the earth.

It is not Adam's guilt that brings this fire on earth. It is not the condemnation in which the Gospel finds this race, for it comes into earth with a full and everlasting promise of reprieve. It is because there is a people here in earth who tread underfoot the 'Son of Man' and count His sanctifying blood an unholy thing, and deny the Spirit of Grace. After all perdition is simply abused or perverted Grace.

As He empties the fiery contents of His censer toward earth there follows 'Thunderings, Lightnings, Voices, and an Earthquakes'..these being all signs and instruments of God's Judgment upon His foes.

Here John has been seeing the conflict of his people with the very foes of the Almighty God and now the time has come for the action of 'The Great Day' be hurried to its completion.

No two sounding trumpets are alike and yet there is a gradual over the other to the end. One touches the ground, the trees, and the green grass. Another touches the sea, ships, and creatures in the sea, a third touches the rivers and springs of water. A fourth touches the sun, moon and stars. Another breaks open the door of separation between earth and the grave. A sixth turns loose the army of horses and horsemen who will use their power to harass the children of the kingdom, for judgment begins at the House of God. But as the seventh sounds the mighty struggle begins and the two witnesses are murdered.

We realize now that all parts of the kingdom of God...have been attacked. The two witnesses (church and state) are the Administration of the Kingdom of God which the powers of evil must stop to hold control of the earth.

As we come to the writing in Revelation 8:13 and 9:1-2., we now have a picture as an Eagle flies in Mid-heaven saying:..'Woe, Woe, Woe to the dwellers of earth.' The English version describes this proclamation as being made by an Angel, but the best and oldest manuscripts translate this as an Eagle. In the Scriptures we find that the Almighty is likened to an Eagle (Deuteronomy 32 and Luke 17:34-37) tells us that wherever the body is found there the Eagles will be gathered together. This is referring to 'The Body of Christ' and here the Saints (believing offspring) are called Eagles because they form 'The Body of Christ in the world today'. HE is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, thus HE is the true slain whom the Saints are gathered since He is the Great Eagle then the Saints are likened to Eagles of Faith. Eagles are those whose youth is renewed like Eagles. Psalm 103:5. They are those who mount up with wings as Eagles as they ascend. The Eagles are the assembly of the Saints who proclaim that The Christ came 'IN THE FLESH'.

The Eagle is a Royal Bird. It stands at the head of the feathered tribes as does the Lion among the beasts. The Eagles are heirs of Royalty, and dominion, they have crowns. They are to share in the official honors of Eternity as none but themselves ever will. Eagles are great watchers. They have far reaching vision. It is almost impossible to surprise or deceive them.

The Eagle Saints are those who will not be taken unaware when 'The Day of the LORD comes'. That day is to come quietly, with stealth, but it cannot surprise the Eagles who are on the lookout for it. They have a clear and keen vision for all signs of its nearness, and they exercise that vision, what ever the duties in which they are engaged, both in their going out, and in their coming in, they are never unmindful of what may at any time occur.

Eagles prefer the height when they soar, and when they rest. Eagle Saints have their citizenship in Heaven. They live in the world (order) but their feelings, affections, and desires are above it. Their greatest impulses are upward, ever upward. They built their nests in the Mountains of God, and prefer and long to be where they are no more annoyed with the dangers of this world (order).

Eagles are stronger of wing than other birds. Their swiftness and power are astonishing. Thus the symbolism of Eagle Saints mark them by the vigor of their Faith and Hope. They are particularly strong in those truths and promises which lift them heavenward, anticipating the dawn of a different economy, and they long to heavenly places with their Saviour....JESUS THE CHRIST.

Some would compare The Christ to a Hen who would have gathered people as a hen gathers her chicks, but YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA...Saviour is likened to a parent Eagle...Deuteronomy 32:11-12., and His Elect to young Eagles, whom HE feeds, and bears upward, and teaches to fly, to rise to Himself. He is as The Great Eagle in HIS coming in Glory, when the Eagles of the Gospel will be gathered together when the 'Body of The Christ' is to be found.

