ERM - Tape 097 - Imperium


TAPE NO. 97............BY: ELLA R. MAST



1. Imperium


Knowledge has been increasing over the years..yes..this is so true, but still 70 years after the start of W.W.I. and 1/2 Century after the beginning of W.W.II., the big guns of the Mass Media still roar with the wrong history of both world wars, fairy tales as to how they started..warmed over propaganda as to how they were fought, and lies as to how they ended. The consequences to you and me they do not mention. Many are the men and women who have tried to tell the story as they saw events unfold, but were persuaded or persecuted or ignored. The Controlled Mass Media has always had the last word. Here in 1990 as the news brings us the events that are leading to a combined...ONE World Europe...we remember this old book called 'Imperium'. We then decided to reread and review this book for you as it seems to fit the Times we are seeing today.

Taylor Caldwell was another writer who tried thru her writings to awaken the people. She had pointed out many facts as to how men behind the scenes had met in Switzerland in their comfortable Villa, while young men were dying in the trenches of Europe, and these men...behind the scenes smiled at how well their program of WAR was working. She then wondered why the American people did not catch on to the fact that the great Ocean Passenger Liners were carrying war materials in their holds. Why did the 'Lusitania' sail without an escort, where as other passenger ships had heavy escorts? It was at that time widely known that this great ship carried in her hold war material to be used against Germany? Who was it that decided to murder over 100 men, women and children so as to change the thinking of the American people, and to bring them into the War against Germany? Two World Wars would then be fought so as to destroy the German people whether they were in Germany, or in Russia as rulers of that land.

People seem to hear these things, then quickly forget them when they are faced with a constant drum of propaganda and even Patriotism is used as a lever to move the thinking of a people. This we think will go on until the people begin to listen to the Spirit within instead of this drum beat of Materialism without. Always the program of competition among nations in the struggle for World Markets causes a decline in Spiritual values, because of this glitter of money. When Agriculture gave way to industrialism, then materialism followed. But the benefits of industry can only be enjoyed when the people accept the moral responsibility of those benefits. When Greed comes into the picture morality goes out the window.

Over the years we find that men of this western world have tried to awaken their people as to who they are, and why they are here, and this has brought instant persecution, and until your race has an understanding as to who they are we think this will continue.

Here in early 1990 as more and more facts are coming out, we still see the Brainwashing going on, in fact it has been so intense that our people still go along denying their inheritance. We would like in this tape to look at the reason why the man...URLICK VARANGE..Francisco Parker Yockey... the mystery man with three Passports was jailed in San Francisco County Jail? The headlines had screamed..'A man of Mystery'..of Wickedness..had been captured. A man given to dark deeds, and much worse-FORBIDDEN thoughts so the Journalists had squealed. A man who had roamed the earth on Mysterious missions, and was found to be so dangerous that his bail was set at $500,000.00 for what? Oh! Passport fraud so they said. You would have thought that he was an International gangster, or a top Communist agent. What the so called 'Free Press' of America did not tell the people was that the real crime...the only crime that Francis Parker Yockey committed was that....he wrote a book, and for this it was decided that he had to die.

The Book Mr. Yockey wrote was titled:...'Imperium'. It is about the philosophy of History and Politics. First Published in 1948 after much difficulty.

Francis Parker Yockey was born in Chicago in 1917. From earliest childhood he was recognized for his abilities and thus resented by many. He was a Concert-level Pianist, a gifted writer, and he studied languages and became quite a linguist. As a lawyer he never lost a case and he had an extraordinary grasp of World Finance. With the Great majority of Americans he opposed America's entry into World War II., but when America entered the war he promptly enlisted, then in 1942 was given a Medical altho an honorable discharge. He was then appointed Assistant County Attorney for Wayne County, Michigan.

In 1946 Francis Parker Yockey accepted a job with the war crimes tribunal, and was sent to Europe, to Wiesbaden where the 'Second String' Nazis were lined up for trial and punishment.