When the sun is darkened, the moon obscured and the stars fall...the Eagles because of their strength and protection will be soaring high above the storm clouds of the World (order).

When all the tribes of earth mourn, the Eagles are already with THE LORD, John saw them there under the outstretched wings of the Great Eagle, he heard them singing, and they were there before the Lamb took the Book of Inheritance. They were singing:..'Thou art worthy; for thou wert slain, and redeemed us by thy blood. Thou hast made us unto our God, kings and priests and we shall reign ON EARTH'. Revelation 4:5-10 and 5:8-10. At that time the Great Voice was also saying: 'Woe, Woe, Woe to the dwellers of earth for there were more things to happen'. These three Woes trumpet the conclusion of this world (order), and the end forever of this present world economy. Then on the very eve of the end, and when the last awful visitations are about to fall on the ungodly still a mighty voice cries a warning of mercy before it is gone forever. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked; we thus behold HIM true to HIS Word to the last.

These Eagles announced Woes are blasts of judgment...all belonging to this 'Great Day of the LORD'. The first four blasts of the triumphant Trumpet brought judgment upon the physical earth and its inhabitants. Then the Trumpet proclaimed this 'fallen star' which was not a meteorite but rather an intelligent agent, and a key is given to him, and he lets loose from their prison some of the tenants of evil spirits.

John tells us that because of the wickedness of the World special powers are now granted to him (Satan) at this time. He is allowed a full experience of his administration. Altho Satan has great power, he is still under control, under bonds, and limitations beyond which he cannot go. But he is now allowed to use his demons, altho there are some he cannot bring forth.

But in the Great Day of Judgment these described as locusts are not insects. They have a certain degree of intelligence for they are to distinguish between those who have the Seal of the Living God in their foreheads and other people. They have a king who they obey and earthly locust have no such king. This king is not Satan himself but he is the chief power of darkness, but he has princes under him, with their own particular command. However it is Satan who opens the door to let hem out for their destructive purposes. This one, and his Prince are not allowed to kill men, or touch the Sealed ones, but they are allowed to torment those who do not have the Seal of God in their forehead, and they can cause lots of difficulties to those children of God as well. Since these are out of the pit this tells us that this will bring on a period of demon worship led by those demons. There will then be a time when this Demon worship will once more be brought back to life, and a multitude of people will fall under its influence, even to some extent those who are supposed to be Christians. This will be declared the only true religion, its oracles are loud and hopefully in its prediction it will soon enlist to itself the governments, and ruling classes of the whole world. (This would hopefully lead to the setting in place of a one world world world money system) However we have been warned that this would happen...'In the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils'. I Timothy 4:1-3.

In connection with this demon worship will be the revival of idolatry, idols of gold and silver, copper, stone, and wood will again command the genius of men for their construction, and be set up to please their Demon lords. As we then later read of the False Prophet this is simply a culmination of a system already in vogue.

Murder will become the most common of crimes. All sorts of sins against human life will characterize society, and be tolerated, and passed over as if no great harm were done. Sorceries, with drugs will be one of the dominant forms of vice and sin in these days of drugs, potions, intoxication, and the use of cosmetics to increase love attractions, as well as medications for everything, encouraging mankind to recklessness in transgression with the hope of easily repairing the damages of nature, setting loose and stimulating the activities of vile passions which are eating out the moral sense of our society. The Apostle used the word 'fornication' as embracing all the forms of lewdness, and intimating that marriage will be hardly recognized anymore. 'Free Love' is put forward and defended as a better right, a better religion, a higher law. Dishonesty will flourish disregarding the rights of others. Fraud, theft, and deceit wherever it is possible brings horror to the world in which the family of God lives, as well as judgment.

(Does this seem to be the condition of our world today as the seventh Angel gets ready to sound? As we see the work of the Demon powers then we recall that it is their tails which do the damage and we would thus spell the word as 'Tales'.)

As to the Little Book which John eats that is as sweet as honey as he sees the promises fulfilled for his people. This mighty Angel (Eagle) whose foot is upon the sea, and on the land is signifying how useless it is for HIS foes to resist, and then there comes seven Thunders which John is not to record. These are things connected to the Lion of Judah as He comes, and we learn those things at that time. This Little Book which John is to digest must be the same Book which The Christ opened, because it speaks of the redemption of the race, and now all demands of the law are met so it can be opened. This Little Book is the very essence of sacred prophecy, all true Faith, and abiding Hope. Here then is the Redeemer with this now opened Book, with the seals all free, and now His people can take it from His hand and feed on it, and make it the subject of their hopes, their prayers.

There is nothing sweeter than the Gospel to a willing and believing Saint (offspring). The Psalmist said:..'How sweet are thy words to my taste, yea sweeter than honey to the mouth.' And the Little Book was sweet in John's mouth, but it was the title deed of our Inheritance which filled him with joy and gladness. Then John was shown the scenes of blood and wrath which were to be passed thru...all the temptations laid before his people, and the effects of all this, and now he realized the struggle ahead would be bitter and long.

The Mystery of God is nothing more or less than the final sum of all God's revelations and doings for the reinstatement of Adam-man into his lost Inheritance. The fulfillment of this Mystery is the final accomplishment of the last items of Divine Administration which make up the sum total, the ultimate realization of all the fore-announcements made to, and by any and all of God's Prophets in all is the Gospel of the length into a full and lasting Eternal Kingdom. (This is the True Gospel which we call Identity.)

Our Author tells us that if we preach the second coming of The Christ, and the end of evil, then we must grasp what this Book is communicating to a people.

The greatest events of time will transpire under the time of the sounding of the seventh Angel (Eagle). It is the grand climax, however long it will last, but it embraces the culmination of this present world (order) and the installation of the New Order. This is the time of righteous indignation of outraged justice which can no longer allow the blood of the covenant to be trampled under foot. This is then the point beyond which the devil and his cohorts cannot go, mercy itself cries out for justice.

As people..against all the 'Light' (knowledge)...the warnings sent them still move on with their devil-worship, idolatry, murder, and such they will fill the measure of their guilt and judgment comes and sweeps them away. 'If they hear not Moses, and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though ONE rose from the dead'. Luke 16:31. (Remember that altho they will in time live under a perfect administration by the Saints under command of the Saviour, still when Satan is loosed for a little while they will once more flock to him, showing which spirit inhabits them.)

Tho we may think the coming of the final consummation may be slow still it will come, and then the whole Mystery of God shall be fulfilled. (We have often wondered if the establishment and rule of the Kingdom all over the earth does not come with the Saviour manifested more to the Saints, not the whole world. Adam and Eve remember came into earth with the power both of spiritual and physical to do just that, but Satan was able to stop them, altho under Enoch there was a Golden Age. This time...the administration of the Kingdom under the guidance of our Saviour will surpass the other Golden Age in all ways. With the influence of Satan curtailed the believing offspring will be able to do their job. Even the children of evil still around would no longer hinder. Then when Satan is loosed for a little while the children of His Spirit return to him and come against the returning Saviour now manifested in all His Majesty, and now seen by all the World (order) as well. At this time the children of darkness as well as Satan himself will be taken out of earths affairs. Now the Mysteries of God will be seen and understood, and the progression and restoration of those beyond the Saints (believing offspring) will begin.

The measuring of the Temple and those who worship therein. Revelation 11:1-2. Measuring is a judicial is the laying down of lines and borders which are to mark or determine the dimensions and boundaries. It is a sign of appropriation. When it is proposed to take possession, and to have things built for a purpose men begin to measure. In the establishment of some new order, as beheld by Ezekiel there is a great deal of measuring, and marking out of possessions. When the triumphant Redeemer is about to enter...upon the Lost Inheritance He gives this command to measure. What is to be measured then is what HE has already acknowledge and claimed. The first thing measured is the Temple, and the Altar, and the worshipers in that Temple. Peter says:...'Judgment begins at the House of God'. Thus the spiritual center of the kingdom which is called the church, but which is something other than the Laodicean church. (We would say this is the true church.)