Here in Europe the young man saw a war ravaged continent and saw with his own eyes the visible effects of the 'Morganthal Plan' which had as its objective the starvation of 30 million German people. He was now positive that Americans entry into the war had been a terrible mistake. Perhaps he even realized the sinister power in the east and wondered whose interests were served by such a victory.

As Senator Robert A. Taft and others of that day who had the courage to state their convictions Yockey concluded that the 'War Crimes Trials' were meant to serve the interest of International Communism, not the west. The Trials he saw as preposterous Judicial farces. For eleven months Yockey's Wiesbaden duty was to prepare reports on various cases. He tried to do an objective job, but some one complained and his superiors called him on 'the carpet' and said:..'We do not want this type of report'. They demanded that he rewrite the reports to conform to the Official Viewpoint. This young Yockey refused to do, and he said he would not write their propaganda. He resigned his job and came back to America, but at once he became a marked man. He then went to Ireland, and while there he wrote this book called...'Imperium'.

Then came this struggle for publication, for under no circumstances are readers to come in contact with a serious work unless it contains this standard bowing to the catchwords of:..Equality, Democracy, and of course Universal Brotherhood.

The book...'Imperium' was finally written in two volumes and was published this way. Two hundred copies of Volume were published but just a few of the second Volume were published, and it was almost impossible to find a copy. Today one of the originals is unobtainable but the Noontide Press started printing this book in Paperback in 1969, and it contained both volumes, and this copy is in my Library.

In 1951..Francis Parker Yockey resigned from the only job he was able to obtain, this was with the Red Cross, and he then set out to travel over Europe in his search for answers. In 1952 the American State Department refused to renew his passport. Repeatedly he reapplied and was always refused. Then the game with the F.B.I. and Yockey started because the FBI was instructed to keep this man under surveillance at all times. Many Anti-Communists had this happen to them. And Yockey, when at times he dropped out of sight, would find that his friends and relatives would be contacted by the FBI, actually they only wanted to talk to him was what they were told. But what were they afraid that this man was doing was never explained to anyone. 'My enemies, said Yockey, have evaluated me better than my friends'.

A man by the name of W. A. Carto became very interested in this man who was now behind the that thick screen in the San Francisco Jail. There he sat...with the Homosexuals, Negroes and others all confined together, and Carto was struck by the look in his eyes. He thought he should help this man of the Race if possible. But when he asked Yockey what he could do for him he was told:..'Wait, then do as your conscience tells you'.

The headlines carried the story of Yockey's appearance before a Rabbi Joseph Karesh, the U.S. Commissioner, and Carto attended this hearing and again he was fascinated by this man now on trial. Francis Parker Yockey was about five foot and ten inches tall, and about 145 lbs., but it was his eyes which fascinated Mr. Carto for they spoke of great secrets, and knowledge and terrible sadness. As he turned to leave the room, a sort of look of desperation seemed to be the expression on his face, and his eyes darted around that room. But in that Lion's den what could he expect?

On June 17, the radio early that morning proclaimed that Francis Parker Yockey was his jail cell. A garbled note was supposedly found and the Coroner declared this to be a suicide.

This spectacle of a man being persecuted, framed and driven to his death, simply because he wrote a book is not one we would expect to see in the Twentieth Century in this land of THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.

The American Press loves to brag about its freedom, and it may be free to lie and distort, and suppress, deceive, and malign, but it is not free to tell THE TRUTH. Are we free when a citizen can be arrested and held in jail without charges, but with fantastic bail levied against him? Remember this was in June of 1960...thus are we free when the vultures of this so called 'Free Press' can swoop down upon the victim and accuse him of doing things he did not do? It seems that the American Civil Liberties Union would rather defend the rights of Homosexuals, Traitors, and Murders than a Patriot such as this man Francis Parker Yockey. Is America Free when another group of men..more powerful..who men do not dare to speak their names unless in praise? Are we free when this group of men are able to dictate to the government the exact procedure which is used to dispose of such so called 'trouble makers' as Francis Parker Yockey?

Usually the policy followed to stop such a man is first a 'smear' campaign, then if that does stop him then the Press is called in and a Haze around the truth is built. If all this does not work then there is always assassination. An old reporter whispered to Yockey's sister:..'Your brother is a Martyr, from a long line of them, if we are to take back our country from those who have stolen it from us there will be more'. There are men who believe that we cannot rebuild in the West until we have recaptured what we have lost.

The Pseudonym Yockey chose as author of 'Imperium' was Urlick Varange and is explained this way:..Urlick is an Irish name derived from Daniel, and means reward of the mind. Varange refers to the Varangians, that far roving band of NORSE heroes led by Rurik who upon invitation from the Slavs came to civilize Russia in the 9th., Century and built the Russian Imperial State and formed the gifted and handsome Russian Aristocracy until they were butchered by the Bolsheviks, along with 20 million other Christians and Moslems in that bloody terror of the Red Revolution. The name therefore drawn as it is from the eastern and western antipodes of Europe signifies a Europe untied from the Rocky Promontories of Galway to the Urals. Finally the Surname itself signifies the Western origin of historic Russia.

As Mr. Carto studied this book 'Imperium' he also decided that the book is prophetic, not only in the historical sense, for Yockey stresses that the Prophets of a New Age often come to unnatural deaths, but there seemed to be a secret code contained in this book, and if this can be discovered and the Authors name spelled then there is no doubt of the authenticity of this book.

If you have read this book...'The Decline and Fall of the West' by Oswald Spengler you will realize as did Mr. Carto that this book 'Imperium' just carries on with the outline of the Future. These powerful thinkers of the past brought into the open the fact that there are many cultures in this World Order, and these Cultures can also be used to trace the history of a RACE. The thinking has always been that the Western Culture must die, if it does not then it will be a massive road-block to the Marxist, Liberal Intellectual victory. In the West there seems to be a Spiritual reality, a concept which is embedded in every man in the West, which rejects this idea of The Death of the West. It also looks forward to the reach into Infinity, and this of course must be blocked. The Road Block used in this instance is this idea that every race is the same, there is no essential difference in the Races. This idea is also carried forward, not only by Spengler, but most every other writer, philosopher, or religious adept of Western History. This blindness..if penetrated for just a moment must be promptly reinforced. The technology of the Western World must be taken over...and distributed to all the world, after all what right has the Western man to hold this technology..thus either give it freely or we take it from him, has been the philosophy over the years, and we have seen their accomplishments.

Yockey in his hypothesis foresees the end of Western Civilization, Western Culture, but also holds out the possibility that this need not happen, that there is a spiritual phenomena in the west that in Finality rules all things and in the end will rule the world. He sees that today we have a Social Gospel, it appears in many forms, it is not however a true religion, it merely stands in the way of a genuine religion which in the end will rule the earth.

In the field of economics we have big business and the power of money which must also give way to the true form. The Christian double standard must also give way to the spiritual fact of a western connection. Why are we so happy when colored people, or for instance the Jews exhibit race pride...which is a cardinal sin in our Western environment? Why is the white race the only subject which cannot be discussed in this so called 'enlightened age?' Here we have passed thru the dull subjects of Atheism, Marxism..plain Sadism and perversion, only one subject is left to discuss, but this you must not do. The Peace Corps according to Mr. Carto was created out of the typical combination of American 'do good' stupidity and inability to gauge the feelings of others, and enlightened Greed. This is the symbol of that Time which the Western World must overcome as..spirit takes over. People like Mennen Williams, Adlai Stevenson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Arnold Toynbee, Herbert Lehman, James Warburg and Douglas Dillon were allowed to solve the problems of America in their day, thus our conditions in the West worsened.

Before the first World history was largely written from the racial point of view. History was seen as the dramatic story of movement, struggles and development of races..which it is. But the suppression of a Racial point of view reached its heights in 1960, and then Internationalism took over and Race..when talking about the White Race became simply Racism.

How many people of this white race today realize that in historic a historical sense that Germans are a part of the Great Teutonic-Celtic Family which Millenniums before even the rise of the Roman Empire, or of the Greek were one people and one language?