As the lines are laid out you see this is something new to be built, and yet it is still connected to the same people of the covenant who worship here. This includes all the whole House of Israel, now together, walking a land some of them once trod. This cannot be the Temple built at the time of Solomon, this cannot be the time of the Temple of Herod. This has to be a memorial Temple and grounds which can be visited to bring back memories. The symbolism here is of the Holy City of old where the Kingdom of Israel once operated for a short time. It will come in remembrance to walk that ground after the days of the abomination of the desolator is over. At that time one more of the Mysteries of God will be revealed. (This is where some people who believe that the Jews are the 'chosen' people...claim that the old temple will be rebuilt and the Jews will begin animal sacrifices once again. But we do not see it that way and neither did our author altho he is very careful to not disturb the thinking of some people.)

There is another Mystery revealed here and that Mystery is of these two Witnesses. They are described as two Olive Trees and two Lamps, and altho in symbolism they touch the House of Judah and the House of Israel, still now together, here we find two distinct bodies of witnesses for The Christ. Who then do you say that they really are? Some say Enoch and Elijah, and some say Moses and Elijah, but actually in symbolism they are not individual men, they are Church and State for the Administration of the Kingdom which has been ignored for so long by the World Order.

These two witnesses wore sack cloth, a symbol of mourning, and power remember was given to the evil administration of the World Order. They actually think they have finally gotten rid of this Kingdom of the Saints. But remember that in all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse, we are dealing with the Coming time of 'THE DAY OF THE LORD'; and the winding up of all the affairs of this present world (order). Angels stand ready to sound as the witnesses pass from the world stage, but the two witnesses are said to stand on their feet and in time thus to destroy their assailants with fire (Shekinah Light). They breathe the Law and Spirit, and are to lead the restoration of fallen Israel. They are to return Israel to its true God and Saviour thus the Kingdom will need the administration of both church (spiritual center) and state (administration) as it was set in place at Mt. Sinai. Then now in this time they who undertake to injure or interfere with the kingdom are instantly removed. When the two witnesses are declared dead in the streets of the world (order) there is great joy, but after a time, by the power of God life is restored, and the joy of the enemy is suddenly turned into terror as they see the Kingdom rise. The people who would not believe in the Resurrection and the ascension of The Christ are now compelled to witness this resurrection and ascension of HIS last witnesses. Many now will be compelled to admit the inevitable literalness of the FIRST RESURRECTION.

The seventh Angel finally sounds, and the Kingdom of the World (order) becomes our LORD'S and His Christs..Anointed Ones. Most translations say the Kingdom's of the world (order) but the Ancient records record the translation as Kingdom. Since always we are dealing with the two kingdoms:....The Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Darkness we would believe the record refers to the Kingdom of Darkness which now becomes our LORD'S and His peoples.

The seventh Trumpet brings in the mightiest scenes and changes in the whole history of earth and time. The opening of the Temple in heaven at his time shows that the Divine is now visible, just like the veil in the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed as Jesus died on the Cross...showing He was not there. Here is shown closer intimacy between these worshiping Saints on earth, and those in heaven who belong to the great consummation. The Ark appears signifying that all the commitments of God with His people which were in that Ark, are now in view. Buried for so long, still not lost, only preserved with not one promise obsolete or dead is the message as the Golden Box now reappears. This re-appearance brings back remembrance of all the times Israel carried that Ark in their march of Destiny. As the Ark of HIS Covenant is revealed to give joy and hope to the people of the Covenant, the Kingdom of Darkness is of course troubled, as well they might be.

As the seventh Angel (Eagle) sounds then what does this embrace?

1. There is to be a radical change in the government of the world. The kingdom of darkness of the world order now belongs to 'Our LORD and His Saints' having given the world order all these years to settle upon its proper allegiance yet it is even more a malignant kingdom than ever, but now it is to be broken in pieces. Laws will be given to be changed no more, for the government is now changed.

2. Closely connected with this change, and one of the things involved in it, is the destruction of earth's destroyers. They that are a curse to the world shall be removed.