How many people know that the ancestors of these people were the Aryans who conquered India, brought civilization to it, were those who created the Casts Systems which was but a system of Racial segregation with a religious significance which maintained that Race. How many American people realize that it was these same people...Caucasians who came into Egypt and established that civilization and built those great monuments to their God?

In his books Thor Heyerdahl reveals the forbidden racist view altho most people miss entirely the deep racial message he left as he wrote:..'Kon Tiki'..(quote) There is not a trace of gradual development in the high civilizations which once stretched from Mexico to Peru. The deeper the Archaeologists dig, the higher the culture, until a definite point is reached at which old civilizations have clearly risen without any foundations in the midst of primitive cultures. (unquote) Today as the Archaeologists dig they are finding this to be true, altho there is this theory of evolution, and the fear of being called a 'racist'. When the facts are analyzed these facts stand out. What would happen today if archaeologists were to say that before the arrival of the Spaniards into South and Central America that all these wonders found, as they dig, were brought about by a race of white conquerors? From all but the Identity faction you would hear a cry of 'Racism' would you not?

How many Americans know that the name 'Inca' was just the name of only the Aristocracy of the Ancient Peruvians? A glance at the Peruvians of today called the Incas show they were not the creators of the great Peruvian culture. Even the Great Genghis Kahn was a mongol..from the tribe of 'grayed' men, and according to Harold Lamb the biographer, he had red hair and green eyes, but he was a cross-breed altho intelligent and he led the Mongol tribes against the Christian West after being financed for that very purpose. But the intensive suppression, the misrepresentation, the condemnation and the opposition to a Racial point of view of history has had it effects on America, in fact on the whole western world. This distortion of Racial facts has allowed the Distorters to convince America and especially Europe that all that Europe has it owes to the Greeks and Romans, and especially to that obscure tribe of vagabonds which some religious people refer to as 'Gods Chosen People'. The pre-history will never be more than scratched if scientists persist in spending their time in well funded projects in the Middle-east this so called cradle of civilization. In that case you will never know that it was these roving Conquerors of this White Race who built Western Civilization first here in Europe. And they were by no means savages, for they wore say....3000 years ago clothing similar to what is normal today.

The lesson to be learned today is that this Western Culture is slipping away from us because we have ceased to believe in ourselves, as to who we are and why we are here. As alien blood is brought into a culture then mongrelization results, and you see the results today as for instance in Egypt. When Universalism sets in..Racial heritage goes out the window and a culture goes with it.

We however believe that the west can be saved, and it will be saved through this driving force found in the Western Soul..'to try not only to conquer nature, but to conquer space. In this 'try' we will soon realize that there is no use in conquering space if we are only returning to an earth where you must go inside and lock your doors. No, we must also restore the earth as well as we 'try' to explore space.

'Imperium' by Francis Parker Yockey does the same for those with the intellectual and moral courage to face reality, and seek, and speak the truth. You must also remember that if it had not been for men of vision and the help of The Almighty this book..'Imperium' would not have been available for our readers. This book so says our author is different from other books, it is in fact a part of the Life of Action. It is a turning point in European History, it is the funeral Knell of Rationalism. From now on the word Europe means Western Civilization. The present chaos of 1948 is traceable to the attempt to prevent the integration of Europe, and by this we mean the unity of people, race, nation, state, society, Will, and of course Economy. Before this the miserable plan of petty Stateism, Party Politicians and the occupying armies of extra European forces have created a chaos for the true people of Europe. Our Author tells us that the men who brought this War Mentality to Europe must not think that all their Wars and Catastrophes will be forgotten. In these wars men learned how to die, but also a spirit was freed which will in time engulf the Destroyers themselves. There is no currency that can buy 'this spirit', but this 'spirit' can overcome any currency. The traitor within, he is the symbol of Chaos and Death, and between him and this spirit of the 20th., Century there has been unremitting war, but eventually 'SPIRIT' will win.

Now; this book 'Imperium' is what we would call a code for those of 'Spirit' as they read. It is a book written as a Philosopher would write but there is also so much of truth of the day contained therein. We would bring you just a little of this truth, so that you will see just why this man was considered dangerous at that time when the War Crimes Trials were going on after World War II.

Our Author as he looked at Europe it was as though from a viewpoint of Space..and he realized that the 'Light' was flowing not from Europe upward into the sky, but downward from some invisible source..actually from the plain of Spirit...wherein Spirit is visible as well as matter, only because of the 'Light' from the Spirit. From that vantage point our Author was able to look backward through the generations and see where This Race of Spirit was hidden for a time, but also further back...and it was again clear that Race was a factor of history.

Although our Author wrote seemingly in code, still the enemy must have understood some of what he was saying, as to his vision from SPACE, as he pointed out the High Cultures which started in different places, and different generations...from a Race..for he even mentioned the culture in Peru which spread northward into Mexico. Our Author then calls our attention as he saw the Germanic population and their Vis Gothic brothers establish themselves in Eastern Europe. He then saw..MONEY..begin to take control of Europe, and Industrialism take over and then came the great crisis as the victory of Money..and THAT GREAT CITY..take over the traditions of religion and authority, as well as Intellect taking over instinct.

Then our Author tells us that he is in Earth at his time in history, and from earth he watches this culture (race) of Destiny, as he studies the great Philosophers of the twentieth century. From that viewpoint our Author tells us that in studying history then one must see behind and underneath what is presented as the message of the soul before you can separate that which is significant from what is important. You must realize what is Destiny, and what is not.

Our Author tells us that each age has its own History, and the Spirit of the age creates to fit its own soul. In otherwords each age produces its own Martyrs in this great Struggle of the Ages. History being merely the continuous reinterpretations of the past.

Ours is the first age in Western History in which submission to facts has triumphed over all other spiritual attitudes. Politics occupy the center of the stage. We called..facts no matter where they lead even though we give up dearly cherished ideologies, prejudices, and so forth. In otherwords we have followed these so called 'Facts' down the path of no return until we have given up our inheritance.

A little over a century before 1948., archaeological investigations including excavations and deciphering of original inscriptions in Egypt,

Babylonia, Greece, Crete, China, and India and now through Peru and Mexico have established as 'facts' this high culture (Race) of people who are now considered..The Western World. And yet due to brainwashing those who believe actually do not realize that which is being revealed. Other types of men..outside this Western Culture, or beneath it will never be able to understand it, any more than they can understand higher Western Mathematics or Western Technology, physics, or chemistry, Gothic Architecture or the Ark of the future.

The number of men in the Western World who were aware of actually the meaning of the Second World War numbered into the thousands, and yet things happened as we have seen, thus we feel that the path of destiny must be trod,..and the 'TIME' fulfilled. The Spirit of this age will build the West even tho the outer forces are so strong. It prefers to die on its feet rather than to live on its knees, like the cowards who make themselves servants to the OUTSIDERS in their task of looting and destroying the Western Civilization.

Now; you must realize why this book seemed to be a threat to the World Order. Our Authors theme was that there is a people of Spirit, and when the enemy divided Europe..divided these people of spirit..then the enemy was able to conquer. Thus to reunite these people of Spirit into ONE Europe once more will bring victory over the Enemy. (Notice what is happening in Eastern Europe today)

Our Author tells us that Darwinism has been proven to be non-factual and this was only one more thing which would make the enemy angry, for they had believed for a time that this theory would the Western World. Marxism is another idea that does not work. Marx understood neither Socialism or Capitalism. His understanding was purely economic, thus a big misunderstanding. It was only a struggle of classes in this economic field. Marxism is thus one more proof that HATE is more effective than reason.

Capitalism was the name given to the economic system whereby the wrong people were taking everything and leaving nothing for the right people. In fact it was nothing but a step in Class War. In England, the idea of Capitalism was a Social Evaluation. The rich did not work, the middle class had to work, but were not poor, and the poor had to work to exist from one week to the next.

In Socialism there is only two classes, the rulers and the working poor. Marx was a Jew, and his idea of Marxism had its bible (The Talmud), and a program of power. And War was always thought of as an armed struggle between organized Political units.

Our Author also tells us that George Washington felt himself to be a vehicle of an idea...of the future.