3. Then comes the judgment of the dead. But remember that when Adam-man dies it is not the end of them. They reappear again, for John sees them both small and great, and not one of all the Race are missing as they stand before the great White Throne.

Since the woman clothed with the sun of Revelation 12:1-3 is a race which produces a kingdom and the Saviour of that kingdom, then the Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12:3-4., must also be a literal devil, called the Serpent. In the Pentateuch, in Job, in the Gospels, and in the Epistles there are illusions to him, his origin, and his work. The Bible tells of evil spirits, and of Satan being the head of them, and yet some people will not accept the fact that there is a literal devil. It is a favorite resort of Satan to try to persuade men that no such being exists. Some think it impossible for such an evil power to find a place in the realm of Almighty goodness. But there is no difficulty in explaining or constructing the existence of wicked Angels, than the existence of wicked and devilish men. The very nature of moral government implies the necessity, the possibility of evil.

God never made an evil thing, but having constituted moral agents, the ability to do wrong as well as good then had to be in them. And with the ability to do wrong, there is nothing improbable in the doctrine that some have exorcized that ability, perverted their being, and lost their character standing and place as Holy Creatures. It is rather one of unavoidable liabilities of such a constitution but without such a constitution God would not be half as well known. Instead of being offended with God for having made it possible for evil to originate within His domain, and of finding fault with Him for allowing sin, we should be praising HIM for allowing us to know the difference.

When Moses was told to take up the Serpent by his tail, Exodus 4:1, this might be a proper way to take hold of this Dragon who is the old serpent. His tail is the most striking feature in the picture as it swings thru the heavens, and coils about Celestial principalities and draweth along the third of the stars. (See your Star Bible)

These stars which the Serpent drew are not the stars from the crown of the woman (Israel), neither are they literal stars for This is a sign, a symbol. They are called stars, and Satan was once called a Day Star:...'How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer'. Isaiah 14:12. Jude also speaks of Angels who did not keep their first estate, but left their own habitation. Peter also refers to 'The Angels who sinned, and God spared them not'. II Peter 2:4.

Yes, there was a time when evil came among these heavenly orders, infected many of them, soiled their robes, dislodged them from their glorious seats. How this disaster came about is indicated by this picture before us. Satan one of the Brightest and mightiest among them was the cause, and author of it all. He dared to lift himself up against his maker, and instituted a revolt against the throne, and the very Majesty of God Himself. He infected others, imbued them with his spirit, and made them co-partners of his plot. Here was the Dragon exerting his strength in heaven and drawing others with his TALE.

These rebel Angels were plucked from their places, dethroned and reserved in chains, under darkness unto the judgment of 'The Great Day' (Jude 6). They are thus kept against their will, in the power and purpose of God. They are thus prisoners, and in darkness until their punishment comes. They can roam at large about our earth, and in the atmosphere which surrounds the earth; for the devil 'goeth about' to do mischief, but they cannot go any further than their length of chain.

The Devil is said to have seven heads and ten horns which implies political rulership. The number seven is the number of dispensation..fullness.. the earthly complete number. (We would say this is also Adam's number)

These are heads of governing power and implied rule, which the devil controls. He is the 'Prince of this world'. John 12:31..14:30 and 16:11. Paul calls him 'the god of the world (order)'. II Corinthians 4:4. There are good elements here and there in the World (order) for God has not resigned His providence over the world, but Satan has his hold over them and operates them as the Great Usurper. Thru the world powers he put himself against the Kingdom of God Almighty.

The Dragon is said to be Red at the end of his time, he is fierce, bent on destruction. He was a murderer from the beginning. John 8:44. He seduces and misleads the whole world, promising good and peace only that he may trap and ruin. He is the cause of all evil, all wars, all disabled or extinguished life, all graves, all tears, all mutations of earths families, nations, or the Race...all are the results of the Devils doing.