England with forty million inhabitants in 1900 controlled 17/20 of the surface of the earth, both land and sea, but in less than fifty years or just after World War I., all of this was gone. The Empire and even the Independence of the Homeland..all was lost because of a POWER which was not recognized as an enemy. But this enemy..Money Control..was sitting in the seat of the Monarch.

Our Author tells us that Liberals and Distorters regarded deception as the norm of conduct toward the populations whose Destiny is in their hands, and over whose lives they hold the power of disposition.

In America both Candidates in the American election vowed not to involve America in the War in Europe, yet both were committed to the INTERESTS which made them involve America in the war as soon as possible. One Candidate after the election explained that his non-intervention promise was mere..Campaign Oratory!

Our Author has thus sowed these seeds of truth into his book on Philosophy and here are some more of the same:... The Extra-European Holy Alliance against Europe established the League of Nations.

Russia allowed the geographical site of the 'League of Nations' (and now the United Nations) to be established in the U.S. Communism was established as a weapon of foreign policy.

In the middle of the twentieth century we see about us the traditions of the West almost destroyed. The War of the Bankers had laid the old rules low.

The objective meaning of RACE is Spiritual.

The face is the great visible sign of Race, but Liberals, and others tend to deny that Race exists. A group with spiritual and historical background tends to acquire a Racial aspect.

Race influences History by supplying its material, its treasures of blood, honor, and strong instincts. Race gives a spiritual stamp to history.

There is a hierarchy of Race.

England was a nation in service of a High Culture, whereas India is a mere landscape with primitive millions teeming in it, Race is the difference.

Franks, Angels, Goth, Saxons, Celts, Visgoth, Ostrogoths, Lombards, Belgae, Norsemen, Vikings, Danes, Varangians, Germanic, Teutons and others were of similar stock..all of a Race. It is to these people that the West owes it prowess on the Battlefield.

A man without racial pride will submit permanently to any humiliation, and insult, any dishonor as long as he is permitted to live.

During the reign of Catherine the Great, thousands of German farmers and craftsmen came to Russia. By the 20th., Century they numbered about 350,000 and their culture was high. But the Bolshevik regime exterminated them by starvation and dispersal throughout Asia. The Asiatic WILL to exterminate the West was moved into the nations such as Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria and other places.

Especially do we call attention to this statement by the Author which no doubt caused much of his trouble:...The Jew is a product of another culture, they cannot be safely assimilated into the Western Culture..the same is true of the Negro.

Also this statement must have caused his enemies to hate him:..The coming warfare for the Liberation of the West will embrace the population which is made up of the Race which settled England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia in the beginning.

More statements sown into this book are:..The Zionist Organization was started due subdue the West, and the word Anti-Semitism was coined to put pressure on the West.

Barbarism is now astride the prostate West, but this is not the end, only the beginning of Western Unity.

Into the tiny Hamlets of the Western World came the wandering Jew, and they built their Ghettoes...and then moved out to This Usuary seemed evil to the Christian West, but was the 'forte' of this alien people. Interest taking was forbidden by the culture of the Christians, and this conferred a monopoly..of money..on these strangers. The Legend of the Wandering Jew arose at this time.

The West however understood little of the Jewish Torah, or the Talmud, Cabalism as Christian and Scholastic philosophy was to try to unravel this mystery. This failure to understand brought a feeling of alienation, fear and even hatred. The Jew to the Western was a heathen, and for 370 years the Jews were banished from England. But in the Ghettoes distributed now all over Europe all was uniform, the food prohibitions, the Talmud for the Goim, and another for the Jew, the legal system, the rituals and all these were mysteries to the Westerner. There were also many sects of the Jews such as the Hasidim, the Kabbalist, the religious leaders like Baal Shem but all were regarded as Paganism by the Western World until the 20th., Century, then this Jewish problem was brought to the front.

In 1888 the Jews embarked upon an invasion of the United States. They came mostly from Eastern or Askinazic section of Jewry. And America with its total lack of spiritual resistance became the host to a culturally, parasitic group, totally outside of Western Civilization...also outside its own blood stream.

But it was the acceptance of the system of Usuary by the Western Culture that brought the Jews to power. The Debt System had been forced into every European State. Prussia had borrowed from Nathan Rothchild in 1818, and then other nations followed suit.

The Jewish people taken collectively will be their own Messiah. They plan to attain mastery of the world thru the union of all other human races, thru abolition of boundaries, and monarchies, thru the erection of a Universal Republic, in which the Jews will everywhere enjoy Universal rights.

Our Author finishes his code of truth with these words:..It must be remembered and understood that this culture-distortion cannot kill the host for it cannot reach the SOUL. It can only effect the expression of the soul, but the soul itself cannot be changed.

The Tsar and his family in Russia were shot against the wall in Ekaterinburg, and a Kabbalistic symbol was scrawled above their bodies. The entire stratum which had been the vehicle of Western Civilization in Russia was massacred or driven out. Russia was lost to Europe, and became the greatest threat to Western Civilization. In the Bolshevist wars..plagues, and famines immediately following the Revolution caused the death of between ten and twenty million people. The program was to destroy everything which meant Western Civilization, then Anti-Semitism was made a crime.

America's origin came from the Northern races of Europe. But Americas battle was yet to come for the founding fathers had different ideas than hose who now ruled. By 1900 the Political Leaders of America were dependent upon the financiers for their tenure of office, for finance had by this time assumed dominance over industry and transportation. And between 1900-1915., fifteen million aliens came to America, and few of them were from Western Europe. The Jews who fled from Europe at this time came 'en Masse' to the U.S. The word...America..was changed by propaganda to mean an immigrant who had improved his personal circumstances by coming to America, and to exclude the native American who was displaced by the immigrant. If the later showed resentment he was called Un-American. Thus the native American movement like the second Ku Klux Klan of 1915 was called Un-American by the propaganda organs in America. The Jew could thus retain his identity, but all else was Un-American.

It was the Jews who replaced the music in America as well as in the rest of the Western World..replaced it with the Drum beat of the Negro and his culture. American Literature was replaced by a representative of Freudian and Marxist motives..all this was fed into plays and novels. Family life was changed..marriage was replaced by Divorce. The function of forming the minds of young Americans had been abdicated in favor for the Cinema. The Racial chaos found in America is deliberately perpetuated by the Distorters by this propaganda that America was founded and built by Negroes, Jews, and a great conglomeration of Aliens, not the Aryans. The propaganda Ploy of the Destroyer is the preaching of Feminism, Pacifism, Religious tolerance, and all has had its effect on America.

What was the purpose of the propaganda announcement of the 6 million members of the Jewish people being killed in European camps? Thousands of these people supposedly killed in those camps later wrote of their experiences later. Gas Chambers did not exist..but were photographed, and a Gas Mobile was invented to titillate the mechanically minded. All this was done to create, or to cause a total war in the spiritual sense in the Western Civilization. All this was done as an annihilation program designed to support a war after the second World War..a War of LOOTING, hangings, and starvation against a defenseless Europe. And this propaganda also helped take over the foreign affairs, which was now based in America. In short the American Foreign Policy was no longer American.

America and Europe along with the British Isles constitutes a Spiritual Unit and all must be brought together.

The Soul of America must now rise, for the control of America is now absolute, from the Cinema, the radio, press, books, Universities and so forth. Both political parties are now controlled as is the armed forces. But the West has a higher resolve to win...This is Destiny which never tires, nor can it be broken, and its strength depends upon those in its service.

My friends this is just a few of the Gems embedded in the book called 'Imperium'. But this is enough to give you an idea as to why this Author was considered dangerous, and was assassinated. But you will also notice that altho this was done, still this book was preserved, and here later it is brought back into print. Here it is today although most people do not see it. Yet it is still a part of this bit of knowledge that will come forth at the proper time.

Because of the events in Eastern Europe which took place at the last of 1989, and because of the Plans for this great One World of Europe which the World Planners are putting forth hoping to hold the World Order as well as the Western World in bondage...still we wait for the program of the Almighty to come forth as the final picture unveils.