When we think of all the blood shed, the wars, the murderers, the rapes, and violence caused by this one called Satan, the Devil and Apollon we then realize that there are actually two kingdoms, and two different heads of those kingdoms. One is the Almighty YAHWEH (God) whose Majesty transcends all human thought and comprehension. He is the Eternal, His Nature perfect, His throne absolute. On the other hand stands a mimic god, a being not beyond the control of the Almighty, but one of the beings, who set out to overturn heaven aiming to supplant the kingdom and authority and rightful worship of the Great Eternal Himself..trying to grasp the reins of universal sovereignty. Under the purposes of God he has made mighty strides towards the realization of his full program. Men just as well realize that there is a mighty confederation of evil which does exist, and it is made up of fallen Angels, millions of them disembodied and in the flesh, and they burden our atmosphere and overspread our planet with disorders, anarchy, misrule, darkness and death. Long ago a check was put upon the growth of this coalition (no more spirits created..thus it is reincarnation for them). Also in the decree of God they are to eventually be uprooted and destroyed.

No one could shake Satan's hold on this world (order) until 'The Son of Man' in His flesh and blood came on the scene. Go back in history to Abel the seed of Adam, by his excellent sacrifice he obtained witness that He was righteous. God thus testifying of his gifts that he was an heir of immortality. The seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was given the promise of Sonship and dominion. But always the claw of this one called the Dragon was upon this seed. Throughout the whole national existence of this race of people...again and again the kings of the earth have taken council against our Messiah and His Anointed to prevent the rulership of the world from coming under the dominion of this Anointed Kingdom.

When the Great Head and Chief of all this Divine seed appeared in Bethlehem, the Angels sang, and the Shepherds rejoiced, but the Dragon stood ready to devour. Thru Herod he inquires, and plots to slay all the children in Bethlehem, in his effort to reach the Christ child and hopefully then destroy this whole seed forever. As Jesus was going about fulfilling prophecies, and the purpose and plans these earthly Satanic powers were plotting to kill HIM. They seized HIM..killed that physical body and sealed HIM in a Sepulcher. Then when by the Spirit 'He Arose' He then gave a new commission to His Apostles, and the Satanic powers then went after the Apostles. Mighty persecutions fell on the early followers of The Christ, and the earth was deluged in Martyr's blood. This was the work of the Dragon who was determined to end the Royal seed.

For a short while the Sword of State was sheathed, but soon even under Christian symbols the Dragon moved, even on the path of the church. You must realize what a mysterious battle-field this world really is. There is a great and far reaching conflict between good and evil, between truth and falsehood, between right and usurpation, between the Kingdom of God and the Empire of Satan. The great war of a divided Universe is now coming to its final issue upon this little planet of ours. It is largely a silent and invisible war altho raging round us every hour night and day, and we perceive so little of that many doubt its existence, doubt its reality.

But the WORD of God has settled the question of whether you belong to the kingdom of this woman (Israel) clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, or this World (order) under control of this Dragon Kingdom. This man child the Woman (Israel) brought forth who is to rule the nations with a rod of Iron is more than the visible church. The people of the kingdom make up this body of Christ in the world today, and He is the Lord God Almighty and leader of His Elect..His Saints. (believing offspring)

Now; this Dragon, the old serpent stands revealed. The Bible teaches that we wrestle not only with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers, with wicked spirits in high places, even in the aerial regions. Ephesians 6:12. However they not only fail to prevent the Saints from reaching their Destiny, but they also lost the power to ever return to their beginning.

The power of the Kingdom of God has its chief revelation in the dethronement of the Dragon. This is Salvation, this is the power of a Divine Kingdom. When Satan's hold is broken, when his hosts are dislodged, then comes the new order of the Ages. For Adam and his chosen secure from sorrow, tempter, and without fear, will dwell secure. Take courage then O Sons of Adam for Heaven is on thy side..and the Kingdom Comes.

In spite of all your weaknesses and lamented sins, the Saviour's blood has brought you thru. The two Wings of the Great Eagle symbolizing God's protection has always sheltered this Woman (Israel) who you are a part of.

Satan being a spirit must embody himself to operate in the affairs of the world, therefore look for him in the minds and activities of men. And be on the alert and know what you are facing, and be assured of the protection for you...the this Hour of Trouble.